10/27/07 and 10/28/07

by Pat Kuzela

You don't need collaboration with others, but with who you REALLY are.

The thing they want to emphasize is that at the outset, we were coaxed away from our own Guidance, and we became focused on not making the water murky.  It feels so good when we please someone else. Because when they are appreciating us, they are showering Source Energy upon us.

(Abe said near the end of the total workshop that the position that would be the most beneficial for us is to not be moved by EITHER criticism OR praise...because "they" are all FICKLE.)

"God" (Source Energy) is expanding because WE are.  The species that lived here were the advance guard of "you."---checking out the atmosphere, etc.

"At a cellular level, all points of physical consciousness are asking for MORE.  Does life need to be more?

It's NATURAL to want what would be better  It's not selfish.  It's CREATION. "(The analogy of not withholding intake of oxygen to save some for others--just as inappropriate regarding the "more" and "more" that we want!)

The leverage of aligned thought.  It's being held for you in a frequency in which you can RECEIVE it!

"We  want you to accept the power of directing your thought. "

When you feel ELATION--you are aligned.

When mothers "caved in" to whining and complaining of their children, the children learned to "explain" and push against what is wrong to get what we want.  [Learned to focus about the negative!]

Illness comes from chronically complaining about a myriad of things.

Guest:  Said that he was manifesting very rapidly, EMOTIONALLY.  He said that actual physical manifestation slows you down.



If you have a negative emotion, say out loud "I AM NOT GOING WILLINGLY" (Even if you are around nonAbers)--If someone hears you and asks, "Going WHERE willingly?", say "Downstream!"

All negative emotion is trying to go back to what you "knew" before, but everything you knew before is invalid!!

You want people in your life to know what you know.  But they don't.

When you follow your impulses, you "go willingly"

Wanting should never feel uncomfortable.  It's pure, fresh creation.

Vision <-------------->AntiVision

   Vision------focus on noticing the evidence

    Antivision----focusing on "it's not here, it's not here, it's not here"

     [personal observation---reminds me of quote "Faith is the evidence of things not seen"]

          [,,,,,,,,,,,,to be continued..........]


What do we mean by "next logical step"?

Your envisioning doesn't help you if you aren't in the vibrational vicinity.

"Next logical step" = an impulse that occurs to me. 

You can explain a Deliberate Creation question to others, because you understand it well, because you aren't upstream about THEIR issues! [Guess that's why this forum works so well!!!!!]

Guest is an artist who is studying with a very famous teacher, and finds she is very distracted by the opinions of others in her group, and by the energy in general in the group.  Leave the group? Or what?


This same guest said she was now having an uncomfortable physical manifestation in her body that she knows is a result of this dilemma.

Abraham: This is an example of what Esther calls the "GOLDEN HANDCUFFS" -- trapped by commitment , not because you are enjoying it.

Guest said she had been thinking about painting alone to get relief from her dilemma.

Abraham: It's a very lonely world when you extract yourself from everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You are out of synch with Who You Are.

(Same guest)--feels competition, and sometimes envy in the class--others feel envy of her, she feel envy of their work.


     Everything that materializes is spiritual in nature where it comes from wanting.

                           ......[to be continued]....

Guest "released" all material attachments, and now wants to have a business similar to the one he was working in before, but this time as the owner.

Abraham: Ask yourself "Am I bringing this material in because it's my new leading edge OR to fill my void?"

Guest:  You pretty much know everything, right?

Abraham: We--like you---have access to Everything.  The reason we have conversations with you is because we have rendezvous with your time/space reality.

(Same guest): So, should I buy a Porsche or a hybrid car?  Are the planets' resources dwindling?

Abraham: Not in your lifetime.

Guest: Woman just returned from a pilgrimage to Peru, and had a motorcycle accident in her own driveway, and badly injured her leg.

Abraham: [worked with her on the dynamics of the event to get to the vibrational heart of the accident....she was "penned in" when trying to maneuver the motorcycle]. 
Same Guest asked about growing new limbs. She had heard Abe say that no one believes you can.  Abe asked her if SHE believed it was possible, and she said "yes."
Abraham: "NOW  we cannot say that NOBODY believes it." 

