High T was created by Rev. Sunday Cote, at that time Minister of the Celebration Center, along with other members of the original group in October, 1995.  The original group was Sandy Hower, Diane Preston, Karen Moore, Connee Chandler and Sunday.  The T stands for Treatment, as in "Spiritual Mind Treatment," also called affirmative prayer.
High T is a powerful process that supports those who wish to experience meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment in a safe group atmosphere.  If you are not familiar with treatment, don't worry.  No previous experience is necessary.  All that is needed is an open heart and a willingness to speak your own word.  You might get a little nervous about praying out loud.  Just remember that the power comes not from speaking eloquently or using the right words, but when the words are spoken from the heart with true intent.  Don't try to sound like someone else.  Use your own words, the words that feel most comfortable to you.  You can't do it wrong.  You will be speaking only the 3rd step of Treatment, called "Realization."  The facilitator will speak the other 4 steps.
The realization step is much like an affirmation.  This is where you say what it is you want to draw into your life experience.
A few points to remember when speaking the Realization step:
Follow the three P's:  Present, Positive and Personal!
Present:  Always speak in the present tense, as if what you want is alreay here.  Instead of saying, "I want to be prosperous, "say ,"I am now prosperous."
Positive:  Always speak in the positive.  Instead of saying, "I am no longer in debt," say, "I am prosperous."
Personal:  Always make it personal.  Use personal words that are related to you, like I am, I have, I do.
During High T, you will have the opportunity to speak the reliazation step for yourself and one other person - the person who is sitting to your right.  For this reason, it is a good idea to sit in different places each meeting, so that you will get the benefit of treating for different people each week.
When speaking the Realization step for someone else, speak about them in the third person.  Instead of, "You are prosperous,"  say, "Jane is prosperous."
The structure of the High T process is as follows:
Invocation:  given by the facilitator.
Sharing Time: Each participant share the areas for which he or she would like support and treatment, and demonstrations from previous treatments.  The other participants are there eto listen and support.  Remember, this is not a counseling session. The healing takes place through the process of sharing, meditation and treatment.  Do not give your opinions or advice to the person sharing.  Also, it is very important that each member agrees to confidentiality -- anything shared in this group is not discussed outside the group.
Meditation:  After all have shared, there will be 20 minutes of silent mediation.  The facilitator will begin with a short centering before going into the silence.  After 20 minutes, the facilitator will bring everyone's awareness back to the room, and begin the treatment.
Treatment:  The facilitator will begin the treatment with the first two steps.  Recognition is recognizing the Allness of Spirit, and Unification is knowing we are all part of Spirit.
The facilitator will then speak the third step, Realization, for him or herself, and pass to the person on the left.  Below is a sample dialog from the third step:  Realization.
Facilitator:  "I speak my word for myself, Gloria, knowing that perfect employment is now mine.  I now pass to Hank (the person on the left.)"
Hank then says, "I speak my word for Gloria, knowing the perfect job is hers, right now!"
Then Hank speaks the third step for himself, "I know that I am in perfect health, and I have lots of energy.  I pass to Trudy (on my left.)"
Trudy speaks her word for Hank and for herself.  "I know that Hank is in perfect health and feels exuberant vitality.  I know for myself that my briefing at work tomorrow flows easily, and I feel confident and secure.  I now pass to (the person on the left) Max."
The group continues around until the last person passes to the facilitator.  The facilitator then speaks the third step for the last person, and closes with the final two steps of treatment, Thanksgiving and Release.
After the treatment, there will be a short time for comments about your experience in meditation and treatment.
The main intention of this group is to share a deeper experience of treatment and meditation with a group who supports each other's goals and desires.  It is a simple process, but has been found to be very powerful and effective.
The time you devote to this practice will change your life for the better.  It is a most loving thing you can do for yourself and for those who share your life.