Abraham-Hicks, Reston, VA 6/6/09

By Connee Chandler



  1. Estherís computer malfunctioned as she began to speak for Abraham.
  2. Abraham:  You want a new computer?  It IS a new computer!  [laughter]
  3. You dumped all the old preferences and STILL it misbehaves.  And it is the Science of Deliberate Creation you teach???
  4. Jerry & Esther pride themselves on all the redundancies they have built into their systems.  When the pins that hold the tow car on the bus disappear, they have a draw full of them.  It makes them shine brightly as the best car to take them from when someone needs one.  Jerry & Estherís car says, ďPick me!Ē  The Universe always gives you exactly what is a vibrational match.  If you enjoy helping people get the keys out from their locked car, you will have a coat hanger under your car seat!  Expectation is powerful.
  5. You are trained into your expectations.  It takes some deliberate intention to move into a new place.
  6. Jerry and Esther were at the Duck Pond on the Biltmore estate last week.  They watched the geese there, itís strange that way. [laughter]
  7. They remembered the first time they were there and the lift they got seeing it for the first time.  The second and third time, not so much.  With something new, your just observing takes you into alignment.  When you are in alignment, you go into the vortex and Law of Attraction assembles your cooperative components to what you have been wanting.
  8. When you move through life and your new experiences match the things already in your vibrational escrow, you can just walk into it and you feel lifted by your observation into your vortex.
  9. That simple observation took you there and you begin to rely on simple observation.  But you really have to learn to focus on purpose.  Otherwise you have to have new and new and new first times.  And pretty soon you have climbed the highest mountain and ridden the wildest horse, and weíre not talking just about your relationships!  [laughter]
  10. You have to learn to focus yourself into the vortex.
  11. You have two aspects, the nonphysical vibrating you and the physical vibrating you.  In every instance, you can allow or resist that blending.
  12. In the exploration of life, you are honing a vibrational creation with each newly amended detail.  With every rocket of desire you send off, Law of Attraction causes a spinning and coming together of a new focal point of attraction. 
  13. That creation is YOU!  You in your improved body, you in your new clarity of life experience.  You are continually putting a new YOU into your vortex.
  14. Then nonphysical radiates a signal you cannot miss to call you into the vortex.  You feel wonderful when you move toward it.  You feel terrible when you move away from it.
  15. There is an ever evolving, prosperous you pulsing.  When you think things are going well, you are moving towards things going well.  If you are feeling angry, fearful or jealous, you are focused on the lack of what you want, and you are moving out of range.  Your contradictory thoughts pull you apart from your nonphysical signal.
  16. Source is always paying attention to who you really are and what you really want.  Your indicators always move from emotion to evidence, but either way, you always have a vibrational indicator. 
  17. This recording is being made even though the easiest way to do it pooped out.  This is the fourth time this happened in the last 7 workshops. 
  18. When something happens that you donít want, the equal and opposite solution goes into the vortex for you.  There is a solution already brewing.  Itís the cable that is giving an unexpected jolt.  This is the first time Esther has been in the vortex while we have been talking about this.
  19. Itís hard to imagine the solution when you are focused on the problem.  Esther has been beating the drum of the problem Ė ďthis cannot continue!  Itís very embarrassing.  We have to get to the bottom of this! We have to get to the bottom of this! We have to get to the bottom of this! We have to get to the bottom of this! We have to get to the bottom of this!   Weíve got to root out the problem, rid ourselves of the gremlin, itís VERY important to me!!!Ē
  20. You cannot get there from there.  And your IT guy cannot buck your current. His hair is blown back!  [laughter]  Weíre exaggerating only slightly!
  21. Talk about what you want and why you want it.  When there is something really not wanted going on, you get trained out of the vortex.  Youíve got to focus yourself into alignment.  You can tell you are leaning in that direction because you begin to feel relief.  And once you get into the vortex, you feel enormous relief.
  22. Back to the Duck PondÖ  You have to focus yourself into that uplifting feeling that came so naturally the first time.  The more Jerry & Esther focused on loving the geese and the place, the more geese came over.  Then a whole herd of little ones paraded around the car and over to the river.  They focused on the perfection of this moment and within three minutes of undivided attention to their surroundings, they expanded in appreciation of the estate, the planet, this world, and found themselves higher than their original exhilaration. 
  23. You have the ability to make a 30 year relationship even better than it was at first in less than 5 minutes if you will focus.  Those high points you remember were the moments in time where you were fully integrated and connected to the fullness of what you are.  ALL of you is having the moment!
  24. You can focus there 100 times a day.  But you have to do the work, not demand that anything change before you get that high.
  25. You say, ďWe were so happy that day, the first timeÖĒ  You were charmed by the moment, but it is never like that again.  Jerry & Esther went back to Oak Creek Canyon five years in a row with a bus load of friends trying to recreate the day they were first there, but it never came close.  Itís not something you can do with action, you have to use the power of your mind to focus.
  26. If where you are has the majority of your attention, you have to shift your vibration radically to get a significant change.
  27. It should be easy, from our perspective, because your vortex already has been developed with the best of ALL of it.  Source Energy has no resistance.  It is pure and focused on the best of all you have ever known in every moment.
  28. The way to get there is to want with all that you are to feel good.  You have to release the problem to align with the solution.
  29. Inner Being/Source/God stands in that vortex where love, worthiness and knowing reside.  You create more every day as you notice what you donít want and know what you do want.  Law of Attraction is swirling and all the cooperative components are being assembled.
  30. The result is a series of rendezvous with who you really are Ė the drivers on the road, the thoughts you enjoy thinking, everything!
  31. Your vortex of creation is ever calling you.  When you step into it, there is vitality, clarity, friskiness.
  32. Every negative emotion is just telling you that you are not in the vortex.  Source becomes your request instantly and holds your place marker for you.  You then have to find a way to become a vibrational match to it.
  33. Esther has been feeling disappointment, anger and frustration about her computer, so she hasnít been near her vortex on that subject.  She could think about Kate or Luke or her other grandchildren, or the tree house, or Lovable Cat and she could get into the vortex with easy things.  But then she thinks of the computer and the vortex spits her out.
