Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop, October 18, 2003, Greenbelt, MD


  1. Each fulfillment of each new desire means a new platform to want from.  There will ALWAYS be unfulfilled desire.  Get into the spirit of that!
  2. Then you wonít feel frustration of unfulfilled desires, you will feel the life giving quality of being eagerly unfinished and incomplete!  Learn to be satisfied in your incompletion, happy where you stand and delighted about where you are going.  Always be happy there is more to come.
  3. You are Source energy focused here.  You have an emotional guidance system that lets you know your alignment with who you really are in each moment.
  4. Your emotions are your indicators.  You donít get angry at your gas gauge because it shows your car is almost empty.  You donít take a hammer to it.  You appreciate the indicator to tell you that you need to do something about it soon. 
  5. Itís harder to do something about it when your tank is totally empty and you run out of gas.  Then you have to call Triple A, AAA.  Thatís Abraham, Abraham, Abraham!!!
  6. Itís easier to bring yourself back into alignment if you take action sooner rather than later.
  7. When you are in despair, you do not have access to a bright thought.  No one can guide you from the outside.  Your guidance is on the inside.
  8. Law of attraction can only bring you the thoughts in the range of where you are feeling.  You canít go from depression to ecstasy in one step usually or easily.  You canít receive what is being broadcast on a different station than the one you are tuned into.
  9. Depression is disempowering, you are disallowing the fullness of who you really are.  The opposite of depressed is free to be you!
  10. Betrayal and grief make you feel powerless.  You are not powerless!  But in that feeling, which is a response to the vibration of a thought, you canít get to happy from there.  You need to reach for improvement one step at a time.
  11. From depression, find an angry thought.  Get angry at the dead one, or someone who didnít help the dead one enough.  Rage feels refreshing after depression, or compared to suffocating grief.
  12. When you go to anger, you feel you can breath again, but if others disapprove of your anger, you go back to disempowerment.
  13. Say to yourself, ďI may not be bright and fluffy, but I do feel better than I felt before.Ē  In that moment, you reclaim your power.   You can go anywhere from there up the vibrational scale.
  14. At the root of all your problems is the fear that you cannot feel the way you want to feel.  Suffocating negative emotion is scary.  Next time, just reach for the best feeling you have access to in the moment.
  15. ďfollow your blissĒ as advice does not work when you are in the depth of despair. 
  16. Reach for anger, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of aggravation. Reach for aggravation, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of frustration.  Reach for frustration, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of overwhelment.  Reach for overwhelment, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of pessimism.  Reach for pessimism, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of hopeful pessimism.  Reach for hopeful pessimism, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of optimistic pessimism.   Reach for optimistic pessimism, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of  belief.  Reach for belief, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of absolute belief.  Reach for absolute belief, and feel relief.  Then you have access to thoughts of knowing.
  17. You can start where ever you are.  You donít want to move back down the scale, but reach to continually move just a little bit up the scale.  Put things in perspective.  If you start in frustration, donít go down to rage.  But if you start in despair, rage is a step up.
  18. Jerry and Esther used to drive often from Phoenix to San Diego.  Yuma, Arizona is half way.  Make sure you keep going when you get to Yuma!!!
  19. You tend to beat up on yourselves when you get angry, and the people around you would much prefer you to be depressed, so they will encourage you to go back down and be quiet.  They use guilt to disempowers your anger.  But blame and anger represent empowerment compared to guilt and shame.  It really doesnít matter where you are when you jump on the scale.  Just try to make the best of where you are and go up.
  20. Even Esther is sometimes inclined to make the worst of some things.  Few are tapped consistently into joy.  Something ďbadĒ happens, like the death of a loved one or the loss of a job, and when you observe it, you feel strong negative emotion.   You know thatís not where you are supposed to be.  Explaining how you got there feels important to you.  Yet every moment you spend justifying how you got where you stand is moving to the wrong place on the scale.
  21. In every moment you have a set point on any subject.  At any one moment, there is always a step up where you want to be heading.  When you are feeling frustration, you are wanting ecstasy.
  22. Make your new mantra, ďIím going to make the best of it!  Iím going to make the best of it!  Iím going to make the best of it!  Iím going to make the best of it!Ē
  23. In all your thoughts, words and emails, you are activating your vibration, deliberately make the best of it.  Relief is the operative word.
