Connee’s Notes on the Abraham Workshop at Bethesda, MD, 10/15/05


  1. Jerry said:  You can tell Esther and I are here for the fun of it!  If something meaningful is to happen, it’s up to you!  <grin>  He’s a riot!
  2. You ask:  How do I get my frequency to match the signal of my desire?  Step one:  Accept that it must match.  Step two:  Accept that it will be a gradual rather than an instant process.  Step three:  Make step by step moves up the emotional scale toward where you want to be.  Step four:  Just get yourself pointed in the direction of wellbeing and KEEP GOING!
  3. It’s not an action journey, it’s an emotional journey.  Just get pointed toward anything that feels better.  From despair, that will feel like revenge!  And that is good.  Because you can’t jump from despair all the way to bliss.
  4. Stop pointing out where you are.  You want to explain to somebody why you are here.  “It was my mother’s fault, it’s the stars!”  You want to blame somebody or something.  But Magellan never says, “Where have you been?”  It’s irrelevant.  Magellan never says, “And how long have you been there?”  Magellan never says, “And how do you justify being there?”  Magellan never says, “I know where you are, where are Kenneth and Marie today?”  [Note:  they actually said this later in the day, but it is perfect here!]
  5. By the end of today, we’d like you to have a sense that you can get from anywhere you are to where you want to be, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  If you approach your life as an emotional journey, you will take years off your journey.  Patience is not required when you learn how to line up energy.
  6. You are an extension of Source Energy in this body – You are US!  Source is always aware of your value and worthiness.  You are the leading edge of that which man calls God.  When you shoot off a rocket of desire, the part of you that is SOURCE immediately becomes One with your preference. 
  7. *You* get to decide what is best for you.  When your rocket of desire shoots out, Source says YES! 
  8. The process of manifestation goes like this:  a thought is thought longer and becomes a dominant thought.  A dominant thought is thought longer and becomes a belief.  A belief is thought longer and becomes a thought form.  A thought form is thought on longer and becomes a dominant vibration for so many people that it is agreed upon as “reality.”  So when you want something to manifest for you, the thought has to become a dominant thought, which becomes a belief which becomes a thought form which becomes manifest as your reality.  (Others don’t have to agree on it.)
  9. So the only thing that really matters is where you are relative to this thing you want.  Are you matching the vibration that Source has rocketed to in answering what you have asked?
  10. Most of what you ARE goes with the rocket of desire.  Why complain about where you are when the whole Universe is cued up to give you what you want?  Just say yes yourself to what you want.  When you also say no to what you don’t want and feel bad, you vote what you don’t want also into your vibration – you split your energy.
  11. You have to close the gap between where you are and what you do want.  Take the emotional journey and find thoughts that feel better TO YOU.  Tell everyone else who has an opinion to BUZZ OFF!!!
  12.  When you die, you close the gap immediately and completely.  When you sleep, you close the gap immediately and completely. It’s even better than dying, you get to wake up!  When you meditate, you also become One.
  13. When you are talking about where you are, you are widening the gap.  Instead, close the gap by talking about what you want and why you want it.
  14. You seem obsessed with what is, always explaining what is.  What you really want doesn’t get enough air time!
  15. It IS possible to learn to separate what you are living from the vibration you are giving off.  Don’t tell it like it is unless you like it like it is.
  16. Law of Attraction is like a rubber band pulling you back to your usual offering.  Take the emotional journey, step by step, to offer something different.
  17. When contrast causes you to launch a rocket of desire, the nonphysical part of you is immediately lined up with it.  You have personally caused the Universe to expand.  We want you to feel HONORED in that!
  18. Source then is always calling you toward what you want.  Source is saying, “Hey, look over here!  We’ve lined up circumstances to make this easy!  Come this way…”
  19. Source is always loving you and calling you!  And sometimes that thought offered is interpreted by you as, “I’m going to KILL that guy!”  The loving, welcoming message from Source is always there, but YOU can only hear it the way YOU can hear it right now, depending on where you are on the emotional scale.  If you are in despair, it calls you into anger or revenge.”
