Connee's Notes on the Abraham Workshop,

 October 19, 2002, Bethesda, MD

  1. Are you feeling the importance of your individual perspective?  We want you to!
  2. A variety of perspectives is what summons Source forward.  Focusing summons Source.
  3. Ask and it is given.  Full meaning – every small preference or loud cry – every wish for everything is answered.
  4. All That Is Moves Heaven and Earth to accommodate you!
  5. You may not be letting it in, but it is always given.
  6. This is a vibrational based universe, managed by Law of Attraction.  (LOA)  You have a vibrational nature.  If you are in fear or pain, you are not a match to your desire.  You cannot offer one vibration and receive another. 
  7. How to match up vibration – spend more time in alignment, joy, appreciation, passion. 
  8. Negative emotion doesn’t mean you are failing, inappropriate or wrong.  It just means that in this moment you are not vibrationally matching what you want.
  9. The phrase “core belief” makes it sound really unchangeable!
  10. The dominant vibration is the easiest way to go, simply because it is what we are used to doing.
  11. If you have mixed vibrations on a subject – that is good.  Because it makes you adaptable to change because you already know some positive vibrations on the subject.
  12. When you try to deactivate what you don’t want, you are instead activating it.  You have to instead activate what you do want.
  13. Esther pounded the table and said, “II can damn well choose what is my dominant vibration.”  Abraham said, “We had hoped you’d be more positive.  But step 1 is good, too!”
  14. Most of you are living very good lives,  with so much more of what you do want than what you don’t want. 
  15. Do you choose truth or untruth?  Do you choose feeling good or feeling bad?  Do you choose truth or feeling good?
  16. You think, “I should feel the thought I don’t want to think, and feel the feeling I don’t want to feel and manifest the thing I don’t want to manifest, just because someone else did.”  That’s what facing reality means. 
  17. Instead think, “I will feel the path of least resistance/most allowing of the Source that flows within me.”
  18. Take the Path of Least Resistance is the same as Choose the Thought that Feels Good.
  19. Looking at the sniper, you might think, “that sort of thing is not a match to who I am.”  Or “he can’t get all of us!”  Or “there’s a much greater probability of winning the lottery than getting shot…”  [laughter]
  20. If a person says something you don’t want to hear, ignore it, hang up, leave the room, gotta go!
  21. Each moment, this is a powerful moment where Soul you meets ego/leading edge creator you.
  22. In negative emotion, you are a mere shadow of who you really are.  It’s just static in the energy stream that is you.
  23. If you worry about money, don’t think about money.  When it comes up, then think about money.  If you worry about money, don’t think about money.  When it comes up, then think about money.  If you worry about money, don’t think about money.  When it comes up, then think about money, in a less resistant way.
  24. Feel what you are doing.  We are endless spew-ers of processes, all of which, like rampages of appreciation and Book of Positive Aspects are pointed toward finding a thought that feels better in every moment.  Virtual Reality is about showing yourself that you have the ability to choose how you feel.  Say “I’m going to be the creator of this vibrational moment.
  25. VR will make you much more keenly aware of your present negative emotion.  We want you to notice when you touch negative emotion and move off at first touch.  Negative emotion shows the path of greater resistance.  Our value is to diminish your resistance.  There are not two of you whose path of least resistance is the same. 
  26. You think it is because when you release resistance, you can feel better and get what you are wanting.    We want you to do it so you can feel good now!
  27. “AHA!”  You are saying…  “Some old dead nonphysical being who doesn’t have a house anyway…”  [Laughter]
  28. Discomfort about not being somewhere else is resistance.  Have more fun along the way.  Be blissful about the process of unfolding.  You are eternal beings and you never get it done.  You will always be off moving toward the completion of something.  Get used to the idea “I am an eternally incomplete being!”  This allows you to enjoy process.
  29. Feeling like “I’m not getting it done” is not a match to getting it done.
  30. You go on vacation for the fun of going for inspiration and new experiences, not in order to get it done.  Cultivate feeling that way about all of life.  What you are doing is only your current excuse to focus and summon Source.
  31. It’s about JOY, Elation, Appreciation.  It doesn’t get any better than focusing the energy that creates worlds.  Wanting is the expansion of All That Is.
  32. The path of least resistance may be slowing down your wanting in the moment, temporarily, while you line up your energy.
  33. Medicine for one sick person is the path of least resistance.  For another, who has learned to hate medicine and doctors, they don’t get well.  It’s not the path of least resistance for them.
  34. Nothing is good or bad except to each individual.
  35. Argument is not the path of least resistance.  We can see how you are feeling.  Walking away angry also feels like resistance.  Instead – “I think I’ll go to a movie, read a book, meditate.”  Meditation is the ultimate deactivator.  But, if you think you cannot quiet your mind, pet your cat instead.
