Connee’s notes on

Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC 5/31/09


  1. Do you like the feeling of desire?  Yes, especially when you know you can achieve it.  If you know you cannot, it feels like doubt, it feels like anxiety, or injustice.  With everything you want, just know that you can have it and that will take care of it.  Now we are done!
  2. If you desire it and maintain the vibration of it, it comes.  Doubt slows it down, at best, or holds it off until you croak, at worst.  The amount of time it takes from the launching of the desire and realizing it in fullness is about your ability to get up to speed with the vibration.  Once you know you want it, you tend to explain why by pointing out that you don’t have it, and that slows it down.  Your resistance keeps you out of alignment with your desire, keeps you from going where your desire is.  You gotta go to the vibrational reality where your desire is.
  3. You got confused because your mother would give it to you when you whined.  That defies the way the Universe works.  That’s being in an outside the vortex mode, interacting with others who are outside the vortex, which yields mediocre results at best. 
  4. Source is integrating your rockets of desire into the wholeness of who you are.  Nonphysical gives its undivided attention to your desire and becomes it.  You have no idea how rich your vibrational reality is – full of money, relationships, wellbeing and clarity!
  5. You are genius creators, deciphering contrast and launching desires.  Every single time, the vibrational reality precedes the physical reality.
  6. You are creators because you think and focus energy.  Your ideas matter.  You are the creator of the expanded vision of you.  When you are in synch, you are soaring and feeling good.  You know your worthiness, freedom and empowerment in the vortex.  Hope is close to the vortex.  As you hope, you occasionally become a more cooperative component and get in the vortex for a bit.
  7. When you breathe deeply, say thank you for this beautiful moment in time, you are in the vortex.  Emotions are your indicators.  You have to keep up with you in order to feel your best. 
  8. You will have some step 1 (asking) moments.  When you know what you don’t want, you always know more clearly what you do want.  Just don’t make a career of step 1!
  9. Don’t embellish your story of what’s wrong with where you are.  Ask the question and give the Universe the opportunity to answer.  Wait long enough to tune yourself into the answer.  Don’t just keep asking.  When you ask it is done.  Give the Universe the opportunity to give you what it has already assembled.
  10. To be a cooperative component, just stop doing what you do that keeps you out of the vortex.  When you say you are not going to do it, you are doing it!
  11. You have to start thinking about something else.  If you believe in lack, it’s hard to think about something else that is actually in the vortex.  You will do better to move from fear to anger and then to frustration.  Find relief by thinking toward the vortex.
  12. Play the ‘what’s the best thing about this’ game.  Just learn to be more optimistic.  Try to be someone who talks things up rather than talking things down.  Try to be someone who makes the best of it, not the worst of it.
  13. You think it is important that you be right.  It’s more important that you feel good.
  14. Which feels better:  “I have no money and there’s no way to get some.” Or “I have no money but maybe there is a chance things will change.”
  15. There’s relief in knowing it might get better.  “I wonder if anyone has ever been here and found their empowerment?”
  16. Just try to soothe yourself with softer statements.  You’ll get closer and closer to the vortex.  And one day you will find a thought that is utterly nonresistant and into the vortex you’ll go!
  17. Exhilaration equals “I’m in the vortex!”  You can’t get to see any evidence until after you find the vibration. 
  18. All the way alone, you receive vibrational indicators in the form of manifestations to let you know how you are doing.
  19. For months, Jerry & Esther didn’t see any indicators of accidents.  Lately they have been seeing skid marks and trucks off the road.  It’s time for Esther to clean up her vibration and do some focus wheels.   
  20. Esther doesn’t get thrilled anymore by nearly being creamed when driving.  She now knows it is a vibrational indicator.
  21. You get to see the indicator and then know your vibration.  When you see a series of someone doing something, ask, “Who’s the common denominator here? I don’t like that, I don’t like that, I don’t like that, I don’t like that,” and then there’s a frenzy of summoning it vibrational from EVERYWHERE!
  22. Train yourself to be inside the vortex.  Imagine loving, helpful, happy people coming to you.  Bask, savor and amplify the wellbeing.  Law of Attraction is responding to you, both who you really are and the vibration of your focus in the moment. 
  23. We intend to drag you, kicking and screaming, into the vortex!  [laughter}
  24. Guest:  I have a question about worthiness…  Abraham:  Get in the vortex, that’s where it is!  This day could go really quickly.  You sit in the chair, ask a heartfelt question, we say, “get in the vortex, that’s where it is!” and move on…!
  25. Unworthiness is being out of alignment.  When you make a statement like, “I’m not good enough”, your Inner Being knows that is bogus – your Inner Being knows you ARE enough!
  26. When you feel shame, guilt, fear or discouraged, that thought keeps you empty of who you really are.  Your Inner Being won’t go there with you.  You are separating yourself from who you are by that thought.  Try to think about you the way Source thinks about you.
  27. When you think thoughts of unworthiness, you give up your own guidance system and you are out of range of your Inner Being.  Stop saying things like that, and instead, look for evidence of your own worthiness.  When you look for it, you will always find it.
