Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop, May 12, 2007, Gaithersburg, MD


  1. The Source Energy part of you is the dominant part of you that Law of Attraction is responding to.  Source expands because of what you live.  You have to keep up with the expansion YOU have given birth to.  Elation is how you feel when you are up to speed with who you have become. 
  2. Allowing is ďallowing me, in my human form, to be up to speed with the wholeness of all that I am.Ē
  3. When you croak you withdraw your attention and get right up to speed and feel that elation all at once.  The expanded version of life is to get up to speed moment by moment.  Then you feel good and live as you intended to live.
  4. If Source is loving you, and you are mad at yourself, you are tearing yourself apart.  When Source knows your worthiness and you donít, Source doesnít go there with you.  When Source knows your worthiness and you donít, Source doesnít go there with you.  When you doubt, hate or fear, Source doesnít go there with you.  The closer you get to ease, the better you feel, the closer you align with Source.  Alignment equals thriving.
  5. If you feel powerless, you are holding yourself in separation from who you really are. 
  6. When you look at life through the eyes of Source, you thrive.  If you fuss and worry, you donít feel so good and things donít go so well.
  7. You try to blame everyone else for your negative emotion, but really, no one is responsible for closing the gap but you.
  8. There are plenty of rascals who will drive you nuts!  You HAVE to get control of your thoughts no matter what they do.
  9. The ALL POWERFUL SOURCE does not need your compliance in order to feel good.  That which is Source is always please, always knows the wellbeing of All That Is.  But you can choose other thoughts and then you feel rotten.
  10. Discover the freedom of unconditional love and see the world through the eyes of Source.  You are the powerful, creative, physical embodiment of Source.  Law of Attraction (LOA) responds to every vibration you emit whether you know it or not.
  11. LOA responds to the Source energy vibration within you.  If LOA responded only to your local vibrations, you would have destroyed yourselves long ago.  Wellbeing is so dominant.  The sun came up today, and none of you had it on your things to do today list.  Food grows in abundance on your planet every day.  Wellbeing abounds.  There are many times more who are well than sick, clear than confused, abundant than in poverty. 
  12. There is a thrilling Vibrational Escrow with your name on it amassing.  Where are you in relationship with it?  Circumstances and events are always in the process of being arranged just for you.  It IS becoming.  You have planted a magnificent seed of an idea.  THIS *IS* exactly how worlds are created!!!
  13. Thought is always taking form.  Law of Attraction is always summoning you forward.  When you feel called, go in that direction and then you will feel good.  Stop going upstream.  It is not lazy to go downstream.  NOTHING you want is upstream!
  14. The way you feel is EVERYTHING!
  15. Jerry & Esther play the cold-warmer-hot-hot-hot game with Kate; she finds the little car every time.  Itís the same game with you and feeling bad-better-better-better-good-great game.  It is your guidance.  The better you feel, the more you are closing the gap.  You were born knowing you are worthy, the expansion of life continues to call your life to be better and better.  Youíve got to move toward expansion if you want to feel joy.
  16. The stream will carry you.  It is calling you!  Just listen for it!
  17. The better you are already feeling, the more beautiful the sound of Source is, like thrill bumps or ecstasy, or your eyes welling up with appreciation.  Itís delicious!  But if you are in despair, Source calling you sounds like revenge, rage or anger.
  18. Give the little ones the perception that arenít free, and they will show you RAGE! 
  19. In your society, you jail those who are acting in revenge and send them back to powerlessness.  You have to move up from revenge to hatred to anger to frustration to hope.  You canít jump from 98.6 to 103 FM, itís too big a jump.  Just notice if it feels a little better or worse.
  20. Powerless feels really bad.  Power feels better.  Reach for the feeling of RELIEF.  Wherever you are in the river, downstream feels like relief.
  21. One day Jerry was bipping along, living happily ever after, almost ANYTHING anyone said to him would have felt upstream except appreciation.  He told Esther her comment was upstream, she said, ďwell it was downstream to me!Ē  You cannot arbitrate the streams of other people. 
  22. Get your nose out of their business!  And get their nose out of your business.  What you think about me and my business is none of my business!!!
  23. The emotional journey helps you quantify your direction.  There is no journey that is incurable.  Action isnít quantifiable.  It doesnít matter what it is you want, money, healthy, or a lover.  Make it an emotional journey.  Relax and follow your bliss and you can come up the scale on every subject.  Once you get to hope it is clear sailing. 
  24. You have to separate your response to the physical condition from your emotional condition. 
  25. Standing in your power means regardless of the condition, you will reach for the emotion you want to feel. 
  26. My Source is Love.  I want my Source.  Therefore, I will choose closer and closer emotions to who I really am.
  27. And manifestation WILL follow.  But we want you to discover bliss and alignment regardless of the conditions so you can appreciate contrast, expansion and exhilaration as you go!
  28. Joy is in the journey, not in the completion of the journey.  You donít try to get your vacation accomplished or just say, ďIím home, why go?Ē  You know it is all a great expression of Life, you WANTED this ride on the river!