  34. Love is only possible IN the vortex.  Every child feels the discord when an angry mother says, ďI LOVE you!!!Ē
  35. The art of allowing is the art of allowing myself to hang out in the vortex. 
  36. Jerry asked at the Duck Pond if it is possible to settle in and maintain the feeling, or if the contentment would quickly become boredom or complacency.  We went to a new place on the subject of focus and contentment.  You finding a way to enter the vortex feels like contentment. 
  37. Esther saw a brilliant young race car driver on TV who was asked about the speed of the car.  He said it didnít feel fast when everyone around you is going the same speed.
  38. The relationship between where you are and how your energy is moving that gives you the sensation you are feeling.  When you hold yourself back with resistance, you feel the discord.  When you are up to speed with who you are, you feel contentment.  Exhilaration is when you are expanding further than you are quite ready to go.  Deeply satisfying contentment is settling into the energy that is really you. 
  39. We intend to lure you into the vortex on every subject today.  We select the questioners because they represent your questions.  Settle in and listen.  All the dialog is about softening resistance and getting you into the vortex.  Relax and enjoy this unfolding.  Weíll take thought beyond where it has been before.  Youíve sent your rockets of desire into the vortex and weíve been looking around in there before you came.
  40. Guest:  I want to talk about my chronic health conditionÖ  Abraham:  We are so appreciating your word chronic.  It means a steady condition, easy to observe and continue in the attraction of it.  We want to hit you with the obvious to us, but startling to many, awareness that a chronic condition is an indicator of a chronic vibration, a chronic thought.  Itís just an indicator of a chronic belief I keep thinking.
  41. The wonderful thing about it is that you can find all of the pieces by looking at how you feel.  Estherís chronic condition is a shortness of time, and her computer is responding to that.  If you spend more time than you have, you feel the discord.  If you breathe more out than you take in, you wonít get too far.  About 10 breaths and youíll be dead!  [laughter]
  42. Everything is about in and out.  If you look at this condition as the indicator, notice how it makes you feel.  Guest: limited, vulnerable, tentative, out of control, unstable, powerless.  Abraham:  Those are pretty big emotions on a day to day basis.  What things were present leading up to this that made you feel like that already?   Guest:  I didnít care for the person acting like my boss at workÖ  Abraham:  That feels pretty limp in comparison to powerless.  It will be something you were chronically thinking, beating the drum of, that matches this.  Look for the vibrational cause.  Make yourself comfortable by treating the symptoms, but you have to treat the cause.
  43. Any symptom you have is an indicator.  An illness is just emphasizing the ways you are outside the vortex.  Take those thoughts INTO the vortex, one by one over 30 days and stay more steadily in the vortex and wellbeing has to happen.
  44. Feeling wellness is in the vortex.  Illness is out of the vortex.  You are moving between the two. 
  45. Ask yourself, is this an in the vortex thought, conversation, memory?  Before you know it, you will soothe the issue.
  46. Letís do a focus wheel.  What is your out of the vortex statement?  Donít talk about the indicator, reach for the feeling issue.  Step back one notch and see what the issue is indicating.  If you donít know it, and change it, itís getting bigger by Law of Attraction.  You WANT to know it.  You can step back from the issue into the cause easily. Guest:  I feel hopelessness.  Abraham:  I really donít like this vulnerable, out of control feeling!  Once you get there, you know that you do want the opposite in equal degree.  Your center statement could be Ė I love knowing my power!  I cannot stand disempowerment.  I LOVE knowing my power!  That is where you are headed with your focus wheel.  It might take awhile to get you on the wheel.  Reach for things about empowerment that you already believe.
  47. I feel better when I meditate, I am able to release resistance and come into my power.  Iím beginning to understand that it is all about vibration.  I am glad to know I can focus on purpose.  I donít mind indicators that show me how I am vibrating.  I understand and get it that as my vibration shifts, so will the indicators.  I am starting to believe I can shift as I direct my thoughts.  I may have had a little sloppy thinking, but now I have a pointed reason to focus.
  48. Esther said that she thought it would be better if she had a tooth fall out every time she had a negative thought, it would cause her to focus immediately!  [laughter]
  49. Iíve had a wake up call, and I feel more awake now.  I feel excited and exhilarated about what is coming.  I love focusing myself back into my power.
  50. There, you have soothed your physical condition.  A couple of more focus wheels will help.  Donít mess with the physical condition; look for whatís bothering you.
  51. The side effects of drugs are just evidence of where the vibration of discord squirts out in another way.
  52. Letís do another focus wheel.  When do you say, ďOh, boy, does THAT ever bother me!Ē?  What are other things that happen frequently that bother you.  Guest:  I feel trapped Ė I had to move here to keep my job, for a job I didnít even really WANT!
  53. Ok, then, your outside the vortex statement is, ďI hate feeling trapped!  Itís just wrong that I would be forced to go to a place I donít want to be to do stuff I donít want to do!Ē 
  54. The opposite will be your goal post you are aiming for.  The injustice of it has been throwing rockets of desire into your vortex.  What culmination have you been asking for? 
  55. I LOVE my autonomy!  I adore my freedom to choose where and when and what in my life.  At the level of your current belief, that is a pipe dream, too airy fairy.  But this is not pretend stuff!  The reason that feels so awful is that this is who you really are.  Itís tearing you apart.  Hereís your center statement, ďI LOVE my freedom to CHOOSE!!!
  56. So make some statements that you believe that match that. 
  57. Guest:  I have freedom on weekends.  Abraham:  pretty good, that gets you on the wheel.  I did choose to come here.  I could say the word and not be here if I really wanted that.  Guest:  There are some things about my job that I like.  Abraham:  you are looking to soothe your right to be free.  Real freedom is the absence of resistance.  You have been bound by the contradiction in your own vibration.  Make peace with where you are now. 
  58. This is the path of Least Resistance for me right now.  I have some freedom in my job.  Itís an easy job.  I have leeway to think more productive thoughts while I am there.  There are more positive aspects than I have been focusing on. 
