Conneeís notes on

Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC 5/29/09


  1. You never intended to be only one vibration with Source.  There are advantages to separation in consciousness.  Contrast causes you to give birth to what you DO want.  When you really know what you donít want, you really know what you DO want.  Contrast helps you define and focus. 
  2. You came forth thinking, ďIíll ask like crazy!  The larger part of me will become a vibrational equivalent to my asking,Ē thatís Step 1.  Step 2 happens Ė Source takes care of answering everything.  And then you say, ďThat must be wrong, cause WHEREís MY Stuff???Ē
  3. Step 3 is that you have to go into the vibrational vicinity to the answer to your asking.  You wonít be well as long as you notice you are sick.  If you are to expanding, physically, financially, in your relationships, you have to give your attention to what you want.  If you can do it, you will be well.  Otherwise you will stay sick.  Then you are still sick, and you are ornery, too!  [laughter]
  4. The key is finding your way to taking the emotional journey, so that you can consistently maintain your better feeling thoughts.  Everything is vibration.  Practice the vibration you want, hold it and maintain it.
  5. As you beat the drum of what you donít want, you hold yourself apart.  But even when you are doing that, what you want takes greater form where the Source within you dwells.  What you want automatically goes ďinto the vortex,Ē the vibrational place of creation.  Law of Attraction assembles all the cooperative components.  Every detail of what you want is coalescing, rendezvous are being arranged.  Source is magnetically bringing together your dream!  There is already so much in this Universe that is a perfect match, itís already assembled for you.  But you have to BE one of the cooperative components so that you will be assembled with your creation.
  6. You are not creating a new car.  You are creating YOU with a new car.  YOU are the creator.  You are the CREATION.  You create a healthy new you. 
  7. Whatever you are creating, lover, a child, a parent, you are putting new a new and improved relationship with everything, including your body.   And your emotions are telling you how close you are to matching it.  If you feel really good, your thoughts are allowing you to be all you have become.
  8. Think about getting the vortex and you will live the happy life you have intended.  Understand what your emotions are telling you. 
  9. Questions are outside the vortex, answers are inside.  Pop out periodically to ask your question, but donít make a career of being outside the vortex.  The benefit to being out is that it sharpens your desire to be in.
  10. If you fall asleep outside the vortex, youíll still be out when you wake up.  Make an effort to get into the vortex before you go to sleep.  Then you will wake up in the vortex.
  11. Contrast is serving you well, but you donít want to go to sleep focused on the contrast.  You can reduce your attention to it, and ultimately it becomes a small player.  Lie in bed, release thought.  You have the potential to refocus again and again.  Use the power of your focused mind.
  12. Jerry tells Esther, ďDonít open the email until after lunch so that we have a pleasant morning.Ē  There are so many people pushing at them for what they want.  They can tell by who it is, ďDonít open that one!Ē  The more she stays in the vortex, the more her behavior is inspired.  She can feel where the larger part of her is aligned and get a yes or no.  You have to care more about how you feel than about the particular issue.
  13. Being in the vortex feels sublime.  You feel clear minded and sure footed Ė everything looks, feels and tastes better!
  14. Almost everyone is outside the vortex fighting it ought.  Making decisions outside the vortex never works. 
  15. Be in the vortex because it feels good.  And then you will be in synch with the solution.  The solution is always calling you into the vortex.  The problem has you rooted to the floor.  If you can find a way to put your brain on pause, the solution will pull you into the vortex where you can see it.
  16. Make a list of 10 things you love and go over them again and again.  And then the solution will pull you in.
  17. You get tangled in the details of rightness and wrongness and thatís outside the vortex.  When you get in there, youíll love everyone regardless of their craziness!
  18. Think about people you love and why you love them before you go to sleep.  They will still misbehave and jerk you out of the vortex during the day, but youíll get so good at focusing on why you love them that it will be harder and harder for them to pull you out of the vortex. 
  19. Whatís in the vortex will vary for different people.  What feels good to one will feel bad to another.  Just lean in the direction of what feels good to YOU!
