Jody’s notes for

Abraham-Hicks Seminars in

Asheville, Washington, Philadelphia and Stamford, 5-29 -  6-14-2009


Here are my notes from the last 6 workshops given by Abraham.  I really want to stress that Abraham IS taking "thought beyond where thought has been before".  The workshops are going WAY out on the leading edge – in my opinion giving us the message in a much more succinct and straightforward way than ever before.  In fact, what I really want to get across before I even start my notes is that (are you listening:)?) it really IS SIMPLE!  It's SIMPLE, people!  If it's not EASY that's only because we are putting resistance in our own paths!
The good news? ALL you have to do is feel better. 

Nothing more is required.  No figuring out, no analyzing, no earning or bettering yourself or becoming worthy. 

Just. Feel. Better.

And yes, you DO know how to do that! It's the most basic and elemental knowledge you came in with, and you have not lost the ability to feel better.  As long as you have the ability to form a thought, you have the ability to feel better.  So just think and feel think and feel. NOT "figure out" and feel.  Just think and feel.  Think a thought that feels a LITTLE BIT BETTER, and you are pointed toward the VORTEX OF CREATION! And that is where everything you want resides.  You created it out of thought.  You created yourself out of thought.  Now line those up, and voila !
ALL of what I'm going to write here could be summed up by:
So what is the vortex? It's the vibrational "place" (or the vibrational "reality") where all that you have created through your experience with contrast, and your subsequent asking, is.  It's all there.  Inside the vortex.  The vortex is where there is:
You can feel "contentment" inside the vortex as well.. but Abraham says "You didn't come in for contentment".  You came for the joy of the journey – the joy of the expansion – the joy of the movement!  Contentment is only meant to be a temporary resting place between bouts of expansion. 
So okay, here are my notes.  Where I put quotation marks around a sentence or phrase, that's a direct quote from Abraham.  All the rest is my paraphrasing of their message.
These notes were taken in Asheville, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Stamford over the past several weeks, and as I've already mentioned, there was a definite impression of Abraham having started to deliver their message in a more direct way.  It's not that they are impatient with us – they never would be – but I think we "askers" have become READY to hear things a bit more "harshly" (for lack of better word) if you will.. We're ready to give up the old story and just get in the vortex already! Or at least to get on our paths TOWARD the vortex and leave the rest in the dust.
While I was on the hot seat in Philly, Abraham said that the "in the Vortex crowd" differs so sharply from the "out of the Vortex crowd" and that the difference is becoming more and more poignant as we become more aligned. 

It is my desire to bring this Forum INTO THE VORTEX, or at least, to keep it pointed consistently TOWARD the Vortex! I think our greatest value for people who visit this site is to hold that vision and to keep facing that direction.  I know that Scott, Marc, and David support me in my desire to keep this forum FOCUSED (and Abraham talked a lot about focus in the past few workshops as well) on what we DO WANT, and away from what we do NOT WANT.  In fact, focus is so important to pointing toward and remaining in the vortex that you'll be seeing me write more and more about that on the forum in many contexts. 
Abraham says that EVERYTHING we want, we want because we believe that in the having of it we will FEEL BETTER.  Now, we really have to get it – finally – that we have had it backwards! FEEL BETTER NOW, and THEN watch the "everything" flow in.  Feeling better is everything. 

Abraham repeated many times over the past few weeks:
Please read that several times.  It is incredibly profound and enlightening!  Knowing that YOU are the creator of YOU puts all of your power right back where it always rightfully belonged. In YOU.  YOU have the power and the responsibility to forge your life the way YOU desire it to be.  There are no excuses and there is no turning back.  And by the same token, there are no mistakes!  Everything you have done, everywhere you have been, physically and emotionally, has been GOOD!  Where you are is where you are.  And wherever that is in relation to the vortex, you can start right NOW to move in the direction of the vortex.  And as you move toward it, miracles will happen.  The Universe will join you in rejoicing in your power and in your creations.
Okay, after than long-winded intro, here is part ONE of my notes:

"You are the creator of YOU"  You are God. You are the creator AND the creation.

