Abraham workshop notes Ashland, Oregon July 21, 2002

taken by Margie Kurko White



The attitude you want is one of optimism, happy anticipation, eagerness.

We offer a dominant thought/vibration – from well-practiced beliefs.

We have a lot of emotion around these.

Many serve us very well.

Some are not serving us well.  i.e. – expecting physical decline as we age.  What we want to believe in is an increase in vigor, stamina, vitality, clarity.  It’s all about allowing only what we want.

Those who want to sell us something (like solutions to physical decline) need to activate the vulnerability in us. They are well-meaning, but…

Serve your own purpose, not theirs.  Choose for yourself what you want to believe.

Virtual Reality process – like creative visualization, but only one intention:

** To practice a thought to make a vibration dominant.

Then.. this thought becomes EASY for me.  L of Attr. is now supporting it.

VR – take a stance like a movie director.  30 seconds only.  Determine where, when, atmosphere, your mood, who else, their mood – and have a quick exchange.  Then end it.

Pick when and where that feels the best – the mood will begin to bubble.

**Only choose enhancing elements.

Get out quick while it still feels good.  Let go of reforming and revising.

VR is for choosing a vibration to make it dominant.  It is NOT for your issues – you’ll just take the vibration of the issue with you and activate it even more.

Don’t take things you need to fix.  You don’t want to further practice the vibration of pain.

Practice a new dominant vibration.  Vibrationally acclimate yourself to what you want.  This is unconsciously enhancing your vibration.  It becomes easier and easier to then find thoughts that feel good..

Two words:

  1. Dominant – what is my dominant vibration? 

How can you tell what your dominant vibration is?  Take a subject and see how it feels.  How does the subject of money feel?  How does the subject of relationship feel? How does the subject of your body feel?

It doesn’t matter where the dominant vibration is, we can modify it.

  1. Activation – our activated thought is our point of attraction.

You can’t de-activate a thought you don’t want, you just activate it more.

So just activate a different thought – this is the purpose of VR.

Practice until it becomes normal to activate the best…. the thoughts will come easier… other non-matching thoughts will become more obvious.

Why?  Because when we practice feeling good – we feel good.

We’re living our life NOW.  Don’t put your life on hold for later, it’s right now.

When we feel joyful, we understand and know well-being in this moment.  It’s the juncture between the physical and non-physical.

Feeling good now is everything.  It doesn’t matter the state of our manifestations.  How we feel is the state of our thoughts.  We have control over the well-being.



Questioner:  How can I imagine healing when the pain is dominant?

Abe:  How can you offer a different vibration?  Don’t struggle to maintain a perfect attitude while in pain.  This is the time of step 1 – asking powerfully.

Find time snatches that are easier to distract yourself to practice better feeling thoughts -   Thoughts that are OFF the subject of your body.  This will lead to your expectation of recovery to be dominant.

The subject of your body just activates your current vibration.  Other subjects will allow you to get to a few seconds of complete allowing.

Body improvement happens to the degree you allow it.  Your body responds to the vibration of your being – which is how you feel.

**Physical discomfort is not the same as emotional discomfort.

**We can feel optimistic even in our physical pain.

Every cell knows what to do – just be emotionally allowing.  Feeling good is powerful – why go the hard way (by trying to change the pain vibration).

Choose a different subject and go the easy way.  Find a pure vibration with no strings attached.

VR is only to practice a vibration to make it dominant.  Don’t bring in any little piece of what you don’t want.

With VR you begin to activate new tendencies of thought.  It’s the tendencies to think that make up the beliefs – that cause the knee-jerk reactions.

With VR you start training yourself to always respond with good feeling thoughts.

VR is an attempt at pure positive thought – just like meditation and appreciation.


Q:  Where does dis-allowing come from?

A:  Duality is necessary for preference – wanted vs. not-wanted.

Out of variety is born the new thought.  We hold 2 perspectives in this body – Source and Physical.  They are not separate, they are just perspectives.


Q:  Artist is getting stuck in the marketing aspect of her work.

A:  The creative process is our whole life – bringing things we want into our experience.  We can achieve flow of source energy relative to the marketing just as easily as the sculpting.

L of A will take care of placing the pieces – delegate the process to the universe.  Her joy is imbued into the sculpture – and it will gravitate to those who want it.

What is her vibrational relationship to the pieces of art – when thinking about the marketing it is adding negativity to the joyful piece.