  36. If you are thinking “I’d feel better if they’d do something differently” as you look at another person, don’t give them that power.
  37. Practice ever trick in your book so you can choose the path of least resistance.  Do it in easy times, so it gets easier to do in harder times.
  38. If you would follow your bliss, you would have very little resistance, but you follow your commitments and promises to go to the family reunion instead…  [laughter]
  39. Jeff:  My visualization of freedom is to get up and do what I want – it’s vague and abstract.  Abraham:  There is a deeper meaning of freedom.  The ultimate freedom is freedom from resistance.  Non-resistance equals feeling good  which allows everything else I’ve ever wanted.
  40. You look at work as separating free time from bondage time, which is the path of greater resistance.  Let’s appeal to your logic for a bit.  You have the choice to choose the thought that feels better.  Step 1 is Ask, Step 2 is Source Answers, Step 3 is Get into the receiving mode.  Your job is just to keep choosing thoughts that feel good.
  41. In fact, you work much harder at things you choose on your day off than you do at work.  You go back to work from your vacation feeling exhausted.  It’s not work itself that is the cause of the resistance.
  42. The ultimate freedom is no longer blocking your receipt of all good things.
  43.  You put your hand on the hot stove and say, “Something smells funny.  Oh, but I’m only burning the first layer – my capacity to endure pain is increasing.  I can stand more pain than you can!  Hmmm, it’s getting a little sore here, but I can stand it.”
  44. Don’t be valiant about pain!  We want you to be a wimp!
  45. That negative emotion shows you the thought that is keeping you from wellbeing.  But it is always your choice!
  46. Negative emotion is step 1.  Get off it as quick as you can.
  47. Jeff:  I feel challenged by having to work 5 days…  Abraham:  A few days ago, Esther hadn’t taken her usual time for leisure, yet she felt proud of all she had accomplished in a short period of time.  Esther was tapping back into asking her Mom “What is there to DO?”  We like to have things to focus on.
  48. Say to yourself at work, “If I were not here, I’d be focused somewhere.  I like the money.  This is not such a bad thing for now.  In fact, it’s a pretty good match for this moment. 
  49. Jeff:  I like my job, I just like the things I’m choosing better.  Abraham:  When someone else decides, they are calling energy through you.  You feel like a cog in the wheel of achieving their end results.  You need to hook in and see the end result as something you want, too.
  50. Here are some ridiculously easy questions to help you identify the path of least resistance for now.    Which feels better?  To continue working or quit tomorrow.  Continue working.  That I am unnecessary there or I can be of value?  That I am of value.  To appreciate the dollars or they don’t need to pay me?  Appreciate the dollars.  To appreciate having something to do with life force flowing through me this way or rather sit and be paid for doing nothing?  To have something to do.  To prefer it to feel like it could be more rewarding or ok as it is?  To be more rewarding.   I don’t feel like it can be rewarding or maybe it can be more rewarding?  More rewarding.  To know there isn’t any value here or to keep my eyes open to ways I can feel of more value?  To keep my eyes open.  I’m stuck here or this is temporary?  This is temporary. 
  51. What you need to do is open a path of least resistance.  As you let the pressure off, the doors will be open.  Let the path of least resistance be your model to allow clarity to express as you.  This allows all your dreams to come true.  If someone asks you about it, say “I’m sniffing it out with positive emotion!”  If they say, “Well that sounds stupid,”  say “Gotta go!”
  52. If you say “there is no outlet for me,” we say, “kill me now!”  Death is the ultimate outlet.  But there are others…
  53. A lady who is a stay at home Mom said her intentions are passion, intimacy, love, family, wealth, joy and freedom.  She said she starts her day with cycling, basketball or relaxing in the steam room at the spa?  She asks, “Am I allowing all these desires to come to me through this?” Abraham:  in any moment you may be allowing.  When you get good at choosing a vibration, it is more likely to become a dominant vibration.  If you are cycling, and you are saying to yourself, “cycling is good for me, it makes me feel good, I get into the zone through this!  It answers many things I want.”   This is allowing.
  54. However, if you go to the spa, and hear ringing in your ears your mother or husband saying “you shouldn’t be relaxing, you should be working at home,” then that is not allowing.  For some, a moment of personal pampering is the path of least resistance.  For Esther, if she is thinking instead of  what else is calling her to do in the moment, it is not allowing.  Some people can move from pleasurable thing to pleasurable thing, and that’s the path of least resistance.  Others work from hard work to hard work, and that’s path of least resistance.  The path of least resistance is different for each one.
