Connee's notes on Abraham-Hicks

Bethesda, MD 5/22/10, Part 1


You are the extended, leading edge version of Source – the physical extension of Source energy.  The largest part of you is Non-Physically focused.  There are 2 very distinct vibrations, aspects of you, Non-Physical and Physical


Thinking of “me in my personality,” most of you do not think of yourself as vibration.  You determine reality through your senses, you’re good interpreters of vibration.  Learn to utilize the guidance available in every moment – the vibrational relationship between the true vibration of you and the vibration in this moment of your thought.


You are vibration from 2 standpoints.  All you have become in Non-Physical, and also the physical focus of your thought.  Non-Physical is beaming to you all the time who you really are – love beams all the time.  When you focus on “unlovable” you set up vibrational discord which shows you vibrational discord by hate or anger.  Very interesting for us to participate with you in physical form.


Every time you come to a preference the larger part of you becomes it.  If you are rude, you want to be an uplifter and the larger part of you sees the world as nicer.  When you are sick, the Non-Physical part of you becomes weller. 


We want you to get it and resonate with Source energy.  We want you to care about how you feel so you can line up with it and see the world through the eyes of Source.


Esther was watching TV – and what she saw was disturbing to her and broadcasters.  Psychologists were showing picture and asking school kids, “which is the bad child?”  Almost all children pointed to darker skin as the bad child.


She didn’t like the way the question was asked.  There was no option for “none of the above.”


She got more and more riled about it.  They are helping those kids form the opinion [of racism.] 


She wanted to make her own study.  A picture of someone studying vs. wind surfing, asking “which behavior is more appropriate?”  Or “which would you rather be doing?”


People would say studying.  You could set up very different questions.  Society has programmed everyone to one right answer.  She wants to take a survey to everyone on the planet.  She realizes there is an incredible and magnificent abundance of beliefs on this planet.  A plethora of choices are here, to inspire you to what?  The right answer?  So everyone knows what’s right?  Of course not!  You are the creator of you!


That’s why you are all so mixed up – almost all of the children said “That one?”  What the kids were really saying was, “I’m reaching to give you the right answer to you.”  Refreshing to see one say “They’re all the same in terms of their goodness.”


It’s unusual for you not to have opinions.  We are here to help you remember it’s the opinion of Source within you that really matters.  You can feel what Source within knows of every question.  Ask “ Who is the good one?” to Source.  Would Source within help you pick out the bad one?  Source within would give you a gut check on the absurdity of the question.  Wouldn’t play in such a screwy game.  Can only measure a game like this by Physical reality.  The kids know exactly what the Teachers want.  All researchers skew results by the questions asked. 


We want to help you to remember that the only relationship that matters is the one with Source within you.  Any other is catering to out-of-the-Vortex criteria.  Socialization is controlling behavior of each other to avoid trouble - flawed premise – only thing that affects you is the vibration you’ve got going on.


You’ve been trained by teachers about what’s the right answer.  The right answer is “There is no one answer to this question and I refuse to pigeon hole myself to please you!”


You are people pleasers, and all of that is all right, but replacing your true guidance leads you to less alignment.


Your emotions show you the valid choice in the moment.


We watch people form opinions based on geography, ethnic or religious groups.


Your singular, selfish vantage point creates preferences, a vibrational wave used by Non-Physical back to you as guidance.  A powerful signal offered at all times.


Only thing that ever hurts you is you getting crossways of the energy that is you.


If we were in your physical shoes, and your kids have teachers, we’d say to them “What do you think?  What you think matters too.”  Even more importantly, ask them “How does it feel?”  They would have said, “I didn’t like it!” 


“Then that means that the real answer is different than the one they evoked from you.  What would you have liked to say?” 

“All the same!” 

“How does that feel?”

“ I like that answer!” 


Then that is the right answer.


Your personal opinion matters enormously.  Only way you can tell is how you feel when you utter it!


You say oil in the Gulf, how wrong is that!  How does it feel?  Feels bad.  You want them to admit guilt.  What’s making you feel bad is your calling them the bad one when Source within you will never do that.

Don’t you want to feel Source within you at every moment?  The answer to all you fervently desire is alignment with Source within you. 


Deliberately creating is bringing yourself into alignment with Source by your focus of thought.


We will stand in the Vortex and call you singularly toward that.  Sometimes you are not ready to come, but we don’t worry about that.


The vibration becoming is present tense.  What’s manifested is old news.  By the time it manifests, it’s far back.  What’s present is in the Vortex.  Don’t you say it was right there where I was looking all the time?  You cannot find what you observe to be lost.  It could manifest immediately if you could shift your vibration.  Can’t come until you are on the vibrational wavelength of it.