  29. You wanted to be you!  You wanted your unique perspective and desires.  You knew you could feel the current flowing and you knew it would be easy to turn downstream.  You knew you would desire better conditions and continually move to a new platform to want from.  You never get it done, you are eternal.  Do it for the fun of it!
  30. If it hasnít been fun so far, you havenít been going in the direction of what you want.  Donít point against the current of life.  Release your negative emotion.
  31. When you get to the point where you are following your bliss, you wonít be matching up with ornery people.  If the people are ornery, YOU are ornery!
  32. If you look at the lives of serial killers, you will see that every time they tried to move up the scale, they were shoved back down into powerlessness.  If someone presses a pillow to your face, you flail about.  And then your society makes a law against flailing.  Instead, coax them up the scale into hope.
  33. Donít worry about them, create your own reality.  Donít let yourself get terrorized by your attention to terrorists or Law of Attraction will match that in your life.  Once any vibration becomes a dominant vibration, things show up to match it.
  34. Some of your beliefs already serve you well.  Build on that, and establish new vibrational patterns in other areas.  It feels good to believe you ARE good.  When you believe what you want is possible, it matches Source.  When you doubt what you want is possible, it doesnít match Source, so you feel bad.
  35. It doesnít matter where you are, wherever you are, itís ok.  Just go downstream from there Ė thatís allowing. 
  36. Donít make it hard, just pay attention to how you feel. 
  37. All the things you want are not only possible, they are already in your immediate vicinity.  Just attend to the vibration of your being.  Be picky about what you think.  You can be criticizing and ragging on everything and be picky about what you EAT!  Tend to your vibration first and foremost.  Be picky about what you THINK!
  38. Indecision is about wanting to take action before your energy is aligned.  When your Vibrational Escrow lights up ahead of you because you are aligned, you are not confused about your choices.  If nothing is lighting up, and you must make a decision, just pick either one and line up with that.  However, it is more fun if you do the vibrational/mental work first.  
  39. Jerry & Esther bought their new house in San Diego with less than an hour of effort invested from hearing about it to closing, just a few minutes here and there, once they realized they wanted it and aligned their energy.  Jerry, who will not buy a vase without measuring it 5 times, said, ďI want this!Ē at the first house they looked at.  It is the satisfaction of years of asking amassed in their vibrational escrow.  When you are aligned, the manifestation is quick, sure and fulfilling.  Action is for enjoying the results of your alignment.  Section 1 ------
  40. Guest:  I have an active fantasy life, most of the timeÖ  then I snap out of itÖ  Abraham:  you are making a distinction between whatís not real and what you are living.  Instead try saying, ďI understand I am the creator of my experience and I use my mind to focus my energy.  Calling it a fantasy and that you ďsnap out of itĒ is counterproductive.  If you were really in it most of the time, your reality would have caught up with it.
  41. Abraham:  What do you want that you are not living?  Guest:  I live a full life, have a TV interview show, am socially successful and popular, I am wealthy and have relationships with beautiful womenÖ  Abraham:  What we feel here is there is either the potential of having the fantasy and believing it more, or striking too much of a difference in what you believe is possible.  Youíre leaning toward the end of the stick of increasing aggravation.  You are reaching for being famous from a place of not feeling understood and not having your value recognized.  So you are trying to create images of your been seen in a better light by others. 
  42. When you want to be famous, known and seen with beautiful women, you are showing a rampant caring of how you are seen by others.  GET OVER IT!  Their not noticing makes you feel empty.  Everyone does it.  You are looking for love in all the wrong places!
  43. Caring what someone else thinks is looking in the wrong direction.  You feel good when you feel them flooding you with appreciation.  But you are not wanting to get your energy from someone else.  We want you to get your energy from your OWN alignment.
  44. Seeking approval will never be satisfying to you in the long run.  You want your OWN alignment.  You get it with self-appreciation.  Fame then becomes irrelevant because you get everything from your own connection that you thought fame would bring to you.
  45. Turn downstream.  Learn to do it on purpose.  When you get good at holding yourself in a stable place, and feel good, then he has to come.
  46. When you snap back into reality with a negative feeling, do the emotional scale work.
  47. Guest:  I fantasize Iím on TV.  Iím an interviewer who has his own program.  Later at a restaurant people see me, recognize me.  That feels good, validating.  But I donít want to give them too much attention.  I want to them to see I donít need them. 
  48. Abraham:  In your day to day life, you are not feeling respected and appreciated.  So you conjure an image of being respected.  You are activating revenge more in your fantasy world.  Continue on in this mind game to find better feeling thoughts within it.  Move beyond what you have imagined up to now to shift your vibration.
  49. The Universe is responding to your vibration.  If your real life is not genuinely improving, you arenít closing the gap yet.  Try to get a feeling of success, not just having a TV program.  Success equals joy, not just fame or fortune.
  50. If you arenít feeling joy you arenít aligning you with your joy.  Line up with Source Energy and your life will improve.  Keep reaching for the feeling of success. 