  55. So here’s some questions – which feels better?  Just because my mate is suffering doesn’t mean I have to or he’s not suffering as much as he’s claiming.  Both feel bad.  My mate doesn’t deny my feeling good or my mate doesn’t want me to feel good?  He wants me to feel good.  He doesn’t say I shouldn’t go to the spa when he feels good or he made those statements from a place of feeling good. 
  56. You want us to support your position, but we want you to give him the benefit of the doubt.  So here’s some more questions – which feels better?  He doesn’t want me to have fun or the spa is not really a big issue?  Not a big issue.  I’ll just throw it in his face or I’ll play it down.  I’ll play it down.  I’ll sneak to the spa and not tell him or I’ll play it down and tell him when it comes up naturally.  I’ll play it down.  I’ll take him to the spa.  I’d like him to find the spa feelings in his life.  I’d love it if he could relax and feel great, too!  Everything is variable – feel your way to it!  If you go to the spa defiant – don’t bother to go.  You might as well stay home and do something you don’t want to do. 
  57. If you think, I really don’t want to clean vs. I’d like a clean house, sometimes just to begin to clean makes you feel better.
  58. Ben  said he’d been unemployed for a year and wants a job.  The reality of not working is very present for him.  He tries to see the joy as his, but the reality is stronger.  Abraham:  When you really want something you usually activate it right where it is.  When you feel like you are spinning your wheels, stuck, or trying too hard, you are activating the dominant vibration of not having what you want.  You want to be distracted from it instead. 
  59. Do you feel lucky every day that you can choose whatever you want to do, or do you feel lack of having a job?  You could feel lucky you get to play tennis.  You could find a way to feel appreciation in that moment.  Feel about right now, not the future.  Focus on your NOW connection.
  60. Manage your connection, Source will take care of the rest.  Don’t feel guilty about tennis, feel joyful.  You have launched a powerful rocket of desire over this year of step 1.  You are much clearer now about what you want.  Now just manage the moment by taking the path of least resistance.
  61. Let’s walk through the day.  Ben:  I wake up feeling good, get up and go down and let the dog out.  Eat breakfast and then check email.  “Is the job there yet?”  Abraham:  Resistance happens!  Check the email later!  Fill the morning with things of lesser resistance.  Do email at noon.  Study your professional materials at 2:00.  Go play tennis in the morning.  Don’t choose resistant things so early in the day.
  62. Have you given the Universe a clear idea of the job you want?  Ben:  Yes!  Abraham:  things are already set in motion.  Your work is to relax and allow it to be.  To keep hammering away is Step 1.  Ask yourself, “Is my asking greater or lesser resistance?”  If it feels bad – it is more.  Instead, trust that the Universe has heard and is lining things up.  Take the attitude of faith and trust in Law of Attraction.  Remember times when good feeling netted this or that other thing. 
  63. Review your day again.  When you let the dog out, the dog is not resistant to wellbeing.  He romps with joy in the woods.  You get a life when you release the dog.  That is a moment of non-resistance.  If you were following the path of least resistance, you would play tennis in the morning with partners who draw the best from you, and you will feel better after.  Spending time with your wife is a space of allowing because she is patient and understanding.  Patience is the very best way for someone supporting you right now to feel. Say to yourself 500 times per day, I’m reaching for the path of least resistance.  As you stop at a stop light, bless the traffic management system.   
  64. We’re not feeling any pockets of resistance in you.  Just don’t think about it for a week.  The job will come.  See this as a vacation time and time of greater clarity, be grateful for the leeway that has allowed you this opportunity.  Know it is coming, and enjoy this vacation.
  65. Guest:  money comes in and goes out just as fast.  Abraham:  do you have big holding tanks for oxygen?  Why have holding tanks for money?  You don’t hyperventilate, you trust that more will be there for you when you want it.  The desire summons it – you can’t even tell us clearly what you want the more money for…  Diffuse the statement, “the money isn’t coming fast enough.”  Say things like “all I ever need flows to me.” The need to gather more up to do more comes from a place of lack.
  66. Most people are afraid to be satisfied with where they are.  The best stance is satisfied with what is and reaching for even more.  In and out, in and out!  The hardest part is just knowing how easy it is!
  67. If you run, your body takes in more oxygen.  If you focus on piles of money, it just slows things down.  Feel happy and free, don’t associate your wellbeing with depriving someone else – it doesn’t.  Everyone has all he allows.  The economy is just a change of human energy.  Both dollars and clarity expand with desire.  If specifics feel resistant, be more general.  “There are many people where I now am who have taken dollars out of the equation…”  Feel that delicate place of allowing. 
