October 16, 1998

A Book Vision

I had a vision one night about the material in this book. David and I lived on an incredible piece of land with rolling green fields overlooking a river. It was a glorious place, a vortex where wild animals congregated because the energy felt so good. I loved to walk the fields and gaze out into the wide vista of the lovely, ever changing river.

People liked to visit us there, and we were often invited to visit them in return in equally beautiful places. Our coming together was joyous. I blessed them and reflected back to them the light I saw within them. They were happy to see us and to be with us because it made them feel good to be recognized in the fullness of their being.

As the vision continued, I saw this book and the radiance of its aura. It lay on the bedside tables of many of the people who came to visit us. As I changed, growing in my awareness and understanding, the book also changed. Readers were able to feel the new understandings I achieved as they were reading the pages of the book I had written years in the past. The book's vibration changed with me, and the words conveyed deeper wisdom than before.

As my intention about this book has been clarified, it's been fascinating to discover it is not being presented primarily as a printed book at all, but as a series of Web pages, available to the world on my website. Its format allows it to be a work in progress, dynamic rather than static, so it may well change as I change and grow. Anyone who wants to read my words may print it and keep it close to them. My prayer is to bring more love into the world through the gift of the stories of these visions. I know they bring me more love with every passing day.

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