Connee’s notes on Abraham-Hicks Hawaii Cruise, 12/8/05 – 12/20/05


  1. You know you are leading edge creators, offer-ers of vibration?  You know your emotions let you know the content of your vibration?  Good, let’s go swim with the dolphins!
  2. We know you are up to speed with that which we are.  You are energy beings, extent ions of Source energy in physical bodies.  With great appreciation, we begin this gathering of physical and nonphysical here – there is an enormous gathering of nonphysical here.  We express our appreciation to you for being physical.
  3. You have been very busy.  Your vibrational escrow contains millions of dollars, empires, relationships, world changing purposes that you have lined up for yourselves.    The beauty of what we see for you couldn’t be revealed if we talked about it for a year.  We know the clarity that is you.  You will not miss out on this.  We want these hours to help you get up to speed with what you have in vibrational escrow.
  4. There is no reason for you to croak before you realize the fullness of your escrow in to your life.  No one else can inherit what is yours.  You put it there, you must be the receiver of it.  Yes, you are up to speed – let’s get right into it!
  5. Question:  Why does astrology work?  Abraham:  Do you think there is any philosophy that doesn’t work for someone?  A better question would be, “why shouldn’t it work?” 
  6. Every single being is unique, but everyone doesn’t have a unique chart.  You are tapping into the vibration of the individual.  When dolphins come to the ship, they are feeling the vibration .  You are reading vibration.  The charts cause you to focus and ask the right questions.  It is a science of vibration, astrology is only a tool you use that helps you focus.  The person who comes to you expects the chart to reveal something to them, their expectation helps align their energy, which makes the chart light up for you.
  7. Everything is a subset of Law of Attraction.  Allowing can be a learned behavior.
  8. There is a vortex moving with us here with this ship, because so many of you are raising your vibration.
  9. The vortex that really matters is the vortex between you and you. 
  10. A physical vortex will accentuate your own energy, whatever you are now will be amplified, whether you are tapped in or an ornery toad.
  11. Those who come into this room later will find the energy amplified after this workshop.
  12. There are magnificent vortexes, sacred sites, where there is great beauty, because of the expectation on that plot of land over time that people bring.  But if you tend to your own vortex, the whole of what you are will show up.
  13. You don’t have to make a pilgrimage somewhere.  And if you are too sensitive in crowds, you need to clear up your vibration.  If you bask, appreciate, meditate in the morning, your vibration will dominate.  If you don’t tend to your vibration, a crowd will reactivate something you don’t want, so you feel like a bobbing cork.
  14. Bookstores beat Esther up until she lined her energy up, then when she did, it was a blissful experience where she was able to attract recipes she wants and computer programs.
  15. Question:  How can I improve my eyesight?  Abraham:  Right now you are infinitely aware of how it is and it can’t change.  The fastest way to improve your vision is to appreciate the technology that supports you now.  And also appreciate that you have other senses that allow you to interpret vibration.  Appreciate all the senses you have, and stop pushing against problems with your sight.  Then things can improve with your eyesight. 
  16. Esther went to renew her license and couldn’t pass the test.  She didn’t want to have glasses on her license picture.  So she asked Abraham to read it clearly for her.  Which they did by tipping her head differently so she passed the test.  It was the same eyes, Abraham seeing made a difference in what Esther could see.
  17. There are many sights you have never seen.  All that you will ever care about, you will see clearly, we promise.  Just bless every contraption in the mean time.
  18. Question:  How can I get a house in La Jolla and in Northern California to add to my dream house collection?    I want to get to the next level…  Abraham: there is no next level, it is your thinking there is a next level that is stopping your progress.  Just apply the same thing here and here and here.  It’s the same as allowing a parking space. 
  19. It’s contrast that takes you to the next level.  Your vibrational escrow is full of the next level and the next level and the next level and the next level and the next level.
  20. Question:  How can I allow myself to receive?  Abraham:  Don’t see it as the next level.  If it seems hard, you aren’t allowing it yet. 
  21. You are an extension of Source, ALL of you is here on the leading edge, actualized in time and space.  When you said, “I would love a house in La Jolla, vibrationally it has already become.  Vibrational paradise already exists.  It is so done because of who you are and what you’ve lived.  Those homes are already there.  Get up to speed with what you have already created.  When you are appreciating, you’re up to speed.  Say, “My contrast has already taken it to the next level, so I can just reach for thoughts that feel good.”  If it feels good to think about how it comes, do it.  Otherwise, leave it to the universe.
  22. It is an absolute fact that it is created already, you’ve got to chill out to be vibrationally ready for you.
  23. When you describe it, imagine it and see the beauty of it.  Your life already feels overwhelming, and taking on extra properties feels harder.  So imagine it effectively staffed, and easy to afford, so that you can take the bugs out.  Factor in ease of paying for it, and organization of it, and you don’t have to work out the details.  Your work is finding the feeling place of being worthy of that life in that house.
  24. It is hard to get there through the eyes of others.  Almost no one wants you to live like that.  Factor everyone else’s opinion out and focus instead on what it would feel like.
  25. Ask your Inner Being for an out of body experience, a glimpse of your vibrational escrow.  Before you can see it, you have to feel worthy of it.  Take some time and work your way into having full visual access of it.  Begin in dreamscape.
  26. This is quite a cluster of powerful creators.  Your expectation of wellbeing is way above the human average.  Accept there is a vibrational escrow for you.  Feel it is your savings account, your inheritance, your nest egg, your trust fund, that is there just for you.  You don’t need to put more stuff in, it’s already full enough for 20-30 lifetimes.  Make your work about getting into vibrational alignment with it.
  27. Others are annoyed at the disproportion that you are receiving.  Factor them out. 
  28. There’s not 1% of 1% ready to hear this, but you are.
  29. It’s ok to speak where you are.  You cannot change all at once.  We are not even halfway to Hawaii now.  But maybe life isn’t about getting there – it’s about going somewhere.  We can’t imagine a better place to be than in the middle of the deep blue sea.  If you make peace with where you are, you will get where you want to be faster.
  30. Saying, “I’m stuck,” amplifies resistance.  Soften your position, “I’ll figure it out, I already got it relative to other things.”  That will soften it a bit.
  31. It’s easier if you are conscious of how you feel, rather than what you are thinking.  Emotions are feedback.  Reach for feelings of relief in order to feel better. 
  32. Right now every visual goal is out of sight.  But even though you are in the middle of the deep blue sea, you are trusting that someone knows where you are going.  It doesn’t matter because you trust them. 
  33. There is a navigational team in the sky that has got your back. Anything you can do to distract you from the responsibility of your life will help.  Trust that you are being guided.
  34. Every time you launch a rocket of desire, your Inner Being automatically becomes that.  The whole of you becomes more every day.  You’ve become more than you are letting yourself quite be yet.  You are trying to take too big jumps to it. 
  35. Your expectation of what will call you is different than you expect.  You think it sounds like angels singing and joy, but it actually sounds like rebellion and revenge.  You haven’t given yourself permission to go up the emotional scale yet.  You are demanding of yourself that you get it quickly.
  36. Recently, Esther felt powerless.  She jumped right into revenge and loved it – she told Jerry to buzz off until she felt better.  But she felt a bit embarrassed by it.
  37. We asked her if she wants to play it safe, where she can’t make a mistake or skin her knees.  And she said she’d like to get out there and mix it up more.
  38. It’s good you remember joy and empowerment, but if it makes you impatient with yourself for not being there in a particular moment, let it go for now.
  39. You will remember glimmers of joy, Esther still remembers being 5.  Even with speaking for Abraham, she still hasn’t achieved purity of what Kate has that she feels jealous of.  That pure essence of energy – you can get back to it, just not all at once.  Don’t set your standard so high.
  40. Everything is about vibrational relativity.  If your memory is way up here but the reality down here, it’s too far.  Reach for what is a little better.  Your Source will show it to you.  Esther does it too, holding herself to too tough a standard.  Give yourself a break.  Just reach for a little relief.  We love it when we see you go from powerless to hopeful.
  41. They are making a bumper sticker, everything always works out for me.  Esther says, Everything always works out for me … eventually!
  42. There is no mystery here.  Stop ridiculing yourself.  Give yourself a pat on the back for every recovery you make.
  43. Question:  I want more fun and joy – how to create that?  Abraham:  Focus on fun, and then more fun.  What feels fun to you?  Guest:  Last night’s dancing…  Abraham:  So focus on last night.  What was fun about it?  Guest:  I had lots of people to play with…  Abraham:  So you started to get focused and then diverted to the past.  Focus!!!  Focus on what was fun.  Fun includes surprises, feeling care free.  Beat the drum of fun.    All you have to do is pick a segment of fun and focus there.
  44. Jerry and Esther always ask themselves, “What do we love about this?”  Is it the mood, the lighting, the smell?  Dissect moments that feel wonderful – it helps you to keep it in mind.  When you say, “This is fun,” ask “what’s fun about it?”  Get it more firmly rooted in your vibration.
  45. As you talk about it, all we hear is blah, blah, blah – Your assignment for the cruise is to look for fun, find it, remember it, and return back and report to us before the end of the cruise.  Savoring is a different vibration than fun.  Capture the vibrational essence of fun – it’s quick movement up the emotional scale.  It’s easier when you are able to be with someone having fun already.  It’s non-judgmental, limitless, free.   Every moment has the potential to be a spontaneous moment in time.  Your Inner Being knows who is around every corner – and who wants to have fun with you.  And before you know it, there’ll be someone there to play with around every corner.
  46. And it is not really an assignment of fun you are looking for, but rather an expectation of fun.  If you are one who is receptive, two or more can come together in a way that is really fun.
  47. Your Inner Being worries about nothing, regrets nothing, has nothing to prove and is eager for more!
  48. When you focus more and more on appreciation, and appreciate every morning, you will find that there is no end to the list of great things that will stream into your life because of your rampages of appreciation.  You will have an astronomical list of things to appreciate in every moment.  It may not be true for others, but your world becomes so good you wonder what anyone has to worry about.
  49. You still have your personality after death, you just leave any negative or worried part behind.  You’ll always know where you are in the continuum of your life.
  50. Perspective matters.  People will have a variety of different experiences happening at the same event.  What you see is more about who you are than about what happens.  Learn to view everything from a broader point of view.  Have fuller experiences by meditating, practicing detachment.  Withdraw from all resistance and embrace allowing.  And if you do, you will have an instantaneous reconnection with infinite intelligence.
  51. There was a model who was caught in the tsunami, had many broken bones and much pain, and finally she gave up struggling and surrendered.  Instead of pain, it suddenly felt almost pleasurable, she no longer knew she was drowning.  It was a moment of personal awakening.  And then she broke through and saw blue sky!
  52. You can give up your resistance any time you choose, it doesn’t have to be a quantum leap like death or near drowning.
  53. There is no death, just a fuller life experience.  There is no gateway, just a releasing of resistance.  Some feel remorse in coming back to life after near death, because the releasing of resistance feels so good.  We want you to experience the death of resistance!  You can have it anytime.  Jerry wants to be thrown into the bushes rather than buried.  They look for just the right bushes all over the country.  It causes Esther some discomfort.
  54. Align with your Inner Being and It will call you forward.  Visions are what Source gives you to help you understand how things work.
  55. Physical beings see angels sometimes, but nonphysical doesn’t see itself as angels.  As nonphysical, though, we must be compliant to people’s best ways of describing us.  In the older days, the only things people knew that flew were birds, so angels had wings.  These days, they could call it spacecraft.  They are very real blocks of thought that are interpreted in different ways.  You receive vibrational energy as blocks of thought, and you build a bridge between the physical realm and the nonphysical for students.
  56. Abraham has said to Esther a thousand times, “Compare your experience to no one – your experience is unique.”
  57. Say, “I’m accepting my gifts.  There are no boundaries for me.”  Open the vortex and let it flow here.  You are your own energy vortex to Source.
  58. As you prepare questions, focus on your enthusiasm for the question, rather than develop questions based on your problems.  As you move forward by the feeling of enthusiasm, you will ask questions that excite you.  Then you will be ready for the answer, and you can have a true dialog.  You ask, we answer and we all have the thrill of a new place.  That’s the ultimate fun, in a rampage of evolving who we all are. 
