Abraham-Hicks workshop notes by John Hicks

Tahiti Cruise May, 2009

To help others you must be in your vortex, but if they are not in their vortex then they cannot hear you. If you leave your vortex then you will be heard but you will no longer have the answers. We are vibrational and we can move in and out of our vortex; when we are in it we are nonresistant and you are the wholeness of who you have become. The non-physical you projected the thought which is you to come here to add and expand. The vortex has all the cooperative components that are needed to complete the wholeness which is you. In the vortex is where the deliberate creators dwell; they do not leave for they know that everything will work out. They continue to move in the direction, which feels good. If you start looking at the opposite of what you want and you are into the contrast they you are moved out of the vortex. This provides the purpose and clarity of what you want.

            While physically focused your are experiencing contrast, creating desires, your non-physical source becomes them and then you must align. The step 2 is Source focuses and becomes your desire. Then step 3 you must allow, align and move into your vortex; the closer you are the better you will feel-the love, knowing and appreciation. Hoping puts you at the edge of the vortex and its power can pull  you into the vortex. At the edge of the vortex life gives you wonderful surprises, things you did not se coming. If you are feeling someone’s pain then you are not in the vortex; it is not a bad thing to explore the contrast outside of the vortex.

            The whole point of life is exploring contrast, creation new desires and then aligning with them. You are not here to fix anything; you are here to create and align with desires. Being in the now is creating desires then expanding to become one with them; then developing a new platform from which to create and become more this is the experience of joy. Life causes us to expand then direct our thought and become who we truly are. Closing the gap, release resistance; allow who you really are- then you are in the vortex. Step 1 moment are out of the vortex- and all will be better for it- you are contributing to all that is.

Your job is becoming a consistent match vibrationally to what/who you have become.

Self-loathing is furthest from the vortex, guilt is better- the whole idea is to move to better feeling thought

When in the vortex attract those who are in the vortex- focus your attention and expectation onto being in the vortex. Do not look for the approval of others

Law of Attraction responding to who you are and who you are allowing yourself to be- when these are a vibrational match then you are in the vortex.

Segment Intending- do this before you enter each segment

            If not then you walk into a situation- not what you expect can pull you out of the vortex – but you can get back into the vortex  release attention from what is and then move back into the vortex

            When in the vortex you are vibrationally different from those who are not in their vortex; so you cannot have a meaningful experience unless you come out of the vortex- choose them versus being who you truly are.

            You can hold your vibration and not go to their vibration

            Focus on positive attributes

If you are not keeping up with the energy movement then you will be uncomfortable

Expect things to be the way you want them- wellbeing abounds

Once you are in the vortex and become accustomed to the energy , when you are out of the vortex you become more uncomfortable- do not want to be out- you can move in and out as long as you know how you got into the vortex

            You can keep expanding to new heights

Alignment---loose alignment and not sure how you found it--- feel awful/fear---thoughts feed being outside, fear--- move to better feeling thoughts

You have control in or out of the vortex—so many things you cannot control; but this is controlled between you and you

Controlling my world is always and only through control of how I feel

Focused out of the vortex- then you are not being who you truly are

Fear- not being who you truly are

Negative emotion- not aligned with who you are but it is ok

Feeling fear then you are no in the vortex

Non-profit company- but it is emotionally rewarding

Not in the vortex – they are having step 1 experiences-appreciate that

Power of the vortex—inside anything and everything you need is assembled for you- revealed to you- catalyst to up-lift—teach self-empowerment and self-alignment

In alignment—get unlimited resources and contacts—however when you are in the vortex you will not be associated with the improvement- you are now distant from it

Inside  vs  outside the vortex—inside the vortex you know everything, each piece of what you need is provided and comes together- you are expanding

You know what is wanted and not wanted—the Universe brings you what is best for you- what you are wanting

“things always work out for me” eventually, you do not always see what the outcome is or will be—all the cooperative components will be brought to you in the vortex

get in the vortex and then pull other subjects into the vortex and work on then so they do not pull you out of the vortex—if pull you out then get back into the vortex and keep working on the subject until it does not pull you out.


