Connee’s Notes on Abraham, North Gaithersburg, MD, 5/13/06


  1. We are all eternally expanding – life will always be presenting something more for you.
  2. You are eternal.  You came specifically BECAUSE of the wonderful contrast and variety of this time space reality that would inspire the evolution of your idea of life.
  3. With each new idea, Source becomes One with it, expanding through YOU!
  4. This is the process of creation:  Thought becomes vibration, then expanded thought into thought form, then into the manifestation of form in your experience.
  5. One the leading edge, you experience a constant evolution of your preferences.
  6. When you ask, it *is* given, in the *moment* of the idea.
  7. More money, improved health, improved relationships are all there for you, amassed in your vibrational escrow.
  8. You constantly contribute to your own vibrational escrow.  You also continually contribute to a world consciousness vibrational escrow.  Source is knowing what you prefer in the world, and flows toward mass consciousness with your rockets of desire.
  9. The only question worth asking is what are you doing about getting up to speed with it.  You are creating a magnificent world!  Are you becoming a match to it?
  10. You have launched rockets for financial independence many times, the escrow is full of money.  The vibration of discouragement keeps you from what’s waiting for you.  The vibration of justifying your existence keeps you from what’s waiting for you.  As you focus on things that make you unhappy, you keep yourself by that attention from what you are asking for.
  11. You want vitality, clarity and health, and Source is already One with that asking.  Are you thinking about how good it will feel to be there, and seeing evidence of wonderful good health in others?  Or are you in fear, anger or hopelessness?
  12. You can always get from where you are to where you want to be!  You just have to keep moving toward it, and you will be there.  When you feel positive emotion you are on the path where you want to be. 
  13. You cannot tell the direction you are moving in, if you only look at where you are.  Your eyes, mind and thoughts need to focus on where you want to be.
  14. This is the Art of Allowing me, in my physical body, to go with the flow I started before I came into this body. 
  15. We say, “You’ve been paddling upstream, turn and go with the current!!!”  You say, “That just seems lazy!”  We say, “Go with the FLOW!  It feels good, it feels like ease!”  The river is always flowing to that which you are becoming.  You cannot be less than what your life has caused you to become and still be happy.
  16. You are God force in wonderful physical bodies, and you are asking for MORE!  You must go with the flow.  You are either allowing or resisting, which is going against the flow.  Every moment you can tell by you emotion.
  17. Your life experience is about your learning to focus on what matters to you.  This is what deliberate creation is.
  18. Jerry & Esther had some contrast with their physical environment at the Hay House Conference last week, the rooms were very noisy.  So they asked themselves why they were there. Their overall relationship with Hay House is, “Hell, yes!”  And they got so much out of the experience that it was very, very worth it, even with the contrast.
  19. They recommend Alan Cohen’s new book, Why Your Life Sucks and What to do about it.  Esther says that he is the world’s best storyteller.  The expression,  If it is not “Hell, yes!” then it is “Hell, No!” comes from him.
  20. When you are offered an opportunity, if you have hesitation, it’s “hell, No!”  It means that your energy is not yet in alignment, not that the opportunity is not good for you.  It’s just not time right now to take action.  It’s time to line up your energy.
  21. When you are eager and say, “Hell, YES!” you are in the vibrational current of All That Is.  You are moving into the direction Source is flowing, which feels like love, appreciation, joy and power.
  22. Resistance feels like powerlessness.  Flow feels like freedom and empowerment.
  23. Esther remembers what it feels like to be an innocent child, loving everyone.  And she remembers the first time she sat in a group of catty girls who were criticizing everything and how it felt when she turned away from her Source for the first time.  Source is not choosing teams or working against the wellbeing of anyone.
  24. Love is going with the flow of Source.  Don’t look for reasons not to love another.  That holds you apart from your sense of wellbeing.
  25. Even so, revenge is going in the right direction when you are feeling disempowered.  Don’t act on it – you won’t like the results.  Just keep going up the scale.  Take the emotional journey and you’ll hang out where things just don’t bother you so much.  If you do, people will ask, “How is it that you are so clear minded, agile, and prosperous?”
  26. In the moment you turn, you feel better instantly.  Everything is vibrational before it is physical.  Soon you will be saying, “Yes!  We’ve come to understand how to move in the direction of what we want.  Yes, we’re ok with the gap!  It will always be here, and we can be happy here.”
  27. We are nonphysical, and Esther is the physical embodiment of what we are – as you ALL are!  In nonphysical there is only thought, and in thought, there is also experience and emotion.  The thought is the complete reality for us instantly.  You have a buffer of time, which benefits you.  Thought always precedes form.
  28. All of your desires will be realized in the future world.  Nonphysical thought all that is here into being.  Now you are here, and YOU are the predominant add-ers.  You are the creators of the future of this planet.
  29. Source is you and more money.  Source is you and more health.  Source rides the rocket of your desire and becomes it.
  30. We work to help you stop beating up on yourself so you can be the receiver of your vibrational escrow.
  31. Step 1 is Ask.  You do that all the time.  Step 2, Source becomes the nonphysical embodiment of who you have just become.  It’s SO wonderful that you provide this expansion for us!  Step 3, you have to get up to speed with what Source has just become in your realize desire, and if you don’t, you don’t feel fulfilled.
  32. We want you to feel the logic in all of this.  We want you to acknowledge that revenge and anger is as appropriate as being in Yuma on the way to San Diego.
