March 16, 1998

The Angel

David and I were staying at a nice hotel in St. George, Utah. We spent the day touring Zion National Park. In the evening, I decided to soak for a while in the outdoor hot tub. David thought I was crazy to go out on a cold night, but refreshing my tired muscles sounded too good to miss.

 After my soak, I showered and put on a warm robe. I felt happy, relaxed and very peaceful at the end of a lovely day. I wandered by the mirror on the sliding door of the closet. When I looked in the mirror I clearly saw the reflection of a different woman. I was looking into the face of an angel. She was young, radiant, and gloriously beautiful. I stared at her for a while and her image didn't shift at all. The water was running. I could hear David in the shower. I continued to watch as the angel looked back at me with love. After a while, it felt quite disorienting and I finally tore myself away.

This vision demonstrates each of us has a beautiful inner angel. Our angel is there to be revealed to us when we are relaxed and joyful. Our angel is here to help us in our lives. I practice sending love to many places and people. As I feel my own love flowing, I often invite my angel to amplify my love. Then, I ask her to sustain the flow when my attention is turned elsewhere. My angel and I are a powerful team.

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