Notes from Abraham Workshop Chicago - September 16, 2006

By Julie Winsberg

I must say, this was the best workshop ever. There was just something about it that it is difficult to wrap words around. What I feel mostly is that we are capable of so much love and joy that it just knocks my socks off. We can do anything. Anything. Anything. Anything.  I am just so thankful for the opportunity to be blessed with this information from Abe. It is just amazing.

Opening segment:
1. Abe: “We appreciate your expanding desire.”
2. Be wanting in expectation of receiving.
3. Physical is the leading edge of non-physical – taking non-physical into precision & specifics.
4. We are all physical & non-physical.
5. The Source energy part of you becomes the desire that you gave birth to. Source becomes it non-physically – you (the physical) just need to come up to speed with it.
6. When you go with the flow of what you asked for, you are one with what you asked for.
7. Abe told us of an experience that Jerry & Esther had. They have a portable guidance system in the car that they tow behind the Monster Bus. They brought it into the bus and programmed it for where they were headed. The bus has it’s own system, so there were being guided double. It turned out that, although they would have eventually wound up in the same place, both systems kept saying different things. There was tons of traffic so Esther just tuned them both out and went where she felt best. And, of course, they got there just fine. It was a perfect metaphor for the peanut gallery of voices in our mind and in our lives.
8. We want to get to the place where we listen to the guidance from inside – and we can say to anyone, anytime: “I hear your words, but they mean nothing to me. I am listening to the Call of Source.”
9. The Call of Source – there is no defining word – it sounds different depending upon where we are on the emotional scale. It just always feels like relief.
10. All the books about heroes/winners, etc – are written about people who fight going “upstream.” It’s virtuous. We are here to tell you that flowing “downstream” is the way to go. “Nothing that you want is upstream.”
11. Source calling you is the reason that the Stream exists. What you have been asking for if there. Source has created it for you from your asking.
12. At a recent workshop, after a break, a Mom comes back and her child had asked her –
“Why are adults so grumpy?” Abe: “The longer you live, the more things you ask for. The current is going faster and you can get bumped around more.”
13. Taking action does not have the leverage that (going with the) current does.
14. You added to the stream when you came into this body. The stream was created before you cam in.
15. Powerful negative emotion is going against the fast moving stream.
16. It is all our doing.
17. There was a story about Jerry & Esther in traffic that wasn’t moving at all. This was in contrast to how they normally travel. Then it broke loose and there was “sweet relief.” This is what we are after.
18. Be in belief that you can have what you want.
19. It’s enough to stop paddling – your boat will turn around and the Stream will carry you.
20. No: “Yes…buts…”
21. What matters most: Coming into alignment with who your are.
22. When you make the best of where you are, your future experience is pre-paved to what you want. You have to make the best of where you are for things to improve.
23. How you feel is everything.
24. When you get in the habit of choosing what feels better, you are flowing downstream. The more you flow downstream, the gap between what you are asking for and receiving.
25. Abe: “This meeting has already happened vibrationally before you dragged your bodies here.”
26. “We are standing where you want to be. We are all that you are.”
27. The larger part of you has expanded from what you create.
28. Be what the larger part of you has become.
29. Listen for the call of Source. Feel relief. Find it. Smile.
30. “I’ve turned in the Stream – and that’s enough. Make Peace with where you are.
31. If this live experience has the power to have me ask for it, the Universe has the power to create it.
32. Taking all emotional Journeys will turn your boat.

Mom passed. In tail spin – going back to Phoenix.

33. Soften the thought. Deliberately withdraw the thought. You may have to do it hundreds of times. Will put you with the stream. Split personality. Part of you wants to talk about the negative thing. Source calls you downstream. Recognize both parts are there. Just acknowledge your power. Worse or better – not best or worse. Choose to find relief now. You have the power to focus.
How do you let it go to the Manager?
34. Every desire has both ends of the stick. Use the power of your mind to focus in a better way.
35. Once you let it be about emotion instead of issues, - it’s just about the flow.
36. Stop yourself from saying it. Stop yourself from thinking it. (the negative)
37. It is easier to adjust your energy than to take action.
38. You have the resources to adapt – if you are who you really are.
39. Just stop dong that thing you do – paddling up stream.