  28. Esther walked off state and looked into a mirror, and saw that she looked beautiful, lovely, and had a new sense of adoring herself.  Looking at her through Abraham’s eyes, she didn’t see herself ‘as a sinner.’  Train yourself back into alignment.  Get over not loving yourself.  When you love, you are in the vortex.
  29. Look at a child, a flower, a dog – any of those who are easy to love.  Once you love them, turn your focus toward others who are lovable.  Now think of yourself in the same way.  At first the vortex will spit you out.  But practice thinking of something that already gets you into the vortex and then think of things that usually through you out.  Over time, you will shift your vibration and be able to stay in the vortex even on that subject.  Soon you will love more consistently, and you will meet fewer out of the vortex people.
  30. Out of the vortex people train you to behave differently to please them.  It’s no wonder you lost the use of your guidance.  Wholeness = alignment = in the vortex.  Every emotion you feel is about that relationship. 
  31. Stop splitting yourself with bogus thoughts and new manifestations will show themselves to you.
  32. Have you ever noticed sometimes you will say, “The devil made me do it!”  Or, “I can’t believe I’m saying this!”  It’s because you got caught up in a vibration offered by someone else.  Your vibration didn’t hold.  And then you say, “That person makes me SOOOOO mad!”  They couldn’t draw that out of you if it wasn’t already vibrationally present. 
  33. Say, “I want to see the world through the eyes of Source.”  Then they will draw compliments from you, and great ideas, laughter, funny jokes and gay abandon!  It will be the best drunken party you ever had!
  34. People drink their resistance down so they can harmonize on more levels.
  35. Guest:  I want to more consciously move to what makes me feel good.  Abraham:  say, “I am becoming a better focuser of thoughts that feel good.  I’ve made feeling good a higher priority.”
  36. Guest:  The last two years have had more contrast than I wanted.  Abraham:  From inside the vortex, the last two years would look perfect to you!  From outside the vortex, it feels wrong.
  37. Abraham:  Are you saying Step 1 isn’t fun?  Guest:  YES!  Abraham:  in the middle of step 1, it never feels that fun.  But if you have faith and know that all the cooperative components are already assembled, you don’t hold yourself in step 1 a long time.  From inside the vortex, it’s all perfect; the contrast that is helping you decide is perfect.
  38. If it is not fun, it is just because you are hanging around in step 1 too long. You know where the joy is, GO GET IT!
  39. Continuing conversation about the contrast, once you have identified what your desire is, is complaining.  Just turn to what you want.
  40. If something is unconscious, it’s a slight vibration.  If it isn’t big enough to cause negative emotion, it’s not a big player. 
  41. Become more consciously aware of your vibrational content, so that you can clean it up at earlier, more subtle stages.  Esther is now noticing and jotting down things that trouble her so she can do focus wheels on purpose the next morning. 
  42. Focus because it feels good to focus, not because you are sick of hitting trees at 100 MPH.  When you are in the vortex, you are tree-less!  You can go at any speed without any problems.  The more up to speed you get, the more exhilarating life is.  Guest:  the speedometer of the Jaguar goes up to 170, but 120 is nice!  Abraham:  this gathering is a bit like a family reunion!
  43. Guest:  I am 6’ tall, and married a man who is 5’7”.  When things go wrong, it bothers me.  Abraham:  When you are in the vortex, the things that REALLY matter are evident.  When you are out of the vortex, EVERYTHING is a big hairy deal.  Remember how happy you felt when you were first together.  And notice now how ornery you are.  As a general rule, the older you get, the less in the vortex most people become.  Ultimately, you notice you can’t please them anyway, so you stop trying and that helps you move back toward the vortex.
  44. It’s never about his height, it’s about you using that as your excuse to separate from yourself.  You are the common denominator, you and your negative thoughts.
  45. Get out your notebook and list the positive aspects of your mate.  When you say, “about this SHORT person” it inflames the disturbance. 
  46. Start with the easy things, how you love the planet, or your home, your children or pets, which primes the pump of appreciation, and then turn to your mate to look for things to appreciate.
  47. You argue so intensely that the neighbors are afraid for you, and then you make up and forgot once you are back inside the vortex.  You can have a good relationship with anyone, but we’re asking you to focus on coming into harmony with who you really are. 
  48. Every cooperative component has the choice to be cooperative or not, including you.  It’s YOU who draws the best from them, or not.
  49. If you focus on positive aspects, you will get the best.  If you focus out of the vortex you will be out there with those parts of them.  It’s all vibrational. 
  50. You all think it is about controlling what THEY do, but it’s about controlling what YOU do.  This person is someone you can adore or not.
  51. New marriage vow – “I will do my best to be in the vortex.  I won’t use you as my excuse to get in.  There are millions, billions, trillions of excuses I can use to get in.”
  52. Getting in the vortex is the precursor to everything you want to manifest.
  53. Pick two people, one who is easy to love and one who is hard.  Make a list of the negative aspects of the lovable one, and the positive aspects of the unlovable one, and watch them switch personalities!    
  54. Guest:  How do you ask a better question?  Abraham:  You can ask a question from outside the vortex – then you look for a solution from a place of trauma.  But you cannot hear the answer until you get into the vortex.
  55. When we are talking to someone in the hot seat, we want to play with them enough or soothe them enough that they are able to hear the answer.
