There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

We already live in a Perfect Universe but It needs to be mentally seen and spiritually experienced before It can become a part of our everyday life.

--The Science of Mind, page 218

Where is the Perfection?

As I go to bed at night, I ask myself: In what way was this day perfect?

What an energy flowing question! It presumes the perfection of the present in some way I can understand, if I only look. Every day is Godís perfection. My consciousness lifts up to the divine plane of my being. Perfection may exist in my happiness of today. I may find it in an experience of giving to a loved one. A brief interaction with a cheerful stranger may feel perfect. I may see Spirit in a rainbow, or a flower or an Internet message. I may feel it in a prayer, or taste it in an apricot. I may smell it in cedar wood or incense. I may touch it in the soft fur of my sweet cat, Dusty, or hear it in her purr. I may find it in laughter, tears of joy, an inspiring thought or a loving touch. I may feel perfection through celebrating life in a million different ways.

I call this night time question the Evensong Evocation. Evoke means to call forth. Evensong is my word for that quiet time at the end of day when I stop, notice the incredible beauty of my world, and give thanks. This question calls forth in me an exquisite appreciation for the wonder of Life Itself.

Thus, every day of my life becomes, by definition, perfect, just by phrasing the question this way. On a cosmic level, this is the Truth as I understand it anyway. Every day is a perfect vibrational match to my thoughts and feelings. It clarifies my decision to focus on finding perfection each day, noticing it everywhere I go. Form follows focus. Every day, therefore, must demonstrate some evolving perfection .

Today I choose to focus on Spiritual Perfection, outpicturing as moments of happiness, love or wonder. I am grateful for the opportunity to take a quiet moment at the end of the day to give thanks for the beauty of my life.

Connee Chandler, RScP

Published SOM Magazine, December 4, 2001, p. 42

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