My impression of how Abraham meant this was "It's about time!" The audience seemed to have the same impression, as there was an undercurrent of "wow!" response.]

Abraham soothed her by telling her that "you gain ground every time you lose ground, because you gain CLARITY.

Guest: is grieving the death of her 34-year-old son

Abraham:  The agreement with Self and Son was "alignment."

[Personal note here--gotta tell ya, it takes a lot of wading through surreal stuff to get to the bottom line that Abe brings forth here.  But Abe has the nitty gritty bottom line truth.]

Guest: Feels an "emotion worse than anger"

Abraham: That is "powerlessness." The only person to direct the anger to is the PERSON who "caused" it.

(Abraham probes and finds that the man is angry with himself for having "weird thoughts" about feeling "attracted to" sharp objects, such as chain saws that could cut his body.)

"The more you love your physical body, the more thoughts about something "bad" happening seem natural.

---Might have been a separate guest, or may have been the woman with the motorcycle injury, but Abraham said this regarding "HEALING":

"When you put a ray gun of "I will heal this!" [on your body] your attention is ON it, and it metastasizes. FIND OTHER THINGS TO GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO!!!!!!

Guest--is learning how to channel, and is disturbed by some spirit energies that intrude on her visits with transitioned beings.

Abraham:  Every thought is where it was last left. [My understanding of Abe's remarks on this was that when she "connects" with these thoughts, like when Esther was following the OJ Simpson case, she got very upstream thoughts from Nicole Simpson.  Because Esther was on an Upstream topic, she was not at a frequency to receive Nicole Simpson in her present nonphysical state.  So---yes, all the disconnected thoughts that were ever thought are "there," and if you are not aligned before you start the channeling, that is what you get--other people's "disconnect."]

The thought forms are still here.  If energy readers are not in alignment, they will connect with the chaotic thoughts of beings when in physical.

Esther has been asked to solve crimes, etc, by the police in her community, but she has declined, because she does not want to "go there."

"No one came in saying, 'I will provide a service to others by lowering my vibration."

Same Guest---wants to be a "voice for the animals"---particularly the abused ones, to educate the handlers, etc, how to be more loving.

Sunday morning opening words:

Guest:  The better it gets for me, the better it gets.

Abraham: Each time you consciously achieve, the confidence in the positive outcome becomes stronger.  What people call FAITH.

Guest: How does weather work?

Abraham:  Think about what you want and why you want it. (Abraham told about how when Texas was having a dry spell, there seemed to be rain in Bourne, TX! [Jerry and Esther's home]).

Guest: had meditated and experienced self in the womb and "knew" he came forth to experience addictions and compulsions, and was "happy" about it.  Is Ego involved?

Abraham: Ego is the point of focus. Our definition of ego

Guest: She had surgery on carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.  Now the first hand is OK, but the second one is not.  She thinks it was because she was thinking how painful the first hand's surgery was.  Now the second hand has to be redone.  How to focus on what is wanted?

Abraham: If you had only [merely] said, "This one feels good, that one feels bad" EQUALLY, the "feels good" would have taken over.

Guest:  This guest's question boiled down to "Why do we dream about emotions that we aren't aware of?

Abraham: It's not helpful to say, "I don't know what it is, " because NOW you ARE aware of what it is.  Dreams are a manifestation in that they are an indicator of what is going on emotionally.

(The guest's dream was of being on foot on a dark road, and a car was following behind her, and she felt it was menacing her.  It turned out that the people in the car were there to assist her in reaching her destination.)

Abraham: Faith is the focus on the happy outcome. Before sleep, intend:  "Anything that's important to my dream state, let me remember." Keep a dream journal by your bedside and record the dreams, looking for the emotional content.

Guest:  Tries to describe "where" she is to others (her ideas and feelings) but since they are in a different vibrational place, they find her words ANNOYING.  Then when she goes to where they are, then SHE feels annoyed. The guest had some sort of product idea for her company to develop, something that should be researched and developed as an extension of what they already should be doing  [in the scientific field, I think], and her colleagues told her it wasn't a good idea.