  56. You are often in the vortex unless you are focused on a specific issue that takes you out.
  57. Guest:  I feel like two people, one who is in the vortex and one who is out!  Abraham:  That’s because there are two vibrational aspects of you.  When you are in alignment with the larger part of you, you are in your power and wholeness.
  58. Guest:  I want to safeguard my child.  Abraham:  Your child is born into a vibration of wellbeing.  Your thinking that he is in danger is flawed at its premise. 
  59. When we talk to people, they often end up saying, “I didn’t come here to find out what is wrong with me, I came to find out how to fix THAT one!”
  60. David:  Does the vortex ever expand without contrast?  Abraham:  Yes, you can expand the vortex by talking about what you want.  We even feel some contrast inside the vortex, but it is too subtle for you to perceive from physical perspective.
  61. There is no rigid edge to the vortex, the vortex keeps moving.  Contentment is the edge where it begins and you keep it expanding and you need to keep up.  In the vortex means that you are up to speed with where you are. 
  62. David:  I’m conservative financially, I had a successful business and got wealth.  But the liberal, abundant viewpoint feels weird to me.  Abraham: It’s too hard to compare with others, compare with yourself how you feel.  When you are managing the gap well, there is plenty of money, in and out, it’s all in balance.  When you spend more out, in time, money or breath, than you take in, you are out of balance.  It’s about managing your balance of desire and allowing. 
  63. Jerry keeps himself and Esther in balance financially by his rule that everything they do has to pay for itself.  All the aspects of their business must be self-supporting.  It’s an energy thing, really, not a financial thing.  He thrives on all fronts when he is in balance financially.  A conservative philosophy can be focused on lack or not, it depends on how you feel within it.
  64. When Jerry and Esther were getting married, they agreed that they would independently go to the store and list their three favorite china and crystal and silver patterns, and then compare to see which they both agreed on.  Esther decided to list just the one she wanted and see if it was on Jerry’s list.  And Jerry, independently, did the same thing, and they both picked exactly the same patterns!  The silver was expensive, but Esther wanted it anyway.  And then she was very excited to find it on sale at a fraction of the original price.  It’s all about fairness and balance.  If you buy it, thinking it is too expensive, you are out of balance.
  65. Don’t reach too far out of balance.  Jerry & Esther are thinking of cutting back on the cruises because people are stretching too far to afford them, and Jerry & Esther can feel the pressure of that. 
  66. Esther wants to start her own political party, and we say, “Just don’t join ANY political party.  Find the positive aspects of all of them by standing outside and focusing incessantly on all the good ideas you hear from any of them.”
  67. One who is in the vortex is more powerful than all the politicians put together. 
  68. Step 1, you’re outside the vortex, experiencing contrast.  When you see it from broader perspective, you are feeling the discord, and you are as powerless as they are.  See if you can get IN the vortex.  Do a focus wheel.
  69. What’s your outside the vortex statement?  Look at what Congress is doing with the money!  I feel anger, I don’t like it, and I don’t want inept, non-thinking partisan selfish careless interests foolishly going through the motions of ineffective government.  Good!  Now you have put significant things in your vortex. 
  70. In the center of your focus wheel write:  I want/like/adore my government to respect and fear me instead of others…  Abraham:  spoken like someone OUTSIDE the vortex!  Try this:  I adore seeing wisdom at the heart of considerate, broad minded and uplifting leaders.
  71. Now reach for something that matches wisdom and the benefit of the whole:  We’re all learning and aspiring to something more.  Some are there – I’ve heard them speak, I’ve witnessed their clarity. 
  72. It doesn’t take many like you becoming cooperative components to make a difference.  There are wise people in congress…  If you don’t follow up with “who are crippled by the idiots!” you stay on the wheel.
  73. Here’s some more:  I’ve been part of a body of people who have made a decision, and we were criticized by others.  But if they had been at the meeting and heard what we heard, they would have understood better.  Any time there is strong controversy, there is more asking.  In the grassroots, things are rising up.  I love seeing the opposite party saying things I can agree with.  I’m adoring watching the shifting that is happening.
  74. Esther watched the news on the “other” station, and she heard wisdom and sincere desire.  There is wisdom on both sides.  The media is mean, but Esther’s resistance was as idiotic as theirs.  She feels better when she thinks, “We all want a country that is preserved, thriving with opportunities for everyone, a beautiful country in a pleasant, sustaining world.”  At core, you are so much the same!  Find your alignment with you, get in the vortex, and you will be influential.
  75. Oh, to be a president or member of society from INSIDE the vortex!  That’s an infinitely satisfying experience. 
  76. Aligning words, soothing words help.  You are missing the point.  Trying to be without contrast is outside the vortex.  We’re looking for inside the vortex balance.
  77. When you hold yourself in the vortex, you will encounter them in their inside the vortex moments. 
  78. Some people are easy to love and some not so easy to love.  Train yourself to love the people who are hard to love, and then you stop thinking about them so often and they go away.
  79. Train yourself to focus more on the ones you do love, and you’ll attract more of those. 
  80. If there is someone in your life who is hard to love, but for whatever reason, they are going to be in your life anyway, you better MAKE them easy to love.