  59. Beat the drum of ďThis is a temporary position.  I can choose to move on.  As I soften and chill out, I will see more possibilities for me.  I have been holding myself in a tense place.  Freedom is more of a mental game.  I have been my own jailer.  I have been holding myself apart from my vortex.  I do like to focus.  Iíve been looking at this as all or nothing.  I can soften on that.  Now I have a good reason to get hold of a better feeling place.  Really, I am free.  I donít want to be here forever.  But I can make the best of it and look for positive aspects and reap the benefit of that.  And when I get into alignment, I will feel lighter and free-er.  My vibration has shifted already.  And so my indicators must shift.  I can relax and do this.  I can talk myself into feeling better.  I already have!  Everything is shifting.  My condition is shifting.  My relationships are shifting, my job is shifting.  I like this focusing stuff!!!   
  60. Guest:  I have four questions.  Abraham:  Get in the vortex.  Get in the vortex.  Get in the vortex.  Get in the vortex!
  61. Guest: I used to feel invincible when I first heard your teaching.  But then something shifted and I couldnít access appreciation.  It was like I was an entirely different person.  Iím working my way backÖ  Abraham:  So you were in the vortex pretty steadily and then you were not.  The more you spend time in alignment the more intensely you feel the discrepancy when you get out of alignment.  The energy keeps moving faster and when you step out of it, you feel it more.  In allowing yourself to soar, you get your momentum up, and then you feel more impact to your resistance.
  62. Being in the vortex is something you constantly need to work toward and maintain.  You are always moving forward through your rockets of desire, so you always need to continue to close the gap.
  63. If you should focus on a thought that contradicts who you really are, a thought like that should NOT feel good.  All those old thoughts will feel off to you.
  64. In the vortex, you are a match to who you really are.  Outside the vortex, youíre not.  Your Inner Being doesnít step out with you.  The feeling of vulnerability is what it feels like when there is separation between you and you. 
  65. So what you are saying is, ďAbraham, I trained myself into the vortex.  But then I got sloppy in my thinking and got out of the vortex, and then I didnít feel good.  I want to do a better job of staying in the vortex.Ē
  66. You donít remember being so intense in the past because you werenít used to the feeling of being in the vortex.  You canít taste the sweetness of alignment and ever stand being out again.  The good news is that you know how to get back in.
  67. Notice what you are thinking about when you are feeling insecure.  You were thinking a bogus thought that took you out fast.
  68. When you notice that feeling, just say, ďI am having a step 1 moment.Ē  Itís ok.  You will never feel vulnerable again when you know you are Source Energy and you know HOW to get back into the vortex.
  69. When you are out, you will maybe feel lazy or a little dumb when you notice that you are amplifying an out of vortex conversation.  But just softly label it ďbeing in step 1Ē and get back in.
  70. Nothing outside of you can affect you when you are inside the vortex.  You have control of your focus Ė you are getting better and better at focusing.  You can trust Law of Attraction.  Everything you ever wanted is in the vortex.
  71. Those defiant, bogus thoughts are not in the vortex.  Do more focus wheels.  Esther waits for something to clean up and writes it in her notebook that she carries with her so she knows what to focus on the following morning when she does her processes.
  72. You can always here the call of Source.  It feels good!
  73. We may have given you the impression that it is inappropriate to be outside the vortex.  And it is not Ė thatís a misunderstanding.  We just want you to care about getting back in when you notice you are out.
  74. We want you to care about your guidance rather than about the opinions of the squirrelly people around you.  If you use something other than your feelings as a guide, you will be misled.  Donít give a rip about what other people think!
  75. Itís outside the vortex to explain or justify what you are outside the vortex.   Someone always has something to say, it doesnít matter.
  76. A feeling of vulnerability means YOU are stepping away from your center.  Remember that you are a really good deliberate creator.  The Universe has your back.
  77. When you step away from the resources that create worlds that are available to you, you will always feel vulnerable. Thatís guidance!
  78. At one time Esther translated the idea of indicators as ďwarning bells.Ē  They are just indicators of how you are doing.  If you are not flowing, the warning bells get louder. 
  79. Guest:  The words pop into my head labeling the emotions, insecure, disappointed, blamingÖ  Abraham:  At some unconscious level, you are labeling/translating the vibrations of discord within you.  Itís good to recognize it but donít verbalize it at length.  You can say, ďIím feeling insecure in this moment.  But ultimately I am a secure, worthy being backed up by a secure Universe.Ē  Your Inner Being knows you to be a center of security, so that matches how Source sees you.
  80. Letís do a focus wheel.  Guest:  I can focus on wellbeing and feel appreciation. Abraham:  That is so on it wheel, now letís get it spinning.
  81. Iím a good focuser.  I like nothing more than a rampage of appreciation.  I am good at making lists of positive aspects.  It doesnít take much to pop in or out of the vortex.  Iím getting the hang of this.  Iím a strong focuser.  Itís easy to get in.  I donít like it when I get out. 
  82. You know too much not to focus more deliberately now.  See how cocky and confident she is now!
  83. Guest:  I leave my cat home alone a lot.  She is the epitome of independence but I feel guilty.   Please tell me her take on this.  Abraham:  She would say, ďThatís *your* problem!  Donít make YOUR problem my problem.Ē  We donít want to hurt your feelings, but she is actually more content when you are not there.  When you feel guilty, she has to adjust.
  84. Guest:  My brother is a writer, working on a puppet show.  He wrote a neighbor character that went crazy, and then his neighbor DID go crazyÖ  Abraham:  Tell him you want him to write you into a place of security!!!
  85. Your brother didnít drive the man crazy.  He was inspired to write that because he was translating the vibration of his environment.  It behooves all of you to write about things that benefit you and all others. 
  86. Some writers shine a light on Step 1 moments and improve the vibrational escrow of the whole planet.  But if there isnít soothing coming right on the heels of the contrast, you leave their vibration in a worse place.
  87. Movie makers know that if they take you out of the vortex and then lead you back in, you love them for the soothing.  Sometimes they purposely leave you out of the vortex so you support their cause and feel as they do.  Make 100% of your efforts be toward influencing others into the vortex by what you write.
  88. If we were writing anything, we would want to be in the vortex, for sure.  But that is just usÖ  [laughter]
  89. In terms of marketing, they know that a higher percentage of people are outside the vortex than in, so represent a larger market.  So they focus on giving millions of people a step 1 moment.
  90. We would never write anything again without knowing it is inside the vortex or outside the vortex.
  91. Actors and writers often intend to focus on the character until they feel it, and it does activate their point of attraction.  But even though they are always understanding that they are acting, you canít hold that vibration without affecting your relationship with your vortex.
