Focus Wheel examples from Reston, VA 6/6/09 and Asheville, NC 5/29/09

(from Conneeís notes, not verbatim)


1.      Outside the vortex statement:  I hate it when I hear this because their loud negativity takes me out of the vortex.  You have power over me, you drag me outside the vortex Ė no wonder I want to wrestle you to the ground!

2.      Inside the vortex center statement:  I love maintaining my alignment.  Youíre just in Step 1, Iím in the vortex, no problem!  I love focusing myself securely in the vortex.  ďIím number one in sales.  Iím doing well.  Iím focusing on my customers.  I take that same focus and apply it to anything.Ē

3.    They have the power to focus, just as I do.  Itís not my job to get them in the vortex.  I made myself the keeper of their vortex, but they wonít come.  Iíve failed at vortex keeping!

4.    New center of the focus wheel statement:  I love maintaining my alignment regardless of where others are. 

5.    Matching focus wheel statements:  I can be in the vortex regardless.  I am a good focuser.  I like getting the results that match my vibration so I can learn.  I like gaining control of ME, and getting in the vortex.  I love the clarity I am receiving here.  I love knowing my prosperity is coming.  I love them sucking me out of the vortex, because it makes me more determined to stay in.  They helped make me #1 because they help me to focus.  I am who I am!  One in the vortex is more powerful than a million who are not.  I am just going to watch myself thrive.  As I am in alignment, my influence shows up everywhere!



  1.  Outside the vortex statement:  Itís so irritating that, with ALL I KNOW, Iím not having better success at this!
  2. Center statement:  I love feeling the control of my focus and being the deliberate creator I came here to be!
  3. Get on the wheel; slow down so you can get on.  Make statements that you believe on the subject. 
  4. Focus wheel statements:  I love having evidence of my ability to focus.  I am a very powerful creatorÖ  Abraham:  Now you are off in the bushes, you want to believe it and you have evidence where youíve really done it already.
  5. Guest:  Every time I have had a dream, I have called it in to me.  I really do know howÖ  Abraham:  that is justification and just threw you out.
  6. Things generally go well for me.  Iím sharpening my focus now.  Iím still holding my own in this economy.  I can feel the power of my focus.  I can feel that I have more stickers out of the vortex now, but I can work on this one thought at a time.  I donít have to figure out how to sell the property, just how to get into the vortex! 
  7. The end result you want is getting into the vortex.  You are the creator of you Ė you are your creator and your creation.  You want to see yourself as a proud and happy creator of magnificent properties.  Others who want what I create are looking for me.  I will do it again and again!
  8. All things in good time.  Iím coming into my balance.  This sticker book is going to work for me. 
  9. When you think, ďIím STUCK with this!Ē remember there is an equal and equivalent inside the vortex thought.  Take it one idea at a time.
  10. When you think, ďHardly anyone has seen itĒ put a sticker on the drama page.  When you think, ďLazy real estate person!Ē put a sticker on the drama page.  And say, ďWait a minute, whatís the opposite of that?Ē
  11. My realtor is doing a fabulous job.  She is tapped into great resources that bring buyers and sellers together. 
  12. Do it 100 times a day until it totally flips, and you WILL get that phone call.
  13. Youíre not yet happy about being in the vortex until the property sells.  The shift in the way you feel HAS to become the objective.  You canít hang out in the vortex very long without getting every single thing that you want.
  14. Do you see why things that work do, and things that donít donít?  It all seems simple and obvious from inside the vortex.




   1.  Guest:  I want to talk about my chronic health conditionÖ  Abraham:  We are so appreciating your word chronic.  It means a steady condition, easy to observe and continue in the attraction of it.  We want to hit you with the obvious to us, but startling to many, awareness that a chronic condition is an indicator of a chronic vibration, a chronic thought.  Itís just an indicator of a chronic belief I keep thinking.