  68. We cannot feel in you unresolved desires.  You just have got in the habit of feeling not enough money for no good reason.  You have gotten swept up in the world’s climate of not enough.  You come in clear as children and through observation activate a more common attitude.  So you end up vibrating with the drum everyone beats even if it isn’t yours.  Part of you wants to be a good example to your students.  But if you use some of your dollars for others, it can disempowers them.  They have access to the same stream you do.  We love it that it is not coming to you all at once.  Teaching is about bringing yourself back into balance.  You teach your students the process by your example.   Teach them to learn the process rather than focus on the end result.  There is no reason for excess if what you need is always right here to be mined.
  69. Different placing of words activates a different vibration.  When Esther spoke for Abraham with an accent it was that she was receiving a bigger block of thought than she could comfortably digest.  It took time for her to relax and allow.  Once she did, everything began to flow easily, and her enjoyment factor continues to rise.
  70. Another guest wants to weave Buddhist teaching with Abraham.  Abraham:  some people pray from Step 1 and their prayers are not answered.  Others pray from Step 3 and their prayers are answered.  Saying, “I am so appreciative” allows more to come.  Both Buddhism and Abraham focus on attention to desire and attention to allowing.    Look for the words in each that resonate, words that allow your opening to your essential nature.  The Buddhist lineage says the guru is the only one who contains the information.  Abraham says that nothing is separate from you, except where you cause the separation.  Abraham knows that at the core, the Buddhist path is very similar.  Your job is not to make it fit.  Your job is to follow the path of least resistance.  You have to feel your way on whatever path you are on.
  71. If your philosophy takes out Step 1, wanting, we say, “why are you here?” 
  72.  She feels anxiety about military deployment, pondering Marie Antoinette painting a watercolor and not focusing on mass reality, then going to the guillotine.  How do you find stability when you are in fear?  Choose to look at the segment that feels good, rather than the segment that causes anxiety.  You are saying, “I want those conditions to go away so I can feel good.”  Deployment says the same thing and is misguided, in thinking that the conditions have to be changed in order for people to feel good.  To push against feels bad.  To give in feels bad.  People think allowing is to stand defiantly while I get punched.  Instead, choose the path of your own personal power.  Allow your own connection, clarity and balance.  Do not worry or push against.  There are those who pick up the flag and find the path of least resistance.  Others on the other side find the path of least resistance.  It is not for or against.  It’s does carrying the flag cause you more or less resistance?  The world is big enough to allow ease for everyone.
  73. If someone says, “You are either with me or against me” shout, “It has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!”  It’s about my own personal empowerment.  You always have options.  Your best option is to align with your Source.
  74. All culminations are rivers of energy flowing.  Wars seem government inspired, but they could not be there if there was not huge individual compliance.  They activate/inflame individual vulnerability, which is not different from watching commercials on TV.  You want to know that you are not vulnerable, and all of that becomes a non-issue. 
  75. Deployment is not your problem, your attunement to it is your problem.  Don’t give anyone that power in your life.  Say, “I don’t need them to think like me to feel good.”  You can make it work individually for you.
  76. Regarding Marie Antoinette, there were many more heads that did not roll.  It’s funny how you choose to look back in history at the most resistant thought – heads rolling.  Getting your head cut off is on the top of the things-not-to-do-today list.  [laughter]
  77. You would not live there and be part of that vibration.  Don’t inflame your sense of vulnerability.  Don’t make it be about you!   Don’t use it as your excuse to pinch yourself off.  Life is good.  There is more wellbeing. 
  78. The sun comes up!  Should be the headline of every newspaper daily.  Life force abounds.  Planets regenerate, plants, people, life comes forth.  These are extraordinary times.  Even during World Wars, thriving occurs.  Spend no time watching TV.  Amplify positive aspects.  Don’t push against anyone for anything.    Don’t say, “My truth is truer than your truth.”  In that, you are not a match to your truth.  Reclaim your connection. 
  79. To choose peace in your life during war, go step by step.  Say, “most of my days don’t concern this.  This is a non issue to me.”  Deleting the war related emails without reading them is usually the path of least resistance. 
  80. Spend time appreciating emails.  I love talking to friends.  I bless free speech.  And email will be a non-issue, too. 
  81. Most people like to look globally because their own lives are not working.  There will always be things you don’t want to look at.  You deliberately chose an environment that helps you choose from a non-physical perspective.  No one can ever vibrate for you.  Exercise your own power to think. 
  82. Soon you will say, “bring on the war, it has nothing to do with me.  Bring on the flood!”
  83. Mothers against Drunk Drivers didn’t cause greater wellbeing.  Their endless rockets of desire matched with masses reaching for wellbeing increased wellbeing in that area.
  84. The babies and beasts of your planet provide stability.  They know not fear.  They reach for the path of least resistance every time.
  85. Law of Attraction is either your friend or your enemy, depending on your habit of thought.  Begin to choose more thoughts of a benign vibration, especially appreciation.
