Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop,

April 10-11, 1999, Gaithersburg, MD


1. The entire universe is set up to provide contrast.  It is the most important basis of physical reality, for the express purpose of  allowing new conclusions.  All things must be allowed for that reason.

2. What comes to you comes because you are looking at it and giving it attention, whether you are saying yes or no to it.  The switch is turned on by attention. Turn the switch off by withdrawing your attention from it.

3. We seem to be flesh, blood and bone, but mostly we are vibration, energy and electricity!  We are vibrational beings through the power of our thought.

4. Our frequency is constantly and perfectly being matched.  Our transmitting equals our receiving.

5. We are "end users" of energy flow.  We intended as we came to be aware through our guidance system, not to get inside the engine and act like a piston.

6. Every desire is answered - there has never been one that wasn't.

7. Genius = Focus = Passion.

8. Your job is to create a new habit of thought on the subject, once you identify your desire.

9. You don't get marks on a chart for perseverance.  That is Law of Attraction's work.  Your job is to focus, pick something small and LOA makes it bigger.

10. For Esther, 8 statements on a focus wheel is enough to do the trick to change her energy.

11. Focus wheels are a powerful workshop, because they make a clear and deliberate statement of who I am to the Universe.  You must stay in the process until you are feeling a little better.

12. You have enormous latitude and leeway.  

13. You can offer quite a dose of declarative statements, but we don't worry about you.  Because if it really gets to bother you, a stronger rocket of desire goes out.  When the money is gone, something else will click in, the desire becomes focused in a much greater way.

14. What right does someone else have to funnel you anywhere?  Find someone else to talk to!

15. See the corporation you want so clearly that you are on your way to attracting that.  The next step, working for someone else's corporation, will feel just like that.

16. Feeling a lot of resistance just means that something really matters.

17. At the heart of feeling of unworthiness, here you stand, eternally incomplete.  You are always moving forward.  In each moment, you are standing there with a desire that is not fulfilled.  You call that failure.  You should say, "Yippee! I've got a desire I haven't fulfilled!  I'm moving on."  It is all a simple misunderstanding.  

18. You were totally PPE before you came here.  If that was all you wanted, you would have stayed there!

19. How could anyone of you be unworthy, when you are all so perfect, you are doing everything you intended to do.

20. Stop managing results, and focus on how you feel in the moment.  As yourself, which feels better?  To see yourself as incomplete or as always evolving?  To see yourself as failing, or simply examining contrast?

21. Nobody is taking score.  It's all about LOA.  You are not unworthy at all, just not in tune in this moment with what you want.

22. Esther notices clock alignment: 1:11, 2:22 and takes it as a symbol of her alignment with her desired energy.

23. You want to have profound depression if you are really stuck.  It means you have strong desire.

24. When you know the feeling of passion, you can no longer tolerate depression.  Passion is life force flowing through me.  As the desire increases, the differential between where you are and where you want to be increases.  

25. A very, very powerful desire will always triumph, although that may be where you are when you croak!

26. Most people let the negative get so big their desire gets great, and they bounce from agony to triumph and back.

27. If you get focused on a little piece of what you want, it will grow.  Most of you won't focus until you are in a jam.

28. Take pleasure in the visualization, imagery, imagination.  Give your attention to something, anything, that allows your cork to float.

29. No more excuses, you are so free, you can choose bondage!

30. Depression feels bigger, because you are receiving thoughtforms in vibrational harmony with your stuff, but much of the depression has nothing to do with you.

31. Effort should be put into learning how to offer the vibration of what you are wanting, rather than efforting to make it happen in the physical.

32. Always ask:  which feels better?

33. J&E were on a plane - things weren't going well.  She was mad.  She looked at Jerry, and she could tell by the look on his face that he was not going to talk about this with her.  She then chose to set her tone rather than let the situation affect her more.  If Jerry had been willing to talk about it, things would have gone very differently.