Staying in the vortex is like staying on a surfboard.  Your vortex is always expanding and moving—it expands and grows with your desires


Using a focus wheel- helps you go where you have never been before

All is well and you know your value

Focus wheel- 1 st statement is one of the discord that you want to change—the center of the wheel is the subject seen through the eyes of Source.—the center of the vortex

Start adding statements until you can stay on the wheel and not be thrown off into the bushes, start with something that you believe and you know is true—then gradually proceed around the wheel bring each statement closer to the way source sees the subject—this process will allow you to shift the place you are on any subject—reach and stabilize then reach and stabilize…

Accept that these/ we are eternally evolving—reaching and aligning

Align with who you are and focus in the now and see things through all that is


Focus on taking joy in the ride, your impulses will be correct


Only you and your alignment matter—be true to you, you have to find only love


 continually try to call you out of the vortex—should do and should not do—these are outside the vortex



Your child is none of your business- your alignment is your only business- being consistently in the vortex- bring everything through in alignment – every thought

How do I return to the fullness that I am—emotional scale- reach for the best feeling thoughts- decrease resistance by decreasing the programming learned along the way

Initially we are the true vibration of who we truly are

Release thought through meditation

            Deliberate intention – to release thought, release resistance and move to the vibration of who you truly are—joy, excitement, appreciation is who you truly are

Want alignment- guide your thoughts

Your Inner-being will send blocks of thoughts, download the vibration and this is equivalent to words—you will find the name


All answers and solutions are in the vortex—wellness

Enhancing is allowing—all cooperative components are in the vortex—

Anything outside the vortex view as a step one moment—then you follow this with step 3 and moving back into the vortex


Release your desire to control the uncontrollable

Someone behave badly then you create the desire for what you want

Focus on the wellbeing

Be certain – knowing—align with your Source

Experience, observe---create desire, fill in the details—where are your thoughts daily in relationship to the vortex—work toward no vibrational misalignment


When you focus from inside the vortex you feel great

If not aligned then move out of vortex- you have introduced something that is vibrationally different

Practice each subject, bring it into the vortex if you get spit out—then keep working with the subject until you can bring it into the vortex

Train into positive expectation and away from negative expectation

With each subject find the sticky part and you can do a focus wheel and continue until you reach the tipping point—getting 68 seconds of non-resistant focus then you will have change on that subject


You want to change from what you are observing controlling your vibration to your selective focusing

Let go of your need to control

Once in the vortex the energy that creates worlds flows and all  needed components are at your command- there is no effort needed

In the vortex you have clarity, wisdom, fun and appreciation

Look at your manifestations—you must understand their vibrational cause

No active vibration in you and it will not manifest, you must keep up with the fast moving energy

When close to the edge of the vortex the vibration will pull you into the vortex

Dominance of vibration—see lack in someone- it is you—focus on what is wrong it is you

You must acknowledge how you feel- identify the feeling

When start the focus wheel look for something that you really know and then focus and thoughts will come to match it

The 68 seconds begins when you get on the wheel

Focus for 17 seconds and then thoughts that match will come to you



You have to be in the vortex to give anything meaningful to your child—outside the vortex you cannot give them anything-you have no help

Children are born in the vortex and it is the adults that train them out of the vortex—

They want you to do it their way,  not your way, want child to please them

You must align with your inner being, they must align with their inner being not you

Stay in the vortex not conform to those outside the vortex


The vortex-a vibrational state of being—when you are there then you can communicate with them

Inner being always calling you into the vortex- a place of appreciation, love, freedom, nonconformity, happiness, well being—your inner being is always trying to lead you here



            Energy they are always there- you have the choice to see or not- align with the energy

Allow and reduce resistance

Translation of vibration- subtle energies

Resistance and conflict from wanting one thing and believing something else


Defiant children

Is anyone ever defiant if they don’t have something to defy

            Restrict power and or freedom

Something you really want—observation of it is really significant

Degree of wanting is proportionate to the degree of lacking


Fear or clinging—negative emotion- when looking at the opposite of what is wanted or where they are

Coax back into alignment with who they are

Intensify when focus powerfully—inside or outside the vortex

Child not your responsibility—do not go out of the vortex—only you and your vortex--  always engage from inside the vortex

Can I get in the vortex regardless of what others do?

Get so good at being in the vortex—see things from inside, do not come out—coming out just means you are In step one.

World at large do not conform to them—discover alignment regardless

Unconditional love—no matter what the conditions


Give 100% of guidance from inside the vortex, align with the best of them, success , happiness, align with your version of them


You and your alignment are the only real relationship


See as harmonious even when not—do not focus on what is—practice more Vortex Reality

You have no control outside the vortex, when outside the vortex- negative emotion’ rules- organizations outside the vortex


Vibrational state of being where all cooperative components are organized—when you are in the vortex you receive all the good stuff you put there when you were out of the vortex

Parenting from inside the vortex- negatives will try to pull you out- why poor people, why sick people—this is a choice, contrast is a choice—

Know that each person wants to feel free and freedom matters most

Each person is doing what they are doing because it works for them- begging on a corner- a choice

