Abraham-Hicks, Alaska Cruise 2009

by David Wember and Lissa Moore


Alaska Day 1 –July 18th --- notes not verbatim
You create you
Why you don’t get what you want? You are too wrapped up in the details -of where you are—of what is-explaining where you are and offering a vibration of not having it. You are not being a co-operative component.
This is an attraction based Universe. Make your life what you want it to be. You have to believe that it is before it can be.
There is a vibrational inheritance you have set up for yourself. When you get yourself to the vibrational state of hope, then that hopeful vibrational state of being allows you glimpses into your VT. The power of hope –it is the beginning of belief –hope to belief, hope to belief. Then you become a co-operative component-“things always work out for me.” Your power to focus in the direction of hope is your choice. Focus in hopeful directions.
Accept that you are PPE, a larger part of you exists, and accept that your emotions are the key to your connection. Love, joy, and appreciation are ways to connection. Focus yourself into alignment with who you are. Negative emotions mean you are not keeping up with you. Source within is always and only looking at the best of you that is out there.
Let go of need to control the uncontrollable. It is all uncontrollable. There are too many moving parts. You can’t control the conditions. Let’s call it Step 1—gathering information. (love the reframe)
Can’t control what someone else is doing—can’t let your happiness rest anywhere but within yourself.
Look forward to that which you are –your vibrational reality. Activate your emotional sense—see clarity, feel worthiness… Use everything you can as your excuse to get into the VT-vibrational reality. Go there because it feels good, NOT for the manifestation.
Faith –use your emotional guidance to find your way to feel good. Feel it now, it feels so close. Feel the deliciousness of knowing all is well.
Train yourself to be a co-operative component. Feel the vibration. Distract yourself from the “realness” of your reality.
NOW feel the perfection of your life, the coming together, the closing of the gap.

1st person- Forget your “reality”, establish your vibration and discover where you want to go—a conscious realization of turning and going towards who you are. It is a joyful movement towards the newfound expansion.
Becoming it is the glorious ride—the ride back into the VT-(dog with head out of window) It is joyful movement towards the new found expansion.
Step 1 is the conscious decision of moving towards your desire.
Step 2 Source holds your request eternally
Step 3 Potential forthcoming—focus on it, not what is

2nd person—guard dog and bosses
Abe- Vivid reality vs Vibrational reality use it as your opportunity to focus. What is at the heart of situation? It is about all mistreated animals… Find a way to feel better, feel joyful. Accept that you can’t control outside conditions. When you look at the conditions you are unhappy…Look for what makes you happy, what makes you feel better. Always look for the vibrational balance.
Everything comes into alignment when you are in the VT, or when you focus on what is a vibrational match, or when you look past what is, to where you want to be.
Take control of your experiences and view through the eyes of source-be a vibrational match to who I am- from a vibrational position I will find what I like.
You only know your response to the condition—not anyone elses (or dog)
Your response to the condition (dog) is hurting you. You will change when you change your response. Your power to change the situation is your focus. You have been using the dog as an excuse to be unhappy. Make peace with where you are, then focus on your improved vision.

#3… You want to get into chronic alignment with VT so you can get to know who you really are –become a blending with Source, broader perspective.
Connection of heart, soul and mind-use inside of you as guidance.

#4- Body worker- Confusion over what is, what can be. “I am faced with…
Abe-Which way are you facing? It is important to have contrast. It allows you to expand. You most want the opportunity to expand. Look to the vibration of where you want to be. The more you face what you do not want, the more of what you do not want happens.
Gradually introduce something else and let LOA assist you as you train your vibration to where you want to be.
Feel the thrilling, pleasure, life-giving vibration (energy) as you look for something pleasing that is not in your face and make that in your face.
Patients come and complain-balance of listening/ helping.
Abe- You are the facilitator of holding the vision of your patients in perfect health. Get to the place where you see them as they want to be even when they are not. Think in terms of emotions and teach them how to guide their thoughts and emotions.
Moving them vibrationally, is the path to recovery. You are the gatekeeper to their portal of hope. It is hope that moves them to towards the VT. I coach with my words. Initially, I listen but I don’t support their old story and I will help them create a new story. I see you as well. You need to come to where I am. You are moving them towards the VT.

