Connee’s Abraham-Hicks Caribbean cruise Notes, April 1 - 8, 2006


  1. We anticipate several days of co-creation at its very best here!  Relax deeply into wellbeing so new insights will be allowed by you.
  2. You might call this a peak experience, we would call it a catalytic experience.  As you made the effort to come on a voyage like this, you have been adding new manifestations to your vibrational escrow.
  3. We see the combining of all these new rockets of desire with the ones you already had in play.  We get the first peak at that expansion of the Universe.  We, in this case includes Source, God, your Inner Beings.  We represent the Dead Contingency here!
  4. A voyage like this gives you impetus to come into alignment. 
  5. You will reach new levels of relaxation here.  See this, not so much as a place to find answers; that will happen naturally.  Rather, see it as an energy vortex of ALL who are aware of you here who are showering upon you the energy of wellbeing with one intention – that you will find refreshment into continuous combining of who you are with US!  So we can rejoice in conscious knowledge together!
  6. We are anticipating insights beyond anything that has come before. 
  7. The REAL benefit is for you to leave behind all worry, frustration and anger and come into Vibrational Alignment with Source. 
  8. By the end of this voyage, we expect to see that You are in love with YOU!!
  9. While your nonphysical counterpart must be called the Main Event, you are the Leading Edge of Everything Else, the part that is the perceiving, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, living part!  We hope to broaden your awareness of the eternal nature of your being which is expressing through you here and now.  You are not separate from nonphysical, you are not on trail to prove something. 
  10. You are that nonphysical energy expressing in your physical body in this environment of variety, which causes you to perceive and conclude, which stimulates the perfect every evolving YOU for the purpose of taking thought beyond where it has been before.  We want you to understand; this is the most important concept for you to get!
  11. As we observe you here, it is but a small fraction of you who are able to feel the full essence of who you are.  If you could gain that vantage point, you would never again see anything as a problem, only as an opportunity for solution or the chance for another answer to come forth.
  12. The leading edge is MEANT to stir you up in order to get you to conclude.  That is what causes zest/passion, new interests, new quests!
  13. We are the essence of that which you are.  When you sincerely want something, that is the breath of fresh air to nonphysical.
  14. Get over your humility and feeling of imperfection.  We want you to know Source Energy supports your every wish!
  15. Our desire is to bring you everything, to root for you, to call you toward the true YOU of YOU!  Listen for that signal, set your intention to align yourself with who you really are.
  16. Those who watch you will see you as different from the masses.  They will say about you, “that’s a person who’s always happy, she might be psychiatrically imbalanced, because she does not adapt to her environment!  She always bounced back.  He knows something good is coming and stands in expectation of it.  She is not bothered if something wanted is not here yet, because she doesn’t worry it won’t come.”  She says, “everything I want is coming.  The Universe is queued up to assist me.  I’ll just relax and enjoy its coming!
  17. Worry separates you from clarity and insight.
  18. Future generations will benefit from your vortex, we want you to get up to speed with your own stash – millions or billions of dollars!
  19. When you want it and believe it, it just is, you see.  Everywhere you turn there is evidence of it.  But as long as you beat the drum of its absence, it can’t come to you.
  20. How do you get to unworthiness when you walk around on such a magnificent planet, this Garden of Eden in a body that is self-righting.
  21. Look to praise self and others, when you do, your vibration comes back in synch.
  22. The Love your Inner Being feels for you is enormous, it is calling you at ALL times.  As you have your experiences, you either align with it or not.  When you do, you feel good, when you don’t, you don’t.
  23. If your grandmother adored you, remember it often!  When you think of someone who criticizes you, you separate yourself from Source.  Your system kicks up a fuss when you deviate from your chosen path.  But there are no worries, the signal never goes away. 
  24. If anything but how you feel guides you, you lose your way.  You care to much about how others feel.
  25. There are only two points of relativity, your Source energy and where you are focused in the moment.  Other people’s opinion is a third point, and messes up your understanding of the other two.  Say to them, “I’m on track, I’m glad you care, but don’t try to replace my own guidance.  I’m a genius, a worthy beloved creator.  I will be inspired to more.”
  26. Allow the whole of you to pulse within you.  It feels like love and joy and passion.
  27. You’ve got to take responsibility for how you feel!!!
  28. You can find aspects of ALL of it that feel good – that is the vantage point of your Inner Being.  See all situations through the eyes of Source.
  29. Say, “I’m going to find the best feeling place from where I stand.”
  30. How you feel is how you feel.  How you feel IS how you feel.  Source already became your rocket of desire and it is in your vibrational escrow, calling you toward it.  You think that calling should sound like harps and angels, but if you are in despair, it sounds like revenge or rage!  Rage is a giant step from there.
  31. Source loves you and calls you toward it, and it feels like relief when you go in that direction.
  32. Leave everyone else out of the equation or you will lose your balance.  Your joyful Abraham friends are asking you to quantum leap and it isn’t going to happen.  Take one step at a time – rage over depression, anger over rage, frustration over anger, hopefulness over frustration, believing over hopefulness, knowing over believing and THEN you will discover joy!
  33. Source is ALWAYS calling you, it never loses patience or sight of your dreams.
  34. You have to find a way to make the dream feel good to you!  Talk down things that don’t feel good, talk up things that do feel good. 
  35. Your question for EVERY waking moment:  Is this thought I’m thinking moving me closer or further away from where I want to be? 
  36. Nothing is more likely to move you into alignment than appreciation.
  37. Where you are is where you are.  What is really most important is the crack between where you are and where you want to be, where your Inner Being already is.  The rush of the leading edge experience is when you close that gap.  That’s when you start really living life!
  38. When you came in, you said, “I love the process of expansion.”
  39. This voyage is as good as anything we’ve ever seen humans do.  We don’t think you give yourself enough credit.  You will start to feel more moments of worthiness – and you will have goose bumps everywhere!  Make an effort to reach for something a little better, a thousand times a day!  Compare yourself only to where you are right now and look for a little better thought.