  81. You get out of the vortex by your attention to what they are doing, it’s your attention to it, not what they are doing, that draws you outside the vortex.
  82. They don’t need to be different for you to be in the vortex.  That’s a flawed premise and control issue. 
  83. David:  If they are hard to love, it’s because I don’t understand them.  Abraham:  We don’t think understanding is the key to the vortex.  They’re doing the best they know how to do.  Appreciate their willingness to serve.  It’s hard to find a clear minded space there.  Feel how easy it is to appreciate them when you are inside the vortex.  David:  Totally different.   
  84. Regarding appreciating the contrast,  love the contrast for the expansion it provides.  Source doesn’t look at something unwanted and adore it, Source doesn’t look there.  We want you to adore the idea that contrast helps you choose.
  85. Guest:  I still want the stuff!  Abraham:  Nobody stays in love of contrast long if manifestation doesn’t come.  If you get in the vortex, the manifestation DOES come.  When you get the ball rolling, it is really very easy.
  86. Jerry and Esther bought a wreck truck to move skunks.  It had a loud muffler and they lived in a nice neighborhood.  Esther wondered what the neighbors would think and wanted to fix it up because Jerry loved it.  So she found a 1966 Ford truck that someone was parting out – she got it for $200 but she had to take it ALL!  They rented a trailer and drove it all to an auto body shop and they rebuilt it.  Two years later they drove out with their beautiful, brand new, 1966 truck!  Esther felt a new found prosperity, it was a new way of creating with a fun and cooperative Universe.  Everywhere they went, people gave them thumbs up.  They could track where their thought and emotion added up to a cooperative Universe.  It was a wonderful to make a project of it – they used to go visit it to see how it was coming along.  You are the only one who gets to define what your contrast feels like.  The truck became a vibrational reality LONG before it was a physical reality.  They charged so little because they only worked on it when they had nothing else to do.
  87. We like this story to demonstrate the buffer of time and the cooperative components.  It was two years in the creation.  Later they were able to demonstrate in 6 months and 3 months and almost instantaneously as they got the hang of it.
  88. In the vortex, when you are in alignment, things happen fast, you don’t need patience.  Contrast doesn’t bother you at all when you believe in your ability to create.  When you are in doubt, contrast sucks.
  89. When you encounter the next piece of contrast, say, “Ooooooooo, the beginning of another creation…!!!”
  90. Esther broke her glass étagère, with all the pretty things on it.  Jerry said, “Oh good, something else to buy!” 
  91. You want constantly evolving desires.  It is emotionally satisfying to align with Source and stay in balance, just as it is more emotionally satisfying to eat when you are hungry.
  92. If you soften your words, you will feel less nailed to the floor.  Instead of saying, “I have ALWAYS been there!”, try saying, “I was formerly inclined there…”  Take incremental steps.
  93. Today we have distracted you into the vortex over and over again.  You’re here in this room and you know this stuff.  The knowledge we are transmitting helps you come into alignment.  Come into the vortex where what you’ve always known becomes active again.
  94. If it was magical at first, and then not so much, you need more asking to keep it flowing.
  95. When Esther writes a book, it just comes all at once in a couple of weeks.  She tunes into a massive answer and it just comes.  If you feel blocked, now you are outside the vortex.  You are afraid of a big blazing desire.  If you ask and don’t allow, the contrast gets greater and greater.  But if you want it, the environment has the wherewithal to deliver it.  Keep morphing those beliefs and come into alignment with your own desire.
  96. Guest:  I want to stop craving chocolate.  Abraham:  During lunch, Esther said, “I wonder if one were just in the vortex if they could eat whatever they wanted.”
  97. If you have been asking and asking and asking, you’ve created the vibrational essence of what you want in the vortex.  If you are not feeling guilty or unhappy, if you are not offering resistance, the vortex will take you right in.
  98. What happens to your impulses in the vortex?  When you get in there, the match is made.  Now you think again about your physical condition, and the vortex spits you out.  When you think you are eating something you shouldn’t, the vortex spits you out.  When you consider this one issue, the vortex spits you out. 
  99. When you are focused on your mate or your lover, not necessarily one and the same…  [laughter]
  100. If you feel hopeful or satisfied, you don’t get spit out.  You have to find a way of approaching it that is not resistance, and then you are in the vortex and it can come.  Will your inspiration to eat chocolate spit you out?  When you eat something that you’ve felt guilty about for a long time, the vortex spits you out. 
  101. If you do what you believe to be appropriate, you come into alignment.
  102. You ask, “When I am in the vortex, will I be inspired to new behavior, or will my beliefs change?”  
  103. Our friend earlier, his belief shifted.  You will continue to be able to eat what you believe is appropriate as your beliefs shift.
  104. Guest:  my 92 1/2  year old mother is dying…  Abraham:  As is everyone.  It’s just more noticeable with her!  Guest:  when I leave her, I crave chocolate.  Abraham:  chocolate distracts you.  It is a mechanism you are using to distract yourself and soothe yourself.  How soothing is it?  Where is your feeling about chocolate?  Is it guilt or appreciation?
