Chatting with the Beloved  -  Book 4 Excerpt

~ Pratfalls and Special Effects:  12-21-10, 7:01 AM ~


C:  Hi, B.

B:  Hi, C.

C:  It seems like there should have been a fanfare for this new book, B!  It seems like we are just sliding into this adventure unceremoniously.

B:  There is a fanfare for each new beginning from our perspective.  Every breath you take, every cell that’s born, trumpets sound!  Heaven is a VERY noisy place!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration…

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  You are so silly, B.

B:  You take life way too seriously, C.  We want you to lighten up and laugh and play more! 

C:  I love to laugh and play, B!  I love feeling transported.  I love the feelings of awe and reverence.  I love feeling free, open and receptive.  I love soaring in consciousness.  I love feeling loved, by you and by my physical friends.  I love knowing we are all deeply and completely loved!  I love feeling generous, open-hearted and caring.

Oh, B!  I love tuning to love.  Thank you for helping me remember today that writing about what I love feels so good!

B:  Love is always a choice you have, C.  You can focus your attention on what you love, what you have, and what’s beautiful.  You can also focus on what you dislike, what you don’t have and what’s broken.  Which feels better?

C:  Oh, my goodness, B!  It feels infinitely better to focus on what’s working and what I love! 

But how will things that are broken get fixed if we never focus on them?

B:  Can you feel the difference between focusing on a problem and focusing on a solution, C?

C:  In this moment, when I am tuned to love already, and talking theoretically, sure I can, B.  But when I’m in the middle of it, not so much.

B:  Good point, C.  Seems like when you are in the middle, you can’t see clearly.  It’s kind of like being in a maze.  You can only see a short distance in any direction.  But, oh, do you get a different picture if you can see it from above!  What if you had an eagle’s soaring perspective?

C:  Oh, that would be wonderful, B!  From eagle-high, the maze path would be easier to spot, for sure.

But it would be silly for an eagle to follow a maze path, B, when they can just rise on a thermal and go in any direction they choose! 

B:  When you are trying to figure out and fix a problem, you are like eagles walking through mazes, C.

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  That’s like a cartoon, B!  I love that image!  When I am feeling stuck I can imagine that I am an eagle trying to walk a maze!

Then how do I fly, B?  Doesn’t seem like there’s room for a six-foot wingspan in a narrow passage.

B:  Lift your eyes, C.  Stop, relax and look up.  Your wings will take you where your eyes focus.  The maze walls are not nearly as substantial as they seem.

C:  I was reading the other day that Ernest Holmes said the world is not solid matter, but liquid form.

B:  Everything shifts magically with a change in perspective, C!

C:  Awesome, B.  I am seeing that afresh this morning.

B:  When you tune to love, you look up, C.  You look at life from a higher frequency.  As you tune up, you connect more with us.  We can then communicate to you the higher perspective we can see.  We see it all!

We know the perfect place for you to turn, the perfect sight for you to see, the perfect person for you to meet in this moment!  We’ll guide you there!

C:  That sounds so wonderful, B!

But what if I’m tuned to the problem in that moment and I miss your signal?  That person will be gone…

B:  There’s more than one road downtown, C!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  Like your GPS system, we are always “recalculating.”

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  She sounds annoyed if I choose to go a different way, B.

B:  You’re projecting there, C.  She’s not annoyed, she’s a machine.  She’s programmed to find the next best choice.

And we’re amused to find dozens of next best choices for you each day.  We know what delights you and we provide a dozen surprises around every corner, every day.

C:  I love knowing you are always looking out for me, B!  I love catching that subtle impulse to turn and running into something wonderful!

B:  You tune to love, hear a subtle whisper, turn and soon without even noticing, you are soaring free of the maze entirely.  The maze is no longer relevant to your experience. 

C:  Until it is…!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  Had some experience with mazes recently, C? 

C:  Yup.  Sometimes I not only get stuck in dead ends, I feel I’m walking straight into walls or encountering monsters in the maze! 

B:  All a part of a grand adventure.  Yup, pratfalls and special effects always draw large audiences!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  You are full of it this morning, B!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  We’re full of it every morning, C.  That’s why they call us ALL That Is!

Doesn’t get any fuller than that!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  Oh, I love talking with you, B!  What a joy it is to share my life with you!

A new beginning to celebrate with each in-breath.  Wow!  That does put a whole new perspective on change.  I just opened an email and the first line talked about trumpets, B.  Yet another wink from you!

B:  Winks from the Universe are all around you, C.  Sometimes it’s like there is an eight-foot high, flashing neon sign that has arrows and music saying, “ Come this way!”  And you are so focused on a spot on the wallpaper that you totally miss your guidance and bump your nose on the wall!

Do you have any idea how adorable you are?

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  Oh, B!  If that weren’t so funny, it would be excruciatingly embarrassing!

It is really true you think that’s adorable?

B:  We aren’t focused on the spot, C.  We are focused on you!  Divine, beautiful, brilliant, glorious you!  We love you.  We delight in you.  We ARE you!

And unlike you, we are really good at loving ourselves!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  We aren’t focused on what you do so much as who you are.

C:  And you are talking about all of us here, not just me, right, B?

B:  Of course, C.  We love you all, in every moment, with every in-breath.

And out-breath.  Don’t forget to exhale!  Those endings are equally valid!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

C:  What a funny, sunny, happy beautiful morning!  Thank you, B.  I am loved.  I am also magnificently entertained!  It’s fun to be me. 

It’s fun to be you!

B: & C:  [Laughter]

B:  We’re always having fun with your grand adventures, C.  We love it even more when you join us consciously.

C:  I love days like this when it feels like a fresh breeze is blowing through my being, B.  Today is a wonderful new opportunity for a lovely day!

I love that I remembered to tune to love and to get up to speed with playfulness and laughter with you.

I need an eight-foot blinking neon sign that says, “Tune to Love!”

B: & C:  [Laughter]

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