  40. You are a group of beings who already have a significant level of connection.  You are reaching for more sustained levels – which will allow the fairies of the Universe to orchestrate more on your behalf.  This takes focus, not hard work.  Just a little better thought, several thousand times during the week. 
  41. Resist temptation to take score with others.  If they ask you how you are, say, “Perfect!”  If they ask you how you are feeling, say, “I am acutely feeling what I am feeling!”  If they press for details, say, “It wouldn’t be meaningful, words do not do it justice.”
  42. Comparison takes you off your path.  Just say, “I’m not going to go there!”
  43. Eager for more is the optimal experience.  Once you get it that joy is unended, there is an exponential buzz because you begin to feel that which is further out.  You tap into Source feelings about your life, which feels like effortless expansion. 
  44. Go with the flow.  You will get the feeling of fun of putting it together the way you would like it to be.
  45. Esther was playing with four year old Kate.  Esther drew a box and told Kate it was a house, Kate drew a roof.  Esther drew a chimney, Kate added smoke, Esther drew a tree, Kate drew apples.  The picture kept taking on more and more detail and Esther felt it could go on forever.  Then Kate added night, and Esther realized they needed to start again.  But we NEVER have to start again.  There is always room for more details.  The more detail it has, the more exhilarating it is!
  46. There will never be a place where your life is all drawn in.  There are no limits – you get to choose!  Conscious knowledge of your eternal nature is perfection is a pretty nice state of being!
  47. Get so good at tending to your own business of how you feel, that you aren’t willing to compare yourself to anyone else.  Lose that vocabulary of comparison entirely!  Several hundred times a day, choose to fork toward what feels better.  Fork and smile, because you are proud of yourself and you will continue to think increasingly improved thoughts.  The first gentle steps are always new thoughts as you begin the development of a new pattern of thought.
  48. Get to see yourself as a perfect being in an eternal state of becoming.  Set your sights on where you want to be.  Make it not so much about health, relationships, money, but rather…  Let your goal be FEELING GOOD!  The goal is improved feeling emotions.
  49. The launching already happened from the contrast.  You no longer need to beat the drum of what you want.  What you want, the larger part of you already knows and has gone with, it is your total vibrational escrow already.  You have been amassing an amazing future since you were 2!
  50. As you focus on feeling , all those lifetime dreams will come to fruition.  This defies the understanding of most humans.  It will be so emotionally satisfying to you!  Others will describe you as clear minded, humorous, in perfect alignment.  You will amass fortunes and the respect of others.  You will glide through life with grace and joy.  You will be adults who laugh like children, hundreds of times in every day.
  51. It will be like you awaken in a good mood everyday, bringing sunshine and heaven on earth wherever you go.  You will be fulfilling the promise you made to yourself when you came forth!
  52. Your emotional response IS the way Source talks to you.  The Universe is always talking to you, giving you evidence of your answers and your alignment.
  53. Many of you are in the dramatic habit of letting the gap get bigger, like a crevasse!  Just because it feels so good to get back in alignment after.  Like fighting and making up.  You have to decide how much drama you need.
  54. In high contrast, you feel great relief.  As your vibration moves higher and higher, the sensation of relief lessens.  Many of you are addicted to the feeling of grand relief.  If huge rushes are important to you, you have to keep messing your life up!
  55. We want you not to give a rip, and here you sit, giving a RIP!  <laughter>  Your home schooled son has little resistance.  So to you he looks limp, because he hasn’t had the contrast of limited freedom to rebel against.  It does not mean he is out of alignment.  He’s launched plenty of rockets, and he has a greater chance of coming into easily alignment than almost anyone we have seen.
  56. Don’t move forward in the face of fear – that’s misaligned energy.  Don’t wait until you approach the jump to line it up.  Do the mental work first!
  57. Leave thoughts of other competitors out.  Consider only yourself and your alignment of energy and closing the gap.
  58. Happy where you are and eager for more is the optimal experience.  It is unended, and you can get an exponential buzz from recognizing the eternal aspect of what is further out.  You can tap into the way Source feels about your life – endless expansion! 
  59. Esther was playing with 4 year old granddaughter Kate.  Esther drew a box, and told Kate it was a house, so Kate drew a roof.  Then Esther drew a chimney and Kate drew some smoke, then Esther a tree and Kate apples, and again and again the picture got more and more detailed.  Until Kate drew night, it took her some time!  She gave Esther a little turn to draw stars and then colored it all black.  Unlike that, where they needed to start over, you never get it done!  There will never be a place it is all drawn in. 
  60. Knowing what you know, there are no limits, you get to choose!  You now know that your conscious nature is already eternal perfection, pretty nice state of being!
  61. Replying negative childhood experiences keep them active in your imagination.  Otherwise, they would be overtaken by the experiences of this moment.  As you talk about old stuff, the things others said about it adds to it and it creates an increasingly strong vibrational pattern.  But here’s the truth, what happened, happened, and it doesn’t mean diddly squat!!!
  62. If you take the emotional journey several times, it will morph into a new place, so that when it gets activated, it will feel different and you will have access to different thoughts.
  63. We feel that this incest, to us it is not more meaningful than what you had for lunch that same day, and you don’t remember that!  But it doesn’t matter that we say it doesn’t matter.  It has to come to not matter to you.  Let other things take its place as your focus of attention and you will move it to a new place within you.
  64. You are Source Energy expressing – you cannot be uplifting to the world when the whole of you is focused as you.  But you didn’t come forth to see, find and fix a broken world – it is not broken.  It only looks broken when you are not connected.  There is another quest that is more important – selfishly tending to the way you feel.
  65. Esther stubbed her toe on the ship, racing to the door for cake. She blamed first the cabin steward who put the case there, and then Jerry for saying that she shouldn’t leave the suitcase out when they went to bed. Jerry said, “You can blame anyone you want if it feels better.”
  66. We want you to take credit for ALL that happens to you, the good and not so good.  Because taking credit for ALL of it is empowering.