  92. Sometimes you let a movie train you out of your vortex, and can have a greater effect than we can training you in all day.  Esther was watching a movie, and Jerry said, ďIím gone!  Whatís the point of torturing yourself with this?Ē
  93. Ask yourself, ďWhat is the point of a negative thought, a negative conversation or a negative movie?Ē  You donít need to go looking for additional step 1 moment.  Just GET IN THE VORTEX!
  94. Write good feeling things.  Who wants to read that?  EVERYONE wants to feel good. 
  95. I believe that everything everyone wants is because they think it will make them feel better.  My goal in life is to leave my readers feeling better. 
  96. Jerryís intention in life is this:  I will live them where they are or raise them to a better place, but no one will ever be diminished by their interaction with me.
  97. Weíre enjoying the resurgence of your confidence, just listen to your CAT!!!
  98. Gratitude is looking back at less pleasing times, with appreciation for the improvement.  But it keeps where you have been active in your mix, and it is not the vibration of who you really are.
  99. If you appreciate you are looking forward.  Nonphysical is the vibration of appreciation.  Your vortex is the culmination of all that you wanted that Nonphysical is keeping alive.  When you reach a new place, Nonphysical is holding the place marker for you.  Appreciation adds to the wholeness of who you are.
  100. Grateful is activating a problem you have overcome again.  Thatís why you get teary and sappy as you just did when you feel grateful.  You feel that way when you are in the proximity of who you really are.  When youíre really there, that feeling subsides.  It is the sensation of being nearly up to speed.
  101. The vibration of really up to speed is contentment.  Live in the range from contentment to exhilaration.  When you are reaching to a new higher level, you feel exhilaration.  When you get there, you achieve contentment. 
  102. Guest:  I feel bliss and oneness when I am performing my music.  I can get in the vortex about puppy kisses, and grassy fields.
  103. Something that is way in the past can come back when you ponder it and make it your business now.  Deliberately get in the vortex and stay there.  Tell yourself that was remote and not important now.
  104. Something going on close to you does feel personal.  You may get into the puppy vortex, and then think of that close thing, and the vortex spits you out. 
  105. Guest:  How can I get in the vortex and introduce outside the vortex subjects and stay in?  Abraham:  Source always has an inside the vortex perspective on everything. 
  106. Guest:  I see injustice with my father in assisted living and my brother owing him a huge sum and not living up to their business agreements.  My father keeps complaining to me about it and making it my business to fix my bother.  Abraham:  It is impossible to focus on your fatherís unwanted things and stay in the vortex at the same time.  You resent that you keep being ripped out of the vortex.  But your being out of the vortex is the ONLY reason you are uncomfortable. 
  107. Every single time you feel negative emotion, it is because YOU are outside the vortex.  You cannot not think of your father and your brother.  You have got to find a way to see this through the eyes of Source in order to feel better.  You cannot fix the problem by pushing against what you do not want.
  108. Sometimes if you soothe yourself a little bit over here, another focus wheel squirts out over there and it happens again and again.  What is your biggest statement that is outside the vortex?
  109. Guest:  I canít bear it when I have to focus on things that take me outside the vortex!  Abraham:  Yes!  It keeps coming around to the sense of powerlessness.  You do want some step 1 experiences.  You chose to come into an environment of enormous diversity on purpose.  If it wasnít your family, it would be your government or their government or someone else who was taking you out of the vortex.  It makes you defensive.  But your justifying and rationalizing are still all out of vortex statements.
  110. Guest:  I canít stand being responsible on subjects that take me out of the vortex!  Abraham:  If you look at your father or brother with distain when who you really are loves them, that takes you out of the vortex.  You want to adore your brother and see him as Source does.  But you have to decide youíre going to be in the vortex regardless of what he does.
  111. If you could never think of him again, heíd lessen in your vibration and eventually disappear, but you canít.  Heís tied to you eternally.  The choice you DO have is to focus on your outside the vortex brother, or your inside the vortex brother.  You want to see him as Source sees him and his behavior.
  112. In the center of your focus wheel:  Iím loving my freedom to choose and align with all that I am!!! 
  113. You want to look at your brother as Source sees him.  Why are you so easily trained away from who you are?  Esther said, ďI should see that movie.  It won the Academy Award.  It was ďBest picture!Ē
  114. You are saying, ďI am his sister, I am his daughter, I have to give this my attention.Ē  But the only criteria you should pay attention to is, ďI am going to focus on what feels good.Ē
  115. Get back in the vortex and focus on your brother and it spits you out.  Do it again and again and again until you find thoughts that allow you to think of him and stay in.  And when you accomplish THAT, you will be a live-er of unconditional love.
  116. Your outside the vortex statement about your brother is:  I cannot STAND what heís doing.  The opposite, the way Source sees him is: I adore my brother.  I appreciate my brother.  Take it at its simple premise.  Iím proud of my brother.  You feel you canít be proud of him, but Source IS proud of him.  Sure there is evidence, everyone would say ďitís no wonder she doesnít feel proud.Ē  But donít face reality as it is Ė see who he REALLY is!  Itís the only thing you can do to come back to feeling good.
  117. He canít be all of what everyone wants him to be, no one can.  Focus on the essence of who he is.  When you say, ďNot that action!Ē you are focused on that action.  Once you get the vibration nailed, the perfect action path is revealed.  You are trying to imagine the conversation from outside the vortex.  Get into the vortex first and then see what action is inspired.
  118. Through all of this, your Source Energy is speeding up.  Your vortex is greater than it was before he was a scoundrel.  The more rascally he gets, the higher the stakes are.  You expect him to change, but he is not going to line you up with you.  Itís YOUR job to line you up with you.  You have been thinking that you were going to line HIM up with his vortex.  But you have to teach yourself to line up with your vortex.
  119. Outside the vortex statement to start the focus wheel:  Iím disappointed that Iím not able to maintain my alignment and focus on who he really is.
