Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop,

Gaithersburg, MD, - October 21, 2000

  1. You are learning to deliberately project your vibration to control your outcome.
  2. You are vibrational beings. Everything is about vibrational interpretation.
  3. Your current vibrational mix is shown to you through your emotions.
  4. Until you are willing to pay attention to your emotions, you have no control, and you have missed the point of this vibrational environment.
  5. You have some dormant vibrations that stay pretty much dormant, and some that are easily activated, when another person in your life speaks them. Your attention to the other person activates your dormant vibration. Your emotion is the signal of activation.
  6. A question to ask yourself could be: How much of all that I AM am I summoning right now and how much am I letting it in?
  7. Your desires are the summoning factor.
  8. The energy that creates worlds always flows through you, whether you are fully allowing it or not.
  9. This is the art of allowing Ė lettiní in the wellbeing you have been asking for all along.
  10. A bigger emotion, either ecstasy or agony Ė is more nonphysical energy flowing in the moment.
  11. If it feels good, you are letting it in.
  12. You are selfishly wired beings and thatís a good thing.
  13. Ease up on yourself and look for more feelings of wellbeing.
  14. It doesnít matter what you do Ė it matters how you feel!
  15. If you could focus in a place of nonresistance, everything you want could come.
  16. If you feel bad about a specific subject, just find a way to feel good and let it in. All it takes is a bridge for your emotions from feeling bad to good.
  17. Quantum leaps stink!
  18. QLís make headlines, are extreme and short lived when for a fleeting moment a powerful desire dominates your overall vibration. They leads to manic depression. You are wanting to gently come to a place where you are more naturally vibrating wellbeing.
  19. Questioner said that when she intended to earn more money after August 15, it happened, but then it went away. Abe said the goal helped her to begin allowing, by putting the outcome far enough away to release her resistance to it.
  20. Once you let it in, watch your mood or attitude. You can tell you are avoiding score keeping by a feeling of greater optimism than usual. The goal untied the hands of the Fairies of the Universe. But after it was achieved, she reverted to her usual mix of vibrations. They recommended she continually set another goal further out.
  21. You have a fabulous Manager Ė Law of Attraction. It says to you, "Consider it done!" every time, whether you are vibrating something you want or something you donít want. Itís talent is astonishing, and effective every time.
  22. When you have a new idea, conger it, take pleasure in it, and then delegate it to your Manager.
  23. If you hold the managerís responsibility in your own heart when the manager asks if you want anything, itís like saying, "No, no no, Iím happy just to pay you $600,000 per year to hold the title, you go lay on the beach and Iíll do it all myself!"
  24. Make your requests of Law of Attraction with an attitude of expecting results. Setting goals is a way of delegating to the manager. It sets a place where you can start believing you will get what you want.
  25. Action when you are in alignment is fun. Action that is inspired is the furthest extension of the creative process.
  26. If the action you are involved in is pleasurable to you, do it. If not, delegate it to your Manager.
  27. Begin cultivating a sense of eternalness. You are always and ever, there is no ending. There is way more before you than there is behind you. If you are eternal, August 15th has less significance!
  28. Why are you metering out your good? Please yourself in all moments!
  29. Most everyone is saying, when they talk about getting a job, "Bring me this thing I do not want!"
  30. When you start a job with the intention of leaving as soon as possible, you do not have a stable foundation for being there at all.
  31. Employers are serving as a focusing mechanism. Their focus brings energy-summoning life force through you. Itís optimum experience! Most people hold themselves in rigid resistance to appreciating the optimal experience available in their workplace!
  32. You are often saying, "I want financial freedom." What you are vibrating is "I donít want to do what someone else wants me to do."
  33. You are always dovetailing your desires with others on the leading edge.
  34. An employer who has dreamed his dream into being by launching rockets of desire has a huge vortex of energy that is being summoned through his business. If you are aligned with his energy flow, life is more probable for you. Any employment at all is a life giving opportunity Ė it doesnít matter what it is.
  35. Are you letting it in? No, because you are nitpicking and not allowing it to flow. If life force is flowing through you, what difference does it make where you stand?
  36. The questioner described a dream of a teddy bear picnic, so beautiful it felt like a work of art. Children who were loved so well were attending, rather than going to a day care center.
