Connee's notes on Abraham Workshop

Philadelphia,  October 15, 1998

1. Everything is vibrational.  Law of attraction is what sorts it all out.  We are all offerers and interpreters of vibration.

2. We have physical sensors that we remember how to use to interpret vibration - smell, see, touch.  Emotion is a sensor just like the other 5 senses.  The way we feel emotionally gives us all kinds of information.  

3. We are creating all the time, whether we know it or not.  Our job is to make the correlation between this thought and how it feels.  Then we know what we are creating.

4. There is a God-force/Life force/creative life-soul energy flowing to us endlessly.  It creates all that we know and we have enormous access to it.

5. There are just 2 things to know, and they are all you will ever need to know.  You summon this energy through desire, which is born out of contrast.  How much am I summoning, and how much am I allowing to flow.

6. Desire is vibrational asking - you don't have to put it into words for the Universe.

7. A vibration meter might look like this:  anger-depression = lots of desire and lots of resistance, frustration-annoyance = little desire and some resistance,  peace = not much desire and no resistance, passion = lots of desire and no resistance.

8. Resistance is a habit of thought that is contradictory to the desired outcome.  It introduces a lower, slower vibration (like a pencil in a fan) to your natural high, fast vibration.

9. Whenever you give your attention to something, you are including it in your vibration.  Whether you are saying yes to it or no to it, you are including it.

10. Negative emotion is like a wilting flower.  It sucks all the nurturing water (energy) out of your flow.  Negative emotion sucks the energy out because it shows that you are giving attention to slower vibrational stuff.

11. The only cause of negative emotion is your attention to slow vibrational stuff in your environment.  The contrast creates passion and motion forward, so it is very valuable.  New desire is born from the difference.

12. The way to deliberately create is to say, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good."  Look only for what you want to see.  You can go back ten years and relive it all.  OR, you can find something that feels good and focus on it.  It is that simple.

13. Manifestations are byproducts of our average vibration over time.  It takes a lot of negative thought and feeling before something negative occurs.   And then you say something like, "I just knew this would happen, I saw it coming."

14. Choose a vibrational average that says, "I am in the flow, all is well with me."  They told a story of Esther's speeding to get to a city on time, and three times she passed a police car with a speed trap and none of them even seemed to notice her.  She said she knew she was coasting on her old mostly pure vibration, for in the moment, her vibration would have warranted a ticket.

15. Don't focus on negative behavior in others.  Turn away from it as soon as you identify the rocket of desire it creates.  In an example of a woman who had been injured in a doctor's care, who perceived him as continuing others, they suggested, "First of all, you don't want him to continue to hurt others.  That is good because it allows you to know what you don't want.  Therefore, what you do want is for him to find his place, you want his pain to stop."

16. They told her, "When you give your attention to what you don't want, you make it bigger.  You make it accessible to more people.  If you prosecute someone for hitting kittens, you may protect this kitten from that person, but people all over the world begin to hit kittens who wouldn't have hurt kittens before your prosecution of the one."

17. When you begin working with Law of Attraction, your power is much greater than before.  It is a huge, powerful law you cannot defy.  Decide, "I am going to work within Law of Attraction."

18. Asking is a rocket of desire being born from the contrast.  Say, "Universe, I am asking you to help me feel better.  I'm asking that others be clearer about their intuition within them."  Do a focus wheel and reach for statements that match your desire.

19. Focus wheel for this lady.  I want fairness and justice.  Law of Attraction is already doing that!  I want more people to be aware of their vibration.  I want them to be empowered and aware of Law of Attraction.  She is an uplifter, empower-er.  

20. The more general the statement, usually, the pure-er.  The more specific the statement, the faster the energy flows.

21. First connect to the source.  Then focus as specifically as you want.  It might take 100 focus wheels to really get where you want to go.

22. Something that matches your desire that you already believe is the way to begin.  "I want to be a catalyst to help people live better lives.  I want to be enlightened, an enlightened knight.  I want to assist people to find their vibrational well being.  I want to guide people toward what they are wanting.  I want to feel good and be connected.  

23. More focus wheel statements: All kinds of people are having all kinds of different experiences.    I like the idea that our emotions give us lots of information.  I like knowing what my emotions are telling me.  I know that what I have been feeling and getting match.  I am going to be more aware of my feelings more of the time.  I like Law of Attraction and can feel it as tangible.  I like the idea of teaching myself about attraction.  I like that LOA is consistent, it is a measurable way of discerning how I am doing in deliberate creation.