Sick they see something as wrong- observing situations- do not let yourself be pulled our of the vortex.—when observe the situation then that brings you out of the vortex—there is nothing wrong—you have to get back into the vortex

What ever you give your attention to you are choosing

Do not choose thoughts that take you out of the vortex

Help others to understand what comes from their thoughts

You cannot know by appearance if someone is inside or outside their vortex

No right or wrong way to live—what is important is if you are in your vortex


You can be in your vortex and be sick—due to resistant thoughts, friction, worry about things


You cannot know if someone is in the vortex, you cannot assume

Takes time for the sickness to resolve- get to the vibrational root

Medicine side effects—vibrational resistance squirt out another way—get into the vortex and the condition has to change

You cannot be in chaos and in the vortex


Financial imbalance – spend more than earn—overwhelmed, energetic over expenditure, committed to more things than you can allow

Not feel the frustration when in the vortex

Any imbalance you feel off- in the vortex more you become accustomed to this feeling and being who you really are—you have to keep up with this energy

Appreciation of the differences-your perspective-contrast to be able to know what you want

Focus on the positive aspects- better feeling thoughts lead to feeling better- decipher the contrast with out risk- understand and appreciate all people in all moments

Know worthiness- appreciate step one moments that you have

In the middle of something wonderful you can loose and then come back into that wellbeing

Flawed premise- not want contrast

            Focusing is who we are-non physical a blissful place, non-resistant however you need contrast to expand to a better feeling place

            Focus resistance out – focus through the resistance

Movement is the closing of the gap- the act of releasing resistance- focusing beyond the resistance

            Can be done through meditation

This is a vibrational journey to the end result, without expansion there is nothing


The process is reach and find… did I create that or did I sense that – both are the same – one thing if you do not want it do not participate in it- then that explains the way you feel

Increase interest- then sensing before seeing-impulse to change what you are doing- sense that

3 people all creators- no random coming together of people in a car  why together

2 in vortex not plausible to be with someone who is not the same

you are in the vortex  and how matched are you to your vortex in that moment- are you being influenced by the conditions- this is a step 1 moment

there are many things in the world that are not your business- you must be aligned only to your business and not lined up with anything that is not your business


no near misses in the vortex

you always get what is active in your vibration

if you complain then you get more of it


look out and observe—if the observation sets the tone of your vibration then you get what you are observing, so it sets your receiving


100% of what you see, hear, observe, what impacts you is all your creation --100%who you really are—the relationship between you- who you have become and who you are allowing yourself to be- you in your vortex is who you really are

if it is not active in your vibration you do not get it

some people want the near misses for the excitement and drama

all manifestations are relative to each person



            creation rendezvous with like vibration- nothing is injected into your experience—Live life and see how it turns out- large numbers waiting for the other shoe to drop

thought streams that you can pick up—anticipate the future experience- chronic thoughts- these will manifest in your future experience- and not go far from your present experience

reading energy

            should do versus lead to do

matter of energy

            tap into any frequency

            tune in to who you really are

expansion—increase in well being—acclimate to who you are—then you are in –control—delicious and meaningful

knowing that you are worthy—self-worthiness

domestication-pull out of vortex- freedom at all cost versus bondage

animals allow the natural alignment—humans are less allowing, more focused in the contrasts they are at the leading edge of thought

animals balance energy—when domesticated you begin to shift them more toward your energy

when loving your animals be in the vortex



turmoil—more for deliberate creators

creating—what is the most important step in creating?—asking—with economic changes there is tremendous asking—massive desires—more discouraged people—not understand step 1 and do not understand the vortex

            what are people as a whole are allowing- you must focus in your vibrational reality

            what is—not like—desires arise—focus on the vibration—look optimistically—focus on your vibrational reality of what you want and then allow it to be

do not argue for your limitations- infinite, unlimited—make a decision to be optimistic—focus , know that there is momentum from before

            what is desired- factors:1 active desires 2active awareness of something opposite to the desire—What do you give your attention to consistently, where are you, are you giving your attention to what is?


Your work is focusing your thought—you and how you feel are the creation

Do not think about what is but focus on the vortex, focus on the positive aspects of where you are, and what you want for the future—

Focus on the positive aspects of what is, appreciating and then that reduces resistance


Reason for being  “creating”—exploring—wanting—aligning, over and over and over again    the living of life is the aligning 


The living of life is alignment


Focus for the feeling not the outcome


You are the creator of happy beingness, you do not have to be specific because you get it all


The vortex is a feeling place- physical feeling in the body- vortex of “what is” the physical reality—create from habits of thought- you create what is in your vortex- keep working to get thoughts that pull you into the vortex- you can use focus wheels- so that thoughts/subjects do not throw you out of the vortex


“vibrational blind spot”—step in and get pulled into the awareness of active vibration that does not serve you.