  51. Everything you want is because you think you will feel better if you have it.  Try to improve the quality of the way you feel in the fantasy. 
  52. What does prosperity feel like?  Itís security, well-being.  Reach for those feelings.  It feels tuned in, tapped in, turned on.  It feels open, allowing, appreciative Ė of the TV network, the format, the sponsors and guests, the fans, and their desire to interact.
  53. You donít go from revenge to appreciation in one step, you have spent so much time being too aware of how you are perceived by others.  Weíd like to zap you up, but we canít.  You have to get it out little by little.
  54. The only reason reality isnĎt changing is you keep dreaming the same vibrational essence, trying to compensate for your feelings of inadequacy.
  55. Each time, work toward feeling better than the last time.  First remember the TV show, then the restaurant, then as those who scorned your dream want to talk to you, blow them off!  See them slink off.  You feel cocky and good.  ďI showed her!Ē  Revenge felt better than rejection, but pretty soon that becomes upstream.
  56. Revenge is off for you ultimately.  Itís powerful for a little while, but then it no longer feels like relief.
  57. Next time see yourself more tuned in.  You are in the restaurant, you feel good, vibrating appreciation, just hanging out, enjoying the conversation.  Then you see her, remembering past bad feelings.  This time you feel proud of yourself.  Say, ďI was looking forward to my privacy.  Itís really good to see you.Ē  You blew her off from power, not revenge.  She didnít fit this pure positive energy moment.
  58. Next time you are in the restaurant again, feeling good.  Everybody walks in.  You think, ďYou donít look the same to me now.  You looked strong before Ė now you have no power.Ē  You find theyíre not interested any more.  They arenít a match.  Youíre a non-issue.
  59. Next time, you are in the restaurant and vibrationally matching people come up.  Exciting ideas and sharing occur.
  60. The ideas from the past are no longer around.  Appreciate those people!  In their mistreating of you, they caused the launching of these desires.  They were there for you when you needed them.
  61. All the mockers are disconnected.  You are not going to feel better by doing the same.  Youíre in connection now.  You canít mistreat others, even in you fantasy world.  Youíre a lover.
  62. People around you are the contrast that helps you become more, but as you look at them you canít become it.  They made you be more, which causes you to be less as your gap expands.  The longer you live, and you fuss and worry more, the greater the gap.  You must learn to close that gap.
  63. Feeling is so essential because youíre all in this together.  You gotta go with it or you donít feel good.
  64. Question:  How to have a better relationship with you Inner Being?
  65. Abraham:  Want to feel good and insist that you do, because your Inner Being feels good.  Try to see the world as your Inner Being sees it.  Your Inner Being likes you and the one you donít like.
  66. Abraham wonít go there with you in disliking someone.  Donít go there.  Youíre on the raw ragged edge by yourself.
  67. Question:  I donít always feel Iím appreciated.
  68. Abraham:  Well, that would make you wrong!  Youíre holding yourself to such high standards.  Try to soothe yourself into feeling better.  Love yourself into alignment.
  69. Estherís breakfast didnít come.  She called to check.  The man was gruff and making excuses.  She was nice.  She said, ďBut youíre the man with oatmeal.  What can I do about oatmeal fast?Ē
  70. He said, ďOh, you want breakfast, not to beat on me?  How fast?Ē  Once he realized she wasnít after him, breakfast came very fast because he was inspired.
  71. She could have beat up Jerry or herself, but itís not worth worrying about.  Diffuse it, diffuse it, diffuse it, diffuse it.  Make peace with it, reduce the resistance, turn downstream!  You donít want to club anyone, or reorganize the hotel, or blame another.
  72. Esther was clear.  ďI just want oatmeal, by the path of least resistance.Ē
  73. Turn to appreciation and laugh.  She got wonderful oatmeal just as she likes it.  Make peace and feel as good as you can.  All of your power is now.
  74. Power in the moment is always feeling just a little better or a little worse.  Thatís the answer for fulfilling your reason for being or attracting the love of your life.
  75. You think, ďBut my life is more complicated than oatmeal.Ē  We say, ďNo it isnít!  It doesnít matter more than your oatmeal and you can manage that!Ē
  76. Your Inner Being can be shared.  You are vibrational beings coalescing in the physical.  You are never singular consciousness.  You have access to infinite intelligence, access to never-ended love, expansion, creation, and intelligence.
  77. You *have* met your soul mates.  You either feel at home or you go kicking and screaming.  If you are aligned you feel over the moon enthusiasm.  If not, amplified aversion.
  78. In every case, notice amplifications of who you are and what you are being.  Write in your notebook, ďWhat is it Iím thinking about you that has me separated from who I really am!Ē
  79. For today, hereís an evolved version:  You are part of a non-physical pure positive energy cluster -- several beings coming forth together.  It is always that way.  Each one is living contrast and launching rockets into vibrational escrow.  All of the clusters add to the expansion of this energy.