Reclaim that joyful vibration – L of A will take care of the rest.  Then follow inspired action.  The impulse will come in joyful moment, not a fearful moment.  (Abraham gave this advice at another workshop to someone asking about buying/selling in the stock market.  Follow only the impulse to action that come when you are feeling good. 

Say:  “I am the creator of these.  I do it for the joy.”

**Don’t try to go back to the beginning and fix things – you are now at a different vibrational relationship.

It’s ok to let your talent be a means to flow $.  The worth (price) is always about how much it matches the desire of another.

Set higher prices and then re-fall in love with your pieces.

Price is a vibrational value imbued by the artist/creator.

Everything has life – there are no inanimate objects. 


Q:  What is death?

A:  It’s all about focus and perspective.  The physical body is a point of focus.  Death means the consciousness has refocused.  Broader perspective is now more activated.

But the focus doesn’t need the physical body.  Abraham doesn’t need Esther’s body

The physical body is the leading edge.  Source energy is having a finely-tuned experience - this is the culmination of the finely tuned focus.

The body is the result, not the purpose of the desire to focus.

The universe is attraction based, source energy inspires the forming of the body.  The personality begins when we start perceiving.

Thought leads to thoughtform, which leads to form.

The idea is the creation of it.  The idea exists on other levels, other dimensions, and then may come to the physical.

Death feels bad because we use it to focus on the absence of what we want (life).

We practice the pain/grief - it's something we've learned.

Death is natural, the next logical step, expanding in nature.

** It is the most joyful experience any of us will ever experience - EVER!

You'll be feeling the love, the satisfaction, the joy.


Q:  What happens to the negative rockets of desire sent out in the past (suicide desires)?

A:  Every rocket of desire is a glimpse of what you, the source, desires - that has been stimulated from reality.  It comes from a crack of allowing.

There are NEVER any negative rockets of desire.

We are inherently good and that's where the desires come from.

Why we may not believe that:

            Other people may try to define good or bad desires for us.

            We compare ourselves to another



Q:  How can she guide her 12-year old daughter who experiences deep neg. emotion?

A:  The way to joy is by activating the joy.

The depth of experience (whether positive or negative) is all about focus.  If she can experience depression she can experience bliss.

The VR is valuable work when NOT focused on the problem.

The problem has done enough - get off the problem!

**** The solution always comes from DISTRACTION from the problem.


Q:  From a doctor - how can he diagnose?  Is it possible to focus on the wellness and not look at disease?

A:  Look at disease just long enough to identify the rocket.  Don't push against the disease.

The patients you want are those seeking a solution and leaning toward a solution. 

Activate well-being - in a way that feels responsible (prescribing drugs, etc.)

The action part is far less important.

Do the action that is prescribed and let the VR take care of the vibration.  Then you get more optimistic and you activate different responses in people.  (The miracle healings are from different activations.)

Dominant beliefs are the thoughts that are activated.  These can be taught to a physical body.

The whole world can believe some things and it influences us.  We keep practicing it.

But it takes some determination on our part to choose different thoughts.

*** Any disease can be healed in a number of DAYS - if distraction from it can be achieved and a new vibration activated.

You can't sort it out on a thought-by-thought basis.  You can produce the feeling.

Q:  (Doctor again) What about post-traumatic stress syndrome?  It seems that the present is triggering the past trauma.

A:  The triggers are L of A in action.  Show them the power of their focused thought.

His job is the distracter:

            Amplify the good things

            Compliment on what is going well

            Use any excuse to focus on the positive.

Self worth is about being a vibrational match to what I am.

We should be adoring ourselves - but it's been trained out of us.


Q:  Can I experience myself directly without the thought projections?  For example, my wife says let's go out to dinner.  I feel good or bad depending on the thoughts I've projected about this idea.

A:  The emotion is always in response to the thought.  The thought is a habit - our tendencies.

Yes, you can experience yourself directly.  You'll see yourself through the eyes of your Inner Being, but it doesn't mean there wouldn't be awareness of the physical. 

This is the state of true allowing - there is no contradiction between You and you.

*** But… for expansion, there must be some variance between You and you.

The idyllic condition:  Satisfied in the now and eager for what is coming.  Knowing the perfection of now and understanding that we are always expanding.

We feel deliciousness in the expanding.

We can be so well connected that there is no sense of insecurity.  The future adventure is enticing.


We have an idea of ourselves… which is the image we project to others.  Others are then drawn to us.


Emotion is the interpreted feeling response between the vibration of our being.

Vibration comes from:

  1. Source Energy (non-physical)
  2. Conscious Mind - our projection and our dominant vibration (physical)

We are a projector/focuser of source energy.  Not just an extension of source energy.