When a problem comes into focus, the solution is too.  But depending where you are focused, you see one or the other.  Problems give solutions!  They are necessary.  Jerry was pondering his business and waiting for Esther and Abe to get up.  Esther put her spoon down.  Esther said “Answers are coming in the focusing of the question.  Answers are queuing up.”  The answer was big, vivid, clear and life-giving.  When you get over it being lost, what you find will be better when you get over it being lost.


There’s a weller, more loving, more prosperous, newer version of you lined up!  When you feel joy, excitement, you are right up to speed with who you have become.  That’s what the art of allowing is.  Training yourself into the frequency of Source within you.  You can’t get it wrong because you never get it done.  Keep reaching.


All our books are about helping you come into alignment with who you have become.  We offer processes to help you feel less angry.  Only way an angry person can get into the Vortex is to have a lobotomy, take a nap, or incrementally move up the emotional scale.  An awareness of anger is the key to a managed moment into the vortex.


Jerry and Esther ordered a console table in California to ship to Texas.  She loved it when she saw it,  then it was broken when they dropped it.  The men stood there with no blood in their faces.  They were completely good children.  She saw the top was inadequately attached and she said, “This was not your fault.”  The top was attached with very small screws.  “Can we get a new base, will you pay for it?”  People who sold it weren’t responsible, Esther agreed.


Jerry and Esther take responsibility – we’ll repair it or replace it and leave it where it is.  Then new bedroom furniture was delivered and a big console was cracked.  Since Esther wasn’t there, she didn’t hurt anyone. [Laughter]


She's laughing because she’s seeing her vibration about furniture delivery, she send an email to her decorator – “Let’s not talk about any of this until the curse lifts.”  There’s no way out of this from the middle of it.  Hold all furniture delivery until we get a vibrational grip here.  We’re just setting us up for Law of Attraction to give us more.


As you respond to broken table, it does not set you up for unbroken table.  You are practicing a vibration – it’s real, you’re right, but you are having a response that future things respond to.  You are letting what is train you.


If you are a good selective sifter, what is could serve you so well.


If you are problem-oriented, you are stuck in the problem part of the solution.


In everything we’ve encouraged you to do, we want you to clean up your resistance.


Here’s a really simple and powerful suggestion will serve you better than all that came before.  If you can accept that the in-the-Vortex vibrational reality is the expanded version of you, you will care more about the vortex and tuning yourself to it than everything else. 


You are in the vortex and you feel good, love, frisky, happy.  Stop in that in-the-Vortex moment of alignment and contemplate that, and milk this moment for Vortex time.  It becomes more familiar and easier to get there.  Do these affirmations from in the Vortex.  You decide to buy brilliant cards written by Infinite Intelligence.


Read those cards from inside the Vortex.


Otherwise, you say, [sarcastically,] “Yup, sure I will.  I’ll tell my boss… who writes these anyway?  Are you kidding me?” 


When you are out of the Vortex, trying to get in, things like this are just annoying.  The more they tell you what they think, the more you dig in.  Wait until your heart is singing, and do your affirming then!  Do your affirming from inside the Vortex.


Affirming is just practicing the vibration.


If you try to use words for compensating being outside the Vortex, it doesn’t get better.  You try so hard from outside the Vortex.  Stop trying and begin allowing.  Play the game just for a little.  You accidently stumble into the Vortex all the time.  Recognize those moments of feeling good – when you are saying something nice about someone else, milk it just a little and then pick up affirmation cards or whatever you love – pictures of children, galaxy, planets, and then anything off can’t even rendezvous with you.


Esther remembers her mother ragging on her and it just went over her head.  She missed the insults.  Don’t you want to be one who misses all the insults and quagmires and traffic and food poisoning?  


Q:  Next book Spirituality: The Final Frontier- is it really vibration?

A:  Spirituality – until you acknowledge the 2 parts of you, you have no guidance.


If you rely on others, it drives you crazy.  Recognize the 2 aspects of you and consciously, deliberately blend them together.


People do everything doctors, surgery, before they will align energy.  We love terminal patients, they listen!


Q:  Elves/divas of the garden book

A:  She’s at a different vibration – she’s trained and has access to energy she translates in ways that are meaningful to her.  She hears and sees things others can’t hear and see.  Her translating vibrations is more precise than average people do.  Things like that on every subject are available in the Vortex as you train yourself to higher vibration.


Q:  Can we see thoughtforms?

A:  Yes, and… Because most humans are enamored with now reality, you are in love with what is.  If you can’t see elementals, or the good stuff in the Vortex, let your emotions guide you there.  Tune yourself in by your guidance and then you will see it.  Everything is an extension of vibration.  You are just beginning to dabble into who you really are.


Connee's notes on Abraham-Hicks, Bethesda, MD 5/22/10, Part 2



Q: Guidance on how to expand into clairvoyant, clairaudient


Anything your life has caused you to desire is already in the Vortex.  When you stay there long enough, you will be able to interpret the vibrations.