  67. Disregard all other’s opinions of you.
  68. At workshops, Source is always lining up your questions to be answered for you.  If you are frustrated about not being called on, you are not tending to step 3.  We’re pulling out all the stops to answer you, but if you are not relaxed, you won’t hear your answer.  We are offering you everything that you want!!!
  69. You were introduced to thoughts about a lot of subjects before you knew about vibration.  You learned patterns from those around you that now are like thought addictions.  It’s ok.  Just say, “I may have strong habitual thoughts, but now I also have understanding about how thought works.  By just a little, gradual, simple, steady attention to how I am feeling, things will change.”  You have to care greatly about how you feel.
  70. Your emotions are an indicator to your self only.  No one else can figure out how you feel and what your guidance is, or visa versa.  It is just for you.  Once you get this, you will lighten up right away.  All that matters is finding the place of, “Ahhh, that feels better!”
  71. When you care about how others’ feel, it deactivates your personal response and you cannot feel your guidance.  You learned it from your parents – they had deactivated their guidance and said things to you like, “That’s life.  It’s not fair.” And you began to be at odds with yourself even more when others insisted you needed to face fear, overcome emotions and basically make the way you feel a non-issue.
  72. But now you know differently.  Now you know that how you feel matters and you will give your feelings a much higher priority. 
  73. Don’t give others credit when you stub your toe, and don’t be humiliated by it either.  Say things like, “All I do is stub my toe!  That’s pretty good, I don’t fall off cliffs or out of airplanes.  If the worst that ever happens is stubbing my toe in the quest for cake, this is going to be a very easy life!
  74. Life is a self guided tour.  No one else gets to choose for you.  Everything about your life is your choice.  Say to others, “I’m doing fine!”  Look at how much is already working great for you.  Factor out comparison with others entirely, and only pay attention to how you are doing in closing the emotional gap between where you are and the feeling of full connection to Source.
  75. Abraham:  So what do you want to talk about?  Guest: “I have a dead lawn.”  Abraham:  You have infinite intelligence here and you are wasting your one wish on THAT!???”
  76. You cannot totally disconnect – it is too strong a word.  You are always connected to some degree.  In fact, you are actually connected 100% of the time.  You want to be fully aware of your connection more of the time.
  77. You can’t jump straight to the top of the emotional scale.  Slowly or gradually move into alignment, one step at a time.  Affirmations can irritate you when you are not close to that vibration.  Music can be a measure – sometimes the same piece will feel blissful, another time the same piece will just be annoying.
  78. Where you are is the perfect place, now turn your attention to where you are going.  Going from powerlessness to anger on purpose can be delicious travel.
  79. If you feel nervous rather than excited, you are taking too big a next step.  Relax and take pleasure in each tiny movement up the scale.  This eliminates the need to control other people or conditions, because you become totally involved in controlling only exactly how you feel in bite sized pieces.  “I’m ok and feeling a little better” and suddenly, you DO feel better!
  80. Jerry tells Esther the story of the farmer who, every day, lifted the baby bull over the fence.  The bull kept growing, but with the stead exercise, the farmer could lift the huge bull over the fence.
  81. You have pursued toughness rather than relief.  Once you have really experienced reconnection to Source, you are tormented when you are not connected to Source.
  82. The gap between your essence and your focus opens when you are born.  It closes each night while you are asleep.  The grandmother who adored you closed the gap, criticism widens it.  Source energy that is REALLY who you are feels like passion and joy.
  83. Thought addiction is taking satisfaction in other people agreeing with you that things are all wrong!  <laughter>  Most everyone else has acquiesced into a status quo state of mediocrity.  Then you meet someone like Abraham who gets your juices flowing.  This teaching then sets up a clash between who you are and who you have been resigned to be.  You are REBORN!  And the two points of vibrational relativity are now there.  You become infinitely aware when you are not where you want to be.  You have no choice other than to learn to close the gap.
  84. You have a different emotional scale on every subject – money, mates, the world, health.  Work to improve each of these.  Say, “I’ll gently, not doggedly, improve the vibrational relationship as ease and relief guide me.”
  85. Good, that was like everyone of you was sitting in the chair!!!
  86. Be as specific as you can be and still feel good.  If it starts feeling bad, get more general.
  87. You could lose everything you have but you are still an energetic being who created what you had.  And your culmination of vibrational escrow is brighter than anything you have lived before.  Just relax and allow.  Visualizing isn’t what creates the experience.  Every pleasure you have ever experienced has established what is to come.  Visualizing is for closing the gap.
  88. It feels like you have been part of a team for many years and you liked that.  Now that you are retiring, there is another team amassed in your escrow, but you are going to like this one better, because you will have more creative control.  The years to come will be infinitely more satisfying than the years past.
  89. When you join a team already in motion, you get the benefit of their momentum.  So it feels different to start singularly.  But your now momentum is equal to all that you have experienced before, so you need not miss a beat. 
  90. Question:  In a law suit, what is the best way to ensure victory?  Abraham:  Law suits are tricky, take victory out of your vocabulary entirely.  Move away from the adversarial position.  There is a stream of wellbeing always flowing to you. 
  91. This has been a crash course in focusing on what you want.  Now let it go and go swim, go swim, go swim, GO SWIM!  It’s done.  The future is already created.  Distract yourself from it now.  It’s already clicked into place – why are you still thinking of it!  You don’t have to keep talking about it.  Get on with life!  Relax and let the Universe handle the details.
  92. If the energy feels bound up in specifics, step back and be more general.  If it starts to get boring, step forward and be more specific about what you want.  That’s the molding process.
  93. When you look at your parents, don’t freak out at the thoughts they are expressing.  You want to save everyone from their thought processes.  But it’s more troubling to you than to them.  You can’t change your parents, detach from the things they say and refuse to be troubled by people that are troubled.  Find humor, appreciate the security they gave you as a child.  Feel your current freedom.  Hold another picture of them that will become more dominant about their wellbeing.
