Connee Chandler’s Notes, Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise,

January 23-30, 2010


Opening, Saturday Late Afternoon [Actual Transcript]


Esther: [to Jerry] We always like it when they get us going. [audience: YEAH!] And they do get us going don’t they!  [Pause] Bye!


Abraham:  Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you are here. We are extremely pleased that WE are here. It is always good to come together for the purpose of co-creating. Do you agree?


Jerry was asking earlier, in his private consultation [audience laughter], “What can we expect from this cruise?” And we said, Renewed Life.


It’s a perfect opportunity to come into an environment where reality is so different. So your temptation to observe your current reality, will be subdued.


Now, your vibrational reality is always there for you to focus upon. But we see this cruise as an opportunity to be, for a period of several days, somewhere between what you call your normal reality and your vibrational reality. In other words, it will be much easier for you to lean into the vortex while we’re together onboard this ship than usual.


Now, having said that, it does not mean that you can stop doing your work. And your work is: find as many things to appreciate as you can find during the time that you are on board. If you will let that be your dominant intention, to just look for things to appreciate, and it is Ron’s [travel coordinator] promise to you that there will be many things to appreciate, it is our promise to you that, as you find those things to appreciate, you will tune to the broader perspective that is really who you are.


A gathering like this is unique because you’ve come with stronger wanting than most people you know. You made an effort to be here. That is unusual. And you come with clearer intent than normal. Which means you are queued up for a receiving of the fullness of who you are in ways that are beyond what happens to you in your normal life experience.


But there’s something else that happens in an environment like this that is of enormous advantage, not just to you but to all of Us. And that is, we open a vortex where the alignment between you, who are extensions of Us, and Us, is more readily available to you.


We are ALWAYS aware of you. We ALWAYS have full access to you. We are aware of who you are, and where you are, and all that you’ve been asking for, and where you stand in every moment in vibrational relationship to that which you have become. We stand inside your vortex, aware of you individually, aware of the uniqueness of that which is you.


And even if you are not one who is called forward to visit with us in this format, the vibration that is you, emanating from you, will be factored in -we’re not kidding you even a little bit- to literally every conversation we have, because you are uniquely you, and enormously valuable to the whole of this [pause] event.


As far as your personal experience goes, because you have an opportunity here to rest in vibrational alignment with the whole of you, it is our expectation that your art of allowing, the art of allowing process that, if we were standing in your physical shoes would be our dominant intent, your art of allowing yourself more chronically into the vortex, will be much easier for you to accomplish. Your vortex will call you in, it is certain, we can feel the energy of it moving already.


But as the vortex is calling you, you have work to do in order to let yourself go. And that’s the part that a cruise like this helps you to accommodate. So what WE expect to accomplish together, since your vortex is calling you by the power of your poignant desire, and the cruise ship is inspiring you by its offering of never-ending lovely things for you to appreciate, the value that we will have together is that we will milk the vortex from the inside. [audience cheer] From inside the vortex we will milk it-every conversation that we have no matter where it starts, as we come into the vortex together, we will offer additional verbiage with the express intention of helping you maintain the vibration of your new-found freedom inside the vortex on that new topic every single time. So that every issue that is addressed, whether it is your personal issue that you have brought forward, or whether it is something that a dear friend is bringing forward for you, everything we talk about, you will be left in a more vortex-like position. Every subject.


We are looking forward to this interaction in ways that you cannot BEGIN to imagine. Your assignment is to look forward to this time together in ways that YOU can imagine.


Fast forward to the first day of the seminar and expect to be lighted up in a new way. Fast forward to the second day. And then the days of freedom from the seminar as you explore this wonderland that you are traveling to.


And in the final days of the seminar you will find yourself readily available to your vortex anytime you turn in the direction of it. Because your frequency will raise here. And it is our expectation, if it is your desire, that you can be permanently changed to a higher vibration on every subject that is a current issue for you.


As we are getting ready to play together and to literally take thought beyond that which it has been together, we want to express to you our appreciation for that which you are. As you’ve come forth into this physical body, into this leading-edge time/space reality, you are uniquely, and individually, and personally, and selfishly, adding to the vibration of All That Is. And the vortex that we call “future generations” is benefitting ENORMOUSLY by your participation in this life experience that you call “now.”


When you come together in a gathering like this where a literal vortex opens between physical and nonphysical, out here at sea where very little, VERY little, resistant vibration is floating around you, there are not enough of you on this boat to be -and we’re talking about the whole of this boat population, crew, and others not in this seminar- there are not enough people on this boat, sailing out on these smooth waters, to disrupt this vortex of energy, this VORTEX of energy, that will be surrounding you as you sail. [enthusiastic applause]


So anticipate motion forward, but most of all, most of all, participate in a personal realization of what life inside the vortex is really all about.


There is GREAT love here for you, and as always we remain [pause] in the vortex.


Jerry: [Laughs]


[huge applause]


Esther:  Yes!

Jerry:  Wow. Well, we’re underway, folks. Dinner is next. And we will see you tomorrow at 9 o’clock. ¡Hasta mañana por la mañana!



Connee’s Notes Beginning Sunday the 24th


The Vortex sums up many years of our speaking in this forum about who you really are. It brings together the components to put yourself into perfect perspective.


Physical friends are so caught up in physical time-space reality. They, over time, lose their sensitivity to their own vibrational nature.


The core/Source aspect of you exists simultaneously to physical. It’s easy for you to leave it out in your keen awareness of the physical. You miss your guidance, which makes it impossible for you to find the true nature of you.

Your emotions indicate the mix. Without that, you miss your true being.

As you feel your true vibrations of alignment, clarity, passion, interest, it means you are in the frequency that allows the merging of who you are, in the fullness of all you have wanted all your life.

As you are sick you ask for wellness and nonphysical becomes weller.  You then say, “Good for them. I’m still sick!”


Physical reality is either a complete extension – dramatic wellbeing – or a pinched off version.

Get vibrationally up to speed with wellness. “Big deal, can I spend that vibrational currency?”

No – you can’t spend it until you become a match to it.

You have to get up to speed with any of your requests and now you are in the vortex.

In the vortex, up to speed with the furtherest intention of you.

When you came in you were up to speed. “Why did I decide to come?”

What you were thinking is that contrast causes new conclusions.

I am a creator. Leading edge creates my personal preferences.

My God force will shine the bright light of it, and I’ll get up to speed.


No more delicious experience than when I move into the vortex.

From out of the vortex you ask, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!


Source Energy is throwing all of it your way, but you have to tune to it.

When Jerry’s dialed to wrong frequency on the walkie talkie, Esther can’t hear him or communicate.


You can’t hear on ornery frequency or overwhelmed or guilty or worried. You’re not receiving the signal and you feel unworthy or unloved, because you aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing.


In range:  frisky, love, fun, high, happy, exhilaration, love, wellness, clarity, stability, really really really good.


Frustration is off.


If you feel uncomfortable, when you hear what someone says, you heard it differently from Source.

Your Inner Being hears what’s being asked for, not their complaint of the moment.

The knot in your stomach is not because of your friend’s hard life, it’s because Source is seeing your friend differently. There is always a proportionate rocket of desire.

Every complaint has matching appreciation wave.

Your nonphysical friend heard the request when you heard the complaint.

You’re listening to the wrong side of the wave.

If you see the child is hurting – you didn’t take the bounce



That awful feeling is that you aren’t taking the bounce!

That’s negative emotion – you’re still part of the problem.

When you take the bounce – you’re part of the solution.


All of the things you worry about, you have no control over them.

If you pretend you can control and soothe the problems, you weaken your object of attention.

Every subject has two sides to the vibration:  bounce/wave.

Solution is always in the vortex.


When you are selfish and want to feel good, you notice that every subject evokes emotion.

There is never an emotion-less moment for you. Every moment is vibrational discernment.

Discern  in thousands of moments per day where you are and take the bounce.

Make that effort and you will find yourself more often than not in the vortex.


Esther and Jerry bask before sleep. And then practice ppreciation in the a.m. At most it takes

40 minutes – it’s simple just a decision to take the bounce that Source took.


Don’t be there for someone who doesn’t want to be where they are either!


If you apply yourself, you will discover Law of Attraction prevalent and available.  Deliberately direct your thoughts.

Esther and Jerry liked “I can create my own reality” because they wanted a lot of things.

Then they found out thinking deliberately takes effort.

Law of Attraction brings feedback about what you are living.

Go to bed worrying and overwhelmed, wake up there.

Esther and Jerry had a list of things they really wanted to get done. Overwhelment was palpable.

She said, “I’m overwhelmed and that’s just dumb.”

Esther reached for very positive and snapped right back to overwhelmed.

Then she tried less positive, back to overwhelmed. Less positive, back to overwhelmed. Less positive, back to overwhelmed.

She created a miserable breakfast for herself and Jerry.

“I’m going to meditate.” Her last ditch effort. Maybe my one and only way out of overwhelment.

The rubber band of Law of Attraction keeps pulling you back.


Happy people can’t find you when you are ornery.

She felt much better after meditation and sustained happy for a bit but overwhelment took over again.

Esther makes more effort than any of you.

It’s easy for you to use physical senses to take you out of the vortex.

Employees, messy house, TV; there are things that will easily take you out.


Not easy for you to see in the vortex.  It’s still a vibrational reality. You can’t taste, touch it yet. So, since you are so physically oriented, it’s easier to be out of the vortex, until you remember everything you want is in the vortex.


Your awareness of what’s in the vortex must be a feeling.

You FEEL it. It may not be very satisfying. Vortex is not a crystal ball. GET OVER IT!

It’s a reality. WE stand in it and can discern it.

Trust that we’re in your vortex, discerning it completely and generating a vibrational transmission that you can feel through your emotion.

Follow your bliss and feel your way into the vortex.

I want to feel ease and flow. Esther focused on word ease. Didn’t need crystal ball. She could feel ease.


NEW PROCESS:  Esther Focused on her breathing.  With the out breath each time she said, “wellbeing”, on the in breathe – ease and flow.


Then she did the whole alphabet…


Out – wellbeing

In – appreciation


basking, balance

clarity, confidence

delicious, decisive

ease, energy

free, fun

all the way to xcellence

Y – yes


She chose perfect in the vortex words. She knew she was in the vortex.

The reason the game was productive, she had to focus to feel for the perfect words

She tuned herself completely to Source. She was glowing in the dark.

She tuned into the fullness and then Law of Attraction delivered to her the people, cleverness, clarity, wellbeing.


In the vortex, when your friend complains, you are there with their Inner Being – not words with sympathy but words of who they really are.


Guest:  I offer help in the animal kingdom. I’m having vortex trouble.


Abe: The subject that creates the most hate mail from out of the vortex . No one likes the in the vortex answer from out of the vortex. Animals’ Inner Being knows the deer is willing to be lunch for the lion, from in the vortex.

No one, not ANY consciousness, comes without full understanding of what it’s coming into.


That cell in your body – don’t you think it has a pretty crummy life, all those cells all crowded in my skin!

Lady lost 150 pounds – how many cells got sacrificed?  They all croaked –AND got pretty hungry before they did!


Animals have Instinct or intuition – operating from One Mind.

Don’t argue for the out of the vortex condition. Which side of the bounce are you taking?


The animals know and they are coping, no complaining.

They choose it because from their perspective it’s something worth choosing.

They are stream of consciousness joyously participating at all levels.

The joy any consciousness feels is when it takes the bounce side of the vibrational wave.


It’s not about its relativity to other consciousnesses. Comparison is not between. There is not an evolutional ladder.

The satisfaction is the comparison of the individual consciousness with Source.

Even the chicken in the cage has an in the vortex Inner Being. And tuning to that, they don’t care where they be on leading edge. You can’t sort it out, anyway.

Human suffering and death creates the most suffering for humans. You all accept death is a natural part of life.

How do you square that with reason for coming forth at all?

The way humans feel about death makes it difficult to enjoy life.

You need to understand that when ALL consciousness aligns with Source, it feels JOY.