When you think about broader awareness, that really is what getting in the Vortex is!


When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.  We get to become the vibrational version of everything you are asking for.  We get to see everything you ask for vibrationally – that’s evolution.


Everything has vibrational version – you can tune yourself to it.  Releasing the resistance is all that keeps you from tuning yourself to it. 


You are genius creator.  Work to focus yourself into alignment.  The fullness of who you are brings you into alignment with everything you want. 


Q:  Prickly conversation – don’t want to push against, how to have compassion without getting into it?

A:  Usually compassion means understanding and resonance.  You don’t want to get too aware because it makes you gravitate to that frequency.  Take the bounce instead.  Notice what you do want and focus on the equivalence of that. 


Q:  The situation is that her brather is in discomfort about his divorce.

A:  Think about his newfound freedom and about how lovely his children are and how well his relationship is expanding with them.  When you get good at finding your own balance, complainers don’t find you enjoyable anymore.  They want compassion.  They want confirming agreement and if you don’t, you aren’t as pleasant.


Come into alignment with who you really are, not your brother.  Focus on the solution to his problem in your Vortex that you have created in the Vortex of your relationship with him.  You have to look at your  in-the-Vortex version of his life.  Practice the new and improved version of him in your mind.  There isn’t much you can do – if you agree with him, you give up your alignment.  If you try to give him the new vision, he’ll dig in and defend his version.  Practice your in-the-Vortex version and you’ll meet him on a good day.  If you try to fix what’s broken, you’ll rendezvous with him out of the Vortex.


Everyone is a mixed bag.  Your vibration you’ve been practicing determines who you hook up with.  You can’t observe unwanted things without seeing more of them.  There’s a whole plethora of choices.  Focus on the wanted choices choose what you want from the buffet, don’t talk about what you don’t want.  Don’t defend – that’s your resistance depriving yourself of what you do want.


Q:  I’m a film writer.  You said in a previous workshop how you would tell a story – not dragging them through dirt to get in the Vortex.

A:  If you are making a movie you want people to be drawn to, one thing is absolute.  They have to find an improvement in the way they feel, regardless of where they started. 


People go with movie into the drama and contrast and then like it when the movie brings them back to feel ok; that feels like satisfaction, coming into alignment.  Movies project the pathos of don’t want, which expands you, and then brings you to back to satisfaction.  Law of making successful movies -  you have to satisfy your audience. 


People are at different frequencies… romantic comedy/adventure, they’ve categorized themselves on subject matter.  They ALL want to feel better and ALL want expansion.  Movies and books, especially movies, cause people to expand beyond where they are; they will tell others.


Q:  People who like it will like it, others aren’t a match.

A:  People are missing lots of audiences by forgetting these basic laws.


Q:  I want to tell a story that is better – starts with step 1.

A:  Once you know that, you can’t make an inauthentic movie.


Most movies are not vibrationally accurate.  There’s a happy/tuned in person and something awful happens, that’s not accurate – and creates a vibrationally vulnerable audience.  If you make them vulnerable,  you can’t satisfy them. 


Q:  I want to tell a great story – entertaining and leaving them uplifted, never diminished, like Jerry’s motto.

A:  You understand all this - your basis is perfect.  One piece can be highlighted, find a story that turns you on and tell it.  Let it ring *your bells* at every step, making you feel better and better and better.  Don’t cater to a different vibrational audience – you can’t be authentic out of your chronic vibration.  If you are happy, make happy movies.  If you are depressed, move to a little better.  Either way, you’ll be successful. 


 You are presenting the story and you are skewing their perception. 


Q:  I don’t want to use my story as a teaching –.  

A:  You can’t help it.  If you are too subtle, people don’t get it.


Q:  Humor and growth, relief, I want relief – humor.

A:  Accurate understanding is that a comedian opens wound and all laugh.  They leave it in a better place.  We guide you to a larger part of you, we don’t tell you what you should do.


Jerry watched Mamma Mia five times – Esther watched five different movies.  Jerry & Esther were walking with friends who all loved the movie.  They all milked Mamma Mia.  Young man following them blurted, “I hated that movie.”


It’s not your job to make the movie that pleases everyone.  Ignore the market and write the movie that pleases you most.  Happy journey, happy movie.


Q:  Sara project?

A:  Esther received book and screen play from us.  Then the director rewrote the dialog with different vibrations.  Esther couldn’t endure it and said, “Later, gator!”  Once you’ve identified your characters, they will write their own words.  Once you know who they are, they will speak authentically. 


