Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what's going on outside of us, there's always something we could be grateful for.

-Barry Neil Kaufman, Happiness is a Choice.

When we constructively praise and creatively bless, life abounds with love, peace and joy.

-The Science of Mind, page 434-5

Viva la Taxes!

Do you pay taxes? How do you feel when you think of the tax collecting agency in your country? Do you add appreciation to the process?

I became newly conscious of taxes when I chose self-employment. I suddenly had to mail in quarterly estimates to the IRS instead of ignoring the deductions my employers were taking out. I wrote the first few checks feeling resentful. I know resentment blocks prosperity. I had to change my attitude.

As I pay my taxes now, I appreciate the country where I live. In my mind, I travel the wide, smooth highways, which cost billions of dollars to build. Working my whole lifetime, I might be able to create one short road alone. Due to the power of our collective action, I soar across rivers on graceful bridges. Going to my Momís house, I cross eight states. I arrive swiftly, without roadblocks or passports. Could I even get there to see her if I lived in another country?

I bless the millions of people whose work creates these wonders. The visionaries, the laborers, the tax collectors contribute to these great opportunities open to all.

When I pay my taxes, I think of things I love. I mentally designate my check as a contribution to those truly inspired projects I see manifest around me. I bless the federal and state governments which allow freedom of movement for everyone. I appreciate the great vision manifest in my country. What do you bless in yours?

I bless the existing infrastructures of all countries. I bless the many individuals who have done the work necessary to create them. I remember how government, and the taxes which support it, has made my life more expansive. I peacefully offer my tiny percentage of the money needed to collectively create these wonders. Prosperity grows.

Connee Chandler, RScP

Published SOM Magazine, January 9, 2002, page 47.

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