#5---How come you are not here?
ABE-We are and we aren’t. We are all in this together. You have the ability to move your vibration to where you want to be—to experience the thrill of coming into alignment.
I have expanded but I get in my own way when I don’t go.
When I do catch up myself it is an exhilarating emotion. My Inner Being is a match to wellbeing and goodness. It knows my brilliance and my value. My IB never pushes against the unwanted.
A battle against anyone or anything is a battle against myself. When I pick on myself Source never goes there with me. If I focus on fear I am focused in the wrong way. My IB never pushes against the unwanted. Fear is the opposite of Source. It is too far out of range to feel good.
The more we change our focus the easier it becomes. Practice
When you get into the VT a negative thought spits you out. Get back in and do it a few times until you can take the subject into the VT with you and you can see the answer. When you really know the VT you are very strong—
When you tap into who you really are it is easy to stay in the VT.

#6 Time of great awakening
The feeling of pretty sure of where I am and I’m going to stay in, going with it and knowing where I am going…joy is in the journey????
#7 Don’t know how to make a planet…
ABE- There is more than physical action going on. There is a vibrational aspect that must be first. If you can dream it you can manifest it. Be inside your vision and really feel it. Your creations are bigger than just you. You are deliberate about what you eat and we want you to be as deliberate about what thoughts you choose/feel.
#8– Dreams- What you think and feel and manifest is always a match. Your dreams are evidence/an indicator of what you have pre-paved through thought. The dream is a representation of what you have created. The dream is a stronger/closer indicator.
Astral projection/travel is a broader glimpse. Tell it the way you want it to be.
Use you imagination to get beyond what you are observing.

#9- Dress shop—I am good at manifesting some things and not others.
Abe—listen to your language, your story. It is about focus. Tell it the way you want it to be rather than what is. Imagine it is the way you want it to be.. What you are offering vibrationally is what you are getting. It can change and it can change quickly. You can change your vibration to whatever you want quickly.
Use FW and become a cooperative component of your desires.
I love tapping into infinite intelligence and feeling the flow of PPE. I love the feeling of alignment and finding my power. I have the ability to do whatever I set my mind to.
Contrast is here to help you focus. It is life giving. (love this)
Pay attention to your languaging. No one is comfortable with something they haven’t practiced. You have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to.
Making peace with where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to be.
Get to the heart of why you want it and the U will deliver opportunities for you to develop. Source stands in a stable place. If it important to you you’ll find a way to be good at it.
Inspiration is in the VT---Motivation is out of VT
Duck Pond Story-Newness causes you to focus and you think it is the place, but it is your focus. You need to continually look for the positive things to focus on to stay in that “newness” place. The best things come from some work to get into focus.
Contrast causes expansion and gives a better ride. When it is easy to come alignment it is not as much fun. It is always easy to focus. Go with gusto.
Be eager about what you don’t know. Active eagerness. It gets your juices flowing.

#10 I appreciate how far I have come
The VT is a vibrational space of non-resistance. How I feel emotionally. It is leverage not action.
I can control my thoughts to get into the VT and as I contemplate whatever from there I see my _______stamina, wellbeing, follow through, great size and shape…
Don’t defend, justify or explain—When you explain, you defend or justify where you are. Let your dominant vibration be to get into the VT, the emotional, vibrational state of being.
Make peace with where you are is the fastest way to get to where you want to be-relax and stop the struggle and the VT takes you in.
Behavior inside the VT is inspiration. Get inside the VT where your choices will be co-operative. Inside the VT your belief system expands, your worthiness expands. Source only lights up what will work for you.

#11 Riding the wave -I’m on the wave of my own becoming
Wave has to be in motion—what are your “wave launchers”? ie…dog, cat, children, husband. (love this-wave launchers is such an energetic idea)
Everything is about relationships. Nothing is a singular creation. It is always about who you are and where you are-- You and you and closing the gap.
Appreciate the rascals for their prodding. The rascals that create your expansion often stop you from going into the VT. The key to deliberate creation is to appreciate them for their “help” of your expansion. Do what works for you.
If you can catch the wave and benefit from the expansion it is a delicious reunion when the rascal catches up with you.

