Chatting with the Beloved  -  Book 3 Excerpt

~ Calling You to Your Next Best Move:  8-27-10, 7:14 AM ~

C:  Hi, B.

B:  Hi, C, Welcome to the new day!

C:  Thank you, B.  I am loved.

B:  You sure are, C.  You all are!

C:  You sound delighted, B.  What’s up?

B:  Everything, C!  This is a world of infinite possibilities.  We are privy to the minds and the choices of everybody!  We are watching the people who are bounding out of bed this morning, feeling passionate about their day and their dreams. We are tasting delicious food with the foodies, relaxing into reverie with the ecstatics, living life on the edge with the risk takers, savoring vacations, making love, caring for babies.  We all love you all in this moment and it feels so good!

C:  I love how you love and appreciate every experience, B.

B:  We are ever calling you to your next best move, C.

C:  I want to stay tuned in and spontaneous!

B:  Even when you are structured in your physical schedule, you can be spontaneous in your thoughts.

C:  Wow, B, that’s a new idea!  Even when I am doing something I have done often before, I can have a fresh perspective.  How?

B:  …now, brown cow!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  Well, that’s a novel thought! 

B:  Humor allows you a fresh perspective.  Dare to be silly.  Dare to be child-like.  Explore your world. 

There is so much more here than you have been noticing!

C:  What do you suggest I look for, B?

B:  Look for love, C.  Look for evidence of love.  Look for evidence of beauty.  Feel for the divine in each encounter.  Look around with interest for things to appreciate.

Allow our love to flow out from you consciously more often. 

C:  I’ve been sending our Love when I hear sirens, B.  I love loving the helpers and the witnesses and those who are in need of help.  And when I notice something that appears to be going wrong, I send love.  Yesterday I flooded a whole area where two people were having an argument.  When I looked back that way a few minutes later, they were sitting talking quietly.  A few minutes later, they had gone separate ways and the place felt very peaceful. 

Did I make a difference? 

B:  Love always makes a difference!  You are getting good at recognizing a call for love when something appears to be going wrong.  Now begin to practice flooding the world with our love when things are going right!

C:  I’m a little confused, B.  I know you say that love is omnipresent, that it’s all love and that you are always here with your infinite love. 

What difference does it make if I add my puny consciousness to the mix?

B:  You are not puny consciousness!  When you are flowing love, your magnificence is evident!  Love leverages everything.

Just do it!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  Yes, sir!  M’am!  Whatever…

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  Try it out, C.  You’ve had some powerful experiences this week with the statement, “I am God’s love, so what I know about me is…”  Expand it even further.  “ I am God’s love, therefore…”  Explore, experience, experiment with being more aware of the love you are and the divine love you flow when you choose.

Choice is everything.  Pay attention to your choices.  Be more attentive to your options.  Think about flooding everywhere you go with love before you get there.  Then expect to encounter love when you get there.

See what happens!  Stay open and notice.

C:  Sounds fun, B.  I will.  Thank you, I am loved.

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