  20. When you are more consistently in the vortex of feeling good, out will feel really OFF to you.  Itís proportionate.  When you REALLY know what you do want and then you pop out of the vortex, it feels much worse for having been in there.
  21. When you get in the vortex and stay there more steadily, your vortex raises you to who you really are.  And you have much less tolerance for negative emotion. 
  22. If you lie in bed before you go to sleep in the vortex and do focus wheels, positive aspects and rampages of appreciation, you wonít believe how good you can make yourself feel.  And then people you donít want to hear from donít call you.  Youíre firing on all cylinders.  You have clarity and humor. Your point of attraction that most of the world banging around outside the vortex just is not a match.  You have that bubble that you all wish you had.  Your body is delighted, your neighborhood beautiful.  You meet people at new depths and new advantages come to you.  Everything uncooperative disappears.  Everything is higher, keener, and sharper.
  23. When you get in on purpose, you become the nice person, the intuitive person, the one to whom all good things happen.
  24. When someone mistreats you, you have to acknowledge that you are not in the vortex.  Say to yourself, ďAll my life, I would have blamed YOU.  But there is no solution to be found in that.  Iím going back into the vortex.  Iím not lowering my vibration to that level.  Iím staying in the vortex.  This issue is irrelevant.Ē
  25. Being in the vortex is leverage.  There you will be able to receive inspiration, great ideas, books, songs, lottery number picks!
  26. Choose to be in the vortex.  Make it a definitive vibrational stance.  Be unwilling to reach for the thought that doesnít feel good. 
  27. Esther said she wished that a tooth would fall out with a negative thought.  She said, ďAfter 2 or 3 teeth, Iíd start paying attention!Ē  [laughter]
  28. Donít put up with mediocre thinking, when you could be having the sublime experience of dancing with the angels.
  29. Being in the vortex leverages your time, money, ideas and focuses the energy that creates worlds.
  30. Once you know how to get back in, things look different.  That makes you a deliberate creator.
  31. Guest:  Iím struggling and a recovering addictÖ  Abraham:  We wonít be gentle.  Youíre up for it!  When what has been remains active Ė like ďstruggling and recovering addictĒ, you are entrenched in your attention to where you are.  It keeps you from getting to where you want to be.  Start by saying, ďI have beenÖĒ rather than ďI am.Ē 
  32. When you make a statement that your Inner Being agrees with, you feel good.  Hate is your Inner Being not going there.  If you say you are failing, your Inner Being wonít go there with you. 
  33. Jesus wouldnít have been part of a 12 step program.  You donít need a healer.  But you cannot focus on what you do not want and get to what you DO want.
  34. The frequency of the past and the future are very different frequencies.
  35. What is gets your attention, you see it and smell it and people remind you of it.  It takes some work to focus your attention more clearly and strongly on the future. 
  36. Hear the difference Ė ďI donít know how to quiet my mind.Ē And ďI want to learn to quiet my mind.Ē  ďI think there is benefit in quieting my mind.  Iím looking forward to it.  I bet there are others who have been here where I am who know how to do it, and now Iím going there, too.Ē
  37. Talk yourself down a little bit at a time.  Talk yourself into an improved place.  If you canít sleep, focus on a slower vibration, like the buzz of the air conditioner or hold a note in your mind and focus on that.  Soon frenzy can be replaced with calm.
  38. You wonít go from 500 miles per hour to a quiet mind.  Slow a bit at a time, you wonít leave so many skid marks on the pavement!  Itís all about focus, thinking and feeling.  When you focus on the feeling, the thinking comes along.
  39. I love getting a good idea.  I love that glad to be alive feeling!
  40. Iím learning to allow all I have become.  I am after it!  I am riding the wave toward the vortex. 
  41. Once you know how good it can be, you wonít want to fall back.  But there is no sharp edge, things donít happen suddenly.  Itís not such an awful thing to have hope right now rather than belief.  Most of you are living very well in overwhelment.  You will be happier in the vortex, but you donít suffer much until you are angry or fearful. 
