Abraham-Hicks workshop notes

Chicago 9/13/2008

By LuvBug from AbeForum

Everything you see is an extension of a previous vibration.

Everything that is coming in your future is already fulfilled

All reality came from vibration and it will come fast if you allow it to

Vortex of Attraction = Vibration Escrow

LOA is amassing all cooperative things to make it manifest, but are YOU cooperating?

If things are not moving along, YOU are the only uncooperative part of the equation that is disallowing it to come

You will always be inspired to the action, you don't need to wrestle it to the ground.

You don't need anything to change to be what you want to be

(A loud annoying BUZZZZ sound went off during the workshop that at first made it hard to concentrate on what Abe was saying. Abraham cleverly used that buzzing sound to represent contrast in life.)

 You can STILL FOCUS your attention on what is wanted (listening to the workshop) even though there is a loud annoying contrast (the buzzing sound) in the environment. The buzz (contrast) doesn't have to stop for life to go on. Just chose to focus your attention on what it is you want. Let it take a backseat to what it is you DO want. The unwanted stuff will not drown out the wanted. You can make what is wanted more present by focusing your attention to it

There are no words you can offer to change it. You just have to let go of the need for control of the uncontrollable and give undivided attention to how you feel.

I will take life as it comes and do the best in the midst of what goes on.

The contrast is contributing. Look in the direction of what you want to set into motion, allow your massive fortune. Let it in now. Hurricane of wellbeing, flows to you at all times.

Find the best thought you can from where you are. Train yourself into the best of what goes on around you. Exaggerate, talk about the best you see around you.

You will be vibrating in the vicinity of your Vibration Escrow

It's drawing you in, now you are a cooperative participant! You can do it in a day. You have control of everything that rendezvous with you.

If someone asks why your life is working so perfectly for you, say "I GOT IN THE VORTEX!"

When you feel better than you just did, you are on the right track.

If you can hang around in hope, you will begin to believe, it will show itself to you.

When you see wrong in another for seeing wrong in another, you are doing the same thing you are accusing them of.

The media is neither good nor bad.

Relax and understand that everyone must serve their own selfish interest. Don't get stuck in step one. WE LOVE THE

Most of everything is none of your business, and you can't change what's none of your business.

Processes: Let it be a game! Easy, there!

Allowing myself to enter the vortex. How can I allow what I've wanted to be? Let it go.

Focus on what IS happening and the rest will follow.

Goal: Feel better than I do right now.

What i'm looking forward to experiencing.

I love knowing what to do even when I'm not doing it!

Source is full in me, calling me.

Everything except my thought, my word, my action is not my business.

Get your nose out of your partners experience.

Can you let someone stop your flow who didn't get it going faster to begin with?? (Using someone who offended you as your excuse to disconnect from the stream that THEY helped to speed up. They inspired you to know what you want by showing you what you do not want, but instead of going with the now faster stream, you chose to focus on the thing that made the stream move faster..hahah!)

Tell the one who showed you contrast "Thanks for step one!!"

"If you'd just stop being that way, I'd stop growing!" (funny)

Nothing makes for a better future relationship than the rotten one you're in!!!

Sleep-I am pure positive energy. When I wake up, first thing I will think of is how great it is to live life. Utter appreciation for physical-ness. Feel appreciation, listen for the tactile feeling.

Physical is an extension of, not lesser than, Non Physical. (it is not "better" to be Nonphysical or physical)

Fear means: "This thought sucks!"

Who you really are is FRISKY! OBNOXIOUS! High flying!

As you let other people response to you be important, you become a mere shadow of what you really are.

Nothing can assert itself in your experience. It's good for me to have this feeling to this thought because it lets me know this thought is bogus!! (bad feeling=bogus thought)

Feeling a negative emotion when you think a thought, THAT feeling is the "ahhhh" when you touch a stove. Stop saying "I can't" get away from it.

Keep pulling in the direction of what you are.

Questioner asked about a book he bought but never read, but felt he should read. You don't even need the book that much!! Maybe it's not the path of least resistance. Trying too hard? You energy isn't lined up enough to make it feel good, so it would be a misaligned action anyway. DO IT and line up or don't do it and line up with NOT doing it. Feel good about your decision to do or not do something.

Look to others for their response to what I'm doing, monitor what you do in response to how they've tried to train you. (I'm sure that made total sense when I wrote it down, hahah!)

The contrast makes you want it more, then eventually you catch up.

Want no part of anything not a vibrational match to you. (When a flock of chickens sees a sick chicken, they peck at it in defense because they want no part of that sick chicken's misalignment. They want to maintain their own alignment)

It's got something to do with the way I feel=getting in the vortex

It is done. The universe will give you anything you want through the path that you will allow it.

VIBRATIONALLY ORIENTED, physical less important. Feelings are more important.

how you feel, figure out how to be a match to it and WATCH.

It's fun to not know and then know.

When they're not arguing for your limitations, THEN argue for their success. (Only offer your positive comments when a person is in a receptive mode...don't try complimenting someone when they're beating themselves up because they won't welcome it)

Create a new version of the person, then stay true to it. Stick to it. They're helping you to stay focused on the vision. See them how you WANT them to be, not as they are.

As I play with you, I want more than what we got going on. You are going to be my best teacher. You can't help someone who is far from your vibration.

Release those who aren't listening to teachers who are within their vibrational range.

Let LOA bring those to you who ARE within vibrational range of you. Hold your tone where you are and let those come to you!

It feels good to be answered.

Find the truth that works for you and don't try to replicate someone else's.

Something else is necessary for the process to unfold (if the person you are trying to teach is out of your vibrational range, there must first be something else within their range for them to learn from before they can hear you. Then if you are to be their teacher, they will be closer to your range and THEN only can you offer them anything that they can hear.) Another teacher who is vibrating in the vicinity of the student will appear.


Don't tune in because others need what you provide, do it for YOU.

Let LOA bring you to the action when it is required. Don't' be motivated by the needs of others. I WANT TO FEEL GOOD!!

Look at what I want for you, not where you are.

A questioner asked how she can learn to love herself more because she could love everyone else but not herself. Love ANYTHING, then focus on self. You don't need to be lovable to love yourself.



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