When we focus purely, we feel ecstasy, passion.  We are in alignment with source energy.  We are accepting the perfection of our incompletion.

When we focus with contradiction, we feel negative emotion.

In alignment/allowing - no need for comparison with anyone or anything.

            We are knowing our perfection and wanting to apply it in this physical environment.

This is the culmination point.  The point of the idea is the culmination point.

No manifestation has happened yet, we're just thrilled with the idea of it.

*** It has enhanced our now.

The manifestation is irrelevant.

We can have whatever we want, but it's not the main event.


Q from Jerry:  He and Esther just spent some time with 2 children living in the now.  The 14 month old baby was in the motor home when they started bringing the walls in.  Jerry noticed a look of strong concern on his face at this moment.  What was that all about?

A:  There was loud sounds that accompanied the walls closing in.  This is what got his attention.

We all have a basis of stability of our environment and change gets our attention.

The baby had a sense of instability for just a moment and this is what you saw.


Q:  Spa overflowed and kitties disappeared - is there symbolism here?  Why did this happen when I was feeling great?

A:  Symbolism can be L of A, which brings about similarities.

Sometimes we're offering neg. vibrations that we are not aware of.  Dormant vibrations don't have any effect.

So how can you get something that is different from what you think and feel?  You can't. 

We may not be aware of the depths of our vibration.  We are using the right words - but we vibrate differently.

When something negative happens… recognize this is step 1 - we ask big time for what we want.

We're usually not getting instant manifestation.  It's the general rhythm of our vibration that manifests. 

Her husband's sharp words did not come out of nowhere - there was an underlying vibration going on there.


Q:  He was taking care of his father, problems with siblings resulted in court order to stay away.  Now his father wants him back.

A:  The contrast has gotten him to a place where he is now more clear about what he wants.

For the most part, how someone feels about us is how we feel about them.

His greatest value is now from a distance (because up close didn't work.)  He can convey those feelings to his father.

It's impossible for him to go back into that and make a difference now.

We are not the creator of others' experiences.


On the subject of reality - remember that this reality was once not true.  It was created.


Q:  What is source energy? 

A:  Consciousness can focalize in many different ways.

Personality of our inner being is a real thing,  and it's always adding, becoming more.

We are all much more intertwined with each other than we know.


Q:  What is time?  Am I living as another person in a different time?

A:  Time is perceptual.  We are all moving forward.  We don't want to go back in time.

We all need an active calling to continue life.

The activation comes from the contrast.

We would not have to learn allowing if we hadn't learned disallowing.

We wanted to be able to see things we did not want - to discern our preference.

We are all playing off each other.

It is EASY to allow.  It is our dominant proclivity.  We would much rather love - because it feels so good.

It is our choice.  It's a lot harder to be negative than positive.  It's a lot harder to be sick than well.


Q:  How can I allow others when I believe in sustainability of the planet and they are not helping.

A:   The clarity of our example will assist others.

The crevasse between the have and have-nots is becoming more defined.   We are all asking more powerfully.  Step 1 always leads to Step 2 - the asking is always answered.

There is more energy now, some are thriving and some are not.  Some are allowing, some not.

Why not?  Because they've learned not to.

As the new ones come in (babies), they are always more allowing.

It doesn't matter if the other people don't figure it out - the well-being of the planet is HUGE.

***Accept the well-being from a broader perspective.

The environment has the capacity to provide for all desires.  Your desire will be answered.  The answers will always come (for cleaning, recycling, etc.)

There will always be quality of life here on our planet.  It all sorts itself out.  We don't have to wait, just align with well-being now.

It's so delicious when we realize the well-being.

Ask yourself (when they tell you about the problems with the planet):

            What's in it for them for me to believe them?

            Why are they working so hard to get me to join them?

Activists = activating vibration.

I will choose based on the way it feels - not on some distorted statistics.

Remember - L of A will always give you what you want to prove.  Statistics are just the result of what someone wanted to prove.

You can mine from this environment whatever you choose - just CHOOSE. 

This is a heightened creative environment. 

It is the leading edge of all leading edges now.

A highly activating time - a great opportunity for masterful creation.

Things are being exaggerated - including Joy.

Don't give your attention to those things you don't want.

VR will get you to a stable base, where well-being is KNOWN.  Then you are free to go anywhere.

Let L of A bring to you those who will see the clarity of your example.  They will always make it on their own, but we can help them.

Invincibility is our natural state.

It doesn't get any better than this, does it?

We are complete (for now)

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