On decision making:
We've been trained that making a decision entails a lot of "figuring out", when actually we'd be better served by allowing INSPIRATION.  Look for the path of least resistance in the moment.  As your life gets bigger, you have much to sort out and decide.  So you have to be selfish in order to keep yourself in control and balance.  Allow yourself to be CALLED by your own desires and escrow, and let yourself off the hook of trying to please others.  When you allow your own guidance to kick in, and you remove all the other noise, your inspiration will appear and decision "making" will be easy. 
Effort applied from outside the vortex is hard on you.  Get into the vortex using ANY EXCUSE and then look at the choices.  Chances are that from inside the vortex your choice will be simple, and also that the Universe can then show you OTHER choices and alternatives that were not visible to you from your resistant (outside the vortex) state.
We try to apply judgment when none is necessary.  Are the stairs "better" than the elevator, or vice versa.  Clearly, sometimes one is "better" and sometimes the other is "better".  It is all about what is the path of least resistance FOR YOU in that particular moment! We could all sit and write "pros and cons of elevators" but our lists would only be relevant in a particular set of circumstances and from a particular vibration! We have to stop figuring stuff out, and just ALLOW our guidance to WORK for us in the moment! GET IN THE VORTEX, and then you'll know (be inspired) whether to take the stairs or ride the elevator.
On Responsibility:
"Responsibility is usually an out-of-the-vortex word"
Woman on hotseat feels "powerless to help her mother" who is dying.
Abraham explains that her feeling of powerlessness comes from her faulty presumption that "power" would mean being able to make her mother suffer less.  When truly, her power lies in her ability to feel better REGARDLESS.  Abraham repeated that this woman's responsibility is only to her own alignment.
When you stop feeling guilty, possible actions begin to occur to you. 
What about "people who take you out"?
Well.. just get back in and then look at them from inside.  You perspective will change and as your vibration raises you'll have fewer and fewer dealings with the those "clamoring out-of-the-vortexers".
Q: Can I achieve a certain income by the end of the year?
Abraham: "Goals are fine as long as they don't stir up doubt.  What you want has already been given.  Now get in the vortex"
Don't try to get into the vortex by solving all your problems or achieving your "goals" from outside the vortex! Instead, get in using "any excuse".
Focus Wheel:
1. Start by stating your "out of the vortex" now circumstance
2. Write your ultimate desire (opposite of #1) in the center of the wheel.
3. Start making statements that you ALREADY BELIEVE that MATCH the statement in #2.
Abraham is saying now that the Focus Wheel is their favorite process for two reasons.
1. It encourages that all-important FOCUS
2. It mimics the VORTEX of Creation
And.. when you get into the vortex you meet up with all the other cooperative components that have been assembled by Source in response to your asking! In fact, Source answered immediately! (AAIIG) and the only thing "missing" for your manifestation of your desire, was YOU! When you get into the Vortex, then ALL cooperative components are present, and that's when it all comes together and "manifests".
So… are you convinced yet? It's all happenin' IN THE VORTEX!! Get on in there!
I really want to repeat this again.
It's NOT that you have to figure stuff out in order to get into the vortex.  Rather, you will see it figured out INSIDE.  So get in!
In Asheville, a hotseater asked about mail pattern baldness.  Abraham answered that there is NOTHING we can't accomplish as long as we are IN the vortex.  Yes, including becoming taller, stronger, having more hair, or whatever.  But as long as we are noticing the lack of these things, or the "problems" we experience not having them, then we are not in the Vortex…
Any kind of complaining about "what is" is always done outside the vortex.
"Get your mind off the issue and just get into the vortex".
About time management and being overwhelmed:
"Don't hit the ground running with action".  Do segment intending first.  Expect each segment to be successful.  When you are in the vortex, things don't feel overwhelming and choices among the many things to do feel inspired. So take time to get into the vortex before taking action.  Focus on what is working. Make lists of things that have worked out beautifully in the past.
Okay, one last thing before I close this "Part one" of these notes:
Abraham often says that they want us to LOVE the CONTRAST.
But remember:
Loving contrast does NOT MEAN "looking at something unwanted and liking it"!  Loving the contrast just means appreciating that it gave us the possibility to make a choice, a preference.  It means appreciating that without the contrast we would not EXPAND into new and WANTED territory! Loving the contrast means that you can always create what you want.  Contrast will only bother you if you doubt this. 

Focus!  Discern the contrast, make a decision and now FOCUS on what you have decided you want now! That's in your vortex now (thanks Source), so in you go!

 I'll try to move on to part two of these notes later today.
Meanwhile, remember that even though I'm using a lot of words here, and Abraham uses a lot of words, they also say that their seminars could really really be so much shorter if we could really hear them saying "Just get in the Vortex".


(reminder - where I use quotation marks, I am quoting Abraham directly and accurately. Everything else is my paraphrasing of their message)


FOCUS is what it's ALL ABOUT!
"Our power to focus is our creative power"

By using FOCUS we "activate a vibration".  By CHOOSING what to focus on, we DECIDE what vibration we want to be active within us, and thus what Law of Attraction will bring us things that match.  LOA is responding - always - to our vibration.  We can DELIBERATELY create, by deliberately focusing! 

Where there is no contrast, there is no creation.
Think of a photograph or painting.  No contrast - nothing to focus on - and well... just nothing.

Contrast allows us to FOCUS, and to CHOOSE our point of attraction (vibration).

We came into this physical time-space reality in order to experience the process of creating.  The actual manifestations of our creation was secondary to the PROCESS.  The artist doesn't paint because a gallery or someone's wall NEEDS another painting.  He creates because the process calls him! He paints because creation is what LIFE is all about.  Loving the process in this manner applies to ALL activities in life, and our best creations are those we form out of passionate desire. 

FOCUS is what makes the creation unique! If a musician has no focus he produces a cacophony.  In the same way, if the forum has no focus it produces a cacophony of posts, and if you don't focus the dish soap spritzer it will land on the stove instead of the sink (ya, this happened to me this morning)...
FOCUS is what we deliberate, leading edge creators do that sets us apart from those creating their lives by "default"!  The default creators do so simply by reacting to circumstances created by others - or by observing "what is".  Being a deliberate creator is being a deliberate FOCUSER of thought. 
In order to choose what to focus on, there must be contrast (variety).  Once you have USED the contrast to make your choice, you must FOCUS consistently on what you have chosen as your "do want", and as that focus makes you feel better and better, you move closer and closer into vibrational alignment with it...

Your negative emotion means you are focusing on the part of the contrast that formed your preference!
It's your GUIDANCE telling you to choose a different thought.. or.. to FOCUS on something that feels better.  Focus is your way into the vortex.


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