  86. At 17 seconds of pure thought, Law of Attraction kicks in and amplifies the vibration 1000 times.  You don’t know that because most people seldom hold a thought for 17 seconds.
  87. If you use Virtual Reality to try to fix what is broken, it doesn’t work.  VR is proactive in creating allowing vibrations.  It shows you that you can choose how you feel.  If you introduce something that sours the vibration, get out quick.  A tiny snatch of exhilaration or joy accomplishes much more than any amount of time working on your issues.
  88. Look to create moments where you would want to say, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”
  89. Reach of a wonderful thought and milk it for all it is worth.  If you chose something that doesn’t feel that good, bail out quick.
  90. If you find yourself attending to a recurring problem, that is NOT the path of least resistance.
  91. Be as specific as you can be and still feel good.  If being too specific feels bad, try reaching for a more general thought.  You want to find your balance within the thinking and feeling.  Passion is a very specific thought focus with no resistance.  Find your way to the balance also of too diffused so you get bored and too specific which can be overwhelming.  It’s all trial and error.  Make it a game.  If I pretend it, I become it.
  92. Sometimes withdrawing feels better, sometimes worse.  You must learn to use your personal guidance.  Don’t let go of desire, let go of resistance.
  93. We’re talking about the paltry effect of action vs. the energy of Source that creates worlds at your disposal!  Play the “won’t it be nice when…” game.
  94. Anything you can think or do that feels good will help.  Don’t rush.  Savor it!  You are eternal beings…
  95. When an idea is born, you are usually no where near the vibration of it because of the contrast.  Turn from where you are now and pretend it.  And as you do, you allow it to be.
  96. David:  I want an AHA!  Abraham:  That’s the feeling of the last bastion of resistance falling away.  It represents a quantum leap.  David:  I want to go there.  Abraham:  The Ultimate Aha! is the death experience.  We would encourage you to reach for softer Aha's! along the way.  Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha!
  97. David:  We are light – it is who we are, our intelligence.  I got an Aha! regarding the wavelengths of DNA and light being the same.  Abraham:  We speak in a way that does not use normal words in common ways.  That helps activate new vibrations and knowings that feel like Aha's!  We are trying to dissuade you from focusing quite so much on physical reality, to recognize that you are more electric beings than physical beings.  You all say, “We are real, we know this stuff is real.”  We want you to feel with your emotional senses, because that is a better measure of your electric nature.  The Cellular experience is very electric, but it is hard for you to experience as a cell experiences, you are a bigger experience than that.
  98. It’s better to understand the flow of energy, to become a switch flipper than to try to understand electricity or DNA.  Pay attention to the current – the energy flowing in and not flowing in.  It might be satisfying to you to explore the flow, and it is easier to understand and use it from that perspective.
  99. Your resistance is of value, because it steps down the energy current so it does not blow out your circuits.  Your beliefs keep the flow on target.  Resistance is of value until you are up to speed with the content of the vibration. 
  100. Your physical body is the extension of Source energy.  Never forget that the DNA you are born with is not limited.  Source energy continues to flow.  You inherited nothing of a resistant nature from your parents that you need to keep.  DNA is more about Source as it touches you now, than it is about how it touched your mother.  David:  where does intelligence come from and how does it relate to DNA and light?  Abraham:  DNA is consciousness is vibration is GOD is intelligence is Source is All That Is.
  101. David:  is there a vibration to Source energy that is a constant, and what would its wavelength be?  Abraham:  if your wavelength comparison satisfies you, keep it.  You are talking about light in the sense of sight and eyes.  In meditation you can also perceive light, with no eyes and no sight.  You perceive light in many ways, you can feel it when you feel love and feel eagerness. 
  102. You can translate God with many sensors of your Being.  In the nonphysical experience, we don’t see light.  But there is no greater light than that which we are and that which we know.
  103. Anne:  I see faces superimposed on people…  Abraham:  What you are seeing has more to do with you than with them.  All is in the eye of the beholder.  You are seeing a vibrational countenance of your being.
  104. Anne:  I find some people I work with who are very ill or emotionally distraught may still have a totally open chakra system. How is this possible?  Abraham:  Esther used to say, in preparing for speaking for Abraham, “I am wanting to speak clearly your words.”  She wants to allow the broader part to be running the show for that time.  Now she says, “I am wanting your vibration to dominate.”
  105. As an ill person nears transition, the broader part dominates which allows the chakras to open. In the deep throes of depression, people also reach the place where they stop struggling.  When you read their vibration at that time, you find their resistance has subsided.  In helping people in this state, it is good if you just approach them softly with the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” game.  You are very keen interpreter, reading the energy rather than the appearance.  Abraham does the same thing with each person in the hot seat, reaching for the crack of least resistance in that person.