  94. If you are assigning any blame, that’s not freedom!  Prepare yourself before you go there to NOT BE UPSETTABLE.  You are never in danger, you know too much now.  Monitor your feelings in the pre-manifestational stage.  Say to yourself, “thanks, Dad, for reminding me that I can control my feelings under any conditions.”
  95. It’s time for you all to grow up and give no more apologies to anyone from your past that you have changed.  Send a letter in advance (mentally) that says, “I’ve changed dramatically and my response to you will be different from now on.  The maintenance of my vibration is the most important thing to me now. “
  96. Once you have taken action to ask someone to be different, it is too late, the manifestation is already underway.  And talking about it jeopardizes your vibration even more.
  97. Don’t seek to maintain a safe place – that’s boring!  Find out about your ability to maintain your balance.  Flex a bit and have fun with it!
  98. Comedians are of great value because they make fun of everything, which diffuses resistance.  Use humor for the benefit of alignment.
  99. After your marriage ends, before you get into another relationship, contemplate the feeling of freedom.  As you do that, Law of Attraction will bring you someone of the same mindset.  And two autonomous people can have a really good time together!  Neither holds the other responsible for how they feel.
  100. In a relationship where one is strong and one is weak, it is not stable, it’s fighting LOA.  Tell the Universe, I want someone who is a match to me!
  101. And then practice, “I don’t really care what you think!”  Care most about your own vibrational alignment and things will fall into place.  Law of Attraction will sort things out in a way that is better for all of you.
  102. Factor them all out – your ex-wife, your children.  Say, “They cannot possibly understand my vibrational relativity.  I HAVE to factor it all out.  I could not possibly contour my life in enough ways to make them happy.  Their sadness is not about me, I am just the excuse they are using in the moment.”  You are not the center of their Universes, but you need to remember that you are the center of your own!  How they feel about you is not your problem.  We want you to be insensitive and proud of it!
  103. When you line up and become sure, it may inspire them to do the same.  Your power of influence could be great, but you cannot close their gap for them.  You cannot become broken enough to help them.    While there is the potential for reconciliation in this marriage, it would be easier to start over with someone else without the baggage.
  104. A feeling is always an emotional response to a thought.  Emotions are feelings you receive in the solar plexus about the balance of your vibration – they are guidance.  Let feeling good now be your primary goal.
  105. Comparing your feelings with anyone else’s is not valid.  The way people express their feelings can be confusing.  A person who has been feeling negative emotion who makes a break through to a more positive feeling may display great happiness, but their mean vibration may be at a lower level than another who is accustomed to the vibration.  Those who are in tune regularly do not feel the same rush as they once did at lower levels.  It’s easier to tell the difference between anger and frustration than it is between believing and knowing – it’s more subtle.  But the longer you stay focused at the higher levels, the more joy there is.  We find no end to where your vibration can go, because when you ask, we go straight to that vibration. 
  106. Thrill bumps are when Source joins you quickly, it is energy in motion.  As you generally are up to speed more of the time, its regularity drops away.  Your concern that you are not feeling as good as you can feel is the only thing that’s keeping you from feeling good!
  107. You came forth to explore the contrast, not to be the servants of nonphysical.  Each of you are creators in your own right.
  108. Dipping your vibration as you explore contrast is not a bad thing – it’s just Step 1.  You dip to give birth to fantastic desires and launch rockets.  The perfection of the role you are playing is beautiful!  Feel the Universe expand because of your exploration.
  109. Don’t compare with anyone else.  Just live your own emotional range, keep reaching for thoughts that feel better and be as happy as possible.
  110. Guest:  Regarding the teachings of Eckart Tolle and Byron Katie, I am wanting to use my thinking mind less and less…  Abraham:  We will never acknowledge that you have the capacity to stop thinking!   You will never cease to be a thinking, focusing, concluding, imagining being – it is sooooo wonderful!  This is the mechanism by which you mold the energy of life.
  111. When someone who is old dies, you say it is for the best, but you have more trouble with young people.  But at any age, it is a wrong assumption to say that death is the end of life.  It is just MORE of life, a change of focus.
  112. After Esther’s Dad re-emerged, they had meaty conversations and she thought of him a great deal.  She expected to have similar access to her Mother, but now has discovered that her mother is not as available to her.  Abraham told her that her thoughts about her mother are not as focused and asking.  Her desire to talk to  her mother is lower, so the response is less intense.
  113. Although your dead loved ones are very much alive, they mind their own business.  They don’t pretend you are the center of their world!
  114. When they die, they become immediately who they really are.  You cannot interact with them unless you are there on that connected wavelength, too.
  115. Death of a loved one causes you to ask questions – that was your agreement with your brother.  It is a rare person who is at One with death.  We suggest you mentally pre-pave and prepare for the death of everyone you know!  Have one big funeral for absolutely everyone and then get on with living LIFE!
  116. The freedom of death feels better than leaving a 30 year job or a 17 year wife!
  117. Taking pleasure after someone has died in the beauty of that relationship is not grief, it’s unconditional love.  And it feels good, not bad.  It is only grief if it feels bad.
  118. Life is a changeable movie – if you don’t like the current scenery, change it!  Explaining why you are here just keeps you here.
  119. In hypnosis or rebirthing, the vibration of your current focus shows up in every picture you see.  It’s not a true or accurate picture of a past life of yours, but rather one translated through the filter of your now experience.
  120. Thought addiction means to feel nostalgia for familiar, comfortable thoughts.  The real creative work is to begin to think on purpose.
  121. In everything negative you have lived, you were filling your vibrational escrow.  Now chill out and let it in.  Feel your way there.
  122. Death is a quantum leap if you are disconnected.  Esther won’t have that difference because she is up to speed already.
  123. Did you get your dog from a sense of empowerment, loneliness or fun?
  124. Beasts do not have long, lonely spells.  They have a sense of time passing, but not of missing you.  The animal doesn’t lose his connection.  If she seems hugely happy after a long separation, she is likely trying to reassure you!  She reflective and wants to soothe you.   