  120. Center statement:  I want to see the truth of my brother.
  121. Focus wheel matching statements:  My brother is a very loving man.  Yes, that puts you on board!
  122. Weíre all doing the best we can.  Itís as upsetting to him as it is to me.  I know he wants the best for my father as I do.  I want to know him better.  I trust there are solutions in the vortex.  Of course, it is going to turn out all right.  Heís teaching ME to get in the vortex no matter what!  Heís keeping his commitment to me to make me maintain my alignment with Source no matter what he does.  I love my brother.  I so appreciate that we are having this step one experience together.  I am learning to maintain my balance no matter what.  I so appreciate that all this has happened! Ė  
  123. Guest:  I want to dialog with my SourceÖ  Abraham:  Source is in the vortex.  So to hear, you have to be, too!  Most human friends want to strike up a conversation with us when you are in the doo-doo Ė thatís when you get chatty!
  124. You ask questions from outside the vortex, but to hear the answer, you must get inside the vortex.  In a setting like this, the dialog comes fairly quickly, but we are coaxing people inside the vortex so they can hear our answers. 
  125. First acknowledge that you are already receiving many moments of clarity.  Your Inner Being gives you messages in the form of vibration.  You translate it from inside the vortex accurately.  What you translate from outside the vortex is distorted. 
  126. The fastest way to get aligned is meditation.  Your quiet mind allows your vibration to raise naturally.
  127. Pay attention to your feeling and allow it to guide you in every moment.  Ask your question from outside the vortex, then chill out and be aware.  You might get in three days later and hear the answer.  Be aware when the answer comes, and match it back to the question. 
  128. Esther cannot ask and receive an answer right away.  So she will ask Jerry, dragging him out of the vortex, too.  [Mike trained the camera on Jerry - laughter]  Abraham to Mike:  You CAN be replaced!!!  [laughter]  THATís the man who makes those decisions!  [laughter]
  129. Jerry asks the questions for Esther.  She cannot keep the problem active and alive and talk to Abraham at the same time.  Step 1 and Step 3 are different steps.
  130. She does often talk to Abraham from inside the vortex.  You can visit with Source anytime.  Just get in the vortex before you begin the conversation.
  131. Guest:  I am a grateful single Mom, trying to practice the Art of Allowing, but it makes me feel irresponsible.  Abraham:  When you feel irresponsible, you are not looking at yourself through the eyes of Source.  You are nitpicking and calling yourself inappropriate and separate.  Allowing IS your connection to Source.
  132. Guest:  I want to pick up my kids and go!  I want to be more free!  Abraham:  Is ANYONE happy to be HERE???  [laughter]
  133. If you are chronically more in the vortex, the means to what you want will show itself to you.  Sometimes Esther will say, ďI am in the vortexĒ out of her desire to be there rather than because she is actually there.  The difference is subtle, but you can feel it.
  134. When you are able to be in the vortex about your finances, career and family before the means to the end is there, the path lines up for you.  The result then is so dynamic, the calling is soooooooo strong.
  135. When you have to talk yourself into the physical action, you are not there yet.  Use your action to get inside the vortex.  Then the path lays itself out before you, and you feel inspired to action.  Motivation is outside the vortex.  Inspiration/clarity/ease/confidence are inside the vortex.
  136. Guest:  I canít STAND my ex-husband.  My son adores him.  Abraham:  Any old excuse to be outside the vortex will do.  You can keep that one alive all your life if you want to.
  137. As you think of your career path, you are generally inside the vortex.  But when you consider opposite thoughts, you notice you are sabotaging your career with unhappy thoughts.  You are aware of your feelings about your career.  But as you think about your ex-husband, it is so easy to dislike him, unlike your career.  You donít care about active desires with him, you feel you have the luxury of that negative thought.  But you donít.  It doesnít matter what the subject is, any outside the vortex thought is sloppy and lazy.  You donít find clarity as you engage in outside the vortex thought.  Get in the vortex.  HOW EVER you get there, get in the vortex!
  138. This is a big factor in your vibration and you have got to clean it up.  Be the LOVER of others.  If you donít love that one, Source will not go there with you.  When you pick your enemies, you separate yourself from Source.  Being outside the vortex is being out in the desert.
  139. How do you clean it up?  It is your current excuse to be outside the vortex, and unless you live unconditional love, there will always be another excuse to be outside the vortex.
  140. Allowing is not looking at something horrible and liking it.  There are loveable aspects to everyone and everything.  Allowing is tuning yourself to focus on the loveable aspects. 
  141. By your observation of them, you allow them to train you outside the vortex.  Anyone who is not in the vortex is someone who tries to control others.  Trying to live with someone who is a control freak is tough.  But you are doing the same thing to them, you are asking them to be different so you can feel better.  Guest:  Yup, thatís what I want!  [laughter]
  142. Abraham:  If he would be what you want him to be so that you can feel good, you would be training HIM away from his guidance. 
  143. You cannot be enough for another person to keep them in balance. 
  144. You learn this from your two parents.  They want to feel good and often are inside the vortex.  You come along, and they hold you as their object of attention.  And just by focusing on you, they come into the vortex.  But pretty soon you develop your own preferences, and they then trained you to please them rather than choose your own alignment. 
  145. Every time you stand on your head to make someone feel better, you train them away from their guidance.  A person who will NEVER stand on their head to make you feel better will help train you into your guidance.  Because you have to learn that alignment is not about aligning with them, itís about being in alignment with your Inner Being.
  146. Outside the vortex statement for your focus wheel:  I canít stand the way his behavior makes me feel Ė itís intolerable!  Even better:  I canít stand the way I feel when I give my attention to his inappropriate behavior.
  147. Center statement:  I can choose my focus to things that feel good. 
  148. His behavior is not likely to change.  Focus on youÖ  I canít stand my lack of discipline in my thinking.  Keep going.  I love maintaining my alignment, regardless of what is going on. 
  149. Itís logical that things related to the children you love would be sensitive issues for you.  You have trained yourself to see him as compelling.  You say, ďIíve trained myself to look at you, and you have trained me into this negative expectation of you.Ē  Heís your current excuse to be outside the vortex.  If we let you get away with that, there will always be someone else.
  150. New outside the vortex statement:  I donít like my lack of focus Ė it feels bad.  Center statement inside the vortex:  I adore focusing in ways that feel good.
  151. You are not as far outside now as you were when we started chewing on this.  Try some statements that you already believe that match that. 
  152. I love that I can choose my focus.  I love to choose my focus.  I want my son to love his Dad.  I want him to be nurtured.  I love what I am learning from all of this.  I love that my son is learning to focus, too, and has a stable place to come back to.  I love being self-sustaining and powerful.  I love my child and the relationship that produced him.  I love that I was tuned to his best at the beginning.  I want to return to tuning to his best.  Itís about ME coming back into alignment. 