  37. Abe said more life may flow in the day care center than an individual Mom at home may be able to get flowing on her own. That she was starting from a flawed premise, that home would be the better choice. But if she is not pleased with work, she will not be pleased at home either. Freedom feels like the better choice, but the office actually has more potential to draw life force through her.
  38. If you are hitting yourself over the head with a hammer, it feels good when you stop. Itís the envisioning things as bad that you need to stop. Make a decision to enjoy where you are. Declare, "Iím going to allow life to flow!" Make a book of positive aspects. Say that you want to be "efficient, effective, happy, clear minded, keeping my commitments.
  39. Donít make the decision of what you will do until you are in a connected place. Donít take action from a place of lack.
  40. Q: Charity Ė what does it mean? I have so much stuff I love now, and I donít want to give it away? Abe: There is much misunderstanding of charity. This is an every expanding Universe, where there is never a shortage of anything. When anyone asks, it is always given. There can never be a shortage of anything. Charity implies there are some who are asking who are not receiving. It smacks of superiority, "I give to you because I see you cannot get on your own."
  41. The greatest act of charity is to connect yourself, then serve as an example of that to awaken others to see they are also able to be a blessed receiver of all they can ask.
  42. You are all Blessed Receivers. Your giving it to them doesnít help them let it in. In time, they just become unhappy that you are not giving them more. There is not much joy in welfare, either in giving or receiving, because it is not in harmony with the laws of the Universe.
  43. You cannot get sick enough to help the sick ones be healthy.
  44. There is Enough!
  45. There is a never ending pile of good stuff.
  46. When someone was talking to Abe about having ex wives receiving alimony, Abe said that they help open his vortex of receiving and draw life force through them. If he had ten ex-wives each asking for $100,000, then he would earn $2 million and have one million for them and $1 million for himself. No harm can ever come to you by being the vortex through which wellbeing comes. If you feel inspired to share with others, do it because it feels good.
  47. As you gaze at them, know their wellbeing to thrive.
  48. Almost everyone is offering vibration based on what they are observing. Injustice comes in response to attention to it. It doesnít matter how it started, someone breaks the evil spell by shifting the vibration. Consciously reach for a thought that feels better.
  49. Everything that comes to you is a vibrational match Ė you are causing it to be that way. Rallies, movies, newspaper articles come to you because you are vibrationally keyed to the subject.
  50. Law of Attraction cannot buck your current. When you have justification for your experience, it makes it even more certain you will experience more of it. Statistics always demonstrate Law of Attraction. The opinion of the researcher is invariably demonstrated Ė often both sides are explored and proved by different people.
  51. Stop trying to make everything the same. Instead, ask what vibration you want to hold.
  52. Mistreatment is about feeling vulnerable. Esther keeps going to hotels that lose her shipped boxes. Her work today is to find a way to be a vibrational match to being treated well. Find an example of when you had good service, and roll it over and over and over in your mind until you bring yourself to a new feeling place of well being.
  53. Where I stand is always temporary. The contrast keeps giving birth to new desire.
  54. It is not necessary that you figure out what you have been doing to limit your wellbeing. It is only necessary that you no longer do it.
  55. Just hold the vibration of desire more purely. It takes focus. As you pick up the stick that feels bad, you donít have to figure out why. Just find a way to feel better.
  56. Donít compare your experiences with anyone elseís.
  57. When you allow, you feel the ecstasy of energy moving through you. Then you are on the path youíve intended for this life.
  58. There is not something we want you to do, there is something we want you to feel!
  59. Your nonphysical family comes together in many different ways. You donít have to get pregnant to find your family. You can be vibrationally related to your dog, but you will never give birth to him!
  60. You can look it as being on the edge of the cliff, or on the leading edge of thought.
  61. There is always a balance between adventure vs. security (or boredom.)
  62. Abe wants us to de-emphasis observing others and acting out of the desire to please them. We learn that because our parents usually display conditional love. We donít understand how to love whether or not others are loveable.
  63. They were talking with someone who adopted a child from Moscow who is fiercely independent. Abe said she didnít learn dependency Ė no one came when she cried, so she stopped crying and learned to fend for herself. This child was never erroneously influenced away from the vibration of her own independence.
