Abraham List Class 4:

Content & Assignment:  Scripting

By Connee Chandler

Theme Quotes of the Week:

Abe Calendar, p. 679.

"Most of you are not writing a very deliberate script. Most of you are responding to conditions; you are talking about what happened. You are talking about what is or what has been. Most of you are not being deliberate about what you want. And sometimes, in the beginning, even though you state clearly what you want, you offer equal or greater resistance...You must want it and allow it and it is. Or want it and believe it and it is. Now we are saying to you in even more deliberate terms, want it and don`t resist it, and it is. Every single time without exception.

Notes from the Abe Session from Dallas 1995. (Thanks to Bobbi, on the Abraham list, for the transcript!)

"SCRIPTING is where you take some bugaboo that has been really bothering you and literally change your vibrational habit about it.

Just play with it, most of all be easy about it and have fun with it. We can make so much work of these processes that in time you get overwhelmed just with the process. And we want to bring simplicity to your life.

We want you to realize that you've got a guidance system with you in every moment. So at any moment that you are vibrationally out of synch with your source energy you feel it. So if you feel negative emotion, if it's fear or anger or frustration or resentment or disappointment or loneliness or anger or guilt or any of those emotions just stop & say hmmmm what am I pushing against, (what's bothering me), because there is always something, and as soon as you've identified what you are trying to say no to, then say, "what's the obvious yes", and just by doing that usually the resistance will lift, or soften substantially."

"On a recent tape, Abraham explains about scripting and then adds: 'You do not script to get the thing you are scripting. You script because you want to feel good. And in order to feel good you write about something you desire.'

That is interesting. I think it implies that if you script about that one thing you WANT, you cannot do otherwise but come from a place of lack. But if you script for the fun of scripting, that will (re)connect you to your stream. The fun of this is: you can script about one thing and manifest another. If (example) I feel the lack of a mate and that is an issue for me, I can script about beautiful sunsets and reconnect in doing so. And that good feeling might resolve my resistance to the mate... That is also the common denominator of all their techniques: reconnecting yourself."

Malik de Kok <fvolpaia@xs4all.nl>

In teaching scripting, Abraham often talks about the movie "Delirium," with John Candy. In it, he plays a soap opera script writer, who has an accident and wakes up in the hospital. Only the hospital is the one he has written about in the soap, and he knows it is not real. All the doctors are the actors, but they are acting like doctors. The normal set is just a few rooms, but when he looks out the window the whole town is there. He goes crazy and tries to escape, telling everyone he has written them and they aren`t real. Soon someone says to him, "well, if you wrote it, and you don`t like it, change the script." And he discovers he can do that! He just writes it the way he wants it. For example, he calls about his car, and they tell him that it will take a week to fix it. He frowns at first, and then goes back to his typewriter and writes "His car was repaired immediately." And the phone rings and it is the garage, telling him his car has already been repaired.

Abraham says that Esther, in watching this movie couldn`t stop laughing. She said to Jerry - "they think it is a movie, but it is real!" Abraham has often described how Esther will notice she is in a bad place vibrationally on a subject, and sit down with her laptop to write out a new script, outlining all the parts, which helps her get to the feeling place of relaxation and acceptance and gratitude for the new situation about to unfold in her life.

One good way to start a script is the phrase, "If I had it my way . . . " Abraham says we can have it our way, if we can vibrate it and allow it. So sitting down to write a new script is fun and rewarding, because it is a quick way to manifest changes in your vibration, which soon manifests changes in your life.

There are a number of different methods for writing scripts, and they all work. One is to just write about your vision, as in the following script.

Sample script: posted by Janet Davis <101741.2254@CompuServe.COM> to abraham_hicks.

