Life is an opportunity to contribute love in your own way.

Bernie Siegal, MD

More light will be given, as we use that which we have. 

The Science of Mind, page 191

Expressing Our Gifts

Many metaphysical teachers say that mystical experiences are ineffable, which means unable to be expressed. In Science of Mind, we understand the power of the word. If we believe our experiences to be inexpressible, we will naturally be unable to express them.

Don't you love the expression of Michaelangelo's mystical experience in the Sistine Chapel ceiling? Or stand in awe of Einstein's expression of the Mind of God through the Theory of Relativity? How about Helen Keller becoming an inspirational writer, though deaf and blind? Were they handicapped in their expressions? They each chose their own languages to communicate their revelations. Art, mathematics, Braille, music, or the written word are just some of the effective ways people have chosen to convey their powerful knowing of Divine Truth.

Each of us has a special gift, a unique perspective. I believe it is our life's purpose to express those gifts. If we allow others to tell us that it is impossible, we never even try. Our expressions take practice. We were not born speaking our native language. We must learn, perhaps even coin, the proper language of spiritual experience. Exploring our ability to share the aspects of life that touch us most deeply is a powerful arena of expansion for every one of us.

We are able to discover our gifts, to come out of hiding, to express the divine light within us. Is it your gift to tell a magical story to a wide-eyed child? Can you imagine creating a sculpture someday that would open a heart to love? What song would you sing, if you truly believed in yourself?

I am the perfect Child of God right now. I have a divine gift to share with the world. I choose to know and speak my truth today, creating a new language where necessary to express what I came here to say.

Published in Science of Mind Magazine, July 10, 2000, page 58

Connee Chandler, RScP

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