  105. There is not a standard of “this is a good food, and that is a bad one, or this food equals a certain vibration”.  It’s YOUR gap that is the vibrational relationship that is important, not the impact of one spiritual food.  The point is how to bring ease to your mind about it.
  106. Focus wheel – the outside the vortex statement about your mother is, she’s suffering and it’s out of my control.  I feel powerless to help ease her discomfort.
  107. The center opposite statement is:  I love being in my power through my alignment and uplifting others. 
  108. Supporting statements around the wheel:  I always love being of value to others.  I know now I can tune in and have access to the resources of Source.  Alignment and empowerment are the same thing.  I am able to get in the vortex often.  I can do it on any subject if I make the effort.  I have options of how I look at everything.  I know I can get into the vortex.  I know this is temporary, soon my mother will re-emerge into her vortex.  And I am finding mine now.  This experience is helping me learn to get in the vortex no matter what.  This may be her greatest gift to me.  And wouldn’t it be nice if, in my alignment, I am able to soothe her.
  109. Maybe you will crave chocolate from inside the vortex, and maybe you won’t.  But if you do, it won’t be a problem.
  110. Guest:  My 94 1/3 year old mother wants to live with me.  Abraham:  Well, mother that is one idea, or you could just croak…  [laughter]  You feel the pressure and want relief.  Guest:  I crave ice cream…  Where is my responsibility in caring for any other?  Abraham:  Responsibility is an out of vortex word.  Your responsibility is to get into the vortex.  Be the being that you are and find alignment with that.  One who has consistently sought and found alignment is more beneficial than anyone else.
  111. Inside the vortex, you focus on positive aspects.  You influence others into their own vortex.  Praise them, sincerely, either silently or openly, that’s inside the vortex.  It floods them with Pure Positive Energy and they benefit from that.
  112. Your mother is far from the vortex and she doesn’t feel it calling her.  Sometimes you can shine a light on her that she can feel better than her Inner Being, even though her Inner Being is shining all the time.  A mortal human can beam the signal in closer and draw them in.  If you can maintain your connection consistently, you can influence another.  You can uplift or teach anyone from inside the vortex. 
  113. Her vibration has been dominant in your relationship until now.  It has been your conditioned response to please your mother, even though it jerks you out of the vortex.  Any decision you make out of the vortex makes things worse.  Practice being in the vortex and THEN approach subjects that spit you out.
  114. It would be more out of the vortex to never consider your mother again.  You can always win in every situation.  Just define what you want and line up with that.
  115. Focus wheel:  outside the vortex statement:  I can’t take care of her needs.  Abraham:  the cord of discord you feel is that you believe she would disturb your peace.  Guest:  I feel guilty because I don’t want to give up my happy life and still not ever be able to give her what she needs.
  116. Center statement of what you do want:  I love my self-empowerment, my freedom and my alignment, and I want to teach from there.
  117. Don’t sacrifice your freedom, wholeness and connection to source.  There is NO reason big enough to do that. 
  118. New center statement:  I love to fulfill my responsibility to my alignment first, and then share and uplift others.    I want to feel empowered, for those who are empowered have the clarity and strength to offer a helping hand to others.
  119. If you share with someone from outside the vortex, they want you to carry them.  In your alignment, you don’t carry another, you inspire them to their own power.  If you let her know from outside the vortex, “I don’t want you to come,” she takes offense.  If you speak to her from inside the vortex, it comes out differently.  I know there are other places she can live – that statement is still outside the vortex.
  120. Focus wheel matching statements:  I know I am powerful.  I really want to find a place where she can be happy.  Her wellbeing is not dependent on me. 
  121. You’ve sacrificed your wellbeing for your mother for a long time.  You are a little in payback mode here.  Was she in alignment when she was taking care of you? 
  122. You have no choice but to find your way back into the vortex if you want to be happy.  Your Mom’s not going anywhere any time soon.
  123. Guest: I do love her very much…  Abraham:  now you are on the wheel!  You know it, believe it, resonate with it!  You are in alignment.  Guest:  And I really know she loves me!  Abraham:  Yes, when you get in, take care.  Stay as long as you can.  Guest:  I do love my life.  I do appreciate the beginning she gave me.  I know relationships are eternal.  My predominant responsibility is my alignment with Source.  I can make a long list of positive aspects of her. 
  124. Abraham:  You are in the vortex now.  You’ve been pulling on a great solution of cooperative components in the vortex.  Many pleasing options will be available to her and I will find a way to help her know of places where more attention for her and more social opportunities are available for her. 
  125. You want the solution NOW.  But you have to hang out in the vortex for awhile before the perfect solution presents itself.
  126. You’ve come to a strong decision.  And her living with you is not longer in your vibration.  Her living happily ever after elsewhere is now what is on the table.  You have a strong vibration now, backed up by ALL that you are.  You are now pulsing consistently, you are shored up and offering a singular vibration.  She will drop the subject now, because she will feel that it won’t go well if she brings it up.
  127. You appreciate her autonomy and her own.  It is viable for her to get everything you want for her – companionship, nutrition, and comfort.
  128. When you seemed to be wishing for your mother’s re-emergence, you were actually wishing for her alignment and wellbeing.  Now you are in alignment, you are wishing for her that the pain stops, whether it be in a new place, or with re-emergence.  That might be the path of least resistance for her. 
