Abraham-Hicks workshop notes

Asheville Workshop—Sunday, October 19, 2008

by Pat Kuzela

One of the themes Abraham was presenting was "Giving/Receiving":

~~If you give to "need," without being TITITO, you become depleted.

     --------Your awareness of what is "wrong" diminishes Who You Are --                 [so you are not offering "Source"]
-------------It is through your example of THRIVING that you do the      most for others.

------------ When you do for others, you are diminishing them.  You are not seeing them as Source does.

-------The new version of them is in YOUR Vibe. Escrow. 

------You owe it to yourself and to them to LIVE UP TO IT> Give your undivided attention to their SUCCESS.  If not, you'll be diminished, and so will they.

~~~~You always have 2 options: Thought that leans TOWARD who you really are              OR

Thought that leans away from who you really are.

~~~The only decision you ever have to make is--TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.




[all Guest questions were addressed with the goal of digging out the False Premise and getting on the Law of the Universe perspective]
False Premises:

1. "I am not worthy"
2. "No pain, no gain."
3. "I am imperfect; Source is perfect.  I must jump through hoops to measure up, and maybe, just maybe, maybe, when I croak, I will be rewarded. Maybe."
4. "Tell the truth.  Tell it like it is."

5." Feel it, but don't say it."  (Does not work. You cannot keep vibrational secrets!)

More discussion of this....#1:  (Not worthy)--If it is not working, we assume we are not worthy....It is the worst false premise of them all!!!  "I must not be worthy; I am powerless!!!"


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Abe also hammered on the point that "a belief is only a thought that I keep on thinking." [My summary:  The "belief" has no reality, other than what we are giving it. ]

Example:  When you want something and don't believe you can have it....you can hold yourself in a pattern all the days of your life.  (This behavior stems from the WORST false premise: "I am not Worthy.")

Hammered theme!!!---"I CAN CHOOSE TO HAVE A BELIEF" [that serves me rather than one that screws me every time] - (my words)
--------Think the thoughts that match what you want UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IN THEM!  WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT; IT IS!!!    But...But....But...."What about LOGIC???"

----------"LOGIC is only a BELIEF"!!!!!!!!    
Modify your logic 
    If your desire is strong enough, habitual enough, you can guide yourself into the belief  

   The only way to suspend your disbelief is to activate another BELIEF!

   Build up to it.....Be as specific as you can and be consistent with what you can believe. [IOW---build it up in increments that don't stretch your own beliefs too much] because...
 [When you "try" to suspend logic, you are still focused on the logic, and you hobble yourself]
A guest asked a question about how do you see beyond your pattern of belief.  Abraham offered a very interesting "Esther story" that illustrates how important it is to just  LET GO of the pattern of belief and the action that accompanies it:

Jerry had given Esther a very lovely pair of earrings when they were living in a condo ? or apartment complex ? in Arizona.  One day Esther went out into her car and realized that only one of the earrings was still on her ears. So she went back and retraced her steps over and over again over the sidewalk, and along the flower beds, and up the stairs.  She went on her hands and knees on the carpeting, hoping to feel the post on the earring.

She did the hands and knees thing until her palms were sore and never found the earring.  Finally after days of this, she gave up. 

About 2 weeks later, when her mind was utterly on something else, she noticed how beautiful a very thin shaft of light looked as it extended under the covered area on part of the walkway of the complex.  It shone into a planter alongside the sidewalk, and there, highlighted by the sun, she noticed the post of the earring sticking out of the dirt!!!!  What we call "a miracle"!

Once the Resistance was let go, the U could give her what she was so fervently wanting.


"Keep your ideas to yourself until they are fully developed."  (Paraphrased/summarized: Sometimes you not only have to keep your ideas away from the commentary and scrutiny of others, but from your own logical mind as well, which wants to sabotage them.)

"Nothing can come about in spite of you. [You have to be a positive participant] /The question is "How can I suspend my beliefs of Doubt?" You could "suspend your beliefs of Doubt if we could convice you that this "Virtual Reality" [that you are wanting] is as real as what you are living now."

On the economy: "You know as a mass consciousness, that there is abundance.  You can't slip back from it. " There are enough participating in the mass consciousness who know it. 
Guest wanted Abraham to describe a world where energy has no cost.
Abraham: "Energy has no cost.  Value is assigned to it because of the perception of lack."