Not alignment = suffering.

Alignment = joy.


Stop trying to assume the identity of animals – you’re suffering, and the chicken isn’t.

It’s called forth to be food.

You feel you’d rather not be born at all than be born to be eaten.

Esther says to Jerry: You need to have dessert, otherwise when the witch comes to eat someone, she will take me!


Snuggles the dog had Renegade the chicken in his mouth. Jerry yelled, “SNUGGLES!” who dropped Renegade, who shook it off and ran home. Renegade was getting ready to be dead. Consciousness leaves at the perfect moment.


You can’t control it and it’s none of your business. You are suffering because Source is not seeing it that way.

“Poor carrots – heads are buried deep in the ground!”

Esther – “We eat strangers’ chickens, not ours.”


Guest:  Creating acting career. Never achieved what I was focused on.


Abe:  You achieved exactly what you were focused on. You all have chronic pattern of expectations. Go through the alphabet A-Z. Focus out of resistance and all those things have to come to you.

Guest:  There was a pt – briefly, where it seemed to work. I am seeking financial freedom.


Abe:  We know you worked at it. We want to make a powerful point that life put your request in the vortex.

The more focused you are, the more intense it is.  You were focused on a pattern of overwhelment and disappointment.

Occasionally you feel better, but it’s your chronic pattern that makes your life unfold.


It’s much easier to get in the vortex off topic. Feel your way in off subject. When you go back to the subject, you make it worse.

We don’t think you can find the perfect thought to take you in the vortex.

Use no thought and play silly games down the alphabet.

You are not assigned to take out of the vortex subjects into the vortex. Just get into the vortex yourself:

I focused upon blissful things, thoughts, memories, aspects of life.

I became a soother of myself.

I appreciated , loved, basked, and flowed.

I trained myself into the vortex.

And once you have consistently brought yourself in, you see the world through in-the-vortex eyes. And then the things that excite you, you can see as next logical step.

In the vortex you have 6th sense, are tapped in, tuned in, turned on.

You cannot talk to anyone about an in the vortex subject from out of the vortex.


When the thought comes, “It may not happen,” it feels completely off.


Don’t be a realist. Therein lies your problem. To be a vibrational realist, you can’t use physical senses, use emotional senses. Feel emotions and insist on it feeling good. It pays to find best tastes on the table, become an emotional taster. Feel your way.


During a wonderful rain in San Diego, Jerry & Esther were meditating and breathing. Jerry: the air tasted as it did when I was a child.

Esther:  I think it was the vibrational alignment of childhood.


Taste your way in.


You are thinking of doing it to effect reality. You have been comparing yourself to all other actors, livers. Compare yourself instead to the Source Energy you.


There’ll always be a bigger, better one. That comparative world is irrelevant. Your joy is achieved by coming into alignment with who you are. You have to accept ALL you want is already assembled in your vortex. You’ve got to feel your way in.

Make yourself a chronic visitor to your vortex.


Ever see a child freak out? They are having an out of the vortex moment.  They know it’s not supposed to be that way.  Go ahead:


Freak out – don’t accept out of the vortex!  It’s freakish – scream bloody murder!

I want back in!  I want back in!  I want back in so badly I’m going to meditate and play every game to get back in.


You have the most premier acting career in your vortex. Your Inner Being sees it and is guiding you. Your Inner Being can’t cause you to see it, hear it, touch it. Nonphysical is different – we see it. It’s your job to feel your way in until in is normal and out is rare.


When you hang around like that, then you’ll be able to translate the details of your vortex, it will translate visually. You sense the value of particular meetings. You’re so compelled and in synch. Your Inner Being guides you to perfect thought. People will say to you, “I can’t believe you said that.” Because you are in the vortex, you say it.


People will say, “Oh, freakish!”  We say, “No, vortex-ish!”



Sunday, after brief a.m. break

Guest: "Too Cool Seat." Sad, then 90 days of Abe - joyful. Turned life around.
Abe: It's good to know who you are. Once you get there once, you can do it again.

G: I love to love and help people. This is all I want to do. My successful career wasn't fulfilling.
A: "I love to love" - is an important awareness. I love to tune into who I am which is love and to let it flow through me to my object of attention.
Tuning into love is who you really are. Tune to the love that is you and you can flow it always.
What happens to someone who loves to love in looking at a catastrophe? Or someone who isn't easy to love?

G: I usually deal with out of the vortex people. I try to focus attention to bring love whether they are ready to accept or not. Softens them and it comes back to me. Asking for your experiential exploration of it.
A: If you take the other side of the wave and maintain your alignment, you can help.
Are all of them ready to receive you?

G: No.
A: What is your best work?

G: By example.
A: Do you believe that the situation has a bounce side?

G: Yes.
A: Can you see it?

G: Yes.
A: That was a trick question. Flip side: Inner Being can see it. You can't unless you're in the vortex.

If you tell them from inside the vortex, they are more likely to believe. You can't fake it. But tapped in, tuned in, turned on is not a match to someone really struggling.
Why are you co-creating with them? Because they need to be helped. And you are a helper, teacher, uplifter.
So, Law of Attraction brings it together.
You want money. They have got money. Law of Attraction brings you together.
You must be diligent about your attention to your vortex.
Observation of their life experience takes you out of the vortex and you'll lose your alignment, feel bad, and get discouraged about your life's purpose.
If you know the power of your beingness, their outside the vortex response to you is attack or trying to show you details of their life.
When you have practiced taking the bounce like their Inner Being and think about details on the other side, you convey to them things that can get their attention:
"I know it's been hard for you but I have a good feeling about the strength of your being. My gut makes me trust that it's going to be good for you. I see a strength that will carry you through."
Be general.
It's a rare person who can resist general terms of positive expectation. If
you go into specifics, they'll debate.
"I hear you. It's wrong for things to go bad. I feel elation at knowing who
you are."
Sometimes you don't want to appear to be the in-the-vortex freak you really


G: Young people, children, on FaceBook, it's pleasant to softly give them positive words. So fulfilling to me.
Thank you for helping me turn.
A: For all of you on FaceBook, you can't offer too many compliments. You create a virtual world that reveals this vortex of creation.

G: To Jerry - I am jealous you have access to her all the time.
A: You have access to that which is Abraham and more. You're right on the beam of it.

G: I had an emotional orgasm. Ten minutes, absolute bliss.
A: Try to describe it - Try to feel your way for it. Use descriptive words: liquid love, Oneness. Truth of who you really are. Natural state of being all that you are.

Throughout this gathering do your best to milk it. Use as many descriptive words as you can. Milking it makes you more chronically in that vibration.

See them as they really are. Practice the verbalization of you and then they believe you. You can't fake it. They'll get it when you know what you know.

Guest: What happens between intention and manifestation.

A: This confuses things. There are only two things that really matter - are you in the vortex or not? Everyone is in place of choice. Lean toward the vortex. Every choice is easier to make in the vortex.

G: I'm feeling pretty miserable. I can't see new manifestations.

A: You can't accurately see manifestations. It shoots you in the foot to look. That's our whole theme here - physical senses world vs. vibrational reality that you can't yet see, smell, taste, touch.

Stop needing to see it for awhile. You have to practice the new vibration.
Don't pick up the money stick. Pick up the reach- for-the-emotion stick.
Hang out in the vortex first and then every stick will be the end of the wave you want.
Notice the Don't want/Do want Vibrational waves. You have tuned yourselves to the Don't Want end of most waves.
"Art of allowing," is to emphasize other end of wave.

G: She was confused and pressured to act. I see what I want and feel I could take action, but the results aren't good.
A: Every effort you make takes you further away. Reach for the feeling of relief.
The logic of the physical trail is to dig in and make it happen.
But the harder you try, the worse it gets.
Keep adding to other side, which is the up side. You have to align with it.
The feeling of "pressure" is because the larger part of you has expanded, the rest of you isn't coming.
The only way you can turn off the pressure is let go. You just make it worse with action.
Let go of the struggle. You deactivate the vibration in your distraction.

Your Inner Being will call you in faster then.
You can't just stop thinking because Law of Attraction is generously saying,
"Since you've been thinking about this, we're giving you more thoughts like it."
You can't stop it - you have to replace it with something else that gives you a better feeling, gives you relief.
In the vortex - vibrational nonplace. Vortex. We are vibrational beings.
The larger part of you is pure vibration, holding ZERO resistance.
You cannot use physical senses to discern nonphysical reality. It can be felt but not seen.
Feel your way in. Feeling for relief is best way in.
Esther said: I can see wonder - look at the ocean! Can you believe our life? I love my life!
In a moment when you don't feel that way, the less you talk the better. Reach for relief instead.
Suppose something is really bothering you.
Very problematic employee. You see lots of awful-feeling evidence.
A normal employer fires him and Law of Attraction would bring them more exactly like that.
You hire vibrational matches to how you feel. You need a new approach. Feel your way - step back from specifics.
The person *is* a terrible employee. But it's not about action. You have the perfect employee created in your vortex.
You don't have access to it yet, so it feels like pressure.
Don't ask impossible- say, "I can achieve vibrational alignment with perfect employee."
Can't watch them, the actual employee. Let that go and feel for perfect employee. Find relief as I go.
I choose relief rather than reality.
I choose relief rather than reality.
I choose relief rather than reality.
I choose relief rather than reality.
I choose relief rather than reality.

"He told me a lie."
Relief: It doesn't matter. He means well. Everybody lies. Well-intentioned lie.

"He's late and that's wrong."
Relief: No real urgency. No one died. Want them to feel free. He does always get here.

You do this not for his benefit, but for yours.

"He's not cooperating! You're so vivid in my face. Yucky. Real."
That's your problem. Focus on your physical senses less. Make your emotional focus more important to you.
Give everyone benefit of doubt because YOU deserve it.
Source within you knows his value, for himself and you.
As you feel into alignment, you incrementally move your set point. Go inside the vortex.
The larger part of you knows it and is it. As you care how you feel, you find alignment.
"I'm presenting pictures that evoke feeling. Not accurate reality right now."
Let your focus be all about babies, rainbows, dolphins, happy music.
"Have you lost your grip on reality?"
Pretty much, while I gain my grip on my vortex and who I really am.

Guest: I'm caught up in too much feeling. Joyful or unhappy. Called a Pollyanna. Only seeing through rose-tinted glasses.
Abe: No one in the vortex ever accuses you of that. And people outside of the vortex, why listen to them?
Ignore reality. Feel your way into the vortex and then give your undivided attention to life. FOCUS.
Give your UNDIVIDED attention to devour life. Ignore reality.
Talking about new things, inventions, best of life.
We want you to use the tools to tune in. And then you will give them a hair-blowing-back experience.
But they won't call you, Pollyanna.
If you have an emotion and you catch yourself, ask what train of thought was I on. It gives you a clue.
Catch it while it's happening and notice a trend.
Focus Wheel - when something goes wrong. Write about how I feel about this unwanted thing.
What it always is, is trying to control the uncontrollable.
Whenever you put pressure on something, you're getting equal pressure back on yourself.
Stop and laugh instead.
There's plenty to worry about on this planet if you face reality.
No matter how much of that is happening to out of the vortex reality, it won't happen to you if you are in the vortex. You have access.
Worry is always resisting reality, because you are tuned out of the vortex.
"If I'm feeling bad it's because the larger part of me doesn't see it the same way."
Negative emotion is an indicator of resistant thought.
Gotta feel better because you want to feel better, not to make the world better.
Wellbeing is the only stream that flows.
Everything that feels bad is about personal deprivation from what feels good, by your focus of attention on what feels bad.
You were willing to see it all so you can ask for the opposite. That's the value of contrast.
Now you've done it, and you've launched a rocket of desire, and you've gotta keep up.

Guest: asking about why her hands are often clenched.
Abe: Your hands are clenched because you are holding yourself back. You are mad at that and disappointed at that, but your Inner Being will never apologize, or see you as flawed. Every time you do, you are caring more about their perspective. Inner Being doesn't judge so doesn't forgive.
It's good that you have emotions became vivid enough so you can see them.
It's happening now -as you feel around, in your clenched perspective, you find it.
As you reach for sore spot, it amplifies and prolongs it.