  106. Anne:  I have a neice who was adopted from a Russian orphanage who is four years old.  She has temper tantrums when they try to make her wear warmer clothes in the fall.  Abraham:  The orphanage was a place of greater freedom, and the children may well prefer that to a controlling environment.  Parents are often squelchers of individual freedom.  We’d encourage that she be given more choices about what she wants.  Some clothes just feel better than others, even to adults.  People feel either cold or hot, even when the room is the same temperature.  People pick the clothes they wear considering many factors.  It could be style.  Allow her to dress as skimpily as feels comfortable to her.  Allow her to regulate her own wardrobe.  It’s all about freedom.
  107. The child would say, “the orphanage was working better for me.  Does being loved mean I no longer get to choose for myself?  Set me free with your love!!!  I want to be free to be, do, think and experience my life.”
  108. Guest:  I have a loving relationship but my mate is entangled with his ex-wife.  Should I get out?  Abraham:  There is not person who is not going to have any stuff – they all have their stuff from before.  All of us are Source meeting flesh.  Focus on what you are doing about allowing yourself to flow.   You are making him your excuse in being disconnected.
  109. His last relationship had him out of balance, he left it, it still is making him out of balance.  Leaving the relationship doesn’t cause balance.
  110. When you say, “I’ll be happy when you’re happy…”  you put too much responsibility on the other person.  When you are new in the relationship, you are looking for the good in each other.  The less you know, the easier it is to use the other as your excuse to be connected. 
  111. You need to realize that what you want to say is “He’s got issues and my happiness is not tied to his happiness.”  You teach each other your vibrations.  You show your best face when you first come together. 
  112. Later it’s “somebody should do something about that!”  We mean YOU!  You are the only one who can do something about that.  When you aren’t with him, you need to work on his positive aspects until you evoke from him a differing pattern.  The relationship is more about what you are offering.  You are the solicitor of this vibration.
  113. So, why are you with him, anyway.  Guest:  He’s humorous, generous, loving, kind bright, supportive…  Abraham:  Not one of those things was part of this conversation until we forced it from you.  It’s your responsibility to choose.  The path of least resistance for you clearly isn’t leaving.  I want to stay is the path of least resistance.  I’m going to stay is the decision.
  114. Here’s the questions – which feels better?  I demand he get squared away or I’m going to find a way to feel ok anyway.  Feel ok.  You can make yourself angry by saying that this shouldn’t be my problem, but that doesn’t solve anything.  More questions – which feels better?  I have to hold myself in Pure Positive Energy 100% of the time or I have plenty of leeway here.  Leeway.  It’s getting worse or it’s getting better.  Better.  Remember, it doesn’t matter if it is true, it matters which feels better.  He wants to be happy or he wants to stir things up.  Happy.  He wants to feel better… 
  115. When you stand there uninvolved, you become a ray of sunshine!  The part of you he fell in love with then calls him forward.  In your connection, lots of new possibilities will come forward.  There are so many positive aspects to this life – our life together is fantastic.  The rest of that stuff is in the past.  I don’t have to make it part of my experience.  You are the plucker from this bouquet of life. 
  116. Uplifting is being so determined to feel good that you allow, and the timing gets good, and elicits even more connection.  What you are wanting is to evoke connection in every relationship.  Love it into place, adore it, imagine it, benefit of the doubt it.  Your connection has to come first.
  117. Guest:  At what point do you walk away and get a divorce?  Abraham:  Follow the path of least resistance.  Go for a walk, pick up a book, there are 1000 things you can do before the path of least resistance is a divorce!  You can reclaim your balance every time. You have made his balance your issue.  You have your own channel of good.  Give him the benefit of the doubt.  Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.
  118. You say, “I’m so tired I want to die”  but what you mean is “I’m so tired I want to rest.”  There is so much here that is magnificent.  There are many other parts you can easily activate.
  119. Guest:  I have a bunny with an eye infection that requires 15 medicines per day…  Abraham:  Speaking for the bunny, he wants to go back to the orphanage!  [laughter]  He wants a lot less attention on what’s gone wrong.  Your husband and the bunny are having the same experience with you!  Your attention on the problem is keeping it alive.  Find something else to focus on.  Guest:  Take him off the medicine?  Abraham:  We would.  Tell him, “You are on your own, rabbit!”  As you take your attention of worry away, watch what happens.
  120. You are all trained to find a problem, wrestle it to the ground and kill it.  Turns out that you feel “damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”
  121. Consistantly insist on feeling good.  Death isn’t a big issue to the rabbit as it is to you.  Is this the only rabbit on the planet?  We don’t call this the hot seat for nothing!  In the wild, the rabbit could croak after it’s joyful life.  The worst that could happen is the rabbit croaks, and gets replaced by one of a million other rabbits who are not sick.  The rabbit now represents as your feeling of responsibility for getting it fixed.
