May 25, 1996

Balance Point

One day I was feeling unhappy and rather out of sorts. I went into meditation and asked my physical body what it needed. The answer I heard was I needed to relax. I asked my emotional self what it needed. The answer was rest. As I checked in with my etheric body, my spiritual self, a vision appeared.

I came upon two giants, who looked like mythic Roman warrior gods, having a tug of war over a large rock. I asked them who they were. They said heaven and earth. I was very afraid because I knew the rock was mine. I felt my life depended on it.

They tugged and pulled. I was sure one or the other would win the rock and steal it away. I told them to stop. They ignored me or didnít hear me. I boldly told them the rock was mine. When I did, I laughed out loud, because they just looked at me stupefied and said in unison, "It is?" I said yes, and they put it back on its pedestal. They just wandered away.

The stone symbolizes the light of divine life; it is a balance rock. I thought about chaining it down or fencing it in to keep it safe. It was clear to me this could not be done. The light is a spiritual gift. Gifts need to be free and in balance in order to be effective.

A "balance rock" is a large rock which balances for hundreds, or even thousands, of years on a narrower stem which has continually eroded from beneath it, and yet, still stands. I understood, then, my situation was stable, and not fragile. I may require balance but I have steady, enduring support.

In the process of making sense of my meditation, I was able to identify the components my spiritual path requires: rest, relaxation, and balance. I need to be in a poised and peaceful place in consciousness if I am to use the gifts I have. The way for me to achieve inner peace is to get plenty of rest, to relax, and to find a balance point each day in my life.

A friend showed me balance isnít necessarily static. You can go way over to one side, then way back the other way, and still be in balance. Shifting balance makes life more exciting. But if my life is that exciting, Iíd better make sure to rest and relax in between swings.

Whatever talents I want to develop and use in my life, I do well to consider the advice I received from Spirit. In order for me to be effective, part of my work is to be rested, relaxed, and in balance. Spirit obviously knows me very well. If itís described as work, Iíll surely find time and a method to result in rest, relaxation, and balance. I am very invested in my work.

Another conclusion I have drawn from the story is a reminder of another vision, any battle I am engaged in is an illusion. The need for battle is always an illusion. When I address a battle from a spiritual level, the participants will ultimately just lose interest and walk away.

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