Gigi's notes on Abraham-Hicks

Atlanta, GA 10/16/10


Can you feel the focusing nature of your life experience?

They forget they're here for the purpose of focusing.
You came standing before a buffet. You said "I'll just look around -
I'll observe and notice, and from all that, I'll begin choosing.

You don't feel that you're in the driver's seat. Life is happening without choosing. You're choosing by default. Rather than feeling the deliberate intending as you are choosing, sometimes you feel its piled on your plate. You seem to be complaining about what you're scraping off and debating who put it there...

Feel the difference in the way you feel as you really get it that you are choosing your own experience. You are a Powerful Creator - who knew You were coming for the purpose of sifting and purposely deciding. When you are clear about your focus, Law of Attraction responds to a clear vibration. When you are confused or ambivalent,LOA responds to the 'all over the place' vibration. I don't have control of my experience.

You are obsessed with unwanted thoughts because it you can just push hard enough at this thing that you don't want ... but it doesn't work at all.

... not so much as stuff on my plate as something missing from my plate. Isn't there really only 2 ends to that stick? What you want and the absence of it; the presence of a lover and the absence of it and feeling bad.

Here it comes even if you are saying it with positive sounding words with a smile on your face. The words don't matter. You've practiced your words into meaningless jabbering.
But the Universe/LOS is responding to your vibrational output.

Mother to child ... "Don't you know I love you?"She doesn't mean it - not now. She is not in the vibrational alignment of love. She can't be there because your behavior is keeping her from there.

When other people believe that their happiness depends on your behavior, there is no happiness in that... You try to guide your life. They are rewarding your behavior with their approval. "I am the Boss of Me" , you try to tell your mother. The reason you feel that way - you are Source Energy, a part in this physical body.

You are a vibrational being - free-spirited, worthy, enthusiastic, loving fully the larger part of You - that's Who You Are!

When the physical you is focused with non-physical you, now you are at your best - best of physical balance, best mentality, best metabolism ... best mind, body and spirit..

You feel lthriving, alive, alert, eager ... YOu are full of yourself. They get to interact with ALL of you.

Focusing yourself with alignment of who you are.

Unconditional love is alignment of all that is Love without all the conditions.

You cannot get other people to behave in a way ... sloppily and lazily hold out your plate and hope for the best.

When you get hold of your thoughts and emotions,constant intertwining of you and You, constant dance between physical and non-physical ... Let what matters to you be - how do you feel right now.

Focus energy - control your point of attraction. Your life will mannifest what you want it to be.

Practicing good feeling thoughts until it becomes your normal baseline of feeling.

More about feeling the things like your Inner Being thinks things all the time.

There is so much about you, everything that is lovable.

When you think similar thoughts, those thoughts haronize so completely with who you are that your life becomes pretty good.

Sloppy thought syndrome equals whatis-itis, observant thought, I've so tuned my vibration to what is, I can't change it.

Until you become a conscious and deliberate feeler-focuser, you cannot be a deliberate creator.

As you take the time to poke around at the problem, without even knowing it, you poke around at the solution, too. It comes into the focus of your Inner Being. You have to find the focus of your IB before you find the solution.

YOu are using this example of something you can't control as the reason to depart from who you really are.

HotSeat 1

How do I deliberately focus to keep feeling this peace?

On the heels of this gathering, where you have listened yourself into the Vortex ... you really tuned into a new vibrational place.
Even the people who usually runs with you are responding on your wavelength.
Because you were so in the Vortex, you began sending happy thoughts about future experience. You began to be able to translate so you began to see what your future olds.

Distinction - as you were so enjoying your moment in time, you translated that I feel like thois because I'm in Nature. So I'll buy a house - so I can create the condition that will create this experience.

Esther says, everywhere they go, we should have a house here. We get that when you are having a moment,your logic says, let me do everything I can so I can keep this feeling.

We promise you - it's not about creating your condition to have an emotional response. Focus on the emotional response and then all will come to you.

When you think in general, since its easier to get in the Vortex, but it's fun to get more specific when you are in the Vortex. But you get more specific when you're ready for it. The vibration of your Vortex precedes all those manifestations.

Let being in the Vortex be what matters. Get in the Vortex then be more specific. Once you get in the Vortex and you just hang around. You don't maintain your focus and it spits you out, find the Vortex again.

As you get called by the Vortex into that higher and higher vibration, then the specifics will be revealed to you from inside the Vortex. The answers are non-resistant.

Hotseat 2

Osteopathic Manual Medicine... My patients get better but I don't talk to them verbally.

Abe ... Words don't teach. ... You're communicating with everyone you know vibrationally much more than verbally. ... Because you don't get into conversation with them when you are aware that you are standing in a place where you don't want to be.

"general-ness" of what is wanted. As you get into the Vortex, the inspiration comes. You become specific about an issue, you get out of the Vortex.

It is easier for you to .be general and be in the Vortex with other people's issues than you do your own. You noticed -- I've practiced it into specifics so it is a stronger vibration. The way to deactivate it is to go into general and let the Vortex get you into the specifics.