[no new question appears here]

A:  Consider that the world is living life in all kinds of ways, creating a mass consciousness Vortex.  Tune to the Vortex and the characters show up in your imagination and dreams.  Every great writer, novelist, musician went to the Vortex to receive their inspiration.  They point upward when asked where they receive inspiration.  Release resistance, get in the Vortex and receive answers from the vortex.  Receive inspiration.  Pick a subject that turns you on.  Get in the Vortex and it will show itself to you.  The world will love it because they created it.


Q:  When I get stuck…

A:  Then you’re not in the Vortex.  Go do something else!


Q:  Over 5 years I raised myvibration .  I was over 400 pounds, now right size.

A:  By letting go of what wasn’t natural….allows you to be.


Q:  More relaxed about living in now – 32 years on job want to do what do best – retiring in October – passion – help others  to coaching one-on-one – challenging family makes me want to get family feeling from others.  Romantic issue right formula to attract soul mate, companion. 

A:  In your question are the words of the answer.  People are looking for love in all the wrong places.  You want to mate with your soul.  Leaving your family to find others is screwy, because your vibration about them isn’t good.  The way you get to where you want to be is by making peace with what is.  When you make peace with it, you don’t push against it.  Imagine being in a fist fight, if you could pull back before it gets to there, you’d do better.  No confrontation ever gives satisfaction – it just gets bigger.  As you withdraw your fists, withdraw your words.  As you pull back the fists and words, pull back the thoughts. 


Law of Attraction says it takes two to tango or argue.  You have to shift your vibration to get a different match.  What’s at the basis of your success is releasing your attraction of what you don’t want.  Your lover is in your Vortex.  What keeps you from him is your vibration is not a match.  Your version of you partner is less than what’s in your Vortex.  When you say, “It’s not right yet,” you activate a mismatch to your perfect partner.  You have to stop proclaiming, “It’s not right.”  Don’t rush, it give it time.  Make peace with being single.  Emphasize positive aspect of who’s here.  You can’t get there by noticing what’s not on your checklist. 


You say, “I don’t want to get back with ex by Book of Positive Aspects.” We want you to get back with you.  Satisfaction is greatest and is always felt when you want something a lot and it comes.  Life causes you to expand; when you don’t take the bounce, then do, you completely move into new place.  That’s satisfaction.


Most people think satisfaction can only happen at manifestation point.  You have to find the satisfaction of alignment before manifestation can occur. 


Best way we’ve ever said it!


“I can align with the soul of my being, regardless of who’s in my bed!”


Can find satisfaction – audience felt you reached a new place, those loving people felt satisfaction for you.  Intending and receiving.  That satisfaction was manifestation.  We want you to reach for the feeling of it.  Pre-emotional satisfaction.


“I will take the thought for the deed.”  Esther takes satisfaction from the idea of hospitality and generosity of people even though she doesn’t have time to actually visit them.  Know you can feel your way there.  Make long lists of Positive Aspects of where you are.  Satisfaction is the absence of resistance, which allows alignment with who you are.  So much more coming to you! 


Connee's notes on Abraham-Hicks, Bethesda, MD 5/22/10, Part 3



Milk the moment


Q:  I’m in the Vortex – I love the stream analogy – it fun to sing songs about it.  I am more focused when I have goals – please talk about let go of the oars and letting things happen vs. being in action.


A: What we mean – there’s a difference between using an oar to subtly guide the direction vs. propelling the boat.  Most think action provides the energy rather than helps you select subtle details.  Here’s the steps…

1.      Ask – you send a vibrational rocket

2.      Law of Attraction causes the gathering of all cooperative components which makes the stream move

You think you need to make the stream move and you fight your own current.  Get in the Vortex and then take Action.  Get in the Vortex and then clean your desk.


It’s a lot of fun to be in a fast moving boat. 


Q:  Is there a clean desk in my Vortex? 

A:  If pictures were shown to you, cluttered desk and clean desk, who is the good person?  We know what you’d say.  You think order is more appropriate.  How about a desk with nothing on it vs. interesting things?  Desk or no desk?  Judgments get formulated.  You cannot approach a messy desk to get in the Vortex.  We think that’s the struggle going on within you.


Q:  Clean desk represents order, cluttered mind represents cluttered desk?

A:  Ask yourself, Am I more productive if shoved in drawer or when everything’s on my desk?  It’s more about overwhelment than clutter, or disorganization.  Life is coming at you faster because you are trying to deal with it too much by action instead of using an energy perspective.  When you are in the Vortex, you control the influx of what’s coming in.  If you focus on clutter and too many tasks, you get more of that. 


Here’s more pictures to choose from – person breathing vs. holding breath, panting vs. in and out?  What’s the better choice?  From overwhelment, it isn’t that you are requesting order, it’s requesting ease and flow equal to your ability to accomplishment what you want.  When responsibility is driving you, you’re out of the Vortex.  When ideas are calling you, you’re in the Vortex.  Alignment is so significant.  In the Vortex, the phone call comes that surpasses everything on your list.  When you fall in love, it often takes precedence over all other things. 