  24. You find relief in anger because it is a step up from depression.  Just keep reaching for a step up, all the way up the scale.  All you have to do is make the best of it each time.
  25. Do you know how quickly you can move from where you are to where you want to be?  Youíve find you have more rendezvous with fabulous people.  As you pay attention to the vibrational meter.  You will be empowered to go wherever you want to go.
  26. The thing most likely to trip you up is that you get unhappy with your range of emotion.  Just appreciate that your gas gauge is sometimes on empty and feel around for what to do about it!
  27. Regain a sense of control about where you are.  As you know where you are and where you want to go, and prove you can choose thoughts that move you up the scale, your motion forward will be so much quicker.
  28. There are people who move back and forth between self-judgment and anger endlessly.  Give yourself permission to temporarily enjoy an angry thought.  Anger is a gateway to frustration on the way to joy.
  29. Itís not possible to be stuck because energy is always in motion.  Things are always changing.  But they donít always look that way because sometimes they are just changing again and again to the same thing!
  30. This might not be the best thought youíve ever thought, or the best anyone has ever had, but if it is the best you have access to in the moment, itís the best thought for right now.
  31. When you decide you will move up, there is no place you cannot go.  Your fulfillment is just a few decisions away.  As you start to practice this, you will notice much more powerfully when you start to make the worst of something, rather than the best of it. 
  32. Jerry & Esther had brought their monster bus in for repair, and things were going from bad to worse.  Esther went from hopeful, not really believing, quickly into frustration, anger and then rage.  She begged, ďplease get your best people on this!Ē but the people who were on it were moving in SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW motion.  Her attitude became, ďdo the top priority things first, since there isnít a snowballís chance in hell that you are going to get it all done.Ē  So the man began to work on the water pump that had been banging and waking them up, and soon it was quiet Ė it didnít work AT ALL!
  33. Jerry was equally frustrated, but he was quieter about it than Esther.  She tried to elicit Jerryís agreement in her bad mood, ďI feel this way in response to conditions that I cannot control Ė itís justified.  Itís not my fault!!!Ē
  34. Your range of emotions is just your range of emotions.  Esther can feel very, very bad about a water pump.
  35.   Full freedom is the ability to control how I feel.  Once you reach for a thought that feels better, you can move quickly from deep frustration to humor. _________- part 1 to here.
  36. Q:  What has the greatest effect on the outcome of a horse race?  Abe:  You, the Universe, the horse and the jockey Ė everyone has a part in the cumulative vibration.  Every time you have an experience of losing, rockets of desire go forth that you want to win, to choose better in future horse races.  Follow your inspiration, your hunches or impulses.  The less you second guess others the better.
  37. Youíd be amazed at how much is happening at incredibly synchronized levels in every moment.  Jerry and Esther see it as numbers lining up.  For example, when he was recording the third Sara book, when he got to 333 in the book, they were passing mile marker 333.  There is so much that goes into the inspiration of when to start and stop.  What looks like coincidence is actually cooperative incidence!  Ultimately the new Sara bookís file on Estherís computer came in at 222 minutes 22.22 seconds!
  38. The Universe goes to something that is not any trouble at all to give you everything you ever wanted.
  39. Just say, ďhere I am and I want to win!  I love this day!Ē  Look for relief in the feeling, focus on your love of gambling.  View it as a lark, not a heavy vibration. 
  40. People who are consistently dong things have to work harder for a clear vibration.  When you are new, the vibration of clear is easier.  Treat it as fun, not life and death.  Take it step by step.  Say, ďIím lucky at most things.  Things just go well for me.  My hunches are inspired.Ē  Let your gut lead you to the path of least resistance.
  41. Abe:  Is life a gamble?  No, Life is a sure thing!  Wealth is an absolute.  Say to yourself, ďI get everything I want!Ē  You should, you know!