Sunday, after lunch

Guest: I want to be the author of a book, it feels exhilarating and scary. I want to do it.
Abe: People write in the vortex and out of the vortex.
Don't write it unless you are in.
Don't think about it unless you are in.

It  takes 15 minutes a day to write a book if you are in the vortex.
Most of the effort involved is getting in the vortex where you can hear it.
The real effort is getting in vibrational proximity of the flow and then the book comes easily.
Ignore life and gradually tune yourself.

If you had six months to write:
First and second and third month, just spend your time getting in the vortex.
Fourth, write it.
Fifth, edit it.
Sixth, celebrate it.

Genuineness and great happiness when you celebrate it.
Subject: spiritual power.
Contrast leads you to everything. Accessing a power.
Write about what you had to do to write a book.
Or recover from an illness.
They already want it.
What it takes is focusing on alignment with who you really are.

We've written that book, why are you going to write it?
Why another boring book?
It must be unique to you!
Otherwise why don't you just tell them about our book?

Why are you writing it?
Guest: "To see myself as an author."

There is a flaw in your premise that's slowing you down.
You want to be seen as an author.

What's screwy, is that in the vortex, you care only about how Source sees you.
Being seen by others as an author is an out of the vortex reason.
Write it from inside the vortex -because you can't not write it.

"I believe that I may be able to uniquely express in a way that Law of Attraction can bring me those who are a match to what I have written."

When it it is an extension of your connection, and not the reason for your connection, the book begins to pour through you.
We look forward to your unique slant on it. Let it be reflective of what you are about.

Guest: I want to write two books. How to make $1,000,000 selling t-shirts & Law of Attraction in business.
A: You bring the power of your wanting to know.
Jerry & Esther's latest projects:
New meditation CD
New book, 4th and final in series: Spirituality, The Last Frontier

People are leaving out relationship with Source.
If your market is reaching for the world, you cannot be talking about leading edge things.
If you target your audience, you lose who you are.
The most important thing ever is to write from the standpoint of who you are.

Lots of people send Jerry & Esther manuscripts. "They're just taking our work. Is it theirs for the taking?"

The concept is so well recognized that it is there for the taking.
Founders - Christ, Buddha .
They felt the same way that Esther feels.
They don't want to keep it a secret. They want not distortion.

Abraham's work represents hundreds of thousands of hours all vibrationally tuned.
Vibrationally accurate in every regard.

Let's start at the beginning.
You are capable of receiving.
Get into vortex first or you will create a distortion.
Esther has to look into world of distortion and still find her happy place in it

Write your own book, flowing through you in your words.
If you write with a partner, the two of you must go into the vortex.
Since you're always molding this into place
If you feel negative emotion, let it go while you use other subjects as your focus until you are in the vortex.
Once you've reclaimed your position, you can cue it into a better feeling place.

The fastest relief is sometimes letting it go.
Sometimes it is of value to identify out of the vortex vs in the vortex.
When you are out of the vortex, anything you do amplifies out of the vortex.
And otherwise, in the vortex increases in the vortex results.

You know there's not an out of the vortex and in the vortex across the board.
It's individual.
Be keenly aware of how you are feeling.
Focusing on do want and let go of don't want.
Feel your way into a softer focus.
You can focus in or out, but focus on a good feeling is much more likely in.
When you're in, focus all you like.

If you aren't moving easily, meditate. Then do a book of positive aspects and a rampage of appreciation.
THEN reintroduce subject to new found vibrational footing.

If you are successful, practice it, and then let it grow.

As subject comes up and you don't yet have answers, it can take you out of the vortex.
Say, "I'll take it under consideration."

If you feel excitement, there's a strong probability that you are more ready than you know.
Imagine it and milk it and play with it until it feels good.

It doesn't mean say no. It means clean it up before you say yes.
You have to match up. Be discriminating. Say yes as much as you possibly can.

Overwhelment can cause an out of the vortex moment which causes you to say no.
In the vortex, saying yes, comes easily and it will go great - so it can be the next logical step.
It may come in a different way than you thought it would.

"I want to say, 'Yes!' "
You will never get to the end of what's next.

We'd like you to be in 90% and out 10%. That's what you planned before you came in.

Focus Wheel is hands in the clay and purposefully moving it to better place.
Meditation teaches you to let it go.
If you have an issue and you meditate, in a short time you go back to previous vibration.

If you leave it in better place after a Focus Wheel, you've cleaned it up.
In time, you really make headway.

You are trained in your world to thought unlike your Inner Being.
If you retrain your active mind, it might take you a month of Focus Wheels.

We want you to be fully focused. You came forth to think.
Non-thought is a last ditch effort.

Focusing is where the joy of life is.
Creators focus.
Get in the vortex first.

You love having a conversation with someone who's really thought about life.
There's more definition in specificity than vagueness.
But in a negative place, vague feels better.

As a general rule, the population at large, is almost always negative when they are specific.

In the vortex - it's all positive. The more specific, the better.

You get to form the thoughts.
Specific feels better.

Me delegating or doing it myself?
You just do the stuff you really like the most and leave the other to someone else.

Guest: What's next?
Abe: Say yes to the stream of things flowing your way.
You've been missing the way you feel with your own Inner Being in relation to them.
You have been reaching for relationship or substance rather than Self-alignment.

Exhilaration with another takes it to another level.
Rush or alignment with him wouldn't be possible if you were not already aligned with Source.
Come into the vortex and tune to who you really are.
Then Law of Attraction will bring you bright, beautiful, brilliant, and delicious playmates.

If you want the relationship to fill the void, you're looking for love in all the wrong places.

My alignment is enhanced with others when I'm in alignment.
Then you are matched with things that are in alignment - looks like that highness is dependence but it's co-creation - you will always feel better in co-creation than isolation. There's a synergy together.

You don't want to need another for synergy but Source hooks you up with everything.

"Hate Mail" is attracted - about animals, religious definition - always comes from out of the vortex.
Jerry and Esther attract it because they do care about comfort of the audience.
Length, temperature, place - they want you to be comfortable.

If we were standing in your physical shoes - we're teaching you what to do to be happy. Don't depend on Jerry and Esther.

The Secret - Esther wanted a contract - well-written agreement.
Only time ever they sought legal contract - to avoid the very thing that happened.
They were guarded and it played out fully.
You cannot protect anyone from anything.

Your real influence is from inside the vortex.
When you care about feeling good and are sensitive to what feels good you have clear sight.
You can't separate your thoughts from what comes about.
If you focus on them and feel happy, you bring it about.

If you want to uplift the world, Katrina/Haiti,
If you could find the other side of that bounce and focus there, it will get bigger.
There is another side of the bounce. You could make a difference.

Guest: People make lists - qualities they want in a mate/job.
Abraham: The Vortex knows - it's automatic.
Your Inner Being knows as list evolved and larger part of you evolved.

Take the time to get in the vortex.
You have access and then you can see what's in there.

If all of that is true, why script or write?

Value is that you train yourself into rhythm with what's in the vortex.
Writing list is your way of coming into alignment.
You keep adding the components.

The other person won't fulfill life experience: money, house, boat, car
All those things already in your escrow.
He shows up to enjoy it with you.

The Universe constructed the list, and it's held, and already delivered.
Writing your list is tuning to vibration of receiving it.
Write it from what you want, not from what's missing.
If you are waging war with what isn't, you're holding yourself there.

First acknowledge you are a vibrational being.
"I know that we were nonphysical first."
Millions of people peel off there.

How is my thought, word, and action, measuring up with me now?
"I can see you also want alignment first and foremost."
If you can't get that far, give it up.

Happiness documentary on TV - Esther thought she'd lose her mind, the truth is so much simpler than that.

"I would love a big chunk of money."
You are usually saying it from not having it.
The vibration is about absence of a big chunk of money.

Trick your brain into accepting that you have a big chunk of money.
You have to move your expectation before money can get to you.
It's about training a new expectation.
Then everything always matches exactly.
The response is to the vibration that you are offering.
You've got to withdraw your attention from reality.
Feel it. Imagine it. Conjure it. Milk the feeling.
"I love the money I have now."

We can feel as people go you've barely scratched the surface.

We can feel it's so.


Sunday, Last Segment

Guest:  I am a doctor, mostly interested in prevention and Medical education.
A) how can I be most effective?
B) how do you live in wellness without picking up getting sick?

Abe:  What you push against is active in your vibration.
If you feel are helpful, that will keep you well.
You have to believe more in wellbeing than sickness. Really, the wellbeing is so much greater than the not wellbeing.
If you listed all the things that are working, you’d call the patients into vortex.
You can’t talk about the reality that exists and change it.
Start talking more about vibration and less about blood and cells.
Ask yourself, “Is it hard on cells confined in your skin with so little freedom?” [laughter]
Every consciousness is an extension of nonphysical energy, including your cells.
Chickens not defining their relativity with other chickens – they are always reaching for alignment with Source.
Cells are always reaching to balance and asking for what they need.
Nonphysical finds balance immediately.
If a cell calls for more energy, but can’t come into balance, pain happens.
The attitude of patient is the only thing that gets in the way of cellular communication with nonphysical energy. The thinking pattern misalignment gets in the way.
Say, “Most physical doctors treat physical bodies. But now I know all of us are more vibrational than physical. There’s a tuning we can do that well people do. The cellular structure of your body responds delicately. We’ll treat symptoms make you comfortable.”
“My job is to convince you of the vibrational aspect of your being. I’m going to show you how your mood affects your body. I never give false hope. I speak only of what I know. Go forth and tell no one.”
Convey to them the power of your knowing.
There’s no reason to defend yourself from illness – it’s just out of the vortex.
Tend to your vortex and you will tend to your ease. Get in the vortex and get happy!
What you really have to do is focus on vibrational cause, alignment or misalignment.
We are not interested in what’s bothering them.
Get over it.
There’s not a lot you can do that would drag you out of the vortex.
They have a vibrational distortion going on.  The illness is nothing more than a vibrational indicator.
Lighten it up.
You say to them “NOW is reflection of a mood.”
If you can improve your emotion, you can improve your physical condition.
Being in pain and hopeful vs being in pain and fearful, is difference in recovery or not.
Your body is following the pattern of your thought. You’ve felt enough negative emotion that now you ignore it. So a stronger indicator had to come along.
We’re going to approach it from inside out. Your cells are talking vibrationally. When you’re happy, they flow easily but when you block communication between cells, chaos ensues. Disrupted cellular communication needs to be restored.
There’s been no better conversation than that, ever.

See for a transcription of the next segment

Abe:  You don’t look dead.  Meditation is quieting. And releases resistance. And helps with the donning broader perspective.

It’s the same as before you come, that’s not what you came to experience. Meditation is better than being out of the vortex, but then let go of what bothers you, and take that aligned YOU back into physical world in aligned life.
15-20 minutes per day is enough and then YOU get to choose what else you do.  Meditation is a tool for alignment.

Guest:  I feel like I am on the brink of enlightenment.
Abe: Enlightenment is your natural state of being.
Negative emotion is you holding yourself down, when you let go of the cork, it will float back up automatically.
Enlightenment = alignment = joyous.
Enlightenment moment in time when you are vibrating in full participation with the whole of who you are.  A baby basking is enlightened. You have to be socialized into resistance.
Nonphysical gets higher and higher because of what you are living (contrast).
Enlightenment is keeping up with who you keep becoming. The more you keep up, the better you feel. You could not be more worthy.
Enlightenment is the releasing of resistance. Enlightenment keeps evolving.  That’s why it’s a daily experience to keep tuning to who you keep becoming.
The physical me is the same as nonphysical me, and that’s why I’m obnoxious [laughter].