Q:  Death = freedom?

A:  YES!  Because they don’t take thoughts on their disorderly desk with them.  They leave all that for someone else to clean up. 

A:  Passed away – what a funny word –it means ceased to be and that is so distorted.  Better said…My father released everything that ever bothered him and is living the realization of his expanded Beingness. 

A:  Those of you who are Left Behind…to clean up the mess!


Q:  I must choose my words carefully here….I feel sad and miss him and didn’t have the time I wanted with him.

A:  Well, in the way you laid this out, he’s not the one who passed away.  You are.  You’re sad because you’ve pinched yourself off.  You’re reaching for what you miss rather than for what you want.  You are sad because you are using this as an excuse to not be who you are, your in-the-Vortex version of that relationship is allowed or not.  Most people are not using now reality as a reason for alignment – they are focused on lack – that’s why they feel diminished.  Most don’t understand the eternal nature of your being. 


Passed on = over,  in your mind.  Reality never catches up – turn your attention to the new reality.  Death is so awesome because you now have no choice.  You have to get to his frequency or you can’t communicate.  He won’t leave the Vortex for you!  Now he’s gone, you’ve stopped trying.  Now is the best time to connect with him. 


Q:  But it’s just memories – little league and security

A:  You missed that before he died.  Every relationship is like that.  Esther’s daughter, Tracey, has carved out the way a family should be.  Back in Texas, available for dinner – Jerry and Esther can feel her yearning for proximity sometimes.  You are creating a new and improved version all day of what you want.  You are asking your reality to live up to it, but it never will.  You have to focus on vibrational version in the Vortex instead.


The whole point of your coming into this body and expanding is the thrill of coming into alignment with the expansion.  Now reality is old, the new bouncing off place is the real deal.  That next manifestation is already old news.  Vibrational reality is the real deal.  Don’t cling to physical anything.  You want security, wellbeing and approval.  You are looking for love in all the wrong places.  The *Only* place to find it is inside the Vortex.  To some this [an Abraham workshop] just looks like another dog and pony show. 


As you begin to feel your eternal nature more, you’ll realize that every negative emotional experience is simply that you are pinched off from your alignment.  You are lonely for the fullness of all you have created.  Close people significantly contribute to the expanded being of who you are.  What you are saying is, “I’m still depriving myself of fullness regarding him,”  when you feel sad.  It’s actually easier for you to align with the fullness of now who you are with him now than it was when he was physical.


Loneliness is what you feel when the stream is moving and you’re not going.  We like the Vortex analogy because it adds more feeling of the pulling power of the stream and the assembling of cooperative components. 


It’s all there. It’s all there!


The only missing component is you. 


Overwhelment is the indicator that your energy is scattered.  The energy of the Source you and the local you are both moving simultaneously.  Your aligned energy gives you leverage – by things happen around you. 


When there are two people, each wanting something different – if each would focus on what they want, the Universe would deliver it, but they each are misaligned and blaming each other.


Focus on the power of that stream.  You’ve done the work – it’s all there.  Just be a cooperative component.  You have to feel good in order to be a cooperative component. 


If life had not caused you to expand, holding back couldn’t happen.  There is not something pulling against you.  It’s your resistance of thinking contradictory thoughts that creates the pulling.  You’re not satisfied with moment.  We say, “Stop it!”  If it were not for your resistant thoughts, the stream would have taken you long ago.  If you care about how you feel, you’ll ferret them out in the moment of the prickle, the discord. You will notice when you are doing it right there in that moment.  In the act, as they as, as when Esther caught a possum with egg on its face.


You have to replace that thought with a better feeling thought.  But you can’t not think that thought.  So you have to find another thought.  Care about the feeling, the flow. 


[No question marked prior to this answer]

A:  Find a way to be Blissful in Vortex.  When Esther is driving the monster bus, her heart sings.  She’s on her way to you .  She’s free and appreciating the interstate, in love with life and Jerry.  That focus allows her to flow in that moment.  Tree house or grandkids.  Watched a child with such love and appreciation, that she satisfied her desire to see her own grandkids.  She reveled in their beauty and purity.  That’s what deliberate creation is. 


Feel for alignment with who you are.  That’s always the right answer.  Practice focusing.  Get in the Vortex and notice it, be alert to it and milk it.


Jerry and Esther in a restaurant in Phoenix – inside it felt wonderful, the atmosphere worked, there was a  feeling of alignment.  So many things all present in the moment.  Observing the moment put them in the Vortex, but you can’t control all the moments.  Milk the Vortex and do positive aspects of the moment. 