This just in: New book – “Law of Attraction” out October 18th. It will only be carried at bookstores for the first month to get it on the Best Seller list. “Ask & It Is Given” is #42 on Amazon – after all this time. It would have been a best seller way up there if everyone had bought the books from stores like Barnes & Noble.

Also – All the workshops have been taped on video and there will be new DVDs every 90 days or so.

AND… there is a great new deck of cards: Ask & It Is Given. They are beautiful!

How do we bring (Abe) messages to people. How much comes from the other side and how much comes from the physical.
40. The blending of the two is what you create.
41. In-Spired. From Source. From asking. Getting up to speed with your creation. (all together.) Everything is a combination of physical & non-physical.
42. We are Source energy in physical bodies.
43. Get in alignment with who you are and let it rip!
How to manage relationship with one you are living with is not working with or understanding these teachings.
44. You line up with you.
45. When your desire is to be who you are, you can appreciate where the other person is.
46. You both launch preferences that lead you both to the same place.
47. Co-creating is so delicious.
48. Others are the incentive for your disconnection? The choice to be disconnected is yours.
49. You are seeking agreement with who you have become. Not with someone else.
50. Say: “I may be one of the most selfish people you ever met – which is the greatest gift I can give you.” (they may not get that right away)
51. If (other) has to change for me to feel good, it is a trap for both.
52. Say: “I resonate with those positive aspects for you.”

Clarify perception and creation – what you perceive is what you vibrate.

53. “Tuning my vibration to see what I want to see.”
54. With refreshed eyes – the whole world looks different.
55. Perceiving and creating are in the eye of the beholder. “I cannot create apart from the way I feel.”
56. The purpose of physical death: withdrawal of attention to the particular perception.
57. The advantage of 2 points of perception? (physical & non-physical) Wanting leading edge of experience – working together.
58. From non-physical you understand the value of your physical. Withdraw, regroup – be born again – with fresh eyes.

Long question – Thinks he and partner would like new home. They are going through a lot of transitions and changes. His house is rundown. Does they stay or do they find another house. Build? Remodel? Buy neighbor’s lot? How do we realize our dreams?

58. Abe: All words spoken were in opposition to the dream – all pointing out challenges.
The physical action only takes you as far as it can take you. They are at the end of their action leverage.
59. The only thing to do is to stop thinking and saying the words that stop you from getting to your dream house.
60. Make Peace with the house you have.

Will it keep me there (by making peace with the house I have)?

61. Know how satisfied you are to be there for now. Appreciate.
62. The new creation continues to draw you toward it. You know by the way you feel better & better.
63. Get in sync with the resources the Universe has available.
64. Won’t it be nice when it all comes together.
65. Your dream is alive and well in vibrational escrow. Talk your resistance down.
66. Abe: “Jerry & Esther are doing a little bit of this and they aren’t even good at it.” (They are manifesting lots.) Turn toward your desire.
67. It isn’t about the action.
68. Feel: “I no longer have to justify well-being flowing to me.”
69. There is a big disconnect between what flows to me – and what I deserve.
70. Your dream is bigger than your words can describe.
71. Milk the positive aspects of what is happening.
72. The specifics of your life keep working out because the promise of your life that it always will.
73. The well-being of this time/space/reality is secure. We knew that when we came here.
74. Alignment with who I am – I am free – I have returned to who I am.
75. You are going to love what unfolds for you.

Wanting clarity for connecting with God.

76. How do you know where God is? Listen for the call of Source. (going up the emotional ladder.)
77. Source is in the ear of the beholder.
78. Abe told of Esther at a restaurant. When served a freshly picked salad of greens that were lovingly grown – she could feel the vibration. It was an orgasmic salad.
79. The path to God is not a hard path. Those that think they need to control make it hard.