  125. A beast will try to cheer you up, but will most likely leave the room if you do not cooperate.  When Esther is happy, LC is present, when she is busy, LC is scarce.
  126. You make agreements to meet with many people from your nonphysical perspective, but you are not specific about how it will play out.  The making of one’s way IS the joy of life!  The more secure you are, the more flexible – you will backpack across Europe with no reservations.  Tight plans are about lack. 
  127. From nonphysical, you intended to have clarity, to feel good, to be of value and have a good time.  You were eager for a starting place different from other people’s.  You were looking for adventure along the way. You are not here to be the center of anyone else’s life.  Take your hands off other people’s business.  You cannot force them, you cannot vibrate for them.  Your power of influence will be great if you just flow with ease to what flows easily.
  128. You are first and foremost an energy being.  Healers want to connect with energy and present it to people who need it.  This is mistaken thinking.  The person wanting to be healed is ALREADY summoning sufficient energy for the job from the trillions of cells asking which have already been answered.  More energy is not needed.  More ALLOWING is needed!  Use gentle touch, relaxing, reassuring words. There can be a clash of energy with a healer with powerful energy flowing.
  129. If you want to flow like Esther, acknowledge the energy is already there.  Meditate and feel it moving through your body.  Consciously feel it – it’s a full body cellular massage!  Trust and relax completely within it.  Get vibrationally up to speed before you move forward further.
  130. When you ask and then demand it come forward before you are ready to allow it, short circuit results.  Let it comes with ease, grace and wellbeing.  Trying to make things happen is bumpy.  Source energy knows you well.  Step back and trust.  Learn from living life.  You can’t get an accurate reading on others, so focus on yourself.  Teach by your example that life is full and fun and variety.
  131. The sooner you release your children to their own creating, the more joyful you will all be!
  132. Great artists often live great contrast, their rockets of desire produce incredible things as they learn to allow.  We’re not great proponents of that kind of quantum leap, but it does produce music that is beneficial for future generations if not wellbeing for the composer.
  133. Whatever we do today will be valuable in the future.  Source always goes out ahead of you and says yes to your desire.  When life causes you to become something new, go ahead and become it!
  134. If you take action to avoid negative emotion, like removing yourself from the situation, it will return in another form.  You may feel relief, but you have not changed yourself vibrationally.  Sometime when Esther created a computer program, she could see what she preferred, but she was invested in what had come before.  She couldn’t get there from here.  
  135. Do the vibrational work – close the gap!  Sit down and write with the intention to close the gap.  Sometimes Esther would discover as she wrote there were others – as many as 20 or 30 issues she had to resolve in her mind before the current situation felt much better.  A little extra effort focused on closing the gap could bring expansive results.
  136. Aging is just passing through time from a broader perspective, it doesn’t have to be about declining.  You like starting over though – a new perspective is fun and refreshing!  Most lose their fresh perspective as they go along and enjoy re-emerging.
  137. Focus on the NOW feeling.  Time is a benefit; it gives continuity.
  138. When you are at One with who you are, you feel timeless, never ending.  You are inspired by new ideas, summoning life force.  In this state, it IS possible to remain here indefinitely.
  139. But most people who ask the question, ask it from a lackful place of not wanting to die, rather than loving living.  Death is like turning another corner. 
  140. There will never be a better time than NOW – Here it comes again – NOW!  It’s better now!  This is going to take awhile.  It’s better NOW! It’s better NOW!  It’s better NOW!  It’s better NOW!  It’s better NOW!  It’s better NOW!   
  141. Nothing is better than physical focus, riding the new wave of your newest ideas!
  142. If you are holding someone else as the object of your attention and it feels good, you are being helpful.  If it feels bad, your vision is not helpful and may hurt you.  Look somewhere else!  Stop telling the story!
  143. Every sick person is asking for wellness, cellularly.  But beating the drum of sickness does not allow wellbeing.  They don’t need more energy, the Universe has already supplied the energy the cells are asking for.  They need soothing.  You can help them soften their resistance by the power of your influence.  Laugh, help them lighten up.
  144. A thought addiction is a powerfully activated thought you have thought often, which can be activated by very soft attention to it, just 17 seconds is all it takes.  In 68 seconds, it takes hold and LOA brings you more like it. 
  145. Jerry & Esther have been together 25 years.
  146. When you imagine something and have a wonderful response through your imagery, the Universe doesn’t know if it is real or not.  It is added to your vibrational escrow and makes more of what you want a more dominant vibration within you.
  147. Your life follows YOUR pattern of vibration.  You want to learn to feel better no matter how others behave!
  148. When you feel an impulse to act, go for it!  Esther had the feeling of wanting to get in the monster bus and leave early, but delayed to do what she “should do”, and they got stuck in traffic for hours.  They could have been ahead of the accident if she had left when she was inspired.
  149. Live your experiences, notice your outcomes and make correlations and decide you will choose differently the next time.
  150. Your awareness of your emotion is the most important thing – keep sifting your experience for something that feels better. 
  151. The stage curtains weren’t right and Esther wanted them changed.  They fixed it through action.  But she realized she had been lazy about envisioning curtains.  How much work is it to envision the stage the way you want it to be, just for the thrill of it?  Remember that you can prepave with thought.  The fun of creating is thinking about things in advance.  Then the thrill of seeing it unfold as you imagined is so much more fun than cleaning up a mess.
  152. In the middle of a problem, just do the best you can for now, and then do a better job of prepaving for the next time. 
  153. Whether you are focused on thinking of the past, present or future, it is NOW, so just find the best feeling thought you can find right now. 