  64. Abe encouraged the parent to look at the benefits of her natural strength and independence, to stop labeling her as broken and find the positive aspects of her situation. Sheís not trying to justify her existence by pleasing others.
  65. Seek alignment with Self, not society.
  66. Nothing is a worthy excuse to hold yourself away from wellbeing.
  67. What are you using as your excuse to refuse to allow the energy to flow?
  68. From nonphysical, this child saw this (Moscow) as the perfect environment for her.
  69. The less labeling and less emphasis on something gone wrong, the better.
  70. As she spews words to you, say to yourself, "Never mind the stuff about me, she is disconnected. If she were connected, sheíd be clear minded and bright."
  71. Be a catalyst to assist her with source energy.
  72. Heart issues are simple.
  73. Esther was taking a bath as a child, didnít want to get out. Her mother called her several times for school, then went to work across the street, leaving Esther alone in the tub. Esther suddenly realized she was alone in the house, got up, threw on her winter coat and snow boots only, it was all she could find, and ran to the store. Her mother didnít say anything about anything, but Esther never delayed readiness again.
  74. If you vibrate clearly what you want, everyone in your life will adjust.
  75. Imagine your child living happily ever after, connected to source energy. Role play in your mind her waking up happy, getting ready easily. If you do, you will offer a huge influence in soothing her.
  76. Reach again and again for a little thought that feels better.
  77. Start by consciously acknowledging that what you are seeing is just disconnection. Make your one intention to help her get reconnected. Later as she goes to bed, you can talk it over with your mate and amplify the disconnection, or you can go off by yourself and let your exasperation create a rocket of desire. Then create a fantasy about her connected. It is the most powerful approach you can apply.
  78. While the rocket is hot and bright, go with it. Youíll find more appreciation for her independence. Your job is to reconnect YOU with source energy. It will feel better to you to go to bed in a more connected space.
  79. Somebody has to stop the chain of pain. Sheís going to reach more rendezvous with connection as you envision it. She will still have negative moments, because she is a powerful winter with huge desire. Small resistance causes a big crash for her. If you are going 1000 miles per hour, even a small tree creates a big crash.
  80. As you align your own energy, you will have a much smoother time with your hypersensitive child. Make it about YOUR vibration. As you get connected, it will go well.
  81. Woman asked a question about homeowners insurance denying her claim. Abe said, there is something off about your saying you know you are responsible for your own vibration and YOU ought to pay my claim and cover for it.
  82. Donít ask anyone outside yourself to bridge crevasse between where you are and where you want to be.
  83. There are endless answers to your questions and desires. It is impossible to be at the dock and miss your ship. Just get the next one.
  84. Use the contrast to delight in the next one with even greater connection for good. Look for the positive aspect. Your desire for physical wellbeing was your dominant vibration. You found out your chimney was putting carbon monoxide into your house and it ruined your windows. What do you think it was doing to your lungs? The greater benefit was to get your chimney unclogged to improve your health. Say to yourself, "I am always so cared for!"
  85. You say, hereís where I am standing. Abe says, "So what! What is the contrast, what is the rocket of desire?" Now get into the vibration of what you are wanting.
  86. Stop saying, "oh, damn, here I am with another unfulfilled desire." Make friends with unfulfilled desire Ė the whole Universe is designed to produce it.
  87. Stop saying, "I should have everything I want, when ever I want it. And my mate and the insurance company should bring it!" Itís the Universeís job to bring it!!!
  88. You should be relaxing Ė your windows wouldnít bother you so much. The long and short of it is your resistance.
  89. Which thought feels better is the more powerful game, not what words will make someone else do something different.
  90. Which thought feels better is about letting it in Ė letting in abundance, health, joy, prosperity, all well being.
  91. When your range of emotion is from really awful to awful to not quite so awful, you donít have access to bright loving thoughts. The librarian who swipes your Universal card cannot give you a book on happily ever after, but rather a book on insurance fraud and divorce.
  92. Reaching for a thought that feels better about smoky windows could look like this. Does it feel better to think of smoky windows or a newly cleaned chimney? Insurance fraud or a painter who brought life giving information to you.