  59. You are, all of you, quite a piece of work.  We are wanting to feel your enthusiasm for questions you cannot wait to ask
  60. It is not accurate to say that you are your history.  In this now, you are not a vibrational match to everything you have lived, but what is active right now is what you are giving your attention to.
  61. You ARE likely to be today what you were yesterday unless you are deliberate in changing your focus of attention.  Selectively sift your history so you focus on the part you want more of.  And appreciate that the contrast of your history caused you to become something more than you would have become otherwise.
  62. Your Source energy within you is the fantastic culmination of all you have ever lived.
  63. Before you were born, you did have a general path laid out before you.  From nonphysical you are selfish, and you know you have control of the vibration of self – END OF STORY!
  64. Selfishness is not bad, it’s natural.  When you are in vibrational alignment with who you really are, you now wish the same for others.  When you are connected, it includes your wish to uplift others to also reconnect to Source.
  65. In an attitude of service (we find no fault with that…) for many, it is interpreted as servitude..  And that comes not from a connection to Source, but from a perspective that something is wrong and needs to be fixed in the world through action.  From that perspective, you have nothing to give.  It leaves you depleted and resentful and feeling like a martyr.  People like that write suicide notes that say, “I just can’t help those people!”
  66. We want you to day, “I am so selfish, I care first how I feel.  I set my priority on my connection to Source.”  Otherwise there is no service you could offer that would really make a big difference.
  67. Esther ordered ice.  We asked her, “By what authority do you make this request?”  She said, “A person in the penthouse, or a person on a cruise ship.”  We want your answer to be:  BECAUSE I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! I AM SOURCE!
  68. We don’t want to see you in servitude.  We want to see you empowered.  From that knowledge, you then will service in a much more powerful way.
  69. Guest:  I find fun in working on habitat for humanity houses.  It is such a joy to do this work.  Fun is not just a giggle for me.  Abraham:  It’s fun to have an intention, it’s fun with you are fulfilling it in this moment, it’s fun to read.  It’s fun when you have new ideas.  Life is supposed to feel good.  Life is supposed to feel easy.  Life is supposed to feel light.  Life is supposed to unfold comfortably.
  70. Expect nothing other than delight in this moment.  You are the ones who get to evaluate what is the most fun for you.
  71. Contrast causes your desire/preference/idea to occur to you.  Most of you do not get enough buzz from that moment.  Amplify that moment.  That’s when the Universe expands and Source becomes more.  The God/Source part of you becomes that next logical step idea immediately.  As far as God is concerned, new life is what Source has become in that moment, and you have fulfilled your destiny. 
  72. What occurs to you is a byproduct of what you are living.  When the new idea is born, the heavens rejoice and the angels sing.  Humans rarely get close to this feeling – this eternalness – but it is the reason we all exist.
  73. The gap is your awareness of the space between that which you have caused your Inner Being to become and where your focus of attention is right now.
  74. When you launch a new desire, your Inner Being becomes a different frequency signal.  You have to match that signal of how you have caused the Universe to expand.
  75. Law of Attraction is the manager that causes the frequencies from bleeding over into one another, as in separating stations on a radio, or a TV.  Law of attraction becomes more pronounced and valuable with every new thought born.  It is now at its all time glory, and always will be.  The energy of the planet is moving faster than ever before.  As Life causes you to become more, the energy continues to move faster and faster.
  76. On the time continuum, you can see a little forward and back.  Source has a broader view, but we never spend any time looking back.
  77. Esther was thinking again about inviting Abraham in all the time, thinking Jerry’s life would be better, and she said, “Tell me thoughts about Jerry.”  Abraham said, “He’s step 1, we are step 2 and you are step 3.”  Your work, not just Esther’s, is to get to the place of allowing.  Nothing could be more powerful than where YOU are right here and now.
  78. You are coming to be consciously cognitively aware of all of this.  The art of allowing is helping the essence of Esther be the same as the essence of Abraham.
  79. Your essence is SUPPOSED to get out ahead of you.  It is your guiding light.
  80. You and your essence are still One.  Just know your own worthiness and expect great things.  To come back into alignment, sleep, meditate, croak!  In alignment is health, clarity and prosperity.  In lack of alignment is fear and sickness.
  81. The birth of an idea is necessary for the expansion of the universes.  Awareness of the birth of an idea can be conscious bliss.
  82. People who want to condemn are depriving themselves of the essence of Self in that moment.  They are matching evil deeds instead of wellbeing.
  83. By what authority do you ask for what you want?  By the Authority that I am the Center of the Universe!!!
  84. Leave behind the feeling of competition.  Accept that you and everyone else is the Center of the Universe.  When you feel whole, everything and everyone adds for you, and you become more.  They can’t take anything away from you.  They can only benefit you.
  85. When you relax and breath deeply, you enhanced the state of nonresistance.  Nonresistance is not no-thought.  But it is only non-resistant thought.  You can have relaxed passion.  But if there is something you really, really want and don’t think you can have, then you are tense, it’s not a match.
  86. Just relax, stop beating the drum of doubt.  When you do, your desire carries the energy into manifestation.
  87. Your destiny, your desire from nonphysical, is the never ending expansion of wellbeing.  Wellbeing will always carry the day if you relax and allow it to.
  88. Step 1, asking, is often tense.  Step 2, the Universe answers, is never tense, nonphysical is always relaxed.  Step 3 is practicing the art of allowing.  Just let go, relax and release resistance. 
  89. You often reach for relaxation when bawling your eyes out – crying yourself to sleep is relaxing into wellbeing.
  90. Most of you aren’t willing to do the work of relaxing into wellbeing until you have physical pain.  You are willing to resent the government, be in emotional pain over all kinds of things, but you are not willing to have a leg cramp.  So when you know you are going to cramp up, you learn to relax.
  91. I am on the glutton program, am I addicted to Abraham?  Addiction is a strong vibrational patterning that effects behavior, and can be positive or negative.  If it is positive, you feel better and better.  If it is negative you feel worse. If you do something over and over, you train your cells to expect it, and when you don’t give it, you experience withdrawal.
  92. Abraham helps you tune into the Sound of Source, and that helps you come back into alignment.
  93. Stop condemning addiction.  It’s a Law of Attraction response, that’s all.  It’s just a tendency, a predominant frequency for now.  Once you tune into connection, why would you ever choose other than that???
  94. All of you have the same potential for connecting to Source that Esther has, but she’s had a lifetime commitment to tuning in.  No one doesn’t have access to quieting their mind, feeling good, and connecting to Source.  Everyone has access all the time.  Lots of books use the Abraham language Esther has coined without quoting Abraham-Hicks.  This is Esther’s careful articulation of the energy that she feels.  There must be a decipherer. 
  95. Together we are creating a framework of understanding.  It has always been available, but the deciphering process is important.  Hardly anyone can do it as she does.   But we love it when you say, “I’ve got it!!!  I don’t need to listen to another tape, I can ask my own questions and get my own answers.”
  96. You all have the potential of answering your own questions better than anyone else could answer them.
  97. The degree of contrast matters a lot to you, but not to Source.  There are no quantum leaps for Source.  But quantum leaps are hard for you, so it is harder for you to receive what you want.
  98. Say, “I make this request on the Powerful Authority that I AM the Center of the Universe!!!” It’s the same if you want pizza or an empire, you want to get it.  The size of the request doesn’t matter.  
  99. Usually people feel better in the morning.  What we most want to say to you is this, if you awaken and feel depressed and work your way into a happier place, and go to bed happy, you should wake up more connected, not depressed.  You go back to your dominant vibration.  So what is really happening, if you look for it, is that you get up, make an effort through the day to feel better, but then you peak out and get overwhelmed and slide down again before you go back to sleep.
  100. When you awaken, it’s good to lie in bed and find things to appreciate before you wake up.  But if you awaken cranky, appreciation is too big a jump.  Try to relax into this more, just say, “However I feel right now is just how it is, and I know it is going to get better.  Just focus on improving how you feel before you GO to sleep.  Don’t let yourself get so tired. 
  101. What’s happening is that when you are asleep, you are aligned.  You want to be aligned when you are awake, and when you awake and feel cranky, the difference in vibration between the wanted alignment and the just having been aligned of sleep with the cranky feeling is greater than usual – it feels huge.  There is no bad news here, you are coming into awareness that what you want most is to control your vibration.
  102. When your life experience is fast and furious, you are continuously actively requesting more from the Universes.  You will have a keener awareness in that state of how you are feeling.  When your life is too ratcheted back, it’s harder to monitor your emotional scale.    The faster the energy moves, the sharper you have to be. 
  103. Most people think driving 100 MPH is more exciting than driving 55.  Esther goes 85 in the motor home until she gets into California, and then has to drive 55 because of the radar.  It feels SOOOOOOOO SLOW!  It’s not nearly as stimulating until she relaxes into it.
  104. Make a list of things you want in the areas of Home/Body/Relationships/Work.  Home:  Wants a new home with rental income.  Work:  Nothing coming to mind right away.  Body:  Want to pick up my energy level.  Home:  It’s exciting – it’s moving well.  Body:  Want to find things that feel good, like dancing.  Last night I went dancing…  When you got to dancing, your energy improved from one statement to another.  Relationships:  Want to find some fun people, be more open.  Work:  Want to study more things…  Body:  Improving every day, having more fun.  House:  Great place to live…
  105. Abraham kept going back to Home because that was where her energy was clearest.  It helped move her vibration on the others to go back more often to the one that was already moving energy.
  106. Work on all four areas each day, focusing on different aspects you already feel positive about to benefit the other areas with the faster moving energy.
  107. You have a reluctance about really letting things rip – you are afraid of disappointment, not wanting to get too high and happy. 
  108. Esther has a memory of calling to her sister, “Jeanie, watch me!  And then doing a belly flop.”  It’s not bothering her now, but you don’t want to talk about things like that.
  109. You are afraid of others watching you and extra careful for fear you cannot accomplish what you want and people will notice.  As you seek only to improve your vibrational relativity with yourself and stop factoring in other people, things will get better and better!
  110. When you ask and energy flows, you get happier and happier.  If that is not happening, either you are not really asking, or when you ask, you block the answer.  Keep talking about the issues until you find it… home, work, relationships, body…  Fill in, wouldn’t it be nice if… I knew what I wanted to do and attracted income and adventure.  Your dominant vibration is “I don’t know what to do.” 
  111. Most begin by thinking deliberate creation is saying words about what you want, and you get darn near paralyzed with fear until you cannot get out of bed, because you are picking up the end of the stick of what you do not want.
  112. The most important thing is how you feel.  Lighten up – you are trying too hard to make it happen without doing anything to adjust your vibration.  If you want it and don’t believe it, you are no where near the flow you want.  You are reaching for an improvement in your expectation. 
  113. Think things like this: Many people wanted to be on this cruise but aren’t here.  I am!  I did good work.  You made it harder than you needed to (getting on at the last minute) but you are here!  We hear you say, “I expect to do well but it is not necessarily easy.  I don’t mind that, because that struggle justifies my existence.
  114. We want you to get to the place where you know that you were born to be the creator of your own experience.  It’s just the way things are supposed to be.  Before you go to bed say, “This was a good day.  I didn’t earn anything, but I allowed a lot of good things.  I allowed quite a good day to unfold.  I am doing a good job.  I like my contrast, the nonphysical part of me jams become more today because of me.  When I waken, I look forward being eager for things to unfold.”  And in the morning, say, “I feel better today.  I feel better today because I am the deliberate creator of my experience and I intended to feel better today.
  115. You can get from anywhere you are now to where you want to be.
  116. Medicine can help the symptoms, but rarely cures things because they don’t touch the vibrational cause.
  117. You are afraid of leaving behind people you love when you soar.  Just soar!  Law of Attraction will bring you all those who are a match to your new vibration.
  118. Sometimes this work seems slow going, but when you find a nugget, it’s a party!  Isn’t it fun to figure out who you are, to be aware, to clean up your energy, to come into alignment, to be who you really are????
  119. Music is very close to Source.  Abraham:  Everything is about Source, not just music.  But music is a good subject to use to study vibration.  You can feel the vibration in sound more than anything else.  You don’t have the same sense of vibration in sight and smell.  Esther hears very clearly, and hates it when harmony is off as much as she loves it when it is on.  Anything that causes you to study alignment is of value. 
  120. With Abraham being outside of time and space, how do they have vibrational awareness?  They have the ability to project their consciousness anywhere there is an eye or a nose or an ear.  When you are really singing, you are singing with the whole of them pouring through you!
