Abraham Seminar Notes by Julie Winsberg

Chicago Area

June 3, 2006


1. Abe, (Esther & Jerry) to us: “If anything meaningful happens here today, it is up to you. We are here to have fun.”

2. The not yet manifested is calling you forward.

3. There will never be a time where you are not reaching beyond where you are. There is always something more.

4. Contrast produces new clarity.

5. Source becomes one with the new expanded you.

6. A new baby sleeping is getting alignment in Physical after coming from Pure Positive Energy.

7. We always have the choice to feel something good.

8. Source always answers. Source answers the signal that you have just become.

9. If you knew what Source has in Vibrational Escrow for you, it would knock your socks off!

10. Where are you in vibrational relationship to what you want?

11. It is vibrationally there for you. It is up to you to close the vibrational gap.

12. How do you hear the call of Source? When you feel in Joy with thrill bumps – and when you feel whatever it is that you are feeling, and you make the choice to feel even slightly better - Source is calling.

13. There are degrees of powerlessness and you can move through them quickly.

14. Every day you are living the awareness of your vibrational mix.

15. There are “peace makers” and “trouble makers” everywhere. Who do you want to be with?

16. We know innately that we are free. When we are told that we are powerless, we rebel.

17. Go with the natural flow. We have been taught that we have to fight hard and swim upstream to get awards & trophies.

18. It is much easier to put your boat in the water and go with the flow of what you Do want.

19. Stop pushing against what you don’t want. When you go with the flow of what you do want, life gets better & better.

20. No one else can focus or vibe for you.

21. Every emotion you feel is a reflection of your degree of freedom & power.

22. If you would just stop and turn your boat in the direction of the flow – stop bucking the current. What does that feel like? It feels like relief.

23. You care more about how they feel, about how you feel, than how you feel.

24. It’s always going your way. The question is – are you allowing it to go your way?

25. I am where I am.

26. You have to give up trying to sort details about what is right and what is wrong. Don’t be determined to blend with what culture expects is wrong or right decision. If you are going with the flow – it feels good to you. Relax and allow yourself to turn with the flow.

27. There are No Impossible Dreams!

28. Life will treat you as you treat yourself.

29. You created your vibrational escrow before you dragged your body here.

30. Why did we (Abraham) come forth? For the Joy of Expansion.

31. Why wouldn’t we (Abraham) choose to be in the physical? It’s like saying to the toaster - why are you not the current (energy).

32. Source coming through physical has a myriad of vantage points.

33. The art of releasing the illusion of separation. (Note: there was a thread running through the day about illusion. Abe did say that one of Esther’s favorite books as she was in her beginning process was “Illusions”, (by Richard Bach.)  They were teasing about the word illusion.)

34. Abraham’s personality is interpreted through Esther. (Abe said she does it terrifically.)

35. You cannot be separate from Source – you are extensions of.

36. You are Source here in the process of expanding.

37. Contrast helps you conclude something that was not there before.

38. The stories we tell each other about how we got where we are!

39. It’s a constant, never-ending expansion.

40. You’re not here as something insignificant trying to catch up. You are powerful and on the leading edge.

41. Keep with the idea of what you want and close the gap.

42. How long does it take me to think more about what I want, than what I don’t want?

43. If you use the criteria – which thought feels better? – you are closing the gap. If you think about what others think, or what is, you are not closing the gap.

44. When you close the gap, the manifestation begins to appear instantaneaously.

45. Why do you continue to insist that the energy of Abe is not here in the physical? That is an “illusion.”  The non-physical is ALWAYS here with you. Source becomes that fully physical.

46. You can’t get away from “us” – but you can tune us out. WE ARE COMPLETELY INVOLVED IN YOUR PHYSICAL.

47. WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE. And unlike most humans, we really like being here. (This was also repeated many times throughout day.)

48. Response to question from Mom of 3 year old who is a “free spirit.”  – This is a controlling issue. Remember child has guidance within them. Tell her: “It is my powerful intention, as your Mom, to know my guidance and for you to know your guidance.” To know what your non-physical perspective feels. To feel how in or out of harmony with that I am.

49. To child: “ When I see you as capable, wise and growing and expanding, I see you as my Inner Being sees you.”

50. Teenagers are ill-prepared to make their own decisions when parents do not see them as having their own guidance system.

51. Using positive sounding words with negative vibrations will not work. The child feels – “I can’t trust me, so I have to trust someone else” – when parents say that they know what is best for the child.

52. No guidance from others ever comes close to that from Broader Perspective.

53. Abe told us the story of how Esther was driving the Monster Bus. She was in a challenging place thinking about all she had to do. Overwhelmed. Cranky. She then sees a hawk in front of her - about to pick up his lunch - which turned out to be a groundhog that was too large for the hawk to carry. She new the hawk couldn’t lift up enough to avoid the bus. She talks to the hawk - don’t do it. don’t do it. – but the hawk does - and splat. She was astonished, as things like that never happen to them, but when she spoke with Abe about it, they said: “ You were thinking about how you had so much to do. Could it be that you bit off more than you can chew? Beasts are willing to rendezvous with you in endless ways to guide you. The bird is fine - no fear of death – and the groundhog was already lunch.” Later Abraham spoke about how before, if something like this happened to Esther, she would have been devastated, but now, although not pleasant, she understands and can handle it.