Guest: When he goes into a Thai restaurant, both he and the waiter, and all the other diners have differing meanings to the words "hot and spicy" This is his analogy for the experience of finding he cannot convey in WORDS to others. 

Abraham:  You can't GIVE your perspective; you can only HOLD it.

Guest: Dating is like test-driving a car.  The cars have new features--like "foreign" "cars." She test drives them and lets the "cars" go. Wants to know how to go from the energy of test driving to "buying" one of the "cars." Wants to discover the FEELING of relationship.

Abraham: [said they felt from her the vibration of "owning" the car.]

(Same guest)---Wants to build a bridge to a drive that doesn't end,--- OR ---give up the idea of buying the car!
Abraham: The bridge you want is permanence of the sensation of FREEDOM.
(Guest): How can I feel free?
Abraham: You don't make it happen, You're LETTING what you have been creating happen. Calling it a "path to what you want" is [not helpful].

Guest: Has a thought pattern that holds him back in relationships. [Other person in his 17-year relationship feels discordant now].

Abraham: You are CO-creating. It is difficult to separate his Vibrational Escrow from the other person's.


Guest: Has not wanted to go to the doctor about erratic heartbeat. Why is he having it?
Abraham: What is the catalyst?  What is bringing it? [Abraham elicited that his construction projects and commitments, his challenges with dealing with work by subcontractors that was not up to his standards was stressing him out.  Abraham guided him into kinds of dialog he could use to elicit cooperation from the subcontractors and have them feel an ownership with the projects and therefore produce more consistently high-quality work.]

"Line up with what you want to do, and make it light. Remember what it feels like and go with it."

Guest: Wants to be less judgmental. Wants to be like Esther.
Abraham: The faster the Stream, the more you have to FOCUS.

Guest: Wants to know about going to old place of beliefs that the guest is "unaware of."

Abraham: It happens if you have a negative belief and put up with the negative emotion. 


Guest: How do you go beyond segment intending?


Guest: How to deal with the onslaught of stimuli?
Abraham:  Set out a different intention for the segment. Do as Jerry does:

The rhythm of Universal Assistance is what you feel when you don't feel time pass.  Then, action is FUN.

(Asking for us): "How can I cue myself up for a comfortable life experience?"

Guest: Ever since he "left the nest" [parental home] he has felt a "generalized anxiety." 
Abraham: (Worked with him a bit to define this as---"an emotional response to something I haven't pinpointed.")

(Same guest, I believe)---Overly concerned about what other people think of him, thinks they disapprove of him

Abraham: Care how YOU feel about the OTHER people more than how they feel about you.

“In other words, she’s never gonna get him to really understand how important that haircut IS.  He wants  to understand.  He just doesn’t care much.”

Abraham went on to say that this unease that he felt was the result of parents who did not want to hear the child’s perspective. The root problem is “Looking for Love in all the wrong places.” 

Conditioning to believe that we need parental attention and understanding and love to feel better.  And when we leave parents, we want OTHERS—a relationship—to do that.  All disappoint in the end because “they are fickle.”

[It was very evident how a great weight lifted off this man during the conversation, and when he was finished, he got an ovation from the group. So much love in the room.]

Guest:  What is the dynamic between nonphysical counterparts when you fall in love with someone?

Abraham: The APPRECIATION puts you in love with SELF.  You are actually in love with YOU!


[I have to tell you about an amazing little exchange between J & E before one of the sessions started:  Jerry was on stage talking about the newest books and CD's.  Esther was sitting off to stage right, at the computer.  Jerry finished talking about some CD, and instead of putting it down with the other materials, he just flipped it without warning to Esther ,and she just casually put up her hand, and caught it.  It had skimmed just a "hair" over the top of the computer.  I don't think she was expecting it; but at precisely the right nanosecond, she "knew" it was there, and "picked" it out of the air.  She joked around, and said something about life with a former juggler!  It was such an example of the alignment between those two!]

Here's a photo of the beautiful surroundings from the workshop hotel.

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