Jerry and Esther were alternating saying, I’ll bet the reason we feel so good is this… I’ll bet the reason we feel so good is this… I’ll bet the reason we feel so good is this… I’ll bet the reason we feel so good is this… I’ll bet the reason we feel so good is this….  Anyone listening in would have gagged.  They were practicing the vibration of alignment. 


Two things happen when you get into the Vortex more often:

1.  Makes more things come that are in alignment

2.  Makes you more keenly aware when you are not 


Q:  Recently graduated from college, oh, my heart beating fast. 

A: That’s good!

Q:  I’ve lined myself for a ton of choices.  Which do I choose? 

A:  Feels like a problem vibration is active within you.  What if I make the wrong choice? 


Do you think it is logical or even desired that you would be so prepared from college you would make your final choice from here? 


Get me out of here – you don’t want to be locked in.  I’m huge energy and prepared, I have a fun vortex calling me – great stuff there.  It’s ok that it is satisfying only the basis that will cause even more to line up.  Make peace with the next step and the next step. Ask yourself,  Now what? now what? now what?)

Isn’t it lovely that this is not the last seminar?  And it is just the beginning of more.  You’ll never get it done.  Our attitude would be – “I’ll be here as long as it rings my bells!”  you’ll always be saying, “I’ve got an idea…”


And we know for sure that there is no one place that will ever satisfy the likes of you for long. 


Q:  But what if multiple things ring my bells?

A:  Flip a coin, any of them have the potential to be the jumping off place.  Relax a little, give it a week or two.  If it really calls me, I’ll go.  When it lines up, you’ll say, “Abe, I don’t give a rip what you say. This is what I want to do.” 


You haven’t yet had enough life experience to really line it up.  Pick one – “I’m looking for my first significant bouncing off place.  From here I will be building my vortex that will call me in increasingly louder ways.”  Like almost everyone, you’re not practiced at following your own guidance. 



Connee's notes on Abraham-Hicks, Bethesda, MD 5/22/10, Part 4



Q:  I saw the movie “how to train your dragon.”  It moved me – and I have spent lots of Vortex time thinking about it.  Friendship with a black dragon is most dangerous.

A:  Rampage appreciation – focus on all the wonderful things that are here to pluck from.  Appreciation of what is allows your Vortex already queued up to flow to you.  Rampage the bliss of your Vortex, resonating with who you really are and your relationship with your Inner Being.  Making peace with what is IS the fastest way into your Vortex. 


I like lots of choices – choices are there and I can feel my way.  True freedom is knowing there’s not one right way.  All the variety is an advantage.  I create me.  Coming into alignment about the variety allows me to feel the fullness.  To rampage I need to be in the Vortex.  I understand balance, strength and power is born of the variety. 


I appreciate the value of contrasts and arguments and clarity evoked from diversity and differences and choosing specifically for myself.  My Inner Being has amassed around my choices and is the culmination of it all.  I am adoring the being I have become and adoring all that has caused this to be. 


Q:  What’s the purpose of race?

A:  Variety, perspective, balance, all the ingredients allow the birthing of new ideas.


Q:  Why come into this life limited by race and oppression?

A:  You are getting early energy moving faster for expansion and enthusiasm for life.


Q:  What if you have an intention for a relationship with someone in particular – but she’s not into it.

A:  You’re the only one this has ever happened to.  [laughter]


Q:  If I have intention that hasn’t manifested yet – in end she may not have same intention?

A:  The most important thing is reminding you of the power of alignment.  If your desire is inspired, the Time-Space reality can fulfill it.  Relative to a love interest, the sting of not a particular person is left behind when you find another, better relationship. However, the is YOUR child.  For us to say “just get in the Vortex and a child will show up” isn’t satisfying.  As you wrestle with the details, you are queuing up a stronger relationship with her that the entire Universe will line you up with it. 


If you let current reality get your attention and feel injustice and sorrow, you are not a match to your own desire.  A person with resistance has paltry power.  When you are aligned, you are powerful and amazing things bring it about.  When you stand in the Vortex and hold anyone, like this child, as your object of attention, you create a vibrational relationship that will come about.  It must manifest.  We almost never meet anyone under these conditions who are able to stay pure on their intent.  This mother wants what’s best for this child.  All of that is changing.  You don’t have to convince anyone.  Stay true to own desire.  It will trump the Supreme Court. 


You have the energy that creates worlds at your back.  You ask, “Why would I choose something so unpleasant?”  Big time value comes out of this when you want something this much, it will tear you up if you don’t align with it.  You had a pre-birth bargain with this child is to teach each other about alignment. 



Q:  I’m a doctor from the Caribbean, a healer.   I talked to the head of a great clinic, a surgeon from Columbia – they treated 24,000 over 30 years.  I want more.  I plan to open 6 clinics that will be able to treat 25,000 people in one day.  Starting to materialize now.   I need $100,000,000 - not much money.  I started in 1994, it’s been 16 years.  I want it now.  How to make it happen now? 