Abraham Alaskan Cruise July 20th 2009 - 2nd day -half day session
All has to do with your habit of holding on to resistance
When you explain and justify you hold yourself in the resistance mode
Every negative thought is holding on to resistance
1st person—in VT you are in alignment with all things important to you. The vibration of appreciation is the closest to the alignment/VT
Uplifting is the result of being in alignment in VT as you are in alignment with Source energy
From this position you are empowered because you Know you control your own ability to get into the VT—you teach by the clarity of your example
Remember you are never dependent upon anyone else to get yourself into the VT---you stay in the VT when interacting with anyone else by staying in appreciation. Be welcoming to others but you can’t be responsible for anyone else
Abraham stated that the first part of the year they were talking about the VT, understanding the VT. Now they want us to understand that out of the VT-Step 1-moments are valuable.
Step 1- moments of contrast that helps you to evaluate, sharpen your focus and get you back into the VT/ alignment. You know what you don’t want/ you know what you do want. “Good” can always come from this space.
Step 1 moments are not bad. They are there to sharpen your focus. If you turn to the feeling of what you want Step 1 can produce growth. FW helps here.
Focus yourself into your enthusiasm
Learn to appreciate the Step 1 moments and as you move back into the VT, using whatever method you can then, think about the contrast that threw you out, from the clarity of the VT. This becomes easier as you continue to do it.
Meditation is best way to get in VT. Abes view is that meditation is to put your mind on pause, which raises your vibration.
There is no injustice, as I own everything that happens to me. There is always something that I need to weed out of the situation.
You are responsible for your own VT only. Stay in there by appreciating even when others are “trying to drag you out”
When others “threaten” to drag you out, stay in the VT by seeing the positive aspects of the person/situation. LOA will help you stay in, you can draw them in or they can draw you out. Keep your feelings on the positive-talk yourself into the positive—

2nd person—“I am nervous and excited at the same time.”
Abraham –Which are you? Make your choice and look in that direction.
If you keep looking at- nervous-excited, nervous–excited you stay in the same place. You can’t build up momentum. It stops you from gaining momentum on any subject. That is why it is difficult to keep interest in projects started. Be willing to move vibrationally. Stop evaluating so much. Pick your thoughts and words that take you into the VT
“I lost my father 25 years ago.”
Abraham—Watch the words/vibration. When you have lost something you can’t find it.
Person referred to meeting his father in the hereafter.
Abe said, Hereafter what? There is no hereafter there is only here now!!!!!! You can find your father now in the VT. There is only now, now, now.( Not verbatim)
Hereafter is resistance

3rd- Question was about building the Vibrational reality when it feels like a lie, because it isn’t “true” yet. Talking about creation and visualization.
Abraham reframed –whose reality and whose perspective. From Abraham’s perspective and reality it is all vibrational- and it is done when you ask--Abe—you most want an opportunity to focus, a point of expansion. That is exciting and energizing.
You build your VE with the specifics that come up each day. Be aware of your words/vibration/focus.
I visualize easily and often—is it done or is that a lie—Abraham said from the eyes of Source it is done and on track. From your eyes it is becoming and too slow.
You have to have Faith and trust. Faith is feeling the vibration of it and not needing the physical manifestation. Know that it is. Know by being intertwined with the vibrational, not the manifested.
How are you telling your story? Get into the VT because then you can believe by seeing the pieces.
Tell the story that lets you into the VT
Tell the story that lets you stay in the VT. I’ve got a VT full of…
All is well.
I’m figuring it out.
It’s okay to be spit out
I understand LOA
I believe I have leverage inside the VT that I don’t have it outside. It is like delegating to someone you trust.
The Universal manager is the best Concierge.
Generally you have to step back and realize that you have to let go of what you can’t control.
Trust the right people will show up
You will have the impulse at the right time. You will be in the right place,
You will sync up with power, timing, and leverage.
You will feeeeeeel your power, your clarity, a timeless place, absent frustration.
You feeeel so cared for, feel your worthiness and your becomingness.
Are you asking a question with your story or are you telling your story to get into the VT. Use sensual terms to describe your VT not the physical time space. Feel the essence and stay at the vibrational level and care about the emotions not the physical manifestations…
No—it looks like a new house
Yes—it feels so good
I’ve got a VT and it is full of__________. It’s a feeling. I am clear minded and worthy. It is timeless and I am in sync with the Universe. It is the next logical step. There is worthiness and becomingness. It is pretty and fragrant and loving and worthy and tender and sensual and vivid. It is exhilarating, soothing and beautiful and magical and mystical and delicious. This is my “future” and I totally believe it. VAKGO-use sensual terms not physical time space reality to define your VT. Talk about your VT. Feel it live.
VT- the sensual essence and you have to stay at vibrational level
No –looks like a house like____________
Yes --it feels good
Where is it?---over there
How is it landscaped? Magically
Who tends it? The right person
How tended? Like magic
Don’t let others extract details that are not yet manifested that might pull you out of the VT. It is a place where only those who know can see.
Remember. I believe in LOA, source energy, the value of contrast, the emotional guidance system, NOW, the gap, the fullness of me exists if I allow or not. I know it is a state of constant becoming
BE, BE, Be ing-not have or do---State of love, worthy, excited, becoming, refining my vibrational reality---this is who I am. And
I be it for the feeling of it. This is who I be.