  1. The wonderful thing about it is that you can find all of the pieces by looking at how you feel.  Estherís chronic condition is a shortness of time, and her computer is responding to that.  If you spend more time than you have, you feel the discord.  If you breathe more out than you take in, you wonít get too far.  About 10 breaths and youíll be dead!  [laughter]
  2. Everything is about in and out.  If you look at this condition as the indicator, notice how it makes you feel.  Guest: limited, vulnerable, tentative, out of control, unstable, powerless.  Abraham:  Those are pretty big emotions on a day to day basis.  What things were present leading up to this that made you feel like that already?   Guest:  I didnít care for the person acting like my boss at workÖ  Abraham:  That feels pretty limp in comparison to powerless.  It will be something you were chronically thinking, beating the drum of, that matches this.  Look for the vibrational cause.  Make yourself comfortable by treating the symptoms, but you have to treat the cause.
  3. Any symptom you have is an indicator.  An illness is just emphasizing the ways you are outside the vortex.  Take those thoughts INTO the vortex, one by one over 30 days and stay more steadily in the vortex and wellbeing has to happen.
  4. Feeling wellness is in the vortex.  Illness is out of the vortex.  You are moving between the two. 
  5. Ask yourself, is this an in the vortex thought, conversation, memory?  Before you know it, you will soothe the issue.
  6. Letís do a focus wheel.  What is your out of the vortex statement?  Donít talk about the indicator, reach for the feeling issue.  Step back one notch and see what the issue is indicating.  If you donít know it, and change it, itís getting bigger by Law of Attraction.  You WANT to know it.  You can step back from the issue into the cause easily. Guest:  I feel hopelessness.  Abraham:  I really donít like this vulnerable, out of control feeling!  Once you get there, you know that you do want the opposite in equal degree.  Your center statement could be Ė I love knowing my power!  I cannot stand disempowerment.  I LOVE knowing my power!  That is where you are headed with your focus wheel.  It might take awhile to get you on the wheel.  Reach for things about empowerment that you already believe.
  7. I feel better when I meditate, I am able to release resistance and come into my power.  Iím beginning to understand that it is all about vibration.  I am glad to know I can focus on purpose.  I donít mind indicators that show me how I am vibrating.  I understand and get it that as my vibration shifts, so will the indicators.  I am starting to believe I can shift as I direct my thoughts.  I may have had a little sloppy thinking, but now I have a pointed reason to focus.
  8. Esther said that she thought it would be better if she had a tooth fall out every time she had a negative thought, it would cause her to focus immediately!  [laughter]
  9. Iíve had a wake up call, and I feel more awake now.  I feel excited and exhilarated about what is coming.  I love focusing myself back into my power.
  10. There, you have soothed your physical condition.  A couple of more focus wheels will help.  Donít mess with the physical condition; look for whatís bothering you.
  11. The side effects of drugs are just evidence of where the vibration of discord squirts out in another way.
  12. Letís do another focus wheel.  When do you say, ďOh, boy, does THAT ever bother me!Ē?  What are other things that happen frequently that bother you.  Guest:  I feel trapped Ė I had to move here to keep my job, for a job I didnít even really WANT!
  13. Ok, then, your outside the vortex statement is, ďI hate feeling trapped!  Itís just wrong that I would be forced to go to a place I donít want to be to do stuff I donít want to do!Ē 
  14. The opposite will be your goal post you are aiming for.  The injustice of it has been throwing rockets of desire into your vortex.  What culmination have you been asking for? 
  15. I LOVE my autonomy!  I adore my freedom to choose where and when and what in my life.  At the level of your current belief, that is a pipe dream, too airy fairy.  But this is not pretend stuff!  The reason that feels so awful is that this is who you really are.  Itís tearing you apart.  Hereís your center statement, ďI LOVE my freedom to CHOOSE!!!
  16. So make some statements that you believe that match that. 
  17. Guest:  I have freedom on weekends.  Abraham:  pretty good, that gets you on the wheel.  I did choose to come here.  I could say the word and not be here if I really wanted that.  Guest:  There are some things about my job that I like.  Abraham:  you are looking to soothe your right to be free.  Real freedom is the absence of resistance.  You have been bound by the contradiction in your own vibration.  Make peace with where you are now. 
  18. This is the path of Least Resistance for me right now.  I have some freedom in my job.  Itís an easy job.  I have leeway to think more productive thoughts while I am there.  There are more positive aspects than I have been focusing on. 
  19. Beat the drum of ďThis is a temporary position.  I can choose to move on.  As I soften and chill out, I will see more possibilities for me.  I have been holding myself in a tense place.  Freedom is more of a mental game.  I have been my own jailer.  I have been holding myself apart from my vortex.  I do like to focus.  Iíve been looking at this as all or nothing.  I can soften on that.  Now I have a good reason to get hold of a better feeling place.  Really, I am free.  I donít want to be here forever.  But I can make the best of it and look for positive aspects and reap the benefit of that.  And when I get into alignment, I will feel lighter and free-er.  My vibration has shifted already.  And so my indicators must shift.  I can relax and do this.  I can talk myself into feeling better.  I already have!  Everything is shifting.  My condition is shifting.  My relationships are shifting, my job is shifting.  I like this focusing stuff!!!  