You have the issue because your life caused you to expand and then for some reason, you didn't go with that expansion.

It's not uncommon for healers to take on the resistanc of their patients.We don't want you to go there. It is not necessary at all.

HotSeat 3

Anytime you get into a litigation, withdraw your attention from it.

You look at the thing that is not going well and giving it an inordiante amount of attention. It's about the degree of how you want things. If you sort of want it, you sort of don't want it. If you really want it, you really don't want it.

It's easy to forget that things are always working well for you. When the person is in the vicinity of the thought, through the crack of least resistance, the Universe is making things work out for you. Things are always working out for you and to the degree that you offer less resistance, you make things work out.

In every moment of everyday, it is through the crack of least resistance that the Universe gets you to "Who You Really Are".

Step 1 - inspired from details.
Step 2 - Source - takencare by the focusing mechanism of your Broader Perspective.
Step 3 - You have to be a vibrational match to what you are asking for.

Next HotSeat

When you croak,does everybody create their own personal heaven?
The non-physical is a more general vibrationthan you can define in the physical.
In the non-resistant vibrational attitude of that which is your Inner Being ... so much more than you caN describe in the physical.

We want you to feel the fullness of being in the Vortex ... standing in your wholeness, eagerness, bigness. We don't want to talk about this bigness "apart" from teh bigness that you have in this physical body.

<<<We don't know anybody in the non-physical who is not focusing fully into this leading edge of the physical reality.>>>

Non-physical is a stream of consciousness in many beings ... Source Energy reflecting back through te brilliance of You and you.

What is a black hole(space) ... It is the Vortex. It is the vibrational genesis of the gathering of components of what will eventually be a physical manifestation.

You have to .reach the place -- that the key to creation is conjuring a vibration apart from reality... You have to find a way to clear the path vibrationally.

Conjure expectation - stimulate and exercise and practice until it is dominant.

Bigger of course if it is manifested. We know you are addicted to reality. We get it. It isn't the rality that you want. It's keeping you from the reality that you want because it is the reality you are focusing on.

I'm the creator of my own reality and I'm just getting the hang of this. I'm getting it that I can focus my feeling into positive expectation.

We are saying that the Vortex does take you in because you don't have the ability to constantly be outside the Vortex all the time.

Vortex is calling you and has its way with you frequently. Milk it. Just don't do anything that will throw you out.

Parents ... the children walk on eggshells . When you get crosswise of the current, then you're no ;onger in the Vortex.

YOur work is to get into the Vortex and stay in general as you can in your thinking so you can begin to tune the vibrational instrument that is

Whe a tuning for reverberates, all other tuning forks vibrate in response to it.

The economist splits the pie. They don't count it until it has manifested.
I mostly hear about the deficit pie. Your optimism is about the pie you are moving to (abundant pie) You know who's staking a claim on this (abundant) pie?
The guys who have the biggest stake on the other (reality) pie!

Anything that's manifested is old news.. Put vibration in its proper place.

Next hotseat ...

When meditating, how do you know that Source Energy is trying to contact you or you're just going crazy and talking to yourself ?

Maybe I'm getting crazy and talk to Abraham. Who gets to define crazy?

Your IB is always there for you, always flowing the Energy. The question is - Am I in the vicinity of listening to it.

When you meditate, you stop thought, you stop resistance, your vibration raises.

Esther ... She allowed the Vortex to train her vibration into a frequency until the Vortex trained her vibration close enough in the vicinity to Abraham enough to receive them.

"She only knows it by the way it feels."

Everything hinges on expectation. Make decisions about things and watch how expectations allow it to come faster.

If something keeps occurring, you're on the wavelength of the Broader Perspective, actively integrated and able to influence a manifestational outcome. This is the symbol that shows you're in readiness.

Next hotseat ...

When you really care about something, it really grabs you. Just accept that as the indicator of what it is. This intense emotion is an indicator of how important thjis is to me.

Let's say that there is a radio frequency that you want to tune into.
CB radio ... you really want to hear what the truckers has to say. You go to that truckers channel.. When you don't hear , you turn up the volume - you increase the noise ! You need to get into the frequency first !

Just acknowledge, now is not the time. The more she thinks about it, the worse she feels. The next step is to find the thought that feels better. The more general you approach the subject, the better. Or stay off the subject altogether.

It's like trying to fight a fire with gasoline. To extinguish the fire, you turn the attention away from it. Think of anything that's general and off the topic. Look for something easier.

Soon you will crave the relief of the distraction. The solution will eventually show itself to you. As I hang around relief, I'm going to find the specifics of the solution but not right now.

Next hotseat ...

She thanked Abraham for their patience in repeating what they are saying over and over.

Abe ... No patience is required inside the Vortex.

Lady wanting a partner but she says she does not feel any desire.

Abe - A lot of people, if there isn't any angst present, they think they don't have any desire. Men don't stick around ... so when they don't stick around, what rockets of desire then? Everyone iis always getting a companion who is a perfect mirror.

I want LOA to reflect back to me what I am ready for. Where do I stand re: relationship? It means I'm not quite ready for what I'm asking for.