Notes from Abraham Workshop
Chicago area
September 16, 2006

Afternoon Session:

80. Abe: (in reference to last question before lunch) Did you find God at lunch?
Some say you can’t be spiritual and material at the same time. You and Source energy are in a physical body. Why would you come into a world where the material is so important? There is no separation. You can approach a material thing in an aligned way or not. You cannot separate Source/God from the physical. There are people trying to live by words given thousands of years ago – in a different time, different place. Some ask – “which of this highly questionable material should I use?” “I will try to make sense of it all.” This one says this – this one says this…
81. Each person has guidance within, specific to each person. It is not a voice outside of you. It is the voice within you.
82. Show yourself what thoughts you think align you or those that separate you.
83. There is more hate wrapped around religion than anywhere – trying to control others.
It is human beings in powerlessness speaking. There is no God in what they are saying.
84. All Masters have said “The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you.”
85. Try to trust more the feeling that comes from within you.
86. God/Source energy is loving to the core – to be felt as love.
87. When you find what’s right/wrong – and push against what’s wrong, - you align with both. You can’t condemn some.
88. You are dealing with only your own gap.
89. What you are seeking is in the place of good thoughts – that feel good.

Question: What about health insurance.
90. Abe: “We don’t have any.” (laughter)
91. When you insure against trouble, you attract trouble. But if no insurance feels worse – if you think you will get sick – then it is better to have it.
92. When you know and trust in your physical wellness – buying insurance could feel downstream.
93. It’s all how it feels to you. Jerry & Esther have insurance, like car insurance, - that there are laws about. Because that feels better not to break the law. Other insurance – no. Keep the rules because it feels good.
94. Alignment first/action next.

Question: Seeking to move forward. Reeling from the impact of events.
(long question – woman had a series of challenging events – (father & mother passed) - that she said she met with faith and courage – then she felt like it all fell apart.)
95. Abe: You said faith and courage.
Faith – downstream, relax & trust
Courage – upstream, resistance, forceful (can feel strong)
(There was huge reaction of understanding from the audience of the powerful difference between the two. Difficult to put into words.)
96. You are looking for alignment from outside of you.
97. Vibrationally (her) family represented stability – Lost her Dad – and looked upstream for it. (courage) In vibrational instability – other things happen.
98. You have control of how you react to everything. You just need to know it.
99. Be aligned with You/Source to attract your partner.
100. You are not in alignment with your partner in vibrational escrow – if you are not in alignment with Source/You.
101. Your future wellness is a result of your past sickness (sending out rockets of desire for wellness.)
102. Your vibrational escrow is in better shape than if you hadn’t experienced the contrast.
103. Turn around and let the stream carry you. Let the stream turn your boat. It is everything.
104. You don’t need a motor on your boat – the stream will always carry you.
105. Source says: “Yes! Here ya go…”
106. Everything you live causes you to become more.
107. When parents die – when you looked to them for stability – it can be challenging.
(Esther is now communicating with her parents who have passed. They are giving her updates from the other side. She also had to adjust.)
108. You can choose - in all things you are looking at – better and better thoughts.
109. What you are living right now just is. Your now is pre-paving your future.
110. Talk about the solution. All things come to your alignment just by changing your thoughts to the better. No matter where you are.
111. Talk only about that which is good.
112. Your NOW is so much more powerful than whatever you broadcast before.
113. People can be lazy about all this.
114. “Should I take action or take a walk?” Take a walk. Feel good.
115. Don’t do anything except come into your alignment.
116. If you had any idea of how many things are going downstream in your life…

Re: question of separation from partner:
117. If he says “You’re not the one for me” – and you say – “OK – you’re not the one for me it would be downstream.
118. Say to him – “You came to me when I was broken – so you can’t be that good.”
(total laughter and agreement from all in room)

Hypnosis – do you see this as a way for people to go beyond the block?
119. Human Being at the core – Pure Positive Energy – then we have personality. We are a mix of energy. Hypnosis turns you toward your alignment.
120. Alignment of thought energy.
121. The hypnotherapist sees you in alignment. You come into alignment with your desire when in hypnosis.
122. Conscioiusly train yourself to be in the place of alignment. This will last. Hypnosis may not.