  42. Donít be so dramatic.  We think you do like the drama.  But to change things, youíd just have to say, ďOh, looky over thereÖ wouldnít it be nice ifÖĒ
  43. Thereís benefit in some Step 1 moments.  Once you know you can get back into the vortex, just monitor how you are feeling.  Notice when you are uncomfortable and make a note of it.  Esther carries a tape recorder so she can retrieve the subjects she wants to clean up in her daily focus wheel segments. 
  44. All of you have bumps in your vibration.  If you take a little time to remove the bumps, itís like cleaning out a drawer or programming the phone, it creates leverage.  It lets the energy run fuller and faster.
  45. Guest:  I donít have a bump, I have a log jam!  Abraham:  Thatís not helpful, itís an anti-focus wheel.  Guest:  I feel like a failure.  Abraham:  You are making it too big.  Try saying, ďI have things that take me out of the vortex.Ē 
  46. It is helpful to clean up an issue and train yourself into a new vibrational stance.
  47. You canít deactivate something; you have to activate another vibration about it.  After awhile you will move it sufficiently that you can be in the vortex while focusing on it.  Do a focus wheel for thirty days and youíve probably dealt with half of them.
  48. Turn the hub a little and you get a BIG effect on the rim of the wheel.
  49. Let life help you identify the issues.  Whatís bothering you?
  50. Outside the vortex statements:  My life long friend, who is out of the vortex, continually drags me out, too.  This significant person, who I am tied to, keeps ripping me out!
  51. Center statement:  I so love maintaining my place in the vortex, regardless of the conditions.
  52. Now make 8-12 statements that you already believe that match the center statement.  Your tendency is to match the outside statement, because law of attraction takes you there.  But we want to draw you IN. 
  53. Focus wheel statements:  I love maintaining my alignment.  I am strong when I am in the vortex.  Iíve had so many in the vortex experiences already!  Iím a good focuser...  Abraham:  that throws you off in the bushes. Try again.
  54. Guest:  Iím becoming good at feeling shifts in energy.  I can tell when I am in or out.  My desire is to be in.  I really, really, really like being in the vortex.
  55. Being in the vortex matters to me.  I deserve to be inÖ Abraham:  deserving throws you out.
  56. I like being in the vortex.  The more I get in, the easier it will get.  Itís easy to get in when I look straight at something that feels good.  I like taking care of my own vibration.  From inside the vortex, I can radiate wellbeing!  I like knowing if I am in or out.  I can focus on a lot of things that DO make me feel good.  My dog takes me easily into the vortex.  Nature takes me easily into the vortex.  My nieces take me easily into the vortex.
  57. Itís screwy to ask someone else to take me in.  Now I can go write to making a list of positive aspects of the dog and nature and my nieces.  Focus on the positive aspects.  Itís so fun to focus.  Unconditionally loving feels FREE!  No one has to do anything different.  I love being in the vortex.  Now all of my relationships will improve.  Through the power of my own mind, I can stay in the vortex.  Oh, good!  Now I will look at more things from inside the vortex.  My friend looks entirely different from inside the vortex.  They are just in step 1.  Their not being perfect has helped me to train me to stay inside the vortex.  I love you.  Thank you!  Youíve sharpened my resolve to be inside the vortex.  Thank you!  Come on in!!!
  58. Weíre writing our next book Ė the title is ďThe Vortex Ė where Law of Attraction assembles all Cooperative relationships.Ē  It will be out in the fall.
  59. Faith is the deliciousness of knowing all is well in the absence of physical evidence.  Itís knowing that although it hasnít happened yet, it will happen.
  60. Faith wears thin when manifestation doesnít happen for a long time.  You shouldnít need faith for long.  When you are in the vortex, you have evidence.
  61. Faith is near the vortex, itís feeling hopeful.  And every now and then, it sweeps you in.
  62. Have faith in the Laws of the Universe and in who you really are. 
  63. When you can get in the vortex anytime you want, it doesnít feel so bad to be outside.  Just say, ďIím having a Step 1 moment.  Iím really clear about what I want now.  I donít want to talk about this anymore!Ē
  64. Itís easy to have faith when you know Law of Attraction and why things happen as they do.  The true basis of faith is knowing how the Universe works.  When you know you are source energy, launching rockets of desire and expanding in positive emotion which means you are moving in the right direction, it is easy to be steady.