  80. Each of you are individually from a cluster.  All your soul mates are in your vibrational escrow. When you turn to pure positive energy, then you rendezvous with the others who are turning there as well.  Just find things that feel good.
  81. The Source Energy part of you is expanding as each of you (the parts of the clusters) have contrast.  When you each come into alignment, they are standing right there for you to see.
  82. Law of attraction canít deliver a non-match to you.  When you get tuned in, then the best of you has a rendezvous with the best of them.  You want to come back into alignment with your cluster.
  83. Jerry and Esther represent two people finding a way to come into alignment and that started the Abraham movement.
  84. There are parts of your cluster all across the world.  You still benefit when any of them moves toward Source as you move, too.
  85. This resonates with you because you know you are part of Source Energy.  It feels to Jerry and Esther like the same audience travels from city to city.  Whatís just happened has been vibrationally received.  Weíre all in it together.
  86. We want you to understand that everyone who is physically focused comes from this same cluster.
  87. Imagine the magnificent mass consciousness vibrational escrow.  Kids come forth up to speed with it; they are expanded beings.  Thereís always a vibrational generation gap.  Kids feel aversion to worry.
  88. You are all Source Energy who have come here to mix it up, all contributing to the expanded mass consciousness.
  89. Your Source is ever calling you forward.  You canít make others go, but you teach through the clarity of your example.
  90. No matter who you are looking at, there are aspects of them you can look at to close the gap or widen the gap.
  91. Focus on your connection to Source, the truth of who you are, no matter what they do.  It is *never* them not understanding; itís always your separating you from you thatís the problem.
  92. If you donít mind them not knowing it, itís not a problem.  But if you have doubt, then their doubt makes you doubt more, and your split energy makes you mad at them.
  93. When you really know, you donít need their agreement.  Say to someone you are having contrast with, ďIím not being clear; this conversation has me thinking in opposite ways to the way I want to think.  Thank you.Ē
  94. Never proceed with a conversation that is off track.  Stop immediately.  When you are connected, it flows.  If youíre here, and they are there, nobodyís getting anything done anyway.
  95. You must get closer to call them closer, but if you go over there, you are confused.
  96. You canít go get them.  If you do, theyíve got you.
  97. Stay tuned in; itís not your job to rescue, just teach through the clarity of your example.
  98. Donít communicate with them when you are disconnected.  Stop trying to convince anyone against their will.  Itís vibrationally impossible anyway. 
  99. Question:  What about guardian angels?
  100. Abraham:  The words donít go together. Angels are tuned in. Guardians are defensive. Angels are not defensive; they are saying, ďYou are loved and all is well.Ē
  101. Guest:  I fell asleep at the wheel and then I heard a blast of trumpetsÖ
  102. Abraham:  It was an 18-wheeler (laughter).
  103. Question:  Is Source all the same?
  104. Abraham:  Yes.  Humans want to define the non-physical.  The call of Source sounds different at different frequencies.  Source is usually driving your vehicle.  Source is always speaking to you about your vibrational escrow. 
  105. Source knows your intentions.  The only question is, ďAre you listening?Ē
  106. Source told Jerry once ďDrive onto the sidewalk.Ē  He did, and avoided a big accident.  The voice tells everyone, but not everyone hears.
  107. When something like that happens, there canít be a long complicated dialog.  How you translate the call of Source depends on how much time you have spent hanging around in despair/anger versus hope/appreciation.  
  108. Try to talk about what you want rather than what you don't want.
    Asking is automatic. Now your work is to relax and receive. Too much
    action can keep you from aligning. Relax and let your thoughts be
    downstream anyway.
  109.  Say, "I'm well paid; I'm prosperous; I'm good at what I do." That's
    being in the allowing attitude.
  110. Being busy and negative keeps the vibrational escrow away. Being
    proud, productive and happy brings your vibrational escrow in. You have to
    think about what you want to rein it in.
  111. But, really it comes without you ever turning another thought to it
    if you can find a way to relax the tension in your vibration. Action frenzy
    is the problem.
  112. You can have action without frenzy. Just talk yourself into
  113. Guest: I don't know how to get rid of resistance. Abraham: Talk your way through it. "It's been 25 years. I've paid the price. There's more for me to find because of all that contrast.
    My Source Energy is living that vibrational escrow. I just want to relax
    and discover it now."
  114. Reach for an improved thought. Reach for relief. It's so
    satisfying what's coming for you, but you can't see if yet from where you
  115. Esther would have made sure this (translating for Abraham) wouldn't
    have happened if she'd seen it in advance - it felt uncomfortable to
    contemplate, but it was the logical step to her path of bliss as it unfolded
    easily day by day.
  116. It's already all queued up for you. Stopping what you are doing as work
    before you are aligned is upstream.
  117. Abraham: You offer the vibration of "Pick me; don't pick me." And
    then it is hard for us to call on you.
  118. Guest: I make a joke about "I came in pouting and God's going to keep
    me here until I love it." But ongoing depression is not so funny now. I
    want to know what would it feel like if I really loved being alive!
