In order to fly, you have to give up the ground you are standing on.

-Elia Wise, Letter to Earth

The responsibility of setting the Law in motion is ours…

-The Science of Mind, page 305

The Petting Hand

My cats are often great teachers for me. Through their example I have learned to stretch more often to increase my flexibility, to always wriggle into the coziest spot available, to never permanently settle for less than what I really want, and to love and receive love more fully. Dusty and Rosie are each important members of our family.

Rosie has a daily awakening ritual of jumping up on the bed, where she snuggles against my right side for some high quality cuddle time. One morning, she jumped up and became quite insistent for me to pet her. I had my right arm tucked under the covers for greater warmth, and she had landed with both front paws directly on my hand. I proceeded to explain to her that she could not be petted while she was standing on the petting hand. Even though I was loving and willing, there would be no petting for Rosie until she found a new place to stand.

How often are we standing on the petting hand? The abundance of the Universe is always flowing freely to us. Yet, sometimes, where we stand keeps us from receiving the good we have every right to expect. We stand on the petting hand when we are judging, worrying, angry or fretful. We move off into the place of greater receiving when we begin to appreciate, love, relax, meditate or praise. We are so fully loved, yet it always remains our responsibility to set the Law of God in motion to receive our wellbeing.

Today I consciously move into a relaxed space of trust and appreciation. I choose to be open to the good of the Universe. I bask as I feel the loving hand of God in all the beauty, adventure and wonder streaming into my life. I purr my thanks.

Connee Chandler, RScP

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