Abe:  You came embracing the idea of exploring contrast and expanding.  The joy of physical life is moving into the vortex. You knew contrast would provide expansion.
Nonphysical holds the tone for you and life’s not risky.  It’s all win - win - win.
You said, “I am a unique individual choosing personal preferences.”  You knew that you would be able to feel yourself into that expansion.
This leading edge experience is the most adventuresome delicious idea ever.
Why do mountain climbers do it?  You don’t get it because they like the new high.
Some people live their entire lives out of the vortex?  Why?
They are choosing it from physical, because they were socialized by the physical.
It’s a balance – most people aren’t meditating nearly enough.
You knew it would be likely you’d wind up out of the vortex.  You didn’t count on making a career of being out of the vortex.  The most you can be out of the vortex is your whole life.  In death you’re back in.
You all expected to feel your way back in.  What a ride it is to get back in after an out of the vortex life!
Your Inner Being would say, “Everything is in my favor. I have endless guidance.”
It’s only out of the vortex people who see that the odds are not in your favor.
Masses panicking over global warming, but who you really are knows longevity and deliciousness.
It’s not a coincidence that someone from the back wall would say in that moment there’s madness happening here.  (There was a disturbance in the back at that time.)
You will never find your Inner Being standing alone.  You are always merged and meshed with that which man calls God.  Your Inner Being’s expanding all the time.  Source gets bigger and louder, surer and happier.
If you in your physical world didn’t cause expansion, you wouldn’t feel negative emotion, or unworthiness.
It helps to have another point of view spoken to you repeatedly.
It’s not irrational to be out of the vortex. If you are raised by someone out of the vortex, there’s a high probability you will go there.
We want to convince you that your negative emotion comes in response to bogus thought which-doesn’t match Source within you.
Jerry and Esther bought a chandelier. It looked off, hanging funny, tilting forward.
Esther – it’s off right at the top. She measured distance between 21”  23”  22.”
There’s no possible way to get it better because it was created out of balance.  It will never be right because it is flawed at its conception.
Source within you knows your value. Anything unlike that won’t square.  It has to be an inside job.  You are born with this sensitivity. In alignment you always feel fabulous.

Esther wants teach this to her grandkids when they’re 5 so they’ll never forget.  They are going to forget if for awhile. In that discord they’ll develop desire and it will come to a higher happy place and it will be worth it.
“My core belief is joyful, I know my worthiness.” Those are true core beliefs.
Do 100% of your affirming from inside the vortex.
If you do it from outside the vortex, it makes things worse.
Care how you feel, get in the vortex, and affirm the better feelings from already feeling good.
When you say “I can do it” from ornery- you just amplify that disconnected feeling.
Our encouragement to you is tomorrow will be even more leading edge than today.
Don’t try to guide it.  Anticipate how good it will feel as it unfolds.  Have as much fun as possible on the ship tonight.

 First Segment, Monday a.m.


Are you enjoying your part in the expansion of the Universe?

WE are enjoying your part in the expansion of the Universe.

Vibrations and waves – everything expresses as a wave

 – every possible motion can be expressed as a wave


Guest:  Only it’s our view of the waves that makes our experience, this is a Holographic Universe.

Thoughts bring us to waves already created.

Abe:  We agree that it’s all vibration. And on every wave there is a side wanted and a side Unwanted.


Even the one-celled organism asks and is answered.

Everything is now, all vibrations are having a relationship with all other.

There has to be a perceiver of a wave before it has any form.


 Guest:  Illusion …?

Abe: Interpretation unique to perceiver. You accept that a dog has a different hearing perspective but for you it doesn’t exist even though dog can hear it.

Law of Attraction organizes it all, so what?


Guest:  I’m understanding the perceiver who we are is a number of entities rather than one. We’re just Source as us in order to perceive and create.

Abe:  What man calls Source or God exists.

Consciousness/Source Energy/One.

Source expresses in human form.

Many perceivers come forth. When you are physically focused and sensing, you perceive and come to agreement about what Source sees and Source is.

As beings are constantly asking, there is a reaching forward that Source becomes.


“My Source existed and I come forth, to explore and expand. Source is expanding from my human form.”


You are the Source of further requests – This entity has expanded because of your diversity.


The continuing cycle of vibrational life is always taking place. We are creating new wave forms constantly. You and we are unique beings.

Having just made new conclusions, we expanded. Further reaching, expansiveness creates the future.


Look at a plant and notice new growth. If you don’t make new cells, you cease to be. Expansion is necessary for existence.


The contrast inspires the new idea constantly.  Just stand in a place that is less satisfying and you want more.

Perception – perspective from Source and physical. Blend the two perspectives by broadening your vision.


Rather than explain how you got here, enjoy here and reach for expansion.  

Most humans are hooked on senses reality. You have another sensor – emotion!

Emotion gives you a constant moment-by-moment feedback about perception- who your really are and all you have become.


How much are you letting yourself be who you have become, moving into synch with broader becoming?  The lag is negative emotion.


Historians drive each other crazy exploring. What you think of as now is all past tense.  In he Broader God Source experience the future is now.

Vibrational Reality is the Now where We stand, where Source is calling you.

Perception – it’s like Esther’s ‘lost’ pen. Once she made the decisive conclusion that it was LOST,  she couldn’t’ perceive it.

You cannot manifest beyond boundaries of expectation.

Inner Being is keeper of your Vibrational Reality.


We call it NOW.  It’s exhilarating – it exists for the pleasure that it gives ALL of us.


Now is Now always, your relativity to who you are is happening now.

How you feel is the indicator of how the meeting is going.


Law of Attraction manages vibrations.

You focused long enough, on what was not wanted so you believed things weren’t going well.  You developed the point of attraction that said, I’m not doing well.


There is another station – there are endless frequencies!

Law of Attraction causes coalescing. There are rivers of despair and man’s disconnected thought. But then you line up with who you are and the other voice disappears.


You are always choosing thoughts but it doesn’t feel like it. [Because Law of Attraction brings you more of what you’ve been focused on.]


Esther’s hand wouldn’t go to the pen. She was looking for something else before she could find it.


It’s not one world.

It’s as many worlds as there are perceivers to perceive it.

Perception is everything, you see.


We are constantly wanting to introduce you to the broader perspective.  Diversity matters – unconditional love means come into alignment.

Only when you know who you really are, can you enjoy your life.


It’s always alright to have fun if your motive is to uplift.

Told the story of Esther and the other man who’s baggage was identical, the first three bags that came out were Esther’s.  The next three were his.

Esther and the man were having a good time. Jerry said, “Do you know who that is? Television evangelist who talks smack about those like us.”

If either had known who the other was, they would have had no fun together, but instead were able to enjoy their interaction.


Relax and be easy about trauma. Be at ease and relax. Three months could get you through it.


Guest:  Thanks for soothing.

Abe:  When you try to push something  away,  your separation from your Self feels like pressure.


Guest:  Counseling – suppressed memories. Denial. Tell ourselves that we’re believing.  I want to consciously penetrate the smoke screens.

Abe:  “We encourage suppression” to shake you up.

If you believe in buried experience and emotions that restrict freedom –

keep poking and digging. Keeps it activating – the more they dig. the worse it gets.


We agree with the motive – having a clear space.

Inclusion evokes Law of Attraction.

But we recommend different way of clearing.  No thought ever ceases to be.

The only question is if there is something else that evokes the memory.


Let a child have a trauma and adults will magnify it and tag that child to the memory and wonder why the child needs therapy later. All those people keep activating it. Just pick another frequency and tune into it. It’s that simple. Choose the frequency and Law of Attraction will back you up.


Jerry would not eat green beans till relative said, “Your mother thought they were good for you and fed them two you morning, noon and night.”

Once he heard that, he could enjoy green beans.

He was habitually holding to the decision to not do that anymore.

The decision was alive, but it was not a true aversion vibrationally.


Guest:  Patterns of thought – mental – resistance- complaint- violence – same as chimps – dysfunctional for humans – functional for animals.

For example lions killing baby lions to take over a pride.


Abraham:  The human focuses and can create a lot but has greater potential than animals to step out of vortex.

You are designed for taking thought forward specifically – you have a high degree of intentionality. Beasts are less focused and therefore,  more naturally in the vortex.

Animals operate from instinct which is connection to broader perspective.


Jerry and Esther simultaneously said, “We have seven minutes.” “We have three minutes.” “We have One Mind and two bodies!”

They are more instinctual in those moments when they are both tuned in to same broader perspective.


Erratic behavior in humans is caused by disconnection from who they really are if they are harming or upsetting. And Law of Attraction doesn’t match you up with those way off your frequency.


Animals don’t label “rape” or “murder.” Whether beast or human – you all have a selfish instinct for survival. Scrapping for survival, people are the same as the lion.

You think out of the vortex flailing is different from fighting for survival.

It’s not – it’s out of the vortex dysfunction.


Guest:  Teaching this stuff – passion.

Abe:  You will be one who could do it – efficiently rooted in world of reality they revere and connected – you can make bridges Esther cannot.


Jerry said to Publisher, “Do you think PBS is ready for Abraham?”

He said, “It’s not the nature of material, but the credentials of one who has the material.”

Just flowing Infinite Intelligence isn’t enough. [Laughter]


You have ability to reach more resistant students. They want to know it.

It upsets Esther. We find great humor in it. They want it from a format filled with flawed premises. Larger #’s are reaching for what you are conjuring.


Give your undivided attention to what you want to know and you will take it beyond with a whole fleet of people.


Say, “When I’m in my alignment, I’ll find bridge.”


Guest:  Feeling is my predominant focus. Sensitivities -has been difficult.

Abe:  Good. We don’t think that guidance is ever other than good. We can acknowledge that if you are out of the vortex and don’t know how to get back, it’s hard.


Guest:  What do we do – tool – so massively triggered – how to return and dissipate negatively charged energy?

Abe:  Strong words. Makes it sound impossible.

A nice long sleep will help reduce resistance.


You think a thought that vibrates then more precisely and Source thinks about in response to the same thought relative to you.

Source thinks every single thought with you. Your Inner Being is thinking you are magnificent at the same time you feel unworthy.


“I’m loving my life.”  (you)  “I’m loving your life.” (Inner Being)

Equals Rapture. The whole of you is reverberating in harmony.


If your thought opposes it, your guidance tells you.


Negative emotion isn’t about the subject, it’s about my relativity to how Source thinks about it. You’re sad because you’re focused on failure. Your Inner Being knows what’s in your Vibrational Reality.


It has nothing to do with the rascal who left.

“I’m sad because I’m not focused with who I truly am.”

Is empowering.

If you can’t be happy with conditions as they are, you are out of luck. 

Your only responsibility is to wanna feel good and keep reaching for thought that brings you into alignment.

There is a reality you’ve been defining that doesn’t mean diddly squat.

The Vibrational Reality is where it ALL is.


We want you to want to feel your way to this and stop describing what is. Then watch the manifestations that flow into your experience.



Monday, 2nd Segment of the a.m.


Guest:  When you get in the vortex – are there levels, stages inside the manifestations.


Abe:  There is no end to our expansion. No end to the contentment and satisfaction of the vortex. It’s not a static thing, there’s no actual no doorway.

It’s a vibrational state of being.


Don’t try to perceive it literally, by your physical senses, view it emotionally.

The doorway is somewhere between hoping and believing – then LOA can take you in.


Practice hopeful thinking on a subject, and negative thinking falls away

And Law of Attraction surrounds you with things of hopefulness.


When you get the hang of this, there’s always something to look forward to.

All doesn’t manifest immediately. What to do with all those cars and boats?!

Step into a place where you know it’s all unfolding.

It’s life unfolding – you are the creator of your life – the funand prosperity – all the things around you.

In the Vortex, life unfolds in a magnificent way.

The perfect experiences take place for Jerry & Esther on their way to the cruise. You all have a concierge in the sky. “This will make your life nice.”(Esther loves getting into synch where all the bumps are removed.


You just enjoy the view.

Life should not be a struggle at all.

It should feel you are cared for with the energy that creates worlds.

Life touches you in a delicious way when you are in the vortex.

It’s a state of being.  Discover what life is like in the vortex.