  93. As you stay on the slightly better feeling thought, it brings you to a new range of emotion Ė the middle of the range is now centered on "not quite so awful." And you now have access to a better feeling place as you stay there for 17 seconds. You could then think, "isnít it wonderful I am now living in a much healthier home!" The whole thing can lead you to finally conclude, "Wouldnít it be fun ifÖ." Far removed from the feeling you originally had from the insurance company.
  94. Let the issue become dormant until you hear from them again. It will still feel uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as before. Now do it again. "Well, the insurance company is in business, and they have standards they follow. The way I presented the claim didnít fall within their guidelines. Maybe now that I feel differently, I could express it differently, perhaps I can regroup from this clearer spaceÖ"
  95. From a different place, you get a different person on the phone, with a different vibration. You will express from another place, where you are no longer blocking dollars through your resistance.
  96. Delegate it to your Manger, wipe your hands of it. We always recommend it.
  97. You feel you want to justify your existence through action. We want you to use your dreams as your reason to vibrate.
  98. When you awaken from a dream, the most important information is always how it made you feel.
  99. Composer had written new music, was soaring but when his partner came home, he did not appreciate the music as much as the composer did. The composer took a dive in vibration to match his partner.
  100. The dominant vibration always dominates. If you are connected to source, you will have a greater power of influence. But you always have several points active within you. You might be high sometimes with your music, but you may be ornery at work, and that was the vibration activated by your partner.
  101. He said, "Iím a composer Ė but thatís not what I do." Shows resistance. Itís not only through composing that you can allow your energy to flow. You could also allow your energy to flow at work. Take the attitude of being happy in more areas of your life.
  102. The fact that your partner could call you to a lower vibration said you were already teetering on the edge.
  103. When you feel good, when you are really connected Ė composing soars, computing soars, commuting soars!
  104. In some frames of mind, a piece of music is divine. In others, it may be irritating, because it is not a match.
  105. Abe described a moment of perfect connection for Esther. She was in upstate NY, the leaves were gorgeous, they were enjoying the Monster Bus, the cat on the picnic table she was visiting with was delightful, they had a wonderful lunch, they had been editing Abe tapes, the new computer programs for doing it were fabulous, and had been a long time in coming. She was consciously aware of how the Universe was yielding the absolute perfection of the moment.
  106. [This part was delivered in the highest energy I have ever seen in 12 Abe workshops, Connee] Every moment is just like this if you will allow it! Every moment is a moment worth celebrating. It is the culmination of endless energies, cellular desires, planetsí evolution. Everything exists in this moment for your pleasure. Practice pinnacle thinking, and nobody will ever get you down again. Maintain your knowing all is well.
  107. Donít get too upset if, in this moment, your partner cannot hear your music. Do the best you can. Powerful moments are working for you. Life is good. Always has been, always will be. Desire is summoning life force. You are open to the harmony or not.
  108. You can go with the flow or argue for your limitations.
  109. Desire is born from the chaos of contrast. It appears as clutter in your vibration. When feeling of desire is strong, the yearning feels powerful. Pure desire equals eagerness. Like a 2 year old exploring and adventuring and discovering. Itís not about completion.
  110. What we want most of all is to connect with source energy.
  111. Beasts are PPE, but domestic ones are influenced by the vibrations of humans. It is rare to find wild animals with cancer, because they have less resistance there.
  112. An animal who lives with you is likely wanting to please you. They perform their functions to please you rather than themselves. They want to romp and roam, but you donít let them. Told a story of a dog who J&E say "reeled in on a psychological leash." He was not allowing himself to go with the flow. Dogís manifestation of cancer is the result of years of wanting to please you, to mind the master, rather than following his own bliss.
  113. All disease is about not going with the flow of desire, of creating contradictions of energy.
  114. This dog is an opportunity to connect with source. He was born to assist you in learning to align your own energy. You cannot love and worry at the same time.
  115. Resistance is always present when someone does not feel free to follow their own desire.
  116. Empower your dog. Talk to him directly. Tell him he is much more free than he thinks. Let your feeling be one of freedom. His behavior will modify in response to your desire.
  117. If you are dominant in someoneís experience, you teach them to respond outside their own guidance system. You are inconsistent, because you are disconnected sometimes, which scrambles the vibration.