  153. You are afraid that if you say nice things about him, you will end up back together.  Guest:  Thatís happened!  [laughter]  Abraham:  You are inside the vortex now Ė no more messy stuff.  Guest:  Heís good!  Iím good!
  154. The worst thing is to do something you believe is inappropriate, like when you are eating food you believe is not good for you, but you eat it anyway. 
  155. When you are outside the vortex often, you are drawn to outside the vortex things.  You ask, ďIf I got in the vortex, could I eat it?Ē and we say, ďWhen you get in the vortex, does it still appeal to you?Ē
  156. Thatís why no one can write a rule book.  Because everyone has his own relationship with things that are either in the vortex or out of the vortex.
  157. You all know you want to feel free and empowered.  Society has convinced you that a behavior is inappropriate.  And what is most relevant is that you donít feel free.  You feel more and more rebellious and asking for freedom.
  158. You feel so rebellious that eventually you begin to offer behavior, not because you want to, but because those behaviors have been targeted by influential others who then evoke negative behavior from you.    You respond to their expectation of what you will do.
  159. Most people live life outside the vortex.  Laws and rules, both religious and political are mostly made outside the vortex, by folks who miss the point of who they really are.  Many thoughts are active in your environment that are outside the vortex.  Yet you still feel who you really are calling you from the inside.  And then you notice those other thoughts, on the outside, feel discordant.
  160. You have got to be easy on yourself to line up with Source.  Source focuses on you with love.  The only thing that goes wrong in your life is the vibrational discord within you.  You have to decide to think differently.
  161. Esther is laughing at all the things she has done lately to fix her computer Ė and not one focus wheel!!!
  162. If you are seeing glimpses of things you want, that means you are close.  You start getting peaks when you are feeling hopeful.  And then when you see the glimpses, hope changes to belief and it can start rolling in fast. 
  163. Some of you make a career of hopping from hopeful to doubtful, hopeful to doubtful, hopeful to doubtful.  If you focus on both the pros and cons, nothing can change.
  164. Esther says she wants to be on the brink of appreciation, always.  And right after she said that, she found a whole lot of things to fuss and worry about!
  165. Guest:  I have type 1 diabetesÖ  Abraham:  Thatís an indicator of a discordant vibration.  You could say instead, ďI have some evidence of resistance.Ē  That feels better, and reminds you that you CAN do something about it. 
  166. Guest:  It makes me feel powerlessÖ Abraham:  That means you are temporarily experiencing this culmination.  But you were feeling powerless before the label came along.  We donít feel a sufficient vibration within you to create this now, but you do have enough to keep it going.  You would be steadily improving if you were not focused on the diagnosis.
  167. The normal person you meet is outside the vortex.  He doesnít feel that good usually, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger by law of attraction until it manifests as a perfect match to a disorder.  In the fullness of the diagnosis, it feels like powerlessness. 
  168. You need to show yourself the power of your thoughts.  Think of someone who is easy to love and write a page of positive aspects.  Then think of someone hard to love and write a page of their positive aspects and watch their personalities change place.
  169. When you make a list, you will rendezvous with a reality based on the thoughts you think.  Up until now, you havenít wanted to take credit for the things that you donít want.  But it is empowering to do so.  Say, ďI know my thoughts are active and set up a point of attraction and cooperative components coalesce around me which now equals this diagnosis.Ē
  170. Be less objective and less focused on the reality that exists.  You CAN focus differently and get a different result.  Nothing that is opposite your chronic vibration can stay.  Get chronically IN the vortex!
  171. The word heal has a vibration like gratitude, you are looking at right what you are trying to overcome when you use it. 
  172. If you hadnít become MORE, not being there wouldnít be making you sick.    At first, youíd have a cold, or a hangnail, or get fat.  Now itís a little more dramatic, but it is still just you, not being who you really are.
  173. Get in the vortex anyway you can.  Mostly, get your attention off of the diagnosis.  Ignore the indicator, and do focus wheels to bring your vibration up on uncomfortable subjects.
  174. Whatís bothering you?  Guest:  not being heard at work, the corporation is unjust and unfair Ė they donít care about people!  Abraham:  Itís making YOU sick, thinking that they donít care about people.  You have to stop trying to control the uncontrollable.  You are not going to change a whole industry.  Thatís the cause of your discord.  You think they donít know and you know better.  They are micromanaging, and you are micromanaging their micromanaging!  You are all outside the vortex and made at each other.  Out of vortex managing is inadequate and miniscule.  Get in the vortex!
  175. Get hold of the Universal manager, where all of the leverage and power resides.  From inside the vortex, the micromanagers just look cute.  ďOh, look at the way he does Ė he thinks itís going to make something happen, so cute!Ē
  176. Nothing at work deserves your out of vortex attention!
  177. When you feel injustices, say, ďIím letting my attention to that get to me.  Thatís why my physical body feels bad.  Iíve got to let this go!  Iíve got to let this go.  Iíve got to let this go.  Iím going to let this go!Ē
  178. For your focus wheel, your outside the vortex statement is:  They donít know what they are doing and they are trying to tell me what to do.  Theyíre stupid and they are messing up my life!!!
  179. The opposite of that is:  I love seeing wisdom and clarity in others.  Source knows their true power. 
  180. Guest:  I want to rendezvous with them in their clarity, not their idiocy.  Abraham:  If you rendezvous with it, it is active in your vibration.
  181. Some focus wheel statements that match seeing their wisdom and clarityÖ  They did a good job bringing this company together.  I work for them, not them for me.  Theyíve helped a lot of people.  Thereís value taking place here.  Iím not going to try to control them.  Iím going to take back my power by focusing on the best of them.  Theyíll feel the clarity of me then.  I know that ultimately we all know we are on the same team.  I love letting the value expand.  I can see how to improve things from the inside out.  I just took back my power!   
  182. Guest:  I had an experience when I was young, I woke up in my bedroom with the nonphysical Presence calling to me.  I got up on my knees on the bed, it might have been you!  Over the years I have tried to understand if it was a dream or if you were calling me forward.  Abraham:  You feel a resonance with everything we say.  You are creating an expanded version of you and Source is always calling you toward it.  It is consistent and vivid and you remember it. 
