Abraham-Hicks Workshop notes



    Question about 'What is my purpose?'
    Your purpose is to be eternal
    Your purpose is joy.
    Your purpose is to feel as good as you can right now, and to feel proud of yourself to getting yourself here
    The vortex of your vibration escrow  which is swirling beside you is calling everything to it including you.
    Question about working to deadlines and how it can be hard to be creative when you have a deadline looming.
    Everything is perceptual.
    The word 'deadline' is a very specific word which is 'dead' and 'line'...implying the end of creation. This is a ridiculous statement because you never get it done and you never get it wrong! Try to change your perception of 'deadline', and look at it instead as a specific focal point in time, that serves me and you in this way, from which another rocket of desire will be launched.  Instead of calling it a deadline, call it a 'focal point'.
    If you're not selfish enough  to align you with your power, you have nothing to give to anyone else.
    Hospitals are full of people full of action and no vibration (cant remember specifics of this).
    Question:  Is it possible to live without food? Guest read about someone who lives without food or water, and lives on breath only.
    Some plants live without food.
    If you want it enough, and believe it, then it can be.
    Scientists are always looking for consensus. This slows things down.
    Question about thought - if all thought exist, and there are good thoughts, and bad thoughts...where are they? 
    Yes all thoughts that ever were thought still exist, but they are more like vibration islands.  Fear activates fear island .  There is no source of evil/darkness,  You don't go into a room and look for the dark switch.
    Look at the results rather than the process of thoughts.  If there are 2 vibrational thoughts in escrow (I think they were refering to good thoughts/fear thoughts escrow), If you always go into the good one and if you go willingly you feel good.
    Question on how to get into alignment with who you really are
    Conscious breathing is the fastest alignment to who you are.  Some times it's easier to do this when doing something physical (like running/brisk walking) that doing it sitting.
    You are more knowing that you are, than you know you are!
    Appreciation and what feels a little better, emotions are not vital (I think this is about finding a better feeling thought than trying to label your emotion).
    In 30 days you can tune in to who you really are and who you came to create
    Question: How can I use my guidance system and manage energy?
    Focus is powerful.
    Contradictory thought slows it down.
    If you want and believe then it is.
    For example, spoon bending workshop.  it's like there is an 'opening'  and 'closing' belief.  Everyone doesn't believe it, then someone in room has experience of their spoon bending, and then everyone in room expects it, so everyone's spoon bends. (opening) Next thing people cant believe that it's just happened, so it stops happening. (closing).
    If you want and expect (defines 'expect' as wanting and believing at the same time). You see the spoon as having already moved.
    Find your own contrast and manage it.
    The feeling of deja vu.
    This is a very good sign and indicator that your are in the vibrational vicinity of where you are going.  It's familiar so the vibrational experience becomes the physical vibration.
    Exhiliration about life.
    Energy being not physical manifestional being
    You manage your own stream and make your stream go faster and you feel uncomfortable when you're not going with the stream.
    Scripting doesn't make things happen - it's already done!  Stop thinking it's not done!! 
    Scripting helps you release your resistance and feel your way to it
    Energy processes hold you in place of less resistance.
    The focus is not to make it happen, but to lessen resistance.
    Savoring the irrational intensity.
    Practice it until it is who you are.
    don't know where you are, but where you ARE   (not sure what this was!)
    Question:  What is the best question I could ask?
    How can I keep up to speed with me?
    How can I increase my sensitivity to emotion?
    Meditate 10-15 mins. Quieting  your mind. It allows a gap through, and stops restistant thoughts. Get in tune with who you are.
    Question:  Is evolution true?
    Yes - something about vibraitonal escrow vortex, but cant remember specifics
    Question: How can I be mentally clear?
    The relationship between you and you is the only one that's important. What fuzzy's you up is the distance betweent the two. Where am I in relationship to where I want to go?
    Make peace with where you are and look for positive aspects of where you are.
    Resistance is the only thing that make you sick.
    Release resistance  - get happy!
    Look in the direction of what you want, and look for  pockets of happy.
    Question about healing.
    A healer sees possibilities not reoccurances.
    Do you believe in the power of your mind beyond what you observe?  You cant hear the answer while you're beating the drum about what is.
    Make peace with what is and expectation of desire.Trust you are on the right path and it will open up. A fast moving stream is better than a slow one.The difference between hope and doubt is recovery. Find the vibration of the recovered place.
    Healers think vibriationally. They find the example of life to offer les resistance. A healer influences wellness. It's upstream to use the name 'healer' . More downstreanm to call it 'wellbeing' as it ignores what needs to be healed. The best healers distract you from your problems.
    (mentioned also that traditional doctors are traine to find 'what's wrong' with you).
    Fear is what you get when you are nowhere near what you want.
    Question: Teacher wants to bring Abe principles into classroom - lots of kids dont want to be there.
    The job of a teacher  is to inspire alignment with the children's broader perspective - teach maths second!). You have to be in alighnment first. Look for happiest student (usually the one who's not concerned with the maths!), and acknowlege that to the class that it's great that they feel so happy.  Happiness is a choice.
    What is it I'm thinking about you that I'm using as an excuse not to be who I really am.

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