  154. If you have a negative thought, ask yourself what is it that you DO want now.  Source already knows what you want, you are being guided to something better through your feelings.  Making just a little effort to move up the scale.  The way Esther approaches it is to begin making statements about what she feel, reach for subtly better feeling thoughts.  Then you can smile and say, “I’ve moved it!  I’ve moved my point of attraction on purpose and everything in the Universe is now responding to me differently.”  When you feel proud of yourself, the next several steps feel easier!  Something you have been dragging around for years is now different.  And when you encounter it again, it will cause frustration rather than anger.  You’ll feel good faster next time.  Eventually you will clear it up so much you will feel mild amusement rather than a threat! 
  155. You feel invincible when you can choose your feeling!  You will feel safe to mix it up more.  As you explore contrast more, you can make more conclusions and change how you feel as you go along.
  156. The Universe is your absolute servant, showing you your power.  You can shift from focusing on how things appear to be going toward what you prefer to happen.  Don’t give what-is your attention, instead offer a rocket of desire for what you would rather have.  You have the power to go with your vision of something wonderful, or your expectation of things continuing as they are going.  Shift your attention to what you want to be.
  157. What is stuck in your craw is that you care about all of them, the children in all the schools, and it feels selfish to delight in what is happening only to 2% of the gifted ones.  Sooth yourself:  no matter what happens, Step 1 is happening from all the contrast, and there will be lots of rockets of desire shooting off.  You can reap the benefit of ALL of that sooner than almost anyone else.  Let your school be the shining example, much good is coming out of this chaos.
  158. There are always those that thrive in any environment.  It’s not a bad thing.  From the contrast, preferences are formed.  You don’t need to save the whole school system.  It’s actually in better shape and more stable than you think.
  159. When you are feeling depressed, you talk about it as if it is a constant.  But notice there are some moments of friskiness!  You have a powerful mind and can focus strongly.  Gently and gradually retrain yourself to focus on what you want and you will get better.  New friends, new environments help, as you noticed on the cruise.  Say, “Given a chance in a clean environment, I can feel spontaneous and frisky appreciation for everything.”  We don’t find you depressed – you are tapped in and turn on.  You could say, “Every day until yesterday I was depressed.”
  160. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  It’s not easy to change all of a sudden in an old environment.  It is fun to start with a clean slate.  Chill out and remember Tortola!  Your cells will then be able to use the energy already flowing to them.  Help is on the way!  Begin to feel emotional relief, reach for hope and something pleasant. 
  161. Your body will start to feel like a friend.  Notice when you are basking in utter comfort in bed.  Think about it, focus on it, bask in what feels good.  This is a much faster approach to healing than trying to clean up what feels bad.  You can make a slight effort in a few moments and you will feel better.
  162. As a therapist, you have to make peace with where your clients are.  If you have a desire to take them anywhere else, your energy is split.  Where you are is where you are, and if you receive them like that, they will feel you as accepting.  That leaves you willing to allow them as much time as possible to move or not even to move.  Otherwise you get invested and feel frustrated if they do not move, and then they move YOU downward.
  163. A suicidal person is saying, “I want freedom in a very powerful way, and you cannot control me.” In that, they will be free, whether they suicide or not.  Suicide is a viable option, not stupid or wrong.  If they do it, they WILL re-emerge and find relief.  But you know, there are other ways to find relief, too.
  164. We know there are many who would want you to threaten them with dire consequences.  But if you tell them they should not, it makes them want freedom more.  Do your best to coach them to what feels better.  But with suicides, almost no one can hear what they are saying and they can’t hear you either.
  165. It probably would feel better, and FAST!  Re-emergence is glorious.  Let them know that.  And then say, “It would feel good, I can see that.  However, I think there are other options, not as fast, and they will take a little effort.  And if you are not in a big hurry, we can see if there is another option.  Do you want to go for it?”  And in nearly every case, they will say, “I’ll try, but don’t expect much.
  166. Let them know, “You get to call the shots.  I may be able to lead you somewhere like revenge that feels better.  I may get in trouble for telling you this, but I would rather see you violently angry than depressed.  I’ll listen, and if you try to hit me, I’ll run!”
  167. Keep calling them forward on the emotional scale.  Use your ability to listen.  The undivided attention, human to human, in real time is amazingly valuable.  Coach them into being less and less angry people over time.  Compliment them on how much they have accomplished.  As you move forward, another door will open and you will guide them further.  You will be revered for your success.
  168. Let them know, “you’ve done nothing wrong.  But you should feel better.  I think I can help.”
  169. Esther hid her easy buttons in the sock drawer and scattered in other places on the monster bus, and they speaks to her all the time – sometimes even when she isn’t right there moving something in the drawers.  It makes her heart sing – That was Easy!
  170. If you work too hard on something, you work against yourself.  Chill out and let it in.  Compare this process to others that turned out well over time.  Delegate to the Universe.  The Universe heard you the first time, you don’t have to make scripting hard work.  Soften, soften resistance and improve your expectation of wellbeing one step at a time.
  171. Fear is an indication of resistance.  It slows the flow, but you cannot stop the flow.  Stay focused as best you can on what makes you happy.  Fear is always the perception of disempowerment.  You are all totally FREE, but you perceive lack of freedom. 
  172. It is the answer to Everything!  When you move into alignment with your Inner Being, you become One with your desire.  Every emotion that you feel, from ecstasy to agony, is a message from your Inner Being about what you are currently focused upon.
  173. Fear is learned from others, through their words which then, with your belief in something to fear, effect your experience.  Your creativity then attracts fearsome experience.
  174. Many beliefs you hold work well for you already.  You expect food, shelter, and a stable environment.  Anytime you feel less safe is an indicator that you are looking at a situation in a way that is resisting wellbeing that is natural.  Fear is only an indication that Source Energy is a long way away from believing in a monster in the bushes. 
  175. Negative emotion is a variance in your field.  Your Inner Being will not lower its vibration to join you in fear.  But Source will NEVER stop beaming the signal and calling you toward relief.  Masters do not split their energy.
  176. There is ultimately nothing for you in the books that are written.  Those who lived it didn’t write it down, and those who wrote it down didn’t live it.  Write your own book!!!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  It distracts you from your leading edge place.