  121. Moving from disease to health is no more difficult than finding harmony with a note.  You can feel when you’ve got it and when you don’t.  We’ve never met anyone who didn’t need to learn to make harmony.  There are all kinds of harmonies, higher, lower.  The vibrational resonance is the difference from one to another.  Harmony and alignment are one and the same.  Desire for wellness is a loud, dominant note, and Source energy is calling you toward it. 
  122. If you say, “Well being abounds!” that is in harmony with wellness.  If you say, “What I have is not easy to fix,” then you are in discord.
  123. If they tell you that you are going to die, does it feel better to say, “They are right, or they don’t know about me?”
  124. Who gets to decide?  Find the music or the note that feels good and play it over and over and over again!  It’s the same with health.  Find the thoughts that feel good and play them over and over and over again. 
  125. In all moments there is contrast, you are continuing to project your preferences into your vibrational escrow.  Like when you are complaining about something, you know more clearly what you don’t want.  You may struggle and try to drag yourself into a better feeling place of what you do want, but it is difficult.  Because it is a GOOD thing that there is Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 and they are different.  In the middle of strong contrast, it makes sense that you would not easily get right to what you do want, that would defy Law of Attraction.  Do what you can to soften your thoughts, but remember that this moment launches your rockets of desire and that you can appreciate that is happening.  If you force yourself to try to get directly to focusing on what you do want right then, you are more likely to create a backlash and that is counter productive.
  126. Let your life define for you when you are in Step 1 and Step 3.  Do your best to make peace with your Step 1 moments.  Just tell yourself, “I don’t need to move from here fast.  Law of Attraction is in action here, all is well.”  Instead of freaking out, let it be a clarifying moment.  It will help you tell the Universal forces what you really want.  Good work is done right there.
  127. Then, let your bigger intention in life be Step 3, put your focus on Allowing.  Remember that getting what you want is a natural byproduct of life.  It’s fun to consciously define what you want and watch the Universe bring it.  But that is not what is happening when you are in Step 1.  That’s the worst time to try to focus on what you want.  You take a beating if you try to defy Law of Attraction and focus on what you want when what you don’t want is so powerfully activated.  You take a beating if you try to do that.  Instead, go get something nice to eat, go to the beach, take a nap, meditate.  Soften the intensity of the moment of Step 1 as much as you can.  Then do the allowing step, when you are more ready for it.
  128. When you are really flowing, 1-2-3 takes place effortlessly, it feels seamless.  But if you are irritated or ornery, you are in step 1 and you need to give yourself some time to shift.  Meditate, relax and prepare yourself to do the Step 3 work of allowing and finding thoughts that feel better.  Once you are relaxed, it is so much easier to find thoughts that feel better, because Law of Attraction works with you.
  129. Take a step 3 attitude at the workshops on the cruise.  Trust that everything always works for you, your answers come easily, they are already here.  Laugh and love yourself into being ready to receive your answers.
  130. You can’t badger or criticize yourself into being ready.  You CAN relax and love yourself into being ready.
  131. Question:  My mother is sick, getting ready to make her transition.  I want to be able to say the right words to help her…  Abraham:  Dying is a step 3 experience.  It’s about getting into a place of allowing.  This has been coming a long time.  Source knows what you and she want here.  Imagine a picture of perfection unfolding, for that is truly what is happening.  Get into step 3 of allowing and trust all is well. 
  132. One time when Esther was doing phone sessions, a lady called and Abraham told her that her dying father was on his perfect schedule, everything was exactly as it should be.  It’s unfolding just right.  She sighed with relief, and called back 15 minutes later to say that her Dad had made his transition in that interim!  Abraham said it was because the last piece to fall into place was her making peace with where he was and releasing the struggle.
  133. There is a tension in wanting something else than what is.  When you relax and allow your connection to Source, you can relax and make peace with where you are.  Because letting it be is more natural than trying to force it to be other than it is.
  134. You are working much too hard in life.  You have your nose in too many other people’s businesses.  You have your nose too much in your own business!!!
  135. Be more cat like, selfish and secure.  They are always looking for your attention, endlessly allowing themselves to be scratched and pampered.  Always saying, “Me want to feel good!”
  136. You have to learn how to care more about how you feel than about what happens to your mother.  You’ve been a wonderful advocate on her behalf, now relax and say, “My work here is done, my work relative to me is to recognize that I HAVE DONE my work.”  Now relax and let the Universe take care of all of it.
  137. You are vibrating here – “What is it that I am supposed to be doing, that I don’t know how to do?”  There is tension in that!  100% of your work happened during the Step 1 contrasting experience.  Law of Attraction takes it from there.  Rest, play, soothe yourself, allow.
  138. Our word work as we use it is more like your word play.
  139. Your life should always be a constant stream of lovely people passing through your life to enhance it.
  140. You are more than a physical body, you are nonphysical consciousness.  If someone comes back from a near death experience, it is not that they are being forced back to life.  The Biggest part of them knew there was more good to experience and wanted to come back into the physical.  It seems sometimes from the physical perspective that they are trying to release resistance by dying, but in fact, they are going away from resistance back into life.
  141. Resistance is a choice.  If you let go of your drowned cork, it will float.
  142. Let resistance go.  Become at one with the energy level of who you truly are.
  143. Wouldn’t you like to remain on this planet forever if you were without resistance?  To be physically focused and free of resistance is the best possible place to be.
  144. When you are melded consciousness, the closer you get to the light, the more you want to come back to living physical life.  Most who come back from a near death experience have a new lease on life filled with greater appreciation and reinfused with eagerness.
  145. Meditate, take a cruise, sleep, allow your consciousness to withdraw back into nonphysical.
  146. You are liquid love, and you know your wellbeing when you are born.  As you live life, you are exposed to contrast, and your energy splits when you feel traumatized by it.  In this discord, your energy stream feels separate from Source.
  147. On the other hand, when you are doing a rampage of appreciation and are at one with who you really are, there is no separation in your energy.  When you watch the news, you feel separate because your Inner Being doesn’t watch the news and feel negative about what’s doing on.  Your negative emotion tells you that what you are thinking is not like your Inner Being’s thoughts about this, and it feels horrible because you are separating yourself from the stream of wellbeing by your focus of attention.
  148. The louder people beat drums against something, the more separate they feel.  But your rocket of desire that has been launched is more like, “Show me the answer, show me the way.”
  149. Near death experiences are not really the next logical step before death.  You either go or you don’t.  It’s a life experience.
  150. There are many more people on the planet who are identical to your stream of energy than you will ever have time to meet.  Most physical humans don’t maintain their connection sufficiently to really attract the people they were meant to meet.
  151. You have to tend to your vibration first and foremost.  Most people bang around with people far from their core vibration.  This gathering is an exception to that situation.  Once you are in vibrational alignment with who you are, you meet folks from your own vibrational cluster.
  152. The people who generate your strongest emotion, negative or positive are those with whom you have a vibrational core reaction.  Your soul mates are those you really, really love and those you really, really hate.  It can go either way.
  153. When you set your dial to a particular frequency, only that can come in.  Jerry & Esther were basking in a park, and there was no sign of wildlife.  The sign said the fox was elusive.  Jerry & Esther walked and saw animals everywhere.  They were basking and finding attunement, and little critters just showed up everywhere.  They made themselves known to J&E, especially the elusive silver gray fox.  And a copper head snake.  The ranger said there were none in the park.  Walking back toward it, Esther was shouting in her head, “Run, Bambi, run,” because she knew the snake would not be allowed to stay in the park if it were found.  And it was minding its own business, just showing itself to those in alignment.
  154. When you really come into alignment, you have access to those of your cluster.  Just set your intention to meet your connected soul mates and let Law of Attraction take care of it all.
  155. We would work all day every day to line up with who you really are.  Spend your time lining up with thoughts, words, and deeds that feel really good.
  156. Question:  What about the reconnection work of Eric Perl?  Abraham:  What is it?  Question:  Something about energy cleansing and connection to axial grid lines…  Abraham:  We are not pushing against that.  But that is the very function of how Source energy is endlessly interacting with each pound of flesh you have!  You didn’t need that process for alignment, necessarily, but the process enhanced your expectation and allowing of the realignment you were asking for.  It’s nice that there were those there who helped you make the bridge.  It’s all the art of allowing.
  157. An Abraham workshop works the same way.  As you listen, you acclimate to the vibration of allowing.  You can get there with or without Abraham.
  158. Question:  I’ve been told by a psychic my life’s purpose is to teach love and to be an example of love, but since I’ve known that, I’ve not been successful in maintaining my love relationships.  Abraham:  If they told you that you were supposed to be a wire walker, would you have felt bad if you fell off the first time you tried?  You cannot teach what you don’t know and haven’t lived.
  159. Many would be bored with that as a life purpose, they want something more specific.  But to live happily every after, just choose whatever rings your bells the loudest in the moment! 
  160. Nonphysical rarely gives a satisfying answer regarding what your life path is.  Step 1 is YOUR choice, your experience tells you what you want and what you don’t.
  161. When you are really hungry, you want to eat more.  When you have over eaten, you want to eat less.  It’s as simple as that!!!
  162. Question:  I have been having the experience of my arm moving in mediation, and answering questions for me.  It’s frightening.  Abraham:  Pursue it if you want to.  In the receiving mode, it’s not easy to move from Step 3 back to Step 1.  Sit and quiet your mind with profound intention that you want more.  It’s still easier for Jerry to ask Esther’s questions even today. 
  163. Esther still says, “I want to speak clearly your words…”  Abraham:  We say back to her:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”  You don’t have to say it all, we just start expressing to her naturally. 
  164. Your purpose is to be an extension of Source energy, not to paint a particular picture or write a particular book that needs to be written.  It’s all just for the purpose of undertaking a joyous journey of adventure.
  165. Question:  Why am I here?  Abraham:  To have fun and enjoy life, not to fix things, or to dig yourself into a whole so you can dig your way out!  Play at whatever you want.
  166. Esther loves adventure.  She was snorkeling in a reef, but then saw it ended over a deep canyon.  She spent the afternoon paddling back and forth across the canyon.  She finds the contrast exhilarating.
  167. You are joy seeking beings.  You are here to connect with the energy of love and express it everywhere you go.  Many would prefer that you say, “I’ve come to solve the problems of the world!”  But that is no one’s job.
  168. To get to the core problem, ask yourself, “What’s bothering me here?”  Ask several times, “What’s really bothering me here?”  You can figure it out.  People hold themselves in negativity by processing old stuff for a long time.  At the heart of every vibrational discord is a pattern of thought, just a handful of things stuck in your craw.  It all basically comes down to unworthiness – We can pretty much stop there.  It’s true of almost everyone here.
  169. Many people feel unworthy because of religion and not following the rules they were taught.  You have to get to the place where you can say, “I am really good regardless of what you think!  I can’t care about what you think about me.  If there were only one of you here, I might be able to pretzel myself for you, but there are too many of you to please.  It drives me nuts!”
  170. Please yourself, do what feels good to you.  Leave everyone else out of the equation.  Your Inner Being projects only the vibration of love.
  171. We know unworthiness always comes through the eyes of those you came in contact with who didn’t see themselves clearly to begin with. 
  172. The answers are simpler than most let them be.  Accept you are supposed to feel good, at all costs.  Most people will try to convince you otherwise.  But there is nothing more important than what pleases you.
  173. Make your only rule to love and appreciate yourself.
  174. What’s really bothering you?  Wearing glasses shows that I am not doing well in deliberate creation.
  175. If it is a test to prove something, that’s disempowering.  Just try to move up the emotional scale from unworthiness. 
  176. You cannot choose worthiness from a vibration of unworthiness.  It pops up in every aspect.  You work your way up the scale one uncomfortable moment at a time, and then you are at a different place on the scale.  You cannot make too big a jump with the work, and at times, to you, it feels too simple, that something so gentle could not be of value.  But if you continue choosing better feeling thoughts until you have an established habit of choosing better feeling thoughts, it will get easier.
  177. Which feels better, to point out it is not easy, or to appreciate that it is even possible? 
  178. Ask yourself, what is really bothering me?  Ultimately, it is about feeling powerless.  You did improve your vision and then you slid back.  You tell yourself things like, “I should be able to do this!  I’m not doing the job I want to do with this.  Is there something I don’t want to see?”  But it is not some big important thing. 