  20. We love kids – they THROW A FIT when their freedom is restricted.  Most adults have learned to adapt to what is wanted by others.  We want you to keep listening to SOURCE, which will call you from anger into frustration next.
  21. What goes wrong is that you are listening instead to the peanut gallery, telling you not to be selfish or angry.  Those outside you cannot guide you; if you listen to them you are spinning in the desert.  You have to listen to your OWN guidance within, your emotions.
  22. You say, “I have a disease that is incurable.”  We want to shout at you, “NO, YOU DON’T!”
  23. If you find yourself angry, notice where you were BEFORE you got angry.  And you will find, if anger feels good, that previously you were feeling powerless.  From powerless, Source has called you into anger, and that is a good thing!  The people around you won’t like it – they liked you better when you were depressed.
  24. Source is always knowing you, loving you, appreciating you, and saying, “Come this way, loved one!”
  25. The next time you are feeling angry and fitful, please stop and say, “Source is lovingly calling me this way!  I’m walking through the valley of the shadow of death.”
  26. This morning, Esther was having problems with her printer, and the whole registration system depends on it.  She felt as bad as if she had run over someone with her car – “Kill me now!”  We want you to stop judging what is happening as wrong and put things in perspective.  Nothing is that important, anyway!  Don’t condemn yourself ever!  Be willing to listen to the call.
  27. You will ALWAYS be in the crack between where you are and where you want to be.  Relax and do your best to be more playful in the journey.  We want you to be proud when you move from despair to rage.   Give yourself a pat on the back when you move from rage to anger.  You can clean up your vibration so fast if you give yourself credit for taking the emotional journey.
  28. In response to a question about whether there is another parallel universe created from each decision point…  That is technically correct.  Every thought becomes a vibration that can itself think.  That’s how worlds are created.  But it is not as satisfying as being in a world already well thought out!
  29. All time and space is vibrational interpretation.  Agreeing on time and clocks allows co-creating.  But it is always NOW, which ever time zone you are in, even in nonphysical.
  30. In answer to a question about a potential Department of Peace in the government:  will it ever be passed?  Physical reality evolves, new ones are born into the world and old ones croak.  The dilution ratio keeps improving.  There is a chance it will be passed in the future.
  31. People witnessing war are desiring peace endlessly, from near and far.  There is lots more desire for peace shooting out from individual creators wanting that all across the world.  Source says, “Yes, done!  Yes, done!  Yes, done!  Yes, done!  There is more desire for peace now than ever before, and more contradiction to the desire than ever before as well. 
  32. If all of the people who are currently in government all over the world were replaced with students, the fresh young optimists would do a grand job.  And it would all be, “Party on, Dude!”  The energy ruse would go away; the Perception of lack of resources would evaporate.
  33. But if you have to wait to feel better until that happens, you will never feel better.   When you close the gap and begin to feel joy anyway, when more of you are sending a singular signal, lined up with your Inner Being, your world will have to evolve to match.  We see evidence that this is happening now. 
  34. Sometimes when you really want something, you overthink it and just spin in Yuma instead of continuing on to San Diego.  Then you withdraw your desire because it feels like discomfort instead of possibility.
  35. We’ve offered 22 processes so far in Ask and It is Given.  There are 100s more to come!  Every process is designed to help you close the gap.
  36. It’s almost impossible to lift yourself out of what you are living to launch a totally new desire.  It’s much easier to let your desires be born from the contrast of what you are living.  Let them be born naturally – you already have plenty of wanting in the hopper, waiting for you in vibrational escrow.  Now your work is to relax as best you can and let it in.
  37. If you relax, you’ll hear Source calling – follow the call.  The manifestations will be there!
  38. You all have vibrational habits – some are serving you.  But if you had teachers containing you, first you wanted to cut and run when you experienced loss of connection.  But over time, you get cross ways of your guidance system in minding your teacher.