  118. Before you get a dog, it is good to envision life in your dog, joyful, healthy and living with you as you want. Dogs you have now came in response to your vibration which was probably mixed with what you did and did not want, which now evokes stuff not wanted.
  119. Pets are a balancing influence for PPE. The more it matters to them how you feel, the greater discord in their vibration. Cats are healthier beasts, because they care less about what you think. They are less likely to alter its vibration to please you.
  120. She created a Net relationship that then failed to please her in the physical. Abe said that if she could have held herself in cyberspace longer, her manifestation would be sweeter, because the Net is pure mind. If you take score too soon, rush to physical meeting, itís harder to maintain a pure vibration.
  121. Take pleasure from the vision. Visualization which feels better, bridges the gap where you are vibrating. Your future experience will then be underway in large part because the contrast with this experience has evoked from you greater clarity.
  122. Questioner blesses everything on the road and country. Wants to create a vortex of safety and wellbeing vibrations. Abe said she was working too hard at all of this. If you keep seeing problems that need to be blessed over, the vibration is protection, not a basic belief in wellbeing.
  123. When you accept Law of attraction is inclusion, then there is no exclusion. You cannot push against things you donít want. You are allowing or not allowing flow. You may be looking at the manifestations to know the vibration, rather than feeling the emotions.
  124. When you are taking score, you are a pile counter, classifying manifestations as good or horrible. If you hold yourself in counting, you are not in joy. There is no law of assertion.
  125. If you think you need protecting, you become more of a vibrational match to what you donít want, trying to re-establish grace where it is not.
  126. Instead, acknowledge that the wellbeing is there, and someone is letting it in or not.
  127. You donít have to pray to someone outside you to let it in, ask and it comes.
  128. The world doesnít need your blessing, it is blessed. Just donít block the blessing that is there.
  129. Living wellbeing extravagantly gives you the greatest power of influence. Bask and be the recipient of wellbeing. A pure place of grace is always the easiest way. Everything is on schedule, itís already perfect.
  130. Questioner began hearing the edges of a nonphysical conversation. Abe: She is learning to read vibration at unconscious levels. Itís important to tune your vibrational tuner. Esther refused sheriff to match murder vibration to help find murderer. She might in an off moment pick up vibrations she is not wanting, like a radio signal.
  131. Whatís happening in the now moment is always a vibrational match to where you are now. Thatís why things come to you. When you have the skill to read a book, you can read any book. When you develop the skill to read vibrations, you will be able to read any vibrations. Whatever you pick up will always have relevancy to your personal life experience. You will be able to glean information from the conversations you are hearing in your mind.
  132. You are holding back because most of the world is not on the leading edge and would call you fringe or marginal. Accept your important place here. This is a vibrational Universe without boundaries. Hearing conversations in your mind seems less odd that way. You are much bigger than just your physical senses.
  133. Children are taught to not go to places their parents do not understand, which creates a wall. They may be labeled made or inappropriate, and because they seek approval, they build a wall to what is possible for them to share. From her place in nonphysical now, your Mom is saying, "Go for it! Be who you are! Iím sorry I held you back."
  134. Reality is just agreed upon conclusions, congealed thought that has been thought longer. It is a vast Universe. There are a whole lot of ways of looking at it that donít over lap.
  135. You are wanting to integrate in this dimension a knowing of who you really are.
  136. When you identify the power of your desire clearly, what comes through is pure. You know you have this gift, and arenít sure of it. You should explore it. We say you have a gift to hear. You know you can listen, can hear things said, and say what you here. Questioner said, "I want to do it on the radio and reach a lot of people. That would be satisfying. Abe said, "Welcome back into vibrational harmony with who you are.
  137. There is no end to what the Fairies of the Universe can do to surprise and delight you.
  138. Jesus manifested death, why? Like everyone else, he was not the one exception in the whole Universe to Law of Attraction. And you are still talking about him!!!
  139. A big part of his message is still unexplored. You can connect through his power of influence. He said I am not different from you. He was a mix of vibrations as we are. Most are not allowing him to be the human extension of nonphysical energy, sometimes flowing powerfully and sometimes not.