A:  Discord is in the notion that *I* will make it happen.  Your desire is what is making it happen.  You must manage your resistance.  The impatience you feel is resistance.  You need a new focused determination to make peace with the unfolding.  What you’ve created is a now reality.  It’s 90% there, your impatience is the 10% not there.


You know the inevitability of it.  You sense what’s in the Vortex, so not seeing it is strong.  We feel your certainty.  You’ve got to ease up on the feeling of urgency and accept the natural unfolding of this process.  All of that money is optional and most of it coming but unnecessary.  Rest with that, it will speed things up. 



Q:  I’m a lover of nature and fishing, I’m very good at it.  We’re going to the Gulf Coast next month, oil spill – felt a little negative emotion.  I believe we live on beautiful self-sustaining planet.  Talented are engineers engaged.  What thoughts can we add to help speed up restoration?

A:  For each person, the answer varies a bit.  As a problem is coming into focus, a solution is too.   Solution and evolution exist because of problems.  Expansion benefits by each problem that induces a solution.  Many people want to flail in discord.  We will tell you that from our perspective this oil spill is miniscule.  You should see what goes on when 90% of the world’s volcanoes erupting simultaneously! 

The planet always continues to find its balance.  Iceland volcano – no one to blame, more disruption, Pele! 


Placing the discord at someone’s feet feels bad to you.  You said “I’m not uncomfortable because I don’t choose to be.” 


The more unhappy people are, the slower the process is.  Isolate yourself from the discord.  Many have been placing blame since the spill began – but as soon as the problem came into greater focus, the solution was coming forward.  Then many focus on more blame from many places.  Blame adds to the problem and the solution.  We know so well that with any problem – ecological, political – solutions coming forward. 


We would relish solutions and evolution, both expansion as a result of exposure to life.  Those who are freaked out have pinched themselves from solution of which they are a part.  Most are using the oil spill as their excuse to avoid expansion.  A hangnail is miniscule to your body.  The whole of you is healthy.  The wholeness of that which you are is so great, it’s not worth a moment’s grief.  They’ll use this and the next excuse and next and next to feel bad.  It’s their depriving themselves of wellbeing, that is the reason they feel bad.  This is not the politically correct thing to say, and we don’t care. 


Hardly anyone in political arena is in the Vortex.  You don’t need to worry about a lot of people getting negative.  Create an asking and there’s a solution.  Babies and beasts are aligned with wellbeing.  Even if everyone on the planet gets down and uses this as their excuse to pinch themselves off, being fickle and distracted, you can still live your own life.  You don’t have to be protective.  The natural wellbeing is huge in comparison to this.  Save yourself because that’s all you can do. 


Don’t stand on a soapbox, most will not hear you anyway.  Amplify your understanding of its smallness relative to wellbeing. 


It’s not necessary to convince physical beings to focus elsewhere – there’s never a reason for you to worry.  There’s never enough people out of the Vortex to outbalance wellbeing of this planet.  Power of the Vortex = Power of wellbeing.  Oil spill is old news.  The Vortex is bigger and better and worth celebrating.  No beasts are worried about it.  They are moving someplace else and some are making it a way to make their transition – so does the cat on the road.  Unconditional love is unconditional alignment.  That’s the vibration of your planet.  No one is freaking out, other than humans.  And even this freak out is insignificant in proportion to the whole freak out population. 


Q:  2 things – teach processes, closest person – shaken in faith of Law of Attraction.  She was recovering from lung cancer, surely getting better, I thought I would write my book about it – then she got very sick again.

A:  what emotional thing that happened that day?  There must have been a catalyst. 


Q:  Slipping into old patterns of vibration? Worrisome comments even though she was getting better.  Ignorant about scan, medical team recommended chemo – afraid of CT result would cause her to have to get chemo. 


A:  The criteria for improvement is emotional balance.  Hope in sickness is recovery.  Once someone is manifesting discord, it’s harder to bring yourself back into alignment.  We can feel her distance from evidence that says you are not better.  Ignorance of that news helps.  Medical community says putting Your head in the sand is no good.  Facing the evidence is not valuable either.  Anyone who can be coaxed into the Vortex can recover from anything.  A person not there is better off to move through the physical world processes.  You can’t have it both ways. 


There’ll be improvement when she leans toward the Vortex.  Fear of getting worse moves her away.  She’s not in the Vortex enough for the Vortex to carry her there.  The vibration that caused the discord to begin with was never cleaned up – worry about money.  When the vibrational discord is ignored – “I’m worried not enough money, can’t see my child, furniture broken” – that causes the manifestation.  Then your undivided attention goes to that manifestation, not to the original worry.  If you don’t deal with it, it will squirt out another way.  Get to the vibrational reason, not a cure. 