  39. When you want someone else to respond to you in a certain way, you lose your connection, you can’t tell which way to do from your guidance, and you have no way of knowing who you really are.  Your vibrations get scrambled.  You’ve pattered yourselves to feel others’s pure positive energy rather than your own.  You’d be misunderstanding if they are your only avenue for connection.
  40. If you care mostly about how you feel, you can never be stuck.  Nothing else matters more than how you feel.
  41. To the contrasting people in your life, say, “Thank you for poking me with a stick until I learned to find my OWN connection to Source.  Now, get out of my way, I’m hearing my Inner Being’s calling!”
  42. Remember that everyone has control of their own life experience once they learn how to use their own guidance system.
  43. You think you want the approval of others, but what you REALLY want is alignment with Source!
  44. Be determined.  Say, “I want to care how I feel and have it matter more than everything else put together! I will listen to the calling of my Source.”
  45. Here’s what a good hypnotic trance would be:  I am a wonderful being.  The world is very positive for me.  I lead a charmed life.  I have all the resources of the Universe at my disposal.  I am an extension of Source, God in a physical body.  I know I am good!  Anything that is not good is temporary.  I am loved/worthy/valued!  Life is supposed to be good for me, and it is. 
  46. When you remember who you are, life gives you all the good stuff!  If what you feel doesn’t feel good, remember it is only temporary.  Say, “Things are SUPPOSED to go well for me.”
  47. Stop spinning.  Point toward what feels good, toward what you want, and just keep going.    You have much more enthusiasm about freedom of time than wanting for a job.  Your Inner being is calling you toward freedom.  You believe only unemployed, lazy people are free.  No one else has that luxury.  You have to fork yourself into a new belief that you can have a job and freedom in the same place.
  48. Your desired destination is already intricately programmed in vibrational escrow.  The Larger part of you is already enjoying it and is beckoning you to 20 or 30 viable paths to achieving it.  A large part of you is already living it and loving it!
  49. Is there a perfect job for you where you can go and observe and always feel good?  NO!  It’s ALWAYS about you adjusting your alignment and focusing on the parts that feel good. 
  50. There is NO SUCH THING as an Ideal Job or mate or anything.  You must take the emotional journey to feeling wonderful rather than an action journey.  There is no perfect job.  There is an environment you can line up with and FEEL you are in the perfect place.  You get there by molding your vibration through moods and attitudes.  Accentuate appreciation – you need to feel good before the stuff comes.
  51. New game of forking off – in EVERY moment you are all powerfully forking in one direction or another – leaning away from what you want or toward it.
  52. What’s stuck in your craw is “What am I doing wrong that I don’t have my job yet?”  Try this:  “My life works.  I don’t know why I am acting like it doesn’t work.  I’m picky.  I have high standards.  I know my job is out there.  I like the process of becoming.  I’ll figure it out.  There’s never been something I wanted that I didn’t get to eventually.  I need to give myself a break.  They are going to love me when they find me.  I am a wonderful employee. 
  53. You have to resolve the lack of freedom idea.  Say, “I am free to be choosy!  Isn’t it nice that I get to choose.  Isn’t it nice that I know that if I lowered my standards I could be employed today.  But I can clean up my vibration and find what I really want.  I like structure – it is more efficient to have an organized way to do some things.  I love being in a happy work environment – it let’s me relax about money and structuring my time.  There’ll be wonderful new people and new ideas.  I’ll have stability and great leeway.  Ahhh, now I’m feeling more enthusiasm.  I can feel things are starting to open up.  I have confidence that good things are coming my way.  I can improve the way I feel!”
  54. “I can improve the way I feel!” is the only REAL freedom.  If you have that, the whole Universe is your oyster!  The flood gates open once you know how to make peace with where you are and feel better anyway.
  55. Here are the elements of Success:  1.  Poke around until you are sure how you feel.  2.  Know that Source is already there.  3.  Just close the gap as Source calls you to improved feelings, knowing that some of them may still be “negative” emotions.