24. One who is connected is more powerful than millions who are not.

25. You can do more good by reaching for a feeling of relief than prosecuting someone.  Courts cannot legislate your belief.  The more lawsuits there are, the more vulnerable you are.   When your cork floats and your vibration raises, you will never again be in vibrational harmony with any of that.  Say to yourself, "I just helped a whole lot of kittens!!!"

26. Blending is connecting to source energy and allowing it to flow.  Meditation is the easiest process of blending, because when you are thinking no thoughts, your cork floats.  Your body may feel bigger, expanding, floating.  You may feel your Inner Being moving you around.  When you yawn, it is nonphysical sending you a signal that it is time to take in more oxygen.

27. When you meditate and connect, you are consciously setting your tone.  When you sleep the same thing happens, but unconsciously.  Deliberate creators are working to make it a more conscious decision.

28. When from meditation, the higher vibration becomes the familiar feeling, the negative emotion becomes more valuable as information, so that every moment of your day you are aware of your energy blend.  Which feels better, always choose the higher vibration thought.

29. You have to begin seeing people as you want to see them, not as they are.  When you look at them as they are, you are holding them there and you go there with them.  You must look at them and hold your tone to be an uplifter.  Practice the imagination rather than observation.  

30. Pretend you are blindfolded, tasting your way through a buffet.  Feel your way through it.  Be increasingly sensitive to vibration around you.  Create by gaining perspective on how much energy you are summoning and how much you are allowing to flow.

31. Your intent for being is joy.  Expansion is continuing to become more.  By examining contrast, desire is born.  The chicken came first, with the egg within it.

32. The root of self-creation is the ability to perceive.

33. A declarative statement creates more facing reality.  Find a way to ask a question, which softens the energy in the moment.  Whenever you make it a question, you make it a desire, to which the universe responds.

34. The physical environment represents Big Thoughts.  It takes a lot of thought to make something physical.

35. New combinations create new ideas which summon eternalness.  Contrast is eternalness, which summons new ideas, which summons new energy which takes us forward.  Along with each manifestation, you receive a new perspective,  you are now vibrationally different than you were before.  It is a never ending cycle.

36. An uplifter is a jump start to others.  

37. Our physical apparatus allows a focus.  Through this perspective, you are defining desires.  The current and flow already exist.  You are a toaster plugged into the current through your summoning the energy.

38. Beasts vibrate contentment rather than passion, they are balancers of energy.  Their desire is set forth primarily in nonphysical.  The human is more specific, and is a creator because of the desire.

39. There is no loneliness in nonphysical.

40. We cannot answer until you ask.  There is no assertion.

41. Imagine:  You are a perceiving being.  When you are alone, you feel good and what you see is pleasurable, it is all pleasing.  Textures are delicious, water is delicious, you expand in the world around you.  You are wrapped up in perceiving.  In time, it is familiar.  From within comes the question, "Is there more?"  You have the impulse to go over here, which gives you more to perceive.  You keep finding new things to excite, delight and call you.  Newness of perspective creates desire.  The negative emotion of boredom moves you forward to the new.  

42. There are an infinite number of leading edges of thought in other dimensions.

43. What is the purpose of relationship?  Contrast!  Nextů

44. Relationships give you the opportunity to define desire.  You still think life is about identifying objects of desire and possessing them.  Life is about perception, expanding consciousness in the moment, feeling!

45. Everything is for that state of being which it produces.  It is all about being.  Objects of attention are only here to allow you to focus which summons life through you.

46. Passion is attention to a subject and allowing energy to flow through you.  The main event is the energy flow.

47. To a woman who described her perfect relationship with a homosexual man:  Why ask for more than perfection?  Because it doesn't meet other people's standards of how it should look?

48. Instead say, "For now, the desires I hold are satisfied though this experience."  Later, familiarity may create desire for something else that will attract anew.

49. You cannot possibly know everything you will ever want about anything.  Your point of attraction will always be changing.  You are all creative, ongoing, eternally changing beings.

50. Relationship is the format through which you want to find other things.  The vibrational matching happens in the moment, there is no point in talking about anything else anyway.  Where you are is the launching pad for what you want.  Your partner is a mirror to you, helping you to clarity your vibration.  You can't lose, no matter where the relationship goes.

51. When you declare something as it is, you hold yourself in that vibration.  Whenever you feel your vibration is amiss, your work is the same.  Leave the specifics to the Universe, and work on your vibration.

52. Declarative statements do not serve you well.  Jerry & Esther have said, "We often have problems landing in Boston."  Abraham added, "Do you hear us Universe?  We often have problems landing in Boston!"  The Universe is continuing to satisfy their vibration.

53. Stop and say, "What is it I am wanting?"  Work to soothe.  Say, I want to acknowledge wellbeing.  I want this or better."  The Universe has the capacity to give us so much more than we ask!

