Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop,

Norfolk, VA, - October 24, 2000

    1. Your vibration is the asking.
    2. Your emotions have no power, they just give you guidance about the vibration you are offering.
    3. Be more aware of your vibrational matches, and then your manifestations will never be a surprise. You wonít any longer assign blame or credit outside yourself.
    4. Being justified in negative emotion does not matter Ė you are still using this subject as your excuse for not allowing your energy to flow.
    5. If you try to pull out your beliefs and cut them open, it is painful and you may get lost in them. Instead, just look at your emotions. Stand in the middle of a negative emotion and look for a thought that feels better.
    6. Contrast makes you more alive here than any other place in the Universe.
    7. Not one other person on the planet is your work. Itís just about you and you! Your work is to align you with you, allowing the energy of you to flow through you.
    8. We are aware of what you are ready to hear today. Relax and be ready to receive it now. Listen again later and you will find that also on the tape. Your IB knows what your next vibration will be and will answer it here.
    9. As we visit here today, your future is being altered, because we feel much allowing here.
    10. Together we open a vortex, and many others globally receive knowing through the vibration. Others receive through the power of their asking as if they were sitting among us.
    11. Esther find out that the Bible is translated into 24 languages, and said she thought that was a good place to start with Abraham. Already being translated into 8 languages.
    12. David asked about helping Abe people to meet with each other in chapters. Abe answered: We are not great encouragers of that. When you connect with others of like mind, it is like coming home. Behind the desire for community is a feeling of vulnerability from those outside of the community.
    13. Abe is for individual empowerment. Almost without exception, when groups gather it disempowers the individual. Let Law of Attraction be the manager that brings people together. Then all things remain pure and no ulterior motives are satisfied.
    14. When you gather peopleís names into a list, such a list is more often misused. The needs of individuals must come forward.
    15. To David: We feel the purity of your intent, but our predominant intent is self-empowerment.
    16. David talked about millions of people becoming aware of empowerment, encouraging each other in co-creation, through the loving energy perfectly expressed through Esther. Abe said, "Law of Attraction with handle it."
    17. David: I know it to be unstoppable Ė this vision is truth. My question is, "Does Abe agree with me in this desire." Abe: You donít require anyoneís agreement in your desire. So many intentions are a part of it. When you ask for agreement, it is hard to get all parts to fit together.
    18. When Jerry & Esther were publishing the list of Abe groups, a woman called and complained to Esther that a group had a group hug. She was outraged, and wanted to know what being forced to be hugged had to do with Abraham. While being hugged can be nice, it is not mandatory.
    19. If we put the label of Abraham on it, will Jerry & Esther be held responsible for it?
    20. Worry not, Law of Attraction is sorting it out. If you want it, you get to do what you want to do.
    21. The only difference between physical and nonphysical is that physical finds things to worry about. Nonphysical has a higher point of view, like looking over a flood zone from an airplane, compared to clinging to a tree.
    22. From nonphysical perspective, you are always becoming more, but you are never dissatisfied with where you are.
    23. Your evolving is a sure thing, you are not tested on the path of evolution. Abe wants us to benefit from what they get from our chewing on the nitty gritty of our lives with them.
    24. The exposure to contrast pioneers. You serve just by being here on the ragged raw leading edge. You are very big catalysts to taking thought beyond.
    25. Your work is to expose yourself to enough contrast that you ask questions. The Universe provides the answers.
    26. The more I desire and allow, the more myself I truly am. The more You, you are, death becomes irrelevant because you are always you.
    27. Should parenting be totally hands off? Abe says we would. Empower your daughter to her connection. The more you socialize your children the more you impose your standards. Jerry & Esther would want to rein in study groups and that is not good for them or for the study groups.
    28. When you hold an image of someone and it feels good to you to hold it, you are doing her good, influencing her wellbeing. You canít call it manipulation if you are wishing wellbeing. Nor will they accuse you of ignoring them if you are lying in bed at night and envisioning them thriving. Visioning is much more beneficial than other things you might do.
    29. When you are feeling joy and gratitude, in those moments you are the full expression of who you really are.
    30. Depression can be caused by identifying with great clarity what your desire is. It brings you awareness of your contradiction to it in a much more powerful way.
    31. It does another a disservice if all the good that flows to you must flow through them.
    32. If you have a partner who is willing to allow you, you have a relationship among the best on the planet.
    33. Donít overanalyze it. You donít need justification to satisfy the desires you are holding. Just donít specify the vortex through which things must come. Say, "I want all these things, and the Universe can yield them in many, many ways." If you focus on just one, that one gets out of balance.
    34. Any time you are putting yourself in a position of either/or, which calls for a sacrifice, you are taking two narrow a viewpoint. Say to the Universe, "I want this AND this."
    35. Deliberately look for harmony points. Your work is to focus on being happy. Every person has the potential of rendezvousing with you on harmony points.