  177. Feel the difference between leading edge and making things fit with everything around you – it just doesn’t relate!  Each generation that comes forth is queued up for this time space reality. 
  178. You cannot bear to be less than you have already become.  Come into ownership of your personal knowledge.  All the resources of Source are available to you.  Nonphysical only basks in exultation of your power.  No philosophy separated from you can come close to that.  Everything that is written must be considered as fiction – because it is NOT about your life.
  179. Nothing outside of you is true guidance.  In you is endless Source, pulsating that guiding vibration for you, never endingly!  You never get it done, you eternal blessed being, you!  We ALL push the leading edge – that is where the fun is!
  180. You will always be wanting something just beyond where you are.  Just for the thrill of coming into alignment, and having the satisfaction of watching Universal forces rush to fill your order.  You do it because it is fun, not because it is needed.  You do it for the thrill of it, to enjoy the ride!
  181. Reaching for the manifestation, that is just the excuse to get onto the wave.  Get yet more adventurous – let the ride be fun-ner still!  Get happy and feel the way we feel with you.  You are giving Source energy a wonderful ride – whether you enjoy it or not. You are creators and you MUST create!
  182. Teach people how to come into harmony with their own desires – it’s not your role to choose for them!  Teach by the clarity of your example, you don’t really need to speak at all.  You won’t gather here for long boring meetings when you know what we know.  When you get it that there is another ME, a nonphysical me, you say, “Bring that me to meet this me!”
  183. Get inside yourself and feel your way through things. 
  184. What does Abraham want?  They don’t want anything, they are here completely in support of what our life conjures for us.  Your Inner Being celebrates every new preference you have, revels in what life experience causes you to conclude.  And THAT is what puts the eternalness in eternity.
  185. Pain means Source is looking at things differently than you are!  Say to yourself in moments of pain, “Source MUST be looking at this differently.  What is Source thinking?  Source must be loving me, valuing me, appreciating that person, loving this moment, knowing that I am stable, secure and well.  I am on my way to wellness.  Pain just means I have a screwy outlook in this particular moment.
  186. Just because something is true does not mean it deserves your attention.  Your CORE BELIEF is that life is supposed to be good, and that you are a deliberate creator.  Other teachers may have other agendas and priorities.  Any feedback from the outside will be different from your Inner Being’s guidance, which is completely tailored to you.
  187. Most people operate out of their lack of connection.  If you care most about how you feel and reach for thoughts that feel better, your beliefs will change.
  188. We really are all One, but that is unsatisfying to humans who see themselves as separate clumps.  You come forth with different intentions from broader perspective, each one adding uniquely to the whole.  No one lives apart from Source energy.  Your self is individual, and each one making different decisions adds to the whole.  Source knows YOU have the best ability to choose what is best for YOU.
  189. When you get the picture that Source is applauding you, flooding forward into everything you are wanting, you will relax and recognize that what is on the leading edge is always improving.  Things are getting better and better, you are thriving more and more.  Everything is being amplified, including the crevasse between the rich and poor.  Law of Attraction is always answering the feeling and people keep creating in one direction or the other with their focus of thought. 
  190. Get in synch with who you are. Source continually calls you to the path which has the greatest likelihood of giving you everything you want.  Be flexible in following that call and get into alignment.
  191. Your intention in coming was not to be always in perfect alignment, but to come forth and mix it up.
  192. At a workshop, the audience is in Step 1, asking, Abraham is doing Step 2, answering, and Esther is in Step 3, allowing.  None of it could happen without the variety of vantage points represented here.
  193. This moment is all you ever have.  Don the perspective of Source in this moment.  It’s ok to compare yourself to others, it helps you want.  But then remember that you are doing well.  That there will always be something more to want, an endless stream that helps you flow life force.  Become conscious of your feeling as they flow into alignment.  Enjoy the feeling as you go from alignment to misalignment, alignment to misalignment, alignment to misalignment. 
  194. Whatever you are feeling is the guidance that comes in every moment. 
  195. This cruise is the REAL WORLD, too.  Just as real as the world you go home to.  All the steps along the way to here were good.  Going back to the real world is good.  Your point of attraction is changed now!  You are teacher to the core of your being, more than everything else put together.  There is no place you have been which will be the same when you go back to it.  Anytime you close the vibrational gap, you will never go back to where you were before.
  196. This has been a peak experience, it doesn’t matter if you dip back.  You know how to direct thoughts, and be aware of your guidance.
  197. Don’t find a high point and then beat up on yourself that you are not always there.  Relax and say, “I can feel who I really am.  I now understand I will always hear my guidance.  I feel dissatisfied when I am widening the gap.  So I will find peace where I am now and find the adventure along the way.  I trust that all I want is available in EVERY environment.  As you go forward and find it, THAT is true teaching. 
  198. You will conjure it in solitude, in your meditation and imagination.  Then you will tune yourself to it until it is your strong, dominant signal.  Then you will see that what is coming back matches it.  Bless everyone who reflects back to you the true nature of your vibrational relationship to where you want to be. 
  199. Every word that everyone speaks to me is my doing.  Every bump on my body is my doing.  I am soooooooo empowered!  Bring on the manifestation of my vibrational mix!  I can manage it everywhere I stand. 
  200. Source just be’s who you are as you listen for the call.  You follow it, and then you be who you are!  You gotta be who you are to be happy.
  201. When you are fascinated, you are being who you are. When you are interested, you are being who you are. When you are loving, you are being who you are. When you are connected, you are being who you are.
  202. You have wonderful lives because of your vibration.  You have wonderful lives because you listened to the call from Source.  Say, “I am so proud of me!  Sexual abuse, past experience just doesn’t matter!  There is so much for me to live for!”  Just get over it!
  203. When you ask it is given, whether you are asking for a new car or to see the broader perspective your Inner Being sees.  Trust in your guidance.  You already know how to receive.  When you yawn, that is you, allowing broader perspective to answer your cellular asking.  You don’t need to define it as Abraham.  You ALL have access to Infinite Intelligence.  The name is not important, it can be distracting.  You will receive clairaudient experiences and you will KNOW!