54. You have a vibrational aura.  Tell the Universe, "Let it come through the most delicious path."

55. Remember all the wonderful times, and you are renewed and refreshed.  

56. Negative emotion means you have gotten more specific than your allowing will allow.

57. The prosperity game teaches you to be greedy - YES!  But the point is that it gives you reason to get the energy glowing.  The game gets you pulsing in a different vibration, which gives you reason to focus, which then gives you the impulse to take action.

58. Melting is the feeling of energy flowing through you.  The woman asking the question said, the voice within her said, "Go pick up the paper and look for a real job."  Abraham translated it as, "Your plum is ripe, go pick it!"

59. Eventually you will get an impulse to act, follow it!

60. Break all the rules, don't try to be too much in control.  Define the specifics as you go along.  

61. You all have access to source energy, Esther is not different from you.  Esther and Jerry's advantage is that they come together, and are joined at the hip.  Jerry had insatiable thirst to know, more than anyone they had ever seen, and Esther was just bipping along, happily ever after.  She had fewer questions than just about anyone.  Jerry is summoning, and Esther is utterly allowing, she had no opinions about anything!  

62. Channeling is easier to do with another.  It is not easy to hold the question and be allowing at the same time because resistance comes up.

63. You can do it by asking the question now, and later allowing the answer to come.  

64. There is not one thing you need to do about anything, ever.

65. You cannot assert light in dark corners, the dark corner must be asking for light!

66. Don't be too self judging.  Esther's affirmation to this day in beginning to speak for Abraham is "It is my desire to speak clearly your words."  If Esther gets involved in the person's problem, she can't receive the answer.  

67. You can communicate with animals and plans.  Esther heard the plants ask for more water.  Jerry said the sprinkler system was taking care of it.  Finally they realized that the plants didn't need more water to survive, they needed more water to look as Esther's vision looked.

68. Nature interacts with us to satisfy our intention about nature.  There is a divine balance, just offer a vibration.  "I am wanting to carve out this garden with my intentions to get these specific results."  Nature will conform to that.  You can set the tone for it.  Observing the weeds calls them forth.  Just paint your vision and watch everything around you conform.

69. There are conditions which plants like.  Work within Law of Attraction.  Some plants prefer sand to clay.  Don't ask too much of a stretch of your belief.  The plant can stretch it's ability to grow where you plant it.  The plants are adhering to your tone and will continue to do so.

70. There will never be a time when you aren't experiencing some negative emotion.  It's a great thing, it points out desire.

71. What you are getting is what you are vibration, it is always a match.  When your vibration matches your desire, it is a done deal.  When something is about it manifest, it doesn't feel thrilling, it feels like the next logical step.

72. Use your imagination.  When it becomes "Oh, so familiar" it is the next logical step.  Observe less and imagine more.  The thing that is really exciting, is further out there in time.  Always keep a dream "out there" while taking the next logical steps to the closer manifestation.

73. Things you care about the most take longer to manifest because you think about them most, and your vibration isn't pure.  

74. Take pleasure from the imagery.  Give more attention to where you want to be than where you are.  

75. To get more freedom, acknowledge how free you already are to make many decisions and ask the Universe to expand your freedom in many areas.

76. Light and Sound are vibrations.  There have been many humans before us who used vibration better than we do.  Sound is more powerful than light.  Vibration has always been the source of all things.

77. People who can't understand you?  Then you are not their teacher.

78. Set your tone and let others join you if they can.  We don't encourage that empathy stuff!  Empathize only with the core energy of others.  Just decide which feels best and gravitate to that.

79. It is not easy to switch from a negative subject to a positive subject.  You don't have access to it vibrationally.  Take a nap and distract yourself until you have access to a more favorable vibration.  

80. To uplift someone, gaze at them, remembering a time when they were powerfully connected.  Emphasize with their wholeness of vibration, don't recognize illness, recognize their power to be well.  You dominate their energy field with wellbeing.  Don't recognize disconnection, recognize the power to love.  That is what separates masters from empathizers!

81. If banging on a pillow distracts you, then it could help your cork float.  If your banging on the problem, you are making it worse.

82. Never mind how I got here, more importantly, what am I doing here where I am now?  Your power is in your now vibration.

83. It is valuable to look for co-relations between how you were thinking and feeling that created a negative outcome, because it teaches you to recognize that whatever you are getting is always a vibrational match.  The sooner you accept that, the better!  Law of Attraction is always accurate.

84. What is my mood?  What kinds of thoughts have produced what kinds of feels that produced what kind of manifestations?  What was happening that I ignored my guidance system so I was there to be hit by the car?  "I kept going to a place I don't want to be with my friends."