  65. If you donít know that you get what you think about, you canít figure it out.  You try to have faith, but you still donít have enough money.  Itís not the words of faith, itís the vibration of faith, which feels good, like knowing, that makes a difference.
  66. Guest:  I feel like Iíve been hit by a train Ė job, moneyÖ  Abraham:  Do you acknowledge that the larger part of you exists and offers guidance all the time?  If you were thinking in alignment, you would feel really good.
  67. Itís normal and right to feel the corresponding negative emotion when you think negative thoughts.  Stop and notice and laugh.  ďThis horrible way I feel means I am looking at it in a way that Source within me isnít.Ē
  68. What is now is just the bouncing off place for so much more to come!
  69. Guest:  Iím worried about the economy, layoffs.  Abraham:  Source within you is tending to your desire to be financially secure.  Every time you worry, you put a request to be more secure in your vibrational escrow.  Your Inner Being is experiencing your wellbeing in all of that.  If youíre feeling anxiety, it means you are looking at it in a screwy way.  You always have a negative feeling when you are standing outside the vortex.  When you look at the opposite of what you want, you tear yourself apart and feel bad.  The question is ďHow to get into the vortex???Ē
  70. You have to accept that what is now is the byproduct of your balance of vibration.  Worry is an indicator that if you keep it up, you are going to get laid off.  All you have to do is focus differently to change the outcome!
  71. Outside the vortex statement:  I fear I am financially unstable in this economy, I doubt myself. 
  72. Center Statement:  Source within me knows all is well.  I know I am secure in all ways.  Who I really am is secure.
  73. Just saying it causes you to resonate with who you really are.  For a moment, it helps you line up.
  74. Focus wheel statements:  I believe in myself.  Abraham:  that threw you off in the bushes.  Try again.
  75. I believe in my ability to make money.  Abraham:  Bushes!
  76. I believe in my ability to focus.  I believe that my Inner Being is focused on wellbeing.  I believe that my Inner Being has all the bases covered and I just need to get over there.  I know about the Laws of the Universe.  Vibration is the only thing that does matter.
  77. Search through the hollow words and find the emotions.  Pull the nuggets out by how they feel.
  78. Iím still employed in an unstable market Ė good for me!  Iím feeling more appreciation for my work.  My desire to excel is sharpened.  Weíre all just slowing down and catching our breath.  Nothing really awful is going to happen.  We look out for one another.  I feel pretty good where I stand.  I have a vibrational nest egg.  I always figure it out.  I am an innovative person.  I like to be in unknown territory.  This market has the potential to thrill me.  These unstable times expand my escrow.  My Inner being is calling me more strongly than ever before.  I like feeling negative emotion, it helps me focus again on where I really want to go.  Iím a good focuser.  I can figure this out.
  79. Now you are feeling entirely differently, even though nothing has changed except your point of focus.  And now you will get different indicators.  Youíll hear different conversations. 
  80. Get out of blame, take complete responsibility for closing your own gap.  There are people who thrive in ALL times.  The times have nothing to do with it.  We want to help you re-establish your balance.  You are not vulnerable to the economy unless you are thinking about it in a way that makes you scared. 
  81. If you could see your vortex, youíd be inspired.  You could lose all of your physical empire, but it is not possible to lose your vibrational escrow.  Lay claim to your vibrational escrow!  Appreciate the assets of your vortex!
  82. Physical symptoms are always an indicator of imbalance.  Get in the vortex and stop trying to make things happen from outside the vortex.   
  83. Esther used to begin to channel with an affirmation that began:  I am wanting to speak clearly your wordsÖ  Now she just says:  Into the vortex I GO!
  84. Guest:  Youíve said everybody can channel.  Abraham:  Every one of you has enlightened moments.  To be a clearer channel, begin by understanding it is about alignment.  Aspire to be in alignment.  Esther started already basking and being in love and looking for the best in life.  Then she attuned herself to higher frequencies through meditation.  That tuning continues to going to higher and higher places because you all cause the expansion that she has to keep tuning in.
  85. Many people try too hard to channel from outside the vortex.  They try to make it happen, and the results are not pleasing.  First, get in the vortex.  Then, give it a go! 