34. Esther could have gotten as disconnected about being treated rudely in First Class as the people of Kosovo.  There is a limited range of emotion.  You cannot experience much more negative emotion than you have ever previously had.  It is not tied to the size of the condition causing the disconnection.  You cannot look at something of a disconnecting nature and stay connected.  It is a big advantage to have a mate that refuses to go there.

35. J&E don't use the word channel.  It is just inspiration, allow it to flow through you.

36. For those that want to rewrite the teachings of Abe in generic terms - if you don't want to talk about nonphysical, then it is not leading edge thought, and you have very little to give them.

37. When you are doing what feels best to you, you are doing very well.

38. If they are not ready for the message, they just won't receive it.  Invite and use your gut instinct about what's appropriate.

39. If you are not dealing with leading edge thinkers, give them the crumbs that you have to teach.

40. Health care is a very strong opening for nonphysical - the action isn't working.  Desire for health is creative - it is big enough issue to inspire people to use the power of their imagination/visualization.

41. The contrast of the individual's life will stir the asking.

42. Joseph Campbell said it all when he said, "follow your bliss."

43. Don't worry about subconscious thought.  If you are having a thought that you are not aware of that is affecting you, it means you are not in touch with your guidance system.

44. Once you notice your emotions, the stuff comes up, which makes it no longer subconscious and repressed.  Then just reach for a thought that feels better.

45. It doesn't matter what the action process looks like, if it works, it means that it is based on the alignment of energy in some way.

46. Here is what causes illness - powerful desire, summoning lots of nonphysical energy, that is not allowed to flow through.  It is the contradiction that causes the illness.  A person who is flowing a lot of energy can get sick, while much more negative people with low desire are healthy.  Their negative thoughts are not resisting energy flow - it's because they are not flowing, that they are not sick.

47. Things are moving faster now, because more contrast has created more desire.  Where ever you are vibrating in the moment is amplified.  The crevasse between the haves and have nots is widening.

48. The potential for creating heaven on earth is there for everyone.  It really is about Source energy flowing through the physical focus, and that is as good as it gets.  And that's GOOD!

49. Always eagerly reach for something better.

50. What you must do is understand that everyone is always doing the best she knows how.

51. Your job as a teacher is to live happily ever after, and set the example.

52. Do it for the joy, the pleasure, the molding of the energy.

53. A volcano is an alignment process, like the earth doing a focus wheel.

54. We are always becoming more.

55. You are perfect and want to expand.  The joy is in the journey.

56. Nonphysical comes into leading edge physical for the fun of going from here over to there, with great eagerness to be in the process  of doing.

57. How to have more fun in getting there:  Diffuse the feeling that desire is painful, that it hurts to not have it yet.  Say, "I want it, but I can take pleasure in playing with the vision."  Visualize it more often than you notice it isn't there.

58. Take more pleasure in the now.  You never get it done.  You're not wanting to rest, you are wanting to be free of resistance.  You might as well have fun.  Fun is the whole reason to have a goal at all.

59. If you can't afford the house you want, envision it being your house.  Wake up in the house, move around in it, take pleasure in it.  The pleasure of the vision is softening resistance.  Then the house comes to you at the price you want to pay, and the realtor says, "This is a miracle!"

60. The Universe knows who you are, you practiced your vibration so long that your exterior world matches it.  It has nothing to do with anything but your vibration.

61. Every responsive particle in the Universe that plays with you in your dance is responsive to your vibration.  The vibration of fantasy is just as real as the vibration of reality.

62. You feel like you have to justify reality, but it is just the opposite.

63. If you see someone stuck in reality, say "Oh, poor thing, you still think it is like that.  Lot's of people will play with you, but I know better."

64. Successful ones say, "I dreamed it, I imagined it, I pretended it.  I always knew, I always maintained the vision.

65. Leading edge of thought means that the exposure to contrast creates combinations of thought for the first time.  You generate desires that are unique to your unique experience.  And then you take thought to a place it has never been before.

66. Roger Bannister - was a leading edge thinker when he broke the 4 minute mile.  New thoughts are unique because of your attention to them, beyond what has been before.