    36. Itís ok to say, "this one is my only lover, and I explore other interests with lots of other people" if monogamy is important to you.
    37. If you pay attention to results rather than energy flow, erroneous conclusions may be arrived at.
    38. Pay attention to energy flow in the moment, your emotions, rather than attention to the results of yours or otherís energy flows.
    39. To shift the energy of a bad feeling place, get in there and get real happy. Flood the space with Pure Positive Energy. All the other energy will be deactivated in your perception. But everything does exist in all time and space. Itís just what you connect with that changes when you get happy.
    40. Life is terminal. When a doctor says to you, "you are terminal" say, "so are you!" If they say, "youíre dying," say "Iíve known that for a long time. I saw someone who was 120, and I didnít think I liked the way she looked." Be playful about it.
    41. With a terminal diagnosis, there is a stronger summoning of life energy, a rocket of desire. Terminal patients are often the only ones willing to do the only thing that ever worked anyway. "Oh, all right, Iíll clean up my energy!"
    42. How do I feel? Am I lettiní it in?
    43. The Art of Allowing is to diffuse anxiety by gently reaching for thoughts that feel good. Pamper yourself, adore yourself, soothe yourself back into wellbeing. Soak in the bath tub, watch movies, pet your cat, eat good food, walk in the sand. Get away, go to beautiful places, bask in the wellbeing around you. Put distance between yourself and every thought and action that does not feel good.
    44. The rumors of people who live 1000s of years are literal translations of things not meant literally. This consciousness has lived from then til now in the body of man, not in the body of A man. Physical bodies come and go, it is part of the greater plan of wellbeing. Like leaves falling off a tree, new born leaves are new feelers and thrive as delicious new sensors, just as new babies are.
    45. Solitude feels good in the midst of chaos, but becomes boredom. You want a balance.
    46. A lady said she used to manipulate people with a "love mask" of being nice. She no longer does that, she wants to be authentic. Abe: Itís a terrible thing to be adorable, to help bring people into a greater state of connection. We donít encourage being authentic. Itís like saying that when you are ornery you will say, "Iím the catalyst for your disconnection, and thatís honest!!!"
    47. Deliberately being lovable is wonderful. Be genuinely connected. But when you are disconnected, donít feel like you need to be out there in your honest connection.
    48. Brain dead sister Vicky wouldnít linger if you would release her. She has made her transition, she is not bound in this body. Sheís not having this experience. Her body is irrelevant to her, we wish it would be to you! She remains because of her parentís desire, the womanís desire is gone. It wouldnít be letting her down to let her go. Vicky hears her mother, but not through her body. Your mother could acknowledge Vicky in many other ways not through her body.
    49. Your body can overcome a craving in three days.
    50. Jails are in the business of prisoners. When you make more laws, there are more prisoners, and jails prosper. The same is true for hospitals, they need sick people. It is to their advantage for you not to thrive.
    51. Estherís Dad recently had a stroke. She could feel the determination of the hospital staff to make a big thing of his illness. He was their product. She felt them mining him in psychological ways, like calling him a Ďfall risk." The nurse said he would have fallen if she hadnít been there. Esther said that he was a sensible man, and he wouldnít have been walking away from the wall or without the walker if she hadnít told him she would support him. Dad said, "thatís one for Esther!"
    52. Health care workers are well meaning. They have 100s of intentions. The intentions of the institutions can dominate over weaker individual decisions. Your intent must be more focused.
    53. We are not great encouragers of dependency on anything.
    54. Hypnotherapy is not quieting like meditation, someone is guiding you to a thought, and it may be further from who you really are.
    55. Reach for thoughts that let it in.
    56. All purging negative beliefs do is cause you to focus your thought there, and have you line up with them, so you never get it done.
    57. Just look out into the world and find something to focus on that feels good. The stream of wellbeing is available at all times. All yourself to be an extension of all optimum life.
    58. This is an attraction based Universe. You can not say no. You are always saying, "Yes please, yes please, yes please, with your attention.
    59. Just plain no thank you isnít resistance. Resistance is that belief that I donít have the power to choose. You are not powerless!
    60. Practicing the art of selfishness means the art of allowing your full self to flow. You are wanting to be selfish enough to want to feel good. When you get disconnected through sacrifice, you are not serving anyone. If I am allowing Self, I am of the greatest service to others.
    61. There is a stream that is never ending, expands with desire, and everyone has access to it. You can never deprive someone else by getting what you want.
    62. True selfishness is to see this pile of stuff, and to want to deprive someone else of it. Selfishness serves you well when you know there is enough for all.
    63. Use hypnotherapy for things that match core energy.
    64. Abraham is a projection of my consciousness. We are angels.
    65. Your soul is most recognized within you through your breathing. The athlete is receiving benefit through increased breathing, not muscle action.
    66. Consciousness requires no physical stuff. But perpetuation of the body is easier if you play the physical game.
    67. Your IB is a multidimensional being. The more you connect with Source, the more access you have to the whole. Take more satisfaction in your thoughts. Watch time become more spacious as you have a broader perspective.