  42. You could have one Abraham recording, and it would be all you ever need because all the answers are there.  There is only One answerÖ
  43. The words donít matter, itís the vibration of the words that matter. 
  44. Guest:  Iím trying to rebuild my home which was lost in a fire.  I started hopeful, eventually Iím down to suicide, just trying to decide what method and if I should take some of them with me!  Abraham:  As many as possibleÖ  it will be a blessing to the whole community!!!  [lots of laughter]
  45. Donít feel bad about where you are.  Acknowledge that this is simply where you are starting.  Move forward incrementally.  At this stage in the game, it will pop quickly for you.  It doesnít matter where you are now, just start here.  Guest:  I feel desperation, powerless and out of control.  Abraham:  You have a crevasse established by strong desire and keen awareness of where you are compared to it.  Guest:  I need a place for my familyÖ  Abe:  Thatís making it worse.  You are beating the drum of not wellbeing, asking for sympathy.  Just keep ramblingÖ
  46. Abe:  Anger feels better than loss of power and despair.  Only you will know which thought really feels better.  Say to yourself:  Iím stronger in anger.  Iím proud to be choosing a thought that feels a little better.  Take your power back.  Say:  ďI choose to feel anger.  Itís my new set point.Ē  Donít allow yourself to slide back into self-criticism.  Stabilize there.  Try to find the place of the next movement.
  47. Abe:  Itís no wonder you are angry!  Do you think there is a deliberate conspiracy to make your life misearable, or are they just inefficient?  Good, you see it is not personal, they arenít picking specifically on you.  Thatís a higher vibration.
  48. Guest:  They are inefficient and overpaid Ė they forget they are public servants and Iím paying their salary!  Abe:  thatís a step in the wrong direction.  Whatís your strongest feeling now?  Guest:  rage.  Abe:  so you are up a step from despair.  Can you feel how far rage is from where you need to be to get what you want?  Although you are absolutely justified in your feeling of rage, youíve momentarily forgotten that allowing is the path.  This is about your vibrational stance, not bricks and mortar.  Weíre trying to help you feel vibrational relief.  You think you need to solve the problem, but really you just need vibrational relief.  When your energy moves, people of power and authority will show up and solve things.  But right now, they canít get to you.
  49. Letís move up and talk some more, reaching for thoughts that feel better.  Guest makes a couple of comments.  Abe:  Itís a drum you are beating here (making a gesture that implies lower frequency) but you want to be over here (making a gesture that implies higher frequency.)
  50. Guest:  Well, every delay has ended up creating a house that is closer to what I really wantÖ  Abe:  You are a bit off the subject of getting permits, but it did make you feel better.
  51. Guest:  The house is absolutely beautiful and almost complete, we have had wonderful subcontractors, I know it is safeÖ
  52. Abe:  Try to find thoughts that move up more gently.  You are not used to feeling your way up.  You are used to taking big jumps you are not really able to get to, or to having someone else rescue you.  Try this:  Weíre doing all right, not experiencing any real hardship.  I donít have to revamp all their systems, thatís not my job.   You think your job is to go from not having permits to having permits.  Your goal is paper signing.  Our goal is just to take you from rage to joy.
  53. As long as you have decided they have done you wrong, someone who can help cannot get to you.  Donít look at what anyone else is doing, look at what you are doing.  Until you break loose vibrationally, it cannot break loose in other places.  You have to change the way you feel about the subject before anything is going to move.
  54. In talking, you just moved up to resentment after anger.  Feel proud in this moment and justified in your resentment.  Then say, ďbut it isnít really serving me!Ē  And keep talking.  ďIíll bet there are a lot of people whoíve been here where I am who are now in their dwellings.  Itís not the end of the world, these delays have given us a better hourse.  I like to know I am creative and powerful!Ē  _________- part 2 to here
  55. Are you as selfish as your cat?  Your cat is not offering behavior to win your approval.  Your cat behaves one way with you, differently with others.  We want to say, only you know how you feel.  Guidance from the outside is not appropriate.  The cat is following its own impulse as to how it feels about these other relationships.  It is responding to different circumstances in different ways and that is appropriate.  Take your cues from your cat.  Donít modify your behavior based on someone elseís opinion.  Honor your catís knowing.  Donít force it into uncomfortable situation.
  56. Anytime you are working with a friend in need, take little steps.  If you try to make them make too big a jump, theyíll jump backward instead.
  57. Catís donít try to please like dogs and horses do.  They are not so easily suckered.  You donít know the best choice for the cat.  Trust your catís inner resources.  Let the cat teach you to follow your own inner resources.