If she is satisfied and want a relationship, isn't that a contradiction?
If you can just hang around there(Vortex) a little longer, you'll meet the partner you desire. When you rendezvous with the one you have put in the Vortex,

The Vortex is always there for me. There is no hurry ... (I'm 44) ... There it is ... that was way too specific.

All the work is done.The Vortex is there. The relationship is a vibrational reality. Does it matter if it takes a day, a week, a month to get you there?

If it took the Vortex a whole month to get you there, does it matter?

You've got opinions going on that's keeping you from the rendezvous.

Opinions ... none of that is relevant to what's going on in your Vortex. Although all of that is what put all of these in the Vortex.

All of these relationship stuff - you've done so much sifting and creating. If these has not been so wonderful, you wouldn't feel how much you want this relationship.

If I can just get in the Vortex, the Vortexwill train my vibration to the frequency of it.
I'm content to feel the satisfaction.
I think I must be right on track.
Meanwhile, I'm just happy in my Vortex.

When you catch yourself in a little uncomfortable in the middle of an emotion, just say to yourself, I'm being too Specific !

Generally speaking, she really loves me.
Specifically speaking, she's making me nuts.

Anytime you feel a negative emotion, just say to yourself, I'm being too specific.

Next hotseat

When you're in the Vortex, the other's relationship in the Vortex is irrelevant.
The first step is being oblivious to them (which makes them crazy because they're looking at your behavior).

There is a vision of you and tem in the Vortex. If you hang in there, the Vortex will bring you and them together.

You cannot notice that someone's OUT and be IN.

If you are really in the Vortex, you have such a vision that you're oblivious to everything else.

Look to no-one to beyour uplifter and claim that task to no-one else.

What I am is aware of the uplifting power of the Vortex.

When I say I'm an uplifter for me, I know how to get in the Vortex and be uplifted.

When I say I'm an uplifter for you, I know how to get into the Vortex and be uplifted and maybe inspire you to get into the Vortex.

It is not possible for you not to find a general thought to be in the Vortex.

I never had any success in being out of the Vortex and dragging them in.

Next hotseat ...

Ego ... Creation is about focusing. The energy focused in you - Ego - awareness of self that exists in your physical you. The egotistical you has caused Source Energy to expand.

You haven't heard chatter till you've come into the Vortex where Infinite Intelligence is -- All Knowing, All Speaking.

Non-physical is always in the Vortex. It is only an egotistical person who can focus himself into the Vortex and focus himself out of the Vortex.

What you call noise, we call it chatter ... power, clarity, expansion. The chatter becomes clarity in the Vortex.

You have to stop giving ego such a bad rap. You are a valid consciousness. Without your ego, this non-physical energy will not manifest.Your ego is a good thing. Just bring it into the Vortex.

Get into the Vortex through this emotional journey. The Vortex will teach yo to perceive reality in a different way. Just as your senses sense, it's a conceptual understanding of the vibrational essence of all these manifestations.

If you take the concept of this vibrational reality on faith, as you tune yourself to the frequency of this Vortex, it's your job to translate its vibrational form to its manifestational form.

You get to be witness to manifestations that seem to come out of the blue. Not out of the blue but it comes out of the vibrational reality that you've created.

Next hotseat

Debating being right or feeling good ...

Abe ... she liked succeeding, she liked being appreciated, she liked winning.

She wants to be right rather than to feel good.. As humans, you've been comparing files for so long. You become defensive. .. if the world doesn't accept my rightness ...

You're all right.

How can that person who thinks the opposite of what I think be right?

You're right in the freedom to choose. you're right when you're allowing yourself alignment with your most Progressive Self.

You never get it done. You are never wrong. You have endless, eternal opportunity even in this body to come into alignment.

The relief that you seek is only moments away but is contingent to the thoughts that you think.

We want you to be present tense.
You keep coming back because you know that is the highest probability of an eternal being.

They lost sight of this guidance from inside.

The more you hurt, the more you ask. But if you don't go, the more you hurt.

This feels too good, I fear it won't last.

Next hotseat...

Why do we cry when we see others cry?
Empathy or Sympathy is someone offering a strong vibration and you getting swept up in that emotion.
You are offering your vibration based on what you're observing.

Jesus did not empathize with your illness. He empathized with your wellness.

I will empathize with what they put in their Vortex. If you practice it constantly,
Law of Attraction will not hook me up with people who are sad.

The only place that consistency can spring from is finding where your giding light is.

Yu have to find the frequency of your IB inside the Vortex.

When you feel negative emotion ... my attitude, my perspective, my take on this is opposite to that of my Inner Being's... you're separating yourself from your IB who is Love.

Trying to decide where to live ... 20 different possibilities. Move your body from place to place to place then take the temp. It turns out it is not the place. It's not your profession. It's your relationship to the Vortex!

I'm gonna be in the Vortex then I'll decide.

I'm on time.
I'm right on track.
I've created the most fantastic Vortex.

My work today is to do nothing and not feel guilty.

Talking myself to feeling good. Ease up and let myself feel good.

I like knowing that this is my work ...



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