  119. Abraham: We like your joke. You were aware of how you were feeling and
    you made light of it. You came eager, but the pouters around you taught you
    to pout. You knew when you came that your expansion would come from the
    contrast, but when you scrutinize the problem too long, you lose your zest
    for life. If you turn to the solution, you'll feel an eagerness.
  120. The more the contrast causes you to reach for more, when you don't go,
    life beats you up. Your crevasse becomes more uncomfortable. All this
    negative concern is evidence of how expansive you've been.
  121. When you are trying to live from outside, it matters how other people
    look at you. Stop that!
  122. Shivers are the opposite of pouts. You aren't as out of alignment as
    you say.
  123. Guest: Regarding the philanthropy of celebrities - are those children
    just contrast for the rest of us or are the there because of where they are
    on the emotional scale?
  124. Abraham: Everything everyone is living is a vibrational match, no
    exceptions. It sounds like vibrational scale is the answer, doesn't it?
    Where it gets tricky is everyone has their own river, their own vibrational
    escrow calling. What looks like an upstream life for you from where you
    stand, could be downstream for them.
  125. When you as Source Energy decide to come forth, no matter what place you
    are coming into, it all appears downstream. You see new ideas and life
    expanding in all contrast. You don't nitpick. You're looking for life
    experience, not a feathered nest.
  126. Esther thinks Malibu would have been her perfect choice. From
    non-physical, you are instead choosing exhilaration, hitting the ground
    running, in contrasting situations. You love fast moving rivers rather than
    stagnant ponds.
  127. Question: What about celebrities putting money into lifestyles of poor
    people? Abraham: Understand that no matter how much money comes, it's a
    vibrational match to the asking there. It's in their vibrational escrow.
    Unless the community/person is up to speed, though, the person doesn't
    benefit anyway.
  128. Action can't make up for lack of alignment. Don't worry about what
    anyone else is doing. If you are observing, work it around to feel
    appreciation of what you are observing or it splits your energy. Keep your
    heart open; appreciate contrast.
  129. Abraham: Esther asked a man, "What's it like there?" He said,
    "Poverty, squalor." She asked, "But how are the people?" He said,
    "Happy." She wanted to say, "Than leave them alone. Don't go and point
    out their insufficiency. Let them stay in vibrational balance. There is
    more to a good life than buying goodies. It's about alignment, not the
    details of the action stuff."
  130. There are more aligned people living in poverty and squalor there than
    in the feathered nests here. Enlightenment is about how you feel and your
    selection of thoughts.
  131. Beasts allow. You are more powerful in environment of greater contrast
    if you allow. There is more contrast here than in Haiti. Maybe the evolved
    ones are in Haiti. They don't have as many details to sort out. It does not
    matter where you are born; the contrast inspires desire, and when you line
    up, everything flows.
  132. When you have two simple choices it is easier for you than being faced with Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors. When there's more to choose from, it is harder to choose.
  133. Expand your feeling of appreciation towards what's in your vibration escrow. Just focus your attention and feel appreciation. It's easy!
  134. Remember that Source Energy IS the dominant part of you. Law of attraction responds to all of you - both the Source Energy part and what you're thinking about in the red hot minute.
  135. Law of Attraction is responding. Begin to deliberately choose thought that feel better and better. When you choose the signal you want to offer in alignment, things flow. Choose your best feeling thoughts so by Law of
    Attraction you bring yourself into alignment.
  136. Some call it, "Letting go; letting God." You are the center of the Universe, the extension of Source Energy, God in human form.
  137. Realize Law of Attraction is responding to the larger part of you and when your mind is focused elsewhere (than where your Source Energy is focused) you feel it as negative emotion, and Law of Attraction tears you apart.
  138. Guest: I want to merge....  Abraham: You've done the work in the contrast. You've asked. Law of Attraction already answered your asking. Chill out, bask, relax. Find your best feeling thought and it will flow.
  139. Quiet your mind in meditation, relax and release, and allow your vibration to raise. You don't need to merge; you just need to stop that thing you do that stops you from merging.
  140. You are thinking too much about all this. Just relax. The more relaxed you feel the easier your vibrational escrow comes. Your vibrational escrow comes when you relax.
  141. Why do you need to do anything? Action only works when you accept that feeling good *is* good. Say, "Ummm. that feels like a good idea, and this feels like a good idea, and that feels like a good idea." Others' rules and requirements make you forget you already know what to do.
  142. We are reminding you that you have some thoughts that keep you from closing your gaps here and now. Future generations will benefit, but we want you to benefit now.
  143. Mix it up. Identify what you don't want; see what you do want, and live it. You don't have to struggle. You meditate, struggle, then sleep. It doesn't need to be that hard. You can close the gap easily.
  144. Chill out more; spend more time reaching for thoughts that feel better.  
  145. If youíve had a challenge for many years, we ask, ďSo how is it you chose to keep the challenge active?Ē  You are the one whoís living your life and setting your standards.  You believe so much more in action than alignment.