67. Human physical experience is leading edge of thought.  Abe knows the Laws better than we do, they know how to align energy better.  That is their value to us.

68. Abe doesn't have the desire we have, because we are in the contrast.

69. Your IB has an IB, has an IB, has an IB, all the way connected to Source energy.  If you are aligned with your IB, you are aligned with it all, because your IB has no resistance and is not separate.

70. Physical stuff is thought that has been thought about by more thinkers - it gets big enough to manifest.

71. There is nothing other than the journey.  Enjoy the experience which creates the desire which summons the eternalness of eternity - the life force itself.

72. Peace generally implies sameness, and we will never get there - in every moment the difference expand.  Your job is to reach for a little more and maintain our balance.

73. New thought brings elation, invigoration, because you can feel the energy move.

74. In nonphysical, contrast is not as marked, because your IB sees difference and says yes to what it chooses, physical often says no.  There is only one source of wellbeing which you allow or not.

75. The potential for experiencing wellbeing is huge.  Existence of wellness is far higher than experience of illness, sickness is not even a blip on the total statistics.

76. If you don't have what you want, the worse it gets, until finally you croak!

77. Being on the leading edge, the plum of increased desire is worth every bit of it.  The adventure and possibility is the fun of it.  You cannot be lost forever, you will always come back.

78. Sometimes you might go to a movie that makes you feel bad on purpose.  You feel the same way when you take on a physical body.  You never intend to put your guidance system to sleep.  If you are aware of how you feel, you are never too far out of alignment.

79. Your Spiritual Guides are your Inner Being, because your IB is always a match to its IB to its IB to its IB all the way back.  You're a match to it all.  It's a matter of vibrational harmony.

80.  Source energy feels blissful, so you can always tell if you are connected to that, or to the spin-offs of man's conscious thought.

81. Once you know the feeling of connection (30 days of meditation) your emotional meter is back in action.  Just because you've picked up on something, doesn't mean it is Source.  But if it feels good, it doesn't matter what it is, go with it!

82. CFS and Fibromyalgia discussion:  Wellness would be there if there were not a resistant pattern of thought.  Help them change patterns of thought.  You can shift attention and focus to nutrition/sleep/etc.  Help them believe in wellness rather than illness.  And effective healer gives people permission to be well.

83. Self-consciousness is at the heart of stuttering.  Paralyzed that you might be seen as inappropriate.  As they come to know that we adore them, and do not judge them, stuttering stops.

84. You are wanting to find your own connection to Source energy so you can feel good regardless of who's around.

85. You know their wellness and blitz their energy field, and they know they are well.  Every time you help them connect, they are closer to connecting themselves.

86. You're actually lucky to be physically sick, because "ask and it is given."  You just haven't yet learned to relax and allow, and I'm helping you to get there now.

87. When you meditate you stop thought.  If you wanted to create the space to communicate with your IB, you must make a deliberate, conscious clear connection.

88. When you meditate, you stop thought, your cork floats in a quiet mind.  When you connect to channel, you are sitting in the vibration of Source energy, and focused on some subject.

89. Esther had a dramatic vibrational raising when she met Abe with astonishing results.  Since you have already been listening to Abe tapes, you have had your energy level incrementally raised, and are so familiar with the vibration, and you don't notice the difference.

90. When you begin receiving, it sound so familiar - like an Abe tape!  Contemplate and get hold of a powerful question.  Work on questions like you would bring to a workshop.  Make it big, and you'll notice the difference in the response.

91. Your work is to clarify the asking, create a precise and powerful asking.

92. You are not trusting - override the lack of trust with a very strong question.

93. In Near Death Experiences, the tunnel represents the differential of energy from resistance to Pure Positive Energy.  All kinds of things are translated.  You become the fullness of who you are in the death process.  

94. A collective connected experience (many people together) provides a fuller experience of vibration.  They told a story of a group of people talking about breakfast a grandma and grandpa's, and suddenly everyone could smell bacon and hot maple syrup.

