February 8, 1998

A Prayer

I choose today to recognize all life as sacred. All things I formerly judged are evidence of the Presence of Spirit in the world, just as are all things I formerly praised.

My life is a wonderful juxtaposition of paradoxes. My vision is continually getting broader and broader. As I see more clearly, I note the paradoxes resolving. Polarities become complements, joyously existing to provide loving contrast. The infinite wisdom of All That Is appears endlessly to show me the love everywhere present.

I awake in the morning excited about living. I share my sheer joy and exuberance with others, quietly living a life of radiance, peace and laughter. I am more delighted all the time with who I am and what I am doing. Beautiful, spiritual people are a continual part of my experience. Synchronicity abounds. Old friends and new friends play with me each day. I have plenty of time to be alone, too. I use this time to look with awe at the wonder of all nature, and at the wonder of the inner nature of who I am. My life is blessed with plenty. Abundant prosperity is mine to use, share and own. I bless the vitality and health of my body, the peace and quickness of my mind, the open, loving nature of my heart.

I live with my head high, filled with integrity and love. I am trustworthy. I have clear, joyous, and loving relationships, with my spouse, my friends, my family, and my pets. As good as things are for me today, I know they will only get better tomorrow. I am a being of light. As I use the light I have been given, more comes. I am today the product of an endless process of evolution. From this moment on, as the evolutionary process continues, I now choose to make it more conscious and liberating.

I love my life. I give thanks for all the beauty in my life. I sense I am already infinitely blessed to be aware of myself as Spirit, living in this amazing time and inhabiting this valuable body in this beautiful world. Every day, I become more awake, consciously grateful for my blessings and joyous in my expression of God in and through and as me.

I am love. I am light. I am energy. I am freedom. I know this clearly for myself. In knowing this for myself, I may know it also for others. I feel free to see the lives of those around me expanding in blessings as mine is. I learn to find the precious gift in all life. All is consciousness. We are each blessed with an equal and infinite measure of the divine. I am so grateful to know this, and to have this opportunity to share what it is I know with you now.

I love you. You are perfect in your expression, right now. The light that shines in your eyes is the light that shone in the eyes of all the Masters. You are God in form. Your love is deep, rich and satisfying. The glorious fullness of Spirit expressing is your body, your relationships, your health and your peace of mind. As I look at each of you, I see more often the faces of angels, the lights of God dancing gracefully on the earth, full of love. As I remember to look at you in this way, I see quite often you, too, remembering who you truly are. We begin to consciously dance together on this earth. We are happy, because we see God in ourselves and in each other. We know we are beloved Star Children. We are infinite expressions of the One. We are love expressing. We have found each other to play with today. Let us celebrate this great gift!

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