  183. You interpreted it as maternal and present Ė you were translating the vibration of your connection to Source within you.  Weíre pleased you have never let go of it.  Weíre writing books that teach children that Source is always within them, calling them.  Guest:  Letís keep it to ourselves!  Abraham:  Weíre putting it on YouTube!!!  [laughter]
  184. Source is always telling you, you are good, you can do it!  If you hear anything else, itís usually your mother.  [laughter]
  185. We donít want you to follow us.  We want to help you hook up with YOU!
  186. Guest: I am a newly single mother, I want to get guidance regarding my finances, getting rid of debt.  Abraham:  You are over thinking all of it.  No matter what has been going on, in the struggle, you asked, and the Universe answered.  Just find a way to no longer keep yourself apart from the answer.
  187. Do you believe in the vortex?  Do you believe it is already there?  Guest:  Yes!  Abraham:  Get in the vicinity of it.  Itís not about what you do.  Itís about the feeling that you find while you do it.
  188. Hereís a new process.  Imagine a large piece of paper with columns.  Ask questions about what your life is like.  Find things that have been upsetting you.  Tell us things that have happened that have caused an emotional response recently.
  189. Guest:  My 13 year old daughter isnít following the rulesÖ  The people at work are very negative, saying things like ďI hate customers!Ē Ö  I pay out more than I make, and I bought things I couldnít affordÖ  My dog is untrained and peeing in my house.  I want to exercise, but I donít get to it.  Abraham rate those things with a number of stickers as to how bad it feels, daughter Ė 1 sticker, work 5 stickers, body Ė three stickers Ė dog three stickers Ė finances Ė 3 stickers.
  190. Abraham:  Whatís the common denominator in all those things?  It isnít money or animals or work Ė the category that makes them all similar is that they make you feel out of control.  And everyday, things that match the out of control way you feel show up.
  191. Now on the other side of the page, in the same columns, list things that make you feel better Ė the positive drama.  Guest:  well, Iím number 1 in sales in the nation.  Abraham:  isnít that worth quite a few stickers???  Guest:  Yes, it is all working out.  I love it and feel mostly wonderful even though this week not so much.  My girls are such beautiful girls Ė they are tuned in most of the time Ė that deserves lots of stickers.  And I put a diaper on my dog, and heís so loving!  He licks my face when I get home from work tired and it really feels good!
  192. Abraham:  almost exactly the same subjects always end up on both sides of the page Ė an in the vortex view of it and an out of the vortex view of it.
  193. The common denominator is that on one side it feels like you need to control it, on the other, when you focus, no control is necessary.  Feeling the need to control is outside the vortex. 
  194. Getting back into the vortex is what brings your balance.
  195. Those issues, like debt, are what it feels like to be outside the vortex.  There are always equal and commensurate good things inside the vortex.  Positive emotion is wellbeing as it is supposed to be.  The vortex is bringing together the cooperative components.  That side doesnít require Ďmanagement.í
  196. Powerlessness is just stepping outside the vortex for a really silly reason.
  197. You will see using the sticker process that both sides of the paper means both in the vortex and out of the vortex things are happening all the time.  Just train yourself to focus on the in the vortex side of the paper.  Just focus there, and the other things leave your experience.  Itís THAT easy!
  198. The only criteria to pay attention to is ďWhere is the vortex?Ē  If you are in the vortex, you wonít rendezvous with the negative comments at work, even if they are there. 
  199. Go to sleep in the vortex and wake up in the vortex.  Youíll always wake up where you last left it.
  200. In the morning, do focus wheels, Book of Positive Aspects and rampages of appreciation.  It will take less than an hour, and then go to work.  From inside the vortex, youíll hear those comments differently.  Right now you hear them as a threat to your wellbeing, but there is really no risk to you.  From inside the vortex, you will hear the comment and understand they are outside the vortex.  Youíll say, ďItís just outside the vortex, thereís no risk to me. And even further, as I shore myself up inside the vortex, I can see my relationship to them as an indicator of something that is still lingering in my vibration.Ē   And the next night, do a focus wheel about that person.
  201. Outside the vortex statement:  I hate it when I hear this because their loud negativity takes me out of the vortex.  You have power over me, you drag me outside the vortex Ė no wonder I want to wrestle you to the ground!
  202. Inside the vortex center statement:  I love maintaining my alignment.  Youíre just in Step 1, Iím in the vortex, no problem!  I love focusing myself securely in the vortex.  ďIím number one in sales.  Iím doing well.  Iím focusing on my customers.  I take that same focus and apply it to anything.Ē
  203. They have the power to focus, just as I do.  Itís not my job to get them in the vortex.  I made myself the keeper of their vortex, but they wonít come.  Iíve failed at vortex keeping!
  204. New center of the focus wheel statement:  I love maintaining my alignment regardless of where others are. 
  205. Matching focus wheel statements:  I can be in the vortex regardless.  I am a good focuser.  I like getting the results that match my vibration so I can learn.  I like gaining control of ME, and getting in the vortex.  I love the clarity I am receiving here.  I love knowing my prosperity is coming.  I love them sucking me out of the vortex, because it makes me more determined to stay in.  They helped make me #1 because they help me to focus.  I am who I am!  One in the vortex is more powerful than a million who are not.  I am just going to watch myself thrive.  As I am in alignment, my influence shows up everywhere!
  206. Guest:  My husband and I made an investment in a beautiful property and we had such a great time building it, were in the vortex feeling thrilled, but we havenít rendezvoused with the people who want to buy it yet.  It feels like dramaÖ Abraham: Create a sticker page for your house.  On one side put stars for the times you think about trouble and the times you are euphoric.  The results will show you the evidence of your vibration.  It will be an out of vortex chart, showing how often you put stickers here or there.  You will see a whole page of worry or concern and an occasional moment of appreciation.  The manifestational evidence always supports the balance.  Every time you put a sticker on the ďdramaĒ side of the page, it could inspire you to do a focus wheel. 
  207. The law will back up what the stickers show you every time.  The drama page will be black with stickers with an occasional rampage of appreciation sticker.  This notebook is a manifestational representation of vibration, and so are your real life manifestations.  When you catch what you are doing sticker by sticker, you really notice. 
