Abraham-Hicks workshop notes

TORONTO  SEP. 20, 2008

Karen (Joyful Unschooler on AbeForum)

These notes are by no means comprehensive - there is a LOT missing. I wrote quite a bit earlier on, then felt inspired to just listen for most of the afternoon. I think I missed a hotseater or two entirely, so there may have been 14 or 15 hotseaters total instead of the 13 I wrote down (the one I have marked as #13 was the final hotseater of the day).

This is all paraphrased unless there are quote marks around something, then it is a direct Abe quote.

Hopefully some other attendees can fill in some of the parts I missed!


ADORE the contrast! It is the reason for everything I'm asking for.

Despair, jealousy, anger hold you away from your vortex/VE. Once you cross the line from HOPE to BELIEF, you are in the vortex. Once in the vortex, you can go from believing to K
NOWING and then you are invincible!

LOA is not bringing stuff to you, it is bring YOU to it (when you expand and then let yourself close the gap).

You will NOT EVER remain a perfect vibrational match to Source for very long. There will always be more contrast, more expansion, more alignment. It's a never-ending process.


You never get it done! Close the gap, over and over.

Your negative emotions tell you, you've expanded and you didn't let yourself go! CLOSE THE GAP!

HOTSEATER #1: I've worked hard my whole life and only gotten a bit of what's in my VE.

Abe: "That's a story that gets you nowhere." Do you want to know what your path in life is? Your path is getting everything you want, when you want it!

What is "true"? Your VE is
TRUE, any feeling or appearance of "not enoughness" is NOT TRUE.

You are sitting in the vortex of infinite intelligence, you have access to everything you need and want.

You don't have to "nail it" (be a perfect vibrational match to what you want), just get in the vibrational vicinity of it and LOA can then draw you the rest of the way into the vortex.

"Where I stand means NOTHING. Where I'm going means EVERYTHING!"

Get yourself into the proximity of your vortex by telling yourself the story of what's in your VE. MILK IT!!!! Use it as your excuse to get in the vibrational vicinity of your vortex and hover there. Talk yourself into alignment with what's in your vortex. Think about what's in there!! Get in there and FEEL IT!!!

When you experience contrast, remember that its equally powerful and opposite equivalent is now in your VE.

What-is doesn't mean diddly-squat, it's just the jumping off place!

HOTSEATER #2: Works for a recruiting company. Doing okay (meeting quotas) but wants to be "at the top" where he sees others that are more successful. Feels jealous of those who have achieved what he hasn't.

Abe: Embrace contrast! Contrast is what's feeding your vibrational reality. Contrast is the basis of your future well-being. Imagine yourself where you want to be and CLOSE THE GAP!!

If you are feeling jealous of someone who's doing better than you, know 2 things:
1. They inspired your expansion - you should thank them!
2. As long as you stay jealous, that's the reason you're not able to close the gap. You have to change your attitude to allow yourself to be what you have become!!

"You have to do the matchmaking vibrationally  before LOA can do the matchmaking physically."

HOTSEATER #3: Wants to fly/levitate. Is it possible?

Abe: Achieve vibrational alignment with it, and it must be! There are all kinds of things happening today that at one time everyone on the planet believed were impossible.

"Reality" is O
NLY a vibrational interpretation. What hangs you up is that you want others to agree with your reality.

What is your motivation for wanting something? If you want it just because you want it, good. If you're trying to do something to impress others, you hold  yourself in vibrational discord with your desire.

HOTSEATER #4: Made a list of everything she wanted in a partner, and manifested her partner quickly.

Abe: Her list allowed her to focus and line up with what was already in her VE. Processes (like the list) just make you feel better and lower your resistance so you can allow what is already created.

Hotseater then wants to know: How does LOA work in a couple? Her husband can't find a job and she is frustrated. How can she help?

Abe: Say to your partner, my love for you is not dependent on what you do. My love for you is dependent on my proximity to LOVE!

It's not his job to match what's in YOUR VE, it's YOUR job! YOU'RE not a match to what's in your VE, and it has NOTHING to do with him!!

See your partner as successful and thriving, then line up with that.

All freedom comes in your ability to focus.

In co-creating, your partner helps with Step 1 (Asking). Step 3 (Allowing) is ALWAYS an independent job.

A good marriage vow would be: "I promise that I will stir up enough trouble that we will both expand enormously!!" [Huge amount of laughter from the crowd!!]

You can influence another person's vibration - have an intention to uplift them.

HOTSEATER #5 (8 mos pregnant): When does Source enter baby?

Abe: The intention of nonphysical is dominant until the moment of birth. At birth there is a slight separation from Source and physical focusing begins.

There was a discussion of whether pain-free birth was possible (YES) but I didn't write down any details.

HOTSEATER #6: ??? Missed the question

Abe: Focus only on your relationship with YOU. Anytime you focus anywhere else, you get into trouble.

Hotseater: Found a golf ball on the ground at the workshop. Hundreds of other people walked by without seeing it, what would a golf ball be doing here, anyway? He finds them all the time in places they shouldn't be. He always wanted to be a pro golfer, thinks it's not too late for him (guessing he was in his mid to late thirties??)

Abe: What that ball means is that you are in the vicinity of your vortex!! Let it be the symbol of alignment that it is.

Hotseater asks about a book called "Lucid Living" by Tim Fraeke(???). Didn't catch most of this except:

Abe: Scientists are so hung up on PROOF of physical reality and it's impossible to get everyone to focus in the same way!

Hotseater: So what is this physical life experience all about, then?

Abe: The purpose of everything is ETERNAL JOYOUS BEINGNESS!!

HOTSEATER # 7: Worried about negative thoughts he can't seem to let go of.

Abe: Embrace negative thoughts as an important part of the Step 1 (asking) process. I know what I don't want, so now I more clearly know what I do want - turn and focus precisely on what is wanted.

Hotseater: wanted a specific car, entered a raffle, though he was 100% lined up, didn't win.

Abe: You use the reason that it hasn't yet manifested as your excuse not to stay in the vibrational vicinity of it so that it can!

EXPECTATION = What I want + what I believe

HOTSEATER #8: Why do "horrible" experiences (like abuse) happen?

Didn't write down anything here, they have answered this one many times before!

??? Didn't catch the question

Abe: You have the option of feeling the way you feel, or a little better. You can't take a quantum leap from despair to joy.

"Everything is ALWAYS working out for you!!"

HOTSEATER #10: Asks about "karma"

Abe: Things in the past are affecting you now ONLY if they are still active in your vibration.

HOTSEATER #11: How can I teach other people this stuff and help them improve their lives?

Abe: Put a new and improved version of them in your VE. Now you have to see them as you want them to be to line up with your VE and let it come into your experience.

Think and speak only of what you want relative to them!!

???? missed the question again!

Abe: Stop trying to control circumstances and start focusing on controlling your thoughts and emotions! Say to yourself  "My singular intent is to get into the vortex!". "I want to love and I'm going to look for reasons to love!"

HOTSEATER #13 Wants to build a wellness centre to "give back" to others. Frustrated about how it's going.

Abe: Do you know that your wellness center has been in your VE since before you were born into this physical lifetime?? It's done, we've seen it!

Think only about "What I want and why I want it". Forget about HOW!!!!

There was more (oh so much more) covered but that is what I managed to jot down!



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