Use your thoughts to take you into the vortex where all the cooperative components await you—pulled into the vortex—focus thoughts—the Law of Attraction brings the things to you


With negative emotion- there is increased severity when I ignore it- so I still find contrast and new desires which are activated, if not focus on the desire then not feel good

Negative emotion- fuss and worry about the details, this has caused you to focus away from who you are

What you want will rendezvous together with you, if you stay too long in this life and not focus on what you want and aligned with who you truly are; you feel powerless and when you are croaking you will rendezvous with all you have become


Your consciousness does not end—embrace temporary nature of physicality and the eternal nature of your consciousness



Sickness is evidence of misunderstanding

This is the temporary place of alignment before the next step 1 experience that I am about to move for the next new expansion


Nothing feels better than you becoming what/who you have become- with alignment comes the power of Source

It is how you see, what you are focused on

When a person bring up negative emotion you have to ask yourself- What aspect of them am I choosing to focus on that takes me out of who I truly am?


You must focus on the match for what is in your vortex- focus on the best in others- you must find what you do want


When every person does not appear in alignment then you put an improved version of them in your vibrational escrow


How you feel is how you focus- it is what you are looking at


Perfection in the step 1 contributing moments- solution is the expansion- contribution is of value- it is not bad


We are surrounded by potential to expand, eternity, endless satisfying possibilities for experiences that give us magnificent outcomes


Some people want to “work out” the process, they feel this is more satisfying

All relationships are forever; but they each have a “NOW” component, but they are ongoing

The non-physical is always aware of you- we are working to merge the physical and non-physical, if feel lonely and feel negative emotion then not focused correctly and the is an active belief in you


Communication problems if focused on the lack of what you want, you have to come into alignment to communicate clearly.


“NOW” this is value in focusing whit those that are here with you not focusing on the non-physical that are not here now

redirect your attention to what you want- there is fullness and fabulous in the here and now

you want a blending of the physical and non-physical not in the past but in the past but in the powerful now


everyone, every relationship put in vibrational reality, all aspects of them- they are in your vortex as pure positive energy

if you can find your way into the vortex, then many others will be able to find the vibration of the solution; focus on positive aspects that put you into the vibration of all the answers


appreciation in the vortex and stay there


gratitude is about the past and this will move you out of the vortex


In the vortex you see a problem and it is exciting and in that energy you get to the solution

Source does not see contrast as bad—it bring us to a new place


Orient your self to the solution end of the stick rather than the problem end

The only place that help comes from is inside the vortex


I feel awareness of contrast that serves me-appreciation, follow emotions that tell me I am reaching for a new expansive standard- if negative emotion then Source not come back with you-continue beating the drum of the contrast that created the expansion—then negative emotion—you are reaching but not yet at the chronic vibration of the expansion yet


Celebrate the summoning of the answers


You came for striving for the expansion; but the striving is not action but through emotion


Question- work to cure cancer


            Solution to all  disease is understanding the vibrational cause-The cure is vibrational empowerment

Wellness= vibrational alignment

No one cure for people have different vibrations

No “ONE THING”- but individual alignment

Sooth them where they are=”deactivate the resistance”




Application of energy for relaxation, but if try to “blow out” the blockage not help, they are already in a state of requesting; they only need to move to a state of allowing

They already have the energy flowing, just help them move to step 3


Many times things are seemingly unimportant- then we do not focus

We are usually prepared for the big things but not always for the “small” things—focusing is most important and we need to focus on the small things also—It feels better to focus

There is a sublime feeling as we focus into the power


The more time we spend in the vortex the greater the discomfort there is with thoughts out of the vortex


For many situations we have knee jerk responses—adverse response—contrast- respond to unwanted thing—you have to choose what you are focusing on and giving your attention to—it may leap into your experience

Something that I cannot control you have attracted it- something in your vibration

Know it is alright to have things that you do not control—YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR FOCUS- you can focus on what you can control-YOU


We are continuing to refine the environment- defining what you want--- match the vibration of what you want—if you do not match the vibration of what you want then you will continue to experience what is


There is no action to control you only control your thoughts= better feeling thoughts bring a better experience


What is your vibrational propensity


Prepaving each segment with what you want


Guardedness in vibration will get in your way feel out of control when you try to control the uncontrollable


It is right that others serve themselves first- polite people go against their nature; there is no end to what someone else will ask of you