#4- Evolution-It is all in the VT—which side of the stick are you observing? You are free to live the vibration that you want—your vibration is what you live.
There is often a service orientation to future generations. Abe says-do it for you because future generations will get the benefits.—the greatest gift you can give is the gift of who you really are. There is nothing more that you can give than all you are.
Your expectation equals what comes to you. You focus things into being.

#5- watch your languaging. LOA brings you what your vibration is. Woman talks clearly of current reality. Abe—(same as the dog story) –it is only your reality you can change. If something is stuck in your craw find the feeling of what is bothering you. Your expectation is what comes to you—
The Universe shows you what your attitude is---now it is manifested and I can show it is true=caught in what you see—
Give it up there are too many moving parts--must move to the vibrational side. You focus things into existence. Remember a manifestation is only a temporary indication of thought. You can change it.
I can choose my thoughts and create a new reality. You focus things into existence.

Story about a friendship---look at her through the eyes of Source. Abe question… How do you feel when you think of her? You feel better when you think of her in alignment? Think of her that way. Yes it is hard, but it is your choice. There are endless ways to go there and then you feel good.
You are a fancier of reality—tell it like it is. You are a “keeper of the rules”, you only describe it as it is, so you can’t imagine, or dream because it isn’t real to you.
Abe- use different words that you can accept and feel good when you say them…I’d like to be good at…
I am a vibrational being and I want to release thoughts and get into the VT.
Meditation-Abe used the air conditioner noise as a teaching tool for meditation- anything that lets you quiet your mind. I am a good focuser and I can enjoy focusing on non-thought, the sounds in the room…my heart beating…my breath…release resistance and get into alignment.
Focus, direct thought and come into alignment. You focus things into being. You catch the wave
Remember there is value in being out of the vortex. It is a focusing moment, embrace the contrast for greater clarity. You only have contrary moments that lead you to the leading edge.

Wed AM -3rd day Alaskan Cruise 2009 --not verbatim
#1 First Katrina then diag of CA
Source feels secure and if you don’t you are in vibrational discord and must sooth yourself back into alignment
CA diag---makes sense a sensitive person would get a diagnosis with all that happened, but if you keep focusing on it-- it will keep going
First you must train yourself back into emotional/vibrational alignment. Don’t look to anyone else for support. Keep a steady path into alignment, come into emotional alignment with who I am.
No support groups. As you take a steady path into alignment then freedom, independence and harmony come from you. Be independent and let LOA do its job. Confidence to KNOW Source is always there for you—then into the VT you go.
What is being called through you is your life. Your desires call life through you. Your VT of creation is so much more compelling. It is what you are. The way you feel is about your relationship with your VT
Your sadness you are now feeling or denying is because your Focus is on something you can’t control. Focus on the reason to be in the VT.
Focus more broadly if you have to.
Don’t defend, justify or explain where you are. There is no reason to get out of the VT. Know which way you are looking.
your house Which way are you looking?
KATRINA- what a great cleaning out of your life—You get to decide what you want now. Follow the rocket of desire that was born out of it.(Focus)as long as you don’t feel lack about what is going back in.
You see Katrina as having taken from you, as a loss. We see Katrina as giving so much more to you—the gift of freedom and re-birthing. It isn’t the things. Do you validate yourself with your things?
As energy moves the small irritations seem bigger.
How do you get in VT. You have to want it. Use your criteria, perspective, focus that is YOURS not that of the crowd or what is PC. What feels better to you?