  179. Just fork toward something that feels better, toward little by little creating my own reality. 
  180. When you feel negative emotion, stop and say, “I appreciate my small glasses that fit under my goggles.  I can see as well as anyone underwater now.  It feels better to appreciate the glasses and goggles than to criticize them.  It’s really about shifting your thoughts, and then your eyes will improve.  Which feels better, “I am not a good deliberate creator or my Inner Being is calling me toward a thought over here”?
  181. Here’s some thoughts that feel better, “I tried to get called on in Alaska cruise workshop, but here I’ve already been called on twice.  There are plenty of enlightened beings who didn’t have glasses who might have used them if they had been available in their time and space.”
  182. Focus is about practicing what you want to see clearly, rather than avoiding something you don’t want to see. 
  183. Question:  I don’t have enough money.  I would love to go on the Caribbean cruise…  Abraham:  Make some statements about that cruise – “Anything is possible.  I got here!  I don’t have to figure out how it will all come.  I’ve made two cruises already.  What’s really bothering me?  Is the other cruise important right now in the middle of this one?  What’s really bothering me?  This is the Science of Deliberate Creation and I am doing it wrong – why is this the one area that isn’t working???”
  184. Statements that feel better:  I do pretty good.  I figure out the things I really want.  Really, I do quite well, even exceptionally well compared to most of the people on the planet.  Why use that cruise as an excuse because I am not doing it every other month?  I’m capable, creative and worthy to be on this cruise.”
  185. Question:  I want more clients, to expand what I am doing…  Abraham:  Your thinking goes like this, “Because I haven’t had that in the past, I feel stuck in the present.  You carry over your negative feeling of being not as successful as you wanted to be.  But you don’t feel unworthy to us.  Everything is about how *you* relate to everything.  Your work is to be aware of how you feel.  The vibrational relativity is crucial.
  186. This is the vibrational issue that best represents this group of people who are here – unworthiness.  There are all kinds of people who want to be where you are, but even with all your success, we feel your determination to apply and teach deliberate creation.  And your underlying vibration is “I out to have more of it figured out than I do.”
  187. You are very powerful in your intent to ratchet up your lives and find satisfaction.  In almost every case, we find an absence of determination to connect with who you really are!  Rather it is that you want to succeed so those who you teach, and who are watching will understand, or so the world will be uplifted.  You are demonstrating the absence of the only thing that really matters!  That is:  I want to feel better because it feels better to feel good!
  188. We want you to recognize that there is over here a bigger part of you.  We want you to connect with that valuable, resonant feeling.  When you feel it, stop and take note of that feeling.
  189. None of you will really be able to achieve releasing your feeling of unworthiness until you have mastered the art of selfishness.  You have to care more about how you feel that about how everyone else feels about how you feel.  IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL!!
  190. Make the decision based on how it feels, leaving everyone else out of the equation.
  191. To this particular questioner:  We think you’ve got unworthiness pretty bad as a byproduct of your environment.  You are in a room full of people who’d really rather you get off the stage.  So we want you to muster up the feeling of :It is good and right for me to be here.  My desire to achieve worthiness is pretty strong.  I feel good about being the representative for this teaching.”
  192. What is it like for you to be here and now, with the eyes of nonphysical and these people who paid so much money, only to find you in the hot seat this long and TWICE?  “It feels great, I don’t care, I really, really want to talk to you and get beyond this!!!  This connection feels so great.  I don’t care about what anyone else is feeling.”
  193. When you talk consistently about not being able to find something, you amplify not finding it.  You are talking so much about what’s not happening, a change cannot take place.  You are a wonderful representative of someone with a powerful desire who only observes the existing condition and continues to offer that vibration with your observation, so things continue to be just that way.
  194. We notice that as you look into your experience and get determined you are going to make something happen by force, the more you try to make it happen, the more you are invisible to it coming.  Beat the drum of what it is you DO want.  So far, every time you approach the subject, you are offering the end of the stick that has its absence rather than the relationship you want.  Your efforts are not working when you are desperate.  Desperate is your dominant vibration.  It’s about making peace with where you are now.  When you make yourself feel better, the Universe has to deliver what you want.  You are all trying too hard.
  195. You have been scrambling in the contrast, setting off rockets like crazy for a relationship.  But your escrow is so full now, you wouldn’t even have time to INTERVIEW them all in this lifetime!  Chill out.  When the timing is right, it will come.  Begin to expect it to turn around, but not be irritated that it isn’t here yet today.  Take it as it comes.  The first one will not be the end result.  Look forward quietly, know that everything is unfolding nicely for you.
  196. Regarding a law suit that he had scripted a positive result about…  Do you think that the scripting was when you gave your instructions to the Universe?  No!  We want you to understand that all the asking took place during all of the contrast.  It was not asking during the scripting.  The scripting was about allowing.  It was when You came into alignment with what you already asked.  Your life experience is what does the asking.  Scripting brings you to the feeling of worthiness about receiving.
  197. It is so much easier than you think.  Asking for solutions took place even before the suit came up.  You continue asking with more precise detail through all the contrast you live.  All the processes are about helping allowing, not about asking.
  198. Universal forces will bring you everything as you allow it.  You over think things and try too hard and slow things down.  Just relax and allow what you have been asking for to come.  We want everything to be easy for all of you.  Things that seem difficult now should be as easy for you as things that seem easy.  It’s just like mathematical equations that work for everyone everywhere.  Law of Attraction works for everyone, everywhere.
  199. There is no one in the Universe less likely to expect an easy outcome to a law suit than a lawyer!  Afterwards, you will be able to say, “That was easier than I thought it would be.”  We feel the knot in your being, that is the opposite of relaxing and allowing.  This cruise is the best atmosphere for relaxing and allowing. 
  200. You have to unlearn what you know that is working against you.  Someone who didn’t know what you know would find it easier.  In faith and trust, recognize and accept that you launched many rockets about this outcome, now just don’t worry about it, and all will be well.  Your work is to relax.  Avoid things that make you knot up.
  201. My work is to trust in my worthiness.  My work is to expect a positive outcome.  My work is surrendering.  My work is releasing.  My work is to forget about it.
  202. You ought to be able to say, “I want that!”  And hear back, “It’s on its way to you!”
  203. We’ve never known anyone who could activate their own knowing as easily for themselves as they do for others, including Esther.  For others, you have only 1 end of the stick.  For yourself, you regularly pick up both ends of the stick.
  204. We think you have to avoid picking up the stick “have sex.”  Snorkel, dance, eat and forget about it.  Anything you have been wanting for a long time, GET OFF THE SUBJECT, and it will come to you the way you want it.
  205. There is a perfect balance of energies in this room.  Everything that happens is the unfolding of dominant vibrations.  Truly appreciate the magic of it – as you line up, days of struggle yield to joyful release.
  206. More of your wonderful future is being planned in every struggle, it’s a beautiful thing!
  207. As you bring yourself into more constant connection, clarity, certainty, knowing, sensitivity, awareness of all things, more stimulation and thriving takes place at an all time high.
  208. In those moments when you feel less connection, you are offering a rocket, “I’m really wanting to do a better job of managing my energy.”
  209. The best of Esther is like the best of Abraham, but they do have different personalities.  Abraham just wants to teach.  Esther also has a very playful, mischievous side, she sees surprise and delight everywhere.
  210. There are many levels of alignment we want to explore with you, out of body, dreamscape, waking states, meditation, appreciation, and access to infinite intelligence far beyond appreciation.
  211. No one, not even Jerry, is up for the intensity of living with Abraham all the time, too much, it would leave you exhausted.
  212. The power of a true teacher is understanding the readiness of the student to hear.  If you are way ahead of your students, it is exhausting for you both.
  213. You are trying too hard.  You don’t need to make problems so you can fix them.  You are here to enjoy life. 
  214. You are at your all time clearest ever – not just in the physical, but as Source.  You have more accumulated in vibrational escrow than ever before.
  215. Contrast causes the summoning of life, and we are a big part of the life you are summoning.  Long before you get to where you have asked to be, we are there.
  216. From nonphysical, we project you forward into the leading edge physical experience.  Then, you ask and summon us forward.  We ride the rocket of your desire and then, from there, call you forward!  It’s perpetual motion, we are all One!
  217. This leading edge experience is where evolution is taking place, this is the eternal spiral of life.  Your sense of unworthiness is the final thing, that once you get it into alignment, you will receive the fullness of life that is waiting there for you!
  218. From your place of banging round, because you don’t consciously know to close the gap and adjust how you feel, you look around for guidance from other people’s responses to you.   Most people aren’t even using their own guidance system, they can’t guide you!
  219. They want to guide you by controlling your behavior and the circumstance.   So you program each other into conditional love by insisting that the conditions change first so that feelings can change in response to them, which is attempting the impossible.
  220. You set yourself up for inevitable disappointment by forgetting your guidance system.  No one can please you, nor you can please them forever.  Instead of trying to please people, who are all changing what they want all the time anyway, focus on your guidance and stop factoring them into the equation.
  221. What happens is that you disappoint them, they reflect back their disappointment to you, you see they are not happy and blaming you for their lack of happiness and a little piece of your worthiness erodes.  You disappoint everyone eventually, and then you take it hard.
  222. Jerry & Esther took on responsibility for providing pictures at the cocktail party and they all came out blank because of a problem with one camera.  And now everyone is disappointed.  (But everything turns out well in the end, because the ship photographer is going to take formal pictures with J&E and they will be free for one and all at the second party.)
  223. You are the creator of your life.  You can do better for yourself than anyone else can.  We wonder why you are not determined to create your own life.  And it is because you haven’t yet tuned into the One, endless loving, signal from Source within you that is the constant steady calling to you that you are good, you are valuable and all is well.
  224. Step 1 is done – your vibrational escrow is full, both on your behalf and on behalf of Source and All That IS, which has ridden the rocket as it responds in Step 2 and gives you what you have asked for.  You don’t have to set goals to tell Source what you want, Source already knows and has answered.  The scripting is about YOU coming into vibrational alignment with yourself. 
  225. Step 3 is a vibrational match to the feeling of worthiness.  If you don’t love you, you cannot be in receiving mode.  Source always says, “Yes, of course!”  But if you don’t like how you look, or you are not in love with you, you are not yet practicing the art of allowing.
  226. Those who love themselves are satisfied, and easy to be with.  They match Source and nothing else in the world matters to them but that. 
  227. You all think you want to fall in love, because it is much easier to love you when someone else is already loving you.  You say, “I’m in love.”  We say, “You are in vibrational alignment with the love that you are.”
  228. Then the relationship changes because you are no longer focused on the good of them, they no longer are your crutch to alignment. 
  229. We want you to leave this cruise *DECIDED* that you are going to fall in love with you.  We haven’t seen you practice writing your positive aspects or loving yourself much.  It’s easier for you to love others so far.  Sing your praises to your Inner Being!  Allowing is being a vibrational match to who you really are.  Self-criticism is the furthest place you can be away from nonphysical.
  230.  We love you so much.  It’s just Source adoring Source.  Source is God is Love is Inner Being.  There is no resistance in this, nothing but love.  When you condemn yourself, it rips you from Source.
  231. Here’s the reasons why we love you so much.  You are responsible for keeping the eternalness in eternity.  You are pioneers in taking thought beyond.  You said yes to exploring a new environment.  You felt stable from your nonphysical perspective and as you come in, you are very adaptive.  You are intellectual geniuses and your willingness to adapt and participate in this leading edge environment is the most important component in the expansion of the Universe.
  232. You ask, “Am I, as an individual, special?”  And it is that competition, that sense that you need to stand out above the rest, that keeps you from knowing yourself as the worthy being that you are.
  233. What we wish for you is for you to look out at those around you and appreciate them, too.  Not loving some of them, but ALL of them.  You cannot condemn another – it shoots you in the foot.  We are all one.
  234. If you decide first and foremost, I want to love you, and I want to love me, you will do well.  Say, “I am love in physical body, and I cannot allow good in my own life, unless I love someone now.” If you do this, it will bring you forward very fast with the art of allowing.
  235. You will see yourself as blessed, and know that you are a guided being.   Say, “Things always work out for me.  It may have felt like it was going wrong, but it actually was going right.  I may not see it clearly right now, but eventually I will see it more clearly.”  And if you do that, there will be an avalanche of people coming into your life, reflecting back to you the amazing life you are living.  You will all be ambassadors of wellbeing.  Just remember, “Things are always in the process of working out for me.  It is my inheritance to live a good life!”