  33. You want to give yourself an A for loving and beat yourself up when you are not joyous.  We want you to be proud that you even know how you feel and what it means.  The indicator of your feelings gives you information on the direction you are going in the moment, it’s guidance.  In this moment, in this emotion, you can tell where you are in relationship to something that matters to you.  If you are not feeling much, you are focused on something where you have no strong desire.
  34. When someone you care about is leaving  you, and you feel depressed, get mad – that’s Source calling you in a situation where you really care about something but you are going in the wrong opposite direction of what you want.  You usually say, “I have no control here” and go back to powerlessness. 
  35. ****But the reason you feel so bad is not because the person is leaving, it’s because what you think about this person leaving has got you separated from who you really are. *****
  36. Try focusing elsewhere and feel the absence of negative emotion.  You are not then using them as your excuse to cut off your wellbeing.  Focus on other aspects of them, remember the good times, the laughter, and how you have enjoyed them in the past.  If you can focus on this subject and find ways to feel good, now you are moving in the direction toward what you really want. 
  37. Tease yourself into feeling better.  Going against the flow never works.  You want to find your way back into the better feeling flow.  Utilize your capacity to focus and insist on thoughts that feel better.  You will become someone who is really able to focus and you will discover that you are either beyond this relationship entirely, or it will come around and feel good.  You cannot lose if you go with the flow.
  38. Cancer comes from beating the drum of injustice.  Wellbeing IS – you can resist it or not. 
  39. There are many different flows of wellbeing – money, friends, mates, work, Source, great abundance.  You will have a different vibration in each of them.  You may have lots of great things going on, but find your thoughts consumed by one problem relationship.  It is a very small part of your overall flow, but you are giving it 95% of your airtime!  Which disallows wellbeing in ALL areas of your life and you end up sick.  Using anything as your excuse to disallow will beat you up physically.
  40. You have this flow all the time.  You are free to choose – it’s your life.  You can choose misery or bondage or feeling good.  If you care about success, joy and feeling good, you have to go with the FLOW.
  41. Reach for the feeling of worthiness.  We know your goodness, your value.  We feel nothing but appreciation for you.  No matter what you are doing, you are contributing mightily.  It’s up to you right now whether you let yourself be the recipient of your vibrational escrow.
  42. This is the Art of Allowing myself, by my choice of thought in this moment, to be a match to receiving my escrow or not.
  43. Before you even had a body, you created a powerful stream of wellbeing.  Your guidance system is two points of vibrational relativity, that stream and where your attention is currently focused.
  44. Where you are is where you are.  And then the question becomes, “how wide is the gap now?”  It’s wide if I am complaining.  It’s little if I am appreciating.
  45. Even in the nonphysical there is contrast, but it is too subtle to be discernible from our physical perspective.  Source is a pure vibrational stream of energy.  Babies cry when they are born because they are coming from Pure Positive Energy into planet earth’s chaos.  Dying is a piece of cake in comparison – because that is the RETURN to Pure Positive Energy.  You should hold the funeral for the BABY!  [laughter]
  46. You are One and then you are born.  When you go to sleep, you are One again.  The longer you live, the greater the gap, until you meditate and become enlightened, and close the gap and become One consciously.
  47. In relationships, when the frequencies don’t line up, it’s tough to communicate. 
  48. Esther had a new patio laid, and the stone got stained and she was miserable about it for several days.  Jerry made a point of avoiding her, which made her furious.  Because she thought he should suffer with her.  He wouldn’t let himself be bothered.  They both were thinking, “This is why these things happen!”  [laughter]
  49. Jerry went off on into his own world, making the best he could of those days.  It really mattered to Esther, even though it was important to no one else.  She thought, “My thoughts are killing me!  I am using this to hold myself away from wellbeing.” Yet because of Law of Attraction, she couldn’t change the way she was feeling, powerless to get what she wanted.  So she got mad and did the writing process.
  50. Question 1:  What’s the current contrasting condition?  Question 2:  How do I feel about it?  Question 3:  What is it that I want now?  Question 4:  Write and write until you feel better.
  51. She was able to look at things that *were* beautiful – the mantle, the new carpet the renovated kitchen.  And in feeling appreciation for the beauty, her relief was overwhelming.  From one moment to the next, she went from feeling as bad as she has ever felt to as good as she has ever felt.
  52. She will never again ask someone else to feel different than the way they feel.  She will never again compare anyone else’s plight with hers.  She will never again beat herself up for how she feels.  She will realize relief is possible.  She will remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone else feels about this. 
  53. If Jerry had tried to change the conditions for her, she would not have had this powerful experience of finding her own balance.
  54. You are responsible for your own crap!!!  (Connee note:  they may have actually said GAP.  But I clearly heard crap in that moment.]  Do your part to find relief.
  55. You are going to discover your own empowerment, your own ability to control how you feel.  Any other kind of control will feel like powerlessness.  You will discover that managing your own vibration is ABSOLUTE FREEDOM!!!
  56. David’s question:  As children teach their parents, does Abraham learn from the questions and questioners at the workshops?  Abraham:  Everything that you are discovering in terms of desire is our expansion.  As you ask, it is taking All That Is further.
  57. You think your exposure to contrast is causing your own experience.  When really, you are pre-paving experience for ALL of nonphysical as well.
  58. You have to live the contrast before desire comes forth.  Even your individual cells have preferences based in what you are living.
  59. The answer to your question is:  Absolutely!  Abraham learns.  Esther will say, “I remember where the person was sitting when they asked the first question that resulted in our saying, “The basis of life is freedom and the purpose of life is joy.” “ She remembers the moments when things were giving birth.