#2 bothered by chewing gum
You are free to feel however you want. You can throw yourself out of VT by focusing on anything---even the noise of chewing gum.
Gum became a touchstone for you to feel inappropriate behavior, guilt or blame
Focus on anything that feels off and it is
It’s okay to feel off
Know why you’re off
Release it
Come into alignment—VT where you have worthiness, security and well-being
You came into human form for adventure
You are “too sensitive”—you never adjusted to being separated from Source.
I am sensitive to ____________food, environment……actually Abe says you are not sensitive enough to your own feelings. You want to be sensitive to your security, worthiness and well-being---thoughts about you. My relationship to my S is no longer threatened by my environment or by anyone else. Don’t let others vibrations affect you. Don’t give a rip about them.
Sensitivity is good when you learn to control it ---that it is in your control. Then you are able to broaden your world—Esther and the bookstore story.
It only has to do with separation from Source.
Know what you are feeling. When you are a lover you are absent resistance.
In any annoying situation learn to use YOUR OWN control

#3 Believing in miracles is a limiting belief—it doesn’t serve humanity—it is a simple lining up of vibration. We don’t think it is a miracle the sun comes up. The universe delivers through a crack of least resistance.

#4 Time is powerful in respect to focus. Expansion is the result of beingness. You can’t go back in time to what is less than before. You can do whatever you set your mind to. We are in a timeless relationship.

#5 Woman re child and discipline/freedom—
Can’t both discipline and allow a child to be. That is out of the VT. Discipline is out of the VT. It is the same vibration as motivation.
Inspiration---see the child as you want them to be—as PPE as who they are in their VT—hold it steady and call them towards you. You have to keep yourself up to your becoming. You stay in the VT and call them in
However-Step 1 experiences are okay
Set them free by showing them their guidance system.
Chocolate chip cookies—she wants to eat too many says mom. Only wellbeing will show up in the VT. Mom has to get in the VT, using her focus and then inspire the child to come in. You are not a trouble looker, you are a lover looker.
Tune up your frequency—meditate, bask, FW, PA, ROA
Get more general if you are having trouble. You have to keep up with yourself and you can always tell by your feelings—is it moving you?
Esther story of needing to move back as her PA were not moving her. You have to tune up your own frequency.
Make the VT your 1st priority and then inspiration will flow.

#6 What does one do when “required” to be in a situation you don’t want to be in? examples—law suit, custodial
You won’t get what you want until you offer a vibration of expectation of what you want. Offer a vibration of expectation that is different from your reality. Remember what you think and feel and what manifests is always a match.
You are out of the VT—step back –there are no injustices-you are always getting what you put out.
How can I find a different way of looking at it? How can I see it as I want it to be rather than how it is?
Train yourself with easy situations because when really out of the VT you can’t easily change the Now situation or see other possibilities. Remember the larger part of you is riding the ROD and your desire is waiting for you. But, you have to be in the right place to see/feel.
You have to appreciate the situation for creating the ROD and providing the necessary clarity, I am thankful for the contrast this situation/rascal has provided. Step back until you can get yourself into the VT. Practice until you can bring the tough situations into the VT
Abe-How does the situation make you feel? Ignored and powerless—
Do what you must to get into VT—step back, step back, step back, step back into non-resistance (until you get your footing) and you will go into the VT.
Abe- Your power is in becoming the ignorer…I can vibe you out of my attention. I thought I was being ignored but I am getting my power back by ignoring you. (as I get into my VT) I will put my brain on pause and meditate if I must as I have the power to focus. Being in the VT means seeing them TTEOS
New Criteria—be in the VT as much as possible. Step 1 moments expand the VT…it’s a good thing to be in Step 1 when you know you can get out. Your VT is expanding as you always have the potential to put the new, improved you into the vortex. Practice, Practice, Practice

#7 Abe—there is no room for humility in the VT. It is bogus and diminishes your value.
Perception=vibration=Point Of Attraction
Thought > thought vibration > thought form > manifestation
Abe is the furthest most creation of human. You allow or disallow your VT. Your VT is all that Abe sees.
To Abe reality is what is in your VT, the fullness, the ecstacy-the vibrational reality
Negative emotion is a distortion of reality.
Vibrational reality is a present tense statement not something you have to work at—you have to feel for it.
(A reframe of definition of reality—whose view are you considering as reality?)
Abe- Always state affirmations from inside the VT. A manifestation is indicator of the relationship between you and who you really are.