  58. Abe:  It may just be that someone in the house smells like a horse!  Guest:  We are moving to a raw food diet and we hope this cat can be in alignment.  Abe:  Our only hope for this cat is that she can run away.  You say, ďI rescued her!Ē  It says, ďShe captured me!Ē  The cat would like none of the attention she is getting from your roommates, she likes total freedom!
  59. Birds make free, wonderful messengers.  The lady saw an owl.  It came as a symbol of alignment.  As you acknowledge your awareness of alignment, more symbols can come.  Our beasts would like us to be free and stop making so much of all of this.  They donít fear death.
  60. Geese have intuitive knowing that guides their migrations.  Birds, flying in synchrony in flocks are flying from the One Mind vantage point.  They are not individuals trying to get along with each other as they fly.
  61. You tend to go where you are looking!
  62. Astrology works because the process causes the astrologer to focus and ask a question that can then be answered.  They sense and read energy. 
  63. When you put a deadline date on a project, and you believe it is do-able, it causes you to goose up your decision to have it.  But if you put a date on something and donít believe it is possible, it causes your energy to contract.
  64. Learn to be guided from the inside, rather than asking other people for guidance.
  65. It can be helpful to separate your lifeís work from money for a time, if you are optimistic and hopeful about your life work but discouraged about money.  If you bring them together too soon, it can mess up the net average of the energy.  Make some movement on each without contamination by the other.  As you move in incremental steps on each, each will work out and you will up your over all average of vibration.  Stay focused on what is working.
  66. Ask yourself, ďam I making the best of this or the worst of it?Ē  Are you justifying something you donít want to maintain in your life?
  67. As you find a high fast thought and ride it, the Universe yields rapidly.  It takes on a life of its own.  Her business took over her life, and she got more and more out of balance as she lost sight of the way she felt.  New desires were born, time with friends, walks with grandchildren.  Follow the joy factor.  Pay attention to the way you feel.  Stop and talk about the way you feel.  What emotion best describes what you are feeling right now.?  I feel good or I feel bad.  I feel fulfilled or I feel unfulfilled.  I feel on top of life, I feel like I am reaching for alignment.  I feel in control, I feel like Iím reaching for control.  I feel content and reaching for more, Not content and reaching for more.
  68. How you feel NOW really counts!  Now is the set point. 
  69. The Magellan navigation system in Jerry & Estherís monster bus never says, ďWhere have you been?Ē  Magellan is single minded.  It just says, ďhere is where you are and here is where you want to go!Ē
  70. You can always move from where you are now to where you want to be.
  71. Whatís the set point for you, the place where you settle into when you are not focused specifically?  Anger feels better than anxiety.  Fear is disempowering. 
  72. How an emotion feels when you talk about it is just a reflection of your attachment to the word.  Empowerment is who you are.  Loss of freedom and power always feels bad.
  73. The story you are telling is descriptive, but it doesnít serve you well.  Your goal is always to move you into a place where you feel better.  You have the ability to have anything you desire to live.
  74. Itís an advantage not to do something you donít want to do.  Most of you feel that only a special few have more money than they have any sensible use for.  You are sort of resigned to the idea that you have to work at something you donít like.
  75. Reach for a thought that feels better.  ďI feel dissatisfied that ÖĒ  Abe:  wrong way.  Now you can choose.  No matter where you find yourself, once you show yourself you can move up the feeling scale, you wonít fear anything anymore.  The fear that the other shoe is going to drop goes away once you get conscious control over your emotions by choosing thoughts that feel better.
  76. Soothe the dissatisfaction.  ďThere are some similarities between the job I am doing and my lifeís work.  There is no difference between that and selling bath towels, (or back hoes) really.  In fact, I am feeling some excitement and resolution here.   Iíve made a good choice.  Iím appreciative for the freedom I feel in my job.  I can set upÖĒ
  77. A different state of being is only one choice of a thought away.
  78. Guest:  I hear voicesÖ is that other people talking to me with their minds?  Abe:  You are interpreting vibrations into sentences and words.  The question is Ďwhose voices?í
  79. Set a new standard for listening.  Since everything is vibrational, you get to choose what you receive.  Esther tunes humorously into the vibration of sitcom writers.  She can predict the punchlines.  Itís the same ability she uses in interpreting for Abraham.  The difference is the place she is tuned into.  You can read anything once you know how to read.  But you donít want to read everything!  You want to be selective.  Set your vibrational tone on purpose.  You can hear angels, or you can hear the thoughtform of your mother!