  60. Sometimes when Jerry & Esther are packing to go to a hotel for a workshop, the usually spacious monster bus feels crowded because there is one narrow spot.  Jerry was standing in it for a long time yesterday, and Esther said, “What are you doing out of your chair?!!!”  He answered, “Pretend I am Kate!  Treat me like you treat Kate!”  And she said, “Oh, you darling, it is so cute that you are wanting to help Grandma!”  Immediately her attitude changed.  He was in the space and she was wanting to pass, but the slight impatience evaporated when she thought of him as Kate who can do no wrong in Esther’s eyes.
  61. They’ve talked about it several times since – how a shift in perspective can change the way you feel about anything. 
  62. From our perspective, you can do no wrong.  We are always rooting for you, expecting the best for you.  We benefit so from where you are!
  63. David:  This is the LOVE SEAT!  [laughter]  Children teach us lack of resistance…  Abraham:  And optimism and eagerness!  David:  Can you give us specific examples of how you learn from questioners?  Abraham:  We change incrementally with each preference that is born within you.  We cumulate it all.  We know that this gathering is going to be before you get here.  So we are not surprised how it unfolds.  We are so intimately involved with every aspect of your lives!
  64. When something unfolds that it BIGGER than you anticipated, it is because you have incrementally, over time, launched many, many rockets of desire.  And we cumulate those, and form a much bigger picture of what you want than you can see from your local perspective.  You have spent lifetimes launching desires.  We can see the whole of it. 
  65. Now you can move more deliberately up the emotional scale, get into the flow and take advantage of our foresight!
  66. Esther knows everything she wants is available to her, and she approaches things incrementally now.  Nothing feels so big anymore to her.
  67. What we said earlier about how you are creating the vibrational escrow for mass consciousness, that was the first time we have said that.  Individual asking contributes to mass consciousness.  There are flows within flows within flows.
  68. We can see the future of the world expanding.  You say, “So that’s how you get your kicks!”   And we say, “Yes, it’s exhilarating!  But the individual flow is also delightful!”
  69. When we talk about Esther losing it, we get two kinds of letters.  Those that say, “We’re glad you are human!” and those that say, “If you can’t get it, how can we ever get it?”  [laughter]
  70. You are always exposing yourself to contrast, as you expected you would.  You said, “I’ll come forth and help with the expansion of the Universe!”  You and Esther both forget that it is all right that you are not instantly up to speed with the new rockets of desire.
  71. Law of Attraction always applies, ALWAYS!!!
  72. David:  But there must be places where there are exceptions, like not feeling like you are falling in an elevator that is falling, or in outer space – you get beyond the Law of Gravity. Abraham:  Your analogy of gravity not applying is based in a flawed premise.    Gravity only exists in a setting where it always applies.  And Law of Attraction also only exists in a setting where it always applies, and that is EVERYWHERE!
  73. But there is something interesting here…  When you are free floating and it feels like you are beyond Law of Attraction, it is because you have been pulled into the flow of wellbeing.  As Source, you came into your body, with a flow that continues to flow.  As you come into alignment with Source again, it completes the cycle.
  74. Like the plane that is soaring at 50,000 feet, you feel the best and are happiest when you are in alignment.  On the ground though, the plane going fast encounters great resistance and you feel discord.
  75. When you really get into the flow, there’s no sensation of gravity or time or anything resistant in nature.  Law of Attraction is FREEDOM, once you know how to focus your attention.  Absence of resistance is At Oneness with the stream of wellbeing, you could call that a state of grace.
  76. David:  What about a state of grace, is that bigger than Law of Attraction?  Is LOA duality?  Abraham:  Absence of resistance is At Oneness with the stream of wellbeing, you could call that a state of grace.
  77. All life is the vibrating energy of thought.  It is the platform Law of Attraction applies to.  Things within this field have vibrational relationships – that’s duality.
  78. David:  I want to use LOA for good – it seems easier to attract things I don’t want, it doesn’t work as well positively.  Abraham:  You are extensions of Source energy.  You get what you think about, whether it is what you want or not.  You are including what you say No to as well as what you say Yes to.
  79. And it is even bigger than that.  You set forth intentions before you got here.  It set out a flow, a strong current of wellbeing for you.  Contemplate that current.  Just turn your canoe downstream!!!  People think they have to strain and struggle.  You deliberately make things harder than they need to be.  The flow has always been in motion.  You have to figure out *WHO YOU ARE* in relationship to it and get in synch with it, then, you will feel wonderful and thrive!  And when you don’t, not so much!
  80. Concerning the Hay House conference, where it was hard for the folks to relax and hear what was happening clearly, it was tempting to Esther to ask herself why she didn’t get the impulse to not go.  But there was so much that was of value there, they had a wonderful time with wonderful people, who did benefit on many levels.  There are flows within flows within flows!
  81. Say you are having an argument with your wife, and you know you are right.  Step back and connect with your broader perspective.  Remember that wellbeing is the basis of your relationship.  It’s easier to let go of nitpicky things if you are seeing more expansively than that.
  82. You have access to a seemingly endless perspective that knows the fun of life and the joy of creation.  Get a handle on the flow and you will soar.  Esther felt better after she was disconnected about the paving stones.  Better than she had ever felt before, because of the comparative difference in how she had been feeling. 
  83. And in feeling good then, she discovered as she was leaving for lunch with Tracey and the children that her washing machine was overflowing.  She called Mike and he brought people, and it was solved easily.  If that floor had flooded before she came into alignment, it would have killed her! 