  140. Tithing is as good as the way you are feeling when you offer it. If you are appreciating in your giving, that causes good to flow. Feel appreciation and express it.
  141. Wellbeing abounds. There is no reason anyone should ever say someone else needs to take an action to bring me wellbeing, unless they donít know wellbeing abounds.
  142. Say, "I will do whatever I need to do to get to a better feeling place. I am open and allowing energy to flow."
  143. You could be in a place of really strong financial disallowance, and as you focus on one small thing and find appreciation, all abundance will flow easily into your experience.
  144. If you are rubbing your fingers on sandpaper and it is hurting, just lift your finger off! I choose no longer to rub myself there.
  145. When I feel good, I allow nonphysical to flow through me as vitality and energy can reach me.
  146. [These were my questionsÖ Connee] Q: What creates a Masterpiece and how does it relate to great love? Abe: It comes from connection Ė great love is connection. The Manger orchestrates the rendezvous. Itís easier to think of it in artistic creations.
  147. When you work hard, you are often not letting it in. Then, in moments of distraction, your genius is allowed to flow. Allow more moments of nonphysical energy to flow through you. You work much too hard at it. Ask and it is given.
  148. Lay on the beach more, so there are more moments of flow.
  149. Meditate. Spend time scripting inspiring scenarios. Everything can be done in less than an hour a day. The other 23 hours, just do stuff that pleases you. Get out and mix it up in the world. For contrast, TV will do!
  150. Q: Can we really use the energy that creates worlds to create worlds? Abe: how do you think it got its name? YES!
  151. Q: if there is enough lovers, money and shore front property, can the Israelis and Palestinians each have a wonderful piece of shore front property? Abe: Yes, but they donít have it because they are both more interested in seeing that the other doesnít get it. Q: Are there some who are able to be inspired to a higher vibration? Abe: Yes, they are born every day. These new energies of the babies and children over generations can lighten the vibration. Q: Can I influence the allowing? Abe: You can by the way you feel. Envisioning it purely. If it is life giving to you, makes you feel fascinated, eager, delicious, it is influencing.
  152. In giving a blessing, you can tell by the way you feel. It is life giving to you Ė you are the receiver of the blessing. The land and the squirrel donít need your blessing, get over that. The land and squirrels donít need it. Itís good for YOU!
  153. Do the work to benefit yourself.
  154. Q: First I send love to the earth and the sky, then open to receive PPE back, like priming the pump. Abe: Thatís a perfect process. When you appreciate first, you get up to the speed of the energy and can receive it. [This was the end of my questions.]
  155. Replace your attitude of thinking you have to earn something with allowing or just lettiní it in.
  156. Accept wellbeing as a given. How would you ever pay for sunshine?
  157. When you come up against a block, delegate it to your manager and get out of the way!
  158. The word challenging has an element of delight in the opportunity to be diligent and good. Get over it!
  159. Eagerly identify new desires. You are more alive in an unfulfilled place. Pretend, play and visualize.
  160. When your vision feels like the end result, manifestation matches it. Contrast then gives birth to another rocket of desire. Take sincere delight in unfulfilled desire. Feel glee for the nugget of unfulfilled desire.
  161. There is no question from a nonphysical perspective that desire equals exuberance. If someone questions you about it, say, "No, I havenít got it done. No, Iím still very much alive!"
  162. Contrast and unfulfilled desire is your friend.
  163. Befriend employers, litigating ex-wives, all things that summon life through you!
  164. Abe is Yippee-ing when you are lost in desire. We know there is no limit. You cannot get it wrong, you cannot get it done.
  165. Life is flowing the moment you remember to chill out and let it flow.
  166. Youíre beginning to get it. You are leading edge attractors, new desires keep building. The Art of Allowing allows you to know what to do to be the receivers of wellbeing. In this moment, am I letting it in? How Ďbout now? How Ďbout now? What is my mood right now? Am I letting it in?
  167. You are when you feel really good praising, laughing, yes Ė ing , wondering, meditating, sleeping, petting your cat. You arenít when you feel bad, angry or fearful.
  168. You have been letting it in here today. You will see. Watch eagerly for the results of this reprieve when youíve been letting it in over the next few days!

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