Impulse to stop and do things from inside the vortex leaves you in one poignant moment after another. Surprise and delight or soothe and compliment can accompany your every moment of time.


You find the same thing that follow you everywhere on the cruise. 

You’ll make spontaneous connections. You’ve asked for it and Source has made all of the arrangements as you are a match. You are a cooperative component.


You are important to the equation. The pool is always there for you. You are so tied to the expanded version of you – There is a powerful, powerful, Powerful call to you. But it feels like aggravation or revenge sometimes.


The more you dig in, the more you ask, the more it pulls, the more pressure you feel.

If you are at all inclined to let go, meditate, or let loose, Law of Attraction will pull you in. Only your resistance creates the lag time.

Do all of your affirming from inside the vortex. Get in and then milk it and stay in.


Different processes work at different relativities to the vortex.

The less you face your current reality, those aspects fade.

Stop thinking about what you don’t want.

Just chill out, have more fun, don’t make big deals of it.

You feel the fun of incremental focusing and achieving.


If you are really out of the vortex, the less you think the better.

Seek distraction: running, swimming, meditation.

Get in. Then from in the vortex, the more you think, the more satisfying it is.


Your vortex keeps moving and moving.

You think, “Bummer.”  But motion forward is the juice of life. There will always be more for later!

Always more!


Beasts stay more in balance with what you’ve reached for.

Bask to sleep, enjoy the rock of ship, luxury and beauty of ship, steadiness, security, fun.

The when you awaken, it’s easy to pick up feeling good and get a running start on the day.  Wake up in the vortex and affirm just how good life is.


Esther has wellbeing cards on her iPhone now.


Breathe deeper and let it out slower.

Taste the air, makes even breathing a delicious experience.

Jerry & Esther said the air tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.

They are not smelling – they are feeling and knowing wellbeing.


Guest:  I’m on a natural high.

Abe:  High is natural. It’s energy in movement – that’s you, coming up to speed with your energy.

The ripples on your skin are an indicator – thrill bumps mean you are blended with your Inner Being.

Eerie is unblended in the moment.  You can have uncontrollable spasms of joy.


Guest:  regarding death – I haven’t felt bad and that makes me feel like a weirdo in my community. I pretended to be upset to fit in. Then I l

Let go of that. I would like to find an easier way to interact. I don’t understand why they are so upset, what is it they are afraid of?


Abe:  They fear not feeling good. They fear the being lost that they associate with dying. It’s the fear of losing control over something uncontrollable.


Esther had very deep sad moment, for years she was afraid it would come back.

You try to cling to good feeling and you can’t.

To feel good about croaking, you have to understand it.

You’re so busy facing reality you lose sense of larger self and depend on the support of those around you, which is minimal compared to the infinite support that should be available to you. And then they die off.


Only one who is already connected can feel good around death. Most people aren’t ready for this discussion. Law of Attraction won’t bring you to them, but your sense of responsibility will. You go to a funeral and it’s like walking into a hostile camp. There’s awkwardness.


How does decision to croak happen?

If you keep pinching yourself off from Source Energy, you eventually die.

The dominant broader you is always calling you home.

People who have discovered alignment, they remain longer because life is yielding to them.

The Source Energy part of you is running the show, not the physical part of you (we love you).


If you are struggling, asking and not going, struggling, asking and not going, struggling, asking and not going, then the asking is held off by doubt –eventually a strong enough desire will prevail and overcome resistance.

Then the asking for alignment gets so great your Inner Being notices that death is the only way for you.

Many others have aligned and received, aligned and received, aligned and received,

And then it’s more compelling to go as part of the dance of life.


Jerry and Esther are looking forward to starting over again. They see the whiff of freshness in the new ones.


G: Don’t know if I should encourage them to stay or counsel them to go – it’s frowned upon to encourage them into the eternal nature.

My brothers and sisters wouldn’t like it for me to soothe mother because she’s been the center piece of their contentment for a long time.


Abe: Root for their alignment, not their death. If they’re not finished, even if doctors say they’re terminal, you can influence them back. But if they are ready, alignment will help them go.


Story of guy who croaked between phone calls. “What is wrong, why is he not going ? ” his daughter asked.

Abraham said, “Nothing is wrong, it is all unfolding perfectly.  There is nothing for you to do, it’s all perfect.”

He transitioned in that moment of her relief. Her letting go allowed him to let go. You have the power of influence.


G (Star asking Connee’s question about loving inanimate objects):

Abe:  Everything is consciousness.

They are not projecting love.

When you project love, you connect with Source.

They are in alignment. Things are content.


Everything is responding to you.

How often does your computer crash when you are upset?

Everything responds to you.

Most people don’t expect to have power of influence with everything.

Let Law of Attraction surround you with things that cooperate.

The car breaks down in front of the place it needs to be fixed.

Things of a physical nature do have wear and it’s completely natural to maintain them.


G:  Marcey feels our house loving us as her excuse to align with who she really is.

Abe:  When you are a vibrational match to the whole of what you really, there’s a dance. When the whole of you is there, it’s all love.


Guest:  Is there anything outside of me?

Abe:  We want to hear a more detailed question. There are a lot of ways we could address you.

Everything is outside of you that is not a match to who you are right now.

Experiences cannot come that are not a match.


G:  Whole range of inside/outside idea.

Who I am really is – nature/nurture. Outside of me.

Law of Attraction is its determined inside by choices – I see a place where nothing outside of me has determined who I am. Maybe it’s all inside?


Abe:  Nothing outside of you vibrates for you. Nothing can offer a vibration for you.

If you were unique and singular, you are a co-creator, you are surrounded by others of like vibration – cooperative components.

If Esther sees you and notices you crying, if she comes and converses with you about what is happening, now she is exaggerating your vibration.

She could see you crying, and knowing what she knows, she could say, “He’s asking and not a match to what he’s asking for, but I am exhilarated about him moving into his vibrational reality and finding what he’s looking for!”


One connected is more powerful than one million who are not.

Esther could have uplifted you vibrationally in that moment.

You are the creator – there are two aspects of YOU – your Inner Being is you, not outside of you. All Esther is doing is helping or hindering your response to that calling.

Source Energy is everywhere and everything.


G:  If I can envision possibility, with no outside influence, can I say, There is no outside?

Abe:  All is Source Energy, co-creating with another is co-creating with Self.


G:  Suicide – family member.

Abe:  Person left behind all she picked up on physical trail. She left it behind.


Your opinion and opinion of Source are different if you are out of the vortex.


Your Inner Being will not join you in one negative thought.

Source isn’t going to send you back for a do-over!


Glorious feeling of wellbeing and worthiness wraps through you entirely and you make the decision to come back from there.

Your perceiving keeps you reaching for more.



Monday, First Segment after Lunch Break

 Q:  What’s next?  Since October, my life has been fast moving. I’ve been letting the death of a boy 16, that is effecting the community, effect me. I know he’s fine. I split - I knew he was fine but my body didn’t keep up. He is the spark that has started the fire. He’s connecting with people – leading us to Source – he’s a bridge.

 A:  Acknowledge that often a death like this is a spark to get physical friends to explore what’s next. Death is acceptable to you if they are old but you ask questions if they are young. You cannot judge the quality of a life by how long it lasts.

This eternal process: physical, nonphysical, physical, nonphysical, is an eternal process – more of the same is what’s next. People who are ready to hear are now hearing. It’s good when people who are physical have to reach into nonphysical for answers It’s a last ditch effort to reach for nonphysical and tune for wholeness to who I am – you often wait to do it when there are no more options.

So many things in your vortex of creation you cannot articulate. It’s unfamiliar and you don’t recognize it now because you haven’t kept up.

 Say: I have one path – to align with the fullness of who I am. That lines everything up.

The pre-birth intention for a teacher like you is “I will be a catalyst to assist others in knowing who they are by the path of least resistance.”

The early departure of significant character causes community questions.

You are not assigned by him, there’s not an agreement between you. You, like so many others, are stimulated to an awareness of the Oneness.

Death need not be a separating factor. You now understand there is no separation with nonphysical in general.

You get to choose what’s next. 

G:  Left home is – bliss. I sing on cruise ship. I feel closed to normal life, not grounded.

A:  Good!  Grounding and flowing are two different things. We’d rather see you free floating.

You are always wanting more, broader exposure. Reaching for positive words – pat phrases like grounded, you are not sure of it. Let loose of what’s normal. You like the stability of cruise audiences.  Are you trying to say “I’m tired of being on a boat? I long for different-food, confines, land, freedom.”

In every moment, you’ve been putting it into your vortex, but your observation is holding you apart.

Not grounded, blended!  The faster way is to make peace with where you are. Your request is in, the Universe has it lined up-and you just need to cease your resistance.

We can feel that you’re on the brink. You can’t see how next is coming. You cannot see your vibrational reality, but you can sense and feel you are on the brink.

Abraham will not do your work for you. Feel it coming and savor that feeling. It’s the feeling you’re all going for.

You will experience the inevitable outcome.  You have the privilege and opportunity to interact with those who are where you want to be. They will tell you this is the best part of your life.

You are forever going to be having conversation pretty much like this. “I’m ready to let loose and move up.”  There will always be a new you calling. Make peace with current reality.

The ship is grounded for you. You want less resistance to what is calling you.

What you want is for sure, and when it doesn’t matter how fast it comes, it will come faster.

 G: I want to get consistently into open, free energy. It’s all about flow and resistance-physical manifestation drags you down.

 A: Only because you’re so observant. If you don’t notice negative emotion, it gets bigger. But it’s just an indicator. Unwanted physical conditions are only an indicator of unresolved negative emotions.   You say, “I can deal with it. I can sit on hot stove with Novocain.”

Coping wears thin. Get really fussy and guide your thoughts so negative emotion ceases.

Let’s move energy here.

“Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it. Here is where I am I don’t like it.

I did some processes. I did some processes. I did some processes. I did some processes. I did some processes. I did some processes. I did some processes.

I did some more processes. I did some more processes. I did some more processes. I did some more processes. I did some more processes. I did some more processes. I did some more processes.

I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it. I intellectually get it.”

Your habit of thought didn’t do it and now your physical condition is amplifying the “Here I am. I don’t want to be here.”

Slopping thinking (We love you very much).

Lazy thinking (We love you very much).

Law of Attraction just brings you more. It takes effort, decisiveness, to find another thought.

Get off where you are and feel your way forward.

 Choose One Word – it makes you focus better:

A   Appreciation

B   Best, bright, better, balance

C   Cherish

D   Divine

E   Easy

F   Free

G  Good

H  Healthy-activates opposite end of stick. Happy, harmony

I    Ideal

J   Joyous

K  Kind

L  Lovely

M  More

N  New

O  Open

P   Prosperous

Q  Queued up for more

R  Resolution, revel

S   Safe-not in the vortex-like “healthy” activates opposite end of stick. Savor

T  Tender

U  Unique

V  Vortex-like, valve, vigor, vim

W  Warm, wonderful, welcome

X   [X-lent]

Y  Yes

Z  Zesty

 You had to focus – we asked for finer focus.

That’s the best work you’ve done on wellbeing for a long time. To find those feelings – you got stronger.

You didn’t just explain what’s going on-you felt forward, you moved your set-point and you have right now a better feeling- euphoric, excited. Instant indicator that you moved.

Now physical condition has to move too.  It won’t hold by doing it just this one time.

Move, and hold. And move, and hold. And move, and hold.

Your emotion and physical condition will indicate you have moved. It is law.

Don’t you love feeling control of your own focus?

Do you do it to make things better or for the thrill of alignment?  Create because it’s fun to create, not because you’re trying to fix something.

You gotta wanna go because it feels good. Go and eat, and think not because you need it but because focusing feels so good while you do it.

 G:  To learn lessons?

 A:  Many surrounding you think they benefit by your compliance to their goals. It’s easy to get caught up in that.

G:  I thought suffering was short route to what I wanted.

A:  Completely idiotic idea that good comes through suffering. You have to be so removed from the vortex to come to that crazy conclusion.