  86. Tune into your own connection to Source, thatís the goal.
  87. You cannot get a cure for a disease until you get to the vibrational cause.  You can find remedies that sooth symptoms, but the side effects of the drugs are just resistance squirting out in another way.  Overwhelment is one of the major factors in your society.  There is an imbalance when you are expending more energy than you have in your cache.  Breathing out more than you breathe in, spending more than you are making is out of vortex behavior.
  88. You are inspired to action when you are in the vortex and it feels blissful.  When you are outside the vortex, you try to do too much with too little resources.
  89. Just get in the vortex! Just get in the vortex! Just get in the vortex! Just get in the vortex! Just get in the vortex!   All Right, Already!
  90. Recognize the vortex exists.  Want to get in it.  Feel good more.  Before you know it, youíll be in the vortex.
  91. You donít need more rest, you need more alignment.  Slumber is a rescue from resistance.  Itís not sleep you need; itís the resistance free zone.  Itís easier to fall asleep when you are not in resistance.  Sleep is not necessary, allowing is very necessary.
  92. You can sleep 3 or 6 hours, or only 1 hour, as Esther did last night and be fine.  Itís the attention to the lack of sleep that makes you feel bad, not the quantity of sleep itself.  Look at your alignment.  If you sleep 6 hours but believe you need 8, you are out of alignment.  Bask in the idea of a wonderful 6 hour long nap and you will be fine!
  93. Decide to make the best of what is, no matter what it is.
  94. Outside the vortex statement:  I donít have enough time to sleep.
  95. Center:  I want to feel/be refreshed and clear minded.
  96. There have been times I slept short and felt good. I can feel refreshed, regardless of my hours of sleep.  I donít believe sleep is exactly what itís cracked up to be.  Iím morphing the idea of sleeping into the idea of aligning.  10 minutes of the absence of resistance in meditation has lots of the benefits of sleep.  I love feeling alive, alert and awake.  I love being productive and joyful.  I like making good use of my time.  I like knowing I am in control of how I feel.  I like unconditional alignment.   I can just feel better anyway, regardless of the conditions. 
  97. Be determined to be in alignment, no matter what.  Youíd trade sleep for passion any time.  Youíd trade sleep for a wonderful book any time.
  98. Whatever is stuck in your vibrational craw, you will match up with the evidence that supports it by Law of Attraction.  Esther dreamed someone stole the bus the same night Jerry dreamed that someone emptied out the car.  And at the same time, when they went to get the tow car, one of the pins had been removed.  The people borrowed it because they needed it.  And Jerry & Esther have a basement full of plan B.  It gives them a sense of security to have extras.  Do the dreams mean that someone was out there planning to take something of theirs?  Yes.  It resonated with them, they have planned backups because it is already active in their vibration.
  99. The greatest conspiracy of all is the conspiracy of Source for your wellbeing.  Conspiracy theories, valid or not, will have strong effects if you give attention to them.  Any way you look at them, they are outside the vortex.  When you focus on what is unwanted, you join the chain of pain.  Source never comes outside the vortex to resolve issues out there.
  100. There are always some people who have ill intent.  If you focus on it, you shine a spotlight on it and you get more.  From inside the vortex, you just see it as outside the vortex and ignore it.  Itís too big a price to pay to try to sort it out.  Why stir up trouble?  While you are trying to nail someone to the wall, you are missing all the joyful opportunities of this lifetime.  Donít spend time trying to reconcile things that are not your creation.  Action outside the vortex doesnít make the world better.
  101. You are a Source Energy being.  From the contrast you have birthed rockets.  Now just pay attention to what you want.  Think about how much better you feel when you give someone the benefit of the doubt. 
  102. Clutter has a vibration.  Itís easier for you to tune your vibration without it.  It changes the vibrational dynamics when your space is clear. 
  103. A stomach ache represents vibrational discord.  You can ignore negative emotion, but you are not willing to put up with a stomach ache.  You have to catch up with your vortex.
  104. What chronically bothers you?  Lack of financial security, Iím alone.
  105. You can have not enough money and feel either secure or insecure. Chronic worry is outside the vortex and bothersome.  Even though it is not intense, it wears you down.  Itís not a big heavy issue, thereís only a little movement to make. 