  80. Esther heard, ďIím dead!Ē  Jerry said, ďWe just passed a graveyard.!Ē  Esther was feeling playful, so she had access to playful vibrations in nonphysical.  Our question back to you is, ďis the voice usually optimistic and joyful or giving warnings?Ē  That which is posistive may be coming forth from nonphysical or physical.  If it is focused and positive, it doesnít matter which.  You donít have to know the location of a radio station to decide if you want to hear it or not.  Just see if you like what you are hearing!  If it feels good, let it play on.  If it doesnít, tune in someplace else.
  81. The psychiatrists have judgment about people hearing voices.  They would have a field day with Esther!  Theyíd give her all kinds of dire diagnoses.  The levels of energy moving through her are very high.  Theyíd call her delusional, and try to medicate her out of it.  They donít know!!!
  82. To ask someone who cannot understand to evaluate this  is like asking a blind man if your tie matches.   _________- part 3 to here
  83. Her toy poodle broke his leg and the questioner asked if it came out of her fear that another dog would hurt him, or from his desire for attention?  Abe:  Weíd assign it to you not him!  Others cannot step on your creative toes, but if you bring a small beast into a herd of large beasts, trouble may happen.  Now he will use his own resources, he is wiser from this contrasting experience.  Donít feel bad about co-creations that donít go well.  Guest :  He rules the roost now!
  84. Everything that happens comes from your vibrational offering.  The dog has made a decision now not to get trampled again.
  85. Estherís Party Cat was fun, when you petted him, he petted you back.  He was good at catching birds.  Jerry put the bird bath up on a pedestle to give them a fighting chance.  One day, Party Cat leaped after a bird and Esther flew through the air after him and took the bird from him.  She felt responsible for the bird bath and the porch cat.  The bird was fine, she thought she heard it say thank you.  She released the bird.  Party Cat caught him again and ate him right in front of her!  Esther decided she was no longer going to intervene between Party Cat and his lunch.  Since it was no longer part of Estherís creation, she never saw PC eat one again!  Itís not up to you what anyone else creates.  If you pay attention to it, though, it will be in co-creation with you.
  86. Shift the point of attraction for you, and leave everyone else alone!
  87. When your animals re-emerge, they often come forth to play again with you in other animals.  They are aspects of Source energy that comes both as humans as beloved pets.  We are all One, continuing to evolve.  Pets you adore can have the same energy, returning to you again and again.  Donít try to control it.  Just appreciate it and be in as much vibrational harmony as you can and you will attract all kinds of wonderful things.
  88. Your point of power is in the NOW.  Ask:  Now what am I doing about moving up the vibrational ladder. 
  89. Everyone is part of your family of consciousness.  Itís just that the intent you all hold in any moment is different.  Your core is the same high, pure, fast vibration.
  90. Guest:  How can I choose to feel good when my friends and family live under a totalitarian government?  Abraham:  You are asking, ďhow can I focus on the opposite of what I want and feel good?Ē  You canít!  Deliberate creating is knowing you can choose to give your attention to things that feel better.
  91. Esther would wake up and say, ďMy father is dead.  I never wanted to experience it, I donít want to now.Ē  And she would feel grief, feeling the absence of her father.  It was the unrealized dream she had Ė he never learned more of what she knows Ė and it felt so terrible she could hardly breathe.  She canít change it.  She had to look at it in different ways until she found one she could revel in.  You must find a way to focus AND allow your connection to Source anyway.  Massage it, work with it.
  92. Jerry and Esther had a chicken Caesar salad for lunch that did not taste good to them.  There are people all over the world who would have been grateful and satisfied with that food.  When you really want something and know what it is, you wonít stand for less.  When you know freedom as you do, you wonít stand for less.  However, you are very free.  There are a lot of other people not living in freedom who are not in the pain you would be in if you were not free.  You are feeling worse about it than they are because your vibrational stance is so different.  They arenít looking at it as keenly as you may be.
  93. How can I feel good whenÖ?  You just gotta keep reaching for thoughts that give you release.  What right do I have to feel good when those I love feel bad?  You have to improve your vibrational stance.  Does the Universe have a plan?  Collective consciousness keeps setting forth new objectives Ė new rockets of desire about what all the contrast is about.