Your work is the way you feel—it does not depend on others


What you ignore may stay active in your vibration; change your vibrational response to them




            Every subject has a huge vibrational range and you have a propensity to vibrate the very opposite of what feels really good


Relationships may pull you out of the vortex- your work is to stay in the vortex—active desires and close attention to your partner, looking at subjects up close—you need to keep track of the subjects from inside the vortex—the resolutions come from inside the vortex


Move your habitual vibration to inside the vortex

In the vortex the absence of things wanted does not bother you  The emotional place ; the vibrational place of happiness


In the vortex things are not an issue, it is an emotional state of worthiness, completeness, certainty, elation, passion… stop taking score- being in the vortex is enough for now, accept the essence of what is—do not see lack; don’t take score= how, when, where will it come from



Why 2

Many non-physical twins

Miss twin extremely—then you are in lack—you are using the other as your excuse not to be one with your source; you are really missing the way you feel in alignment when the other is present, they are a catalyst for your alignment

I feel extra love when I focus on you= my connection to my Source

When I am one with my Source I am happy and pleasant to be with


Your wholeness or completeness is not dependent on  anyone or anything


When aligned with Source and the other is also aligned then this is Source playing with Source


In the vortex is the only true freedom- not dependent on anything or anyone


Each person has their vortex, when two people brought together by the Law of Attraction-they can help fulfill each other when you are one with who you really are each is who they really are—The laws of the Universe are simple- alignment then you will rendezvous with others that are your soul mates


Your powerful now is the junction between you and you-always in the vortex


Your source will always stand as a beacon to who you truly are

Whoever is out of the vortex is missing the other

Your work is always your alignment


The #1 relationship is between you and you- when in the vortex all relationships flow—when out of the vortex you get bad relationships

In all relationships each is responsible for their own alignment


Reach a new place—change vibrationally—now a new standard to reach for—

What comes next is always more


Expansive experiences- you always have to reach and find- to make this vibration this experience is you—we have made a vibrational change, reached a new place and now you have a new standard


I am a powerful creator


You are the creator of you- the vortex is moving fast and you have to keep up with it

Alignment between me and my Inner being- pay attention to your new vortex- observe reality from the vortex --the world is beautiful and less bothers you


In the vortex no matter where you are, no matter who you are with and no matter what you are doing- all is well


Children call you into the vortex

Mother to them loose self- when in the vortex there is no sacrificing of joy

Want wellbeing for others versus focusing out side of the vortex, then pulled out of the vortex

Replace awareness of you with their real inner being- love you when you focus on Source energy, every relationship will be good

You can only coax them to pick a better feeling thought


Teach children that what happens is not dependent on the action of others


There is no separation from inside the vortex

Worry- separation-then not one with who you really are—desire for safety is in the vortex—love security, wholeness



Most prayers are from outside the vortex

Prayers from inside the vortex are appreciation


In the vortex is where prayers have been answered


Cannot sooth yourself without benefiting all others that are around you

Healing versus wellbeing


Question to ask yourself     Am I approaching this from inside or outside the vortex?

You can feel the tipping point when go into the vortex


The more in the vortex the less well you tolerate non-vortex moments- you intend to get back into the vortex—synthesize the contrast

Wanted-------------------not wanted

Resistance is a departure from what you have become, negative emotion is choosing not to go back to the vortex


You must focus on your desires- you may be encouraged or discouraged by others—choose what feels best




Begin before physical birth, chosen by some great artists, conscious and with great intentionality; intend to express one thing over and over many lifetimes

 The non-physical part of you intends to expand from the contrast

The non-physical maintains the expression made by you in the physical


Accumulate the new expansion and holder of the old expansion


Source= answer and solution

You can come in with a talent that is focused- not necessarily apply but appy in the alignment


Why do we cry?

Emotional relationship between who you  and who you are allowing yourself to be

In or out of the vortex—energy is always in motion

Tears of joy --into the vortex

Out of vortex—cry

Shivers of pleasure- move quickly in the vortex

In the vortex you loose judgment, separation and pigeon-hole

How can contrast benefit—desires put into the vortex of creation

If stay in contrast feel bad- so move toward your desire and not stay in contrast


Contrast is good no mater how it feels in the moment- focus on what you want not on the lack


Adopted son


Pain about mom—outside the vortex, trying to find a solution, loose power and solutions when you are outside the vortex


You are a powerful and independent creator- help them to feel their power

Look what you created

Give an answer that helps them to be in the vortex—This way is best for me and your way is best for you

Need comfort—is that from inside or outside the vortex

See hurt then not in the vortex, you are not seeing through the eyes of Source.

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