  106. Outside the vortex statement:  I am afraid I wonít always be financially secure.
  107. New center statement:  I like knowing my current wellbeing will continue.
  108. Focus wheel statements:  I have plenty of money.  More is coming in than going out.  Iím not very far out of whack.  I like knowing my wellbeing will continue.  I love paying my bills.  Money flows to me easily.  Iíve been making too big a deal out of this.  My wellbeing is established.  I have been letting whatís been happening to others bother me.  My dollars are flowing.  I have felt secure for a long time. I can let go of this.
  109. After the focus wheel you come into focus and feel frisky, autonomous and free.
  110. You misunderstand who you are.  You are energy in motion.  Youíve got to stop making a distinction.  It slows humanity down looking at the manifestations of others.
  111. Guest:  Itís hard to be loving and kind with my father.  Abraham:  Do you believe in conditional love, that everyone else has to behave as your Inner Being would?  You can feel better on your own.  Itís worse with your parents than with anyone else.  Every child creates perfect parents in their vibrational escrow out of the soup of contrast.  You create them the way you want them to be.  Then it is up to you to live up to the relationship you have created with them in your vibrational escrow.  It feels so big because they helped you create it, it is a big catalyst that requires you to focus around them. 
  112. Itís not agreement with your parents you are seeking Ė itís agreement between you and you. 
  113. Guest:  My father said, ďWhy donít you go find your own house?Ē  Abraham:  We think he makes a good point.  He gave up trying to please others long ago.
  114. Youíre outside the vortex, you focus on what he says and it disconnects you.  You have to find a way to get back inside the vortex.  You are giving too much attention to your father.  Your Inner Being is always focused on his positive aspects.  Itís easier for you to focus yourself into alignment when he is not with you.  Come into alignment using the power of your own mind.  Or you could go someplace where you wonít see him.  But then there will always be someone else to disturb you.  You would always be on the run.
  115. Esther was somewhere and only Fox news was on.  She was surprised to see how sincere they were in their bogus beliefs.  [Laughter]  They were making some sense.  They were pleasing personalities.  She was in alignment with us and staying in her vortex when she looked at them.  She was seeing it through the eyes of Source.  Your Inner Being will not push against anyone. 
  116. Iím right and you are wrong is always outside the vortex. 
  117. Jerry had a conversation with a Supreme Court Justice.  Although they hardly agree on anything, they had a meaningful, satisfying conversation inside the vortex. 
  118. As you look at the political spectrum, make your desire be, not that everyone agree, but those who are making decisions tune into their broader perspective.  Then they will always be beneficial.
  119. Coax yourself into the vortex and benefit from the contrast.  You do not need a feathered nest.  Be playful about it.  Guest:  Easier said than done.  Abraham:  You are arguing for your limitations.  You have no choice if you want to feel good.  We know you have the power to focus.  Itís not his job to please you.  Itís YOUR job to be PLEASED!  It IS easier said than done, but you CAN do it.
  120. Impulsive is usually in the vortex and responsibility is usually out of the vortex.  Drag your responsibility into the vortex where you can be inspired.  Responsibility is usually doing things you donít want to do that others expect of you. 
  121. As long as you are holding yourself responsible for other people, what you want canít open for you.  Your vibrational discord is holding you back.  Dependency isnít good for you or them.  With too many people depending on you, soon you cannot breathe.  Release them all to their own creation and take responsibility for how YOU feel.  Allow yourself to feel free.
  122. Your resenting others is keeping you from receiving whatís in your vibrational escrow.  Look at responsibility in a new way.  You are responsible for your alignment with Source.  Take that to heart and you are ALL that you are. 
  123. When you get into the vortex, you rendezvous with all your dreams.  They will likely gravitate somewhere else.  When you be yourself enough to follow your dream and find your own alignment, every one you have ever known benefits.
  124. At the core of everyone you know is Source and goodness.  Anytime you see some one with negative emotion, donít try to straighten them out or control their relationship with their Source.  Just get into your vortex where you can get a clear view of the benefit of what they are experiencing.  Your Inner Being always looks for wonderful things that awful one has done, and your Inner Being always finds them!