Wave visual, on top of wave, clear vision and carried – previously caught under the wave being smashed.

A fun ride is fast and without resistance.

Release resistance for the fun of ride. Let go of old way. Stop speaking old way.

 New way – depositing the equivalent on other side of wave.

That acknowledgement of how much is now IN your vortex gives you reason to love every miserable moment. Love it and bless it and receive the benefit of the trouble and struggle.

We think now you have a new story.

The power of the top of the wave is smooth and beautiful. I know power of what’s underneath. It was so completely worth it, every particle of it.


G:  Physician – psychiatry. Traumatized folks. Coolest thing-have let go and been taught by my patients. Led me to Abe and needed new model. I don’t get caught up in other’s emotions. I talk to wise nonphysical entities, in patients. I brought it on, now I’m fearful that I don’t get it right quickly. How to soothe fear? I want to help them. It’s their journey.

 A:  Your part is to soothe fear, not cure diseases. Attract them by power of your influence to who they truly are.

As you are visiting with them, your only value is to soothe yourself, not them.

Soothe YOU.

Unless you soothe have nothing for them.  Don’t do too much thinking. In a soothing moment, the less words you offer the better.

 You’ve got plenty of time. Your desire is strong enough. You’ll find your balance. Your goal is to soothe you:

Tell yourself:  I sense it’s going to be alright. I prefer to see you recovering. I know what is possible. I forget your current reality.

Your words matter not at all. I’m not going to let you drag me out of the vortex by your focusing on reality which both of us know you do not want.

I’m not afraid for you. I know too much. I can feel so powerfully the intent of your wellbeing. You’re not dragging me away from my vortex by your ridiculous What-Is-ness.

 Some will say, “You’re too wacky for me.” Others will remember, and stay.

You are a healer and an observer of wellbeing. You aren’t responsible to heal them. You’re responsible to feel good.

Yes, you are still emotionally involved. Involved in the emotion of the flip side of the wave.

Tell them, “I could not be more emotionally involved.” 

It’s your job –it will perfect itself. It’s masterful what you are doing.

It’s easy for Esther. Tells Abe-“I want to speak clearly your words.”

It’s easier in an environment like this.

You’re Step One. We’re Step Two. Esther is Step Three.

 They activate a bit of the problem. You need a buffer – aloof, detached.

When they are complaining or fearful, You’re detached.

They are saying, “Crawl out of your vortex and meet me and help me.”

 G:  I’d like to take you to a psychiatric conference.

 A: We’d go, but they’d commit Esther.  [laughter]

Things are always working out for us. There’s a stream of wellbeing.

Your Inner Being is always there for you. Free will gives you the choice. Inner Being is always calling you over.

G: It’s incredibly moving to me to know that.

A: In the moment you care about how you feel, it flips fast and easy.

Your patients are at that last ditch effort, where a small turn has a big effect.

 Your Inner Being is looking out for you.

The negative emotion you feel is only because of the existence of your Inner Being.


G:  I have an odd life – everything happened to me that I wanted.

 A: Only thing odd about it is calling it odd.

You may be exceeding your ability to articulate, you may have to feel it forward.

Start with “A” …

There will always be more than you can imagine, because you put things into your vortex, unknowingly.

Once you get stuff that’s queued up, and you let it go faster, it’s not as dramatic.

Savor the deliciousness of it.

Just from this you have acknowledged a process that has not come to fruition yet that will help patients for generations to come.

G:  Things like that scare me.

A:  You’re looking at it differently. Get over it! You know how to do it.

 Teachers know the plan. We reflect back to you what you already know.

G: Who wants to hear Jerry’s questions?

A:  Esther’s been encouraging Jerry and so have we. He’ll only do what he wants to do.



Last Segment on Monday, January 25, 2010
(Only two segments remaining-Friday afternoon. There were three days in-between to just play/bask.)

Guest:  I made peace with what is and let go of my resistance and I got called up to hotseat.
I’ve been many things.  I’m good at a lot of things. I really really want to be who I chose to be when I came in.
Abraham: That’s satisfying to us. When that is your dominant intention it says, “I care how I feel and will adjust my thoughts accordingly.”
G: I notice energy. I feel the whole room and need to make sure others are okay. Can you sense energy that’s not where you are? Does Law of Attraction bring you something different from what you are offering?
A: Is it your intention to have access to a broad range? Scans vicinity and soothes people and helps people and saving drowning people. Always in right place at right time. Alignment with Source would prevent Esther from falling in pothole.
Her job is to align and let Law of Attraction sort it out.
If you can feel it, what does it give you back?
You didn’t intend to take care of others from nonphysical.
Everyone is an extension of Source Energy.
You are not the vortex through which wellbeing flows.
Determined to influence them into their alignment.
You can feel frequencies and have access to Inner Beings of others.
Extreme out of the vortex moment is when someone MOST wants in the vortex.
You always help by seeing them where they want to be.
Personal discomfort means Source within you is seeing it differently. “I need to change the way I look at it.”
G: I was watching a dance production and finding it boring. I told myself, “You need to enjoy it. Focus on one thing.”  I saw someone’s stomach wobbling, it was the most interesting part of whole performance. There was a funny girl with interesting eyebrows.  I focused on what I liked until it got bigger, until I was enjoying it.  Sometimes it’s a lot of work to have a good time.
A: Sometimes you have to focus really specifically, in order to defocus another thought, to come back into alignment. When something feels off, it is your job to bring you back into alignment. When you are able to align, you’ve done the only necessary work.
Something happens then, your point of attraction shifts.
Ease is the indication of your vibrational vicinity to what you want.
Move your point of attraction to have better experience.
You let your reality control your vibration and you refocused to bring you back into alignment.  So YOU feel good, not to bring the cast into alignment.
They’re getting feedback from audience.
When you feel better, you are in a better place of attraction for good now.
A bad performance inspired you to align and create a new rocket.
For you to find love, you had to unconditionally do it.
You came to free yourself and others who feel lousy looking at the world to straighten up.
If you can’t feel happy even with wars or abused animals, you’ll never feel joy.
You are a teacher of unconditional love.
G: Lots of idea – Scripts which entertain me, if I could write fast enough. Idea to see Abraham the Musical – love making people feel happy. Beating the drum. Glee version of Abraham world-wide phenomenon. Elton John – I want to direct the whole thing.
A:  Sounds like you are.
What do you think the true value is of your scenario -- for your entertainment and subsequently theirs?
Does it have to manifest to have value?
This is most important theme – When you get it you are taking your vision for the pleasure of it.
You can have endless new Thoughts about that and/or taking pleasure from your visions because the feeling in moment is satisfying.
Then you are privy for details.
The manifestation of the musical is bigger and there are more details, it’s riskier.
G: I see Meryl Streep playing Esther.
A: The vision is endlessly enjoyable.
It helps you become aligned to who you are.
Do  you ask who you are? How much commitment do you want to give to this answer?
When you’ve been practicing “I love my life and “I’m excited about what’s coming. I can’t wait for what’s next” when you are beating the positive drum,” – then, when matching person says, “What are you about?”  You can say, “What do you have in mind for me?”
Law of Attraction brought you a questioner who matches you.
If you want really good questions, you got to be ready with really good answers.
People are invited in because they are already up to speed with this production.
They want to discover you, not create you.
Instead of striking a physical pose, FEEL your success and know your own power.
G: My energy is Big – I want to step into that a lot more – so it feels good.
A: Vortex is big time energy – you want to keep up with YOU. Feel your way there.
You want to describe it. You want to FEEL it.
Your Inner Being has evolved and you are the best person in the world that can answer that.
Focus on feeling confident, sure, directed, focused, clear-minded.
If you feel disappointed, you are out of alignment, your Inner Being feels elated, secure, knowing.
Compare vibrations – not what’s happening in room, but Who You Really Are and you, in this moment.
Just extrapolate it.
Let that help you identify what you want.
When you know what you don’t want, for a moment you know what you do want.
Take the bounce.
When you feel negative emotion, or disappointment, own it: “Everybody disappoints me.  My cabin, I’m not clear about what I want, I’m bored, I’m not having fun.”
A little of that is enough.
Bounce – the other side is a flash of a lot going on that is wonderful.
Find the flip side.
Game – poke and bounce and then identify and speak it.
Before you now is the big energy, is the expansion of the wave.
In a bigger life, there is a lot more potential for drama.
You have taken a lot of bounces, but you don’t let yourself go.
Get out of the cabin and look at the ocean.
Extract yourself from where.  When  you don’t feel good, get out and do something that feels good.
G:  Ego – couldn’t see you at all. You can get what you want, no? He’s Jerry, I’m simple.
A:  Life is supposed to feel good. All is well.
G: Are you mocking me?
A: We don’t find you simple.
We find you more determined to be in alignment than some intellectual conversations provide.
Esther is blissful in non-thought. Now she loves savoring a really good conversation.
Feeling good matters most to you. And Esther.
“Nothing we could disagree about is ever important enough to choose disagreement.”
We say to her, alignment with Self is most important.
We savor it with you, too, especially when you find harmony with you.
G:  Wish to be married on an Abe cruise.
A:  Let’s do it now.
G:  Okay ….
A:  “I’m good. You’re good. Let’s be good together.”  That’s it!



Friday Afternoon, 1st of the two final segments
Jerry: Esther will bring her friends…
Esther: I hope they’re here ‘cause I’ve got nothing….

Abraham: You are appreciating your in-the-vortex adventure?
We appreciate you beyond descriptive words.
We will do it again today – reaching beyond where we have gone before.

Guest:  I’m a musician and artist, creative, have always known my feelings, but they get highly exaggerated, so I feel overpowered from emotional point of view. Music knocks me on my feet. Why?
A: Everything is creative, but music and art are particularly uplifting.
You have to be uplifted in order to create something uplifting.
Your desire to uplift coming in, helped you carve out two uplifting careers.
You become acclimated to vibration of upliftment. Coming with us ramped things up.
The faster the energy moves, the more acutely you are aware of your response to it.

G: It’s okay how I respond to it classical music – Puccini makes me weep, it is so beautiful.
A:  If your life had not carved out a high vibration, you would not feel it in that music.
The music allows you to get up to speed.
It’s not their genius, you have carved it out to receive it. That’s what you do for others.
Their focus on you stimulates their vibration of alignment.

G: High souls want to communicate through me.
A: What you are feeling is the slight difference between who you really are and what you’re allowing yourself to be. You’ve been asking, you’re feeling the vibration of the answering.
You’ve got to prepare yourself to be in the vicinity of it.
You can play them out when you achieve vibrational alignment with it.

G: I want to be able to Pop out to see the whole story.
A: We’re happy to talk about nonphysical, but it’s better to talk about the nonphysical energy you’ve set in motion. Your attention to that vortex is more satisfying.

G: Thinkers created the earth- is that us a million years ago?
A: YOU were when those thoughts were thought. Don’t separate you from that!
There’s no point in our helping you perpetuate the illusion that there is a God separate from you.
You can’t not take it to the next level from there.
“How can I be certain to go?” Go into the vortex.
All the separate you can get is negative emotion.
Esther has been basking. She said, “Can taste the difference between Fiji water and Deer Park. I can breathe in fresh air and oh! I can taste the difference in ocean air. I can taste the deliciousness of my in the vortex thought compared to out of the vortex thought.”
Train yourself to decisive interest in pure energy and you won’t want to go back.
Jerry & Esther  taste around and drink the water everywhere. Drink and taste and choose what tastes best.  Do the same with thoughts.
Your feeling always gives you the indication of your alignment.
Once you choose, you’ll catch it quicker when you go down the wrong trail.
If you wake up to uneasy feeling, then you went to sleep with uneasy feeling.
Spend 30 days, basking at bedtime and you’ll wake up in the vortex.

G: How can I get better at interpreting vibration?
A: Be in your vortex as your first step.
Stepping outside vortex and meeting them where they are, doesn’t uplift.
Reach for who they really are.
Ask them where they really want to be to guide them.
Think about them where they want to be.
Stay general and in your vortex.
The more detail you can give to the expectation of their expansion and call them in.