"There is friction in energy.  That is what contracting thought is about" [I think what Abe was getting at here is that when we think and doubt, we slow down the energy of the reality that we want to connect with]

"Give your Vibrational Escrow more 'airtime' "!
Guest asked a theoretical question from information he learned from Seth that "all possiblilities are explored throughout the Universe."  Abe picked right up on this and used it to emphasize that -----

"We are talking about creating a reality by suspending contradictory beliefs.....pulsing somewhere IS a new reality.  Does a new idea live on somehwhere? ---Yes.

Will it become a reality somewhere?---Yes. --- IF they have the Belief."

Guest then wanted to know if there was "another representation of *me* somewhere who does not have Resistance who is living it?" ---Abe: "Yes---all cooperative components are being assembled."

Guest explored this a bit further by asking "If the creation is done vibrationally, is it 'somewhere'  'done' physically?"---Yes.  There are vibrations done NOW that you are not tuned into vibrationally.  You cannot tune into something that you are not a vibrational match to." [Abraham used the radio tuner frequency analogy here].

YOU MUST TRAIN YOURSELF--- Guest uses visual exercises,  willingness to believe. 
"FOCUSED THOUGHT------but----Focused Thought is only PART of the equation.  You must practice FEELING the Resonance of thought-----[Again Abe used the radio dial analogy---You can know if you are on the right radio frequency by looking at the dial  [which is a sort of "Premanifestational Awareness"--equates to the visualization technique--OR you can really home in on the station you want by hearing. 

Abraham summarized it as 2 steps:
(1) Decide "I care how I feel."

(2) "My dominant intent is to make what I want my Dominant Vibration.  This trains me to everything I have asked for."

A guest wanted to settle for way less than what he really wants, because he can't really believe he will get what he really wants.

Abraham: "Your premise is flawed.  You don't get to decide to only accept a certain percent.  Through your moments of doubt [of whether you can handle what you fantasize that you want] you feel insecure. " The insecurity is the "Asking".  But when you [fret about] the specific details, you talk yourself out of it.

So....."If you have 1,000 components that are wanted, and there is only one that you can believe. FOCUS ON THAT ONE THING!!!!"


Guest has a business where he is expected to "babysit" clients who are scared about the economy.  What should he tell them?

Abe: "When I'm sure everything's all right, I'll call you back. "

Guest has several businesses.  He is struggling with decision as to close one, save payroll expenses, etc.  Can't decide.  Abraham tells him to get out a coin and flip it. Flip the coin and then line up with it!!! "Heads"--it stays open for now; "Tails" he closes it.
He got "Heads."  Immediately felt the relief of the DECISION. 

Abe: "There is NEVER Relief in giving up Desire.  There IS Relief in giving up the STRUGGLE.  (back to the lost earring story)

Demand of yourself that you give your attention to what IS working. When you do, the areas of your life that are "not working" will stop "not working"!

[What is going on with all the "not working" is] "Some people get a buzz out of finding the problem and solving it."  Problem-oriented mentality.  When you have 5 things that work and 5 things that don't work "I have to ferret out those 5 that don't work."


Guest ( producer of "Secret Behind the Secret DVD) asked "What is thought?"  Masters and teachers say they are not thinking. 

 He brought up the story of how in their early days, when driving over distances, Jerry would ask Esther what she was thinking, and she would say that she was thinking about what she saw outside the window.  Jerry found that refreshing, and admired that, because his mind was always jumping with ideas.  Abraham shared a visual that Jerry used to quiet his mind.

Abraham:  Your premise is flawed.  You cannot STOP offering thought.  Thought is Vibration.  "I can stop AWARENESS of thought.  A thought once thought is a thinker."

Abraham: "No thoughts" = Release of Resistant Thought. "When I am in line with Source, and I am Liquid Love, Am I thinking???  --- [Answer]: ARE YOU EVER!!!!!  [Seeing through the eyes of Source!!!]

APPRECIATION = Nonresistance.

Tune into Source, and then dig fully into LIFE!!!!  That is when you can be the uplifter you were born to be! You connect with Power! Source!

"All Energy is Thought."

"When you become addicted to the feeling of Alignment, it is the best of all possible worlds; to mix it up in the "world" and move into Alignment--

And then Abraham said that in the instance of Jerry and Esther and Esther telling him that she was thinking about the passing scene, Abraham revealed that Esther choose say that rather than get onto topics that were Upstream!