  204. Nonphysical is not projecting to you.  They are always there in response to your asking.  This process is like any other process.  Esther had an advantage because Jerry was Asking – so he had step 1 covered.  Abraham answered, step 2 was covered.  So Esther just had to do step 3 and become receptive and allowing.
  205. As you would prepare to come to an Abraham workshop, prepare to go into meditation to connect and ask.  Do step 1 before you sit to meditate.  Get clear on your intention and your questions.  It is not difficult to do, but you have to care about the answers – the questions have to be interesting to you to summon the energy.  Just do more of it.
  206. Don’t move back and forth between step 1 and 3 – it’s not easy to do both parts at the same time.  The majority of your guidance will still come back as an impulse to do this or that, like when Abraham gives Esther the impulse to slow down when there is a traffic hazard or a police car ahead.  She just finds herself disengaging the cruise control without thinking about it.  She feels Abraham slowing her down, and then she notices why.
  207. When you get the impulse and follow it, smile and be proud of your receiving!  Receiving the impulse IS Oneness with your guidance, and it is a lot faster than having to go into meditation or to a workshop to ask Abraham!
  208. When you are able to accomplish the somewhat difficult task of seeing your situation somewhat differently, it will change.  As long as you are saying, “I am staying in a place where I don’t want to be” you are stuck.  You have to make peace with where you are.  You’ve developed clever dialog about the job from hell, but it is not serving you. 
  209. Say to yourself things like, “I can get from where I am to where I want to be more.  This place has helped me launch many rockets of desire about where I want to be.  I like stability and co-creation and working with others and I have some of that here.  I appreciate this opportunity to stay and vibe it out rather than to run away.  There are many positive aspects about my work.”
  210. And in doing all that, it will begin to transform, not for everyone else, but for you.  It is an interim step to focus on where you are to make it bearable, and then you can more easily move on to something else you will enjoy more.  When you feel disgruntled, your vibrational escrow is full, but you don’t have access to any of it.
  211. It is easier for you to stay and clean it up.  The guy who was getting a divorce was different, it was easier for him to look somewhere else.  But for you, the security of your job will feel better than quitting while you line something else up.
  212. When you get happy where you are, everything comes to you. Change the way you are approaching different aspects that you focus on.  When something is ready to happen, it feels like the next logical step.  No matter where you are standing, you’ve got to find some things you like to focus on, in order to then find things you like even better.  Once you get happy, the Universe cleverly arranges the perfect path for you.
  213. Terri’s question on self love!  Every process we have offered enhances self-love by deliberately releasing resistance.  They all help you become more of a match to who you are, who is someone who loves beyond description!
  214. Seek incremental improvement, there is no such thing as a quantum leap.  Perceive the world through a self that loves.  The only hindrance to self love is coming yourself and what you want with others and what they want.  Loving yourself is not giving a rip what others think.  Train yourself to look for something that feels better, one step at a time. 
  215. When another loves you, and teaches you love, they are a match to their Inner Being, and they flood pure positive energy all over you.  Then you *need* them to attend to you to feel good, and they will let you down every time. 
  216. It feels good to BE loved, but nothing feels better in all the Universe than to love.  Fascination is the same vibration as love.  Appreciation is the same vibration as love.  As you appreciate, we join you in your appreciation.  You’d have no feeling at all without your relationship to Source.
  217. When you look outside yourself for love, you try to find connected ones.  Then you look and don’t find them connected, and you train yourself to NOT love yourself through their eyes.
  218. Love this rug and these flowers and this fresh air and this ship and your dinner, and this hair clip and spent time watching how flexible your fingers are.  Tune yourself to the easy and obvious things to love and appreciate.  Tune into things moment after moment that are easiest to love.
  219. The hardest one to love is the reflection in the mirror.  Look at yourself with the intent to see your Inner Being in there!  Gaze until you feel that awareness of ME in there. 
  220. Stop seeking love of Self and start noticing that it’s Love that is Self!  Think of it as loving me vs being the me who loves. 
  221. Rampage appreciation – It’s easy to love that one, and that one and that one and that one and that one!  The focal point of your love doesn’t matter, it could be that one or that one or that one or that one.  If you are enjoying eating this meal, it doesn’t matter that you are not simultaneously eating the one over there. 
  222. When you are flowing love randomly, that is who you are!  Acknowledge it and demand it of yourself.  Look for it everywhere you go!
  223. You are LOVE!  When you flow love, you will feel what a stable being you are.  You will no longer feel off balance.  Everything this has to do with you is within your control. 
  224. Looking for love to be focused AT you is somewhat lackful.  We want you to feel love more and more and it is easier to love elsewhere.  The quest for self-love is going down the rabbit hole.  Look instead for the part of yourself that DOES love, and cultivate that.  Soon you will be saying, “I love the feeling of loving you.  I don’t care if you love me or not.”  And when you get there, the Universe will line you up with all those who are a match to loving!
  225. Look for reasons to love everywhere.  Make peace with where you are.  We see you loving yourself often already, and you are absolutely lovable!
  226. Comparison to others is the only problem.  All of you stand around and launch rockets, because you conclude that others are living the life you want and you are not.  Their success is a club you use against yourself. 
  227. You cannot COMPARE!  You can’t measure what they are living.  Even if they are living what looks to be your dream, they may not be happy in it.  Don’t feel bad about not having absolute self-love.  It’s a never ending question.  The love you hold for yourself in every moment is enough.  Where you are is just right, right now.
  228. We have not rendezvous’d with a group that has more powerful desire before, and you are right on the edge of allowing great things to flow.  Say to yourself, Everything is in immediate reach.  I am on track like I have never been before.  Make a list of all the gifts you have been allowing into your experience as you move forward.  This is the Renaissance!  Insist that your vibrational countenance allows your own rebirth into this great time.  We are incomplete.