Guest: Vibrational marketing – art gallery.
A:  Tell the story as you want to see it and do everything else you have time for. Say, “We rock, I love my clients, I want to be able to wait for the right place and then act.”

G: I had a bad vibe about January sales – when I let it go, good flooded in.
A: You are always offering vibration.
When you say you want to get in the vortex, and take inspired action, that’s the perfect formula.
Most are trained to be busy but that out of the vortex action makes things worse.
Doing nothing is better than amplifying out of the vortex resistance.
Out of the vortex action leads to a whole lot of yucky stuff.
How to get in the vortex from being up against the wall?
Changing the subject is the fastest way to release resistance.
Law of Attraction is bringing you more – if you stop digging the hole, it’s easier to climb out.

G: I see where we are headed – I sat and petted my cat for a whole week.
A: Cats are powerful, they get what they want, regardless.
When you see it powerfully, the range gets amplified between Want/Not want.
Find the good feeling side of the wave.
I know so much what I do want.
G:  My playground is both more exciting and more treacherous.
A:  There’s always a new leading edge.
Take another subject with a lesser range and then another and another, picking subjects easiest to feel good about.
Whatever you do to deactivate the resistance is easier with a smaller range.
Easier to accomplish the narrower range stuff.
The more you’ve lived/wanted and accomplished, the higher the frequency you have to go up to.
You cannot tolerate slow-moving energy or not having what you want.
Curious is lesser range.
You can’t see what’s in the vortex from outside.
When you *can *see and taste and hear , you’ve been in the vortex a long time and have begun to decipher it.
Getting in, I can look at people and I see the best of where they can be going.
Anything you are up to speed with you have full view.
When I tune to 98.6, I can hear it.

G: Yes, I can hear what they’re broadcasting.
A: If it feels great, you are tuned to who they really are.
Tune to you and You, and not so much to others.
You tune to what you are FOCUSED upon.
Focus on purpose means intent to vibrate.
Point of view – Jerry and Esther’s two lamps in cabin – Esther said, “Base of lamp-how many do you see? One – on that one, two.” Jerry said he saw opposite.
Their vantage points were different and they were both right.
Everyone is accurate for where they stand.
Focus on you and You and you can see it and know it.
You’re deciphering the field as you have seen it and asked for it to be.
Partnering with Inner Being – consistency and knowing, that will take you into deeper and deeper experiences.
Is your point of view – in the vortex or out of the vortex?
You will see differently depending on the vibration you have achieved.
Tolerating and justifying feels bad.
Allowing feels good.
Would you rather feel good or bad?
Goose up the importance of feeling good.
You have to make it personal.
Tolerating means accepting something you deem terrible but can’t change.
You know you can’t do anything about it, so you’ve learned to tolerate it.
But you can choose to see it differently or look at something else.
Allowing turns you toward thinking and feeling, which you can change.
Allowing is easy to do because all you have to do is change your point of view.
Tolerating is about them – and powerless.
Allowing is about you, and powerful.
Distract yourself, withdraw attention.
Do I want to feel bad or good, tolerate or allow?
“How do you stand that?” “I don’t, I look at something else.”
We never teach to look at awful things. Looking at solutions and answers, not problems.
God does not have the capacity to look at things you call awful- that’s why it feels awful.
Get your nose out of everyone else’s business.
That’s conditional love, you can’t control them.
All of your business is in your vortex.
Someone you care about is suffering. As you give your attention to them, you leave the vortex.
You have to be selfish to understand alignment.

G: I crave spending time, and feel better, with animals more than people.
A: They allow. They never tolerate. They represent how you seek to be.
G: Sheila in Arizona – Theo – Abraham – if I were to meditate – are all Abraham?
A: There’s One Stream, it is all one energy and you are tapping in at your vibration, building a verbal bridge between physical and nonphysical.
We expressed Beingness and Esther found the best name for us unconsciously. She didn’t know, but she could feel best label. She chose a very good label. Theo told her it would come directly to her.
We are not the same as Theo at all.
That would be the same for you.
Precise perfectly accurate and have access to infinite intelligence.
Jerry and Esther started with their relationship with Abraham to fulfill their life purpose.
You will find the fulfillment of yours.


Mexico 2010 January 29, Concluding Segment Friday Afternoon

There will be live video feeds tested from San Diego and Texas in Spring
Next developing Websites in 30-40 languages – we’re seeking translators to translate into other languages.
And after that – other translators translating back into English
Looking for volunteers to email their office.

Guest:  I’m out of the vortex, my relationship is lost.
Abe:  Your Inner Being is glad this relationship is over.
You can’t create the loss of something without creating the reverse of it.
The discomfort is that you are focused on the loss.

G: A-HA moment! My children are devastated. I get pulled out when I talk to them --
A:  – don’t talk to them.
You’re superimposing how you feel, over how they feel.
They also have new relationships they are creating. The other side of the wave.

G: Is it really this simple? OH! Practicing takes some effort, it’s easier to describe loss than gain, but the path is more vivid now. Thank you!
A:  When you are ready to hear, you’re ready to hear.

Guest:  Seventeen years listening – I can say it: Stupid is as stupid does. I must be stupid, deaf or stubborn.
A:  We’re not going to call you stupid. We’d have to come out of the vortex for that and you’re not worth it; NOTHING is!
The larger part of you will never focus upon where you are.
Life keeps causing you to expand -applies across board.
Always going to be some new ground you need to practice alignment with.
You’re unhappy when you’re out.

G: I’d rather feel bad than worse. I experience joy followed by crushing trip into abyss.
A: The more you expand, the bigger the other side of the wave.
I’m just going to focus better.
G:Self survival  - I’m afraid to want or hope.
I’m afraid I can’t get in or maintain it.
A:  You are often in.  Try saying, “I’m not as good at focusing as I want to be yet.”
You’re trying to hold back but you can’t keep your car from going fast.
You’ve got no choice except to get better at focusing.
Begin paying more attention on focusing and feeling better.
“I cannot possibly fail.”
“My vortex is not a limited time offer.”
“Now I have a clearer idea and I’m really sensitive about my emotions.”
While a relationship is going away, there’s another even better one forming.
Every negative emotion is that the larger part of you has gone somewhere you’re not yet going.
Focus on your In the vortex alphabet

A- Abundance could activate where you are currently standing.
Appreciation is sure fire get in easily and hang around easily.
Soft gentle and easy to feel good around.

G: Create a space for me.
A: Well said.
Is it better to feel good than bad?
Is your guidance working?
Do you believe in the expanded version of you?
Do you believe there’s a vortex?
Is your perception of your father in the vortex?
NO – he’s irrelevant. He’s only as relevant as you use him as your excuse to keep you out of the vortex. Let it go and he will be out of your frequency.
It will get so inaudible you’d have to go to family reunion to reactivate it.
He’s not your enemy.
He’s been a catalyst.
From in the vortex, he will be clearly a part of all the expansion.
The rebel is the part of you in the vortex that is defying the other.
Be the rebel you were born to be!
It was people who wanted to control you who told your rebel was wrong.
Your independence is a good thing.

G: Doesn’t take much to make me happy.
A: Ceiling will not stand still. You’re keeping up to speed with your expansion.
As you’re determining more based on other chickens in coop, you get distorted.
Let your relationship with You be the standard of alignment and satisfaction.
Happy/dissatisfied is just reaching and coming into alignment.
“I SHOULD be doing better financially. I love my seasonal work. I want something else fun all year round.” Words and vibration the same.
So you evoke that same response from yourself? Are you yearning or affirming what you want?
Yearning – out of the vortex
Affirming – In the vortex or out of the vortex. Stop affirming out of the vortex.
Talk about your work expanding, fun year round. “I found this – there is more like it.
I’m biding my time while the Universe lines me up and queues me up for next logical step.
The Universe does have the ability.”
Out of the vortex,  you can’t see the queue.
You only go out when you notice it’s seasonal.
In the vortex – you love working, bask in it, milk it, remember how good it feels and the Universe will fill in the gap because of your focus.
G: Oh, Abraham. You’re not going to do it for me. I’ll practice what I already know.

Guest:  Finishing thirty year career – four years ago transitioned to new job. Enjoy new job, good pay, great co-workers, feel appreciated. Don’t feel it’s the job you described to me.
A:  Closest thing to it that you are able to allow. You get as much as you can synch up with.
Good to have a step on the way to help you get more specific.
First you want a house. Then more closets. Then a house with closets, in a meadow with flowers.
Take the bounce– talk about THAT, not about what’s missing.
Speak on their side of the wave.
Talk about your preferences with as little resistance as possible.
Talk about how you would feel rather than details
– helps you take the bounce and utilize the energy to claim the vibrational frontier.
“I don’t have much control. I have good ideas and would be better. I’d feel more free.
I’m a good leader. I like the feeling of freedom and so enjoy great results. I love teamwork and synergy, power and effectiveness, and flowing, freedom and clarity and wholeness and alignment.”
Now you feel it – You are there and it’s in the vortex. If you do it 5, 10, 20, 30 times per day.
You’ll connect and the powers that be, by Law of Attraction, put you in that place of effective management.
Best conversation so far on this new found subject.
Think about how you want to feel – you’ve tricked the Universe and now you’re off and running.

Guest: I want personal faith, certainty and knowing what you know.
A: Faith is finding the vibration in the vortex before you have tangible evidence to back it up. Having faith, Law of Attraction will deliver the goods.

G: I lost the  gold pen of my meditation practice.
I had a consistently good practice, where I was in more than out. Something happened, I lost it.
A:  When we describe meditation we’re talking about quieting mind. When you meditate on it you focus in the vibration rather than the thought.
When you decide how you want to feel, you focus energy into that which life has caused you to become.
You have a different vibration tomorrow than today. It keeps moving.
Her pen didn’t move.
The gold pen you are reaching for moves a little every day.
Everything you feel is really about you and who you are in moment.
Sniff out vibrational movement – feels like adventure.
When you are new in meditation, you have lots of resistance and you feel movement.
Later – not as much movement. Doesn’t give you the buzz.

G: In my meditation – appreciation, focuses energy, being in appreciation.
A: Don’t sit there and pronounce failure – get up and do something else. Don’t milk failure. Now you’ve expanded, now you’ll feel movement.
When you know you can figure it out, that’s’ a good place to be.

Guest:  Hello again, looking for Wizard of Oz –
A: He’s behind the curtain.

G: Lion/Tin Man/Dorothy. When I did find you – you don’t need me to find courage, brain, heart. It’s all right here waiting for you, just step into it.
A: The whole ship moved for us. That’s what life in the vortex IS.

Continuation, After Brief Break

A: Depends upon where you are standing, what you see.

G: I love golf and feeling good, riding that wave on the top for awhile now. Like to play with you about golf.
A: What are you reaching for? What do you want?

G: Stronger belief to play extraordinary.
A: You believe you have strength, clarity of focus?

G:  Yes, yes.
A: What’s missing other than that? This is really a matter of mind over body.
You have power and belief in your ability tofocus, you can put that small object anywhere you want to put it.
Mental practice, a belief issue, focusing on what you want rather than what you’ve got.
Give more attention to mental imagery.
Now reality is full of detail.
Vibrational Reality is an emotional deciphering.
Golf has instant feedback. Taking score is the game you are playing.
Can you keep score instead, of your emotional balance?
Are you playing?  Fun.  Score whether you are Happy. Score Irrelevant.
When you play for the alignment for you in your vortex, it’s a different game.
Make every game an alignment game.
Do you believe that determination and expectation are an important part?
Decide what you’re going to do and do it.
Apply same determination to feeling good and there isn’t anything you can’t achieve.

Guest:  My husband figured out a drug regime for Aids and auto-immune disease. I’ve been supporting him bringing drug into alignment (“Genesis”) and reality.
I got your “take the wave” and it’s too big hard to make the leap.
A: Find smaller step …
Do you believe that the drug does answer the question you were asking?