    68. Esther does so much because she has grown into it. When she is in the flow, it is utterly satisfying to her. All her activities are opportunities to focus life force. It is only resistance that ever bogs you down.
    69. You never get it done. You cannot get it wrong. Itís supposed to be really fun.
    70. Esther cannot always translate what we know. Abe picks the brightest of the questioners at workshops Ė the most focused questions, the biggest questions, the clearest and purest vibrations.
    71. Out of your peripheral vision, you can get a glimpse of something nonphysical.
    72. To manifest an unlimited supply of money, focus on the end results of joy, freedom and harmony. Donít take score. Focus on the essence over time and the manifestation must come.
    73. Ask to know more and see clearly.
    74. It is not possible to experience the loss of something that matters if you are a vibrational match to it.
    75. If you find a point of harmony, and they are not a match to it, itís as though they disappear from your experience.
    76. When you are reaching for things that feel good in the now, you become a match to things past, present and future that feel good.
    77. Jesus took momentary glimpses into what is, just long enough to clearly see the desire of wellness. He knew the wholeness of who they were. He stepped back from the specifics.
    78. Sometimes we step into contrast and include that which is not wanted, which takes us further from who we are.
    79. As you say "I am worthy, brilliant, perfect" and you spin in harmony with the fan. As you say, "I am not worthy," you stick the pencil in the fan Ė you are not lettiní it in.
    80. A tranquil life as a hermit was not what you intended when you came forth. Abe would rather see you out in the mix of contrast.
    81. When you are loving, you are at your very best. The more joyful you become, the more you yearn for others to be joyful. The only way to help others to feel better is to feel better yourself.
    82. If your car is going 0 MPH, it doesnít matter if there are trees in the way. When you get going faster, you hit the trees harder. You were taught to buck up to tolerate and deny negative emotions. When you are called selfish, itís because people donít want you to do what you want you to do, they want you to cater to their selfish whims!
    83. Disease is good because it makes you finally listen to your negative emotions and realize they are guidance.
    84. The lighter the emotion, the easier the shift.
    85. Let yourself off the hook, where you are is where you are. Incremental steps are easier.
    86. Give up offering negative people bright happy thoughts. They arenít in vibrational harmony with them.
    87. Just pick the best thought you can, hold it and milk it for at least 17 seconds, and it then becomes the midrange thought. You will relatively quickly go from really horrible to horrible to not so horrible to almost ok to feeling better.
    88. As you shift, every relationship shifts. The world was mean today, but as you shift you will rendezvous with the best of it all. People show different things to different people, depending on their vibrations.
    89. Force yourself to play the game of appreciation and look for positive aspects.
    90. God has given you free will to be the full recipient of all good. Look for God within yourself rather than outside. More and more religions are coming back around to this.
    91. The physical is congealed consciousness. Pure desire is life giving. Of course you are materialistic Ė your bodies are very material!
    92. Donít resist surgery and think you should achieve things vibrationally. Benefit from leading edge technologies.
    93. As your IB guides you, you will have to connect to Source. You will only want life giving energy.
    94. See your children as the powerful beings they really are. Anticipate wonderful things for them. Do whatever you can to help connect them. Love them, praise them rather than discipline or embarrass them.
    95. An uplifter sees you as capable and anticipates for you a joyful life. A supporter sees you as weak and puny, needing support.
    96. We never get it done and we learn as we go.
    97. Abraham has been a part of man as long as man has been around. Esther is a bridge from the unconscious level of interpretation. She has coined a new language to speak of these things.
    98. Donít make us a religion. Jerry has always said he does not want followers. Each individual must find their own way.
    99. Thought forms are the spin off of manís physical thought. They may be life giving or not. You can feel the difference in your body.
    100. Weíve been listening to you for a long time, always seeing the best of you. We have preferences, but since we donít push against, we donít have judgment.
    101. If you reach for a thought that feels better to feel good, the energy is pure and joyful. If you do it to get from here to there, the energy is contradicted.
    102. Say, "universe, you know what I want. Iím releasing it to you. Iím going to attend to this other thing that pleases me. Let me know if there is something for me to do."
    103. Every relationship is eternal. Let the contrast produce desire, and then go with the flow of the desire.
    104. Look at what you want, pretend it, let it give you life. Always think, Iím in the process of becoming. You never end up, never get it done.
    105. To satisfy your reason for being here, lighten up and be playful. Let your awareness of how you feel be your guiding light.
    106. When you are interested, eager, playful, joyful, you are letting it in.
    107. When you are not, stop and laugh and say, "Iím not letting it in." Even if there is enormous justification for not letting in, you will when you remember that you are not letting in abundance and joy. Maybe I really am wanting to let it in at all costs!
    108. Maybe Iím finally willing to explore fantasy rather than reality.

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