  129. You could say to her, “I don’t believe any of us were born to suffer.  We will find a way and it will get better.  Sometimes I’d like relief, too.  It’s normal to seek relief.  We can sometimes find relief with our minds.  I find relief thinking about you finding a happy, comfortable place for you to live.  Even though it is not yet happening, I can find relief in the idea.  You can find relief in the idea of pain relief, even before the pain leaves. 
  130. You can all let go and release into nonphysical when you want to, from a place of alignment, if you don’t feel fear.  There is no reason you cannot create the croaking that you want as easily as you create your relationships.  You’ve learned death is a bad thing, and you are afraid you are not worthy yet.  You think, “Maybe I’ll just lay here and suffer for awhile and get worthier!”
  131. When you are in the vortex, you see the big picture.  You can call US dead if you want, but we are VERY much alive, and so will you be eternally, too.
  132. A caller had her father die in the 15 minutes between her two calls to Abraham after she heaved a big sigh of relief, realizing his life was not her responsibility. 
  133. When you are in the vortex and focusing from your broader knowing, you are beneficial on whatever you focus on.  When you focus and see her having no pain, she will get to make a new decision to stay here or go on to get there.
  134. Guest:  What is it about male pattern baldness?  Abraham:  [gesturing toward Jerry]  Don’t look over there! [laughter]  It’s about expectation of declining over time.  The manifestation follows your pattern of thought.
  135. Guest:  Can we bring the hair back?  Abraham:  there is not anything you cannot accomplish.  The cells of your body can get taller, stronger, more vital, yes!  The biology of the body changes in response to your expectations.  You can focus on many aspects of your physical body and improve them.  But most behavior people offer is out of vortex behavior.  You get the results to the degree that you expect them.  But as you focus from inside the vortex, the energy that creates worlds flows through you and healing happens. 
  136. Start by getting inside the vortex and feel comfortable about what is.  Make peace with where you are now.  When you are not pushing against it, it’s like meditation.  Your resistance lowers and the vortex takes you right in to where you want to go.  You’ve already asked for it. You’ve already asked for it. You’ve already asked for it. You’ve already asked for it. You’ve already asked for it.
  137. The first step is, all day long, get in the vortex.  No matter what it takes, get in the vortex.  Because it feels so good inside the vortex.
  138. Worthiness feels good.  All the goodies you want are inside the vortex.  Get in because you want to feel good. 
  139. Don’t start with the hard stuff.  It’s easy for us to coax you in, we know what’s in your vortex.  You are going to have to feel around a bit.
  140. Esther did 200 focus wheels on one subject.  She’d do that one and 3 or 4 others each day.  And now she can’t even remember what the issue was!
  141. Her grandson Luke knows the names of all the cars.  She mentioned that their Suburban came from a particular dealership, then realized that that car was gone long before Luke came along and they have no basis for that conversation.  He is pure and clear and without baggage. 
  142. You can be pure and clear, too.  Just let off a little baggage here and here and here by doing focus wheels.  You have to care more about feeling good.  If you really want to feel good, you will be able to let go of so much that has no relevancy to you’re here and now.  Then life starts being REALLY good for you.  Then you only have to clean up what you mess up in the moment. 
  143. Keep giving yourself and others the benefit of the doubt.  Come into harmony with who you really are.
  144. You benefit from meeting those who are in alignment, but you don’t meet them when you are not in the vortex yourself.  Get in the vortex.  The easiest way depends on where you are now.  Always make peace with what’s throbbing a bit.  Make the best of it all.
  145. For example, when there are layoffs and unemployment expands, what will soothe depends on whether your concern is personal or general worry for others.  There is always value in soothing yourself, because how you feel is always just about your relationship to your vortex.  You CAN help the economy by your thought from inside the vortex.
  146. You have already done your asking.  Step 1 is done.  Seek the path of least resistance.  When you have the mindset of “I have to make it happen!” you are not seeking the path of least resistance. 
  147. Should you take the stairs or the escalator?  For someone who wants to get their blood moving, walking up the stairs is the path of least resistance.  It is about what feels best to you NOW.  It’s just an in the moment choice that changes.
  148. Even with advanced students, there tends to be a disconnect with the Path of least resistance analogy – you judge it as lazy.  It’s not lazy.  It’s prudent to let the Universal forces do the work.    Enjoy your day to day life more.  Try to have fun. 
  149. If you breathe out more than you breathe in, you feel resistance in your chest.  If you spend more than you take in, you feel resistance.  If you do more than feels comfortable with your time, you feel resistance.
  150. Jerry & Esther have learned that the bigger their life gets, the more they need to find balance.  So much is being asked of them, and Esther’s desire to please is strong.  She can feel the calling from the masses.  What gets out of balance is trying to answer the calling from other people who are outside the vortex.  In trying to soothe them, you get outside too.
  151. Don’t try to please too many others.  Your responsibility is to be in the vortex.  Judging is out of the vortex.  Asking to much of yourself at a given moment of time is outside the vortex.  Trying to accomplish too much by action from outside the vortex doesn’t work.