G: Does the drug do the job of ending AIDS? Yeah!
A: So you Fulfilled that desire …
Now what do you want?
Is it Tested, marketed --?

G: No.
A: It’s like the Golf: his physical prowess and strength were lined up Yes.
You all have the physical stuff figured out.
There’s some vibrational work to figure out.
Your frustrated because so many things that were close fell through.
You cannot let the reality as it appears to be keep you out of the vortex.
Sometimes you’re hopeful - and then get discouraged.
The work is to keep the focus regardless of the physical condition.
Make peace with where you are.
Revel in appreciation of progress you’ve made in advance of the acceptance that is coming.
The need was so great, the desire bounced way out.
You took the first bounce and made it.
Now you don’t want red tape, you want humanitarian understanding and upliftment.
You took the bounce and now you have more to clean up.
You didn’t have product, now you do. Can’t let the current nonexistence of cooperation keep you from finding it.
When you are working on something this big, feels like it deserves undivided attention. Make a pact that 100% of conversation will be about appreciation.
It is ready to pop for you. [Guest’s tears.]
We’ve been saying when doctors and scientists look for vibrational causes rather than cures.
You have a valid, law-based accomplishment.
It will come, you can slow it down.
You are at the genesis of this Genesis and how you feel about it is really important.
You don’t have to consider any of the other chickens in the cage at all.
You want to think about it apart from reality.
You’ve moved past the problem, the contrast was the beginning.
Now look forward. Ponder that.

Guest: What is PMS? Why do we have that?
A: It’s expectation picked up from culture – cellular expectation, too.
Cells are in some cases responding to habits of thoughts.
You can redirect cells by focusing in a different way.
Don’t focus on your reaction that isn’t pleasing you, take the bounce. Focus on what you want. You’ll have another breakthrough discovery.
Which is more rampant on your planet, AIDS or PMS?

G:  I want to work for Jerry and Esther.
A:  You don’t want to get attached to that. Focus on the feeling.
The detail of it causes you to activate resistance. Think about why you want it.
“More exposure to things that feel good.” “Be around fun folks having fun.”
Focus on the feeling. This is an in the vortex game.
Out of the vortex caused the stuff to get in.
Pay less attention to your NOW reality and more toward where you want to be – your vibrational reality.
Esther was so looking forward to this interaction-felt exhilarating.
She was focused on how glorious it always feels to come to triumphant conclusion at 6 a.m this morning.
At lunch – she was thinking about being back in Del Mar tomorrow. She’s using her now to anticipate what’s coming.
Because once you get the hang of the momentum of forward reaching, it feels wonderful.
When you finally accept the never-ending expansion of you, then What Is holds less weight and where you are going doesn’t evoke yearning.
In the moment, there’s never a time that is ALL you have asked it to be, physically manifested; but everything can be there emotionally in every moment.
Out of the vortex is part and parcel of in the vortex and appreciate where you stand.
You are in this game for the feeling of the manifestation.
Soon we’ll have workshops on de-manifestation.
How to get rid of all that crap I thought I needed to be happy.

Guest: Allergies/Asthma/Moles.
All vibrational indicators of difference between who you are physically and vibrationally.
You can’t get rid of anything.  You have to focus differently.

G: How best to focus?
A: Do you believe in the living of the unwanted, there is a wanted side of the bounce?

G: Yes.
A: Already accomplished vibrationally?

G: Yes. How to already feel it’s done?
A: Jerry and Esther playing with 1 rod/2 rods in lamp.
There was only one but the image of reality was different.
Time for you to take a stand on which reality you’re going to focus upon.
We see the doneness of it. Your present reality is past tense.
It has to shift magically when you are a vibrational match to the essence of what you seek.
Stop taking score of things you are ready to let go of. Don’t talk about it.
Make it a feeling thing, a game you’re playing between you and You.
You can’t talk to others about it. Jerry and Esther notice when they’re in the mood for fun, serious conversation feels out of line.
Do you agree, do you accept that the precursor of manifestation is vibration?
Do you agree that you get what you think about whether you want it or not?
Do you agree that a selective sifter can always find a good feeling?
Do you believe that general or specific will feel better?

G: General.
A: You are out of the vortex – you’re only hope is to lean in the general direction.
Emotions are more general.
Reach for a feeling rather than a thought, you’re more likely to find it.
Helps you get into the vortex.
And that’s how thought morphs into reality.
Final Rampage of Appreciation, 2010 Mexico Cruise


[Guest said something about how good her life had got since she'd "come to Abraham"]

Abe:  Better said,  "As I've come into my life, playing with your tools, everything's changed."

G: I want to get this at a core cellular level

A: Best way to get it at that level, the vibrational level. Emotional is all the feedback you need.

[Guest would like Abraham to do a rampage of appreciation.]

A: Rampages of appreciation are a tool. Let's seal the deal here. Good time to do it. We want you to verbalize your reason for asking.

G: I always feel so good in rampages.

A: If you were nowhere near the Vortex, it wouldn't feel good. It's to your credit, it means you are in the vicinity, otherwise it would annoy you. Really, it's your readiness that makes it good. If you're not in the vicinity, it's no good.

Playing, sunning, eating, floating, eating, enjoying, eating .. [laughter] This has been an environment of vibrational movement. More people are coming closer to alignment here than ever before. Here on this cruise, we're all more in the vortex than you'll find almost anywhere you'll go. There's never been a better opportunity to rampage than now.

Most of you are in the vortex. You can hear it now and understand, as we express to you.



Closing of the Cruise [Actual Transcript]

As we express to you from our vantage point of nonphysical, we are offering a vibration slowly enough to give Esther the opportunity to find the words that perfectly match, because our understanding of your value and our wish to express our appreciation for the part in this universal motion forward, has never been stronger.

In other words, it’s those like you who consciously acknowledge the relationship between where you currently stand and how you currently feel in your physical bodies and what your astral body or your spiritual body or your soul body or your Source body or your Inner Being body of energy is. It’s the relationship between you and that which you’ve expanded to, which includes Us. It’s that relationship that equals every emotion that you feel.

So when you decide, as you all did, that you’re going to carve out a slice of your important lives, and center yourselves inside a conversation with the express intent of joining and meshing with and blending with and understanding, merging with, becoming, allowing, the human consciousness that you’ve come to know as you with the FULLNESS of who you really are, when you make a decision like that, you have decided to contribute to humanity in the most effective way. Because you say, “I will merge with the whole of that which I am, a little bit here and a little bit here, but it is my quest. And in doing so, I will learn, and I will study, and I will practice, and I will become, I will be a consistent light unto this world. I will tune to the energy of all that I have become and I will so consistently flow it that anyone who gets a whiff of me will benefit, whether they speak, whether they understand, or not.”

And FOR your willingness to do all of that, we stand in complete love and appreciation for that willingness, because it required an effort and a focus and a sticking with a new idea, even an unpopular new idea. It required doing something that the other chickens aren’t doing. It required perceiving outside the box. It required a paradigm shift. It required a letting go of physical reality and achieving of nonphysical reality. It required merging with the God that is really you. But it required letting go of the human that is you, in profound and unpopular ways.

So as we observe you, and as we feel you, and as we salivate over you [audience laughter], and as we find the deliciousness of you, as we focus upon who you are and what you’ve done and what you know and how far you’ve come and why you’ve done it and how you will continue to do it and what it means to you and how you’ll find the feeling place of it and the effort that you will make, our appreciation of you is not just for what you’ve accomplished in getting here and in playing with us in these hours that we’ve been together.

Our appreciation that we are expressing to you now, from our present tense, is about what you are yet to do in your physical body for which we are now all in complete celebration about.  The things that you seek, the successes that are still future tense for you, have already been accomplished. And we are savoring them, now.

And our POWERFUL desire for you is that you will come frequently to your vortex of creation where you will ABC yourself through your alphabet into emotional reasoning where you will feel the fullness of the celebration that we all have as a result of the work that you have, and are, continuing to do.

There have never been humans with greater intensity than those who have gathered here, really. And there have never been those who have been more willing to listen to [playfully] the sameness of the message that we continue to offer forward, determined to eek out one more piece of understanding that just puts the world in a little bit of a righter place.

We applaud you for your patience. And we encourage you to come to the vortex where you never need it. [Audience laughter.] And we express to you appreciation of all that you are. And eagerness that you feel love for yourselves in the way that we do right now.

So we wish to express to you the brilliance of who you are. You are physically focused beings who are Source Energy, instead of physically focused beings. You are the Leading Edge of the Universe and, in your physical bodies, you are beacons who will lead millions of others who want what you have but don’t know what you know.

You have no assignment to teach them. It is through the clarity of your example that it will happen. And because of your participation in these hours that we’ve been together, you have gathered around you, in a rather consistent and intense fashion,  a cadre of nonphysical energies, you can call them “fairies of the universe” or “angels” -you can call them anything that you want- who have always known YOU but whom you have not always known. But your feeling for them, and your finding of them, will be more vivid to you. And that feeling of standing out there on the leading edge, sort of lonely because others don’t get you, is fast fading as your new association with Who You Really Are has powerfully taken its place.

It will no longer be necessary for others to get you in order for you to stand and know who you are. In fact, you’re going to find it a very common thing that flows from you when others say, “I don’t really understand what you mean,” for  you to say, “It doesn’t matter.”

You are going to find yourself teaching without anyone asking for a classroom. You’re going to find yourself understanding without anyone really verbalizing a problem. You’re going to find yourself vibrationally speaking, knowing from inside your vortex, what it feels like to be tuned in to Infinite Intelligence. Solutions are going to flow forth to you, more emphatically than you’ve ever experienced before. And you’re going to find yourself often standing as very clear-minded beings amidst others who are standing in a place of somewhat confusion. And you’re not going to feel uncomfortable in your leadership.

As you hear people complaining, you won’t take their complaints to heart at all, but you’re going to feel a solution forming within you and words to back up the solution and you’re going to find yourself telling people what you know on a more consistent basis, without offending them.  Because you’re not going to be considering their point of view and your point of view at the same time. You’re going to be speaking profoundly from your point of view. In other words, one who is connected to this Source Energy, one who is flowing with the stream, from inside the vortex, is more powerful and more influential than millions who are not.

And in giving all of this to you it is our powerful desire that you understand that this is not an assignment that we’re assigning to you, it is the fulfilling of the intention that you set forth. And our acknowledging to you that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set forth to accomplish.

You are creators, who have come into this environment for the details that it evokes from you. But you are God Force who insists upon alignment with the Energy of your Source. And it is our knowing that as you move forward from this day, never again will you feel negative emotion without blessing the importance of it. Because in the negative emotion is the indication that you are setting forth for this Universe, expansion. And instead of feeling a continuing of negative emotion, you’re going to flip; you’re going to take the bounce. You’re going to feel the solution that your problem has pointed and you’re going to feel it fast. You’re going to feel how we feel more often as you explore the contrast of your time/space reality.

What has happened in this time that we’ve been together, and even though we can speak it and you cannot, and we can feel it, and maybe you are getting some of it. Over the days that follow you are going to feel the profound meaning of what we are offering here, because you have managed to activate an inside the vortex vibration with enough consistency and frequency that your point of attraction has shifted dramatically. And the lives around you which you call physical manifestation, and we call manifestational indicators of vibration, are going to show it.

So hold onto your hats. And get ready to feel the celebration, many times in every day, of your newfound freedom, your newfound absence of resistance. There could not be greater love or appreciation focused at you, than now. There could not be more recognition of the worthiness of that which is you, than that we feel here and now. And there could not be more eager anticipation for the manifestation that, by Law, MUST follow as a result of what you have accomplished vibrationally as a result of this gathering.

And with all of that we say to you, You have done the work and we have received the benefit, which is exactly the way you so lovingly set it all up when you decided to come forth. And we want you to feel the appreciation of that which you call God, and that which we call All That Is, for the expansion of the Universe that is as a result of the Beingness that is You.

It is time for you to love you as we do. And reap the benefit of you as we do. There is great love here for you. And we will remain, and expect as much of you, eternally in the vortex.

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