  122. Esther and Jerry picked up a motorcoach and there were many things needing to be fixed.  After three weeks of fixing, Esther was getting really irritated.  Herry made a profound statement.  “Let’s stop fixing what’s wrong and start savoring what’s right.”  These are the best words for getting back on the path of least resistance.  On the path of least resistance, the Universe does the fixing.
  123. Leave the rabbit alone.  Leave your husband’s relationship with his ex-wife alone.
  124. Guest:  Are you the Source energy of Vivian?  Abraham:  We can see the relationship.  It labels it more clumsily than we would.  There are not words for the definition of some differences like DNA and light.  You can feel the resonance yourself.  We are giving you the answer that will cause you the least resistance.  Labels applied to the nonphysical usually do not work out too well. 
  125. You are the one who much make the match.  Your needing us to be the same makes you not a match to our energy.
  126. Guest:  There is a lot of resistance here.  I’m going to pretend there is no one here but me and you.  Abraham: We called on you for a reason.  Guest:  Many years ago I had a powerful experience like several million orgasms happening simultaneously.  Ever since I have felt pressure in my head.  Abraham:  You have been summoning more energy than you have been allowing.  Guest:  The doctors say there is nothing physically wrong, but I think I have the same soul energy as Adolph Hilter.  Abraham:  Not even close.  But the intensity is similar and we can see why you made the connection.  Guest:  My Jewish mother will be grateful that someone else doesn’t think I’m Hilter!
  127. Abraham:  Can you identify the catalyst for the explosion in consciousness?  Guest:  Reading a guru’s teaching that all human beings live as a fist rather than an open hand.  If you could open your hand, there would be nothing but bliss.  So, I meditated and opened the hand and the bliss came through.  Abraham:  In your desire, the energy came through, but the fist didn’t open – your resistance is still there.  You need to learn the art of releasing resistance. 
  128. It doesn’t matter if a past life experience actually represents a past life or not.  It does represent a vibrational match to where you are now.
  129. As you hold the essence of the relationship you want with “soft edges” it will come back in the form of this one you want or another.  You must soften the sadness, and deactivate the thought that causes it.  The only way to do this is to activate other thoughts, stay busy.  When you tune in your dial accurately, you will receive the transmission.  Get off the subject of worthiness altogether.  It’s an inside job. 
  130. Source never holds back, allowing means alignment to Source.  All you can do is want so much to feel good that you make the effort to find any thought that feels better.  Trust that subtle changes will work and begin to relax. 
  131. Your easiest access is to what you have most frequently accessed.  Esther has lately been singing the song “To hell with it all!”  Let go.  Meditate, visualize, and then just say, “To hell with it all!”
  132. Let go of the struggle.  Even a pretty waterlogged cork will float if you let it.  Put it all on the back burner for now, and see if you can find any part of your cork that floats.  Change the subject to something less important and find out it is not as hard as you think.
  133. Connee:  I spent the week with friends who know how to allow their corks to float nicely – artists, musicians, writers.  The biggest rub seemed to be what to allow subconsciously and what to make conscious, the idea of being the brush rather than the painter.  Abraham:  The optimal experience is conscious – it is glorious when you are awake and aware of Oneness.  You are not puppets.
  134. Both painting training and marshall arts training focus on allowing the flow.  Abraham:  There is step 1 and step 3.  The do not happen at the same time.  They are separate steps.  You must ask and then allow.  Connee: So it’s a dance – ask and allow, ask and allow, ask and allow.  Abraham:  yes.  Too frequent asking causes discord, it’s like having your foot on the brake and gas at the same time.  You must feel your way through it.
  135. Connee:  I focus now on creating the feeling rather than the thing.  I had a vision of watching deer drink from a river out my window.  Recently I have noticed that I have the very same feeling now watching a squirrel drink from my bird bath.  Abraham:  If you have to go some place specific to get the feeling, you are bound.  If you can have the feeling in any environment you are free!
  136. Guest:  I can easily Virtual Reality being in Montana with crystal clear snow flying through the air.  The rub is, I’m not there!  It hurts…  Abraham:  Nothing you desire should elude you.  The words are not important if you don’t believe them. Things only don’t flow because you have practiced otherwise.
  137. You can achieve a good feeling moment now.  Say to yourself, “It’s not taking me to Montana, but I sure feel good!”  Virtual Reality makes you feel good more of the time.  Use this vision to practice feeling good for the now good feeling, for no reason other than feeling good.  We want you to choose your dominant thought.  Without practice, you will be lost in a sea of dominant thought.  Practice feeling “I’m proud of myself.”
  138. There are many entry points in recurring arguments, portals.  Choose to pick a different one. Say:  “I’m going to take a path that feels better now.”  Exercise control of the way you feel.
