Abraham-Hicks workshop notes

Atlanta, October 25,  2008 by Pat Kuzela


Abraham has a new term---rather than Vibrational "Escrow," Vibrational "REALITY."

We got to sit in the very front row---and---HUBBY was called to the hotseat!!!! 

Abraham's opening remarks:
---When you come together with US = Co-creating at its best---You Be You, and You Be US.
---Nonphysical is feeding you when in the physical body.  Even when you yawn, nonphysical is answering you (body's cell's request for more oxygen).
---When you Croak, all thought that is Resistant in the Beingniness that is [the human] "you" will disappear.
---Beliefs are not what they are cracked up to be in your society of hypcrites. ---They say, "To tell you the truth...." (they're NOT)
---Flawed Premise of  humanity: We must study our history and make big deals out of unwanted events, so we don't repeat them.
---{In regard to what "beliefs" to operate from]:

    You say, "Is it True?"   Abe: "Might be.-"-- "But how do I FEEL?"

[The whole rest of the workshop hammered on the theme of "Vibrational REALITY."  It exists NOW!  You can get in it NOW!]

----the "unwanted"---Do we mean that we are supposed to love it?  Does Source love it?  Not a question as to whether Source "loves" that horrible thing....Source is not looking at it.  And when YOU look at it, you introduce static into your Vibration.

Your number one hangup is the False Premise of "Death"!!!! You gotta get over this "death" thing, or you will never really live! We understand that from the first that you enter physical, you learn "This could kill you, be careful, etc"  [Abraham went into a prolonged and humorous pantomime of the whole family, the whole culture, even hugging onto the "hot stove" of erroneous thinking that feels horribe.  You know if the thoughts of death as you think of them feel horrible that they are erroneous. [That is the best way to know if anything is erroneous!]
---your fear, your panic of financial failure comes from being at variance from the massive abundance that is in your Vibrational Reality!!
---Say, all day, every day:
"Law of Attraction is calling me into the Vortex [Vibrational Reality], and all Cooperative Components are being summoned to it! 
Where are YOU????????  

---YOU are not a Cooperative Component! Stop being the UNcooperative Component! Get into the Vortex! Tell the story of BECOMING, not "where you stand." STOP TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE!!!!!!
When you get in there [VibReality], you will see itThis is how all things manifest.
---But you don't see your stuff because you are not in the Vortex--You are vibrating at a different frequency. 
---We want to convice you that you want more than life itself to be in on that Vortex.
---You vibrate at different frequencies of Resistance on a myriad of topics.
---Seek to have a vibration of HOPEFULNESS --it is right at the brink of the Vortex.

Guest:  When he dies, will he recognize family and friends?
---Depends on how much you are in the Vortex before you Croak.  [The friends and family are in Pure Positive Energy].
---How are you thinking about your mother?  Are you recalling the times she was confident, secure, and loving?
--Esther noticed that after her father died, his personality had changed
---"When I re-emerge, will I  know them?" ----Abe; YES. You and they will be in the future realities that you created in your mutual Vibrational Realities.  ---You dont have to reemerge.  You can go to your Vibrational Reality NOW and tune in to them NOW.
Guest:  I am awakening to my true nature.  What AM I, really?  Separate? One?

Abraham; That is like the TV saying, "What channel am I?  Sports? News? Porn?
---There is no need to "SEARCH" for who you really are.  You are BLISS.  Follow your Bliss.  NOT 'bleahhhhh-iss.  "I'm on the hunt for 'bleahhhhh-is' " [Abe said this in a manner indicating "boring!!!!!!!!]
---Find RELIEF.  It's like the "hot/cold" game that Granddaughter Kate plays with the toy she hides from Esther and Jerry.
---The reason it is "hard" to understand is that thoughts become things. [There was quite a bit of discussion from Abe on the topic of how everything in this material world, the planets, all of it, is /was originally "thought."]
---You are like a TV---[In fact, very much like the TV---the representations there seem "real," but they are only representations.]
---This reality that feels so constant and stable allow you to remain stable and to CREATE.
---Everything is about 2 things:
     1. What you Desire
     2.  What you belive about what you desire.
---You created out of the "brinky-ness [on the brink of the VReality Vortex] of your Beingness.


Guest: Wants to know what is the difference between dreams and "real life."  [I think I missed something here.....]
Abraham: ---

---Just because the world believes in contagious disease, doesn't mean YOU have to.  You can walk among the sick.  When you drive, you don't face down toward the road where you ARE.  You look AHEAD to where you are GOING.

---When you beat the frequency of the problem, you are blind to the solution.  You can't see the "breadcrumbs"----[that lead over to the Vibrational Reality Vortex---the answers to the problems are in the VibeRealityVortex]

---Misunderstanding of what Desire is---People associate "Desire" with that edgy feeling of wanting something that they don't get.  That's not Desire.  That's Resistance.

---DESIRE is that frisky feeling that gives you a delicious edge of something you are moving TO.  It's not GETTING there; it's GOING there!

DH's question!: I want to be an Uplifter.  The only Uplifters I know are young children.  How do I become an Uplifter?

Abraham: Children are Nonresistant Beings.
---Don't hold grudges.
---Spend less time trying to figure things out.
---Uplifting is Alignment.
---Jerry once wanted to write a book entitled Except Ye Be as Little Children.
---Realize that all you need to do is to stop pinching vibration off.  You don't need to "raise your vibration."
Make a decision to let go of erroneous, bogus habits of trying to control. It is the Number One thing that holds people back from being Uplifters.  Thought by thought.  Until you tune yourself back to WhoYouReallyAre.

---If children like you, you are already there. ("I'm one, too" ---like you have a button on [that announces you are a child])
---Look for things to Appreciate, and milk it. WRITE a list.
---Look for Positive Aspects wherever you go.  WRITE a LIST>
---Say, "I'm gonna do my best to find the best-feeling thought."

----When you know you are right [in your 'childlike' perspective], take back your freedom, and never give it up!!!!

Same Guest--DH: Is going to high school 50th reunion next weekend.  How to get the most out of it?  Started kindergarten with some of the  people.

---Prepave the reunion.  Go feeling frisky,  like your first day of class when you went to kindergarten.  How did you feel that day?  Hold the same feeling.  Remember your first meeting with these people.
---Many of them will not look the same.  "Sift through" and see Who They Are.  You are not the same cluster of people. 
---You are more Who You Really Are now than you ever have been.

---Pretend the group will be together for a long time.  Gravitate toward what feels best.
---You will have things to express that will be refreshing to them.
---It will be a really exhilatory rendezvous, like the ones in nonphysical.
---You are Tuned In to Who You Really Are---Watch who shows up and play with them.

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