  208. You get to start a NEW sticker book every day!  Stickers donít carry over day by day.  However, there is a propensity to make the page today look like yesterdayís. 
  209. You need to come into alignment with your dream about this house.  It confuses you because you occasionally give air time to appreciation.  But occasionally isnít enough Ė thereís other thoughts going on, too.  There is a theme about not having enough money or freedom.  The common denominator is ďI donít have enough money, I donít feel free!Ē  Youíve got to do focus wheel by focus wheel and get those stickers on the other page which represents the common denominator of ďI am prosperous and feeling empowered!Ē
  210. You are not the one exception to the Laws of the Universe.  We say it to you straight; you would rather be right than in the vortex.  You keep explaining it.  If you are not getting what you want, you are not in the vortex.  Show yourself, thought by thought, how you are doing. 
  211. The first thing that happens is that you will convince yourself that there are way more limiting thoughts than you think.  Take them one at a time and move everyone into the vortex.  You CAN do it!
  212. You are mad at the economy; you are upset about whose idea it was to do thisÖ Guest:  Mine!  Abraham:  As you play this new game, you will see the patterns where the bug-a-boos are.  You are upset that there is not much activity, you are mad at the real estate folks, you are mad at your mate, Abraham and Law of Attraction.  You will notice where it shows up.  You are mad at yourself and feel you ought to know better.  You are seeing this as a symbol of your failing at Deliberate Creation. 
  213. Outside the vortex statement:  Itís so irritating that, with ALL I KNOW, Iím not having better success at this!
  214. Center statement:  I love feeling the control of my focus and being the deliberate creator I came here to be!
  215. Get on the wheel; slow down so you can get on.  Make statements that you believe on the subject. 
  216. Focus wheel statements:  I love having evidence of my ability to focus.  I am a very powerful creatorÖ  Abraham:  Now you are off in the bushes, you want to believe it and you have evidence where youíve really done it already.
  217. Guest:  Every time I have had a dream, I have called it in to me.  I really do know howÖ  Abraham:  that is justification and just threw you out.
  218. Things generally go well for me.  Iím sharpening my focus now.  Iím still holding my own in this economy.  I can feel the power of my focus.  I can feel that I have more stickers out of the vortex now, but I can work on this one thought at a time.  I donít have to figure out how to sell the property, just how to get into the vortex! 
  219. The end result you want is getting into the vortex.  You are the creator of you Ė you are your creator and your creation.  You want to see yourself as a proud and happy creator of magnificent properties.  Others who want what I create are looking for me.  I will do it again and again!
  220. All things in good time.  Iím coming into my balance.  This sticker book is going to work for me. 
  221. When you think, ďIím STUCK with this!Ē remember there is an equal and equivalent inside the vortex thought.  Take it one idea at a time.
  222. When you think, ďHardly anyone has seen itĒ put a sticker on the drama page.  When you think, ďLazy real estate person!Ē put a sticker on the drama page.  And say, ďWait a minute, whatís the opposite of that?Ē
  223. My realtor is doing a fabulous job.  She is tapped into great resources that bring buyers and sellers together. 
  224. Do it 100 times a day until it totally flips, and you WILL get that phone call.
  225. Youíre not yet happy about being in the vortex until the property sells.  The shift in the way you feel HAS to become the objective.  You canít hang out in the vortex very long without getting every single thing that you want.
  226. Do you see why things that work do, and things that donít donít?  It all seems simple and obvious from inside the vortex.  Part 4 ----
  227. Guest:  what about seasonal allergies, is it all expectation?  Abraham:  They donít have to be.  Itís out there on the commercials and TV because so many out of vortex people are trying to put a band aid on it.  You can be born with cells that have these expectation.  But if you have had a reaction, you have more wellbeing in your vortex than everyone else.  When YOU line up, the cells of your body will line up.
  228. Most of your vibration is coming from what you are observing.  You cannot control others, but you can control your vibration.    Hang out in the vortex for any excuse and youíll have a clear path to anything you want that looks good.
  229. Step 1 is a good part of your creative process.  Just lean toward the vortex.
  230. Although you have been knowing how to get in the vortex for a long time, you still spend a lot of time out of the vortex.  You are 60/40 on most subjects now.  When you are spending 70/30, things will be great.  90/10 will be sainthood!  But 50/50 is IN the vortex.
  231. Guest:  something happened and I feel like I get everything I want.  People around me are saying, ďGet out of the vortex!Ē  But if this happened while I was in the vortex, it canít be a bad thing, right?  Abraham:  The vortex is always in motion, it doesnít have a distinct line.  Donít be so determined to be in the vortex that you that you miss the Step 1 moment.  From inside the vortex, Step 1 moments are a really good thing.  From outside the vortex, Step 1 moments feel like failure.
  232. When you are in the vortex, and have a great knowledge of general wellbeing, nothing feels threatening.  Outside the vortex, you feel threatened by everything. 
  233. Feel your desire and bring your focus into place and deliberately line up and feel hopeful.  Then you get even more up to speed and feel content.  You planned on living zest on the way to content.  None of you were born to get it all done.
  234. You donít make a career out of Step 1, you left that behind long ago.  From inside the vortex, Step 1 is still an important step.  You came to have Step 1 moments, you are the synthesizer of contrast.  Feel proud of your Step 1 moments.
  235. You could have all of your Step 1 moments within what the average person would perceive as their vortex.  You have parlayed your vortex into high energy places, and you will keep reaching and the stakes will keep getting higher.  You cannot stand to not feel good.
  236. Once you connect with the lover that you are, you canít be mad and feel good. 
  237. Compare the outside the vortex crowd with the inside the vortex crowd Ė the two crowds are very different.  Now you know too much.  This seminar is going to raise your vibration to which there is no return.  Never again will you deliberately dis-empower yourself and not notice.  You are going to be more sensitive and learn to refine the vibrational balance of your experience. 
  238. Complainers sound really loud outside the vortex.  Luke puts his hands over his ears sometimes when he is with adults talking.
  239. We have enjoyed this interaction with those like you who are willing to come into the vortex with us.  We have caused the expansion of consciousness.  Get up to speed with what you have carved out.  You didnít come for manifestation per se.  You came for enlightenment, clarity, power, worthiness, wellbeing and all that is good.



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