  125. You are far more in harmony than not in harmony with others, but you all have your out of vortex moments.  Line up with who you are.  Your only option is to keep up with you.
  126. When you are angry or fearful, the very idea of a vortex is annoying.  At frustration, it still feels sort of unreachable.  When you get to hopeful, it starts to deliver on some of its promises.  You have to want so much to feel good that you arenít willing to harbor negative thoughts.  Decide to make the best of things rather than the worst of things.
  127. A lot of people use irrational criteria to decide who and what to spend time with.  Watch TV thinking of how good it feels, not whether or not it is true.  Many people watch the unwanted over and over, 24/7.  Most of the news affected only a handful, not even a blip on the vibrational radar screen.  But they sell airtime by finding your vulnerable spots and then telling you that if you donít watch it, bad things will happen.  A lot of people have acquiesced to not feeling that good.  Itís easier to just continue what you have got going than to raise it.
  128. Once you get in the vortex, thatís where you find ease and freedom. 
  129. Esther knows how to focus, and has learned the detriment of lazy thought.  In January, we offered her encouragement to start a new daily ritual, 40 days of basking before bed, and doing focus wheels, positive aspects and rampages of appreciation in the morning.  She applied herself more deliberately and got higher and happier.  She wants to be in the vortex for how it feels, not for what it will give her.
  130. She wants to be in the vortex because everything is more satisfying inside the vortex.  Life from inside the vortex feels good.  Reach for the feeling first.
  131. I love feeling clarity.  I love feeling fun.  I love feeling interested.  Ask how something feels rather than how it looks or seems.
  132. Let the vibration of who you are flow through your physical senses.  Emotion is the business of life!  Savoring, basking, mulling over, milking it for the purpose of feeling how good it feels!
  133. When you get in the vortex, you close the gap.  The joy of being is there! 
  134. It takes away the resistance factor, the backlash that happens when you try to get things you donít have. 
  135. Everything you want is because you think you will feel better if you have it.  The only thing that fills the void is being in alignment with who you really are, stuff just makes you feel comfortable.
  136. When you have a new idea that is just out of reach, and in a moment in time, you come into alignment, THATís the zest and thrill of being in the sweet zone.  Itís not the getting there, itís the going there.
  137. Put in the center of the focus wheel, ďthis is how my Inner Being already feels.Ē  Acknowledge that you and your Inner Being are the same. 
  138. In the vortex, you access the power that creates worlds.  Mold the clay by reaching for the best feeling, connect with power, knowing and allowing.  Work on the creation of YOU Ė you, more powerful, more loving, more clear minded.
  139. It takes the same things to promote a book as to write it.  Get in the vortex and itís quick to write it.  If you arenít asking, the answers arenít flowing.  Donít get in the action mode.  Envision it, imagine it, feel exhilaration about it.  Play it out in your mind until you get an impulse to act.  Never take action from outside the vortex. 
  140. When the impulse feels good, the Universe will arrange rendezvous that lead to conversations that lead toÖ  All of it is already lined up for you.  Get in the vortex and you will love the feeling of what you are inspired to do.
  141. Guest:  Iíve lost my father, my girl friend and my cat recentlyÖ  Abraham:  Your Inner Being never sees it as a loss.  All relationships are eternal.  When you see it as loss, you arenít looking at it through the eyes of Source.  You arenít really missing them; you are missing your connection to Source.  Show yourself that you can connect to Source regardless of them.
  142. Relationships can be sweet if you tell them up front, ďyour behavior will not be necessary for me to feel good.  Thereís no bondage here!  Iím connecting with who I am.  Be who you are.  Iím going to feel good anyway!Ē
  143. Ask yourself 100 times a day, ďhow does Source see this economy?   As OPPORTUNITY!  How does Source see the disappearance of my girl friend and my cat?  As OPPORTUNITY!  How does Source see this physical decline?  As new expansion to become MORE!  Because it is my eternal nature!  Because the process of becoming is the most delicious part of life.  The joy is truly in the journey!


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