54. Make the connection between what you are thinking & feeling – and what is happening.

55. It matters how I feel.

56. It’s easier to help a little one remember what they now (from Pure Positive Perspective) than to tell them after the fact.

57. Rebellion is a free spirit acknowledging they are not feeling as free as they want to be.

58. Wouldn’t you rather be aware of something as an emotion before it manifests?

59. Teach your child to be a vibrational match to all that feels good.

60. Keep the beating of the drum going toward your manifestation. Just keep doing it and it picks up momentum.

You want more than the manifestation – you want the relief – and the feeling of Joy you feel when it comes. You want to feel better. And there is always more.

61. If being “there” is what you need to feel better, you will not get there.

62. Negative emotion means you are moving away from what you want.

63. Where you put your boat in the emotional stream - put it where it is easy.

64. The manifestation becomes irrelevant because you are feeling so good. You will say – “Oh there you are – I’ve been waiting for you for awhile.”

65. The more you get closer to the manifestation, the more you can feel the momentum.

66. You are here in your clarity of wanting to move forward.

67. All in good time.

68. Satisfaction is the reaching desire of something you expected.

69. It is not possible to be anything other than an expanding Being.

70. Wanting in the way Abe means it never feels uncomfortable. It’s going toward your expanded Being.

71. “I don’t want anything” (if you mean it) – means that you are not uncomfortable where you are.

72. When we give you a wonderful answer, it is because you asked a wonderful question. We would not answer it without you.

73. You have to get up to speed with what life has caused you to become or you will feel discomfort.

74. We are not wiser than that which you are, because we are what you were when before  you became physical – and you have expanded.

75. That which you call trouble is contrasting opportunity.

76. We all have “Abe” readily available. It can continue to expand to whatever you want it to be.

77. All of us receive impulses all day from Broader Perspective.

78. School is about storage cabinets (minds) and discipline.

79. Anything is possible!

80. The most well-meaning parent does not have the ability to judge where the child really wants to be. The child only knows.

81. You can’t stop asking. You create your own reality by finding your desire – then allowing it. Then get up to speed with your desire.

82. You ought to see the vibrational escrow that mass consciousness is amassing! New generations come forth up to speed with what we are creating.

83. If life had not caused you to expand, we would not be here.


85. Person in love seat: “Guess what? This stuff works!”

86. When Abraham uses the word God, (they prefer Source), they use it in the way man means it. In the inclusive sense - that which you are a part of Pure Positive Energy.

87. We are all extensions of God. Everything that is Physical & Non-Physical - is Non-Physical.

88. And there is no hell!

89. Where were we when we decided to be form? We were the non-physical swirl we call God.

90. You will not for a moment - loose the sense of who you are (when you transition). You will just notice no resistance and clarity becomes essence. You look at everything through the eyes of well-being.

91. Non-Physical mostly gives our attention to the leading edge.

92. Your ability to translate vibration does not cease when you become Non-Physical. It will change, but not cease.

93. Question: “Can I influence my grandchildren when I’m gone.”  Abe: Yes. Not control. You wouldn’t control from a non-physical perspective. You will be right there in their calls for vibrational escrow. There is no worry. The grandchild is choosing whether to receive the influence. You become part of the non-physical stream you call God.

94. Give your undivided attention to where you want to be.

95. These times are the greatest leading edge yet!

96. Potential for Joy is greater today than ever before.

97. All you have to do is let life inspire the desire and then turn toward that desire.

98. My life has caused me to ask for things incrementally.

99. It is a state of being that I am creating. Turn toward your perfect life. It is the best feeling.

100. You can’t ever get there - it is always expanding.

101. To actually get your hands in the clay is the perfect life - not the sculpture. It’s the living of life in the flow.

102. The better you feel, the better everyone around you benefits.

103. Beasts are co-creators that help you gain awareness.

Note: Abe told wonderful stories of how messages from loved ones came to Esther & Jerry through birds.

104. No one who dies is gone. They are just focused differently. Birds pickup the block of vibrational thoughts, translates it and presents it to us.

105. Birds are one with the energy stream.

106. Relax and breathe into appreciation of what you shared together (with your loved one.) No relationship is ever done. It’s all eternal.

107. “Esther’s Inner Being is that which we are - which is Source.”

108. It is of value to stop often to feel what you are feeling. Know that you want to feel good.

109. When you choose the best flow, it always feels good. The only criteria is how it feels.

110. When you don the perspective - life is good - then life shows you good. The natural instinct of babies is to love.

111. I’ll go forth and I will consciously expand. I will deliberately point my expansion toward Joy.


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