  146. There were not enough hours in the day, and Esther felt totally overwhelmed.  Abraham offered her the placemat process.   On the left write:  Things I will do (I mean it!) (a handful). On the right: Things I will delegate (everything else).
  147. It took her an hour to list everything out that she had to do on either side. Every time she released something to the Universe she felt freer.  All you ever have to do is release resistance.
  148. She focused powerfully on what she was really wanting to do.  The Universe accomplished two or three times as much as Esther.  It was astonishing to her how queued up the Universe was to help her, but she was too balled up to receive it before the placemat process. 
  149. Take time to line up the energy.  Allow the Universe to assist you.
  150. You say, ďI work hard.  See how hard Iím working?Ē  You crow, ďSee what I got done today?  Look how good I am about doing what I should do rather than what I want to do!Ē  Stop it!
  151. Procrastination is the unconscious awareness that you cannot buck the current.  Itís a positive thing.  When you feel you canít make yourself do it, it is an awareness of energy that isnít aligned.
  152. Estherís airline story:  She had an overwhelming impulse to make reservations at night that superceded crawling into bed at midnight.  She was able to buy seats and get upgrade for flights for the next six months.  The lady said, ďI canít believe these seats are here; an hour ago these seats werenít here.Ē  Every flight was perfect for over 6 months that were reserved that night.  This is coming into alignment and acting from inspiration.
  153. We donít think you are as bad as you have been thinking you are.  Be gentle and kind with yourself.  Listen to them not at all.  Listen to the voice that Source speaks.  Source never says, ďWhatís the matter with you?Ē  You are remembering your mother.
  154. Think Source.  Source know you as so good, and that you always will be.  Source doesnít need your appreciation.  Source is too busy loving, Source is not caring if you are loving back
  155. You can get caught in the uncomfortable crevasse of needing others to love you.  Most people resist bright fluffy suggestions, when you see them where they donít want to be.  You amplify that with solutions and they feel worse.  Amplify them when they are tapped in.  Turn your attention from anything else.
  156. Solutions that are too far apart from where they are feel annoying.  You canít think about what they want from observing their contrast too closely.  Activate a vision of where they want to be instead.
  157. Bring the best out in them by not seeing the worst of them.  Law of Attraction is matching the part of you that is bubbling in them.  When you do a Book of Positive Aspects on them, you are the vibrational equivalent of Source.
  158. A powerful stream of appreciation is always flowing.  You are calling them to the completion of who they are wanting to be.  If you focus on where they are, everyone will run away from you. 
  159. Guest:  My husband is a good man who adores me, but he wants to be with me all the time.  I resist sex.  I canít make myself be there.
  160. Abraham:  Generically make a decision and line up with it.  The worst you can do is do something you are not in alignment with.  It causes greater resentment. 
  161. Do it or donít do it, but donít split your energy.  Do it and line up or donít do it and donít feel guilty.  When you feel you are being asked to do things you donít want, youíre never a match to it.
  162. When someone who adores you wants something from you, and youíre not lined up with it, youíre not in vibrational alignment, so they donít feel it as satisfying.  Line up with doing it or not doing it, and the things you are asking for will flow.
  163. Beasts are better extensions of purer Source Energy.  They see through the eyes of Source mostly.  You call it instinct, but it is really the ability to live life from broader view.
  164. When they are about to be eaten, they withdraw their consciousness before they croak.  The chicken called Renegade preferred freedom and got caught by a dog outside the fence.  Jerry shot his shotgun and the dog dropped her.  She shook herself off and ran home.  She was not dead, just getting ready to be dead.
  165. They withdraw their consciousness so they do not need to experience pain.  The more you domesticate them, the more they act like you.
  166. When you experience life and contrast, it is the calling forward that is the zest for life for you.  Life is calling beasts forward, too.  They are joyfully living life, but not pushing against death.  Zest for life is different from worry about death.
  167. You never can accurately superimpose your fear on another.  No one else is where you are.  You cannot watch a beast and have an idea of what they are thinking.
  168. If you are in vibrational alignment, the beasts are going to respond to you differently.  The beasts will gravitate to you .
  169. When Jerry and Esther are at a park, it seems void at first, but once they settle into a walk, the beasts show themselves Ė even the elusive silver grey fox!  Jerry and Esther saw one right up the trail and it stood and looked at them.  Jerry saw a copperhead snake.  The Ranger said, ďNo, we donít have them here.Ē  Esther said, ďArenít you beautiful!Ē before she scampered away.
  170. A lizard on Estherís arm sunning with her felt like warm velvet on her arm.  Beasts want to commune with you.  Itís scattered energy that sends them where you are not, and naturalists call it extinct or endangered.   

Conneeís Notes.  Maryland Workshop, May, 2007


  1. Guest:  He had a virus and talked to the disease and why it was there.  He appreciated its presence to show him whatís going on with him.  It turned around and in hours it was gone.
