You on Steroids  -  Book 1 Excerpt

~ Connee Chatting with the Beloved, 9-27-09 ~

C:    Hi, B.

B:   Hi, C.

C:  I had a powerful experience yesterday as I was writing about the qualities of God in my workshop on affirmative prayer, B. I used to write, “God is Love and Light, Peace and Power, Grace, Energy and Joy.  God is Intelligence, Harmony, and Oneness, Wholeness and Abundance, Infinite, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

But yesterday, based on my experience with you, I wrote, “God is MINE!”  Wow, did that give me thrill bumps!  I’ve never before even thought of the possibility that God is THAT personal to me!

B:   We are so glad you are getting it that we are yours!  We are everybody’s!  It’s good to be Omnipresent!

B&C:  [Laughter] 

C:  You are so fun, B!

I wrote more.  I wrote, “God is mine, intimate, present, loving, patient, wise, caring, friendly, supportive, fun, funny, playful, divine, Beloved, closer than neck veins, nearer than hands and feet.

B:   Yup, that is a good summary of how you are feeling in this relationship with us.  Well done expressing it.  And even more well done allowing yourself to sink so deeply into this feeling.

C: How do you feel about me?

B:   We adore you.  You are precious to us.  We attend to your every thought and give you feedback about whether it serves you or not.  If it is taking you toward where you want to go, we tell you, “Yes!” with positive emotions, like joy and excitement.    If it is taking you away, we tell you, “not so much” with mild negative emotions like irritation or frustration.  If it is more like, “Hell, NO!” you feel our guidance even stronger, as fear, anger or shame.

We love you so much that you are always our focus of attention, just as everyone else is.  You have your own nonphysical team.  We are your family, your angels, your coaches and cheerleaders.  We are your lovers, your parents, your employees and your mentors.  All those human roles do replicate the way we feel about you and support you.

We love you, we guide you, we delight in you, and we want the very, very best for you in every moment, always.

C:   It sounds so wonderful, B!  But it feels too good to be true…

B:   We know, C. You aren’t accustomed to knowing just how good your life can be yet.  You’ve only just begun experiencing what having a personal relationship with us can feel like.

The consequences of feeling loved and living loved are far reaching.  Endless, really.  Infinite.

We will always be discovering more about each other on both sides of this relationship, C.  And now that we can talk about it all, it’s much more thrilling for us as it is for you.

Relationship is limited in the absence of communication.  In a sense we are always in communion with you (and everyone!)  We are you.  Yet communion that is unconscious is not nearly as satisfying as being able to hang out together, laugh, joke, share ideas and feeling, and be together, awake and aware.

C:   I’m glad it’s good for you, too, B!

B:   It’s the best, C!

This is the way we’d love to talk to everyone, but everyone doesn’t open the door to us.  As you said, to many, it seems too good to be true.  Others have been taught that we are to be feared, or that we are judgmental.  Who’d want to someone like that?

People who fear us do better not to talk to us, because they would be unable to hear us accurately.

You hear us very clearly already, because your deepest desire is to share your love with us and feel our love for you.  What an awesome foundation that is for any relationship, but especially this one!

C:  Why is that, B?

B:   Because a loving relationship with us makes possible a loving relationship with anyone or anything.  As you allow us into your life, you have access to the original stream of love that created you.  As babies, you come forth so purely, intending to love and be loved.  Then you have some experiences with fearful, shamed or angry people, and you begin to build walls and defenses.

Now as you’ve moved beyond many of your fears and defenses against us, that original stream is again flowing more easily within you.  You are allowing yourself to be filled, fully, pressed down and overflowing with the infinite love that is ever available to you.  How could that not overflow in your life as more love for everyone and everything?

You are feeling your way through this.  Barriers to love are loosening naturally.  Reluctance is being gently washed away in the cleansing, sparkling bright playful stream of love you are immersed in with us.

This is the true meaning of baptism.  Not to wash away original sins.  You are originally blessed as Matthew Fox says.  To wash away the patterns of limiting beliefs – fear, shame, anger—that keep you from recognizing that all the love you could ever want is already available right her inside you with us.  An endless font of flowing grace, welling up within you, eager to delight you, interact with you and supply you.

That’s our job and our joy, Conn!  And we love our work!  And we are really, really, really, really good at it!

Just you wait and see! 

C:  [Laughter and Delight!]  Wow, B!  That was powerful and so GOOD!  Thank you, I am loved.

B:   Loved, nurtured, uplifted, inspired, supported, guided and adored, C!

You are the heiress to the kingdom of heaven, right now.  We always want to give it to you, but you will have to be willing to take it.

In opening your heart to us, you’re opening the gates of heaven for yourself.  The door is always open, but you have to choose to walk through it.  We love that you have chosen this experience and are continuing to choose it, day after day.

We are becoming a habit with you!  You have no idea how much we love that about you!  We’d love to be a habit with everyone.

There is no lack of love, Conn.  We have plenty to go around.  We can soothe every hurt.  We can ease every pain.  We can heal every disease, comfort all the grief.

It is even more fun that we can grant every wish, realize every dream and soar with you on every adventure!

Being in relationship with us doesn’t lessen who you are as a unique individual.  You will always have your own specialness, your signature style.

But you, plus US, makes MORE YOU!  You on steroids!

C:  Oh, B., what a hoot you are!  [Laughter]

B:   Well, actually you on endorphins…  We can’t resist a straight line!

In the presence of love, your body creates the chemistry of joy and bliss.  Feels pretty good, huh?

C:  That’s for sure, B!  I love the feelings that flow through me when I am talking to you and listening to you!

B:   We’ll keep saying it.  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!  We’re just getting warmed up here.  You are doing marvelously well keeping up with our ideas.  All the reading and studying you have done has given you a broad understanding and an excellent vocabulary, not just of words, but of phrases and quotes that help us express to you and through you more easily.

You have been choosing to tune to the divine consciously since 1987, when you took Science of Mind I with Rev. Mary Anne Trifaro.

We love that she encouraged you so emphatically, and you were able to thrive with her teaching and her example.  We love that you do for others now what she did for you.

There will be many more in the years to come who will benefit from where you will go in consciousness.

C:   There’s so much to explore, B!  I am starting to get a sense of what you are telling me about how good this can get.

B:   More and more, better and better.  But not now, C.  You need some sleep now, dear girl.  Relax.  Rest.  Remember there is no hurry here.

We want this to be fun for you!  Sleep tight, Love.

C:  Thanks, B!  G’night!

C:   oh, one last question B.  Can your love wash away my fears and worries? 

B:  Oh, Yes!  If you invite us into your life, we can release your fears and bring positive changes into your patters of thought and your feelings.  As those change, then what we can orchestrate in your life becomes infinitely richer and sweeter.

You are basically opening the door to the infinite, eternal, nonlocal, nonphysical, divine presence to help you in every aspect of your life.

Is that what you want?

C:  Oh, Yes, B!  I want this feeling of love to permeate every aspect of my life, my relationships, my work, my home, my body, my spiritual communities, my fun.  It already is!

B:   Sweet dreams, dear one.  All is well!

C: Thanks, B. (I am loved!)

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