I see all of us filled with and surrounded by love in all our lives, feeling warm and at ease with ourselves. Feeling loved, all the time. We are the adored children of a doting universe. Everyone we come in contact with uplifts, loves and warms us to the depths of our souls. Everywhere we look we see love and light. All the love that we are reflects back to us from the thousand tiny reflective surfaces of our lives, and we receive small flashes of love from every direction, even the most unexpected places! We feel secure and loved in all we do, everywhere we are, no matter whether we are with others or alone. We are loved! This love fills us and then overflows us, flowing out to warm everyone who comes in contact with us. We are welling pools of love, and that love attracts loving individuals into our lives, who reflect back to us more of the same! There is much love for us EVERYWHERE! How wonderful to be so surrounded by and filled with love! And so it is!

Another way is to focus on what you love, as in the following script:

Posted by Marta: Magic47772@aol.com to abraham_hicks.

I love people who genuinely like themselves. I love people who can laugh and can laugh at themselves. I love people who make me laugh. I love people who love to play, are curious, intelligent and yet have an endless sense this is not the be all and end all. I love people who make me think. I love people who love to learn. I love people who let me be. I love people who listen and speak with an open heart and an open mind. I appreciate deeply the courage of people who will tell me their truth even when I know I might not want to hear it. I love creative, imaginative people who see connections I don't see. I love people who take risks and think for themselves. I love people who can hug with ease and have a twinkle in their eye. I love people who are up to some mischief...they don't always follow "the Rules!" I love people who are trying to grow ...intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I love people who allow themselves to admit a mistake and I love people who allow me to make mine. I love generous, passionate, compassionate pure positive energy people ...I love you guys...

A friend shared a script with me recently about her perfect mate, and it occurred to me as she was reading it, that it was a script about him, rather than about her. It felt kind of clinical to me, and I didn't notice the excitement that builds in a script where 17 seconds is actually being achieved over and over. Almost every sentence started with "he is." Our point of power is with "I am."

I suggested she might try rewriting it beginning, "I am a wonderful wife. I have a wonderful husband. Let me fill you in on all we have been doing since we got married." And then, as she got to each of the details, to begin writing a little story that she remembered about their time together illustrating that detail from the list of mate characteristics she had already compiled. "He gives me flowers, especially roses" becomes: "I remember how, one Saturday during our whirlwind courtship, on the first week anniversary of our first kiss, he sent me roses. And what roses! Oceania roses - the longest stems I have ever seen! They are the most delicate peach color, and the fragrance was exquisite. Each one was more perfect than the next. The mass of a dozen of them was so awesome, and I was able slip two out, and put one in a bud vase in the bathroom, and another in my bedroom, so that everywhere I went that day in my home, I was reminded of the glory of him. In one short week, it felt like he changed everything in my whole life. I felt settled, sure and secure, in the midst of the greatest excitement I had ever experienced. I just glowed that day when I thought about him, and now, here, 10 years later, I still do. He is still that romantic. What a guy!"

Can you feel the difference? I can, I have goose bumps. The script that I wrote about my perfect mate before I met David was so detailed that Ca Ley believed it was true. She missed the first line that said it was a script. When she was reading it, her husband (at the time) came over and she was exclaiming, "look what Connee has created", and he was saying, "Ca Ley, it is just a script." And she said, "no it can't be, look at all these details." And then she said that it was amazing, when she got done, she felt like he was as real to her as I was (since we were virtual friends only at that point.)

When she can vibrate him real enough, the "he is" that he is already, will be in *her* life. But we can really only vibrate "I am," so always start with yourself, and get specific on details that you can really believe and revel in.

Whatever method you choose, write something that makes you feel good! I write scripts often, and what I notice is that, although the details sometimes change dramatically, the manifestation usually has the same feeling as the original script!


Take a desire you have for your life, and write a new script about actually having it happen for you. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes when you can dream and write, dream again and write. Writing focuses your attention, and allows you to be more consistently positive than just thinking about your desires. Have fun with it! Make it as elaborate as you like. As long as the details feel good, you are doing very well!

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