1.      Outside the vortex statement to start the focus wheel:  Iím disappointed that Iím not able to maintain my alignment and focus on who he really is.

2.      Center statement:  I want to see the truth of my brother.

3.      Focus wheel matching statements:  My brother is a very loving man.  Yes, that puts you on board!

4.      Weíre all doing the best we can.  Itís as upsetting to him as it is to me.  I know he wants the best for my father as I do.  I want to know him better.  I trust there are solutions in the vortex.  Of course, it is going to turn out all right.  Heís teaching ME to get in the vortex no matter what!  Heís keeping his commitment to me to make me maintain my alignment with Source no matter what he does.  I love my brother.  I so appreciate that we are having this step one experience together.  I am learning to maintain my balance no matter what.  I so appreciate that all this has happened! Ė 



Conneeís notes on Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC 5/29/09 Ė Excerpts on Focus Wheels



  1. Let life help you identify the issues.  Whatís bothering you?
  2. Outside the vortex statements:  My life long friend, who is out of the vortex, continually drags me out, too.  This significant person, who I am tied to, keeps ripping me out!
  3. Center statement:  I so love maintaining my place in the vortex, regardless of the conditions.
  4. Now make 8-12 statements that you already believe that match the center statement.  Your tendency is to match the outside statement, because law of attraction takes you there.  But we want to draw you IN. 
  5. Focus wheel statements:  I love maintaining my alignment.  I am strong when I am in the vortex.  Iíve had so many in the vortex experiences already!  Iím a good focuser..  Abraham:  that throws you off in the bushes. Try again.
  6. Guest:  Iím becoming good at feeling shifts in energy.  I can tell when I am in or out.  My desire is to be in.  I really, really, really like being in the vortex.
  7. Being in the vortex matters to me.  I deserve to be inÖ Abraham:  deserving throws you out.
  8. I like being in the vortex.  The more I get in, the easier it will get.  Itís easy to get in when I look straight at something that feels good.  I like taking care of my own vibration.  From inside the vortex, I can radiate wellbeing!  I like knowing if I am in or out.  I can focus on a lot of things that DO make me feel good.  My dog takes me easily into the vortex.  Nature takes me easily into the vortex.  My nieces take me easily into the vortex.
  9. Itís screwy to ask someone else to take me in.  Now I can go write to making a list of positive aspects of the dog and nature and my nieces.  Focus on the positive aspects.  Itís so fun to focus.  Unconditionally loving feels FREE!  No one has to do anything different.  I love being in the vortex.  Now all of my relationships will improve.  Through the power of my own mind, I can stay in the vortex.  Oh, good!  Now I will look at more things from inside the vortex.  My friend looks entirely different from inside the vortex.  They are just in step 1.  Their not being perfect has helped me to train me to stay inside the vortex.  I love you.  Thank you!  Youíve sharpened my resolve to be inside the vortex.  Thank you!  Come on in!!!