  84. Your perspective is your point of attraction.  You have to care about how you feel and learn to go with the flow.
  85. So you hear something on the radio and you get concerned about world events.  You can try to defend one position, or you can relax and go with the flow.  But you really only have one option, “Am I going with the flow or not?”  This thing, whatever it is, has its own gravitational pull.  Esther didn’t want to think about the stones, it felt compelling.  Things can suck you out of your orbit unless you are aware of how you feel.
  86. You get what you think about.  But there is always this other HUGE flow of wellbeing that you can tap into.  When that is available, why muck around?  You can have control over all things when you release your attempts to control conditions and instead go with the flow of what feels good to you. 
  87. We are on the leading edge here, and you all knew it.  But even those who are new here were able to follow it.
  88. Guest:  The opening covered all my questions already…  Abraham:  We told you that the gathering has unfolded already for us as you have your rockets of desire for what you want to know.  That’s why we are so well prepared!  [laughter]
  89. Guest:  I want to get into the flow and accelerate the adventure!  I’m having grand out of body experiences but as the energy gets strong, I can feel my physical body contracting – it must be some kind of resistance.  Abraham:  You’ve just got your energy goosed up faster than your allowing.  If you say, “I want that!” and then get up to speed with it, and “I want that” and then get up to speed with it, and and “I want that” and then get up to speed with it, it flows easily.  But if you get too far ahead, and reach for more than you are believing you are able to achieve, it’s a rough ride. 
  90. Try softening what you are saying to yourself.  Say, “I am getting there – look how far we have come already!”  Now you are so leading edge, having out of body experiences, you have to really understand the concept of who you really are.  You don’t get there until you acknowledge who you really are. 
  91. Play down what’s not working.  Where you are is where you are, and that is just fine.  As long as you are pointed in the right direction, where you are is as good as it can be.  You are not hurrying to some destination.  Relax and focus on enjoying the journey.
  92. You know how horrible it can be if you are late for an appointment – every light is red – the car in front cuts you off.  That’s how you are feeling about creation – you are in too much of a hurry.  Relax into it.  When you chill out, your motion forward will be more rapid!!! 
  93. Take some time to look around and see where you are.  Choose to emphasize the benefits here in your mind.  Then the tug of war goes away.
  94. Question:  I am writing a novel and I realize it has to be dramatic, it needs more contrast, so I am trying to add contentiousness.  I know I am extension of Source energy, but others don’t know.  I feel doubt about how to do this.  Abraham:  There is Flow within Flow within Flow within Flow!  Write the end of the novel first and make it a happy ending.  Then, taking people through the contrasting components can be life changing.  They can have the experience through the story and find benefit.  Imagine being thrilled with how the reader feels at having read the whole book and seeing how things turn out wonderfully at the end.  You KNOW the end!  So you won’t freak out as you are writing about the contrast. 
  95. Source knows you are not going to be smiling every darn day!!! 
  96. The sculptor doesn’t just splat the clay down and complain that it didn’t come out right.  He expects the image in his hands and mind to come together.  He expects to mold the clay.  The image evolves even while his hands are IN the clay.  Just do the best you can.  You cannot help but be the being you’ve expanded into as you feel better and better.  The one who most benefits by the writing of a book is the writer.  That book is SOOOO already written!  Don’t second guess it! 
  97. You can be writing the scary/negative part of the book and still be going with the flow easily. 
  98. It’s like a parent watching a child struggle to learn to do something new.  The parent wants to step in and do it for them.  But doesn’t, because he knows he will figure it out, and then feel triumphant elation!  The disconnected part of you wants to swoop in and do it for him.  But it is so much better if you stand back and know it will all turn out good. 
  99. Don’t get bogged down in writing.  Humans do like pathos.  Show how to use the contrast effectively by using it to see what you want, and then turning fully and then giving your undivided attention to what you DO want.
  100. Watch the children.  The kids know they are the center of the Universe and that they do get to choose, until the adults teach them otherwise.  Let the contrast be part of the book, it’s part of everything.  Leave the reader know the better you feel, the better it goes. 
  101. The best teaching books let them be where they are and guide through life experience.
  102. Question:  My husband has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that gives him bad thoughts 24/7.  As his attention is always there, why is all this bad stuff NOT coming to him and to me?  Abraham:  There is flow within flow within flow.  The larger flow is one of wellbeing, and YOU have something to say about this co-creation! 
  103. As you focus in this way, and give him the label, you push against the wellbeing flow and join him more where he is.  Or you can stay focused like Jesus on a happy ending.  You can see him as he really is, and imagine a very happy ending!
  104. All those painful thoughts have a gravitation pull, by law of attraction, toward more thoughts like that.  You have to start where he is, and help him walk by gentle steps into a place of more comfort.  Help him go with the wellbeing flow.  See his life as Source Energy.  His vibrational escrow is shining REALLY brightly, given all the contrast he is living.  He has sent up many more rockets of desire than most people.  But the brighter it shines, the worse he feels not to be there. 
  105. You have a choice of looking where he is or focusing on all the good that is going to come from it.  Wives and mothers often try to teach by words.  You think they should be able to know what you know and feel how you feel.  And if they can’t, that they must be defective, disordered, wrong or broken.  And that’s not true, they can’t see what you see from where they are.  They cannot see through your eyes.  You can talk and talk, and they cannot get near it.  You make no progress, because you are broadcasting on 98.7 FM and they are receiving on  630 AM.  They are not getting it!  It’s not possible for you to say anything that will be effective.
  106. But here is what you can do that works!  Stop and acknowledge that where each of you are is ok.  You are where you are and where you are is ok. 