#8 Ants, broken toe, infected toe and police test
These are all a manifestation of mixed vibration. A manifestation is an indicator of the relationship between you and who you are.
Abe –Do you accept that these manifestations are your creation? Yes I do.
How do they make you feel? Where else do you find that feeling? The feelings are probably present in several areas of your life. If you resolve 1 area you will probably clean up other areas also.
What does this situation feel like? Pay attention to the emotions that show up.
How you get to a step 1 situation.
1 .Have a vibration going on that you don’t own up to.
2. You get an indicator.
3. You put your emphasis on the indicator (what is) not on the vibration that caused the indicator.
It is about lining up with what you put in your VT. Remember when you put it in your VT it is done.
Humans get caught in flawed premises that cause them to measure themselves by someone else’s standards. This knocks them out of the VT. Measure up to yourself not to anyone else.
You have your physical body ready for the physical police test. Now stay in your VT
My best is created when I’m in the VT. I get into the VT doing vibrational work, which gets my mental game going.

#9 Abe- your ego is your point of focus.
Ask for this or something more—asking for more is the continuation of life.
Source is always tuned to what you want-Have the confidence that you can tune into the frequency of Source
Abe wants us to do focus wheels so we can change our perspective.
Be relaxed and comfortable about what is going on. You can always work to feel better.
#10 How best make peace with where you are?
It is a balance of concepts. Accept that you know what you don’t want/know what you do want and make peace with where you are so you can move further. This is the way the world works. Take responsibility for yourself and realize you need to move into the VT even though nothing has changed. STTEOS
Nothing needs to change because I am a Focuser
Stop struggling against it and find a way to feel good
Peace deactivates what has me out of VT. Find a way to feel good when you look at what is. It is always a balance.

#11 It always comes down to self-respect.
Abe –let’s start with something easier. Appreciate something or someone other than yourself just to get into VT. Hold someone as the object of your appreciation. It is often difficult for humans to see their own worthiness.
How to help others feel worthy?
Teach worthiness by getting them to feel good and get into VT. Once in the VT all will learn to appreciate and love self by the path of least resistance. Get them to taste the sweetness of the VT. Got to learn/teach person to get into VT.
Choose anything to feel good. Make your VT more important than self-love. Establish you are source energy. Know your emotional system. Train yourself to STTEOS. There is love all around and you become your own soother. You can only find love by being one who loves and love all around you—do rampages of love—day, cat, dog, birds etc anything to love. Give yourself a hug from the inside out. I am a lover.
Too often trying to meet the criteria of( _________police test) those outside of you. The way of S is to focus and to feel good. The U takes the path of least resistance. Focus and feel good.

#12 I have been hibernating. Now, I am on a cruise and from this day forth I will be joyful. How is one a healer?
First, you must understand that you are not ever necessary to heal someone else. BUT…it is easier for you to see them in their wellness as they are sick and seeing what is.
You shine your attention on their wellness and help them see/feel it. See them in their vibrational wellness and reflect it back to them.
Faith is knowledge of the VT. More to this I didn’t get
As a healer I am a focuser of what precedes your well being or a healer is a focuser upon what is in escrow and ignores what created it.

#13 Guidance with focus wheels
Went through various analogies Abe has used in past
Step 1 –You are doing what you came to do. Deviate and return-you came here to sift data. Accept that Step 1 is okay, it gives you something to reach for—outside VT Step 1 causes growth
NOW- there is a vibrational reality that is already done
Without guidance you flounder. You want to get to hope and you will be able to get into VT. I have to figure out how to get the feeling of the VT before it will manifest.
When in the VT your pathway will light up for you. Your life reflects where you are/what is going on around you.
The VT is love in vibrational form to be blended with the whole of who you are.
San Diego—Deliberate Creator- do these daily
Bask self to sleep in positives
Wake up and focus on the positives
Breakfast- Meditate-Do 2 or 3 FW - feel the energy-15-20 min
List Positive Aspects
1 subject do ROA
Now your day becomes FUNNER as you are deliberately in the VT. You feel the rapturous love of S (yes, yes)
VT - know your value, you excel, feel joy, renewed, reborn, reawakening, being who you were born to be. To achieve the VT vibrationally you have to do it, be conceptually understood, must become sensual energy, moving and knowing
Abe did a great rampage here---
#14 Abe—Once you come into alignment you can’t stand being out of VT. Find what you love and go there often. You have to discover you can be in the VT anytime. IT IS UP TO YOU.
Duck pond story—you have to keep finding whatever it takes to keep you in the VT. It is a constant feeling process. You keep reaching and growing.
You only have negative emotions if you are out of the VT and nothing justifies being out of the VT
You have to keep living life that carves out the wave and then get in the way to be caught up in it…
We are joyfully incomplete………………………………………………….

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