  139. The path of least resistance and the Law of Allowing are the same thing. 
  140. The Universe is infinitely expansive.  There was not just one Big Bang, but an eternal series of little bangs.  The Universe is banging as much today as it has ever banged.  Each time you say, “I’ve decided” that’s a little bang. 
  141. If you didn’t have the ability to receive the answer, you couldn’t ask the question.  The answer automatically comes forth as the question is asked.  The art is in the question.  We are all in this together.
  142. Virtual reality makes the action feel like the next logical step.
  143. Guest:  I was VR-ing watching whales.  I found I just couldn’t stand it anymore – I had to go to the Aquarium and see the whales!
  144. Guest:    I’ve lost faith in our economic system.  The market is corrupt…  Abraham:  If you are waiting for no one to be corrupt, you will never trust again.  Trust Law of Attraction!  There is no possibility that anything that happens is not an identical match.  There is enough Source energy for all askers, there is no competition.  Every single consciousness is asking and allowing or asking and not allowing.  No one else’s vibration matters unless your disgust over his choice effects your vibration. 
  145. No one else has to agree with you.  You just cannot disagree with yourself.  You can make rascals scapegoats of your disallowing.  But we wouldn’t.  It’s not about the sea that surrounds you – it’s about your vibration within the sea.  You can always find things to look at everywhere that are joyful.
  146. Guest:  But it surprised me that there were those who were corrupt…  Abraham:  They were keeping their ear to the ground and they drove off the road instead of becoming a part of the 100 car pile up.  As you assign blame to them, you disallow your own wellbeing.
  147. There was a neurosurgeon who realized he would never get all his work done, even if he stayed until midnight every night.  So he said to himself, “I will never get it done if I go home at midnight.  I will never get it done if I go home at six.  I might as well please myself!”
  148. Stop looking at the manifestations.  Feel your way there.  Know that you want it and just hold thoughts that don’t feel bad.
  149. Guest:  But the market… I thought it was free and equal, that it was possible to invest in a company, even if you cannot own one.  Yet people lost their life savings…  Abraham:  Even if what she said is true, does it feel good?  It doesn’t matter if it is true.  If it doesn’t feel good, I’m not letting my good flow.
  150. More people in the environment are suffering since 910, not because of terrorists but because of THOUGHTS of terrorists.  Step thinking about things that feel bad in order for things to feel better. 
  151. Each individual must be responsible for their own experience.  Everyone is making too much of his.  I can feel better because I focus my thoughts.  Period.
  152. The environment of contrast inspires me to decide.  Guest:  It is hard for me to be joyful when others are not joyful.  Abraham: You cannot uplift until you are uplifted.  Worry is worry, whether you are worried about others or about yourself. 
  153. Economies bounce back.  People have lots of different means.  It doesn’t have to unfold as you expect.  There are people right now who are focused on solutions.  Your job is to allow wellbeing to flow. 
  154. There is no such thing as a global experience, just many individual experiences.
  155. People are overreacting to the market.  They are not worth on paper what they once where.  Just say to yourself, “I cannot think about the market right now…”  Fortunately there are other thoughts you can think.
  156. But it’s so true!  But does it feel good?  NO!  Still, you continue to think you should think about it, even though every fiber is saying this thought doesn’t feel good.  Learn to trust your guidance.
  157. Stamina, wellbeing, guidance, clarity, abundance, don’t close them off!  This is the best picture we’ve seen of mass pinching off, breeding vulnerability.  And even in all of that, you thrive!
  158. If it doesn’t feel good, it is not essential to me.
  159. If we do focus on history, we repeat it, because of Law of Attraction.    If you really wanted to feel good,  you wouldn’t repeat insults.  Esther says, “I can damn well choose my dominant vibration.”  The only way you can change your dominant vibration is to choose your thoughts by how you feel.
  160. It’s a weird one of you who doesn’t have insurance to pay for tubes and decline.  Most have lost the means to pay for tubes when they are old and sick.  It’s good if you can’t afford them!  Don’t anticipate decline.
  161. We’d like it if medicine fell apart.  We’d like it if they’d say, “Well, when they get old, we’ll just shoot them!”  You have the medical system because so many benefit from it.
  162. You can’t worry your way into a happy retirement.
  163. Don’t let things bother you.  It doesn’t make any difference who’s president, unless you make it a part of your vibration.  Hang up the phone, turn off the TV, walk away, change the sugject in your own mind.   A whole new world will appear to you, with the potential for unbelievable joy.
  164. Guest:  But the sea is still bloody…  Abraham:  Take yourself somewhere where the sea is NOT BLOODY!
  165. You are beloved, blessed and worthy.  Source adores you.  When YOU adore you, life will be good.

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