Abe-Hicks Dallas Oct 2004
Beth Atchison

Make your mantra, I do my best to make the best of where I stand.

Every emotion is about your perceived connection to empowerment.

And you say, if I could get over there, I would feel so much better, and we say, until you feel better, you cannot get over there.

On the heels of a question, is an answer.

Perfection implies finished, get out there and make many mistakes, that keeps you summoning life experience.

You spend so much time telling it like it is, instead of creating an image that creates a better feeling. There's this reality that's happening to which I am responding OR there's this reality that could be happening to which I could be responding.

So many of you see yourself as viewed by others instead of caring how you see yourself. You want them all to line up and see you right, instead you line up and see you right.

Very interesting -- talked about holding a singular musical note (thinking it or humming it) to reduce resistant thought about any subject.

"I've got my heart set on it" means your idea about what you thought about it and you are in alignment with it. If you've got your mind set on your heart's desire, then never mind what is and you'll line up with what you want.

How you feel about your body has everything to do with the evolution of your body. So you talk down things you don't like and you talk up things you do like.

Stating I want to be comfortable in my body is saying I am not comfortable in my body.

Diet & exercise = the action journey...........line up on the emotional journey

Relative to the asker's set point: discouraged to hopeful is the only distance you need to travel in order to get what you want relative to your body.

Do you have the power that always causes someone to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on? Do you have the power that always keeps someone connected to source? ...Then why don't you just give it up. That's an action journey that will defeat you everytime.

I'm gonna find a way to keep myself being happy no matter what - now my feelings are not hurt-able.

Begin offering a vibration, even if your circumstances don't show it.

When you give someone the benefit of the doubt - who is the recipient of that benefit - you.

Source has been taught by you, who you are and what you want.

It's always easier to take the action journey, you always think that, but in the long run it is easier to take the emotional journey.

Goal of this emotional journey is always to feel better but when you are justifying, you always feel worse.

There are two journeys that run concurrently, the emotional journey and the action journey. There is what I'm living (action journey) and until I change my vibration (emotional journey) about that, I will continue to live this.

99.9% of manifestation is complete before you see any physical evidence of it.

Asker has fear of injury now, was in NY during 9/11, Florida during Hurricane Andrew - Abe responds; this feeling of vulnerability is - I've got this negative emotion that isn't supported by what I'm living now. Abe talked several times to different askers about how an emotional journey exists today that is not relative to anything that we are living now. This is how panic, anxiety, paranoia evolves. YOUR WELL BEING CANNOT BE TAMPERED WITH BY ANYONE BUT YOU.

Question re: non-physical entities -- Abe responds: We are like you, gathered by LOA but we gather naturally, not out of commitment. We literally become one another, we become an undeniable consensus of thought.

When you want something that feels extraordinary, you're not ready to let if unfold. When it feels like the next logical step you are ready to let it unfold. Close the gap by feeling appreciation about what is. But don't hold back on dreaming - feel the life giving qualities of something that has not yet manifested. Not unhappy about what hasn't manifested but happy about what has manifested.

Response to woman who wakes up with headaches and other aches: Contradictory thought is at the heart of all resistance. Example of contradictory thought: I want world peace but I don't see world peace, I want more money but I don't have enough. When you continue to offer contradictory thought you experience negative emotion, then you experience sensation in the body, then you experience a headache (for instance). You haven't been paying attention to your emotions but you have been paying attention to the headache. That's why the HA is good because it got your attention.

Relative to money, the action journey may look like: well, I need a better job, so I'll need more training and education, but I need time off to do that, but I need the $$ and can't afford the time off. The emotional journey relative to $$: I just gotta go from pessimissm to more optimism.

You don't have to fight or act your way out of it, you soothe yourself out of it.

Regarding meditation, we would rather see you CONSCIOUSLY choose thought because it feels better, then choose no thought.

Connection is not some big wonderful thing where all kinds of good things happen to you. Connection is simply feeling good.

You are the furthest most expression of Source Energy in this body.

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