I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.

– Whoopi Goldberg, in "Essence," August 1987

I stand in the midst of eternal opportunity.

–The Science of Mind, page 292

Where Do I Stand?

My friend, David, recently posed a powerful question, "What do I remember about where I am now to best plan the day's activities?" He reminded me that I am the one who chooses how to define where I stand. This choice makes a big difference in my activities and attitudes.

I remembered the old story about a man who asks three stonemasons what they are doing. The first says he is breaking rocks. It's hard, dirty work he hates. He says he’d really rather go fishing. The second man says he is working for his family. He is grateful for this job which allows him to be a good provider for his wife and children. The third man simply looks up to Heaven with stars in his eyes, and says with joy, "I am building a great Cathedral for the Glory of God!"

In every moment, we may remember where we are from a thousand different vantage points. We may focus on living in a world of struggle and hardship or a world of possibility and prosperity. Perhaps we go within and perceive a holy world of grace, where we live joyfully as blessed children of the Universe. We make a choice to stand in one particular reality, then act from the assumptions of that place.

As we practice becoming conscious of how our perceptions create our experience, we are free to recall more elevated places to stand. As we choose again, ever more expansive vistas present new possibilities to us.

Today I remember I stand on holy ground. My mind is open to all possibilities. I know myself as a divine child of the Universe, beautiful, clear, and free. I choose my activities joyfully, building a great life to reveal the Glory of God within me.

Connee Chandler, RScP


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