  2. Abraham:  It isnít that you befriended the virus.  Your physical apparatus and cells are all doing their job to bring you back into balance.  You just stopped pushing against.  The cells are always calling for health with greater clarity when you are sick.  By your making peace with the virus, you reduced your resistance and your cells could receive the energy.  Pain equals energy flowing that you are blocking.
  3. You have a positive good feeling when you allow the flow.  Physical discomfort is blocked flow.  Go to bed, sleep, take medicine which makes you believe in your recovery.  Recovery is a natural thing.  You just released the resistance that was causing the illness.  Anyway, you looked right at the culprit and made peace and turned to move with your faster stream.  
  4. Are you ready to say yet, ďYou canít get it wrong and you never get it doneĒ?  Make peace where ever you are!
  5. Guest:  I meditate to ecstasy; then I go to work and in an instant am back in my old complaining and hating myself cycle.
  6. Abraham:  You just described conditional love.  ďWhen I control conditions, I allow complete alignment to Source.  While at work I disallow my alignment.Ē  In time you will feel appreciation for those who wonít conform.
  7. If conditions have to change, you become a hermit.  You didnít intend to isolate yourself.  You came to train yourself first to have bliss in the world.  Intend to look for things you want to see at work. 
  8. Instead of asking for a big jump, look for as many downstream thoughts as you can.  When you are co-creating with others, they bother you so much because they have prodded you into an expansion you are not taking.  Otherwise youíd be happy complaining.  So you have to get downstream anyway.  Make peace with them where they are.
  9. Esther wants to do it all, but she comes to the place where, in this moment, itĎs not possible.  Too much is being asked for this segment of time.
  10. Say, ďIím making peace with you as you are.  Youíre right to do what you are doing.  My attempt to comprehend it is getting me out of balance, so Iím just making peace now.  Itís good weíre two people here doing our thing rather than one.  Isnít it nice that this place is here?  These problems arenít going to be solved immediately.  Itís O.K.  Weíre doing our best.  Youíre doing well; hang in there.  Itís getting better.Ē  All they wanted was a kind word.
  11. Donít ask yourself to solve all the problems at once.  You have employment because people have problems!  Their problems are your employment. 
  12. Youíll learn you can stand anywhere and come into alignment.  If youíre not coming into alignment, thatís what is significant, not what they are doing.  You learned to focus yourself into alignment in meditation  Now you can be out there, and learn to do it again!
  13. When you feel discomfort, figure out what you want; line it up, then watch the environment morph.  If youíre having an emotional response, itís not subconscious.  Maybe youíre in an environment where many are so far out of balance, you will have to walk into their vicinity.  You have to do it on purpose. 
  14. In lowering your vibration in order to be of value to them, recognize you are working there to help others find balance.  Remind yourself of their vibrational escrows.  Stand with their Inner Being calling them forward.
  15. Acknowledge how often youíve been able to help various ones.  You donít have to fix it all today.  Everyone here is good at what they do.  Weíll help as many people as possible as we make downstream choices.
  16. If you help them learn to identify upstream/downstream, thatís the most important thing.  You have to make peace with where they are and coax them into alignment.
  17. You never asked for a perfect environment.  So many people have been helped already; donít let the others get you down. 
  18. See them as they want to be, not as they are.  Theyíre clamoring for you to see them as they are.  So itís not easy for you to keep a picture of where they are going, but that is your work.
  19. Of all of the hands-on health care professions, the one youíve chosen (massage) is the less intrusive.  You can be of more benefit faster than any other profession.
  20. If the person is out of balance, there is always misaligned energy.  Until you seek the vibrational root of illnesses, you will not have enough cures.  The vibrational root is always resistance.  Everyone in discomfort has been vibrationally out of alignment for awhile.
  21. The tug of war within you begins with negative emotion first, then gets to more acute discomfort, until pain sets in and then becomes chronic.
  22. Every time the body is out of whack, the cells know what to do.  And now you have their vibrational escrow calling them forward and all the cells are calling.
  23. Pain is energy movement blocked by thought.  They donít need more energy, they need less resistance.  Relax them into a place where they arenít resisting.
  24. The energy is already there.  The relaxing and allowing part is your job.  Itís Step three.
  25. Make it comfortable, not hard for them.  Distract them from their discomfort by touching over here where it feels good.  Focus your conversation to release resistance with soothing words.
  26. You take pain on when you focused on where the energy was not moving.  Focus on the body, see it as it is over there where they are going. 
  27. If youíre seeing whatís wrong, it backlashes into your physical experience.  Say, ďSomethingís bothering you.  Somethingís got you knotted up.  Why not resolve it?  Make peace with it.Ē 
  28. Tell them the story of the stream and that life is calling them forward.  Remind them to stop worrying, chill out here.  Say, ďDo your best to leave your troubles at the door while you come back into alignment.Ē
  29. Help them understand vibrational alignment.  Everything is about vibration.   There are no exceptions, even if itís a car crash.
  30. On a worldwide scale, massage as primary health care is inevitable.  Wellness is alignment.  When they stop and take score, they turn back toward discomfort.  People have to understand that their emotions are the key.
