Abraham List Class Welcome

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Hi, Virtual Friends,


Welcome to the Abraham Self-Guided Processes Overview.  I am happy you found your way here. 


If you have access to Esther and Jerry Hicks’ book, Ask and It is Given, there are terrific, expansive, beautiful versions of each of these lessons there.  They are the Source of the Abraham teachings, this book is the best place to get this information.  See the link on the next page to buy the book if you have not already purchased it or go directly to Abraham-Hicks.com.


I originally wrote 11 of these lessons for the online Abraham email list, now on yahoogroups.com.  Each class begins with an initial description (fondly referred to as a "Lecture") of one or more Abraham processes.  The process overview includes an assignment, that will allow you to actually use the process.  I will answer short questions you have about applying the processes, via email.  If you have longer questions, or if you have anything to share about the process, or about how you have already had experiences that worked applying the process, you may want to join the list.


Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to make a list of as many things as you can think of that you really love.  It can be people, ideas, animals, vistas, foods, colors, images, activities, whatever.


Then create a composite picture of yourself by describing who you are by describing 10 of the items on your list of what you really love.  You could start by saying: "I am a person who loves..." and then go for it.


Send your introduction to the Abraham-Hicks List if you feel like actually using this as your introduction there.   Go to Abraham-Hicks.net (the website for the email list) for more information on joining the list.


In joy and appreciation,

Connee Chandler