  107. Diagnoses are so detrimental.  There is evidence that in the moment of the diagnosis, there is a spike of severity in almost all illnesses.  They take a dramatic turn against the flow when you give them a label.  And often then, one illness is added to another and then another.
  108. He IS attracting those bad thoughts, there are no exceptions to Law of Attraction.  That’s the cycle, once it starts, it gets bigger.  The only way to break the cycle is to stop looking over here and look over there.  One step at a time, he could move up the ladder. 
  109. Stop labeling the thought bad.  It just is.  If you picked up any random book in the library and read it and it was yucky, you could call yourself yucky.  Or you could notice that you were just sloppy in your choices.  You just picked up the book instead of choosing a book you really wanted to read. 
  110. You can say to yourself, “I want to get more deliberate in choosing my thoughts. “  Where you are is where you are, and it’s ok.  When you take away judgment and angst about where he is, it will be easier to help. 
  111. You can help him understand he is not bad or inappropriate.  The victim mode perpetuates itself.  You have to get loose of seeing him as a victim of his thoughts or anything else.  Frolicking is out of range right now.  Just look for any improvement and highlight it.  Say things like, “You’ve had thoughts much darker than these.  I can see improvement here.”  Focus on the slightest relief factor. 
  112. Because these thoughts have been active for awhile, they have momentum.  He thinks he has no choice.  But if you can show him that he has the tiniest bit of control, it will show him he does have a choice and he can choose!
  113. You can choose this slightly better thought over this slightly worse thought.  You can’t control choosing a quantum leap joy thought over this yucky thought. 
  114. Just aim to get back in the vibrational vicinity of flow and when you do, eventually it all goes away and it is easy to find the good feeling thoughts again.  There is incremental vibrational improvement that then breaks into a whole new paradigm.
  115. Where you are is ok, in pain but not wrong.  Where you are is where you are.  You can’t quantum leap, but you can get to a better feeling place.  It won’t take as much time as you might think. It’s the Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma trips that take all the time.  Once you get facing in the write direction, you will make progress.
  116. Your husband has bigger rockets of desire than almost anyone else.  It will be a powerful journey.  It is not going to be as the doctors describe.  YOU keep focused on the happy ending, but don’t shove it down his throat – that is SOOOOOO annoying. 
  117. Guest:  I want to put the pedal to the metal and speed up the trip between Phoenix and San Diego!  So I want to stop the thing that I am doing that is keeping me in Yuma.   Abraham:  The thing you are doing is acknowledging that it isn’t going fast enough.  Trying to speed up the trip misses the whole point of what we are teaching.  You want to quickly close the gap, but there is ALWAYS another gap.  You are not wanting to make peace with where you are and enjoy your journey, because it is really about the journey.  Where you are is fine.  And releasing resistance about where you are DOES speed things up, but that is not the point.  The point is feeling better along the way.
  118. In this youth, Jerry wanted to control others so he could feel good, and he failed again and again.  Finally, he was in desperation, and set the conscious intention to let it all go.  He shouted, “I GIVE UP!!!!”  And in that moment he had the feeling of champagne bubbles up his body – finally releasing resistance in one fell swoop.
  119. He gave up trying to control conditions and reconnected with Source.  Give up trying to control circumstances and go with the flow.
  120. Where you are in relationship to ANYTHING specific is less important than how you feel.  Take time and dollars out of the equation. 
  121. This is why you come.  To gain new experience, to gain clarity.  You never get it done, you can’t get it wrong.  And you can’t get it wrong because you never get it done.
  122. Relax and allow yourself to enjoy your journey.  There are potential excitements and insights all along the way as you savor the joy of the journey.  What difference does it make how long it takes to close the gap?  There will always be a gap.  So if you are unhappy here, you will always be unhappy.  Let go of the feeling of “I’m ready to move on” and make peace with where you are.  And then casually, gently, look forward to what’s coming.  Say, “I’m here temporarily and I am moving gently to what’s next.”  Feel your way into it.  Get happy here, clean up your vibration, and what you want has to come.
  123. Talk more about what you want, what’s over there where you want to be, rather than about the conditions of what’s here.  Moving slow means you have been focused on the present.  Focus on what’s over there and you will go there.  You can’t go over there until you are done being mad about what’s over here.  You go wherever you are looking.  Impatience just means you are not yet looking where you want to be going.
  124. Here’s what it sounds like over here:  It’s taking so long.  I’m so tired of what is here.  I am so tired of how long it is taking!  What it sounds like in the flow:  “Things are unfolding perfectly now and I am eager to explore this journey.  It will be fun to watch how it unfolds.  I’m really good at this deliberate creation stuff.  I’ve benefited so much from where I have been, I know the future is bright.  I know what I want and I trust it is unfolding for me.”
  125. Nothing is slowing you down except the direction YOU are pointing yourself in the river.  When you have a fast moving flow, and you shift into the direction of the flow, you will go fast and get there quickly.
  126. In fact, it is possible that your current can be moving SOOOO fast that even though you are rowing in the wrong direction, you will be moving backward toward your goal!  Just chill out and go with the flow, it will be so much easier.  But it does happen that if your desire is strong enough, it can happen in spite of your resistance.  That’s how they got the phrase, “no pain, no gain.”  But that’s the very hard way to do it!
  127. Just turn and flow downstream.  Life is love and ease and wellbeing!
  128. Whether you are focused on healing yourself or another, the sickness has already caused a widespread cellular request for energy.  A very precise, organized answer is already on the way from nonphysical.  If the individual/brain were basking and meditating and appreciating, the cells would be unhindered, and there would be immediate healing.