  236. David:  Do you have any idea how much I love you?  Abraham:  Do you have any idea how much more clearly we know that than you do?  The love that you feel for us is a match to what we feel for you.  The love that you are feeling, it is the love we feel for you.
  237. Man has always been an extension of Source energy.  There have always been those like Esther who find their alignment with that energy.  Esther is unique, but people like her will always be present.  This teaching is not about having followers, or founding a movement.  What would be most pleasing to Abraham, Jerry & Esther is for you to say, “I’ve got it, I’m on my own now!”
  238. Every church everywhere is based in a teaching, and someone says, “We’re trying to hold it in its purity” and then it is DEAD!  You cannot stand still with this, it is always evolving.  Just take the teachings and live it.  You will always be reaching for something not yet discussed and going far beyond.  Even the re-emergence of Jerry and Esther will not be the end of anything, this teaching is just one of the steps along the way.  Don’t make it more than that.
  239. David:  I want to see this teaching is available, radiating out to future generations – amplifying what Abraham is doing.  Abraham:  We give you assurance that there will always be those who are able to come into vibrational alignment.  When you preserve something, it becomes a battle.  We want you all to say, “I’m going to express this in my own way.”  It’s about self-empowerment. 
  240. Jerry & Esther are recording every word, they don’t like it when Hay House recently did a radio show and didn’t record it.  We tease them – “You’d need another whole life time to listen!” 
  241. We understand where you are coming from, because if you have been away from clarity, you really appreciate it when you find it again.  You want to preserve it.  But Esther’s open vortex is just the beginning of everyone’s.  Each has is own access.
  242. You may be picking up on Esther’s annoyance that people use her language and then quote Gandhi, when she said it and Gandhi didn’t.  But each time she feels the discord, she recognizes that it is keeping her away from her own good.  She cannot be annoyed with them and be allowing.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else does at all.
  243. Won’t it be amazing when so many around you feel worthy and know their significance!
  244. This is being taught in a different way that cannot be taught in a school that wants a controlled environment.  That is conditional love, this is the epitome of a grass roots movement.  The Laws of the Universe are established that individual life experience will prosper.  As more people like yourself and Jerry & Esther are feeling good, what happens will be more deliberate. 
  245. People are inherently selfish and Source is always answering.  Those in synagogues and temples and churches are all finding their own way to allowing.  Whatever floats your cork is ok.  Esther will outlive most of you, and Jerry already has!!!  All of you will re-emerge into nonphysical and then come back, and each time it will be easier.  But you are not really looking for easier – you like the contrast and the opportunity to take thought beyond. 
  246. We are all hooked on eternal nature of life.  You can’t get up to speed if you are worried about longevity.
  247. We ARE getting bigger and louder all the time.  It’s easier to hear now – not because the archives are larger, but because word is OUT! 
  248. You have no idea how wonderful you are. You need to accept your wonderfulness.  The kids have it, they know – you’ll hear them say it to their parents… “I’m not the problem, Mom – you had that problem with grandma long before I got here!”
  249. There is a tendency to want to preserve what is – there is lack in that vibration.  Relax and remember that the good just keeps on coming.  Even the end of this cruise is not the end of the good that is flowing to you.
  250. Get used to thinking more about the eternalness of your being.  You mess up this moment just because you worry it won’t last longer. 
  251. Human consciousness is ever evolving, there is no ending place.  World peace is not your business, but you can find a match to peace within yourself and rendezvous with it everywhere in your life.  But here is a secret – war is responsible for some of the best life experiences on this planet.  It’s just like Jerry’s childhood illness caused eruptions of desire that left him one of the healthiest people on the planet now.  The desire for peace would not exist without war.
  252. What is the point?  Where are we going?  We are going toward a new sensation of joy, the discovery of how good life can really get.  Each contrasting experience fills our escrow with even more. 
  253. Love and adore yourself.  The platform is ever new.  That is what puts the buzz in your life.  You cannot get it done, that’s the promise of life.  What we wish for you is that you discover the deliciousness of the balancing act of bringing yourself back into alignment.
  254. Feeling negative emotion with the knowledge that you can bring yourself back into feeling better, the conscious closing of the gap, lets you relax.  When you know how to close the gap, you don’t mind if it opens again.
  255. Joy is the conscious awareness that you have the power to close the gap. 
  256. Unconditional love is coming into alignment for now, regardless of conditions.  You will close the gap again and again.  You are eternally living life in the gap.
  257. When you get excited about feeling life moving through you, you will begin to feel the orgasmic potential of alignment with Source, just for the fun of the ride.
  258. Life is not an assignment, it is the quest for opportunities to feel the energy flow.  You come out of alignment and back into it, out of it and into it, out of alignment and into it.  And during it all, Source says, “Yes, Make it SO!  This is good, that is great, now what?”
  259. Only that which matches that which you are shows up in your life.  Creation is really rendezvousing.  Your escrow is full of the substance of future probabilities, the mix of what you are throwing over there. In every moment, your vibrational motor is running, you are marching toward what is in there, nothing ever really comes out of the blue.
  260. Abraham, at the workshops, calls on those who have desire with some allowing.  Everything that is true in life is amplified here.
  261. Esther loves to do “projects” with Kate, just having fun in no way that really matters.  Esther thought, “I wonder where Jerry is?” and Kate said it out loud.  Then Esther thought, “Here, kitty!” and Kate said, “I wonder where LC is?” and LC knocked on the door.  Who was responsible for the first thought?  Could have been the cat!
  262. Once you want to hear it, you will begin to tune in to nonphysical friends.  You all have access to that.
  263. When you have clients who are down there while you are up here in vibration, you will be annoying to them.  The really effective teacher has a way of helping them move up to the next step of the emotional ladder without imposing your vibration on the interaction.  You can shine the light for them in this way, and your vibration does not need to be sacrificed in doing it.
  264. Practice it in your day to day life.  Someone decides to be angry at you, and say, “This really doesn’t have anything to do with me.  I am helping them call Source energy through them as they move up the emotional scale.  Now I am a really effective teacher!
  265. Doing a reading (from the outside) of someone’s energy doesn’t help – if you say, You are down there, but you should be up here – it’s unnecessary, even irresponsible.  Because there isn’t anything they can do about it in that moment.  That just teaches more unworthiness.  It sets you up for the erosion of your self worth. 
  266. We want you to focus on the only thing that matters instead, the vibrational gap.  Tell yourself, “I may not feel so good now, but I know I can begin to feel better,” and take it step by step.  Source is always calling you forward.  You are doing extremely well, You are intuitively getting better and better. 
  267. If we were doing readings for you, you’d have to carry us around with you to get your guidance.  And your emotional guidance is always there for you!  Learn to use it.  We want you to have access to that as you intended.
  268. When you are tapped in, you love you, you love your work.
  269. Question:  I want to make money with my talent for mirror writing.  Abraham:  Do you believe when you ask it is given?  Questioner:  Yes.  Abraham:  You just asked.
  270. What doesn’t work is tying it to making money.  We meet all kinds of people who are just finding a new talent and have little resistance as they begin, until they tie it into making money, which scatters the energy.
  271. Enjoy it apart from the money until the energy is stronger.   When you put the feeling of making a living on music, for example, it may not be fun anymore.  A musician who got really annoyed with the music industry didn’t stand a chance.  But if you get excited about what you are doing, eventually it can carry you forward into making money, too.  Just take money out of the equation at first.
  272. Your ideas about mirror work are fun and easy and light.  But your ideas of making money are hard and challenge.  It brings the vibrational average down.  Try instead to dovetail it with subjects that keep the vibration up.
  273. Mirror writing works well, because a different part of you has to provide the focus – you have to approach it in an entirely different way.  Try that with money – approach it in a new way, an inverted way, backwards with your eyes closed!
  274. Most approach dollars as a direct energy exchange – this much energy equals this many dollars, equals that much stuff.  It’s the action oriented way.  But an inverted approach would be:  Life has now caused me to ask for a different outcome, Source has answered, and if I will allow it, it will come.  You will learn to approach life energetically instead of through action.
  275. Ask for fun, ask for a flow of money, don’t relate them, and fun and money will both flow, through this channel or perhaps through many others.
  276. In the story about Jerry not wanting to ride a particular horse during a photo shoot, and another wrangler getting his teeth knocked out after ridiculing Jerry for being a coward, Abraham said that Jerry was not feeling fear of the horse.  He was feeling the horse was not a match to his intentions.  The other guy disregarded his guidance and tried to overcome the situation by action rather than paying attention to the vibrational content.
  277. This leading edge group is reaching for the understanding that dialoging for the purpose of making energy move is the very best use of your time.  To offer thought to change feelings is the best action you can take.
  278. Deliberate creators know that when you are goal setting, you are putting yourself into alignment with what you have already asked for and the Universe has answered.  When you are naming what you want, that’s not when the Universe is responding.  It’s endlessly noticing your life experience.  Goal setting is allowing, step 3.  It’s about causing you to close the gap with what you have already set forward into motion.
  279. You couldn’t EVER get up to speed with EVERYTHING in your vibrational escrow.  There are so many rendezvous points there.  After Jerry & Esther met, they identified many, many more ways the Universe could have brought them together.  There are 20 or 30 vortex openings for all of you at all times.  Hundreds of portals are open at all times that are the culmination of all of your asking.
  280. Focus on Step 3, if the script you are writing rings your bells, it’s great!  To write it, though, in a struggle of just churning it out, you are not allowing.  Notice how it feels. 
  281. You are all trying too hard.  You’ve already created a masterful unfolding.  Take a bit more time for basking, loving, walking on the beach.  That’s the best utilization of every moment.
  282. Chill out to allow – sleep in, float in the pool, watch the dolphins and bask, that puts you in the receiving mode.  Laugh yourself into fulfillment.  Love and allow yourself there!
  283. The whole mechanism of aligning energy is just getting up to speed with something that has already happened!
  284. A dream is a manifestation, not an assignment.  It is evidence of the degree to which you are now allowing. 
  285. The only question worth asking/answering is , “Am I taking pleasure in this process?”  When you care more about banging something out, it gets worse.  When you care more about how you feel, Life Itself makes the most of it. If you always feel good about your house, pets, wife and trees, think of those things often.  But if you focus on the government, or the world response to Iraq, that is what is active in your vibration.
  286. Jerry gets really upset when he reads bumper stickers.  Esther wants him to avoid reading them, but we want him to read it and find a way to feel better anyway. 
  287. We would have you come into love again with your analytical mind.  Let your flow be focused on how you feel in your gut. 
  288. If you are sitting on a park bench and feel fear, it doesn’t matter if the monster in the bushes is real or not, move away from that place.  A whole lot of fear goes into the manifestation on a subtle level before something shows up in the physical.
  289. Dance with your emotions.  You can feel when your intention is decisive.  Go toward where you want to be, instead of trying to move away from what you don’t want.
  290. Jerry factored what others think out of the equation a long time ago.  He just follows what feels best to him all the time.
  291. Vibrational relativity is the easiest thing in the world – the hotter, warmer, colder game is not tricky.  What is tricky is trying to factor in the desires of what everyone else wants.  It’s not just tricky, it is impossible, and more like suicide.  It is the end to joy in this moment.
  292. Relax, you are trying too hard.  You are convinced that you are a thinking mechanism, that you create your reality through your thought, when really you are an extension of Source energy, and you just need to focus.
  293. What you are living in this moment in tie is the byproduct of all you have lived until now.  This moment in time has been focused into being – the people in traffic, the things you see in a magazine or on TV…  Esther saw  a TV show yesterday about a big shark, and 15 minutes later, she and Jerry saw the biggest fish they had EVER seen leap out of the sea right beside their window.  LOA brought the two things together for her amusement.
  294. These rendezvous points are happening in each moment because they are the culmination of all that happened earlier.  You have to mold emotion to bring about what you really want.
  295. You think too much, when the synthesis of your life is already so bright and compelling, we can see your escrow – you have already thought it into being.  Now, allow it to be realized by you.  You will always be launching new rockets automatically.  Focus on receiving all your previously launched rockets, and things will go forward more smoothly.