Guest:  Is there any reason we cannot have unlimited longevity (if we keep the body 'clean' [of toxins])?
Abraham:  "You would be so much better off it you did not have all these ideas about food!  Happy---Alignned--Satisfied---Full of Appreication---Frisky!  If this time/space reality stimulates you to want MORE.......[you will live on.]   [*My* interpretation here:  you will attain longevity----IOW,  LifeForceEnergy will give you the longevity].  The human body was not intended to live forever.
If you don't have enough Contrast to Ask, you won't be Allowing enough Energy to move....'Satisfied with where I am'"..... [I didn't get the rest of this....maybe they were saying if we are too complacent, we don't last as long!!!]

Guest has a six year old child who wants a lot of things (candy, sodas, etc), and wants child to understand that he is his own Vortex, yet is very conflicted about the health aspects of just 'allowing' all the sweets and treats....Guest also very conflicted about how to "get" the child to brush his teeth, when he refuses to do so.  Sends him to "time out" b/c he won't do it.

Abraham:  You are operating on a flawed premise [of the understanding you got from Us].  Give out of your own desire to give; not out of responsibility. [Back to the "giving theme they opened the workshop with]

     ---You don't give to fill a void [treat filling a void?]
    -----Don't show him a flawed premise--[the discussion got into the subtleties of "expectation":  the child actually does not expect the treat, b/c the child 'knows' that you don't want to give it....and when you override your own Belief [that the treats are unhealthy],  you are misaligned. [You are teaching him Split Energy].

----Make a "nucleus" in your home of the Law of Attraction.

    ---False premise:  "You will spoil him."
Find your Central Premise:  "Don't ask me to do something that doesn't feel good to me.  I never do anything when it feels 'off.'"  

   ---Teach your child this in your home, and your child will never be influenced by peers to steal, or take drugs, or whatever...The child will always be prepared to say, "I never do anything that feels 'off.'  What you are asking feels 'off' to me."

Abraham:  Where are you in your Alignment when you give him a "time out"?  "He is perfect as he is and Becoming More.  He's not here to satisfy my intentions.  He's here to satisfy HIS."

And he will probably sneak into the bathroom and brush his own teeth.  Or he will want to kiss some girl and will start to brush his teeth.  The teeth he has now are going to fall out, anyway.


Guest had been stymied by her family in dream of becoming a dancer. And----she feels that she came INTO the Physical world with talent and with an unusually high degree of sensuality. 


Your assumption is accurate....when you croak, you become what you wanted, so you are cued up for your intention and you hit the ground running. [You have a 'talent' coming in to Physical].  Even a little Resistance makes you feel.....more sensitive than others.  l


Guest WAS making money, doing well, then lost it all, (was "afraid" of the responsibility for all the money), now he is growing business again, and has fear of falling apart again. He thinks the "fear" he felt the first time caused  the financial failure, and now he is afraid the "fear" that is rising up again will 'cause' another financial failure.  Is the "fear" giving him a warning? 

Abraham: When you look at something unwanted you will feel the negative emotion.  [IOW--it is not a premonition.]  You felt unsettled about the bigness of it.  Your Desire [for success] was strong enough that the success overcame the Resistance.  The strong Desire can carry it---for a while. 

But you have been "waiting for the other shoe to drop" [IOW, it is his own expectation of failure that is actually causing the failure. ]



Guest wants to know about appropriate expectations of the other party in relationships...ex. monagamy, etc.
Abraham: The False Premise is:  You must have ONE person who meets all that pleases you.  Let Vibe Escrow percolate and become a match  [to that which you want, so the best partner comes in],  so that there aren't "bugs to work out" [in the relationship].

[And if you  DOjump into a relationship that you have not become a vibrational match to what you want, ----"Let 'them' be the "Step One" [they provide the Contrast for you-]--They "say" "It's my job to harass you into clarity into what you want.  And you see I'm not it!"  [much audience laughter at that!]

When you want something and don't have the discipline to focus on what you want, and you keep focused on the lack of it, you have a chronic thought that holds you apart form what you want.

If you think about what you want often, you can get what you want from the components that are already in your "kitchen."  [talked about the ingredients wanted and not wanted in the "pie"]

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