  152. Esther was trying to upload a 300 Mb file that took 5 hours.  It kept failing.  She was setting her alarm to wake up and send it again.  She was outside the vortex trying to make it go by action.
  153. Sometimes you forget that outside the vortex actions make things worse.  You wonder how you can create the time to get back into the vortex.
  154. When it is happening you feel that restricted feeling.  Don’t try to milk too much from your time.  When there is too much resistance in the moment, take a break.  Get in the vortex and then do anything you have time for.  Then you get in a time warp where things just flow.  Recognize when you are out of balance and take the time to restore your balance.  Don’t spend more than you have, breathe in and breathe out. 
  155. Use the segment intending process.  If you ask Jerry where they are going next, he’ll say, Boca, Orlando, Asheville, DC, Philly, Boston, and Esther is thinking, “Just kill me now!!!  What was I thinking???”  She is way overwhelmed with too much thought about too much activity.  But if she focuses on today, and just going from here to there, it soothes the overwhelmed feeling.  Don’t focus on this month or this week.  Focus on this day and the parts of this day.  This day is manageable.  I’ll take a walk, I’ll eat some meals, I’ll have some conversations…
  156. Stop segment by segment and focus on what you want in that segment.  Stop for 30 seconds between patients and say, “what do I want?  I want to be in the vortex, tuned in, empowered, right on the beam, I want to have fun, be effective, be brief, be uplifting and uplifted and have this be life giving to both of us.”  A segment like that will feed you.
  157. Once you do this for awhile, you will hook up with your vortex more on a moment by moment basis.  Only bite off what you can chew in this segment and it will feed you.
  158. Guest:  What about unexpected stuff?  Abraham:  If you do more deliberate segment intending, the Universe won’t deliver interruptions.  You are asking for trouble makers when you are in chaos.  When you are centered and clear, you don’t see them.  Segment intending will free up your time and line up your energy.  You won’t get as far out of the vortex in one segment after another.  You will give yourself the luxury of getting in the vortex in between each one.
  159. Jerry watches Esther.  He was wise enough to see when she was emotionally out of balance and used to make sure she wasn’t on the road with the bus at those times.
  160. Stubbornly decide to take the time to get back in the vortex if you are out.  You can wait.  You can wait.  You can wait, while I get back in the vortex.
  161. Guest:  My son…  Abraham:  Someday there will be a Jeremy CD!  Guest:  I had a dream about making calorie free chocolate, and having my prosperous future assured.  My son said, “You could eat chocolate and lose weight!”  He wants to lose weight. He’s a gorgeous little boy!  Abraham:  our work is to soothe YOU regardless of what has caused your discord.  Let’s poke at it with a stick and make it worse before you feel better.  Guest:  Who is the negative influence in his life?  That feels like more discord.  Abraham:  Children are like little parrots – it’s probably insignificant.  Soothe yourself.  Soothe it immediately and get yourself back in the vortex. You understand his perfection.  Don’t let what others think of themselves be the basis of what you think about them.
  162. There are only two issues – male pattern baldness and eating chocolate!
  163. You don’t want to monitor things and avoid things.  Just soothe yourself. Just soothe yourself.  Just soothe yourself.  Just soothe yourself. 
  164. If something freaks you out and takes you outside the vortex, you just need to get back in the vortex and then you are stable again.  If you are out of the vortex, do a focus wheel.
  165. You rescued him and you want to protect him from anything that might threaten him.  You haven’t yet convinced yourself of the overwhelming wellbeing of him that Source sees.  This is a BEAUTIFUL child.  Keep that most active in your vibration and you will easily see that there is nothing to worry about.
  166. Guest:  A lot of great things are happening and I am worried about scaling up my business…  Abraham:  Why step out of the vortex into a pattern of irrational worry?  Life may feel too full or too busy when you are out of the vortex.  But when you get in the vortex, you have it all and you say, “Ooooooooo!”
  167. Do more segment intending.  When you are up to speed with the energy, it doesn’t feel too fast.  Take pleasure in how far you have come.  Remind yourself that the Universe always backs you up.  Say, “things always work out for me!”
  168. When things come about fast, it is because YOU suddenly showed up and became a cooperative component to something that has actually been in the works vibrationally for a long time.  Say, “I’m up to speed because I created all of it!”
  169. Focus on the things that ARE going well already.  Look at all that has been delegated!  This person is doing this beautifully, and that person is doing that!  Help is always on the way.
  170. When you build a house you know you won’t actually build it, you’re going to design it.  Not even that, really.  You are going to WANT it.  You didn’t create the grant you received by doing.  The money came in from your clear mind and clear, non-resistant intention.  Clear facilitators will, too.  Segment intending will get you feeling getter moment by moment. 
  171. Get into the vortex.  At night, bask into slumber.  Do focus wheels, positive aspects and rampages of appreciation in the morning.  And then, when you are already in the vortex from doing those things, segment intend throughout the day to help you stay in the vortex.
  172. Lots of little issues kick you out.  Get in anyway, again and again, and expect to enjoy your day anyway.  Empowerment is focusing on today.  Take pleasure in today.  Savor today.  Find the fun in the NOW that is today.  Segment intending is about basking, slowing time down so you can enjoy your life.