  296. A fruit farmer spends years tilling, planting trees, watering, and years later, receives the harvest of the crop.  Now is the time to begin harvesting your crop.  And in the meantime, you are also naturally planting other trees for your future crops just from the contrast.  You’ve already done your work, it’s redundant.  We want you to relax.  Focus on allowing as your work.
  297. The emotional content of a dream is its value.  Your life is completely about your state of allowing now.   You think better than you feel. 
  298. Questioner:  I like thoughts, I eat thoughts!  Abraham:   On the buffet, you don’t eat through the whole buffet.  You choose the things you really like, that are the bests match for you. 
  299. Let your emotions help you to choose.
  300. You are a thinker, but you are also within a thinking mechanism that is the TRUE thinking mechanism.  If you feel fabulous, your thoughts are in alignment with the whole.  If the thought does not feel great, it is not.
  301. You are mind, but you are not the mind you associate with your brain.  Your brain can never move you to the focus that is really you.  Until you hook up to the mind that is Source and that mind can focus on the details of living, you are not living your ultimate life. 
  302. You don’t need to manage life.  You only do it because it is fun to have the mind that is Source flowing through you.
  303. Play, eat, dance, sing and be merry!  
  304. You are relaxing into your ever evolving perfection.  WE want you to live in the flexible place of loving you even within the contrast.  The art of allowing is when you are pleased with who and what you are while reaching gently for more.
  305. What you have asked for is already happening.  Anything you can do or think about that makes you feel good closes the gap.
  306. You have preceded yourself vibrationally.  Feel your 2 points of relativity.  You are a vibrational being.  Feel the emotion based, vibrational harmonics between you and your Inner being.  When you are living your true vibrational nature, you look forward to the process of having the rocket, closing the gap and then being happy about the next one and the next.
  307. There is a big trap in thinking that you will be happier over there than you are here.  Because you can’t get there until you feel better here.  Look for things over here that feel good.  Care for how you feel so much that you work it around and around until you feel in harmony with yourself.
  308. We want you to visualize what you want so profoundly that you are happy in your now and time doesn’t matter!
  309. Post manifestation responses are not creative control.  You are vibration, and you can choose thoughts purposefully to mold your vibrational content.  Selective sifting from the past, present and future encourages vibrational harmony in the now. 
  310. If someone asks you how you are doing say, “My goal is right on track.”  And they say, “Have you manifested what you want yet, say, “My goal is right on track.”  And if they say, how is it happening, say, “My goal is right on track.”
  311. The old modality is demanding that you get what you want first, by observing/responding/knee jerking/offering conditional love.  The new modality is to notice the condition, focus on what you would prefer, and talk about what you would prefer now.  Become a dreamer, not a realist.  Be healthier in your imagination than you might be now.  Say, “I don’t observe reality, I CREATE reality!”
  312. I’m the blessed one!  I don’t set goals, I trust that all the asking I do all day, everyday, is being answered by Source.  I can’t stop setting goals, it comes naturally to me.  I automatically set my goals.  Now my work is to become vibrationally worthy.  And the greatest secret to being vibrationally worthy is that you have to care more than life itself about how you feel.  You must systematically replace thoughts that don’t feel good with thoughts that feel better.
  313. It may be a bit hard at first, because you are used to observing and offering knee jerk responses.  But you will become aware than no one else needs to understand or agree with you to feel better.   No one else needs to be different in order for you to feel exactly how you want to feel.  And that is INSTANT FREEDOM!  And you will find that in your freedom, you will have the ability to love them just as they are.  And you will begin to BE Source energy, flowing in a physical body, just as you intended to be.
  314. Can you look at something retched and feel good?  NO!!!  But if you practice tuning into all the wellbeing there is, you will see little of that which is horrid.  There really is very little going wrong on the planet, you have to look very hard to find the bad stuff.  Begin to tune into good things and more and more good will show itself to you!
  315. And if they ask you why you don’t feel guilty living such a good life when others are not, say, “I found out I couldn’t get sick or poor or confused enough to bring others to greater wellbeing.”
  316. As you become nonphysical energy in physical form, those who want to learn from the clarity of your example will make their way to you by Law of attraction. And if you look at the folks in your life now, say, “LOA put us together for a reason.”  And look to see what is there with them that is good for you.
  317. Here’s a dialog with your friend;  Friend:  So you think you are the only one who knows what is right and you can tell me what to do?  You:  No, I just teach by my example that we can both get to choose from our own life and contrast.  Friend:  So you have a great life and no one else does and that’s ok?  You:  I express by my example that we are all blessed beings having a wonderful life experience.  Friend:  I think that you are nutty.  But I have enjoyed this conversation.  You:  I have enjoyed this conversation immensely.  There is great love here for you!  Friend:  So you will always be there for me when times are rough?  You:  No, if you choose something awful, I won’t be there.  I will stay here and offer the same happy signal as best I can where you found me.  You will find me again when you are loving yourself, loving your life, loving your government.  In that vibration, I will be there.  Friend:  What if I need you?  You:  Well, you may not see me then, but there will be someone there for you who will amplify that for you.  And just beyond that one will be another and another who will eventually lead you back to me.  Friend:  So you have all the answers?  You:  No, I’m not guiding you somewhere specific.  I want to be for you what I promised you I would be:  I will be one who cares about how I feel. And in caring, I become a beamer of Pure Positive energy into my environment.  I may not always be connected, but I am one who knows whether I feel good right now or not. 
  318. As long as you are willing to match what doesn’t feel good, you are not the teacher you came to be.  Be the vibrational example you were born to be and you will thrive.
  319. Mary:  How to soothe bipolar clients?  Abraham:  Usually, you are asked to interact with folks when they are most disconnected.  It would be easier if you would catch them when they are feeling better.  Focus your attention as much as possible on when they feel good.
  320. Bipolar folks are said to jump from feeling good to feeling bad, but that is inaccurate.  It is impossible to jump up and down so totally.  So they move up and down the emotional scale, too.  Give them tools to use when they feel mostly neutral.
  321. What about people in severe depression:  You know how to see the signs that you are getting a foot cramp?  You know how to soften it, to stretch the toes up before it sets in totally?  In negative emotion, don’t wait for severe depression before you make the shift.  You have the power to head it off in the early stages.  Teach them the tools.  It’s harder when they are at their vibrational worst.  But you can try to teach them one little step up that helps them breathe a little easier.  And then to stop and appreciate themselves for finding that deeper breath.  Teach them simple techniques to alter their vibration. 
  322. If you cannot introduce them to their internal guidance system, you cannot help them.  All you have then to give them is rhetoric and rules.  And those rules erode self worth, because no one can follow them all.  The only way out of dysfunction is to following the guidance you are getting through your emotions.
  323. Every single thing everyone wants is because they think it will make them feel better.  When someone loves you, it feels good because you achieve vibrational alignment with being loved.
  324. You learned it all upside down, they taught you that guilt is a good thing.  It’s surprising more of you aren’t bipolar!
  325. If you are seeing them in their struggle and feeling bad, you have nothing to give them.  You want instead to be a physical, real life representative of their Inner being.  While they are talking to you, love them anyway, no matter what.  See them as being without flaws.  Tune yourself like a satellite to the leading edge nature of their being, to give them a glimpse of who they really are.  That’s a true teacher.  If you don’t know their perfection, stay away from them!
  326. Practice when they aren’t with you, when you are in your best mood, to see them as whole.
  327. What’s the best exercise program?  When you are in vibrational alignment, you get the impulse to move, to flex, and stretch.  We encourage vibrational alignment and then anything you are inspired to do.  If you force action, you will not get the full benefit.
  328. Esther’s cat takes long naps, come back into her body slowly, tends to her body, licks it, like being born again.  Stretches slowly and fully.  If you try to pet her then, LC says, “Hold, on, I’m stretching now!”  And at other times, she will run up and down the trees many times.  She lines up her energy then just flies from tree to tree.  But she never does that right after she wakes up from a nap! 
  329. Question:  Why did Source create time and space?  Abraham:  They are the natural by product of focus, the natural consequence of thought, which is thought on longer.
  330. Law of Attraction responds to the vibrational nature of your being.  And your specific focus is why expansion is possible, it keeps birthing new desire.
  331. Question:  What does Abraham do for fun besides this?  Abraham:  What could be more fun than this???
  332. The greatest joy is the next conscious recognition that you are moving beyond where you have been before.  We have a lot of fun when you birth a new idea, and we feel total satisfaction when you catch up with it, too.  We always give our undivided attention to the leading edge place you want to be.  Source does, too.
  333. We’d like to see you feel proud that you are on the leading edge, exposed to contrast and choosing.  It is the most exhilarating, adventuresome crest of the wave where you are, where new ideas are unfolding.  This is the best there is – this time space reality will never cease to be.  It will never run out of steam because you keep coming forth making more steam.
  334. When you focus on clearing an old pattern from the past, you activate it by bringing the past into the present. 
  335. Every subject has two ends of the stick – the joy of having a beloved pet, or grief that a beloved pet died once in your life.  You have to learn to turn your attention to the other end of the stick.  There are infinite dogs who will love you who will come into your experience if you allow them. 
  336. Most people believe that you have only the ability to vibrate and feel in response to what you are observing.  But you DO have control over the way you feel, by your choice of focus.  When you prove that to yourself, you are FREE!
  337. Reach for your loving relationship with your Inner Being.  Once you get that, you will be comfortable, free and safe in every relationship.  Establish your own relationship with your Source of Wellbeing.  Bring yourself to YOU, and then you will be ready to have a loving relationship.  Tell the Universe, “Bring me the perfect one, but not right now, I’m not ready.”  For now, say, to yourself, “I’m right on schedule. Things are unfolding perfectly.”
  338. You deserve to have a wonderful, lasting relationship with who you really are from nonphysical. You just have to get up to speed with that vibration, and you can live happily ever after.  There is no price to pay, your partner is coming, we promise you.  As soon as you feel satisfied where you are and eager for more, good pours into your life.
  339. Question:  I get weird vibrations during meditation in my neck…  Abraham:  You aren’t allowing the energy you are asking for to flow fully.  Set your clear, conscious intention and then RELAX!  Just say, “I’m going to melt into the chair, I’m going to melt into the chair, I’m going to melt into the chair.”  Step 3 is relax and receive, and this room is full of people already receiving.  When you are asking, you are in Step 1, too mentally focused. 
  340. Here are the instructions Esther received from Theo:  “Quiet your mind to receive.  Quiet your mind, and when your mind wanders, which it will, release the thought and quiet again.”  We were projecting thought to her for 9 months, and she didn’t know it, and kept breathing the thought away!
  341. You’ve already asked all the questions.  So when you meditate, just relax and listen and allow it to be.  Enjoy the thoughts as they move through, just smile and enjoy the process of receiving thoughts.  Say, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”  As you do that, the tightness will dissolve.  Your body will start to move, just roll with it.  Your thoughts will expand, as you allow this soft and delicious expansion.  Set up a tape recorder, speak into it quietly, and just let it flow.  You will find you trust a little more and allow a little more, and you will received the clear, cognitive explanation of nonphysical thought.
  342. Question:  Is the earth an entity? Abraham:  the body is made up of trillions of cells, and the you consciousness is more than the collection of cells.  You could say that it is the ego/personality or Inner Being that causes you to be a being beyond the total of the cells.  The earth is the same, made up of all kinds of pieces, but it is not a focused energy like you.  But it would also be wrong to call it not a being.
  343. Question:  How to choose between taking photos of flowers or buying a sports car? Abraham:  There are no non-renewable resources.  Your earth in its vastness, the energy of it, and all the participants on it who have summoned it, make up a large and powerful flow of wellbeing.  A small group of disconnected humans have little impact on all this wellbeing.  A lot of worry only negatively affects your personal Beingness.  Your population, of humans and all beasts, is managed from nonphysical.  Your scientific consensus of trouble is narrow and backwards and missing the point that as you ask, it is given.
  344. Source sees earth as a thriving entity with longevity beyond description, a perfect platform for the leading edge.  It is incomprehensible to us to perceive the end to it, so we know you cannot either, from human perspective.  Be soothed about personal choices like sports cars.  The recycling program of the earth is dramatic and effective.  You are just beginning to discover the immense resources of your planet.