  94. Iraq has diminished day to day life now.  They were not free, and they were vibrating fear, worry about food and bombs.  They have ongoing rockets of desire that Source is now answering.  Their desires will cause a difference for all the people of the world.  Whether they will allow it remains to be seen.  Anyone can soothe themselves and make the best of it.  Answers always come in response to asking.  The people are asking, so the Universe is answering.  How long it takes to allow wellbeing depends on allowing.
  95. In the US, the standard of life is increased wellbeing because the majority expects it.  The Universe allows people and countries to choose their own focus.  If the majority of people in a country felt free, the country would have to get freedom.
  96. Things move solely.  In the US, a small band of people originally came here expecting greater freedom.  They had adventure and struggle, but they felt free.  As they began to thrive, the home country tried to clamp down, but they couldnít stand less freedom.  But billions of people cannot up and move so easily.  However, they can move vibrationally and individually, as you did.  In thinking of them, you launch a rocket of desire from afar.  As you live freedom and feel good, you help them.  If you instead focus on their pain, you do not help them.
  97. Abraham invited her to cultivate some anger.  She tried babies killed, and that took her down rather than up.  Then she tried Ďbeaureacrats have billions in foreign banksí and yet students canít afford college and Abraham said that was better.  There is release in anger, reclaiming power.  Then, allow yourself to get tired of anger and reach again.  ďFamily members care about each other and help each other since they get no help from the government.Ē  That was a thought that felt better.
  98. Abraham:  Are their any redeeming qualities in the government?  Guest:  They are opening to the world because they have to, things are getting a little better.  Abraham:  You got outÖ  Guest:  I came as a graduate student and stayed here.  Some can get out.  But brainwashing makes the status quo feel all right.  They shouldnít brainwash peopleÖ!  Abraham:  Donít you want to give the people some responsibility for their own experience?  Guest:  Maybe I should focus on what I can control?  Abraham: YES!  Say, ďI can control what I look at and how I feel!!!!Ē  Thatís the ultimate freedom.
  99. There isnít anything you want that isnít because you think it will make you feel good.  And there isnít anything that you fear that isnít because you think it will make you feel bad.
  100. Abraham:  How you feel is how you feel.  We donít have a right to criticize where you are.  Where you are is fine, and you can always feel better.  Guest:  I have an empty nest and my baby is going to collegeÖ  Abraham:  Hardly a baby!!!  You are beating a drum that is not serving you.  Itís unnecessary and not useful.  There is actually lots of stuff in your nest that you do not enjoy dusting!
  101. You have chosen to do things and judge your value by what is reflected back to you by others.  Now they are gone, and you must reclaim your own connection to Source energy.  It is easy, you are not far from how you want to feel.  Try out some wordsÖ  unuseful, unnecessary, unfulfilled, permanently?  No, temporarily undirected!  Yes.  Undirected feels best.  Unfocused feels better than unnecessary.  It moves you forward toward fulfillment.  Say something like,  ďsince my three have gone off, I am a little unfocused.  Iím getting ready to make decisions.  My children will always enhance my experience.  I know I will be ok.  When I focus on the idea of feeling fine, I feel fine.  When I focus on things that feel bad, I feel bad.
  102. Sometimes Esther misses 3 and 10 year old Tracey.  But she has 30 year old Tracey (and her grandchildren!)  Relationships are continually evolving.  You can elicit any feeling you choose by your choice of focus.
  103. Say to yourself:  I have a choice about how I feel.  Iím going to be more deliberate about the thoughts I choose.  I can think about the people my children will meet as they branch out in the world, the children they will have.  There is much potential future joy in my relationships with my children.  I can think of that, or my empty nest.  Which thought feels better?
  104. Fear is feeling that you have no control over feeling bad.  You tend to say, ďif things were different, Iíd feel betterĒ and try to manipulate the situation.  But the world is not here to give you anything you want to make you feel better.  The world CAN give you anything you want as soon as you vibrate there.  Feel the difference?
  105. You want your children to thrive and live in joy, but YOU will be in constant unhappiness if your joy depends on what they do.  Some parents would LIKE to boot those kids out of their nest. 
  106. You are wanting to show yourself you can choose thoughts that feel good no matter what.  Itís not life or death what you choose to focus on.  You can always choose again later.