  1. Outside the vortex statement:  I fear I am financially unstable in this economy, I doubt myself. 
  2. Center Statement:  Source within me knows all is well.  I know I am secure in all ways.  Who I really am is secure.
  3. Just saying it causes you to resonate with who you really are.  For a moment, it helps you line up.
  4. Focus wheel statements:  I believe in myself.  Abraham:  that threw you off in the bushes.  Try again.
  5. I believe in my ability to make money.  Abraham:  Bushes!
  6. I believe in my ability to focus.  I believe that my Inner Being is focused on wellbeing.  I believe that my Inner Being has all the bases covered and I just need to get over there.  I know about the Laws of the Universe.  Vibration is the only thing that does matter.
  7. Search through the hollow words and find the emotions.  Pull the nuggets out by how they feel.
  8. Iím still employed in an unstable market Ė good for me!  Iím feeling more appreciation for my work.  My desire to excel is sharpened.  Weíre all just slowing down and catching our breath.  Nothing really awful is going to happen.  We look out for one another.  I feel pretty good where I stand.  I have a vibrational nest egg.  I always figure it out.  I am an innovative person.  I like to be in unknown territory.  This market has the potential to thrill me.  These unstable times expand my escrow.  My Inner being is calling me more strongly than ever before.  I like feeling negative emotion, it helps me focus again on where I really want to go.  Iím a good focuser.  I can figure this out.
  9. Now you are feeling entirely differently, even though nothing has changed except your point of focus.  And now you will get different indicators.  Youíll hear different conversations. 


Conneeís notes on Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC 5/30/09


  1. Right now you are doing an anti-focus wheel, explaining the injustice that has taken place.  It doesnít help you, ever!  There is a vibrational shift you have to make, and so far you are doing a lousy job of it.  By Law of attraction you ARE more likely to repeat out of vortex statements. 
  2. You want to be blissful, bright, amazing, sharp Ė you have created an amazing vortex.  Get in it!
  3. Outside the vortex statement:  It SUCKS that something so awful could have happened to me.
  4. Opposite statement in the Center:  I love knowing my power and helping my kids know their power.
  5. Focus wheel statements:  I loving coming into my own power.  I want to be tapped in, tuned in and turned on.  I love the time I spend with my children.  It will be even better when I am in the vortex more of the time.  I might be making a bigger deal of this than is necessary.  When I am with my kids, we have fun.  I have the opportunity to know my power at a whole new level here and demonstrate it to them.  There is something nice about focusing my time with them into one day a week.  It makes us all more up for it.  I care so much more now.  I may be a better father in one day than giving them seven days of an unfocused father.  My children have the opportunity now to learn from two people, one inside the vortex and one outside.  Really, they do have a nice mother.  When they are with me and I am in the vortex, itís awesome!  Everything I want is actually MORE likely to be accomplished in this new situation, Abraham told me so!  It helps me that they see it, I resonate with that.  I am coming to more knowing through this process!  Source knows I LOVE feeling my power and teaching my children by the clarity of my example.
  6. Sheís trained you into such contention that you are even contentious with us!  And no one will ever be any more on your side than we are!  You have the right to feel like that.  But itís caused you to create the wonderful new reality that is in your vibrational escrow, and you keep arguing for your limitations.
  7. We know saying positive things about it feels like a lie for now.  Weíre not there yet.  Itís bouncing you off into the bushes.  The best way to get on is to try again, not to explain how you got there.
  8. Esther prepaves her time with her grandchildren so much, that a day feels like so much more than a day when they are together.  These days are really special, extraordinary time for those kids.  In your strong desire and focus, the actual amount of time is irrelevant.  Itís your ďin the vortex timeĒ that makes the difference.
  9. When you are outside the vortex, telling your kids you love them, it is a lie.  When you have practiced being in the vortex, the WHOLE of you shows up.  When I say ďI love youĒ then, they feel the fullness of that, it is real!  Just being with them doesnít necessarily put you in the vortex.  You can be with them and complaining about not being with them and bring in tension and resentment and being sensitive to the things they tell you.
  10. More focus wheel statements:  I love coming to the place where I can really show them the depth of my love in the time we have available.  I donít want them to feel fought over.  I want them to feel unconditional love.  You taught me the most important lesson of my life Ė I had no choice but to figure out how to get in the vortex even though these conditions exist. 
  11. Any time you feel negative emotion, you are outside the vortex.  You want to feel as good as you can feel.  Itís about preserving your relationship with you.




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