  345. People asking for a beautiful environment are causing infinite resources to continue to come forth.  Future generations will always reap the benefits but you are learning to close the gap and let wellbeing in now.  It is true though, that there is an exaggerated crevasse between those who are allowing wellbeing and those who are not.  Your society is asking for way more than you are ready to allow.  Relax into the knowing that all is well.  There are billions of humans, and Source energy is endlessly answering all of their requests.
  346. Our central tenant is self-guidance.  Whenever you say hello to connection, guess who you are connected with?  Us!
  347. What Esther offers is her example as a teacher.  The majority who are here are not here because they need to hear, but because the example of a teacher, teaching teachers, is what they are most wanting to learn.  The advantage is that Esther receives blocks of thought and translates them. The disadvantage is that she does it beautifully, and you are inclined to compare your beginning efforts to hers and get discouraged.
  348. You can express your connection in whatever way most profoundly pleases you, basketball, music, surgery, words, art.  Your physical expression is always an expression of Source energy in some way.  Source appreciates all of it.
  349. Your soul mates are those you adore and those who create friction for you – a soul mate is where the energy is very strong.  With those you care about who cause you pain, if you really want to love them, you have to do some work on your vibration.  Easy-to-love people make you annoyed with those who are harder to love.  But with those, you have an agreement – “Let’s go forth and annoy the life out of each other!”  You are both stubborn, here to live and teach and breath unconditional love.
  350. Say to yourself, “I will love you because I am a lover, not because you are lovable!”  Be one who loves anyway.  Those who are so hard force you to find vibrational alignment with yourself, rather than seeing them jump through hoops to please you.
  351. Diversity is at the basis of all expansion.  Sameness is the opposite of that.  Humans, in their quest for feeling good, often give up differences, and that can never work.  Your very existence is about adding more data, not less. 
  352. Most masters of this or that, when you really get to know them, are non-conformists.  They have a supreme, soaring connection, are in love with life, and have followed the beating of their own drum.  They’ve learned to disregard others.  Source energy enjoys the rebels most of all!
  353. When you come into alignment yourself, you will see him differently. Leave him alone for now, and tell the Universe and Law of Attraction, “When the time is right, bring us together to connect in the way we most want to.”  This isn’t about how others see either of you, they all that their own agreements with him.  Esther has a similar nephew, this will help her, too.
  354. Question:  My father is an ornery toad, I haven’t spoken to him in 8 years, since he told me he wanted nothing to do with me.  I love him anyway…  Abraham:  In your love for him, you are in connection, so you really don’t care how he feels about you.  He’s making it easy to love YOU.  In his absence, he may be loving you best of all.  His family tried to control him, and he wanted them to leave him alone.  That is the gift he is giving you, what he wanted for himself. 
  355. It would be nice if he could come into alignment about being in relationships and still feeling free.  But as you love him anyway, and honor his wishes, you weave a web of love.  Opportunities may awaken within him to understand that you “get him.”  You might drop him a note and say, “I appreciate the gift of distance you have given me.  I believe I have found the freedom you were looking for.  I credit you with this gift, and I thank you for my life and all you have given me.  You, father, from my perspective, are the perfect father.”
  356. Athletes, like the ice skaters continually breaking records, are demonstrating that human physiology is evolving, and there are no limits to that evolution.  Things are in the offering that would be considered demented if we told you about them.  You are evolving faster now than ever before.  Rockets of desire are born from competition.  If your competition could be more loving, you would accomplish more.  See yourself as immensely valuable and all others valuable as well, and love your sport and all the competitors – that would be the most magnificent place of evolution.
  357. We told the pitcher to think to the batter:  “I’m going to through you the most incredible ball, and I want you to hit it!  We will extract the best from each other.”  And almost no one will be able to hit your ball.
  358. The significance of that which you are is not measured by trophies.  The world doesn’t need another painting or record broken.  A new medical technique is not more valuable than an amateur dancer who discovers a new level of joy in the dance!
  359. Just keep coming again and again into alignment with Source.  You do not need a monument with your name on it to feel bliss.  Your true power comes every time you align your energy.  Every little bit by bit improvement in how you feel summons Source and adds value to your time/space reality. 
  360. It’s nice Esther has vibrational alignment and allows her open vortex to receive, but the answer comes in response to your living the nitty gritty question. 
  361. Do not underestimate your power and value.  When you seek and find that ever improved feeling place, you contribute in the most powerful way to All that Is. 
  362. It’s tricky.  Those who ultimately give the most are those who care the most about how they feel.
  363. If you expect things to go well, it closes the gap rapidly.
  364. Recall being adored – that warm body reaction.  You can do it with your memory.  There is nothing more important than to feel good.  The feeling will come back if you remember when you felt that way. 
  365. Question:  I've been blissing out and now I would like to learn a way of using the nonresistance that is present during organism to speed up my manifestations.  Abraham:  It is possible, but there is a misunderstanding of the whole process in your question.  The same thing that allows orgasm is what allows manifestation.  You've been asking already.  You do not need to add intensity to your desires.  It's the allowing that needs to be goosed up to bring things into manifestation.  Most people would have better sexual interactions if they could chill out.  You are trying too hard here.
  366. Suicide is decisive death.  The judgment of suicide is just disconnected others trying to control people even after they are dead!  Esther was mad at a friend who committed suicide.  She finally realized that it was none of her business and that brought her relief.
  367. Suicide is the ultimate statement that says, “I REALLY am the creator of my own experience!!!”  In a state of strong disconnection, suicide may be the only option a person can see to get relief and reconnection. 
  368. When a woman who had been studying Abraham with her daughter experienced her daughter then committing suicide, she blamed Abraham.  She thought that Abraham should have made her afraid of the repercussions of her actions, rather than give her a feeling that all would be well after death.  Abraham asked her, “Should your daughter have remained her in excruciating pain for you instead of choosing relief from resistance in suicide?”  The mother said, “YES!!!”  That was a statement from her that said, “I care so much about my pain that I believe you should live in pain for me so I can feel better.”
  369. All death is self created vibrationally.  We’ll have a party when you croak, it’s a great sense of release, and knowing everything is all right.
  370. Question:  I want to return to playing, feeling the childlike playfulness we all seem to have lots.  Abraham:  It’s not so much that we want you to return to childlike games, but rather that we want to see you be care free, playful folks who can enjoy what you have today.  Rather than returning to childlike innocence, we want you to be someone who likes herself and enjoys her life as it is now.  The spontaneity of your light will shine through. 
  371. Be playful based in wisdom.  It’s fun to play from your vantage point of today, including your Source energy in all you do.  You don’t have to go out and BE playful on purpose.  Get connected, and you will find that you ARE playful naturally as you live from your joyful space.
  372. Forced play can be awkward.  To be a stick-in-the-mud from the place of that can feel better than contrived play.  When you get in tune with Source energy, Source will play with YOU!  Like when Esther lines up with the mile marker 111 at 1:11 PM.  The playfulness of Source is beyond what you can orchestrate for yourself.
  373. Just get in tune.  We don’t want you to make playfulness a goal as much as we want you to make allowing and alignment your goal.  Going from ornery to less ornery is a good step.  You will find relief and release of resistance every step up on the emotional scale.  You have to already be in a playful place to get a joke, otherwise it falls flat.  You can’t force it, it’s vibrational.  If you work on just feeling good, we promise you, you’ll have fun!
  374. Law of Attraction adds emphasis to anything you focus on, whether it be worry or joy.  You talk to people about a problem and soon you are joining groups and getting into strong agitation – that’s negative passion.  But we usually use the word passion to mean, “fully connected to Source energy.”  That’s tuned in, tapped in, turned on.  When you are really wanting something and simultaneously allowing it, that’s passion!  It’s fast moving energy with a strong focus on things wanted. 
  375. As you work your way deliberately up the emotional scale, it allows your heart to soar because of your nonresistant focus.
  376. Crisis causes you to focus, that’s why so many of you shine in a crisis.  It doesn’t matter what you focus on, just pick SOMETHING!
  377. Question:  When I was helping Mom with Dad’s dying, it was a good experience.  It isn’t feeling so good with Mom, what’s up?  Abraham:  The primary difference is that when you were attending to your Dad, cheering up your Mom was a high priority.  But now Mom is the focus, you aren’t selfish enough to focus on your own wellbeing as you were on her wellbeing.
  378. You all are so willing to care for others, but not for yourself.  You have within you Source energy who adores you and is always flowing through you.  Make that your most important friendship. 
  379. In the death experience, the one dying is looking back and caring for you.  The one make their transition is actually flooding you with love rather than you helping her.  In the days and weeks following your Mom’s transition, you will get an up close dose of Source.  You can look for it, and activate it and get more from your relationship with her after than before.
  380. We watch the human drama continually.  Your Inner Beings are cavorting around, trying to find the ways to make this the most fun for you.  It’s a party on our end.  We suggest you go to more death beds to enjoy this with us!  You have to get over the fact that there is a lack of people to play with at funerals.  Most people just don’t get that you are God Force.  You are afraid that you will be criticized for misplaced joy, but don’t pretend you are suffering when you are not.  Let your example teach strength, clarity, love and joy. 
  381. You should care more about the welcoming nonphysicals than disconnected humans.  You could say, “I think we need to get over this suffering.  If we really believed anything about God and goodness, we’d be celebrating here.  Angels rejoice in all death – what’s wrong with you???”
  382. If you are going to be eternal, you have to accept that you are going to die sometimes, it’s part of it.  You can’t be not eternal anyway.  We’re dead, and here we are!
  383. People who channel nonphysical melt two worlds – the blocks of energy they receive, and the words they find to describe it.  Esther connects with streams of energy as broad and deep as the questions that are presented.  It’s just easier to have a conversation with a “being” with a personality, rather than just a stream of energy.
  384. If an animal intuitive gets much more than “Life is good”, she’s superimposing a lot.  They aren’t too interested in lots of stuff.
  385. Radios need to be tuned to decipher transmissions.  If you get pieces of many different frequencies, it’s a cacophony.  Tuners like Esther tune in specific frequencies based on their intentions.  Abraham comes in response to our asking.  It’s hard to do Abraham in sound bites, it takes time to explain the thought blocks that come.
  386. To a caller at a radio program who said what Esther was doing was wrong, Abraham asked:  Where do you find the truth?  She said, “The Bible.”  Abraham asked:  How did the Bible come to be?  She said, “From God.”  Abraham:  How did man come to get it?  She was quiet – she had never considered how it was transmitted, but it was a process just like this one!
  387. You are wanting to be your own vortex, to purely translate for yourself.  If there were only one student, there would be only one teacher.  Teachers are giving you the best answer for you that they have right now.  Comparing the answers from teacher to teacher is problematic because the frequencies of the questions aren’t identical when the questions are asked.  Get really clear about your question.  Then Begin to feel loved and cared for, and hear the answer from Source, which is in love with you.  The next logical step is different for you than for anyone else.  Know you are blessed to receive your guidance, and allow it in.
  388. Questioner:  I’ve made and spent a lot of money, now the sale of my company is completed, I am retired, unemployed, should be rejoicing…  Abraham:  Yup, you will lie on the beach and enjoy life for about an hour.  Don’t view the proceeds of the sale as all that will ever be available to you.  Although you are closing the door on that chapter, you are not closing the door on Life!  You are not retiring, you are preparing to do something different.  You will continue to make a lot of money, but feel less resistance and more freedom in the doing it.  You have been launching things into vibrational escrow and you know you will always want something interesting to do.  Because of the power of your being, you would never put yourself into a position of inaction.  The Universe will not give you the numbers for a lottery ticket, because it is so much more fun to launch rockets and let it flow by Law of Attraction.  Financial reasons cause you to focus – you shine in the necessity of earning a living.  This is not a retirement, but a fabulous new beginning.  The best is yet to come!
  389. Question:  What happens when the pain is so bad, suicide looks good?  Abraham:  Pain is a vibration, a bigger version of negative emotion.  When you see it this way, it feels more flexible, fluid and movable.  When Esther took her driving eye test and couldn’t see, she asked Abraham to read it for her and Abraham could tip her head so she could easily read it.  The same eyes saw differently.  You can focus your mind and feel differently.  We know the pain is real, but at the same time, you have the ability to vibrationally focus around that.  You CAN have joyful thoughts in the midst of pain.  When Esther was at the dentist, she asked Abraham to adjust the drill, and she was able to find it pleasant in her mouth.  When you push against pain it gets worse.  Relax into it, surrender into it, be at one with it, remember it is all right.  The cells are just summoning energy.  They are calling, the Universe is answering their selfish cellular dance. 
