December 2, 1999

A Circular Square

I saw a place called a square, like St. Mark's Square, but it was shaped like a circle, surrounded by buildings. The ground was a mosaic of stones. The inlaid stones were so beautiful and symmetrical, they looked like tiles. Equally spaced around the square were three tall monolithic crystal buildings, shaped like the Washington Monument, but not so large. Each emitted an invisible energy beam into the square. I somehow knew they were emitting different colors red, yellow, blue, and different musical tones, although they were neither visible nor audible.

At first I called the effect the waves of light and sound were having on people healing, but it was really more like tuning. Each person who walked through the square was gently readjusted and made whole. It was impossible to pass through the square without intersecting at least one of the beams and likely two or three. Anyone who stood in the center of the circle received a powerful dose of all three at once. This triple, simultaneous exposure had the effect of dissolving the whole bodily system and instantly recreating it, using the perfect blueprint of health stored in the DNA. I could see people reborn to glowing newness as I watched.

When I went into this meditation, I set my intention to see the future. I believe what I was seeing was a system of medicine, or healing, which depends on light rays and sound waves to tune the body into its perfect balance of well-being. The circular square was a startling image to me, because assistance to wellness was totally free and available to everyone, any time they wanted to utilize it. Perfect health and rebirth were completely integrated parts of everyday life. As people walked about visiting with their friends, or doing their errands, they were receiving exactly what they needed to feel their best. I enjoyed seeing a future where all could be continually helped to be well, easily and gently, by light and sound.

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