  129. The rhythm of life causes the asking of questions and the answer is immediately provided by nonphysical.    The cells do the asking and they are doing step 1 in perfect balance.  The asking and resultant flow are already DONE.  Step 1 and 2 are taken care of.  The healer is only a facilitator to help with step 3, the allowing of what has been already asked for.  More flow isn’t necessary.  And asking for more flow in the presence of resistance is like watering flowers with a fire hose – more detrimental than helpful.  Healers who harness energy and add it are counter productive.
  130. The true healer helps by preparing the vessel for receiving the energy.  The way to do that is to see them whole, not broken.  They can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but you can see where they are going.  You can expect wellbeing for them.  Use soft words – tell them, “little by little, things are improving.  We don’t need quantum leaps here.”
  131. Help them to balance the energy, to align the energies, to relax into wellbeing.  That is enormous help.
  132. Anything that matters to you, you have guidance about.  All answers are always given.
  133. There are thoughts from the place of connection and the place of disconnection.  When you praise, you have thoughts of wholeness.  When you criticize, you are on the raw and ragged edge.  Just keep moving in the direction of alignment.  That’s all you ever need to know.
  134. You are all extensions of Source energy.  Whether you call it God/Inner Being/Abraham/Guides, there is always a broader part of you available, which knows your value and the value of all others, too.
  135. When Esther first asked our name, we told her, “We are Abraham.”  She translated it as, “I am Abraham.”  We told her, again, “We are Abraham.”  She translated it as, “I am Abraham.”  We cannot answer a request outside of the expectation of the translator.  Everything is in the perspective of the translator.
  136. We are omnipresent, eternally aware of you.  We never look at where you are.  We are forward looking.  We look at the evolution of where you are going, we are Source.  If you don’t go with the flow, you feel the discontent of being held back from what you want.
  137. Guest:  I was cursed by a voodoo witch spell.  Is there really no freedom?  Abraham:  We agree you have been under a spell, the spell of Law of Attraction!  When you live in this environment, whatever you give your attention to is already vibrating.  You activate it within you by your attention to it.  And then you get more of it.  You lived something, not understanding Law of Attraction, and kept focusing there, so you got more of it and more of it and more of it. 
  138. The better it gets the better it gets.  And the worse it gets, the worse it gets.  Nobody else can vibrate for you.  Whatever is happening, you are doing it to YOURSELF!  But it is easier to blame someone else for cursing you if you don’t know any better.  Once you blame them, your expectation becomes your experience.
  139. Someone talked to Abraham about icky beings trying to control her.  Turns out she wanted to control someone else, was using spells to try to control him.  So by her attention to it, she attracted it into her experience. 
  140. All the explanations people come up with for not getting what they want are amazing – needing to be saved, karma, not worthiness, “my mother did it to me!” – ALL of that is voodoo, and all of it is RUBBISH!
  141. The only thing holding you back is your constant question of “why aren’t things going easier for ME???”  You hold the power.  Remember that there is a BIGGER spell of wellbeing in all the Universe.  You bless or curse yourself by your focus of attention.  Soon you will feel frivolous about curses and know others have no power in your experience.
  142. Most people offer their vibration based on what they are observing, and if you don’t have enough, you observe that and vibrate more lack.  You are sloppy and lazy in your thinking.  The next thought will likely be just like the previous thoughts until you make feeling better your new criteria.  You have to learn to pay attention to how you FEEL!  We’ll show you…
  143. Guest:  I have some business knowledge.  Abraham:  points to wellbeing.  Guest:  But I’m blocking…   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.  Guest:  But I’m all set up…   Abraham: points toward wellbeing. Guest:  But I don’t know what to do.   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.  Guest:  I don’t have enough time to do this extra work   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.  Guest:  First thing in the morning, I check to see if I’ve made any money…   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.
  144. What we are demonstrating here is this is the SPELL!  We’re trying to impress upon you that you *can* choose to sit and imagine how lovely it is that your business is just getting better and better rather than continually contradicting your energy.
  145. Focus on what IS working!  Instead of complaining about gas prices, focus on what is wellbeing here.   “I enjoy driving my vehicle.  I appreciate the air conditioning and we live a nice lifestyle.  When we want to go, we go, and we can really afford to pay for the gas to go, we have the dollars to buy it and it is so conveniently available.  And I have the wherewithal to buy groceries and there is so much selection in the store, and think of the great distribution that is set up through out the world to get it all to us at such great prices!  I appreciate my beautiful appliances, my home and my clothes.  Feel what feels good and focus there, turn and go WITH the flow rather than resisting the price of gas.
  146. Your real discomfort is not with the money, it’s that you recognize you have asked for so much more than you have allowed so far.  You are stuck in a pattern of negative thought, but you know too much to be comfortable there. 
  147. Say things to yourself like, “Relax!  I am where I am, and where I am is just fine.  I am doing great.  I have dreams.  There is a fortune for each of us in vibrational escrow.  There is no competition for anything.  A delightful future is waiting for me! “
  148. Be satisfied where you are and eager for more.  Be proud of yourself and stop comparing.  This is only between YOU and YOU!
  149. Nonphysical sees a picture of what you have been asking for that is the culmination of everything you have wanted.  If you hurry it, you won’t like it.  Give yourself the opportunity to catch up with the vision you’ve already created.  What would it feel like to have such confidence in the unfolding of your business that you didn’t need to look at the figures in the morning?  ?