  173. Esther’s life is usually about staying totally focused so she can get it all done.  The Tahiti trip was the most expansive time she has ever had, because they didn’t take work with them to do on the way.  They didn’t try to cram so much into every moment – they took long and luxurious days to savor and bask.  If you do too much of that, you get bored.  Time is perceptual.
  174. When you stay in alignment, the Universe delivers to you and you take a bite.  It’s a blissful moving through the day.  And at the end, you say, “OH, what a good day this was!”  Esther can feel when the balance of in and out has been perfect.  Keep finding your alignment throughout the day. 
  175. As she gets in the vortex, the emails that will match that will come to her.  When she spends more time in the vortex, clambering outside the vortex won’t bother her. 
  176. YOU are your creation.  Make that your priority.
  177. Align, align, align!  Then do anything else you have time for.  And then things will fall into place comfortably.
  178. Guest:  How best to teach interventions to families?  Abraham:  Intervention is an outside the vortex word.  The autistic children are saying to you, “come on over and let’s exchange VIBRATIONAL understanding.  Your therapists have got to learn to talk to them in their language, rather than trying to teach them to be more “typical.” 
  179. There is very little difference between intervene and interfere.  You want to soothe them and their parents.
  180. From nonphysical, we have sent an army of people who don’t talk your verbal language.  They want you to remember emotional language.  You’re wanting to learn to communicate with them vibrationally. 
  181. The one who offers words usually has a superior attitude.  They are already off on a flawed premise and the student will resist. 
  182. The first thing we would do is assign the therapist to learn the vibrational language of mood, body languages, how they show up in the vortex and out of the vortex.  Learn who he is and where he is.  If you do that first, he will come and play with you. 
  183. We are talking to enlightened people here in these workshops, who are currently out of the vortex on a particular subject.  But we take the time to bring them into the vortex first.  Don’t you feel in the vortex now?  Aren’t you glad you came?  This is all unfolding perfectly and you are eager for more.  Life’s an adventure on the leading edge.  Isn’t it fun!
  184. Goals are beneficial unless they stir up doubt in you.  Soothe yourself.  Say, “My improvement is steady.  There’s no urgency about how much more when.”  Let yourself off the hook.
  185. When you focus your attention on any subject consistently, you call it a belief.  Once you believe something, life will continue to show you that.
  186. You can reactivate a successful story from the past.  Reach for thoughts that feel better.  It’s a good thing when you identify doubt, because it inspires you to do a focus wheel.
  187. Which feels better – I can’t get there or at some point I’m going to reach this level?  When the doubt goes away, the vortex will take you right in.
  188. Say things like, “I’ve done it before.  I know I don’t have to figure it out.  I know it will come.  If I build it, they will come.  It’s right here.”
  189. You are not so far outside the vortex, you just brought yourself right in.
  190. Guest:  I have a chance to teach teachers…  Abraham:  We see that your discord is not unworthiness.  You know you are a really good teacher and you enjoyed good communication with responsive children and you have had a mostly satisfying experience for 30 years.   The rub is that you know that the teachers, who are adults, will be harder to work with than the children were.
  191. But by working with the teachers, you will leverage what you know to a much larger group of children.  It’s not a lack of confidence in your skills, it’s where you see them starting out. 
  192. Right now considering it takes you outside the vortex.  If you can figure out how to get in, your confidence and effectiveness and power of influence will be right there.  You will garner your resources and be all you can be.  It’s all in your vibrational escrow…  Guest:  I just have to get hired…  Abraham:  You have already asked for it.  It has already been given.  Get in the vortex and you will get hired.  You say, “Hire me and I will go to the vortex.”
  193. When you come into your power, they can’t resist you.  They can’t deny you that which you were born to do.
  194. Focus wheel, outside the vortex statement:  I’m not going to get hired.  I’m uncomfortable, I really want it, but I can’t control the hiring process. 
  195. Center Statement that is the opposite:  I am the creator of my reality.  *I* decide when I get hired, it is not someone else’s decision.
  196. Focus wheel statements:  Because I create my own reality, it’s already in my vortex, so this job is already mine.  I’ve seen things fall into place for me before.  I just wanted things, this is not different.  I have a lot to give… 
  197. Abraham:  You are now pleading your case and are out of the vortex…  Remind yourself you’re already in there.  Speak from a place of complete matching that you can believe.
  198. Everything always works out for me.  My work is to think of things that take me into the vortex.  No one on the planet is in as much alignment with this as I am.  This position exists because I put it there.  I always get what I want.  I love creating around this.
  199. So now you all have the hang of the focus wheel.  It is the same as the vortex of creation.  Feel the power and value of being in the vortex and make it your new priority.
  200. You have a clear understanding of the Laws of the Universe and the ease you find in going along with the laws.  It’s fun to clear up flawed premises.  You LOVE the feeling of contrast from inside the vortex.  You love this time space reality and the momentum of your desires. 
  201. The harshness of these times are stirring things up, this is the time of awakening, upliftment and enlightenment.  Tune to who you are.  You will be uplifting ever after.  We have never enjoyed a conversation more.  We are blissfully incomplete.


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