  107. Terminally ill people are often the only ones who are willing to do the work of changing their thoughts.  They are motivated by desperation.
  108. Do you enjoy suffering over the conjured absence of your children?  Do you think you will ever feel good beating the drum of their absence? 
  109. Does the success of your children make you feel left behind?  Guest:  My daughterís success amplifies my feeling of empty me.  Abraham:  So you feel unfulfilled, undecided and unfocused.  You have used your children as your point of focus up to now.  But now you have decided that you want other points of focus Ė you do not want to live vicariously through them.  Ask yourself, ďNow what?Ē  Say:  ďI want my own joy.Ē  You have been saying, ďI trained myself to find it in others.Ē  Let go of saying those things.  Stop using that terminology.  Say:  ďI want to figure out where to go now I have more freedom.  I am on the brink of my new life.  I want to find new interests.  I like this new chapter of my life. 
  110. Abe:  Did you deliberately plan each pregnancy?  Guest:  No.  Abe:  You had to make your own way, adjust as you went along.  Sometimes you were shouting, ďMy nest is too full!Ē  This is just another chapter.  You will make adjustements in.  Say to yourself:  ďIíll figure something out.  Iíll take pleasure from my children still.Ē  You canít figure it out all at once.  Not very much changes that fast.  Youíll do just fine.
  111. Guest:  I want to learn to channel energy properly, with control.  I get excited and start thinking about what I want to do and I feel my heart is going to burst out of my chest!  Abe:  You are drumming up energy disproportionate to your ability to allow it.  Itís like an aircraft cruising through the air vs running across the ground at 500 miles per hour.  The energy is moving too fast for the conditions in your resistance.  You are summoning more energy and your habit of thought isnít up to speed with it yet.  So it feels like you are hitting trees.  Donít slow your speed.  Get rid of the trees!
  112. All hell breaks loose when people start Abraham work because they try to move everything at once.  You have already launched rockets of desire.  Just a little release and things will start moving more gently.  You will do well to say, 1000 times per day: ďIs what I am doing now making the best of it or the worst of it?Ē
  113. Guest:  When the energy is flowing too much,  I feel like I want to put a dam on it.  Abraham:  You donít really want to drive more slowly, you want to drive where there are less trees!  There is no limit to how fast you can go.  Search for relief as often as you can.  Relief is moving toward allowing.  Donít reach for joy, reach for relief.
  114. Young Guest:  sometimes it feels like my parentsí and other peopleís expectations of me are so heavy, I cannot get in touch with my own guidance.  Abraham:  You canít get in touch with your own guidance for fear someone who has been holding you hostage will be upset.  The Universe never misunderstands you.  You are casting your votes vibrationally.  It is only about the way you feel.  Those others donít get to choose and they cannot vibrate for you.
  115. Say to yourself:  Iím going to feel my way through this.  I have the ability to find my own way.  When you have aspirations you donít yet belief, it feels like you are afraid to fall off a cliff if you try to fly.  We say to you, ďwe know you want to fly.  We know you are capable of flying, but you donít know it yet.Ē  You say:  ďI feel unsure, afraid I might make wrong choices.Ē  You donít trust yourself. 
  116. Hereís some relief that will make you fly.  ďI donít want everyone else to make my choices for me.  The Universe knows what I want.  No one else can guide me like that Ė they donít know.  I know I donít want to feel like them.  I get to figure it out as I go by trial and error.  It all adds up, Iíll be okay!  I feel Iíve moved effectively in my path so far.  Iím right where I want to be now.Ē
  117. Really, you know, people arenít all that interested in you.  They are more interested in their own lives.  They donít care as much as you think!  Give yourself a break.  You donít have to figure it all out at once.  Just look at right now and whatís coming next.  You are where you are and thatís just fine.
  118. You donít have to justify where you are Ė the Ya-Buts.  Thatís normal, but it keeps holding you where you are.  Keep reaching for thoughts that feel good.  Say, ďIím good at choosing.  I can choose again and again and again!Ē  Develop a new feeling of determination.  ďIím determined Iím going to have fun!  Iím believing I can make the right choices.  I feel more like Iím flying!Ē
  119. Once you have been doing this more consistently, you will easily catch yourself when you are beating the drum of making things worse.  Imagine!  You are 22 year old and already fine tuning deliberate creation!!!

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