95. Master's talk of a bridge of understanding from where students are.  It's not a hierarchy, just differences in focus.

96. When you are a focuser, you are a stronger attractor - that what's charisma is.  It represents a long stream of deliberateness.

97. Rendezvous are planned by the Universe.  As you enjoy it, that furthers it.  It will be fun to see how this plays out.  LOA knows exactly what it is doing.  You're a vibrational match to someone who just wants to feel better.  A bird or a butterfly may distract you into connection.  You are a person who does the same thing for many.

98. There is an extraordinary wheel-dex in the sky, everyone asks, and sometimes you are factored in as part of the answer.

99. When you are feeling strong positive emotion, what you want is more on the brink of happening than mild emotion.  I wonder if vs. I have decided.

100. What physical and nonphysical have in common is LOA.  Wellbeing abounds.  You feel playful when you know all is well.

101. Taking thought beyond is the combination of different thoughts - a combination that has never been lived before.

102. You are always standing in a new perspective that is unique.

103. We are all part of the newest soul and all part of the oldest soul.  Your existence itself is a new thought.

104. If you finally understood that, you would be more playful.  You cannot fail, why not be playful?????

105. ETs. - it is possible to consciously initiate contact, exchange information and co-create with ETs.  Abe said they do not think it is possible to give birth to a desire and have it not be valid.  You can feel the appropriateness of any path open to you.

106. Every thought that has ever been thought exists.  LOA gives you access to all of them.  If you have the ability to change your frequency, there is no limit to what you can receive.

107. We dreamed it into place - the Earth - and it continues to evolve.  It dovetails the co-creative energies of humans/nonphysicals/animals and rocks.

108. Thoughts that are thought by more people congeal by the volume of energy.  Thought becomes a stronger signal produces what we would call a thoughtform.  It is then easier for others who come close to the vibration to think it.

109. If it is thought more, by more, the signal becomes stronger.

110. Matter - this stuff is real!  We agreed to the vibration.  We are tuned to imagine galaxies and dimensions.

111. If you have the ability to vibrationally achieve harmony with this, you have access to it.  They are offering vibrations that some of you are able to open to.  See it by softening focus into parallel Universes.

112. Esther cannot tell you who Abe is.  She receives transmission, but does not have a visual where it comes from.

113. The energy of wellbeing is dominant.  Only pay attention to your vibrational offering.  There is not anything for anyone to worry about it.  

114. We all want wellbeing, but we are not all seeing it happening, therefore, there must be something that is keeping it from happening.  That's where the river of paranoia comes from - masses of people don't feel like things are going right, therefore there must be something going on -someone deliberately stopping the wellbeing.

115. It is just that you bump into those negative thoughtforms when you have access to those kinds of streams of thought.

116. Go on a rampage of appreciation - then you will find all kinds of things that are advantageous to you and your society.

117. Many of your scientists are receiving from nonphysical.  Is it a two way street?  Of course, if we told you it isn't, it would contradict everything we have told you to this point!

118. If a desire is born within you, the Universe has the ability to deliver it.  You often use concoctions to help you believe and allow.  ETs are easier to believe than nonphysicals for many people.

119. Nothing is outside your ability to achieve. When you are aware that you lack freedom, it helps to get past it to notice that it is all self-imposed.  Saying to yourself "I would like to do that, but…" makes you feel stuck and not free.

120. Talk more about what you want more, and the feeling of freedom with loosen up.

121. You are focusers of energy through thought.  Words are but a minuscule part of  your attraction.  Your feelings guide you to greater feelings - amplify "I want to be free" and more will come.

122. Give yourself permission to spend more time thinking thoughts that feel better, to be selfish enough to want to feel good.

123. Other people think your job is to serve them, and they are wrong!!!

124. Which feels better - this thought or that thought?  Which feels better is the ONLY QUESTION to ask!!!!

125. You keep saying to us "Abraham, you didn't see what happened…"  No, we didn't because we don't vibrate in that place with you.