  31. Until you show yourself you can choose a though and get a feeling of relief, you are stuck.  In 30 days, you can turn in the direction of what you want on most subjects.
  32. Massage is the modality of the future.  Thereís never a crowd on the leading edge.  If you reach to teach, you get frustrated.  Let Law of Attraction bring you the people who can hear you.  As you focus on needing a world-wide movement, it backlashes on you.
  33. Jerry and Esther arenít taking Abraham to the world.  We see our work as expanding the message.  They trust Law of Attraction to bring them the people.
  34. You just figure out what you want to teach, and those who want to learn that will find you.  Youíve got the answers, but can they hear it yet?  Relax and they will come.
  35. Guest  I want to access energy more readily, jump right over there and live whatís in my vibrational escrow, as in a microwavable world. 
  36. Abraham:  The most important thing is the acknowledging  your vibrational escrow exists.  Source is sending it.  When you know itís there and you are worthy, then it will come in the best possible way.
  37. Some things have to come into alignment before you can see it.  Live your life in bite-sized pieces.  Once your life has put the desire there, this life can deliver.
  38. Get a glimpse of it.  Itís O.K. that you know you donít know how to get it.  Most people hate wanting it and it tortures them. 
  39. When it entices you, when it pleases you, you are on your way.  When you focus on what and why, and you turn in the direction of it, you can have a lovely ride on the river.
  40. At every turn thereís a whole new set of contrasting experiences.  Say, ďI can make peace with it.  Source is being it and giving me clues.Ē  When you know your outcome is inevitable and undeniable, then wanting it is a breath of fresh air.
  41. You intended to come forth into contrast.  The desire shoots out.  Remember your work is to turn in the direction of it.  Say again and again, ĒIíll stop going upstream, and the stream will turn me.Ē  ĒIíll stop going upstream, and the stream will turn me.Ē ĒIíll stop going upstream, and the stream will turn me.Ē ĒIíll stop going upstream, and the stream will turn me.Ē Then youíll see that happen and it will be undeniable.
  42. Guest:  What happens when you turn to go downstream and thereís a loved one in the way?
  43. Abraham:  Loving them is downstream.  Seeing them in the way is upstream. 
  44. Guest:  But when someone disagrees with what you wantÖÖ
  45. Abraham:  Why is that in your way?
  46. Guest:  They want something different.  They are not believing.
  47. Abraham:  In a couple, you often want this and the other wants the opposite.  But you each have your vibrational relativity with your stream.  Your relationship with each other is irrelevant. 
  48. Itís your gap you want to close.  One who is connected is more powerful than millions who are not.  If you are in alignment, all of the resources of the Universe are unfolding for you.
  49. But, if the peanut gallery is making a ruckus, and you pay attention to it, now youíre not in alignment with what you want.  
  50. Guest:  How can I hold myself to my vision without paying attention to peanut gallery?
  51. Abraham:  When you have your dominant vibration in place, itís no longer an annoyance.  When you worry about what youíre both thinking then neither is getting what you want.  It feels so good to let everyone else off the hook.  How wonderful it would be if they say, ďMy joy is my job.  Iím going to tend to my own crack.[gap]Ē  How free that feels!  To have their permission to go and do and be and have whatever you want.
  52. But you canít make them say that to you.  It is nice to be loved, but itís even better to be loving.  You are in charge of your downstream journey.
  53. Think to yourself:  I know you want it to be different, but Iím in alignment, and that is what is best for me.  Iím not looking at your disconnected state.  I know who you really are.  I know when you are tapped in you love me. 
  54. You cannot look at them with absolute love in your being without uplifting them.  As you see them as they really are, more show up that that way.
  55. Nothing is more confounding to an uplifter that to try to uplift and they donít come.  But they arenít in the way.  You are in your own way.
  56. Guest:  Can I do both Massage and Real Estate?
  57. Abraham.  You canít get spread too thin, not by subjects.  You can have 100 things downstream.  But, when you say, ďI canít or I shouldnít,Ē it splits your energy.  Stay aligned and it can all fall into place.
  58. If you are struggling, decide instead you want to see your life more as Source sees you.  Notice slight negative emotion.
  59. Say, ďInner Being, you must be seeing this differently; how are you seeing it?Ē  Ask Source, ďWhat do you see?Ē  Listen and you will hear the call of Source right there, right then, in the moment.
  60. Source never stops being/calling you to who you really are.  If you ask, youíll hear a piece that will turn you in the stream.
  61. We appreciate that you are leading edge, exploring, birthing remarkable desires.  Turn in the direction of what you want.  We want you to feel the benefit of the expansion of All That Is.
  62. When you discover the love and appreciation we feel for you, it will thrill you.
  63. Love those that are loveable.  Hate those others as little as you can.  Try to see them in a less awful light. 
  64. Love unconditionally and come home Ė not in death.  You donít have to croak to feel bliss.  Practice; take one step at a time.  There is great love here for you.

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