It’s not too late – she got distracted from real vibration and concern and got better.  Your attention to her worry is causing you to worry.  You can’t look at that and feel good.  What is doesn’t mean diddlysquat!  It’s created something wonderful in her vortex.  Stop focusing on what is.  Your friend is weller from what she is living.  You’ve got to put your attention there.  You won’t get votes from others for vibrational reality. 


Every person all day feels the evidence of vibrational reality, which is all that matters.  Look at this vibrational reality, get in the Vortex and look at this.  Anything else will make you sick.  That’s what you 2 dynamic women are creating.  The bigger the Vortex version, the more critical it is to line up.  I’m pretty positive – my negative friend is healthy as a horse.  If you really become focused, you have a faster moving current.  Know about her, that she has a huge Vortex of creation.  If she looks at it she will improve.  And if not, her stuff shows up.  



A:  Train yourself, when you see an Ambulance, to think, “Help’s on the way!”


Pain in your body means exactly the same thing – help is on the way!  It’s in your Vibrational Reality.  As consciousness, you keep putting stuff in there.  All consciousness has a Vortex.  Trillions of cells each have their own.  Your Body Vortex is spinning.  There is a Vortex version of everybody.  If it doesn’t happen, there’s something in the way.  Cells in affected area have a solution already queued up for them.


If you’re getting massages, you’re in the Vortex.  Playing sports, feeling good, and all day every day, things happen and your body comes back into alignment.  Only reason people get sick is they aren’t allowing balance in the moment.  Ask and go. Ask and go.   Ask and go.   And you stay in balance.  You wouldn’t worry about your body or anyone else if you’d just chill out.  Give your attention to the things that feel good.  Nothing is worth giving your attention to if it doesn’t feel good. 


Say, “I believe that this Vibrational Reality exists and I have easy access to it.  I’ll milk it when I’m there.  I’ll stop milking the negative story!  I’ll never tell that story again.” 


You can’t sorta align.  You are either in or not.  When your energy is split, you don’t feel good.  Who I really am is sorta hard to explain.  Focus on what feels really good…  If someone asks, “How much money?” You could answer, “I feel prosperous.”  You want to give them justifications for the feeling.  If you have to show improvement before you feel improvement, you can’t get there.



Q:  On a previous CD you said, “Your intention to uplift brings ornery people to you.” 
A:  Awareness of thieves brings thieves.  A problem coming into focus brings solution.  A teacher needs to explain problems coming into focus so a solution can too.  None of you asked for feathered nests.  You knew coming into alignment was the true joy.  You beat up on yourself about this ornery person, but teachers particularly draw expansive, evolutionary experiences. 


If there’s no question, there’s no answer.  Without your question, there is no solution or answer.  Accept the diversity and your ability to choose.  You have access to it all here and now.  In all you are living, the new idea is being born.  Without that, there is no expansion.  The solution and problem come forward simultaneously!  Which do you resonate with?  Milk the good feelings longer.  Make in the Vortex a bigger part of your vibration through practice. 


You can have a real time experience.  You can get so solution oriented, you don’t have to get really sick to be weller.  Esther saw equipment on a truck on the road and knew something was going to happen.  A car was car into Esther’s lane by the truck.  She saw it coming well before and had slowed down – she knew the solution and didn’t have to know the close call or accident.  You just intuitively know.  As you accept this vibrational Universe, you become emotionally oriented.  Work for the feeling of wellbeing – not for manifestations.  Then you meet interesting people, and find that doors are opening, money is flowing, and you suddenly have book ideas, song ideas, creative ideas.  You are ripe with the frequency of manifestations and ideas.  Your Vortex already has 20-30 lifetimes of expansion.  It’s carved out already. 


Manifestation is evidence of your Vortex.  Let your Vortex be revealed to you.  It’s not necessary for you to suffer, but you can get from where you are to where you want to be from anywhere.  What you see in your dreams are manifestations, indicators, like your real life.  What is, the planet, technology, clothes, they all manifest because Law of Attraction brings them.  The Vortex comes sooner rather than later if you align with it.  Practice less determination to manifest, and more soft focus on vibrational Reality.  Esther knew the pen was lost.  She couldn’t find it.  It was lost – it was her reality.  When she gave up and looked for something else, she came up with pen. 


You cannot find something independent of what you believe.  We know what’s in your Vortex.  We know you will be thrilled as you release your resistance.  All things you’ve asked for are actualized there already. 


Believe in the vortex. 


Care about how you feel. 


Milk it when you feel good. 


Don’t make big hairy deals. 


Nothing you seek is ever lost. 


The larger part of you will light the trail in the most satisfying unfolding. 


Ask for guidance, know it is there. 


You are deprived of nothing except by your own pattern of thought. 


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