  150. Ask yourself different questions.  Take money out of the equation.  Is this work I’m doing feel of value to me?  Do I love it??
  151. Guest:  I worry about the countries of the world and the conditions around the world.  How can I help them move up the emotional scale and attract more abundance?  Abraham:  When we tell you to mind your own business, we don’t mean don’t think about or care about others.  We want you to tend to your vibrational gap between what you want for them and where you are currently vibrating. 
  152. In your awareness of their plight, you are launching rockets for them.  But if you are pushing against one side or the other, you are not letting yourself get up to speed with your desire and you are no help.
  153. But while you are sleeping in comfort and wellbeing at home, you can come into alignment.  Say you saw a report, got stirred up and you pondered and launched some rockets.  If you go with the flow of your desires and get connected – you can be of tremendous influence to them. 
  154. You have to teach through the clarity of your example, someone at a very different vibration cannot hear you.  Those ones you care most about teaching, they can’t hear you.  But when you look at the homeless person, you may be suffering for him more than he is suffering.  Homelessness can be extreme freedom.  HE may have no vibrational gap if he is wanting little and getting just a little, he can be in better balance than you are.
  155. When you get out there, feeling strong and clear, you can allow exposure to contrast which gives you greater clarity again.  If you are upset by what you see, you have to do whatever you can do to get back in the flow to be effective.
  156. Here are your options:  1.  Don’t think about it at all.  You are not helping by feeling angry.  Distract yourself to other topics.  2.  Find a way to approach it that gets you going WITH the flow.  Tend to your own vibrational gap on this subject. 
  157. Where billions of people are involved, there is a HUGE stream of desire.  When you focus on it, you are really going to know which way you are going by how you feel in relationship to it.
  158. So we’ll point out to you where you are going with your alignment.  Guest:  I feel hopeless.  Abraham:  points to not wellbeing.  Guest:  But I do believe that everyone is asking and help will eventually be on the way …   Abraham: points toward wellbeing.  Guest:  If I can focus on my dream, maybe something will eventually turn around…   Abraham: points toward wellbeing. Guest:  I cannot really know what anyone else is living.  It’s possible that they are in better balance than I think.   Abraham: points toward wellbeing.  Guest:  I see some children playing in the back of this photo.  And the media always brings us the most dire circumstances.  Maybe the whole really is not reflected accurately here.  Abraham: points toward wellbeing.  Guest:  Little by little, everything on the planet is getting better. Source is answering them.  I trust in Law of Attraction and want them to have a good life…  Abraham: points toward wellbeing.
  159.   Little by little, as you shift your vibration, you increase your influence for upliftment.  You have to move beyond protesting and get into the role of aligning with the solutions rather than the problems.  Because once you have strong desire and the ability to go with the flow – that’s exhilarating!!!
  160. They are giving YOU reason to want.  So all you have to do is mind your own business, which is how you feel as you think about the world and its people.  If you don’t care who gets the credit, you can lie in your bed and make a huge difference.
  161. Esther realized when she saw the children playing in the picture where the bombs were exploding in the distance that the kids had no negative emotion about the bombs.  They were just kids playing.  She realized her vibration was in a far worse place about it than theirs.
  162. You will get to the point where you no longer condemn illness because you realize greater health afterwards, once you get into alignment.  You will get to the point where you no longer condemn the question because you love the answer, once you get into alignment.  You will adore contrast!  You will learn to close your gap and the Universe will being you the next thing and the next as you mold your clay.  And you will begin to understand your power of influence!!  Just one of you who has the ability to keep up with the stream…  Oh, the power you have to influence the world for good is extreme!
  163. There is an enormous vibrational escrow in mass consciousness.  You are all building the future through your rockets of desire.  Ask yourself, “How am *I* helping mass consciousness get up to speed with allowing the beautiful vibrational escrow?”  Tend to your own vibration, and then tell anyone who asks that is what you are doing.  That’s teaching.
  164. Your life is all about vibration.  You really have been getting into the drama of it, when you amplify that you don’t have enough money, that you are always asking Daddy for more and that you suck at being an adult.  Those take you in the opposite direction from where you want to go.  Tell a different story!  The Universe doesn’t distinguish between something vividly imagined and something lived.
  165. You may think you have a hard time imagining beyond your reality, but you can if you try.  When you tell a different story, in time, that different story will become dominant.    There is fabulous abundance for you in vibrational escrow.  Coax yourself along to imagine it. 
  166. Say things like, “Isn’t it nice that I do manage to get along, and that my Dad’s so loving and generous.  I see this as temporary, and I trust that he will help me.  I know all is well.
  167. Guest:  I am glad my Dad loves and believes in me.  Abraham:  points to wellbeing.  Guest:  But he SHOULDN’T believe in me…   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.  Guest:  But he’s seen me succeed at many things I turn my attention to…   Abraham: points toward wellbeing. Guest:  I can feel myself starting to get my balance here.   Abraham: points toward wellbeing.  Guest:  I really want to be independent.   Abraham: points toward wellbeing.  Guest:  But there is this one bugaboo…   Abraham: points toward not wellbeing.
  168. Abraham:  You are a really stupid person!!!  [Laughter]  You know nothing is further from the truth!  You are a brilliant person.  You are pure positive energy.  There will always be something else you are reaching for.  You’ll never say finally, “Now I really get it!”  You are not ever going to really get it all.  You are always launching a new desire and getting up to speed with it, and then launching another desire.  It is time for you to love yourself where you are!!!