126. Get off to yourself and reclaim your connection to source energy.

127. Freedom = freedom from self-imposed resistance = Turn the other cheek = Resist not evil.

128. Seth is outrageous in his desire to jolt you into new experiences.  

129. J&E saw a family in an airport - the son was limp, lifeless, bored to death.  Esther contrasted that with a boy in a photo in the newspaper, running for his life in Kosovo.  And how alive he was.  And she understood why someone would choose great contrast, purpose and desire compared to lifelessness and despondency.

130. Out of sameness, nothing is born.  You really want lots of choices, not agony and ecstasy per se.  You must be willing to allow everyone else their choices, even if they choose things you think are not good for them.

131. You cannot end a war that someone else is choosing.  They must have the right to choose war.  Each one on each side is fighting for freedom from resistance.

132. To assist, envision them getting connected, and more of them will get there.  As more people understand that there is no shortage of anything, and it's all perfectly balanced, the feeling of paranoia that causes war will relax.

133. One someone pushes at you, fear causes you to push back.  All the angst is at the heart, just that!

134. We can co-exist as physical humans.  Not one other person has to know what you know in order for you to live happily ever after.

135. War can be a life giving factor for many involved in them.

136. You will definitely choose negative emotion over no emotion.  It is exciting to be deviant.  Every generation that comes forth, is designed to shake the dirt from its feet - the old ways of the previous generation.  They are not born interested in your knowledge.

137. Lighten up and trust that all is well with the children.  They are wise beyond their years.  They come forth soul connected, eager and ready.

138. Regarding your children, ask yourself in every decision which feels better.  Find a happy medium.  Set an example of someone who is thriving and happy for them to follow.

139. If you place rules, the children must rebel.  You must face the dilemma of giving them freedom and facing world disapproval.  But if you stay with your guidance, you will have a glorious co-creative experience.

140. Teach your children how much better you feel when you are connected to source energy by being that.  And then answer any questions that come up.  Children need experience making decisions for themselves, otherwise you teach them to be vulnerable and insecure.

141. There are no negative consequences to most decisions.  Let your child go out without his coat once - he will come back when he gets cold to get his coat.  It is not to his benefit to let him believe that you think he is such a stupid kid that he wouldn't come back for his coat when he gets cold.

142. Where does mothering end and disempowering children begin?

143. Your well meaningness goes a long way toward getting it right, anyway!

144. When you guide from a place of connection, your guiding is far more powerful.  Guide rather than guard.  You cannot worry and love at the same time.  Practice the vibration of "I trust you - I know all will be well with you."

145. There isn't anything more that they want than your approval and appreciation.  Don't teach them to respond to what you want, teaching them to respond to their Inner Being.

146. It was a huge relief when Esther realized that "Nothing bad is ever going to happen to Tracy."

147. So what if you have always done everything to get other people's approval.  That was what you wanted - other people's approval.  So you did get what you wanted!  And it was nice of them to provide you with an excuse to flow energy, until you got one of your own!

148. Trust your emotions.  Abe wants us to have desire, whether it feels like passion or anger.  Try to find thoughts that match the desire.

149. Start with something easy, not your biggest, baddest issue.  Petting your cat raises your vibration - even purring is vibrational assistance.

150. Before you take any action, line up your energy.  Play with the idea of it until it begins to feel familiar to you.

151. What upsets others about you is not your changing your hairstyle, it is the discord in your vibration that worries them.  Use inspiration rather than motivation.

152. Negative emotion is a signal to reach for another thought that feels better.

153. Be happy that you are here - feel appreciation for what brought you along the way that got you to this place.

154. Stand here - proud to be here - for a precious nugget of desire has been born within you.  Bless everyone of them because of the desire.  Milk it for the pleasure it is possible for it to give you.

155. What you believe about most anything is more about your belief than it is about the things itself.

156. You cannot separate conscious and subconscious - it is all just transmitting and receiving via Law of Attraction.

157. Anytime you do something that you deem as inappropriate, the desire grows.  You'll find your way to get to what you want eventually.