  390. If you tense against a strong current, you are setting up a tug of war.  Instead, call what is happening a good thing, recognize it as help on the way.  It will be so much less than before.  Question:  Can it alleviate it without surgery?  Abraham:  Maybe, but learn the process anyway.  It will help with the surgery if you decide to have it, and may displace the need for it.  Put the surgery off for awhile, we think you will be able to find relief.  Use surgery as a back up.  Relax and allow your cells to do what they know to do for you.
  391. Question:  What about the action journey?  Abraham:  Ask yourself to feel about the two statements:  I am going to have the surgery, or I am not going to have the surgery.  Which feels better?  Answer:  Having the surgery feels better.  Abraham:  I’m going to do it immediately or later?  Answer:  Immediately feels better.  Question:  I want to do it now, or I know I have some leeway.  Answer:  Leeway.  This process gradually moved you up the scale.  If you do it every day to take the emotional journey to release the resistance, it will come easier.  It’s the difference between taking action in the red hot minute or being willing to practice releasing resistance.
  392. Question:  Which feels better?  I can find my way or I can’t.  Answer:  I can.  Question:  I’m going to kill myself or live in constant pain?  Answer:  Kill myself feels better.  Abraham:  You can do this.  There is no one who has more power in your body than you.  In moments when you are in less pain, you’ll make more headway.  In moment of pain, you will be more motivated to do the process.  It feels like your accident and this physical pain are the only truth.  But you are so much more than that!  Your body is responding to your thoughts.  As you lessen your resistance and allow your cells to do what they need to do, you will feel much better.  It will be like cellular surgery will take place.  Relax into it.  Help is on the way, leading you to just where you want to be.  Compared to cellular surgery, the doctor’s process is like a chain saw.
  393. Question:  I’m a great creator, but I get there by a big goal list and a lot of tension, not lightness of being.  Now I want to be a great allower…  Abraham:  Living life causes the asking and focusing on what you want.  We want you to leave this cruise knowing that the asking is done already and that you are worthy of receiving all the great stuff and experiences that are in your vibrational escrow already.  A goal list is good because it helps you to focus on things you do want.  As you practice allowing, you will notice that you relax into it, it is backwards of making things happen through action.  In the action journey, you think that as you run faster you will get there, that trying harder is the answer.  In the emotional journey, you just relax and allow.  It’s not about diligence or hard work, and what makes it go faster is letting go.  It’s about trusting.  It’s all underway already.  All is well.
  394. When you say, “Why isn’t it happening?”  it is all about resistance.  When you say, “I’m so looking forward to it” it is about softening resistance.  Anytime you feel the slightest particle of relief, you are reducing resistance.
  395.  What you want is to feel better, really.  But what you think you want to fulfill all those goals so you can feel better.  Just feel better now!  It’s so much easier!
  396. An experience like this cruise helps you relax and allow.  Jerry & Esther had to work hard to relax when they got here.  Esther works harder at home.  This gathering forces you all to approach life more vibrationally.  Some habits you developed before don’t really work well.  You have to turn your life upside down, or at least your thinking!  Most people don’t feel worthy of receiving absolutely anything they want. 
  397. Instead, you want the Universe to understand why you are where you are, you feel you have to justify your existence by hard work.  If you realize that all of your former impulses really work against you – working hard, justifying existence, pleasing others first – it is easier to change.
  398. Acknowledge that Source adores you!  Say, “I am worthy.  Source is in this with me.  I am already worthy of all good.  I want fun interactions which will help me to focus.  I will know of my progress by the way it feels within me. 
  399. You will find you get really excited about the progress of a new idea.  You knew it would be like that before you came.  The goal gives you a reason to focus, to feel good.  Feel the joy of the journey.  Cultivate the fabulous feeling of releasing resistance, and the fun of vibrational alignment.
  400. If you didn’t have goals, you wouldn’t have such a finely honed place.  The crack between the inception of the idea and its full realization wouldn’t be so clear.
  401. If you say, “I will work really hard to close the gap!” you are missing the point.  You never need to worry about running out of goals, of things ending.  There will always be another door opening.  Set the goal and take the emotional journey, fork toward it.
  402. Question:  The details of my life are not accommodating me – I am pushing against the system…my employees frustrate me and they don’t appreciate me.  Abraham:  When you want to feel appreciated by others, there is conflicted energy.  When you are being appreciated it does feel very good.  They are flooding you with pure positive energy.  But when YOU appreciate, it is the same, mutual appreciation is the very best thing.  But you have no control over their conditions at all.  YOU have complete control about how you feel about them.
  403. You are giving too much power to how they feel about you.  You want to give yourself the freedom of not caring how they feel about you, but caring infinitely how YOU feel about you and you feel about them.  Set your intention to hear their complaints less, to pay less attention to the details.  Do Book of Positive Aspects on the easiest of them first, and every day make a list of things you genuinely appreciate about them.  Every day, two or three times a day, add to it, read it, it’s ok if you write the same things again and again, just fill a whole book of appreciation of them.  In a short time, you will tune your vibration to the very best of who they are.
  404. In the meantime, don’t give a rap about how they feel about you.  Now you are free!  The better you feel about them, you will notice they begin feeling better.  The better they feel about themselves, the better they will feel about you!
  405. You feel weary because, although you are good at lining up your own energy, you can’t take responsibility for lining up the energy of others.  Put blinders on to the things that make you feel bad.  As you tune yourself to the best of them, it will become your dominant vibration.  It may move some of them out of your life, and the new folks will be very up to speed with the best of you.
  406. You never planned on coming in and making every environment perfect.  This is a well stocked kitchen.  Just choose your favorite ingredients through your focus and leave the rest to others.  The ingredients can make you sick or soar, so focus on what is delightful by your attention to it.  You are the Center of the Universe!
  407. If you insist on noticing it is hard, even well meaning folks cannot make it easier for you.  If you set your dominant vibration as appreciation, doors will open for you everywhere.  You have vibrational facilitators on your side.  Law of Attraction, Source within you, and all who have gone before you are orchestrating things on your behalf. 
  408. The more determined you are to create consciously, the more aware you are of where you are.
  409. If you were to say, “I am the creator of my own experience and life is supposed to be easy!” what would your reaction be?  Most say, “Well that’s just LAZY!  You are here to prove worthiness!”  But you know, “I am already worthy.  Diligently proving myself is different than knowing I am already worthy.”  Finding your own easy button, where you say again and again, “That was easy!” is the path of worthiness.  Accentuate your knowing that you are infinite energy beings who create in every moment, just by your focus of attention.
  410. Question:  Is Abraham the infinite aspect of our own Being?  Abraham:  Those are the best words we have heard.  We are as broad and deep as your focus of attention.  The emotional aspect of you is the infinite aspect of our vibration within you.  As you focus on the vibrational aspects of your being, it melds the personal with Infinite Source as One.  Through meditation, appreciation and moving up the emotional scale, you become a vibrational match to that which is Abraham, you become what Abraham is.
  411. Esther’s intention is that the most trusting, best aspect of herself is who you interact with.  But we don’t want anyone to set a standard that makes you unhappy with yourself when you are not that.  You are the pioneers!  Honor yourself.  Both the local and nonlocal parts of you are necessary.  Do not underestimate the physical part of you.  It is all a dance between the physical and nonphysical.
  412. The physical body is a vibrational, sensory tool.  Thought becomes thought form becomes manifestation.  The physical body is the result of previous thought.  The body has evolved slowly, from millennium to millennium.  But you have not begun to understand the potential for the evolution of your body.  As you begin to see your apparatus as a tool for the translation of your guidance via emotion, and hold yourself in alignment with Source, things change quickly.  Altered states of consciousness become your reality.  Fragrances and sights are more thrilling, all sensory experience is more delicious, everything you hear is more melodious and meaningful.
  413. And why?  For the JOY of it! 
  414. You have the potential to experience all your physical senses as bathing you in bliss beyond description.  You will feel the wind on your skin, see new colors in the sky.  And when you do, you’ve caught us again, feeling, seeing, tasting through you, in rapturous connection, in the way you have always planned.
  415. Just bring yourself into alignment and your body will be more vital, your days will be more fun, your timing will be better.  You will then finally be Source energy, consciously expressing in your physical body!  Reach for and allow your wholeness, loving yourself and others. 
  416. As that begins to happen, over here, over here and over here, you will imagine more and more, simply walking around, loving life.  You will see the variety in the kitchen and adore the differences.  You will love the divine nature of everyone who exists.  You will finally feel no threat, knowing that all are equal creators of your own truth. 
  417. You will live more independently, creating pleasing, satisfying and fulfilling truths for yourselves and letting others do the same.  Before you even got here, nonphysical energy launched into physical, you had a vibrational escrow in place.  You are God force, you are worthy!  Life should be good for you.  Close that gap.  Allow!  Complete the fulfilling of the intention you had when you launched yourself into this life.  THAT’s goal setting!
  418. Abraham:  Why do you have a body?  What’s the point of it?  What’s the goal?  JOY, JOY, the JOY of it!
  419. As Esther stood at the gate and we saw through her eyes and heard through her ears, she felt her reason for being, “The JOY of this moment, the JOY of this moment, the JOY of this moment!  Your Inner Being is always calling you toward joy.  Reach for the best feeling until you get to joy and your sense of worthiness will return to you. 
  420. Source is Inner Being.  You physical beings always want things to be in clumps, but Source is a stream of energy.  You are a physical being who has a nonphysical Inner Being who has an Inner Being who has an Inner Being who has an Inner Being, all the way back here to a stable beginning.  Source energy is always in a state of becoming. 
  421. In any moment, you are talking to the aspect of All That Is, that is the closest vibrational match to where you are at this time. 
  422. One time, when Jerry & Esther were driving by a graveyard, she heard a playful, frivolous voice say, “I’m dead!”  She had matched to someone who wanted to play with her.
  423. It’s ok.  You have to give nonphysical physical characteristics to help define it.  It is hard to explain that which has no ears or eyes, but which can sense vibrations in a way that is realer and more detailed than you can do it.  And we can always use your eyes and ears, too.  It’s ok to see us as having physical characteristics, it’s distorted, but it’s better than not thinking of us at all!
  424. We think it is funny when humans say, “We’ve decided to ascend and take our bodies with us!”  Whatever do you think you are going to do with a body in nonphysical???  Everything is perceptual.  The only reason you tend to perceive things as the same is that everyone has agreed to do so.
  425. You feel the nonphysical more through love and your emotions than with your physical body. 
  426. Your mind can meld with Source.  You will feel your Inner Being and Source and God and Abraham.  You will be inspired to physical actions.  You will feel you are performing Godly actions all day, like buying a car, or having sex.  Nothing is more spiritual than that which is physical.  Flesh, blood, bone, flowers, water – It’s all GOD!  Love the physical as that which is within you loves it. 
  427. Become One with All of It.  Your contentment will be extreme in the moment.  God is right here before us and is magnificent.
  428. While you have been here on the ship, things have been going well.  You think of someone, and you go out and run into them.  You are more aware of instant manifestation.  You have come more into alignment.  You are closing the gap!  You are becoming aware that you are extensions of Source energy.
  429. Acknowledge how well it has gone.  Keep it active in your vibration and it will never end.  The other shoe will not drop.
  430. It’s been fun watching you adjusting your willingness to allow your life to be good.  We see in this group the wonderful things you are already living.  In every case, it is the culmination YOU have been waiting for.  This is the vibrational escrow you have summoned.  You’ve received much in each moment.
  431. Also, with enhancement, out on the water, you have received vibrational adjustments, attunements – you will never be the same again.
  432. If you can allow life to be easy and accept your worthiness, as you move forward, life will flow with ease. 
  433. Before you get off the ship, you will need answers for others who will observe your greater wellbeing.  Say, “While I was sailing on the deep blue sea, I remembered that life was supposed to be fun.  I left struggle behind.  I am now less quick to judge and justify.  I also learned life is supposed to be good for you, too.  But, you may have to take your own cruise to learn that.  My bag of troubles is now empty.  Please help me never to put anything back in it.”
  434. You will look with love and laugh and be unconditional.  You will have new self confidence, worthiness and reasons to be good to you.  You will be the first to compliment and appreciate.  There is great love here for you.  We are complete.