  169. Say, “So what!”  Play down the drama.  The Universe never says no to you.  The difference between Daddy and the Universe is that Daddy yields to your negative emotion, Source energy never does.  That’s what’s bothering you the most.  You are putting yourself in a position with Daddy that Source won’t participate in.
  170. Say things like, “I am hoping this is needing your help is temporary.  I’m going to be asking you for help less and less.  I really want to open my own reservoir.  I’m on to something!”  Guest:  Do I have to give the credit card back?  I just bought one of your books with it!  Abraham:  Who you are will culminate in fabulous success, it is just a matter of time.
  171. Abraham said that Esther said, “I used to be so afraid of the Ouija Board, and now I AM one!”  Esther and Jerry were talking at the break about how sometimes there is a whole day of new insights, which reflects the power of this group.
  172. Guest:  I am making lots of money, but my boss bosses me around.  I can learn from her, but why do I want to share my income with her?  I could go out on my own…  Abraham:  Working with her provided you with the next logical step.  Now ask, is this platform of stability and wellbeing outweighing the annoyance I am feeling?  She has provided stability, friendship and her connection to the flow.  There is security and wellbeing in this platform, that she provides that outweighs your irritation.
  173. Ask yourself, is it possible for me to receive all these benefits and tune out the annoying part?  Step back and focus on the greater wellbeing in the larger picture.  If you don’t, next there will be something else you find annoying.  Stay where you are and focus on the things that really matter. 
  174. You think you want to prove yourself by getting off on your own because she’s not dreaming big enough.  But if you stay right where you are and appreciate where you are, the Universe will yield to you another and another avenue for wellbeing.  Make peace with where you are, and it will yield an even better unfolding.
  175. Focus on how you want to feel.  Tune out the parts that are annoying as you amplify the parts you prefer.  It will easily flow into something even better.  You already have absolute control of your vibration.  You don’t need to go somewhere else for that.
  176. The flow is infinite.  It doesn’t matter if someone else takes a percentage.  It matters what YOU joyfully do with your feelings and thoughts.  If you begrudge her a share, you turn off your own flow. 
  177. If you walk away because something else is calling you, and that is clearly the next logical step, you are in the flow.  If you push away because you don’t like what is, you will find something worse waiting for you.  It’s not about staying or going, it’s about being called by your guidance to what feels better in how you think.
  178. Contemplate Infinite Resources!  Stop using someone else as your reason not to close your own vibrational gap.  There are enough acting jobs for all of you who want them!
  179. Guest:  I want to talk about mental illness, I am diagnosed as bipolar and have been in jail and hospitalized five times.  Abraham:  Our definition of bipolar is a person with powerful energy coming forth with a strong flow, who is born into an environment of unusual control.  When you were depressed and feeling strong negative emotion, and Source was pulling you toward rage or revenge, it was frowned upon by society and called inappropriate.  So you learned to discount your guidance.  So you bounce from there to there to there now.  It’s not a disorder, it’s your guidance working in an atmosphere where you don’t know how to pay attention to it.
  180. When you look at things in a way that lines you up, you soar with ecstasy!  Esther would be like that now, too.  She says about Jerry, “LOOK at what he’s gotten me into!”  If she doesn’t go with the flow, she crashes and burns.  You have a powerful stream going.  You have to keep up to speed with it.  You can’t hold yourself apart from it and bear it.
  181. You were born with powerful desire.  You can’t stand it when you don’t feel good, and then you freak out over things that don’t matter.
  182. Say things like, “I want to go with the flow.  I want to benefit from the strong contrast I have been living.  I want to know there has never been anything wrong with me. “
  183. Mental illness is the label they give anyone who is doing something different from what they are doing mentally.  They try to control all the conditions so they can feel better, which creates laws, labels and curses!  [laughter]  It’s just freakish what you all do to try to control others.
  184. We love meeting the ones who insist on their individuality.  They convinced you early on that there was something wrong with you caring about how you feel.  It’s ok to take the medications, don’t push against them.  You can still feel your guidance with them. 
  185. Jerry won’t go into negative emotion with Esther and you don’t need anyone to do it with you either.  Just keep moving up from despair to revenge.  Then keep going, because acting on revenge will get you in jail.  Anger usually won’t get you in jail unless you hurt someone. 
  186. Guest:  the highest I ever get is mania, and I try to avoid that…  Abraham:  If you didn’t eat for a week, and then someone brought in a pizza, you’d see mania!  When you have been holding yourself apart from wellbeing, and then you feel it flood in, it’s overwhelming.  Esther says that she has to tone herself down after she’s been speaking for Abraham because she is obnoxious she is so full of herself.  Mania represents someone who has an unprecedented ability to focus purely.  It’s almost like a quantum leap.  A strong intention to move up, born from powerful desire to move quickly, which is why you take it so hard and it feels resistant.  It’s allowing the Pure Positive Energy that is the strongest part of you to flow. 
  187. PPE feels like the real you.  You know that is how you are supposed to feel.  You love it so much, and in loving it, you fear it won’t last, and so it doesn’t.  Now you are more in control, and can understand it’s important to relax into it.  As you go with the flow, you will discover that the person who used to be manic in highs and so depressed in lows is now more consistently the happiest person we know!
  188. This is a leading edge environment.  We wish you will chill out a little.  Pay attention to your focus and the direction you can feel yourself headed in.  Adore every emotion from ecstasy to agony, because they let you feel your vibrational relationship and where you are going.  Remember that where you are now is just fine.
  189. That which we are adores you.  Pretend you are Kate!!!  You are 4, beautiful and unlimited!  There is great love here for you!

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