Abraham-Hicks workshop notes – Boston, Saturday 6/28/08  by Steph

This place is big enough for everybody to get everything you are wanting!
Each of them focus on what they want.

Definition of an uplifter: in alignment with your inner being.

Abe was talking about how she had already put details of someone into her VE
Told her to “Be in your VE for him!”

(on a subject that you are really wanting) Leave the subject alone altogether.
Never think of that again and it will come to you relatively quickly.

Your VE is still swirling strong! (Swirling vortex image)

Do you get that it’s all interrelated?

Nothing ever turns out different than you expect.
Expectation is desire mixed with belief.

Talked about questioner “arguing for your limitations.”

After it manifests it’s easy to believe it. (Tell the different story now.)

Most are living and then explaining – being HISTORIANS – Stop it!
Become prophetic – become a story teller.

Comparing a creating a movie or play to our life: Somebody is directing it. Somebody has an idea first.

You are Activating a manifestation based on expectation.

By telling it like it is – keep failed stuff active in my vibration.

{Abe helped her tell her new story and appreciate her prior relationships and the rockets of desire they inspired.}

The reason it hasn’t come is I have this little thing stuck in my VE – that explains why it can’t.

Vows – mentioned the “I kind of like you. Let’s see how it goes.”
Then added “I am not going to hold you responsible for how I feel.”

When you find him: You will not have a feeling of wondering – you will have a KNOWING. There will be no hesitation.

You are in his VE like he is in yours.

Questions from a woman who seemed to be a scientist:

Focus on any subject and see it as the Source within you sees it.

In every situation your energy aspect and physical aspect is active – the gap can be tended to.

People who are coaxed away from their guidance and asked to jump thru hoops.

You can’t know for everyone what their intentions were coming in.

“Intentionality from Source.”

No exception to that. All can come into alignment.

You don’t know, do you?

Animals come forth knowing they will be someone’s lunch, but they know their eternalness.

If you could visit with them, every one of them would say the experience of life was worth it!

The bird is looking at the whole picture, knowing there is no death; knowing they will live another day.

Instinct – Tuned in to broader perspective.

Humans have gotten out of synch and given up determination to follow broader perspective.

The child wanting to please you, listening to your attitudes, drawing her away from managing her own gap.

You are caring about what you think rather than what you feel!

What about the children?

Everyone coming forth is old energy, Source energy.

There is intention behind coming forth. Choosing contrast

We don’t need language to communicate. LOA responds to all things. We are coming forth with intentions and have control over everything.

Think thoughts that feel better.

The death experience doesn’t mean something has gone wrong.

We are choosing vibrationally.

Choose deliberately rather than by default.

We are trained into the same vibrations and are deviating from Source Energy vibrations.

Gravitate toward something that feels better!

It is backwards to assume the chemical causes emotion. Emotion causes the chemical. (Speaking about dopamine, etc.)

We tend to observe it and accept it as fact, even though we don’t want it.

We gather statistics of what is and don’t ever offer different vibrations.

You always prove your premise. You should be the beneficiary of what you are asking for.

There are things that are true.

Speak of the things that are preferred.

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