Chatting with the Beloved  -  Book 2 Excerpt

~ Connee Chatting with the Beloved, Radical Trust,  2-11-10 - 8:05 AM ~

Radical Trust:

C:  Hi, B.

B:  Hi, C.

C:  This morning the line that is running through my head is “everything that is happening is orchestrated by you for my highest good.”


Everything I think is good, everything I think is “bad,” everything I think is random or neutral or important, unimportant, tragic or divine.  Everything!


That’s just too big, B.  It feels overwhelming.

B:  It is too big, C. You don’t need to go there.  Our consciousness handles everything.  We’d suggest that you choose to view it from the point of view of anything rather than everything!

Try this –

Any one thing that is happening is orchestrated by us for your highest good. 

Look at just one thing at a time rather than try to see it in all things at once.  Don’t try to see it in other people’s lives, at first – remember Kate’s motto, “People are for loving, not for comparing.”

Remember that this is not a new idea for you.  You made up a saying that you have told people for more than a decade…?

C:  I trust that my Inner Being always takes me by the shortest route from where I am now to where I most want to be, given my current vibration.  But the shortest route doesn’t always go through the nicest neighborhood.

B:  And the shorter version you’ve used most recently…?

C:  Even when it looks like something is going wrong, it’s actually something in the process of going very right. 

Both of those are things I tell myself when I am thinking something is going wrong, B.

B:  Yes!  And the first takes into consideration that you play a part in what neighborhoods you visit.  “Given my current vibration” is the perfect phrase.  You choose your current vibration!

C:  By…?

B:  Your choice of focus!  When you focus on things that make your heart sing, you make it easy for us to bring you more things, people, events and situations that make your heart sing.  When you focus on things that make you feel bad, we can only arrange for you the best of all the options available that will feel bad to you.

C:  Ugh, B!  That sounds awful.

B:  No, C, it’s awe-ful!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  From our perspective it is the best possible news.  You are powerful.  You are in charge of your focus.  You get to choose what to look at and think about.  You get to choose your current vibration in every single moment.

C:  When something bad happens…

B:  We’d like to see you give up the idea that something bad ever happens!

C:  Whoa, B!  That’s radical!!!

B:  Sure is from where you usually stand, C.

Start with non-judgment, give up the labels good and bad.  Try to take a neutral stance.  You could say, “This thing that I formerly would have judged as bad is actually neutral.  In fact, I can choose to wonder about what might possibly be good about it.  I could even ask myself why this thing could be a gift in the long run from a much broader perspective."

C:  Saying that would sure stretch me to look at things more quickly from your point of view, B. 

B:  And it would get you to shift from feeling bad to feeling more neutral a lot quicker.

C:  So everything happens for a reason!

B:  The reason everything happens is that we love you, C. We can give you something better when you stop choosing to feel bad about what is now. 

C:  It’s a stretch to see that as a choice, B.

B:  A highly empowering stretch, C!  You are expanding your awareness of your consciousness.  You are choosing your focus of attention in every second.  You are choosing to see through a filter of grace or fear.  Now we are suggesting that you begin choosing a filter of radical trust!

C:  Feels radical, B!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  We know, C. We love that you are maintaining your sense of humor about it.

C:  Me, too, B. I really like the idea I can take it in little steps.  Just looking at one thing – one moment or situation – and trusting that it is a special gift from you.  A Beloved Present!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  Don’t save it for big scary moments, C. Apply it to everything, one thing at a time. 

C:  OH!  It’s an expansion of thank you – I am loved!  Another way of seeing that in every moment I am supported, loved and supplied.

B:  Exactly, C!

C:  So yesterday, all week, I could have said, “B:  arranged this snow for me.  What gifts can I find within it?”

B:  Good example, C.

C:  Sounds like the Universe revolves around me!

B:  Yup, the Universe revolves around everyone!  At least your world that you experience can revolve around you as you focus on our Presence and Presents in your life.

C:  Ok, B. I wonder how much fun I can have with this idea?  I think I’ll wander into my day and see!

B:  Have fun with it, C!

C:  One of the cool things about being in a relationship is developing a shared language and shared memories, B.  It’s fun that we have themes like wonder and wander that we play with over and over.

B:  We’ve felt that way about you forever, C. QWe’re so glad you are becoming conscious of it now!

C:  Me, too, B!  Thank you, I am loved! 

B:  You sure are, C!  Have a great day!

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