158. There is no limit to how long you could live, if you keep finding things that keep life force summoning through you.

159. In the next Century, we expect life expectancy to soar, as you will be finding new frontiers to explore.

160. For Nonphysical, time and eternity are all the same because everything is here now.

161. In order to be timeless, you must be connected to that which is timeless.  We recommend you take this moment in time much less seriously.  Reach in your now for fantastic thoughts to contemplate.

162. Help people who are asking to find connection to Source.

163. The year 2000 is like new beginnings - New Year's Resolutions times 1000!

164. Esther looked forward to watching the odometer on her Suburban to turn 44444.  She missed it.  Y2K is not more significant than that!

165. Abraham always focuses through Esther, she only allows herself to feel it sometimes.

166. Increasing levels of consciousness are limitless.  When you came here, you put blinders on.  You are reawakening to a broader sense of Self.

167. How can we allow passion?  Bring the Abe workshop excitement into everyday life.  You can come to an Abe workshop in your imagination, and have the same benefit lying in your bed at night.

168. Expansion of the ability to imagine is what makes you have passion.

169. Feel for the subject of vitality - don't think about it, feel for it, and LOA brings you more and more.

170. If you just did what you wanted, truly following your innate desire for 2 days, your whole world would change.

171. Put yourself into new experiences.

172. Say "I'm going to begin to enjoy my ability to imagine."  Memories are just data to create imaginary scenarios.

173. You're looking for stimulation of thought, use it to imagine more.

174. For J&E, the joy was in the creation of the treehouse - not actually using it now that it is built.

175. Feel the ideas explode when you can get a consensus of 2 or 3 at a time.  The ideas expand faster.

176. Start somewhere, anywhere, with something that is important enough to give it your attention and stimulate your imagination.

177. Once the new idea is born - turn to it, imagine it, explain it to yourself, change the details that don't work out in your imagination - don't wait for it to manifest before you tweak it.

178. You have access to so much when you know it and reach for it for the fun of the expansion in your mind.

179. They spoke of an artist J&E know of who creates a work of art from found materials in the woods, takes a photo of it, and leaves it.  They said he had truly found that the joy is in the journey.

180. The Universe is Love - Life, Joy and Essence are the Nature of love.  The journey in life is holding that note.  It helps a lot to understand that "All is truly well."  Love is the dominant nucleus.  Whole clumps get out of sync, but the way back is always to feel for it.

181. Learn to read the vibrations more fully to gravitate to what feels good.

182. Don't think you should expect to always feel unconditional love.  Say to yourself, "I want to be aware when I am disconnected.  I want to be deliberate in my connection or nonconnection."

183. As you hold your note, you penetrate to core essences of all around you, in vibrational harmony with Source.  You have knowing about all things then.  You know that the movie will always come out all right.

184. If you truly knew it always has a happy ending, you'd relax.

185. If you believe and trust that, things do automatically come out all right.

186. We are so cared for, so taken care of - that's what you know from broader perspective.  You lose fear, and discover freedom.

187. Move though your life with deeper heart and deeper love.  That doesn't happen, except through the contrast.  You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong.

188. Life is supposed to be fun.  Get an idea, then, play it out for the pleasure in it.

189. It always feels good to be in vibrational harmony with Source energy.

190. Esther went into a cold pool to pull out a rock - as Abraham.  And therefore, Esther felt no discomfort.

191. You have access to clarity and ability.  Why in the world would you go to the trouble of getting lost if it wasn't fun to find your way out?

192. Get over comparison and judgment, and do things for the fun of them.

193. Dance what your soul sings.

194. When you are in connection to Source, and able to maintain that no matter what, that's unconditional love.

195. If you ever hear a contradiction in our message, you have misheard it!!!

196. You have intended to hook up to your Source Connection, romp and play eternally.

197. Just hold onto thought on one subject longer.  And don't be so hard on yourself for where you are.  

There is Great Love here for you.

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