85. There are no burning bushes.  When you have the feeling that you don't want to go there, "DON'T GO THERE!"

86. Or, set your tone when you do go.  She got hit by the car because she had been asking to understand, so she got a hard to miss example of what happens when she is out of integrity with herself.

87. You mourn because you don't really understand death.  There is a continuum of consciousness that never ends.

88. The feeling of loss is not the loss of the pet, but loss of the focus which causes you to feel positive emotion.  Get another dog right away!

89. You don't have to love yourself, just love.  Love your dog or cat.  Love something loveable.  Just love.

90. There is no time in which you are bad.  You can only choose your vibration in the moment.  There are 99 good radio stations and one bad one, and you keep putting it on that one and wanting it to join the others.  You begin law suits against it.  Let it go.  Just tune into the others and let your vibration raise.

91. Practice loving until loving is what you do.  Then, look at yourself from the loving space.

92. Dead ones are always pure positive energy, so the battle is already half won.  Pets come and go more frequently.  If you want them back, just ask that their essence return to a younger body.

93. We just love it when someone important to you croaks.  It causes you to become vibrationally conscious.  That is when life really becomes fun.

94. You don't have to consciously desire, the Universe knows what you want.  But when you decide, and set your intention, you are increasing your allowing.  You are more in control of the second part of the process.  You then want to align your energy with your desire.

95. When you feel negative emotion, say, "Yippee!  I've got desire!"

96. Desire is not the determining factor, the contrast takes care of the desire.  Allowing is the determining factor.  My work is to come into alignment with the desire.

97. In the moment of strong contrast, with strong emotion, energy is moving fast.  These are the most clarifying times.  At that point, when you come into alignment, you feel it clearly.  And if you don't, you don't feel it as clearly.

98. The woman's daughter gave her the finger.  They were exchanging blame for their disconnection.  She said, "We do that."  Abraham responded, "That's a declarative statement"  Ask the  Universe to soften resistance, "Universe, inspire me and inspire her to the words to sooth this.  Something in your vibration brought the finger to you.  

99. It's not about the rules of behavior.  You vibrate all over the place, while restraining your behavior.  The behavior doesn't matter.  The pretence means you don't know as clearly where you are vibrating.

100. "I don't care if you are disconnected, just so you are not taking me there with you."

101. When you are such a lover, it is really annoying to have a teenager who is unlovable.  It's not your job to vibrate in a way that keeps another happy.

102. After the fact, talk it thought and identify what you really want.  Eventually, you'll reach a place where you won't rendezvous when she's disconnected.  It is not possible for someone to flip you off if you are truly loving them in the moment.  You were flipping her off first vibrationally.  She was just more honest.

103. Imagine her connected, and she will rendezvous with you in high happy moments.

104. Where is your vibration mostly?

105. The key to health is to stay in the place of desire.  Continue to express love of life.  Relax, reach for things that feel better.  

106. The negative emotions are thing only things that keep you from freedom.  Which feels better is the only criteria you are ever wanting to us.  Choose the thought that feels better.  Let your emotions guide you to a thought that feels better.

107. Esther was holding onto the podium with both hands in a death grip.  Abraham called it a hot stove, and that she was burning her hands, keeping them there against the advice of her sensors.  "It really doesn't matter why," they said, then they threw her hands way up in the air and moved away, "this is what we recommend!"  Remember how it feels, and don't go there again.

108. You know the correlation with the hot stove and pain.  We want you to be as sensitive to the pain of negative emotion.  "This is not a good feeling."  Use it only to point out to you what you really want.

109. Touch around the sore spot only long enough to identify what you really want, and turn toward it.

110. To align energy to do business together, create a joint focal point, a dream.  Spend time imagining it until the vision calls you to action.  You cannot forget the vision later in the details of observation.  Stay forever in the dreaming stage of where this is going.  Emphasize in your own mind each others strengths.  

111. If you lose your connection, no big deal, you'll get it back easily enough.

112. Genius is attention to a subject.

113. Passion is more specific peace.

114. God is all of this, God is the energy stream, God is the perspective you focus to.

115. Your vibration is where you last left it.  Change the way you feel about it.

116. Pity is a well meaning thing.  Distortion happens because people don't understand energy flow.  When you pay attention to your desire, negative habits of thought come to the surface so you can see them.

117.  Whatever I'm living is what I'm vibrating.  Your emotions tell you everything you need to know.

118. And Ilana added on the way home, 'I'm getting everything I want.  The Universe wakes up every morning and says, "What shall we do for Ilana today?"'

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