June 28, 2008,  Boston, MA

Abraham-Hicks seminar notes by Jo (gardenofdaisies on Forum)

They have moved past the upstream/downstream analogies to
really pushing the “vortex” concept. I love this!! Esther would make a large
circular motion with her right hand and arm to illustrate our vortex -- the
“pulling power” of our vibrational escrow. Then she would stop and turn
slightly to her left and start beating an “air drum” with both hands,
illustrating our tenacious need to beat the drum of “what is”. The space
between the “air drum” on her left and “the “vortex” on her right is the
“gap” we need to span by constantly reaching for a thought that feels just a
little better. They said we have to give more “airtime” to telling the story
in your vortex than beating the drum of “what is.”

They went on to talk about our vortex and how magnificent, “big”, and
beautiful it is and that the only thing that is missing from it is us!! And
the reason that most of us our missing is the need to defend our “what is” –
our need to be “right”.

We must beat the drum of the story in our vortex!! It is calling us and
pulling us in and we just have to let go of the drumsticks of the “what is”
drum!! Tell the story of the life you want to live. Tell the story of
something good in every situation. Tell the story of what you’ve put into
your vibrational escrow. Beating the drum of “what is” keeps you apart from
it. Look at any “what is” and appreciate it as the marvelous tool that it
is – it caused you to launch that rocket of desire that is now in your
even-more-magnificent escrow!

One woman on the Hot Seat wanted to write. Abraham pulled out of her her
fear of not having her work read by anyone. (Which was AMAZING to me,
because it would have been my question if I made it to the Hot Seat.).
Abraham walked her through “reaching for a thought that feels a little
better”. “You know your stuff or you wouldn’t be pulled to write it.”, etc.
(paraphrasing – not a direct quote)

And my favorite thing they said all day is that “you get closer to your
vortex through hopefulness”.

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