Earth changes. Questioner is getting mixed messages from other channeled information.
123. Abe: All of you come forth knowing this is a stable, long-term thriving environment and it is.
124. The Earth is in a state of constant alignment – just like we are.
125. If you are sitting on a bench and someone says there is a monster in the bushes, then run.
126. Just go where you feel your alignment.
127. Re California: Jerry & Esther are thinking about purchasing land in San Diego. They are very aware of vibrations and do not go in an area that does not feel good.
128. This is a stable environment, and humans will live happily ever after for longer than we can imagine.
129. Stay in alignment and make decisions about where you like from that place.
130. People (who are making predictions) are tapping into vibration and it is difficult to know if in the past or how far in the future.
131. Look how the majority lives – things are better – energy is moving faster.
132. There is more “drama” today, but it is a good thing.
133. There is no ending to this wonderful life you are living here on Planet Earth.
134. You’ve really got to get over this death thing. Negative predictions – “Much to do about nothing.”

Global warming:
135. Abe: Don’t you think it’s amazing that the Earth spins at all? Don’t you think that what created it can handle it?
136. People are not motivated by the call of Source. We should not have to be doing such a sales job about feeling good!
137. The delusion ratio is still working on the Planet. The good thing is that the older (less aligned) people are croaking.
138. You are all helping by turning downstream.
139. You are all vibrational islands living within the environment of what we have created.

140. That’s why they call it “practicing” medicine – they don’t have a clue.
141. You have the ability in this body on this Earth to thrive.
142. Source will never go with the rockets of desire that you don’t want.
143. We know the future of this planet and it is good!
144. Clean up your vibration while things are good. (Don’t wait for the challenge.)
145. It is not possible for you not to live happily ever after. (Although some may have to die to do it.)

He has lived through condition that is only found on autopsy.
146. Abe: Well don’t let them do the autopsy.
Wants to know where he goes from here.
147. If you would go to a physician or a scientist, 40 or 50 times a day you would find all kinds of things.
148. Your cells are reaching for alignment, too. Cells know what they don’t want and ask for what they do want. Source answers.
149. Like a high-wire walker, we are constantly finding balance.
150. It is possible to be deathly ill one day and fine the next. It is a change in vibration.
151. The fact that you (the questioner) walked away is the deliberate creation.
152. Symptoms – there is a whole lot more to the story – behind it is always the vibrational upstream choices.
153. Just keep appreciating.
154. While you go along with what the doctors suggest – choose all downstream thoughts.
155. Abe told the story of when Esther & Jerry were walking in the woods and he knocked his leg. When they got back, Esther looked at it and freaked. There was a huge blood clot. She thought of Jerry’s Dad, who had suffered from that and wanted Jerry to go to the hospital. He not only refused to do that, he would not look at it. Esther had to realize that Jerry is not his father and is in alignment. In the morning, he was fine.
156. To questioner: Continue to be the medical miracle they all want to write about. Keep going downstream.

Life is unfolding fast. (Questioner) has met her guides. Is struggling with moving forward.
(Note: I think that was what the question was. It was a lot of things.)
157. Unless you accept where you are is fine – you cannot become more.
158. Each time you turn and go with the Stream, you get closer. The Stream still carries you even if you turn back – but bucking the current beats you up.
159. Stop taking score so much. Focus on the good happening.
160. The space between poverty and abundance is just a small turn downstream. You can’t get to any of it by taking score. You are too introspective. Over thinking everything.
161. Find relief.
162. Know that “I am a teacher and not a carrier of the whole world.”
163. Healers – if you make the mistake of joining the person where they are instead of where they are becoming – you are at odds with each other. Don’t try to change the vibrational frequency of others. They have to be the ones to do it.
164. Your responsibility is your alignment.
165. Until someone changes the pattern of their thoughts – nothing will change.
166. Technology (to change vibration), - contraption cannot replace the power of your feeling. You have everything you need to change your vibration.

Note: Fred Hammond had a great description of the above segment on the Abe list.

Workshop closing words:
167. Leading edge people create the ripple effect.
168. What matters most: Understanding the vibration of Source and You – at this moment. Your awareness.
169. What life has caused You/Us, You/Us, You/Us to become. Future generations benefit from the life you have lived.

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